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15 Apr

Posted by Canadian Real Estate Association in Lifestyle | April 15, 2016 | 189 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB is Canada’s most popular source for real estate. Search through listings from across the country with the most comprehensive list of MLS® System listings for sale and for rent. Whether you’re browsing your neighbourhood or moving to a new area is a great way to connect with Canadian REALTORS®.

Key Features:
- Browse single-family homes for sale, condos for sale, townhomes for sale and more
- Search for rental listings of all property types: single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, condos and more
- Find your estimated mortgage payments for each listing you view with the redesigned mortgage calculator
- Search for open houses and create tours to help you plan your afternoon
- Refine your real estate search with keywords making your results more relevant
- Save searches
- Filter searches by price, beds, baths, property type, for sale, for rent and more
- Get detailed demographic data for each listings area with information such as average household income and the number of homes with children
- See the Walk Score® for each listing to help you determine how close you are to important amenities, schools, public buildings and more
- Find REALTORS® from across Canada and easily add them to your contacts or call/email them directly from the app

Whats new

    Version 2.0.2
    • Please note the app may take a longer time to load your first time opening it.
    • Fixed apps inability to open itself (it won't hang on the loading screen anymore).
    We've put it through multiple therapy sessions and believe we have addressed the issue.
    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. Please keep your comments coming.

Canadian Real Estate Association part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 15, 2016. Google play rating is 53.6495. Current verison is 2.0.2. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download realtor-ca.apk 19.0 MB


Martin Amyot

Samsung Galaxy S2x This app use to be very useful for me. I was using it almost every day. I did a update about a week ago and now everytime I want to search for a property, the app fails and close. Please fix bug.

Mohsin Sattar

Garbage This app used to work fine about a year ago but since then it has become crap! Why dont one of you developers actually use the app ? Or send me the source code so I can fix your stupid bug!

A Google User

Wins the award for worst app in the world. Obviously they had a team of monkeys ...I'd say between the ages of 2 and 3 years old working steady on this app for about 5 years....its the only explanation for how bad this app is. If I ever met the person or persons that had anything to do with development of this app I would punch them right in the face as hard as I could. Peace out.

A Google User

Won't open I've installed and uninstalled several times and the app will crash immediately after opening. If zero stars was an option that's what I would rate it.

Jeff Quann

Pretty much unusable Just try and scroll across the map. I dare you. Every tiny movement causes it to stop to load. If there are more than 200 results you have to click OK to continue. TERRIBLE user experience. I dread opening this app when someone says I should look at a property. Uninstalling. I'll go use the mobile website.

Steve Oh

It is the single most worst app I've ever used Go look at Trulia and learn how it's done. If it did one tenth of what Trulia did this app would be 100% better. THE MOST annoying part is when the app refreshes EVERY SINGLE time you move the map. Makes browsing to different areas impossible. Please fix. This is what monopoly gets you. Crappy app and absolutely NO response from developer. Make a tablet version

Matthew Villeneuve

Crashes immediately on opening I use the equivalent app on iOS, and while not excellent, it's the only option covering my area. On my new s6, crashes immediately, every time. Website unusably awful on mobile.

Shawn Girard

Needs A lot Work to be Userful This application totally sucks on my tablet and my phone. One, screen size doesn't resize to the device correctly. Two, the data accesses are so slow in comparison to the website. Three, the most frustating one, data accesses happen whenever one tries to pan through the map. This really sucks, and I am surprised that I haven't thrown my mobile device. The US version of this app is really usable. I kind of feeling that the Realtor Board doesn't want to provide usable tools to their customers becasue they want to justify the use an buyer agent.

Farabi Reza

App keeps crashing when opening I can't even keep the app open for more than 20 seconds. Sent multiple crash reports.

Justanother Islander

Samsung Galaxy s5 "Looks" good but unusable as crashing from get go. Disappointing as used it in past on different phone.

Anthony Faulder

Terrible. I've used plenty of bad apps, but this one is by far the worst. Pay a 15 year old programmer a few bucks to make you not only an attractive app, but one that actually functions without tempting the user to rip their own brains out (neither of which the current app does).

Shawn Wiggins

Will Not Open Try and open it and Boom, it crashes! Cannot open the App at all. On a Galaxy S5 with MTS - Don't Bother!!! This is the second version that is a fail!!

Shannon Mckenzie

Hate this app Out of all horrible, non functioning apps out there, this one is the worst!! I don't know why I keep thinking it'll be better (or work) whenever I open it every couple months, but it always seems to be worse. Always on my location, like it's clinging on to it for dear life and if you want to do the unthinkable, and look in a different neighborhood, too just won't work=useless. Seriously, wake your developers up and get it together...the people who designed flappy bird could do a better job.

