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2 Sep

Posted by Northway Games in Strategy | Sept. 2, 2015 | 100 Comments

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"I don't wave around non-words like 'unputdownable' often, but Rebuild deserves it." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5)

"Rebuild is a solid, fun, unique and just plain awesome game." - JayIsGames (4.6/5 Best strategy or simulation game of 2011)


Gather survivors of the zombie apocalypse and defend your fort against undead attacks. Reclaim one building at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, rediscovering technology and of course killing zombies.

Beware of rival gangs, illness, thieves and even riots as you rebuild a city in this post apocalyptic turn based strategy game.


- Unique turn-based strategy gameplay
- Randomly generated cities
- Customizable characters
- 5 levels of difficulty
- 7 endings to discover

Whats new

    3.15 - updated engine with support for newer devices
    3.12 - support for x86 intel platforms
    3.11 - Promotion for sequel, possible crash bug fix
    3.07 - Nexus 10 compatibility and new option for smaller buildings.

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A Google User

I played it through several times :) I'm now deliberately trying to get different endings; there's a nice bit of story involved.

Parker Jordan

Best game by far But I think there should be more buildings,quest and research Thx :D

Stephen Chan

Amazing! The game is amazing! I hope in there next one or in an update they add in a little more strategy, perhaps during the attacks. Maybe a way you can allocate your resources.

Timothy Rayang

Worth to buy Absolutely stunning. I'm waiting for Rebuild3

Aiden Tompkins

GOOD Great game and all but you guys should try to add a multiplayer setting where you can trade with other towns/players . Other than that I have no complaints. Keep up the amazing work.

Yagami Litgh

Great mobile game Great game overall , looking forward to the sequel .

Michael santoso

Love this game Used to play this game on my PC (browser game). This is the exact same port. Well worth the money.

lilly valentine

Love it This is such a good game that this is my first time rating a game and leaving a comment!!!!!!!!!

Josh Kreke

Good game Lots of fun

Elbo Kane

Very short for the money :\ Was a great game while it lasted but one completed became dull :/

James Kerr Wravage

Love this style A bit more depth in the storyline and gameplay and this game will be killer.

Nancy Stratiou

LOVED IT! I just wish you can scavange and kill zombies all at once

Jayden Trudzik

Woot This game is soooooooooo fun but I would like it if you could change their cloths and can get them married and have kids and there be kids and make them age

Michael Justice

WOW! What makes this game so good is on the harder levels strategy will only get you so far. Luck is a major factor. Ive been playing for almost a year now and have yet to beat the hardest level. I hope she makes more games.

Sha R

Great game For the first couple of minutes I thought I had wasted my money on this game but once I learned the objective and how to play it I really like it. Contrary to what some of the people have said in their ratings, it does take a lot of strategy to win. Not a bad price and there is a lot of replay value

John Wallace

HA Played this on Armor Games was happy to see it i like the overthrowing of the church cult and Winter addition made it less madding when your people just jump over the walls like that you can stop that and winter added that extra difficulty i wanted hopd you keep updating this game.

Josh Gore

Best $3 I Ever Spent I built two churches. Two. Within 30 days a cult sprung up that declared the zombies were our extinction event, converted my entire populace to their religion, and convinced everyone to throw themselves over the wall into the zombie hordes beyond because God wanted us to be zombies. 12/10 would play forever.

Gabriel Espinoza

Really worth the money It's a fun and addicting game, but it would be better if there was a more detailed defense against an attack and you could give people that are defending the fort commands or be able to control one of them.

Beowulf Sanchez

Its still a good game but At one point once you start to advance past day 100 it starts to lag so if you could address that issue that would be great.

Rochelle Pitt

Zed is Alive!! Love Zombies Loved this game kept me entertained for hours. I would have rated 5/5 but I needed to see actual characters walking around and zombie fight scenes that my survivors were involved in. Yeaahhh that would be great!!!

Brandon Hinnergardt

Very good game I have played a great deal of games on my phone but have found very few that have kept me entertained like this one. It truly is an awesome game and defiantly worth the money.

Karen Ellis

Addictive fun Absolutely love this app! Not what I first expected, but after playing for a while now, I'm very happy and will keep playing to kind of "choose your own adventure".


