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14 Oct
Real Kakuro Free - Cross Sums

Posted by Luiz Deucher in Puzzle | Oct. 14, 2014 | 100 Comments

Apk file size: 4.6 MB

The #1 Free Kakuro game on all mobile platforms. The ultimate Cross Sums game.

From the creators of the puzzle hits Real Sudoku, Real Nonogram, Real Einstein's Riddle and Real Jigsaw.

For those new to Kakuro: it's a logic puzzle game that mixes Crosswords and Sudoku, so both players will love it! After you play a bit of Sudoku, Kakuro games are your next step! Its similar to other Japanese logic puzzles such as Nonogram, Picross and Hitori.

With highly polished graphics and smooth gameplay, Real Kakuro is a truly unique and pleasant logic puzzle experience. And best of all for real Kakuro puzzle fans, no automatic generators with multiple solutions, and they are all included for free here! No need to pay to unlock anything.

Kakuro, also known as cross sums and sum totals, is like a crossword puzzle with numbers. Each "word" must add up to the number provided in the clue above it or to the left. Words can only use the numbers 1 through 9, and a given number can only be used once in a word. Every Kakuro game can be solved through logic alone.

Real Kakuro puzzles is a very elegant game, providing fabulous gameplay experience with 2000 unique games in 5 different difficulty levels. Can you solve them all?

• Clean board, providing hours of pleasure gameplay.
• Handmade unique challenging games. All games and categories were designed to fit a 10x10 board without compromising quality and the need of zooming.
• No locked levels. Play whatever you want whenever you want.
• Autosave game. You don't need to worry if you don't have much time to play. It will automatically save all unfinished games.
• Simple menu context. Your game is just a few clicks away.
• No in app music. You can play while listening your own music library.
• High definition graphics.

Whats new

    Fix for a black-screen bug that affected some devices when switching apps.
    Screen size optimizations, to make the game screen fit better most modern devices.
    November 20th, 2013:
    ***** 1000 NEW BOARDS !!!! *****
    Now Real Kakuro has a total of 2000 boards - 400 per difficulty level - all free!

Luiz Deucher part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 14, 2014. Google play rating is 90.0445. Current verison is 1.5.4. Actual size 4.6 MB.

Download real-kakuro-free-cross-sums.apk 4.6 MB


Jack Epner

Great but some errors Some of the puzzles aren't created properly and are therefore impossible to solve. There are errors. I'm starting a list. Medium 43 Hard 14 Challenging 21, 37 To name a few.

Rachel Clark

Great puzzles, bad portrait view The puzzles are fun and well designed. Haven't come across any errors myself. It's annoying that the game goes into a stretched view when the phone turns sideways even with portrait turned off. I love doing puzzles before bed except for this flaw.

Darcy Litster

Exactly what I was looking for! This app is wonderful! If you want an app reminiscent of Andoku 2, but kakuro instead of Sudoku, this is the one! The only problems are no auto fill of pencil marks, and the orientation switches, with no lock option. Other than that, this app is perfect!

Tyler Rowley

Awesome! I've been looking for a good free kakuro app for a long time; I have finally found one. I love how it shows you all of your remaining possible combinations, and how there are many difficulties to play. I wish there was cloud saving so I could switch to different devices when I want, but other than that, this app is awesome!

Havan Agrawal

Addicitve and amazing The game has always been a classic, but the app is amazing too.. Convenient to use, no annoying mid-game ads, easy to use UI.. ? 5/5

Jo Bennett

Best Kakuro I have tried... ... and I've tried quite a few! This one really works, nicely intuitive. Maybe a tiny bit nipper would be nice, but it's so much better than any of the others I'm happy to give it five stars.

Sandra Arnold

Addictive! I really enjoy this game/puzzle. Every now and then it freezes and sometimes it can't keep up with me, but it usually keeps time accurately.

Leah Peterson

Real kakuro Love it! Tools are laid out so well. Numbers are easy to read. So happy I can play my favorite game. whenever and wherever I want. And sorry to say this but the "errors" some people are finding might be "the nut behind the wheel" so to speak. If you're new to this turn on the eye to help you.