Elon Gates

Works, but tedious Eh, it is marginally better than directly using the website. Very tiring to get it to give up the info wanted and each listing has to be examined in detail because the filtering is inaccurate. MLS problems: slow, pooy designed database. Bad or incomplete listing data. Garbage in garbage out.

Chad Price

Pretty sluggish Panning around on the map is a painful process. Move it at all and it constantly loads, even if you've looked at it previously.

Juliana Santos

T E R R I B L E ! ! ! I have an Android and I just can't use this app! I know it works perfect with the iPhone as my husband has one and the app it's perfect there, but on my phone everytime I try to drag/touch the screen, the image has to reload, which takes a long time and it's very annoying!

Dan Ardeleanu

Crashes on launching ... every time !!! .Running Lolipop on Note 3. Out of 50 tries I was able to launch it and use it once ... it always crashes and sends a report about it ...what a waste of time.

D bello

Super slow UI Ok info, your map UI is horrible and very sluggish on refreshing.

Frank Kadlec

Still garbage but less smelly Has potential. Do any of the developers use this app? Turn off your gps or try scrolling on map view.

Ian Smith

Repeat pictures App used to be great and now it just keeps repeating the same pictures for several listings. When you look at photos in the house albums it keeps repeating the first 4 even though there is more listed.

Paul Dekker

Where's the properties? Every time I scroll or try to zoom in it takes a fair amount of time and then when it finally settles, it shows no properties on the map even if it says there are 100! Lots of potential but at this point the app is pretty useless.

Jermaine Francoeur

Terrible interface The main menu has too many options and they look ugly. The map shouldn't be locked every time I move it so it can get more results. A typical user will move the map many times trying to find an area they like and stopping them for 3-5 seconds each time is frustrating and annoying. Does the designer know anything about UI design?

Oliver Nestor

Terrible UI There's no excuse for a pre-holo UI in the lollipop era. Please follow Google's current design guidelines. Its painful to look at and painful to use

Ryan Stanley

Brutal Do developers even try the app before posting! When this ap does run (rare) it's buggy and this is on a brand new phone

Dave Toms

Last update broke it Since last update the app crashes every time the map attempts to display results. 100% reproducible. I've submitted a ton of crash reports. This once decent app is now useless.

Cody Hulley

What happened? This ap was amazing, now every time I go to move the map it refreshes it won't let me drag at all before it refreshes so annoying...

Nick Grega

Awful Oh man, this is terrible. Constantly glitching, and not fully loading pictures. Have any of your devs actually tried using this?

Gin Bedi

App is ok Has nice functionality, overall it's not bad. The only thing that gets really annoying is the constant loading when you move the map. I don't see any option to reload on demand. Would be nice to navigate and then load.

Nuru Kasam

Search criteria The map search criteria needs to improve. Everytime you move the map you have to wait for the software to process and pull the properties.. there needs to be a search button which we could press after reaching the exact location on map where we require the software to perform search. Current method really slows down the search time... :-(

Alix Adnan

why do I need to have my current location turned on, even if I'm searching in a different town? not friendly. invasive

Sapiyeh Katakwapit

Samsung s4 - not working on my device I have tried installing this several times and even waited a week or two for a fix or update but it has never worked for me. Are you guys there? Your app doesn't work!

Serge LeGresley

Doesn't work at all Can't even use it. It crashes everytime. Last bug fix was in December 2014. The developers obviously abandoned this app. They are not reading the comments.


Use mobile site and protect your info. Won't let me use it without my location turned on. Asks for access to contacts. For what purpose do you need that? Do no download.

Richard Baril

For god sakes fix the map scrolling so i can start using this app again! It use to re-search and plot new results on the map only if you haven't scrolled or zoomed for 5 seconds which gave you time to drag or zoom again. Now after one of the updates it re-searches and plots new results as soon as you stop scrolling or zooming and doesn't let you do anything else until all the results finish loading. Now i can drive in reality faster than i can scroll on the map! This would be a 4.5 star app otherwise.

Timothy Lightheart

Can't Email Listings From App Great app for searching but once you find a place you want to send via email you can't because no matter what you enter the app says the email address isn't valid.

Tonya Randy dos Santos

not impressed the comfree app which is for sale by owner is way more user friendly. I expected an app with realtor selling properties to be much better. the only way to share details of a property with family/friend is by emailing! and I have to type out the email which I don't know off by heart so I have to go to my contacts. it won't accept copy and paste. poop I say.

Albert Bendersky

Absolute garbage Don't know what has happened. A year ago it was a good app and now... THAT? It just refuses to work if you don't change the general settings and provide the app with the access to your location. A totally non-legit invasion in your privacy. Never install it. I think this app should be removed by Android & Apple from their list of apps completely.