Fun. I love the way this game plays. It'd be even cooler if you could actually see tiny little animated zombies attacking your buildings on the main map.

René Morales

Music Makes it Better This game is a fun lesson in leadership. Process for scavenging, building, and killing zombies gets a bit tedious with the repetitive clicking one has to do in order to accomplish the task. However, the music track is outstanding and makes the game feel very zen-like. I'm giving 5 stars because of the music.

Kaelin Lemieux

Very fun with realistic and comical themes of what would happen to during a zombie apocolpsy(or however the heck you spell it) very much worth the 3 dollars as for its always replayable with different starting seasons, sizes of maps, difficulty and scenarios everytime. 5/5

A Google User

Should be free Seen better free games. Takes less than 2 hours to finish. Doing same things over and over. Zombie apocalypse feeling is zero. 5 star givers either get paid for rating or have little sense of what good game is. Give 2 stars instead of 1 because I actually spent time finishing it.

Adam Trilling

Civ2 with zombies! A well-engineered strategy game with good graphics and enough entertainment. Simple to figure out, but lots of depth and replay value. I don't give 5 stars often, but Rebuild deserves it!

Jonathan Campos

Good but very glichy I enjoy the game and probably replayed it a few time already. The major downside it that it keeps crashing over and over. I emailed Google but I'm not sure if they forward the report to the author every time I sent one

Glen Olsen

Good game Its a good game, a little pricey compared to other games on Google play store I would expect to pay one third less and would have given it five stars. Doesn't have much longevity though.

Michael Lucas

Excellent and orginal The fonts are appearing occasionally scrambled on my S3 CyanogenMod 10.2 though. I'd also like to see a similar non-zombie theme, such as modern warfare or something. Great game.

Peter Hearn

Awesome zombie defence/micro management game Love this game. Simple to use, lots of replay value and it's got zombies!

Ed Schwehm

Great strategy game for mobile I've put many hours into this game. The tougher difficulty levels are pretty insane, but it's still quite fun.


A classic Not a complex game, but its enjoyable with some replayability. The developer is also still focused on the project and is coming out with a new one soon. Definitely a good game to play, just plan on a decent chunk of time to play. Not an easy one to pick up and put down as there is usually some planning in the allocation of resources.

Nichole Romaneski

Fun to geek out on Just one request...(in hopes that it isn't too difficult, because I know nothing), can it rotate on a droid? I wanna keep playing but due to a dead spot on my phone, I cant change the difficulty level and it's stuck on "seriously hard". I paid and wanna play!

Mauricio Madrigal-Avina

Addicting! I played this game years ago, back when it was online. I was addicted to it that I'd spend days just playing it! Now I've found that it's only gotten better on mobile! If you are looking for an addictive game that does not get old, this is the best one I've found so far!

Christopher Saunders

Fun Rebuild is an interesting game of decisions. You chose the direction of your city, right or wrong. Your decisions impact game play. You can play this for many hours. The only part I didn't care for was the end. Once you agree to use the helicoptor or city hall to transport people to a new city. The old city and all your acomplishments are gone. No coming back.

A Google User

Good This is a good app. First time through was pretty fun. However, I don't feel like it was worth the price. This is a 99¢ app at best. After first time through which only takes a few hours it just seems repetitive. The graphics could use some work too. When you equip your survivors with tools the way the character looks is pretty cheesy. I won't buy the sequel based on this game.

Пользователь Google

Great Spent a lots of time on this game, perfect. One wish: add more quest lines.

George Berezkin

Problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Don't work at Galaxy note 3 (( can see only few symbols on the screen, no image at all. Updt - it works on galaxy 4. Had some fun)

Svyatoslav Khabarov

Awesome game Awesome game! Totally love it.

Daulet Skul

Good game Please add Russian!

Пользователь Google

Add Russian Add Russian language please. My vote will 5 stars.

Ariel Barron

Best Game for the Android I love this game! I think it's a great way to fight zombies and use strategy. not really any problems with ads. love moving to different difficulty levels.

A Google User

So addictive... I hope there will be a upgrade soon...Once you get the hang of making your men strong n having plenty of food,killing zombies is a breeze. I love how intense the next raid of zombies become.

