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9 Aug
Real Guitar

Posted by Kolb in Music | Aug. 9, 2016 | 192 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

REAL GUITAR is a free application for the Android system that simulates acoustic and electric guitar on your phone/tablet screen. A fun, lightweight and easy to use app. Ideal for those who enjoy or want to learn to play.

With Real Guitar you can get a taste of being a guitar hero! Or a master of the acoustic guitar! The application has realistic sounds of acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar and guitar with overdrive (distortion). Sounds recorded with studio-quality audio!

Easy to use! The Real Guitar has three modes of play: Chords Easy, Chords Normal and Solo. It has a recording mode that allows you to track live music. For example, you can record a track and then give the play and play a solo on your recording. The application comes with 16 loops to play along. Also allows you to improvise on top of other songs from your library.

Features of Real Guitar:
* Customizable chord sequence
* Multitouch
* 3 types of guitar
* 3 modes of playing
* 16 loops to play along
* Realistic guitar sounds
* Studio audio quality
* Instruments such as electric guitars and acoustic guitar
* Recording mode
* Export your records to mp3
* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD)
* Free

The application is free. But you can remove all advertisements by purchasing a license! Try the best guitar app of the Google Play! Made for guitarists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners! Have a good time!

Whats new

    - Bugs fixed

Kolb part of our Music and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Aug. 9, 2016. Google play rating is 82.0536. Current verison is 4.8. Actual size 18.0 MB.

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Raymond Wagner

Real Guitar app I love this appI've had this app for a couple weeks now. I love it. I will never turn this app down. The reason why is because it sounds like your playing a real guitar. Its always good to have an app like this as a backup if you cant play your own guitar.

Dilip Bhatia

Nice i like it and the beast part it isss free i m not gready but it is good........Yes i like it very Much And Id loved using it wonderful !!!!

Id ham

Its great but I need more real control way. That arrow........really!? You need to make a slide control way to make really real and not a arrow button cz its hard to go to the other side. Can you fix this problem? Its great but it still not real enough. Hope you understnd my request

Stephen Twine

Awesome app But can't you create a few more custom chord slots as the custom one is all I really play with but to change the chords every time I change my song is such a hassle ... please add in an extra 4 custom slots ... then I will give u a 5 star rating

Brandon B

best basic guitar app I've found. the good about this one, you can put it on your SD card, the sounds are good, having a pre-programmed appropriate chord changes in any key is very good. you can also then make your own custom set of chords. my only two complaints are: the overall volume could be louder. and there is another app that has a sustained control, it's like the volume bar on here if you slide it to the left, the notes are very muted and short, if you slide it to the right these strings and chords ring out longer.

Matthew Harris

The tones need tweaking a little. It kind of sounds a little like a keyboard instead of a real guitar sometimes. Needs a quick slider instead of slow arrows. More recording or multi recording options would be cool

Roland Richards

It's cool It's as good of an app for guitar that I have found. No bugs no crashes and the sounds are really good. If we only had a few effects it be the best!

Sophie Barto

It made my guitar skills better! Now I can write Guitar songs... and I can play guitar although I've never took any guitar lessons and I've never had my own real guitar! Thank you so much for this PERFECT App!! :‘) 고마워 !

Aastha Gupta

Awesome app Easy to handle. Realistic sound. Loved it

Alhadjid Dagsaan

Add bend Please add the bend of the strings. I want to play sweet child of mine. Because Slash doing a bending on their guitar. I want to play whole guitar cover using this app. Hope the team respond to my suggestion. I give it five stars for supporting this app if the team do the bend style

anila chacko

Good Its nice but one problem which i find is we cannot chooose and arrange chords in an order for our convinence but it gives only the chords from the scale which u have chosen

Shantel Gallagher

Great for Learning I have a drum set and a learn Piano set. I always wanted to play the piano, but my music teacher said no. And when I asked her for the Guitar she made up an excuses to get me down so I wouldn't play it. And when I asked for the drums she said no. That I can't handle it. And then she said I have two decisions. The loud concert bell that could kill you. Or the clarinet and then she turned it around and said that I couldn't handle playing the clarinet. Now I'm stuck in the back just sitting their doing nothing

Matthew Brown

This rocks I like this app. You can come up with riffs a lot easier. Then apply it to a real guitar. Awesome.