Maciej Radoszewski

Search feature criteria is very limited, and the new updates don't allow you to search if you have gps turned off. I want to look at properties in places other than where I live and I don't use gps on my phone. Well looks like you can't use this app when you do that. Uninstalled!

Chris Bird

Don't even bother trying to move around the map. You'll end up beating the life out of your neighbour in frustration. I wonder if the people who created this have actually used it.

Henry Bergen

Has to be reinstalled every week After a few days, it will crash every time the map is accessed. Have to reinstall to get it to work again for a few days. Otherwise, nicely set up. Easy to use.

Aaron Tolmie

This app use to be SO helpful but the last two weeks everytime i try and open it it just crashes and wont open. It opens fine on my Samsung galaxy tab 3 but wont do anything on my Samsung galaxy 3 phone. Not happy!!! Please fix the bugs and get this app back up and functioning.

John Angus

What a piece of garbage Install, load, and then have a flashback to 1993 while waiting for it to load. Every time you adjust the map GUI, app hangs for about ten seconds and then when you can finally get to the property you want, it gives you some bullshit options overlay before you get what you spent 15 minutes to access. Stick to the website until a third grader can be found to fix it

Ratata Tata

Every time you move the map, even a little bit, the app refreshes which takes a while. Not made for tablets as the app only takes a little portion of the screen. Unusable over all.

Kerrie Croom

Slow to load Reloads map every time you touch it. Need LOTS of patience for this one.

Alex Smith

Awsone for independent property buyer I love this app on it every day checking out prices of houses, around my properties and neighborhoods I would dream to live in

Ryan Johnson

Works well Excellent data base. Only issue is it refreshes every time you shift the map, which takes a few moments.

Alayna G

New update Just updated yesterday and it's stopped working on me x2 and a couple times wouldnt load past the first page. Pictures do load now and they added a bunch of new features.

Graeme Arnaud

So much better on 2.0 Still has a ways to go in terms of being seamless but now you can scroll across the map and it loads listings in background and much faster than before. New features are a major improvement over 1.0 which was near unusable

Blue Chan

In the current 01/29 update... The app crashes a lot more and faster than it did before. Pictures load now but move the map from the default, "search in my area" and the app crashes. Inability to add our own search words like, parking, balcony, sunroom etc...

Reba W

Where's the pictures The app is good, pictures work now and it seems to crash less, but I can no longer access my favorites, which defeats the purpose of being able to mark something as a favourite.

Margaret Lupton

First the new upgrade LOST all of my favourited locations so I had to go through and attempt to find them all again. Now it just stays stuck on the Realtor page and won't load past the opening red screen. This makes it very hard to search for new houses or let my realtor know of ID'S to set up viewings for. When it did/does work, it is a lot better. I'd just like to actually be able to use it again.

Joshua Kubinec

Good Idea, Poor Performance I really want to give this app a 4, but it's not really useful when it crashes every time I try to load up a house on my Nexus 9 and 5x.

Paul Stilwell

New version Feb 16 Although the program was due an update, the old version worked fairly consistently. The new version hangs 4 out 5 times at the Realtor splash screen. I have allowed it to submit a crash report several times. It seems a fairly sluggish program, in spite of having a fairly current phone, the LG G4. Once in the program, it is a totally different experience, and knowledge from the old version gets in your way, as opposed to helps you. The main issue, is the apparent crash in the startup of the program.

Rean Cross

Needs a few changes ETA: Found 'em. Additional filters aren't available until you select "property type" such as Residential, and then you have to turn on additional filters rather than being available by default. Crashes frequently. Can't zoom in on photos. Can't select and copy text such as listing #. Would like to annotate saved listings.

Lauren Hammersley

Still needs work... The new app is superior but has a ways to go. It crashes when I try to go into my favourite properties but doesn't initiate a crash report. The loading page has been really slow since the update and now today has stopped working all together. App won't load. It would be nice to have another option from the "heart" ... like a blue heart next to it so you can vote no for the properties you don't like. I find I'm going into the same properties that I've already nixed for whatever reason.

Mohamad Mahfouz

Keeps crashing Can't get past main screen and freezes my phone. Nexus 6p

Mark Juricic

Why did they "upgrade"? It drives me crazy when an app works well and does exactly what it's meant to do, and then gets "upgraded" by the developers. The latest version sucks, the previous version was tremendously better. Went from 5 star to 1 star. I live in BC. I gave access to the app to see my location. I typed in a listing ID for Surrey, BC which begins with R2.. and the app suggested locations in Manitoba. The previous version never did this. Edit: Now the app hangs on the splash page and doesn't even load.

Hussain Pasha

Buggy and never goes past first page Using a Note 5, app crashes ans doesn't go past first banner page. Briny back the old app.

Deidre Date

Keeps crashing my phone The previous version was much better. This one just sits on the homepage, won't let me close it, or switch to other apps. I have to close all other apps on the phone. This is a bad mark for accessing this app, and will force people to look at alternate routes to find MLS listings. Please fix asap!