Paul A

Slow play. It could be a little faster. When entering a number it could move to the next box in the sum. Otherwise great options for various skill levels. Could be a little better at assessing difficulty level of some puzzles. Challenging usually takes me between 3 and 5 minutes with no penciled in numbers, but some take 30 minutes+ with full pencil and cheat sheet help.

conny cobos

Error in Puzzle Like the game, but there IS an error in the upper right quadrant of challenging #4 puzzle, which is frustrating and makes me wonder if there are others

Sharon Moscicki

Real kakuro helps my brain Not only is it fun, but I'm learning a lot.

Kat Quick

Really Nice Game I like it. It's great game and very easy to use. I haven't gotten as high as others, so I haven't run into any flaws yet. Really nice game, and I really enjoy it.

Darci Bushert

The Best!! My favorite app ever!!! Thought I was addicted on iPhone, but I've discovered it's even better on the Android OS! The free version "with ads" never shows me any ads and it doesn't freeze up like the iOS version did. I've quickly been able to complete the few puzzles past reviewers cited "problems" with, with only one unique solution... maybe they were fixed or replaced? Anyhow, there are zero problems with this app, it is fantastic and pretty user-friendly and I love it!!!


Never thought I'd say this... Why does the game rotate automatically, even if I have the setting turned off on my phone? The orientation doesn't even look okay sideways. I'd like to be able to play in bed.

David Hernandez

Best Kakuro Game I've played 10-10 (samsung galaxy tablet s4 nook) At first I was skeptical but since giving the game a chance I got to say it's a must have puzzle game no glitches or errors I can find plus u dnt have to unlock or buy anything as your free to play as much as u want as long as u want it's a great game to exercise ur mathematical brain stimulation is good for relaxing.i guess no wonder the Chiness are great at mathematics.

April Antonio

Great Kakuro!!! This game is great. No weird app problems. Elegant design to the graphics. Awesome, yet challenging games. Fun to play on a quick break at work. You can tell care and thought was put into the design. Also, I love how you can put your potential numbers smaller in the box and then put your actual guess larger. Overall very good game and app.

Pedro Silveira

Loved it, but... After an update it goes now automatically in landscape mode, even when I turn off the screen rotation on my phone, so no chance playing it while laying down...

Angela Jezisek

Great Game I love Kakuro, and this version is quite good. It will give you the number options if you want them, and there are tons of puzzles in the program. Previous reviews claimed that various puzzles were broken - if they were, they have now been fixed. I finished Challenging #4 in about 5 minutes and Hard #14 in about 6 minutes, so neither of those is broken. If you get stuck, it might be you, not the game.

Hannah Trower

Awesome This app is really fun and great for mind training. Like others have said, the only problem I see is that of the stretched landscape mode.

Terry Mullett

Well done I played this on paper for a long time but eventually got fed up with writing in all the options. This is a brilliant conversion, I'm only on Easy but loving it so far. I expected it to take a number out of the options once I had written it in pen, though.

Ian Chan

Pretty good Some people have mentioned errors in puzzles, but I tested those puzzles and solved them with no issues. Check your work if you get stuck with the cheat sheet! I suppose it might be helpful if they explained how that tool works a bit better.

Bob Sinclaire

Love it I saw the complaints about the challenging puzzles and I did the first 31 successfully. Some were hard very hard but I got them eventually. I am starting to believe the people complaining had trouble on their end

Betsy Anderson

Would play again Such a "must have" that I downloaded it again when I got a new phone. Just as much fun the second time around.

Brandi HB

Like sudoku but with a twist I'm a huge fan of sudoku so this is just perfect for me. Took a moment to get the concept, but now breezing through. :)

Vickie Castro

Real Kakuro Love having this game on my phone. I don't have to rip the page out of my newspaper and I can play as many games in a day that I want!

Sophia Bryan

My only complaints are how it looks when my screen is horizontal--all stretched and difficult to read! It also doesn't stay locked in portrait mode when my screen is locked to stay that way, which makes working on puzzles difficult in some situations. Otherwise an excellent game.

Ariana Rivera

I really like it I just have to play with a calculator next to me because I'm really bad at sums lol. But the game turns sideways even when rotating is disabled, and some puzzles are unsolvable.

Steve Jennings

Favorite free game This is the best mind work game I've found for free. Great play, no glitches, and seemingly unlimited boards. Great job!