Elena Cattaneo

Fun but limited I was hooked and had loads of fun for a few days. Certainly got my 99 cents worth, but eventuality I wanted a little more complexity. I like the concept enough that I will try the sequel, which I hear has a lot more variables.

Turd Ferguson

Love this game. I always come back and play the game every few months. Zombie games may be a little over played but the game play here is solid and entertaining. My favorite city manager game of all time.


Get old fast I got bored after 2 cities. Too expensive for a simple game. Can I get a refund?

Antonio Glavocevic

Simple yet Robust Has all the main components one would imagine needs to be managed in a zombie apocalypse but remains simple enough to understand and easy to learn. A very nice interface makes it easy to get all the information you need. One complaint is moving equipment from one survivor to another can be tedious.

Kitipong Jitramontree

Awesome game! With NO in-app purchase I refused to buy games that are in-app purchase. This game make me think and plan ahead. It kept me busy for hours. It uses very low battery because it's not a heavy graphic game.

Gregory Opera

Fantastic, but needs Google Play Games Services support. Arguably one of the best games for Android smartphones, Rebuild is incredibly addictive and will keep gamers hooked for a looonnng time... Although the game can be a little sluggish at times, it is certainly a lot of fun, though I do have just one complaint (for which a star is lost) - it doesn't support the Google Play Games Services (which adds achievements/trophies, "cloud" save-files, social networking and other functionality to games). Otherwise, Rebuild comes highly recommended...

edwin mena

What the heck is with these people What the hell don't build any church my people committed suicide and then I died from starvation

Jennifer Crown jj

Better than rebuild 3 I'm ain't paying 10 bucks for a game on steam that is 5 on pocket. Oh and rebuild 2 is free there just a fee on pocket

Craig Porter

Save the world Or at least survive it. This is a good blend of city building, exploration, and resource management. I like that I get to keep a few characters for the next city if I win.

Noel Rosenberg

A fun diversion I played this first as a flash game on my laptop, and really enjoyed it. The mobile version added a few fun diversions, and the result is a great time killer, though not terribly challenging once you've played it through a few times.

Krista H

Love this! First played on Kongregate and loved it there. Very happy with how it transferred to mobile. Wonderful to see a Canadian female developer being successful. The music, pacing and ramp up of difficulty is just right.

Platypus Brinson

Yep Great game. played it on PC loved it happy they made for phone. Disappointed I had to but it though.

Peter Henne

Great Really cool game. It's more of a sim/tower defense game than FPS like a lot of zombie games, which is what I was hoping for. Create a character, organize survivors, build your fort and fight off attacks. Other reviewers said they beat it too quickly, but I think there's a lot of replay value.

Jess Tatoy

Decent zombie strategy game... Above average zombie strategy game that allows for multiple win strategies. If you want realism, this isn't it as difficulty is weighed by how often your fort will be attacked by ever increasing hordes of zombies. No real strategy needed, just recruit as many people to join as fodder against the horde. Limited playability once you played it through to all the win possibilties. Can actually meet a win criteria within an hour or so or play to the end for another hour of play.

Karly Pilling

Hours and hours of fun! This game is funny and interesting. I like that you can turn bad language on or off. I've played through 3 times already! And I'll probably do another 20!

Jonathan Wiggins

Good game Really good game. Replay value doesn't last though. Adding rpg elements and expanding on some quests would be great.

A Google User

No Longer Crashes on startup! A1+ Developer and game. Developer listens to bug reports and is fast to fix them!!

Tom W

Niiiice Been looking for a diffrent flavor of zombie game for android, and Rebuild has answered my prayers. It has simple yet deep gameplay. This game is unique, I can see myself playing this for a good while.

Michael V

Great Zombie Game Fun zombie game that plays like a board game and offers quite a bit of replay.

Cameron Crawford

Great Value The replay value of a game like this with rgn layouts, search results, and percent based combat is insane. Eek worth the purchase.

Alex Taylor

Awesome game I have an Idea: greenhouses, they would allow you to make food on winter, either research or as a random building

B Masc

Think a pocket strategy-only version State of Decay.. And that's what you have here. Go on missions for food, supplies and survivors fight off hoards. Research tech. Like State of Decay for Xbox but a strategy only version. And almost as addictive.. Great job ! Looking forward to more.

Tristan Nicholas

The building select needs to be fixed but otherwise a good game.