Can Hu

New update is very slow to load. Will not open "My Favourites" also says I have 67 favourites which I know I don't.

Mo L

Great update but Issues loading I am happy that they got this update out with good features. I am using it on samsung note 5 and I have had to reinstall it a few times as it kept getting stuck on the main screen. It would not go past that. I tried by clearing the app data and cache but then I realized I had lost all of my favorites that I spent so long doing :( I keep having same issues after reinstalling, works a few times and same problem. Very Unhappy with that ..Please fix that issue.

Mark Camaso

Useless Update Updated interface is nice but functionality is not there. My favourites do not load and photos are no longer viewable.

Stephanie UBERgirl

Incredible Improvements Love the new improved Canada Realtor App. Running it on my BlackBerry Priv is a pleasure. Super fast, more functionality, easier to use. Incredible search speed and multi listing scroll view is really sweet. Enhanced menus and customized settings. Just started using no negatives so far!

Craig Walker

A bit buggy and opportunity for better functions Used this app a lot. Has quite a few bugs but generally works well. The my favourites doesn't open in my app. Also crashes a lot. Also as an opportunity for a future update I would recommend an alert function or notifications for new properties being listed within a favourite searches parameters

Rene Boucher

Rene Updated stopped working. Finally a redesign and the app doesn't load more the half the time. Favorites don't work at all. Still a joke

Patricia Bianco

Photos loading now, some functionality lost It's improved and the photos are now appearing. I would like to see the old functionality returned since it was useful. I used to rotate my phone for a landscape view which filled the screen. Now it's just a large thumbnail. I also would like to be able to zoom in on details and it is no longer "zoomable".

Richard Williams

Still horrible Hate the filters. app crashed within 5min of trying to use, first 2min it was unresponsive trying to load the useless tutorial. Agree with another reviewer map load significantly improved. However, it still ignores typed locations and resets it without moving the map. glitch ridden autocomplete still - i.e. you have to search British Columbia to find bc? Filters should not be limited to single selects, i.e. land between 0-100acre or all but 1-2 property types, commercial properties still missing etc...

Jason Inglis

NEVER AGAIN Much much much better but pretty important to zoom in on the pictures. Also when I go back it so easily clears my search and I have to reenter EVERYTHING but yet when I press clear all it does nothing . Fix this asap please and I will give it 6 stars........after update February 2016 I see a new update that has COMPLETELY ignored the photo issue. I have 200% faith in saying I'm done with this forever cause you obviously will never get it right. Thank God for kijiji

Raman Sharma

Terrible, so slow to load up and crashed alot. Interface is also worse than the first version. Update: what a piece of garbage. Now it doesn't even start up! It makes it alot harder to Search for houses. Please fire the idiot that took a perfectly working app and turned it into garbage.

Lisa Gonsalves

Buggy The app is so buggy, takes a long time to load then crashes. I have had to uninstall and reinstall many times to "fix" the issue.

Duncan Weller

Crashes a lot As above. Very frustrating. Changed my rating from 3 stars to 1 star as it just crashed again! Just use the REW website, way more reliable

Timothy Walker

Mostly works Some features do nothing like trying to pull up saved favorites. After a time it stays stuck on the opening screen and the remedy is uninstalling and reinstallation. Otherwise it works okay.

Gigi Marga

After installation and attempting to open it lags in the starting page. I dont think this app works properly. Not worth trying for now, maybe later.

Claire Lam

2.0 is better but still needs work Thank you for no longer using Bing and switching to gmaps, but how you default map coordinates is dismal and always points me to Africa. Swiping doesn't work well with pictures and crashes during a few occasions. The 'too many results' error is silly, group number of results appropriately and this error would be obsolete.

Alexis Young

Lots of bugs The new app freezes, screen goes black for no reason, some buttons don't work (my favorites)

Jennifer Duggan

Problems since update. I have been using the MLS app for over a year with no issues & love being able to pop up results whenever I find a cute neighbourhood! However, since the update a couple of weeks ago, it CONSTANTLY crashes & takes @ least 3-4m to load, if it even loads @ all. I'd FAR prefer to have a more difficult interface that actually WORKS!

Edwin Au Yeung

The app before this update was so disappointing I didn't even bother rating it. After the update it is much faster. The people having trouble with this app, are you sure you just don't need a new phone?!

Crina Aurelia

New update sucks. Recently updated and now I can't get past the welcome page. Fix this problem please and I'll change my rating.

Alex Hilton

Latest update The system hangs each and every time I try to open it. This app has become progressively worse with each of the last 3 updates!

Curtis Laffin

FINALLY!!!! Now you guys made a smart choice. Running google maps was the smartest choice! The app runs so smooth now! It's seamless! Browsing houses is so easy now. No more lag everytime you move the map. Love it!!

