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26 Apr
Real Horror Stories : GameORE

Posted by GameORE in Adventure | April 26, 2016 | 85 Comments

Apk file size: 43.0 MB

If you found a bridge to the other side, would you cross it? Would you enter the realm of the dead, where tormented souls live in eternal darkness?

The gates of death cannot remain shut for very much longer. They will forever open on the night of the full moon. During mother-earth's most fertile season, the harvester will reap the lost souls of the sinful. soon, new crops will come to life from her pregnant soils.

"I'll send you back to her soil, to quench the earth's thirst for blood."


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GameORE part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 26, 2016. Google play rating is 78.6866. Current verison is 1.700.000. Actual size 43.0 MB.

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Dawn Tetauru

0 stars worthy! Extremely repetitive. If u can get scared from seeing the same thing over and over again than your a dumb ass that has a tiny brain and deserves to be called goldfish. Stupid 2yr old scare tactics, pointless gameplay that makes you want to smash your phone. The perfect shitty game that makes chores seem more appealing.... The quickest uninstall..... Given 5 stars because I prefer not to suffer alone...enjoy

Sadistic Ch

Cool I'm stuck on scene two or three can't remember but anyway I was on the one where a body is on the floor and a candle is in the tree

Mohan Ramamurthi

Very scary,cool I'm stucked on the stage was really scary at the stage 3 (at the end)

Braedon Okeymow

Stuck on scene four It's cool but ads are so annoying rate 5 if fix please

Stormy Rogers

Cool This is cool. But hard to understand at first. Not for the faint hearted ;}

Dylan Wassall

Dylan I am stuck on the bit where you can see the demons poem which says there were 3 demons who ran around in circles and I saw red dots everyhet

jacob prince

I am stuck there is no help 2 bodies are hanged when will the 3rd body fall next year or what

sasha Scott

Dumb I can't figure out how to play

Levi Coughlin

awesome i got scared a cople of times ok alot but it is awesome

The Girls

It's really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie Kelley

very badddddd, disappointed I just installed the game and played it and it was very bad and disappointing, i really thought that you can play the game but instead just watched what was happening i was expecting to actually walk through the game and play but i was wrong! The game should of been made where you walk thru it and play, i rated one star because it was awful uninstalling.

Cassity Nichols

I don't get it. After the pics with the kids pops up, nothing else happens. What is the point of the game?

Randi Shover

Love it but hard for one stage The stage with statue with words about 5 demons dancing around(never knew demons danced :p) is a bit hard for me I know what to do but I can only get the first two line only other than that I LOVE THIS GAME and this isn't the first I played this game sooo yeah kinda easy now but way different than before now like the first stage about the hand and that picture of the little girl(that little girl still scares me and who knew little kids can scare a 11 year old like me) sooooo yeaaahh scare,right? :p

lisa spencer

Really good... I liked the whole idea of the game. Its like a bunch of different horror story scenes back to back. Yes, there is random tapping to trigger what will happen to get through each scene and lots of different jump scares. Some of the stories are pretty twisted, in a great way. Overall. I liked it..good job creators ?

Jonathan Eddy

Random tapping and random jump scares You literally just tap on one or two things in an area about fifty times until things jump out at you. It's confusing at first and frustrating at best. You can't move so there's hardly an element of exploration you would want in a game that implies you would be driving into this atmosphere. There's not even item finding or puzzles.


On Nexus 7 I watched Markiplier play this on YouTube, and it looked interesting. A little repetitive, and by the third chapter you are braced for the jumpscares. It is totally free though, and a fun way to kill ten to fifteen minutes.

Ashli Sloan

You either have to beeee... Brain dead stupid ir an effin genius to play this game with success! UNINSTALLED ASAP

Jakester Anguiano

Ahhhhhh so scary Luv it gives me a chill up my spine

April Armstrong

Can I give negative 1 star ? This was absolutely horrible . All you did was touch random things . You can't even walk around ! No point in getting this game . And the jumpscares weren't even that bad ! Just horrible .

Nitzan Havoc

Mediocre at best Basic point-and-tap with some jumpscares, few nice ones but mostly just cute. Same goes for the game's logic. Few nice "puzzles" but mostly you just tap completely randomly and hope something happens, no rationality or system whatsoever. Simple "horror game" search will find you at least 50 games that are 50 times better. Edit: Thought to give the dev another chance, but this is the only game they have. Sad really...