Just Me

Played it since Newgrounds! One of the BEST turn based strategy games ever, top notch resource management, and a great story to boot! The only time i EVER won on impossible was with a best-of squad from a previous game, so i have yet to achieve true dominance. There is always a goal to try for. Highly recommended by me, it never gets old!

Robert Reich

SARAH PLEASE READ THIS!!!! I'm sorry but I can't send a message on Rebuild 3. I bought 3 day one and the very first update caused it to be incompatible with my device!

Michael Solberg

Just like the computer version except for more options! Love it

Asyzia Davis

Interesting little game! I loved playing this. Can't wait to play again with different outcomes. Looking forward to Rebuild 2 & 3!

Nevy Campbell

It's ok I never lost a mission although I did lose people.. at some point near the end it became a tap tap tap game as that's all there was left to do for reclaiming other buildings. Even the "action" was predictable... addictive at 1st, monotonous towards the end.

Richard Jones

Love it but like other people said Needs Google play games support! We love the achievements & gives it a great replay value for people who already played!

Tara Pennington

Fun!!! Not as awesome as Rebuild 3, but definitely with buying and playing!!!

Adam Ziarnik

Great game Really loving this game, and normally I don't care about mobile gaming (more of a console/pc gaming fan). The one thing that would make Rebuild better would be cloud saves so I can move between playing on my phone & tablet.

Del Storm

THANK YOU! I finally found a game where I feel like I am actually participating in what's going on. The atmosphere and soundtrack is perfect and really draws you in. I wanted a game that made me feel like I was in a Walking Dead episode, and this is it. Five Stars!

Benjamin Caley

Brilliant Can spend hours at a time playing this game. Just so good

A Google User

Perfect! Bye bye time! Soooo good! Love being able to carry characters to new towns!

bab Schwartski

Decent game. Captain hindsight wouldn't have paid for it

John B

Awful There was no tutorial or anything, and the game makes no sense, nothing happens, ever. Seriously regret paying for this game, but I understand why there is no free trial...

Erik Foster

Addictive game Too many fun hours playing!

super villager gameing

Cool I remember playing this on computer.its awesome that tere is a mobile app for this.also awesome comic pictures

Geoffrey Sim

Awesome survival game! *.* A nice casual game with great side stories that pop up on different days. It's fairly repetitive but nonetheless fun.

Andy Hill

Unfortunately Boring The concept of the game should have made Rebuild worth buying. Unfortunately its very basic gameplay, uninteresting approach to characters (no personality to make you care about them) make this a game to avoid.

Bob Smith

Fun game It's a bit of a new twist on zompocalypse games, pretty fun.

william follett

I've loved this game ever since I was 12.

Ryder Patterson

Best zombie defence game I love this game on the pc but on mobile its even better

Levi Robertson

Loved it I've played on the PC and this is just like it. 10/10

Rock Tester

Tough choices "Not complaining, it's hard to choose between the pros and cons.awesome game."

William Boulware

Time killer Good building and management game. Less emphasis on killing and more on character building and defense strategy. Enjoyable on all levels and city sizes.

Markendaya Ferry

Died of illness, again! It's an all right game until you start playing the more difficult settings. The more difficult settings include one of your men dying every other turn of an illness , not very original and after the 4th or 5th guy dies of an illness you're pretty much like f*** this s***.

tsimneej vang

Fun I beat the game on the hardest level yay....... wow two years now.... Gonna reget the game and beat it again but this time on a different downgraded phone.. So sad

Mike Edwards

Nice and Simple Quite a fun game but not that much replayabililty. I played through once in like an hour or so and now I'm done with the game. Happy to pay the price though for the entertainment. It was just a nice simple fun game.

David Broden

Awesome first time Repetitive. No replay value. Thin story

Willis Harrison

Better than expected. An entertaining game that can have the difficulty adjusted and does not eat the battery. Looking forward to playing the sequel

Ieuan Hunt

So addicted I am so hooked on this game. Love it on the computer and the phone


Most excellent strategy survival I used to play versions of this game on the Internet when I was little and this one is just as amazing, if not, more so. Great strategy game, with several endings making you want to play it over and over.

bradley h

Alright I want you to take out the church of the chosen ones


I got it at full price. No in game purchase and support offline play are great features. Go play it!!

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