Sam Jasper

What a Musical instrument Very impressive when I first play the Real Guitar. Everyone must try this amazing app. Hi, Developer, ur all are great. I like the Real Drum as well. Thank u so much!

Shianne Dabbs

I'm a girl I really love this app tho I really type fast excuse my spelling but any way jus get it its amazing love tonsding then Gert it

Mohammad Ali Daut

It's My Virtual Guitar It's a handy app for creating riffs when no guitars at hand. Guitarists will love you (developers) very much if you make guitar technics like vibrato, bends, harmonics, muting, bending, double stop, volume swell, & perhaps updown tremolo for hormonic squeal available within this app. Good Work :)

Renny Bigelow

Needs more features I think that if we download music to our devices, upload it to this app, and have them analyze the song and then display the chords and the way they are fingered so that a guitarist can learn to play better. And also this app is good for playing a chord on different guitar sounds and style and doing what you want as in tab style and chord style.

l yeoh

Good! How about add custom buttons for quick key and other changes? Make the power chord button smaller or remove it. Add a button/narrow fret to quick mute strings. Replace the key selector button with a key group selector button. Add a key group area/section with a few buttons to directly select a key in the key group (which could include a power chord key - so you can remove the power chord button). Pressing a key button in the key group section selects the key and changes the available chords. Also allow definition of custom key groups, key sigs and custom chords (can give them a different color so that users can tell the difference between the default G and their custom G, or they could call it RK1, RK2 etc ). Add option to allow manually/directly (not via the chord button) played strings in one chord to keep playing even if you play strings in a different chord ( let the user control muting with the quick mute button/fret).

Thomas Long II

Not bad Strum is off a bit (rhythm strum don't quit sound right) would like if the key option was moved to the bottom so when you try to do chords the neck will be wider. Need shake for a whammy effect and tilt for bend effect

Apollo Cortez

Decent BASS applications! ! When I first tried out this app I thought it was something korny. But, when I first began to play a few riffs on the various types of guitars offered, I was amazed at the sound quality and the ease of use. The recording feature kinda blew my sox off. To hear your playback is a revelation to say the least. Great job developers on a fun and exciting app without the need to purchase an actual axe. Although, their are those days when you would like to have an actual real axe. This is the next best thing!

Olivier Boucard

Fun It is great to play around. But useless if you want to practice or elaborate riffs.

bidhan biswas

Bidhan Biswas All are saying cool cool chut ! Means cold choot.

Jeff Cicero

Nice App simulates distorted, clean and acoustic guitar very well. The problem is the ads and where they are positioned. Its too easy to strum and hit an ad which starts opening up annoying popups.

Bora Barduk

No good for %20 of the users No lefty mode = useless space in my phone. Develop a lefty mode

Alex Challoner

Your apps are great But you should connect them in a way, so you can take snippets of a track you made with say real drums and put it together with real guitar and make a real song, if you do something like this, I will rate 5

Reynante Tacsiat

like it my first reaction was amazing id rather play this than to buy a guitar costs thousands xD

Souram Guha

Its good. With genuine sound.but the sound volume in the acoustic is a bit low. They could do with a little of more realisticness with the sound when the strings are strummed in a pattern.


Dope Guiter Full STAR for u guiter admin tho I don't know how to play I like the TONES. IT'S real GOOD

Maruti Nandan

Cool App Love it while playing in free time.Cool App to share

Vincent Sforza

Easy use Fun to play with, good tool to use for beginers. My grand daughter loves it.

Addie Ahern

Do not get this app Well it's pretty cool. It doesn't help you play songs it just makes you want to play! So if you ask me you shouldn't get this app!

jak jaison

Nice! I am a guitar fan. I liked the sound quality. Nice! It relaxes me very much.

alyd hiends

Almost there It'd be great if we could save many custom chord-set for our later use. Also, Palm muting would also be great.

Prinnce James Angeles

SUPER Love it SEEN This app on my besfriend's android and i get intrested so i downloaded it. THANks

Edward Beukes

Cool Amazing how cool this is

Jordan Ker

Cant play songs Tried it for 5 songs that i know only 1 of em sounded correct its like a off tuned guitat

Venson Rovan

Love it but... The recording CNT be played by any of my media players... Is there a different format?