Pamela Montes

Great with headphones on Would give it a higher mark if there was an actual way of getting past the level where 3 people have been hung

Hailey Horan

Its OK But I wish there was a way to get past the girl being hung with a barn in back and with out having to click stuff a lot and I'm not on a computer so I don't know what to click and I can't get past one stage I even looked on the internet and nothing it doesn't have it it skips my stage

Kelsey March

Love the game but no matter what I do I can't complete level 8 I've watched the walkthrough on the website and still can't do it

Katharine Mass

Its okay I tried getting past the first level but I just couldn't do it I put the light on but the candle and then nothing else happened I click on the tree with the blood was hanging down and then nothing else happened I also looked for your guys website but couldn't find it online is there anyway you guys can help me

Stacia Tuirirangi

Stuuuuuck!! How do you get past the one with the 2 females hanging with the house in the back round !! I don't know if there's a 3rd one or not NEED HELP ASAP . other than that its a alright game..

random person

Its alright Ive had heaps more scaryer games than this but no problem with the game

Rolly Misenhimer

No clear path and confusing as hell!!! I can't even figure out what I'm supposed to do with the swing in the beginning of the game!! You all really need to put some kind of instruction booklet or instructions of some kind in the game options!! Stop replying to our comments telling us to check out the online guide and put that guide in the game!!!!!!!!! UNINSTALLED! !


stuck.... please tell me how i get past at stage where 2 woman hanged in front of house of hell. i have already seen at your website for walkthrough and do it exactly what it's writen but still nothing happened after appear 2 woman. im using lenovo s920. and sorry if my english is bad/worst

anna marie buenvenida

Its useless to download this app! Grr! nonsense! It says the application is installing but then u have to install it again?! Waste of time i tried two times to download this apps but my phone hangs!

sathish kumar

This is gud game.but I don't know how can I complete the level two

J Wheeler

Huh What is the concept of the game all I did when it started was kept tapping on the screen it doesn't tell u anything then I guess level 2 is just a lady crying and a swing what r u supposed to do I just don't get it the graphics r good but other than that it's pointless

Sam Branscome

Pointless You just sit there and tap the same 2-3 items a bunch of times until some "scary" stuff happens. This game is not the slightest bit scary and anyone who honestly thinks it is probably has the mind of a 4 year old....

anitha rajkumar

I think it would be nice cos i just now downloaded it Oooooooh its awesome

sarah ryan

This game This game was cap tried to download twice as second level would not work waited 5 minute for the girl on swing and nope just an old lady crying on bench sort it out please


Plz reply asap I cant pass level 3 due to that ghost which put out my candle plz reply soon

NeVeRLOve ForToLike

So good I think it's not scary(I 'm kidding)

Khaled Ahlawy

Epic This game is freakin awesome and it freaked me out 5 stars for ya and keep up the good work would like to see more from ya

Adam Faylor

Level 8 Where the bodies are hanging is bugged. Sometimes I can get all three down, but the middle and right bodies make a sound when you tap on them and the first doesn't. Next play through: I got the second body to drop, but the their wouldn't. Same thing. The second body makes a sound but the first one doesn't, therefore it doesn't register the tap. Conclusion is, the fist body is bugged. UPDATE: Look at their response. You have a few people having the same problem on the same level and nothing.

Stacey Qualls

Real Horror Stories Maybe some guidance or instructions would be good. Can't past scene two. Don't know what to do.

Seppuku Senpai

Can't get past the hanging bodies I need help the third body won't hang down after I've clicked everywhere.

Crissy Peach

AAAWWEESSOOOME!!!!!!!!!!! This game is freaking SOO AWESOME!!!!! I GIVE 5 STARS. U ppl reading this right now. Install it is so freaky. U will luv it

Vincent Murray

Boring so what is it a story are a game.

Ally Doll

Don't understand There aren't any stories

Bob Duanne

Really?! WOW. Good job guys. Truly heart-stopping horror: an unresponsive game with no real way to input, where you sit and wait minutes at a time... and wait... no, keep waiting for it... aaand... nothing. I can do that with my phone OFF. Hang on a sec and I'll get back to you with some money for your fine work here... no, really. Wait for it...

Daniel Allen

Please type back I tried everything but nothing working I stuck on the one with the body and the candles in the tree please help.?

Jamie Wright

Lame all u do is stand there and wait for something to happen and press stupid objects just for effect so boring and not even scary I would give 0 if I could

Carbon Fiber

Wait...what Ok so I was playing the part where its a tomb that says "5 demons danced around a fire" and when i was drawing the pentagram. My dig got up and started growling and barking at the kitchen and nothing was there. So one thing i wanna know is. Is this like real witchcraft/ black majic plz respond thx :)

Diana Keltskaya

IT CRASHES i love this game on the pc, and i was excited when it came out on the android, i was excited to share the horror to my friends but then IT CRASHES ON THE RITUAL PART WHERE A TORNADO SUCKS EVERYTHING. please fix i really love the game.