Leslie e

Wont load passed the first page I would normally give this 5 stars but lately it won't go any farther than the welcome page. I've updated to the latest release.

Karyn Heinrick

Buggy New version not good. Crash a minute, favourites don't work etc. Last version way better. It is now useless

Rodney Linda De Martin

New real estate app Old one great. This one opens then page freezes. Useless

Stefan Martin

Worst app ever It keeps freezing and not letting me see saved listings. With all the updates done and they are still not able to make it work properly. Not worth the time.

Rick Welsh

Better than last update At least pictures load in now. We are moving soon and using this app to find a new home.

Derek Pettigrew

New update is broken New update worked great but has stopped working for the last few days. Please fix. Gets stuck on loading screen.

Jim Rizzo

Seems like a big improvement The only issue I have is I can't convert the size of lots to acres. The button to switch to metric only impacts room sizes and lot sizes stay at metres. Should there not be something in the settings that will toggle metric to imperial instead of defaulting metric?

Rean Cross

Still needs improvement *Why can you only share by email (the "explanation" given doesn't actually explain) and then you don't even pull addresses from my contacts! *Why can't I select-copy addresses or MLS id's to paste into messages? *Why can't I get real full screen photos when I rotate my phone? And why can't I pinch and zoom for detail? *These all seem like pretty basic functions in 2016.

Sean Crane

Used to be a great app..... I used to love using this app to locate new houses on the market....however, since the last update ive noticed that the "demographics" doesn't open, it crashes and force closes upon trying to open well as when clicking on the pictures they all disappear within seconds leaving you with a blank screen!! Fix up developers....let's go!!

Marci Terry

Still not working I really want to love this app. Was so excited about the new update as the old app stopped working a couple months ago. But now the new app won't work at all! Please fix I want to love this and give you 5 stars!

Dawn Perry

So slow, no options Map re-centers every time you touch a property. This changes my desired search area and reloads a new set of listings. Takes time and is NOT helpful when one is specifically searching for a home in a specific area! Also, I can't figure out where to filter for 'Acreage'. The old app was bad, the new app is bad.

Andrea & Lisa Chiappetta

Deleted the app Made the mistake of updating this app. After the update it would take forever to load. Now it won't even load at all just stays frozen on the 1st screen. Deleted it from my phone and will use the Mobil site to search for properties.

Adam Zadorozny

Update is a downgrade Ever since I updated the app it doesn't load properly. I've managed to run the app a couple of times out of 25-30 tries

Cathy Gray

Love the new app...but slow to load.,.also crashes alot. Never had any problems with old version.

Jonathan Hickle

Some improvements are not improvements This was a great, functional, fast app, until they decided to give it a face lift. Now, it takes MINUTES to open, has plenty of glitches (saved properties, failure to search if certain options are selected), and crashes sporadically. It's barely functional.

Adam Lacroix

Pictures never load. Useless The app works great, however for months I can't seem to get the photos of the houses to show up. Doesn't matter if I'm on WIFI or LTE data.. Useless

patrick Lee

Works really well! Great app. Lots of features. Don't know what the others are complaining about. It's great on my Nexus 7

Crina Aurelia

New update sucks. Recently updated and now I can't get past the welcome page. Fix this problem please and I'll change my rating.

Courtney Engbrecht

Good for the most part Would be nice to be able to share listings other ways than just email (by text would be great). An option to actually add words to emails to realtors would be quite helpful, as only being able to click the "I'd like more information on this property" is just pointless since it's extremely vague. Also: "Tap the heart add the property to your Favourites" is missing the "to".

Dan Simoneau

FIX WHAT YOU BROKE! Use to love this app. Just horrible and unreliable now.

Joanne Elizabeth

Crash-A-Rama Wow, since the last update this app freezes my phone, and 9 out of 10 times crashes before opening. If we weren't looking to move I'd get rid of this crap app! Time to check other options til this gets fixed.

Tony Zerjavic

I want the old app back. Slow, confusing and unintuatve . The old app was much better. This app takes forever to load and crashes regularly. If you are out and want to look at properties near you, don't bother.

Matt Bell

Freezes on first screen App has always been a little laggy but this update has made it awful. Can't even use it because it freezes just opening it!

dee roswell

First few times it opened, now it won't go past the home page. Not sure who develops your app but perhaps you should find a new developer as this has been an ongoing issue with all of your previous apps as well :(

A Google User

So much better compare to couple years ago It is so much better compare to free years ago. At least it is usable. Only thing missing is the share function, it will be great to send the link to the posting to other social media app. For example, WhatsApp, wechat, etc.

