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7 Nov
ReceiptMatch from Amex

Posted by American Express in Finance | Nov. 7, 2016 | 106 Comments

Apk file size: 9.7 MB

Simplify how you manage receipts. 

ReceiptMatch is a feature available with your Business Card from American Express OPEN to help you manage your Card expenses by allowing you to add receipts, tags and notes to your transactions either via desktop or your mobile device. 

1. Snap 
Take a photo of your receipt with the ReceiptMatch Mobile App to match it to a transaction on your Business Card. 

2. Attach 
When you make a transaction, you can organize your expenses by attaching receipts, notes, and tags. 

3. Manage
Your receipts, notes, and transaction details will be stored together in one place in your American Express online account. 

If you have enrolled in Connect to QuickBooks, you can tag your transactions with your Intuit QuickBooks® categories and send them to your QuickBooks account. 

ReceiptMatch is only available with Business Cards from American Express OPEN. For details and enrollment, visit

To learn more about ReceiptMatch and Connect to QuickBooks, visit

All access to and use of the ReceiptMatch Mobile App is subject to and governed by the American Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.
American Express Web SiteReceiptMatch from American Express OPEN Support Application License Agreement

Whats new

    We are listening to your feedback and working on improving the Android app. Hang tight with us!
    • Transaction List now shows last 30 days of activity
    • Invite to ReceiptMatch Mobile App from Employees tab
    • View Employee Transactions from Manage Card Settings
    • Minor Bug Fixes

American Express part of our Finance and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 55.3527. Current verison is 4.4. Actual size 9.7 MB.

Download receiptmatch-from-amex.apk 9.7 MB

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Ryan Hacker

Can't capture Receipt at time of purchase anymore This app used to be awesome. Since they updated to 3.0 you can no longer capture the receipt until it posts to the account 24-48 hours later. I want to capture the receipt when I get it - not a day or two later after I lost it or crumpled it in my pocket. This app is now totally useless.

Christopher Stevens

Why did you change a perfectly good app!!! It's trash now. It used to be useful. I put in 50+ receipts a week. Thanks amex, now I get to take 50+ pictures and upload them to my computer to match them. What the flip were y'all thinking?

Ryan Woods

Recent Update Sucks This app has become useless if I can only upload receipts for pending transactions now. Used to be a great 5-star app. Now it's just taking up space on my phone.

Jim Roberts

Useless They removed the camera capture feature so there is really no value in having the app!

luke ouyang

Where's the camera button All of the sudden today the layout of the app is completely different after signing in. Can't even find the the camera button to take picture of the receipt. Anyone having the same problem? I have Galaxy S5

Michael Hoffman

Its better than ever! Am I using the same update? I think its great! I now see transactions asoon as I make them...even pending transactions. And I match them myself right away. Just click on the transaction, snap a pic of the receipt and I"m done. Good work, AMEX!

Thomas Campbell

Another useless update Latest update makes app "hated it: It no longer alerts you and allows to capture receipt easily. Are developers trying to make app less useful? They have succeded in making it useless. Took a few weeks but latest update 3/13 repaired camera glitch..............I Have to use this app for work expenses. Update caused camera glitch. Will not work. Have to take a regular pic email myself and upload on website. Really miss how well it did work.

Larry Kaskel

What have you done? I have a receipt from 2 weeks ago. I cannot post the receipt because it is in last month's statement. Why have this app any more? Did anyone at Amex actually think this update was a good idea? I would give it a -5 if I could. I guess I'll go back to scanning my receipts and using my laptop to post them. What a waste of my time.

Numero Tres

Camera Function Bring back the camera function or stay a 1 star app

Jeff Shepherd

Crap Now... How do you capture a receipt after the end of the billing statement? Answer: you don't. Not with the new update. This app is useless now.

Chris Dyki

Used to be great Can't capture receipts at time of purchase, best feature about this app is now gone

Sam Gilbert

Update ruined app - no camera to upload receipt

Huy Truong

App fixed Just updated and the camera works again. I lost some receipts for the whole month that the app wasnt working. I can't save the receipts unless I log in. That needs a update

Dennis Delacruz

Finally fix the camera phone issue App back to full functionality. Yea!