Aleksandar Georgiev

Good but... must be up to at least 21 fret and if can zoom in and out willl be great also im loosing the fret number ...become confusing

Divine Grace Madali

rebound i missed my guitar. if it had a feeling, it won't feel good that i found this wonderful app. ^_^ <3

Matt Dean

Meh It's a brief bit of fun. Certainly doesn't do enough to be called 'Real' Guitar.

Srinivas G

Lovely app... The tunes r little different frm the real one bt still a vry gud app... Guitar is in my pocket nw available to play my tunes whnevr i want...

Bhargav Jamvecha

Hats off Not just incredible & rich sound , this app also useful in teaching chord progression of particular scales.

leen jafar

Love it Every week I move forward and if I keep practicing I will be good then my mom will bye me a guitar and I will never delete this app it's .good it don't need to be fixed

Reggie Delos Santos

Seriously? Wtf just happen? Are u guys kidding us? I used to listen on my record songs until the new update. What the fuu . My songs sounds like im playing like an idiot with a worst guitar. best example: in a distursion mode. :( PLEASE FIX YOUR BUG

Michael Tapscott

Unbelievable did the best guitar app ever get ruined... I pretty much cried when it updated to garbage.. sadly, solo mode was my favorite pastime ever..obvsly best app EVER... I could play everything... To the person who ruined it: have you even ever played guitar? ... this app WAS SOO good that i cant delete it, I keep opening it just praying that you'll change it back... PLS FIX IT.. ...... omg I could write a novel... is there anyone that actually likes the update? Is there something I'm not seeing? Wtf? FIX!!

Selina Sanchez

Cool It is awesome and cool ?????

Jason Rivers

I like it for chords, but stuff like lead, I play with open strings and high note, continuously going back and forth, and dint know if you can have drop tuning


Too easy to use It's very very good app I love this app it's very helpful. The music is very nice. I really enjoy it .

Bob Hikade

It's a fun tool easy to use the sound quality is excellent. And for those who think its bad because it's not as good as a real guitar get over it! It's a tool and a fun game just enjoy it for what it is and if you want a real guitar pick one up that's what I do. Just to add I've been a musician for 40 plus years and if you think this is boring you don't know much about music. Will I still do my recording on my multitrack of course will I still have fun with this absolutely! Oh and don't forget it's free!

Natalyn Beba

It's good I am not sure if this app is bad for you but I like it and its not my problem but I hope you like it cause I do

Courtney Thomas

Can't fret. Can't stop strings from ringing. Maybe i don't like it cause i actually know how to play guitar. Which leads me to say. This is not a real guitar.

Mar Speedsman

What's your problem? I don't see what they messed up. So far it's the same. One look and you'd think it's another stupid app that tries to duplicate a guitar (no offence) on a freakin' mobile that can't fit it, but it you try easy mode is just like it used too... Haven't checked out the app, that's all I found out so far. Looks as good as ever though

John E.

Love it The only downside is the slight lag time between playing the note/chord, and hearing it. But I think that's the nature of touchscreens in general. And why some applications -like music or some video games- will always be better on computers.

Muhammad Irfan

Guys please if you don't like this game please don't send hate comment he is tired making this game I loved it. If you guys hate it please follow what I'm saying.:-)

Hassan Tahir

you should also add some techniques to teach those people who never played any that they can play good guitar atleast on me.hahahaha

Michal Leczynski

I've read a lot of bad reviews about the update. I've only just got the app so I never got to experience it before this version. I like the app, it's fun to play around with different chords and then play it on a real guitar. I hope they fix whatever they fudged up about it.

Aronnok Ridowan

Just awesome Guyes if you are not a guitarist install this app. . . It will fill your desire to be a guiterist..

mizter pilyo

Cant stram Cnt enjoy it, how could this be a guitar if you cnt stum it.

William Membreno

AMAZING This game is AMAZING the sound of the guitar is cool like its real:-)

Waleed Pirzada

Unbelievable Apps are meant to improve with updates. This one was amazing to begin with and has been in my phone for God knows how long. Now I'm actually considering uninstalling it. Until the last update, I would've rated 5 stars.