Narendra Khade

There is some problem - it consumes data While i loved using this product, realised that it is my one of the highest consumer of Internet data. I don't think you need data for playing this game. Must be some background bug.... guys take care

Ari Novick

Great except automatic landscape mode I wish there were a feature to disable automatic rotation of the puzzle when the phone is held in a landscape orientation.

Derrik Johnson

Great features It's nice to be able to "pencil in" some options on this game. Great overall design. Would like a function that would make it possible to erase multiple blocks without clearing the whole board though.

Vijay Anand

Love it Only draw back is battery drain.. It would have been better if there is would have been an option of black background. Hope the Dev look into it

Jessica Richardson

Love Kakuro I have had this game on several phones now and I love it! Great way to pass the time or to relax in bed. I've never experienced any problems with this app...very happy with it overall.

Sanjaykumar Agarwal

Good game Loved to play. A suggestion here. If some squares are filled by probable numbers in pencil and later on that number is filled by pen in another relevant square, the same should be automatically removed from the numbers filled in pencil. Good game.

Wendy Penzel

Big fan of mathdoku. Just started with this, so still having fun. Can't believe how much time I spend........

Fred Pineau

Challenging and Entertaining Real Kakuro is easy to learn, reliable to operate, fun to play.

Cary Ryan

Good game Good numbers game and fun if you enjoy number puzzles.

Gareth Roberts

Simple, effective design The puzzles themselves are unlikely to distinguish this from any of the many other games based around these puzzles. The presentation however, is what sets this version apart. The visuals are attractive without distracting from the puzzles and the mechanics are well thought out and well presented.

Adam Mayer

Great game. Only a couple puzzles have errors, and it would be nice if it were as smooth as on iOS. I've finally beat all of the hard, challenging, and extreme puzzles, so release some more! :)

Jennifer Alvey

Nice design, opens fast, puzzles challenging. Would like hints or a way to check your work.

Andrey Maslov

Nice game Nothing to complain about



Patricia Livermore

Could use a few things; still enjoyable Fun game! I wish it had an undo function to go back one or two instead of having to restart the whole puzzle; it would also be nice if pencil markings were removed automatically when a number is entered in pen. Still enjoyable & better than the other kakuro apps out there.

vickie rugamer

Fun game Lots of games at all difficulty levels - sometimes I just feel like an easy, no challenge game to relax. Sometimes I need the challenge to divert my thoughts.

Marcella Allen

Would be great with some work Love this puzzle but this program could use some work. As some other reviews stated, the screen rotates without warning and you can't keep it from switching. There aren't answers to make sure you're on the right track and I swear some of the game's don't appear correct so you'll spend ages trying to correct what's not possible. Suggest providing a way to get answers.

Pete Cogger

Addictive Puzzles are good and keep the brain trained. A little repetitive but like soduko they are good fun and the challenge is doing them as quickly as possible. it wood be nice to be able to compare time against other players

Enith Sadler

Love it Before I could never finish one of this puzzle but now I can it even gives clues to what number combination could be used.

Deb Stitson

Great app. I'm glad I found it. I've played this game for several years and and happy to have the electronic version. If I could offer a suggestion, an undo button would improve playing experience. I've tried several others this one is definitely the best. Thank you for creating it.

Dave Coggeshall

Great game Fun game, doesn't crash. The medium starts out really hard, but eases up after first couple of games.

Julie Goodwin

Compared to other cross sums apps, this is AWESOME! I would give it 4 1/2 stars, but I don't know how!

Jennifer Hadley

Challenging but hate it rotates This is an awesome game. The one drawback is that the screen rotates even if i have my phone's rotate set to off... this makes the game distorted while on its side :(

Michael Gough

Best Kakuro Game Some tricky levels, some that will have you pulling your hair out but all in all the best one that I have played.

Andrew Charlton

Better than Sudoku I really enjoy the game and the app does it really well. Heaps of games too. And not an error to be found (except maybe user error).

Marc Fasbinder

Nice game I really like this game. Only a few issues keep it from being 5 stars. 1) the ads sometimes pop up in the middle of a puzzle, not after as they should. 2) the number pad is just a little small. 3) it seems to take a lot of CPU. Otherwise great app!

