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20 Aug
Realistic Make Up

Posted by HiHoy in Educational | Aug. 20, 2016 | 145 Comments

Apk file size: 54.0 MB

You can achieve this great app with thousands of beautiful faces from different each other , the different faces of sheet metal paint color also you get , you can set the lipstick color for the lips and the style of your dreams by trying different eye color from each other for your model you can experiment with this application and get different ideas and preview for your own makeup you can . Which hairstyle how eye color lip nose should be how you can find the answers to these questions in our applications according to this model.

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HiHoy part of our Educational and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 68.4993. Current verison is 1.2.3. Actual size 54.0 MB.

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Mary Standart

Makeovers Put makeup on different ways

Elena P

Okay Aesome! But it is so laggy.?

joceline loguiber

I don't like the app

Makyla Knight

Fun Its fun for me??

Nikki Pettibone

I dont like this game

Jerriyah Reed

Jerriyah Omg this is f to the a.b.u.l.o.u.s

Elena Heimark

Too many advertising!!

Codie Rosental

Love it sooo much Your kids will love it xxx

Josie Sobejano

Wow so good

Valen Garcia

realistic makeup awesome

Claudette Scott

Hate it Just bc it is free do not get it!! An add pops up every 1 second. can not get the character to change hair....... would have gave it 0 stars but can npt!!

Alexis Spillane

Annoyed Its a good app except literally ever 2 seconds there is an add that pops up and then it gets rid of what you were doing. I'm not exaggerating. Uninstalling it now

Shahida Siddique

Inappropriate adds Stupid and inappropriate adds show up like really inappropriate dresses

Shafnaz Angal

Squily Its ok some people saying its not good but its good and better tomy life makeup

Louise Mccreath

Poo Thought it could be better that why I give it two stars

Kimberley Geeves

I have to press it tons of times to get what I want

Angela Vela

Its terrible Cant get Character to change hair color

Tammie Caudle

This game was really fun?❤

Shayonce' Knowles

Terrible! This app might have been okay if there weren't so many ads that popped up!!!

Camille Johnson

Okay It good but there are some mini problems

Jam Navarro

So bad There's so many. Advertisements I can't focus this is the worst app ever !!!

Ariel Bowers

I thought it would be better

Alene Vichos

Sucks Do not get worst thing that could be invented so slow

Alondra Barajas

I doesn't work at all after a little bit their face turns blackish

Kaitlyn Hanson

Thumbs down I don't like it cause it really glitches and when I press on a the lips icon or eney kind of icon it will do nothing

x Angela

Wayyyy too many ads.

Amaliah Johnson

To many adds bro! The adds are soooooo annoying !!!WHY DO THAY POP UP A LOT!!!

Joanne Woodward

To readers Adds come when you have to many games


Ugh To many ads!!!

Paschal Nzewuji

To much ads!!!!!!!!!!!! Shows ads to much fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn Ballard Cole

Jocelyn ballard I have it now it it keeps on doing when I tried to play the game aids keep popping up

Liya Jo

What is the point I am not impressed with this. Even though no adds, nothing to do. So boring ????? what do I do in these hours so not good boring game boring game so boring people don't understand it is sooo boring how can 659 people like this it is boring ??????????? make a even better game company so boring most boring game I ever played and I played a lot of boring games like WOW..... I hope people are saying a lie and hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Cadiz

Too many ads!! Way too many pop ups /ads!!! More frustating than it was in fun , how can we enjoy this?? If the ads were alot less maybe....???

dave king

HATE IT I thought that u could put on the stuff by our own self and the only thing u do is click things BORING

Livia Buchholc

Why Something needs to be done I deleted after playing for 30 secs we shouldn't have all these add change it or your apps won't succeed

Elizabeth Fidler

Beth fidler You guys have to be kidding me I love this game it rocks ✊

Saad Khan

Wtf After each and every sec there's an advertisement . I just cant focus on the game

Melissa Orduna

To many adds Just poping up out of no were a retarted game never ever play it

riley Morris

Hated it It was so stupid every second an ad popped up I freaking hated it

Allison Paquette

It sucks, there are so many frikin ads, and it is so slow when you click on something, plus there are only like 5 options to choose from and its not even makeup!!

Cayleigh Rouse

Eh I like the game but the adds are nuts! I think it's weird that you'd put eyes on there that just look really creepy. So fix this pleeeeaasse

Jami Boucher

Realistic makeup People have said something about there face turns blackish

Yeema Wheaver

Ads Its a good game its just too many ads every time i get started there is an ad. THATS not the bad part though the bad part is i don't get to finish because when a ad pops up you have to start all the way over. REALY ALL THE WAY OVER and it just happens again after that.

Deneisha Johnson

Options aren't enough You guys might as well only have the game for sale, there's only 3-5 options for each stage and 3-4 different color options ?