Marianne Pizzitola

Bug fixed Thank you Amex for hearing us and fixing this app!! Woo hoo! Back up and running and no more capturing issues!!!!

Jonathan Del Campo

American Express Pay attention Amex isn't paying attention to our feedback & that is very disappointing.I like many others can not use the app to take pictures or even upload from gallery since the Feb 19th update.I sent the an email to the contact shown here in Google Play more than a week ago. Still no response :(. As of 3/16 I changed from 1>3 stars. The latest update (3/13) does show camera correctly/lets me choose from gallery again.Still not satisfied with Amex/app developer because neither seem to monitor feedback here or email.

James Johnsen

Loved it. It no longer works. Now hate it. Its like being given email and then being told to go back to the fax machine cause email is broken. Whats up w camera and if camera doesnt work why cant i just upload files from my phone for receipts?

Will Cordero

Receipt upload glitch Unable to upload receipt anymore after last update.. camera won't work and neither is the upload function for previously taken receipts from the gallery... please fix immediately

Jacob Dressen

Can't Upload Receipts Just get a green fuzzy screen when I try to upload receipt. Called Amex and they blamed it on my phone and told me to call the manufacturer. I guess they don't read these reviews.

Stefan Hellersperk

Your bug fixes broke the app Was working fine. Now camera does not work. Just like everyone else posting here. How about fixing it? Anyone from American Express monitor this? It has your name on it.

Carlos Rodriguez

WAS Great After most recent update the camera does not work so app is useless. Hope they fix quick.

Richard Freeman

Useless since February 19th update. Spent hours with tech support with promises to fix it. Still waiting ....

James Fountain

After last update the camera is crazy. It will not work at all. Renders app useless

Dan Collins

Camera not working The app worked great before the update. Camera no longer works. Frustrating.

Travis Darnell

Camera Broken After last update, in-app camera function is broken. Please leave things alone if they aren't broke. App is now useless. Does nobody qa the product before releasing?

Jeff Wall

App useless now After the February 19 update, the app is now useless..... the camera no longer works and locks the entire App up if you try to use it.....

david ford

app is useless anymore called AMEX today to alert them of their update disaster. Made it sound like I was the only one having the problem at first. If you have an alert to update, disregard if you like the way it works now.

Mason Moore

Camera failure Camera is all scrambled when I try to capture receipt. I've tried to reinstall and still won't work. I've been using it for work card and really liked it until this problem

George Langlitz

Camera glitch So I called AMEX on this. They have no clue. Suggested solution was to use the computer. Really? How do I take a photo with my computer? Its an "APP" that is supposed to make this simple. Tried troubleshooting camera tweaks and settings myself - no resolve. Tried calling AMEX - no support. No resolve. Uninstalled and RE - no resolve. Not sure who is reading these or if there is support but it doesn't work on the Note 3. What fixed it for me - DONT USE IT!

A Google User

Keeps turning flash on Interesting idea of an app, but the fact that it keeps turning flash on whenever you open the program is so annoying that the app is pretty much unusable. Fix that and it'd be a great app

Travis Bullington

Works Okay But Login Is Cumbersome It would be wonderful if I could upload receipts without having to login. It takes as long to login as it does to scan a receipt. Why can't uploading of receipts be done without logging in and only have to log in to see account information?

Sean Harrison

Business user Great idea and would have been a time saver during budget time....If it only worked. I recently downloaded the App and so far 1 of the 5 receipts has been matched and the App has frozen in the uploading phase 4 times. Think some further R&D is needed on this.

mark hergott

NO Galaxy S5 support Auto focus and flash on the Camera does not work with GS5. I would like to see the rest of the account management features intigrated into this application. I would also like to see a quick login feature.

Ron Jaenisch

poor customer experience The software requires the person to log in each time. Or store confidential info that can be stolen on your phone. To simply allow the phone to upload to a predesignated account would be much easier.