Iona Foster

Fun game If you like sudoku you'll like this. However it gives the combinations making it arguably too easy once you solve a few and you might get bored after some time.

Laura C.

Real kakuro, no eraser crumbs. Great game! At first I was worried it would take an extra piece of paper, but after figuring out how the pencil, pen and eraser modes work I was hooked. You can write in all the possible combinations neatly and make them permanant with no problem. One more reason I really need my tablet.

Leslie Noland

Questionable permissions and UI could be better I don't understand why it needs access to my photos and my phone number. The UI isn't bad but some of the smaller numbers are hard to see with my aging eyes (probably unavoidable with trying to fit so much on a small screen). But when one has eliminated all pencil marks but one for a cell, why isn't there some easy way to convert that to the answer for that cell? Uninstalled because of the permissions issues.

Diane Frye

Best kakuro game Gives you 400 games in each of 5 levels of difficulty. Ignore those who say some of the puzzles are wrong. I've solved all but a few at the highest level-over time, very challenging. Took 1 star off because it eats battery life, but worth it.

Kathy Gordon

Wonderful game! I love this game! Now I don't have to keep looking for the books that are hard to fine.

Michelle Holloway

Addicted They need a 12 step program for this game.... I started playing a week ago and have since gotten 5 friends started on it as well ....

Chris Larson

Good game Lots of puzzles. Easy interface. Easy level is REALLY easy...great start for beginners. Nice time killer and mind sharpener.

Jennifer Warwick

Excellent Good range. of puzzle challenges. Nice sized graphics, easy to see

Mat Wilson

extreme is quite challenging switched from another as the puzzles became too easy. this one is really good. A year later and still loving this game.

Marisa Cleveland

Fantastic game but... This is a fun, engaging, challenging game. The downside is that the screen rotates even when it is disabled which makes playing in bed a hassle. If it weren't for that, I'd love it.

Abigail Stamm

Great game, but ... I have also had issues with the screen rotating to be unreadable. I'd love a setting to force it to remain vertical. Also, in the last couple weeks I have been having problems with the game freezing, but the counter continues even though I can do nothing.

melissa s

5 Levels & So many puzzles! I've played 4 puzzles so far (1 each of the 1st 4 levels). It's very user friendly. My only complaint is how very bright the selected square is, but I'm light sensitive.

Pete Diener

Challenging but good Really need to work in your beginning explanation. Had no idea what this was until. I failed 3times. Oce u got it though it is very stimulating and challenging

Katie Cortez

Fun game Such a fun game that mixes math with sudoku; both things I love. It keeps my brain active and engaged and I never get sick of it

Benjamin Hamilton

Fun and not intrusive If you like Kakuro, you'll enjoy this game. Its fun and has the list if possible combinations available if you want to play with them, and you can turn them off if you don't want to use them. I also love that the ads mostly don't have sound and are easy to exit so they don't interrupt your play.

Anisha Pai

Great Wonderfully simple yet tricky game. Hours of fun and idle procrastination ??

John Estella

Very well done Good: Pleasing design and graphics. Easy to use. A lot of puzzles. Not so good: anoying adds, and could use an "undo" button. This one will be staying on my phone for a long time.

Martijn Haak

Very well done, with the occasional unsolvable puzzle It looks very nice and it handles nice! Unfortunately there are a few unsolvable puzzles mixed in, which take the fun out of it a bit and feel like a waste of time. I don't care much for a timer either, wouldn't mind being able to turn that off, but that's just a minor thing. If the puzzles will be fixed, I am definitely rating this one a 5!

Matthew Theroux

Great puzzle I have always enjoyed the "addition crosswords" from Penny Press. It is great to be able to enjoy 100s of these puzzles in the palm of my hand. No bugs-- always a plus. I love the parchment texture. The UI could use a few tweaks, however. The way the screen squishes into obscurity when turned landscape on my Samsung 4 is a design faux pas. Also, there is no music for relaxation. The only sound is an annoying click SFX whenever interacting with the interface. A pencil sound would be much more pleasant.