Terry Janzen

Update April 13, 2016 Edit : I had to delete the app and reinstall it to make it work. I couldn't save any of my favourites but we do have an app that works now. It's fast and I have no problems starting it. Two things that still need addressing are 1) The map keeps centering when I tap on a property...this takes me outside of the actual area that I'm looking at (very frustrating). 2) it would be really nice if we could actually make the pictures larger using your finger and thumb to zoom in or out.

madmio M

Nothing special It's better than it used to be, the major update and change made it run faster, smother and better overall interface, but it still needs improvement. Search feature doesn't work, I set it to detached homes yet it shows me tons of semis and even some townhomes. It's still unreliable.

Strat Strat

'share' button should launch my email app this is basically the only app in the world that doesn't have a 'share' button that allows me to send a link of the listing using my preferred email app (Gmail,outlook, etc.). I also am unable to share it to Facebook or Twitter. this version is miles better than some earlier attempts....but come on guys....this is 2016.

Heather Johnson

Much better! (My previous review was 1*) The latest update seems to have fixed a lot of the issues this app was having. It actually opens now and I do like the "loading" words as it loads everything so you know it's not just hanging. The search is much quicker and changing options is all much faster too, great job!!

Brittany M

Missing options for property? It seems to be working fine, my only problem is that there are no options for acreages-only agriculture or vacant land. Please put a category for acreages or hobby farms in. My husband and I will be in a position to buy soon and we like to look through the available acreages, but right now we have to do so manually which is a pain in the butt.

William Naranjo

Actual prices for any location Love it. I'm on it constantly, I have bought 2 properties thanks to this app!

Billy Hannah

App wont open anymore. The app uses to work fine. After the update, will not open anymore. Sony Xperia ™ Z3

Christopher Applewhaite

Please fix this Previously excellent app. Wont load or run anymore. At least revert to previous version.

Bill Wong

No login like the website???!!! Everything else is good but how come I can't log in like the website. Please fix it then I'll rate it a 5 stars!

Pedro Ventura

STILL Freezes on main page! The last update caused my device to freeze on the intro page and crashes...the most recent update still hasnt resolved this for me! The app before the last two updates worked for why doesnt it work now???? I'm stuck using the website now

Or Michalovich

No very user friendly It doesn't come close to the website

Rain Day

This app isn't working at all. I have reinstalled and still doesn't work.

Mathew Coyle

Works now Update fixed all the major issues some minor UI frustrations but as good as it once was at least.

Kyle Cridland

App pretty good Issues seem to be resolved. It opens and you can look stuff up!!!! It's a pretty decent app when it's working right.

ron valentini

This app totally sucks played on it for half hour and didnt get anywhere.. what a pile of crap

Randy Hoffner

Pretty nice Good way to compare housing avaliable.. not to great for rentals.

Tim Dowker

Can't search easily by ID number Search is horrible. Tries to live search for ID number and works horribly on mobile cell networks (too slow) and there's no way to search exclusively by ID. App doesn't register with the Android system so links shared with you by email or other don't automatically open the app.

Trudi B

Frequent updates are a bit much The Frequent updates are a bit much, I shouldn't have to use data monthly to update a fairly simple app, plus it's a pain

Chrissy Nephin

Update is terrible. Very disappointed. It looks more like a browser then an app. When I click on an area the map centers it which I don't like when I am searching in a region. Whenever I go to look at my favourites the app closes. Extremely disappointed. Not nearly as user friendly as it was before the update. Nothing about it makes the app better.

Danny Croston

Crahes Always freezes during opening screen. Update 4/23/16 Still can not get back opening screen.

Greg Blenkin

When selecting search by listing ID it doesn't even let you enter text to supply the ID

Saif Syed

Best to improve Someone really need to work on app and also desktop version. There are a lot of issues with the site and app

Simon Wills

New update works fine! As a longtime user of the app, I'm happy that the recent issues with the app are now resolved. Works great!

Wendy House

Does not work well! Cannot edit preferences. Hard to navigate. Needs work.

Jennifer May

Horrible Doesn't save your settings, why fill it out if the app won't use it. App is awful, slow, refreshes ever 5 seconds.

Mr. Pink

A bit confusing, but overall very good

Kim D

Not user friendly AT ALL. 5 minutes in using this app, I became so frustrated that I just deleted it. I couldn't save my search criteria and every time i tried to search for homes in the area I wanted, it would default back to the area I am currently in with only 2-4 results. Very disappointed. This could be so useful, instead, it is a blood pressure raiser ! >:-(

Jeff Reid

Next to useless Cannot find any way to search for property that is anywhere other than near me. Confusing interface.

Stephanie Lambert

When the app works it's great, however it is inconsistent. I've had to delete and reinstall on more than one occasion to get the app to actually load.