Jim McVey

Cumbersome Process takes too long to be useful...

giants newyork

Awesome app for managing my expenses and keeping track of spending for my employees

Mike A.

Flash stopped working with latest update Please fix the flash! Can't get it to work since last update

Ehson Shafie

No pdf Will not let me upload PDFs of my receipts

George Williams

Great tool for exp. Mgt Tool enables streamlined process for employees and bookkeeping.

Wes Morrill

Does not work on note 2

Mark Nolan

Used to be great This app used to be extremely useful. Take a photo of a receipt and it'll get matched later. Now it's crap - I usually enter my receipts on a plane or during quick downtime, so I don't want to have to sift through all my transactions to find just the right one.

C Tomm

AmEx NEUTERED what used to be a "Great time saver!" Original review: Makes my life much easier with the corporate card. And, accounting LOVES it!................................ UPDATED 5/18/2015 - DOWNGRADE from 5 Stars to 1 star (would give it 0 if available). UNBELIEVABLE changes to this app now make it no better than just using your camera and then uploading receipts to the web-site.......... Best part about the original app was taking a picture at the time of purchase and then not having to worry about keeping the receipt. Now that is not the case. You still have to hold on to the receipt and remember to go back to the app to see if the charge is pending - this can be up to a day or two or three later depending on the systems of the merchant and the day of the week.

Michelle Ward

Where's the camera? This app is useless now. Loved this app before last update. Can't find the camera and can't get to transactions on my last statement. If I could rate as a minus, I would.

Steve Rochen

The app snaps the photo on its own and locks up the app. The new update has way too many bugs. Why do they keep trying to fix what isn't broken?

Jon Black

Update Killed the app App was great until update and now you can't upload pics when you make transaction. No longer get notifications of a charge. Go back to old way.

Jan Svoboda

Receipt Match Gone???!!! What happened? All of a sudden the most valuable feature of this app is gone. No longer can you take a picture of your receipts and have them matched to your transactions. The only thing I figured out how to do is to go to each transaction individually , and take a picture of the matched the receipts yourself. WHY?

Bruce Garlock

Please bring back camera capture

Jarrett Volzer

Old camera API make image upside down on 5x There used the old API so it can't recognize the camera orientation on the nexus 5X which makes the receipt upside down and backwards making it hard to line up, you have to move the phone opposite to what you think. No excuse for using old APIs.

Mike Horgan

Good but crashes on Android 6 Crashes when trying to capture a receipt on Android 6.0/6.0.1. Worked great on 5.1, convenient and well designed. Eagerly awaiting a fix!

Dean Gibson

Nice! It would be really nice if it showed the tip amount on restaurant transactions. Also, navigation in the app seems not real intuitive.

Ralph Hoffman

Totally easy way to manage receipts. I like the feature that allows me to photograph my receipts. Cannot do a huge batch at one time though, or the app locks up.

Alec Smith

Receipt Capture Crashes Receipt capture now crashes after the update. Please resolve ASAP!

Adam herold

Works great Very reliable

Robin Jones

Fix it This feature does not work on either the app or the site.

Brian Edwards

Piece of junk. 90% of the time "There has been an error attaching your receipt".

Shaun Bailey

Finally works on Android 6.0

Brea Moore

What happened to receipt notification? Used to send a push notification for receipt after every purchase. Hasn't done it for months. I keep checking my settings and it's set for it but nothing happens.

Bruce Garlock

Receiptmatch is back! Please return your torches and pitchforks to the shed. We finally have receiptmatch back :-)

Eric Burlison

Currently not working in Android 6.0! It was working just fine before the upgrade.

Levi Cavender

Finally. Auto-match is back. The app is like it's supposed to be. Finally.

Brad Bilut

Crashes on launch Running Android 6 tech preview 3 on Nexus 6

Jeff Croiter

Receipt match is back 5 stars now that receipt match is back.