David Jones

Real Kakuro. Samsung S4. Liked it, have solved most puzzles, not ready to suggest that the ones I haven't yet solved are errors! A few annoying but small issues... 1. Wish the numbers were easier to read 2. Wish the layout allowed the system info (time, battery etc. ) to display at top... most apps do this 3. Wish there was the ability to set an undo point that I could restore to if a possible solution doesn't work... having to kill and waste time resolving is annoying. Overall, a lot of fun.

Reginald Lim Sue

Not bad No undo button. If you made a mistake you cannot back up. The only alternative is to start over from scratch. The design is nice. But the inability to undo your moves makes this app really unplayable. Uninstalled.

Anna Zaromp

Lots of puzzles, great game This game is challenging, and it is also very sturdy. It does not even crash if I play it while something else is downloading. I wish it had some more features. I have had this game for a long time. There are a lot of puzzles. A few have mistakes, but most are challenging and fun.

Melody French

Loads of fun I just really wish that the screen wouldn't shift with the least little tilt. When it does that the screen looks distorted. Fix that and you can have 5 stars!

Imran Arshad

Excellent game.....Some suggestions from my side... Although the game is still awesome without these. I wish we could select multiple boxes to fill the same probable numbers via pencil... i.e let's say a 3 column sum is 23 then we know that the probable are 9,8,6.Now if we somehow can drag/select the three boxes and input 9,8,6 via a single entry then it would be wonderful. Currently we have to input the numbers in every box... Also if you could add a feature that the solver puzzle can write numbers that can't be used in that box (red pencil) then it might be useful...

Jerrin Thomas

Really addicting and a good pastime The game kakuro itself is really interesting and addicting as well as challenging. This app brings all of that along with a good, easy to use interface, no hanging out crashing as of yet and it has literally thousands of kakuro puzzles! The ads are a bit annoying but if you're really concentrating on the game, you won't even notice they're there. 5 stars from me

Jerrin Thomas

Really addicting and a good pastime The game kakuro itself is really interesting and addicting as well as challenging. This app brings all of that along with a good, easy to use interface, no hanging or crashing as of yet and it has literally thousands of kakuro puzzles! The ads are a bit annoying but if you're really concentrating on the game, you won't even notice they're there. 5 stars from me

Diana Chang

Excellent but new bug for screen rotation! Fun way to kill time! Lots of puzzles to do and doesn't require internet. I loved this app for a long time, but I recently been playing on my Samsung s5 and it will rotate screens when that option isn't on and will make the resolution awkward. Once the bug updated I would happily change my review back to 5 stars.

Amy Poirier

Love the game., but app needs modification I like everything about the app except 2 major things. 1) it auto turns between landscape and portrait - even if you have screen rotation locked in your device. 2) there is no way to log in so you can play on different devices. So, you can't start a puzzle on one device and finish it on a different one. Aside from these two major issues for me, everything else is great!

Trish Matson

Just one small flaw The interface is easy and pleasant to use. I really like the separate pen and pencil functions. The one thing it lacks is a way to have the penciled-in numbers show up in the order of input, so you can have adjoining squares correlate with each other. For instance, if a sum was seven, I'd like to pencil in 1, 6: 6, 1 instead of 1, 6: 1, 6. That makes it easier to relate squares to each other, which is very helpful in more challenging games. However, it doesn't affect gameplay at the lower levels.

Jesús Seade

I am a great fan of kakuro (even more than sudoku) and this version is the very best I have come across. A full *****. A reviewer here says that there are problems and mentions four kakuros that he claims cannot be solved. Well, good news: they CAN be solved, and I've just solved the four after reading the review. I refer to ## 22 and 37 in "Challenging", 14 in "Hard" and 43 in "Medium". And I can add that (over the last year) I have solved all 400 in "Extreme" and "Challenging". This includes Extreme # 20 which another review that I saw asks whether it can be solved at all. Yes it can. They can all be solved and they are great. The best I've seen. Enjoy!

Ben Luplow

Best kakuro app! 2000 puzzles! No need to look any further. These, unlike others, are correct and have only one solution. It comes with a ton of puzzles to get you started. i did most of the puzzles before I bought the app. Now i can do them again. Get it. If you like it, buy it. It's cheaper than a puzzle book! There are 2000 puzzles in 5 difficulty levels.

mercedes coleman

Fun and highly addictive It took me a while to figure out how the puzzles worked, but since then I can't stop playing. These aren't some trivial sudoku puzzles they actually take some thought and analysis. I find myself playing all the time. Works like a charm! Coming from someone with a b.s. and m.s. in math this is definitely something I would recommend to math and nonmath folk.