Maria Pesina

Awesome, but... I love this game I was super excited to play it, I finished scene 1 but I'm stuck on scene 2 plz help gameORE thank u!

Scott Franklynn

Horrible The title says story you can't move you can't talk and you can't do crap is this for toddlers

Khaila Holloway

How do u play All it does is keep me at that weird house

Swati Mundarkar

installing this game was just waste of time...plz guys dont installed it.

Martha Walerysiak

ill rate 5 if u tell me how this works

Kamal Andani

How to play ? I download this game now help me

Jennifer Worm

Sooo blood drips from a tree, a cabin has a candle in the window...and that's it? Do I have a glitch or is this game just that stupid? At this point neither would surprise me.

Supreet Singh

Wat in this game sir, plz can anybody help me to solve this puzzle, m in seconx stage where a woman is crying but whenever I tap on my screen there was a voice came out like a boy was laughing, plz help me I just cant understand this game

Unicorn Giggles

Jeff I know what to do your have to suck a nut

Lalia Vaughn

Cool You should rate five stars

Kathrina Bustamante

Shut up this game is the most worst i ve ever download

John Carlo Mesina

It may have a bug It just keep lagging

Tarun Kumar

It so scary! This game is very late.

Alyssa King

Real horror story I stuck in scene 3 please help before i give this game a five stars!

Pravin Solanki

It is good and scary game

ashok kumar

Scary & sad..?? The clipings from the news article, are they based on actual accounts..? If so that's terrible

Aly Levi

Good but difficult I think level 8 is bugged as i cant get the third body to hang, I can get the first two every time but not the third. Followed the walkthrough but still not working. Needs drastically improving to be honest!

Pari Khan

I don't like this I don't like this game bcz it's boring...... That person who like to see horror film I suggest them that plz don't install this game Bcz it's not horror. Game ore you can do better

Carla Barnes

Terrible Can't really do anything

robin may

I see a few ppl had issues so let me explain: This isn't your average, run of the mill adventure game. You start your journey at the beginning of hell and with each scene, advance deeper and deeper. They give you a single scene and you have to press objects in a certain order to advance. If you get stuck a red light will show you where to press next. This is not a game for ppl without patience. I found it really innovative and a little creepy. My only complaint is that I would accidentally exit out and would have to start at last save point.

Richard Pasillas

What the hell. Oh my god there's nothing to do on the f***ing game you just click on stuff and it comes down. it is not even f***ing scary.I know I'm being hardcover but it is true.*hard core

lucky swirl

LOVE IT I played this game years web I was like 7 and OMG this game was the one of the best I had to find out how to do every thing and I got this AKA one of the best horror games.

Hydra Scythera

Is the part with the squishy body the end? Because nothing happens

Goutam Ghosh

I can't understand this game Please help me to play this game. I want to play this..

Sarienn Music

Not a fan Just too repetitive for my liking . Id say if someone was into massive clicking to get a minor result, then good. For me, it's not my thing.

AC/DC rocker 27 Brian Johnson and Angus young

This game makes me jump when I put head phones in Play this game is game is scary

Meredith Short

Hmmmm Pretty good. Not scary though

Lou Donkin

I enjoy, did hv to look a9 couple of bits up tho lol! .. give it a go tho n keep on clickin! ?

I can see im not the only one having issues getting past the second round.. Im clicking the hell out of that red spot on the swing and NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!!! I read what other people wrote just to make sure i wasnt the only one whose having problems. It looks like it would be a cool game, Only if i had help to get past that second part!!! Like WTF!?!?

I kept clicking on the dead hanging bodies and had problems. I even looked up the walk through and clicked all the right combinations and it still wouldn't let me pass. This game needs work and the add at the top of my phone made it hard to see and play

Brianna F

needs to include instructions this app definitely needs to come with a tutorial, or at the very least, basic instructions. and after reading through the other reviews, i'm definitely not alone in thinking instructions are necessary. the first few times playing, i was just sitting there, waiting forever for something to blink red--then i'd click on it, & NOTHING would happen. i understand now that you need patience, but when you first start playing the game, you don't even know what you need patience for. very frustrating

Paul Taguines

Good game but... It must offer any step-by-step tutorials.when I played this for the first time,it is so hard to play. So,I asked my older friends to play it.Then, they said "What is this?" That is why I commented these to you.

Hasini Pamudika

cant get pass second round..whyyy

naveen vasu

How to move I can't understand.

Savannah Sturgeon

It's OK Can't get past second part

Most boring game .so don't waste your data

Daniel Allen

Please type back I tried everything but nothing working I stuck on the one with the body and the candles in the tree please help.?

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