Adam Alexander

Really like this app it does sound good but there's two major problems in this app. cannot bend strings and if you can I can't figure it out. Second....There is no multi touch support so it's hard to hammer and pull off. Fix these things and I'll give you $2 for this. Good job on the rest.

Craig Wells

A few things wrong I can't do any hammer ons or bend strings and if I try to tap a note while holding one lower it doesnt work right at all... I'd like the pull offs to work, it would make everything better and five stars would be given. Oh an the open cord should be available at all time some how

Gandadi Putra

Can't play After updated, I can't pick the string as fast as before. Please fix it! (sorry for my english)

Justin Lewis

Sounds gross Ew, doesn't sound like any good guitar I know.

Ayesha Shah

Mohammed afrun, u r making people lie to everyone but it is a good idea.

Charles kenneth De Leon

Ugh The older one is better its so laggy and its late. When you press a string it will make a sound 2 sec later pls fix

lolloypop ambrot

desapointed! i give two stars, cuz' its better than old

arjun sharma

My favorite guitar I like this app its just like an original guitar when I ever I was bore I play this guitar. it was very helpful for me to study the gutar

Jody Hsrwood

Real Guitar Awesome and cool and sweet.

Wade Bentivolio

Doesn't work... Good concept... No audio. Doesn't work on my Note4 or GS6e

Beto R

Great The basic sound could carry less treble, but use and feature- wise this is the best guitar app I tried so far.....and I tried quite a few..congrats to the developer

Amogh Gupta

Ruined update The update just ruined an amazing app.....please fix it....i would have rated it in negative if it was an option

Maryam Hassan

I don't like.I hate itttt I don't like because we r Muslim.and in islam music is haram.I hate itt

Jeric Aquino

Suggestions I would like to suggest , Add some options when I solo mode i can slide the string up and down for more beautiful leading THANK YOU.

Breeze Ezz

Nice Sounds. Almost got my groove on, but I'm not a experience guitar player. I really love this. Find no faults. All thumbs up.

Saybra Maxfield

Real guitar I love that if you don't have a guitar you can play the game

Bif Turkle

Your a bunch of lemmings for updating Why on earth does everyone update everything? Was it broke is that why you are so stupid you just have to update? What did everyone get from lollipop? Your fm radio? Stop updating your crAp that works.

Addison Eddleman

Like real lessons! ???? It's like real lessons it teaches me how to play my real guitar

Charlene Young

I really enjoy the app. It helps me relax

Puteri Comel

Loved it So amazing.I can make song but not perfect.I can practise everyday.

mikey killaman

What the hell happened Fret board is completely ruined on solo mode. Pointless using it anymore

conor lynch

Good Good game really fun and useful love it

Tsungten Pongener

Sad The notes are all messed up in the solo guitar. Please fix. UPDATE: What are you guys up to? So many updates and still the solo isn't fixed. I know you guys are working hard on "bugs" but please try and fix the solo first. I will then rate 5 stars.

Melissa Smith

This game I'm practicing everyday love guitar melissa Smith

zeem buo

Missed the old UI. that is much user-friendly especially for a noob like me. Please let us have an option for it too, then I'll rate 5 ★s for sure. Thanks in advance.

Bricks fan

I loved it But unlike real drum,it doesn't teach me how to jam...please make it happen to get 5 stars

Sarvodhya Bahri

Keeps crashing This app keeps crashing whenever i try and open it.

Qamar Nazir Bhatti

awesome it just like a real guitar.l love it

Kritika anjali

Cool Awesome ! :-)

Kyle Carver

I'm in love. This is very good. I love Yo play but I can not afford the instruments

Cherry Brooks

It is so hard to play

Almondine Rhyste

how to disable fret sound

Flhyx Shiga

Good,Very good

itz me

Worst I just hate it


After the latest update everything is pretty much ruined, when I tap on one of the frets it play different note. The problem remains in a newer version, will not use this app anymore and will recommend you do the same.

A. Roesler

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I always wanted to play the guitar! Taught me how to play the guitar and this is so fun play it now well now learn and have fun!!!!!!!

Alan Jobling

I have been playing

Alexander Yang

The irresponsive issue seems to be fixed

Michael Guardiola

Blackholed Got stuck on this app for more than an hour first time playing it.