Katrina Carolynn

Excellent App Many puzzles to offer while not taking up much storage space. Five levels of difficulty. What more could one ask? An expertly designed app - simple to learn to use, and wonderful for introducing others to the game (the Cheat Sheet feature especially). From someone who doesn't usually rate apps, I can't stress enough that if you enjoy Kakuro/Cross Sums, this app is certainly the best I've ever come across.

Helene Patrice Dreyer Koch

Love this game I've always loved Del pencil puzzles game called crossings sums. It's essentially the same game. This one is very fun, the only thing I wish it had was a hint button. LOL. (A hint for a specific number in a specific square, but the existing thing that gives all of the number combinations.)

Simona Tcherneva

Almost perfect This game would be perfect if it didn't rotate to the side when I turn my phone sideways. I have my screen rotation turned off, and there's no setting to change it in the app. I like playing it when I'm in bed and it drives me crazy when I can't lay on my side and play. Other than that, the app is perfect

D Keg

Excellent, but PLEASE FIX ROTATE! Great puzzles, but there is no reason for the screen to rotate (& distort), especially when the phone's rotate setting is off. Also, I wish solved puzzles would stay completed, with a manual reset if we want to try to beat the time.

Siva Kumar

Terrific!!! You will get addicted!!! The puzzles are fantastic. There are five levels of difficulty and they really push you. The cheat sheet is good for completion of personal time targets, but also give you the confidence to not look at them as you proceed further. The error highlighter is good and shows you instantly what all gets affected. The only missing feature is the final solution. If you're unable to solve it and just want the solution, sorry it's just not there. Please make it available!!!

Robert Benz

The best around. This app is the best kakuro app I have found on the Android Market for free. Easy to use, great design, and a huge amount of levels. Landscape orientation could deffinetly use a redesign, such as migrating the input pad to the side of the puzzle, and a hint option for the less skilled audience.


Free and difficult The interface works fairly well. It has a 'cheat' functions that doesn't the math for you, although without the space for scratch notes, I find it nearly necessary if I don't carry scrap paper to keep notes. Ads are fairly rare.

Laverne Krahenbil

Overdue for an UPDATE It's been well over a year since the last update. There are unsolvable puzzles in the collection. Some nice features are missing like the ability to undo. Not sure the developer is going to continue any further support of this app.

Don Paul Beletsky

Smooth & challenging Easy to place numbers, with good feedback & easy to correct. My eyes are not so good, so I sometimes hit the wrong key, but this app makes it easy to correct without any penalty. I have been enjoying play at the Challenging level - I haven't been ready to try Extreme yet! Beautiful design and few distracting ads (only between games, occasionally). I'll be getting the no-ads soon though, as this app deserves to be supported.

Josh Bergh

Great, except can't rotate. I don't mind the ads, and the puzzles are good quality and well spread out in difficulty. But you cannot rotate without distorting the resolution, and portrait lock on the phone has no effect. (So you can't play it if your phone is on its side.) 5 stars if portrait lock actually worked. (or was forced in the app)

brian mclarty

Awesome and addictive... Great game! I haven't come across any errors yet. I tried another kakuro app that doesn't come with the hint option, and honestly I didn't stand a chance! Removed it and came right back to this one! Love all the levels that are free!

Wayne Conrad

Great game. Battery burner. The user interface is great, and the automatic chart of possible combinations saves having to have a separate chart. Can easily pencil in guesses or ink in a number. Burns down the battery quickly: my phone will not sleep after my configured timeout the when game is being played. If I manually sleep the phone but do not kill the app, the battery drains as though it is being played.

Dana Robinson

Couldn't live without it I'm completely addicted to this game and can't get to sleep unless I've played it. I disagree that there are errors on the game as I have completed all 400 levels on "extreme" and ended up uninstalling the game just so I could reinstall and start fresh. A really good puzzle game for those who are mathematically minded.

Jennifer Oates

Mind work/annoying rotating screen Keeps my mind working, great game that u can pick back up where u left off when waiting places

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