Terrance Judge

Bad Changes This app was perfect before the change to wait for the charge to appear before you can match the receipt! By that time, the receipts are lost or too messed up to scan. Plus it's very time consuming now. Please bring back the original feature. Until then, I'm deleting the app.

David Leese

Failure to attach receipts Really disappointed by the frequency of errors trying to attach receipts. Averaging 3 attempts per receipt today. This is not saving me time or effort.

Corey Smith

Errors out whenever I try to attach a receipt.

Chris T.

Others didn't read instructions The app is great. Transactions show up immediately, probably in pending. You just press the receipt icon next to the charge and then the camera opens to take a picture of the receipt. Very simple. I think much more simple than before.

Kendra Wong

Receipts won't save This app used to be awesome. Now it won't save captured receipts. Useless.

Walter Allen

Limited timeframe Formerly, one could record an image weeks later, a plus during business trips when snapping a receipt with a client isn't appropriate. This is no longer possible.

Thomas Tippins

I Do not use this app anymore. Used app to take photo's of Amex CC receipts.. Does not work any more!!!

David Bergman

Upside down On Nexus 5x, photos are upside down. Would be much better, but this is an annoying (and elemental) bug. Pls fix!

Kiran Vangaveti

Hate it Pictures are inverse/upside down .... Fix the darn bug already.. It has been this way for over 6 months now...

Kamron Khannakhjavani

Can't even register After 3 calls to amex they still can't get it to work. I can't even get registered. Bullshit.

Brea Moore

Used to send a push notification for receipt after every purchase. Hasn't done it for months. I keep checking my settings and it's set for it but nothing happens. 3/1/16 still waiting for you to fix the notifications for receipts.

Michael Levine

Was good, but latest update got worse Always been pretty good. Clunky to have to sign in every time you scan a receipt. But you used to be able to add tags and notes along with scanned receipt. Now to tag you have to click done, then go back to that charge to add the tag. Yet you can't add notes that way - only by scanning a receipt. They messed up the flow completely

Vladimir Stoyanov

Very easy to use, keeps all receipts in one place, year end statement and IRS audit ready.

Brea Moore

5/6/16 still waiting for you to fix the notifications for receipt match. And I don't know what you did on the latest update but everything is so slow, it just hangs. Slow to log in and move among the transactions and forever to upload a receipt. And why are you saving my receipt pictures to my gallery? I don't want them in my pictures. They never used to go there. Please fix ur app and check it before you roll out updates. Used to send a push notification for receipt after every purchase. Hasn't done it for months. I keep checking my settings and it's set for it but nothing happens. 3/1/16 still waiting for you to fix the notifications for receipts.

Juan Carlos Rubiralta

Won't update any pics now! Can't take any pictures of receipts and put them up. Just thinks then tells me file too large. I haven't changed anything on my phone and I've even made the files as small as can be. Won't upload.

Anil Katakam

Missing PDF receipt match Should have ability to upload/match receipts in PDF doc format.

Steve Rochen

Recent update is causing issues The previous version of the app worked a lot better. It takes over a minute to upload a photo of a receipt. I also liked the "upload another" feature on the old app. Why would they get rid of that?

Douglas Cabrera

Latest update is BAAAAAAAD Now every picture is too big. Or unable to upload. And when it uploads it takes forever. Also is saving the images in the gallery WHY... USED TO BE GOOD NOW IS EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING. If this software represents the ongoing changes on AMEX corporate then things are going downhill rather quickly

Anthony Chen

Latest update renders this useless Fail to upload receipt constantly... pls fix asap

Receipt match Great tool for keeping and tracking receipts.

Corey Darnall

Since I got a new New phone it won't let me upload receipts.

Lee Wynne

Terrible! Low quality & tiny images when saved to pdf from the website. Unable to download receipts in bulk from website. Can only print 25 at a time. Sad to think I have to go back to saving my receipts directly to pdf. Amex should really be able to do better!!