Brian Alexander

Gets stuck loading Hasn't worked on my Nexus 7 for months

David Soegiarto

Works well on LG G3 Android 6.0 Can't pinch and zoom pictures, and video tour multimedia doesn't work on the in-app browser, while giving no option to option in a regular browser.

Stephen Noel

Great app if you're browsing the market

Martin H.

Helpful app Used to search for units for sale.

Yue Yuan

Loading is slow when dragging the map Over is very good.

Kount Kreepy

Seems to be working Recent fix seems to has worked.

April Barnes

Latest update is good Finally works as it should

Vitor Medeiros

Worse with every update! This app is not good at all it doesn't show all the houses in the area you are searching and is very slow especially if your driving and want to see house in the area your in please improve cause this app lacks so much!

P Dubya

Not great but not too bad. Not all MLS properties will appear based on filter settings and spelling or abbreviating a province name may give different results. Horizontal photos no longer enlarge when you tilt phone to side. App does hang occasionally & have had to uninstall & reinstall twice, losing all saved data. Less emphasis on cosmetics and more on quality and content are required.

Julie Berniqué

Horrible mobile app. Can't search easily. Identifying desired neighbourhood is painful can't select all or more than one at a time. Bring back Ottawa Real estate board app. So much easier and less frustrating!!!

Zhanna Vesterman

It's pretty good I still prefer to search on my laptop. This is a little difficult to navigate and to save proper searches. Like why does it show the whole north America when I click on saved search.

dean james

Crash! Crash! Crash! Hang on the loading screen then opens and CRASH! Tried uninstall and reinstall along with multiple reboot and it still crashed. Fix this! Could be a good app.

Meghan Bradley

Love this app, the old version. New version only crashes and offers to send data report. Unable to use. Very disappointing as I used this app frequently

Karen Purdon

Caution Only use this in a padded room if you are bald and have no have left to pull out do not use around children as they will hear some serious explicit language only use if the liquor cabinet is fully stocked. All we can do is hope that zillow comes to Canada now that they bought trulia. Obviously no one cares enough to read these endless complaints here and fix this embarrassment of a Canadian app. I feel one star is putting this app on a pedastool.

Ramtin Amiri

Supported Links This app is pretty good, but it needs to be able to open supported links. Also, when I search for a specific address it doesn't locate it. Instead it does a search around the address' area. Annoying.

Miss FoXXXy33

Would give 1 stars for the idea... Very slow...I spend most of my time reading "loading properties" or having to reset my phone after Realtor.Ca freezes then crashes my galaxy 5 to a black screen? > Needs a good fix/update!!!

Paul Matthews

Slow, buggy and prone to crash Nice looking UI and generally simple to use, however it's very frustrating when it's constantly trying to load properties with every minor adjustment to the map view. It makes for a very slow and sluggish experience. This app definitely needs work to actually be useable. Will just continue using the web browser version rather than the app, simply because the app isn't nearly as fast and glitchy.

Kyle Ketchum

Awesome Awesome app I love it works great on my phone. Easy to use and search properties. I like the mortgage estimates part of the app gives you an idea of costs. All around Great app.

Sam Mason

Could not even get in to it as it would not let me accept the terms of use. I scrolled down to read it and the Accept button is never made active.

Jessie Martin

Awful update! Crashes and I hate using the map view now, which I liked best before.

Matthew Donovan

Simple but smooth Well done seemless app integrated with google maps satellite and mls listings

Manraj Singh

Nice Nice and easy to use. Useful. Best Realtor app. But sometimes it could be a bit annoying like there are times when I have to close it and open it cause it does not work. Also it's a bit slow sometimes.

C.J. Brown

Seriously? Update: following some much needed updates, this app finally works and no longer crashes.

Paul Nevin

Perhaps I don't know how to work this as well but the website let's you filter bedrooms bathrooms etc otherwise an amazing app for buying

Myles Basic

Crash app No master clear on favorites, hart's for likes, what is this highschool? This is a business app make it work like one

Paul Lawson

Won't allow me to add listings to "my favorites" ?!? Spent an hour selecting listings to only find they didn't save. Please fix that.

T Fisher

Way better than before You are now able to scroll continously through the map without it having to continously load!

Haitham Abu Zeid

GARBAGE AS USUAL You just can't make the app work properly can you? It's the most simple app and doesn't need a lot of effort. The map doesn't show and it keeps freezing. Useless

Aida Hodkinson

App crashes before opening. I used to love this ap. The photos bug was fixed but now upon new update it won't open the app at all without crashing. I do like that the ownership type can now be selected. If only I could Open it.

Steve McGill

OK app The app generally works as needed but would be nice to log in to the website and sync your settings/favorites.

Derek Balay

it works That's about all. The new version is better but still clunky

Erica Hall

More hassle than its worth It takes forever to load, you can only look at a small area at a time, not all listings are available, you can't send or share properties, and so on...