ITheodore Williams

Real Guitar I can easily apply it to my guitar!

Jeric Aquino

Suggestions Please add the feature "PITCH" for better leading.

Utkarsh Kunwar

Edit: Awesome again!!! The sound errors have been fixed. Thank you very much! You guys are awesome!

achmad shodiq

this apps is really helpme for fun,cool

Jeffrey Parker

Neato Cool app. I liked it.

Selvina Baj

Awesome game I love this game because a guitar could make you play anything. And also I have a guitar at my house too. Who ever hates this game that means that they don't know how to play or use a guitar at all

Jeff Last

Simply love it. The best of all that I've tried. Amazing how jaded we can become about the power we all hold in our hands with these small devices. This program lets you feel astonished again. WOW technology!

Mayra Rosiles

U say it's boring If u hate it u are stupid,spoiled,dumb,mean,selfish because u don't know how to use it! ?????

James DePina

It's fun I like it because it has a lot of cool cords but I don't love it

Hayleigh Walters

Dumb But good try ur trying to but it isent working thats beacuse ur abb suckes and u cant help but cry cry cry cry the app suckes face it o so do u this app is the most stupidesed app ever sorry guys i just hate it??

Hifza Fatima

I knew it! The games of " Rodrigo Kalb Apps " are always best and another best thing about it is that their games download faster than other short games. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. Well,I suggest you that If you want to play any instrument of music,don't purchase it because it's usually very costly. Always download it,You will save your money!?

hafsah Muuse

Easy to use I really like it but I'll stick on playing the real thing great app though.???

Thomas Lashley

Brilliance. Absolute brilliance Strings smooth. Mix w/ recording. Has it all. Truly awesome. Thank you for a great app. If you read this please install. Please don't listen to the idiots that say it is boring. They obviously don't play guitar

Nathan Silva

Pretty good This is a very good app but it would be even better if it had drop c tuning. I will rate with 5 stars if you include drop c tuning in the next update.

pramod 143

It looks likes a real guitar and it gives a lot of fun ?? I really liked's awesome. It's simply super.

Mr.Kakkad Dilip K.

It was a very good guitar I mean game so, we can learn how to play a guitar.. I really love this game...♥♥

Marcus Wardle

Ilove this game no joke peps it apit lik dudstep pad and if u r not in to that cind of thin then this is not your game lol??

Christian Cabeje

This app is really good. I just want to add more chords so that i can play more song that have 7+ chords. Thank you

Dean Wilson

Needs More Tunings This App has evolved a lot and it's getting so much better. The main thing i would like to see are some lower tunings. Drop C# and Drop C wpuld be nice to see.

Aiden Bernard

Helpful I love to play guitar but the strings go out of tune so I will use this as a refrance

Amish Bhavsar

a great app ,amazing because it sounds good and feel like we are playing a real guitar

Travis Saner

The sound quality is awesome, but every time I go to hit the same note twice, it changes to a different note and it's really frustrating when I'm trying to hit certain notes

Anabel Chavez

Great app It helps me practice with my guitar skills

Alexis Hager

I actually play guitar and this app helps me get better

Kenneth Ruckman

Love it Very realistic and sensitive to the touch very accurate sounds. Get r done.

darion Plays

Good FYI the game wouldn't be boring if you knew how to play a gutair

Umang Srivastava

best till yet :) just like another, "Real Drum" !!!

Michelle Leone

Crashes Crashes all the time. Barely ever able to use it. Annoying because of the other good reviews.

Zhace Tyron

I love it I love this app you can make your own guitar song.I make song love yourseft

Bryce Clare

Love love love it cant'wait teel I have my own band.

radheshyam sapkale

Liked it Acctually guitar is the thing i love ..................i have liked this app because if its best sound quality. .. i have not learn guitar but soon i m going to do so ..... so guYS DowNlOad thIs aPp. ....

Alcina Castillo

Reply all my question Why it is boring? And why you hate it huh? Who answer useful? Betty

John Della

Whyy I can't change the chords .. I tried several times but nothing change..