Terez Eller

New update is terrible, awful, useless... Can't upload receipts since getting new phone and having to download new app. Receive "can't upload receipt at this time" message anytime I try to upload. I have to use old phone with previous version to get any uploaded at all. I turned off updates a while ago on this app since I had issues with the previous update as well. This is ridiculous. Knowing the way this app is used and how important it is to businesses I would expect you guys to have it a bit more together when forcing these "updates".

Ryan McGinnis

Seriously AmEx, between your higher than average annual cardholder fees, and higher than average transaction charge to vendors, you still can't get your app to do the one thing it was designed for??? Far too many error messages and delays while uploading receipts to even make this a worthwhile download

Allison Mauelshagen

Recent updates made it worse It worked fine before, but when Amex fixed the issue of not being able to view pending receipts, they created more problems. Now every receipt I upload is saved to my phone's gallery of photos (annoying), and because of the new methods, now I often get errors that say the image is too large to upload (and this is while using the camera function in the app, not selecting files from the device).

Ritchie Huang

Useless. if I can't load receipts which is the main point of this app why even bother making this app

Not great. It's does what it says, but it should be better. It's slow, a bit buggy, and hangs up often while loading.

Peter Knupffer

Can I print a report? Can I print a report, or only print individual transactions (which takes ages)? This would be a very useful app if I could print off a report at the end of the month; otherwise what's the point? I already have a slow system of my own. Lots of potential in this app

Daniel Slack

It's only okay Slow to load information..hard to find old items..locks up..

dhasval patl

Can not upload receipts For a big company like amex they cant take a app that works.

Kriya Vedanta Gurukulam

Repeatedly crashing It crashes after each receipt upload. Previous version was working well. Please check.

Chris Washer

Won't upload photos Can't upload photos of receipts, try again later.

Anna Furr

Used to be good Since recent updates the app will not upload photos. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it won't work!!

Firas Ahmad

Serious bugs Does Amex not have enough money to pay for a working app? Don't offer the service if it doesn't work. Running on marshmallow 6.1 and it says not Internet connection

Nelson Karrick

iThink Amex love iDevices Coworkers use this app for receipt management, and iPhone users don't complain as much. Looks like the Amex team doesn't care so much about Android. Takes much longer to upload receipts, and push notifications don't even work on here (do on iPhone). iDon't have iCrap, and neither does 85%(ish) of the smartphone market so why not show this app some love and raise standards???

Daniel Zen

Major new problem: Crashes whenever I try to categorize any receipt: "ReceiptMatch has stopped" Two other problems that are annoying. 1) if I take a picture of a receipt but don't log in, the application doesn't save the receipt for future upload.2) Having to login every time I use the app . Chase Jot app far superior with alerts that allow you to categorize & upload receipt without logging in. This could really be an amazing app with a little work.

Megan Osborne

Update ruined app The app used to work fine. Now I can't get receipt images to load and I cannot see transactions from previous statements. This has turned into a useless app.

Peter Fonseca

Terrible App for the business world This app went from being one of the most productive apps I used on a daily basis. Now it had just become a complete waste of space on my phone. Over the last 9 months we have had so many issues with uploading transactions, receipts and details. The most troubling issue is that the app will confirm that your receipts have been uploaded when in fact they have not. Due to this issue my sales, marketing, development and accounting teams spend valuable hours tracking down receipts from hotels, retailers etc

Joe Marshall

Horrible I just downloaded the app for my business receipts and none of them will download it jeeps saying unable to attach please try again later, so it looks like im going to have to just keep the original receipts like i have been doing for the past years old school, i obviously can not rely on this app. It is useless

Charlie Murphy

Unusable, can not upload receipts Unable to order main function without crashing. On most current version of Android on Nexus 5X.

Emily Wade

Doesn't Like to Work Crashes anytime I try to upload a receipt. (Android phone.) Took multiple times to register card.

Michael Steiner

Shame on you Am. Exp. Downloading receipts is mostly non-functional and getting worse.

Tom R

App crashes at first login on nexus5 Can't even login to check it out:(

Justin Hawkins

Doesn't work Won't save receipts. Useless.

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