Eric Wu

Slow and buggy Go through Android app dev documentation and make a proper app. This is a pain to use because of poor development decisions somewhere.

Rob Redmond

Very helpful but .... The app seems to regularly get corrupted and requires an app data and cache cleanse. Unfortunately this results in a loss of saved searches. Annoying but not the end of the world. Second criticism is that landscape photos become smaller when viewed in the phone's landscape orientation compared to portrait; this makes no sense.

Terra Veilleux-Moreira

Small bugs Generally a good app. Sometimes the listing glitches as well as the map and number of listings in whatever area.

Mark Manley

Needs cloud settings Would be much better if it linked with email to sync favourites across devices

Eric Philbrook

Not as good as it used to be Does not search by MLS number although it says you can search by listing ID. Search by the listing address, and even though it auto completes the address you type, it brings up every listing in your other search parameters around that address, leaving you to search for it by price with all the other listings pictures. That function of scrolling through all the pictures is also sometimes stops working or takes a long time to load. Searched using map view and switched to list view, no list loaded

Brittany Widen

Disappointing Since the new update (which cleared all my saved searches) I haven't been able to do much of anything! Can't view my favorites, app freezes after my first click. Disappointed as I am a #realestateaddict I'll have to look elsewhere for my 'fix'

Lainy Smith

Thousands of other companies make good apps, why can't you? No easy share option and every time I hit favorites, the app crashes and closes. The only reason I use this app is because it's all there is. It is however better than the old version that wouldn't display pictures.

andrew lipic

It works, sort of... It's a useful tool, but... it crashes, the measurements always show in metric as default and most annoying of all is when you're looking at the pictures. You can't zoom in and the horizontal ones don't fill the screen like the way the vertical ones do when you flip your phone over, it just makes the pictures smaller.

Breagh Palech

House will be sold before the app opens properly Too bad this new version has so many problems! Wont load, shuts down and freezes on a regular bases. Didn't have these problems on the old one.

Vitor Medeiros

Worse with every update! This app is not good at all it doesn't show all the houses in the area you are searching and is very slow especially if your driving and want to see houses in the area your in, please improve cause this app lacks so much!

Vicki Pirs

Worst update ever! I updated this app to see if it would update the listings in my area, little did I know it would mix up all the addresses as well as the towns in my area. It's pretty hard to make a list of houses to visit when the addresses are all wrong! Worst update ever!

Adam Suhr

Just gets worse Every update just gets worse and worse. Has anybody ever heard of keep it simple? Slower than ever before. Not user intuitive. I swear this app is going to make worst app of the year. Thank god this is not a financial app.

Abby Charters

Postings are 48 hours behind Have missed out on a couple amazing opportunities because of this. Very frustrating. Houses show still available but then we're told by our realtor that it's been sold or it says unavailable on the actual website

Evan McLeod

CRASH CRASH CRASH think it would work better with new updates Why do you always make me enable location Damn it... Newest updated version keeps crashing!!! I've taken away a STAR KEEPS CRASHING!

Heather Gledhill

Not a great app. Needs a lot of work. Freezes when opening. Clumsy and confusing to use. Search does not work effectively (eg. Search for "yonge street" and a whole bunch of other houses appear that have nothing to do with yonge street).

Cliff Liddle

Gonna take a while to get used to the navgation if the app, but a much smoother feel. Only thing annoying me now is auto exiting the app when pressing the " my favorites " button. Need to fix the glitch before a better rating. ......Fixed

Patrick O'Grady

OK for quick searches... If I'm in a neighbourhood and want a quick search it's great...not comprehensive, as filters are tricky, but OK...permissions? Why does this app require so many intrusive permissions? Nothing to do with realty searches, just looks like data mining to me...

Vincent Tjin

Loving the update to version 2.0.2 Finally the app has caught up with the times. Advanced searching is much improved so far no crashing or battery drain issues on my Galaxy s6.

Will Johnson

Much better now I deleted this app for awhile and came back to it now. Good improvements and stable. Works much better. Just wish you could sreach by sq/ft of a house but over all I'm happy with this app

Steven Muir

Why even have an app? Very slow app. Search filters need serious expansion! Why doesn't it have the same options as the web site? Better off using the web page. Though compared to other web pages, still not great! It feels like it was built by first-year students. I would think with the money people spend with this Corp, they could hire more skilled programmers!

Nyles Patel

It's an app version. .. yay? It's does what it's supposed to. It's can get a bit glitchy on rural locations. But runs really well on my S6Edge.

Steve C.

Basic functions missing. TERRIBLE. No zoom option for the property pictures? Landscape view causes pics to become even smaller??? ARE YOU FOR REAL???


It's great. But crashes. Measurement of square footage stays metric even when you cheng the units setting. Fix that and it would be a 5/5

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