Valdon Ciprefel

Super real Its easy to use and the sound is so clear

Lisa Theresia

I give 4 star's but i don't know how to use this app

mikey killaman

What the hell happened Fret board is completely ruined on solo mode. Pointless using it anymore

Michael F

Sucks...too many commercials Forces you to watch commercials, piece of trash period!!!!!

Rob pawar

awwwwww summ great simple soothing best chord sou d

A Google User

Easiest to play, but not as reliable as it used to be On my htc1 m9 it's very good, but with the recent updates sometimes misses notes when finger picking.

Robert Koch

:^/ Lefty by default? :^/ The default settings have the lower strings towards the user, as expected in a guitar simulation, but the sound hole is to the left, with the neck to the right. Visually, the guitar is a lefty. With details like this missed in development, I'm dubious about the quality of the rest of the program....

Blake Crawford

Pretty Neat It's very cool and easy to start making decent sounding noise but I'd love to see a little more flexibility.

Wai Yue Leong

Chords Easy Like the chords easy mode, can save the custom chords. Lag when slide faster.... please help to fix it

David paul sundar rajan

So amazingly and wonderfully designed with all the needed tools along with almost original tone quality . I gratefully use this app even to perform. May the dear LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you for this. Kindly add a few more frets and custom chords unlimited. Thanks a lot for the auto accompaniment (styles) feature: base, chord, rhythms.

Prabhjot Singh

Its a half real guitar app It sound like a real but what should done with open string(0). It does not contain open string (0) *Add it i ll give 5 stars for sure

Alex Frizzell

It keeps crashing when I open it. After the logo and that little jungle plays while it load, the app stops working. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it doesn't fix it.


Good apps but some problem i have encounter This apps is suppose to record my sound did that of course but i wonder why i cant use the recorded sound to different category? For example, i save my recorded sound at chords easy category. Then when i go to solo category and play my recorded sound earlier, it takes me back to chords easy category. Is this something you guys want to ignore? Or some bug that you not aware of?

harsh patel

Boring It is nonsense app it is doesn't like real guitar but thoso how say THAT it is a nice app they are all stupid , dum, uneducated peoples .I said that it is a waste of time and net . SO please don't download this app

Jayden Ford

Jayden It is fun and makes you want to play the game more so get the app and rock your real guitar

nipuna inc

Please make it with several instruments like walk band app by revontulet Suggestion is to make a single app which able to play multiple instruments and able to record all together as similar to fully equipped band. BTW. You guys are nicely done

Andrew Wollenberg

Chord setting is bugged I have been working on a song that has D#5, C#5 etc. so the first set of chords I picked were all add5. And now regardless of if I change that back to major or minor or whatever else, the chord it makes it add is the add5 chord. I can't set to D# - it always becomes D#5.

Carl Jaden Earl Siao Oca

Amazing Game but... I like the app but where can we find the Slash Chords? Pls help me... ??????

Alimran sujon

Awesome I first use another Apps but they're are not real useable..This one give me the comfort & I think it make to in carefully by some hearted programer who realy love MUSIC & MISICAL instrument like as guitar..... awesome app.

Varun Tiwari

Plz do Advanced Solo Playing Features One should also be able to do tapping,bend the guitar string,slide on,etc.Plz Add them.

Randy Quewezance

To many ads Can't do to much before Google ads come up and then up again don't waste your time

Tk Powell

Awesome^^ Something that helps me get through the boredom and bouts of insomnia :)

Rayan Batua

I give one star!! I think its not working on android 5.1. Sometimes in 12,13,14 fret are same sounds. I played it on my girlfriend and working fine 100 %. But on my phone is not supported. Will you please update :( because i really like this app.

Margaret Hobbs

Great for a non-guitarist I've been using this to mess with tabs while trying to rearrange a song for the piano. It's pretty handy since I don't need an entire guitar for my purpose. My only complaint is that you cannot change the tuning.

Lewis Riley

Nice I love it but the only thing wrong with it it could be more clearer and that you could play songs to it

Paula Duddle

A SUBSTITUTE It is useful for when you don't have a guitar at home or in the place where you are.