Arianna Rex

Suck It has to many ads And now it wants me to get realistic makeup 2

Brandi Duczer

Glitchy There are WAY too many bugs in the game for me to properly enjoy it :(

Jill Baggiore

What the!?!? Ok nevermind the lack of things you cant do I here but beware of the Constant ads you have to exit out.

Eunhwa Park

I hated it I wish I could give it no stars, I thought u were doing it on yourself

Christine Cunliffe

Bad It does not give me anything to do.

H-girl B

It was very boring The characters were very ugly and when I clicked on something it didn't work it also had way to many ads

Paul Koontz

Ask the only one Hey guys are you have any questions about this game

Kassidy Elloitt

Boring It has so many ads and the models are creepy.

Keith Maddox

excellent this makuo looks so pretty on me and i xannot wait to put it on me

ayana johnson

Boring Its not fun at all and too many ads

hema sangroula

Very bad game My hatest game ever please donot download this game

kimberly manson

Ew It sucks, the models are creepy and it's boring

Sandy Suante

Wow what a surprise you open up my eyes, baby your amazing you are amazing amazing wow

Jolene jiggy K maitland

Terrible app I can't find how to upload my pic also its blurry

Ebony Mcneill

M Hated it to many adds and really slow and laggy

Melany Fuentes

Beauiful The characters are very beauiful

Katie Rodrigeuz

Ads Showed up every time and boring

sandhya singh

Love it Best realistic game in the world

Louise Bolla

It was not what I thought it was

Abigail Meah

Too long It took ages to get on!!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn Beck

Lots of u are jerks

Serena Cristoforo

Awesome It is so amazing

Emma Darocha

Ehh its OK

Isabella Feliz macias

Soooooooooooooo many ads

Elisa Marshall

YAY This game is not that good

munira moiz

Hated it sooooooooooo boooooooooring

Ezzah Syed

Too much adds I hate this app because it their are too much apps I hate iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttt

fouzia fouzia

Verry bad

Charlotte Scott

Just guesed

amod srivastava

Best makeup reality game ever Nice reality game its so nic we can do makeups of real girls i feel that i am a stylist and doing makeups ofother

Leena Nakib

RUBBISH AND POINTLESS R u people seriously kidding me this game is soo rubbish never ever playing this junk

Mark Ballaris

Really bad There was only three options to choose from on each one and only one actually looked good. I suggest you don't get this game, it is a ripoff!!!

Georgina Hoxha

Not keen! Sometimes it freezes when I'm about to change how the picture looks.don't get this game!

Margarita Medina

So many ads, I can't even play!

tahlia thomas

WHY WHY WHY IS IT SO GOOD I think if you don't get this your crazy no offence but YEAR

barbara null

This game is so bad It is so bad the title is realist7c MAKEUP thir isent eny macup in it what so ever I whas so mad wen I found out it did not have makeup ithout it whuold de fun dut it ISINT what a BUST!!!!!!!!!:( this game=TERIBLE!!!!!

Georgia Wilkinson

IT'S AWFUL It's got to many ads and the modles don't look real like the pics. Don't get it is a waste of storage space. And it doesn't let you play on the other games and the game is just stupid.

Alysha Behiel

Good..... but. It's a good game, but if you don't rate it you can't play the game.plz change that

gage gonzalez

Stupid All u can do is color the background

Paris Baez

No Too many ads

cloe Muniz

Terrible This game is so terrible the makeup doesn't even look real

Amey Leea

Good Good enough

Gloria Stokeling

Ilove the app

Leah Marseille

Whaaaaat! I was reading all the bad reviews and ratings but I was like it's fine when I first saw the app and opened it there was an ad next I couldn't get the nose or the lips after that i saw that the models were weird and ugly last you had to pay for mostly everything sooooo.... don't get this app I should've listened and listen to me pleeeease.

lena F

Realistic make-up U can put makeup on the model on tablet an not u first an try different designs

Taru Patel

Reas this review!!! OMG this game is amazingly rubbish... I thought it would be cool it ain't. .. the lips and nose are locked and the models look horrible and it keeps on crashing don't download it ever

Cathy Vance

Worst game ever I hated it 1 to many ads 2 you need to follow them on Facebook to unlock lips nose 3 the models are ugly horrible game it is ,it is also really ????? a face for boring

Rawan Tawfig

Bad This game is terrible, there are so many ads, and you have to pay for almost everything. And the faces Sony look that good

Tami Karri

Unlock more I did not know you could only do one My facebook is not on this phone yet.

Araceli Marin

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... There is to many ads and not to be mean ........ Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh................... it is really boring

Annabel Erler

:-* thank you Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for this app

Maya Wilkins

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! There was an ad that covered the page and I couldn't get rid of it!

Abi Cassidy

Hate If you get this game you need to buy nearly everything

Mikalah Tidwell

Pop Everytime I press the home button an ad pops up .??