Chris Krepp

Unhappy Maybe it's just my phone, but the low e string sounds the same for every chord

Newer version is missing important previously offered features This is a completely different app than the previous version which had a better, easy to use layout and the ability to change to different keys. That was what made this app stand out from the rest. Also, upon updating the app, it deleted music files---not a good thing. It's far too complicated for what you get out of it now. It's okay to keep things simple. Not everyone wants to learn to play guitar; some may just want to hear the chords and different keys.

Tsungten Pongener

Sad The notes are all messed up in the solo guitar. Please fix. UPDATE: What are you guys up to? So many updates and still the solo isn't fixed. I know you guys are working hard on "bugs" but please try and fix the solo first. I will then rate 5 stars. UPDATE: The new update fixed the solo bug issue and also the stuttering sounds! Great work team kobo!

Song Toan

It's a most stupid guitar app ever seen I my self is a developer and know how to play guitar. Tried some apps and definitely this is the most stupid app out there. Just after opened the app immediately go to landscape mode and fix at the sound hole of the guitar. And no obvious way on gui to change either of them. To anyone plays guitar that is clearly stupid. User requirements analysis was not done. Uninstalled right away, haha

Clive Baker

i wouldn't kick it out of bed if your phone is slim enough, you can kinda strangle it like the neck of a guitar and tap something up in solo mode. i don't hate it. the tone sounds like a guitar app on your cellphone. you will not have a Lester junior through a mic'd pignose in the palm of your hands, but you can work on things when you get ideas. ultimately, it's a competent app.

Just for kicks Works for amusement purposes. Being an experienced player of 40 yrs. You'll have to do better than this personally. But being it's for fun and games I'm amused and musically I'm not easily amused. But you guys did it.

Maiyagy Gery

Error I guess this problem is happened because of my smartphone error but i have problem of having very much the same sound when i touch the strings in a different position. And sometimes it causes a flickering noise, but your app rocks.

Captain Nabieyla

Not like usual I give 2 stars only cause different string when strumming. Weird yo weird..

Derek Abbott

Sounds Good I Don't understand why people have to be so rude in these reviews. The time and resources put into a great FREE sounding guitar app Is appreciated here. GREAT JOB

Greg The Duke

Fun but annoying Had fun for a little while then the ads started to be very annoying. They pop too often and prevent you further play. Also you can't bend the strings and that is really missing.

Tonya Drake

Sounds good but the strings are upside down. Or this may be better suited for a lefty. It's good for the kids to play around with so they aren't messing with my real guitar.

Jessa O.

GR8 APP Its nothing like an app where you can snatch a guitar from inside the screen but great for people who wanna play around with the guitar if theirs isnt with them

Brandon Ewell

Needs work All you can do is strum or pick strings. Can't play cords. Needs to be fully interactive. Frets...... So you can actually play it

Fun and annoying It's really fun but it GLITCHES all the time and it logs me off

Wai Yue Leong

Chords Easy Best guitar app. The chords easy mode, can save the custom chords.

fraz akhtar

No tutorial i wanna learn but there is no tutor inside

Ramya K

I am a beginner .yet to get used to this app.hope it ll help me

Ashar Anjum

Left handed I think it is a left handed guitar

I love it!!! First time i play this game, i just hit the first string and then i have been addict at this game.


Love it I dont care what all you haters say about this app.It keeps me busy with working out riffs to play so shut your faces1

given rampora

Perfect Just what I was hoping people need to stop complaining

Nathaniel Kile

Not going to lie I didn't find one thing I enjoy about this app, along with every guitar app out there.

award ingki

Good for new learners if u r seeking 4 real guitar experience just go and buy a guitar but this app is good 4 new learners to know some of the chords

Kavana santhosh

So bad voice I hate this app

juan garcia

The guitars sounds are so annoying

Only FOUR chords for free version? I only saw 4 chords available.

Real guitar Good job the creators of this app know me very well everything u need is on this app for a real guitarist

Alejandro Castellanos

accurate Its very nice, and you won't break a string by accident.


Not real Does not go in the front

Ritwick Bhattacharya

Could have a capo feature Please add capo feature in next update

Muhammad Taha Bin Maqsood

Amazing,enjoyed it alot Amazing game enjoyed it.It is just like playing a real guitar

It's useful My friends become fan of my guitar

Jane Reyes

Pooooooop this game is master

Devendra Gupta

Its unbelievable Its like real guitar .its amazing . Awesome

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