Codrin Gherman

Good & WUT!!?? A crazy glitch, what I mean by this I clicked sumthing I did not have and I had it!!

Ybybyoyo Ybybyoyo

Dumb I have no words for this gamez

Eve Ngo

Pretty I love it of the design studio is a powerful

Paul Yarnold

Omg I didn't think a game could be so stupid it has TOO MANY ADS and you have to pay for nearly everything on there. #VERY BAD

Kayla Magri

Amazing game I love this game ??

Nyaish Cursetji

Wtf Hatehatehatehatehate

Julissa Lozano

Stupid This game is so boring all you can do is choose the eyes which looks fake and you choose the hair which looks fake or you can choose a cover and after that you can choose a background which is more retarded!!!!! This game is a waste of time!??I had to delete it that is how boring it is

M.E. Bellamy

New updates Before the newest update, I liked this app for my daughter despite the excessive ads. Now, however, the new updates have locked features (mouth and nose) unless you like on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube. Weren't annoying ads enough? Not worth having anymore.

Afeefa Jamil

Irritating This game is very irritating . So any ads . I totally hate this game. POOR GAME

Khamani Johnson

I dont like this game it shows to many das i put a thumbs down on this and 0 stars on this ??

Vicki Adams

Too many ads Couldn't do anything without them popping up! Gave up.

Lanayshyaa Lee

Boring This game is stupid. All u get to do is put their lip stick on and eyeshadow and hair. I'm like really why did I even download this stupid game!!!??

Amari Welch

It's like all right I mean it's like doing real people but I don't know how they like really using real people and this game I mean it's like if this is a like a temporary everyday game without the pay it's great because you don't have the pay the game.

Hannah green

Mean I have to follow you on facebook to unlock something but i don't have facebook deleting it

Arrowsword Cope

No You have to subscribe or follow to unlock stuff it's annoying

Natalie Edward

Uhhh... You have to follow them on websites to play there game what a rip off

Mackenzie Riley

To many ads The game is horrible there are to many adds

Normandie De Bruyn

You are gona have to unlock evrything

dancer mayalway

Horrible Lots of ads fake looking makeup

Kendra Cyr

Realistic make over It is the best game ever that I have played in my life time

Ijaz Qamar

So Boring This game have many parts but only few parts are open so i dont like it so so so so boring

Austin Spoon

Castel clash I love it so much !

Lucia searle

Ok The game is OK but the makeup is not very realistic

Petitvieux Bayo

The best I love this game so much

Dania Calixtro

Amazing It is so realistic

Cheyanne Whiteley

Creepy Very creepy

Steven Russo

Too many ads

Danah Ali

I like this game

crystal cabic

Stupid/retarded I can't even get to the game there is a big ad in the way

Pavan Paila

Worst quality app

Andrea Gaulke

Could be fun Lots of ads and until you follow them on FB and who knows what else all you can do is edit hair, eyes and scarf on a couple of animated models. Was hoping to edit my own pics with the make up.

Boring There's to many ads and the make up doesn't even look real wow just wow!

kayla smolley

This is the worst game ever It should not be called realistic makeup it should be called realamealictics

Jessica Rivera

Makeover Fashion It was fun and exciting!!!

It is awesome

creative chloe 11

I hate it!! The models look awful. And even though it is titled realistic makeup you can't do any makeup in the game! All you can do is choose hair eyes and accessories. And you have to add them on Facebook to unlock lipstick.... Wow just wow...

Samantha Gaugh

realistic for people that like to take selfies and wear make up while doing it sometimes they're not very good at make up so this is a great app for that. This app lets u do thing u cant do in real life. ?

Luanne Dinsdale

Deserves no stars... Most dumbest game ads after you tap anything ... One of the most worse make up games out!

Addie Simpson

Boring! Too many ads and boring! Make it so you can apply the makeup or something, please!

Adrienne Womack

Terrible SO MANY ADS I couldnt even start the game because ads were popping up every 3 seconds!!

Mandy Jennin

Soo stupid This is so stupid you have to like them on facebook in order to unlock the other stuff also way too many adds.

Kaitlin Gem

Absolutely stupid I try to scroll and it makes me select that thing. Gggrrrrrrrr plz reply I want a good explanation for this

Jenna Subulski

Horrible There are terrible graphics and unrealistic faces, there is an ad every time I press a button, and many items are locked.

Tabitha Russell

Sooooo dumb What the hell this game is so dumb you don't get to do anything that it show's on here so for get it

Horrible It doesnt even let you put the kind of makeup you want. It barely even lets you click the one you want.?

Adrian Resendez

I HATE IT ?????? I try to play but commercial apps kept popping up!!!!!!! Its annoying if u ask me !

Mandy Marvin

This is stupid The People are ugly and the lips and blush are locked please don't download...

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