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11 Aug
Real Dress Up

Posted by İzmo Bilişim in Simulation | Aug. 11, 2015 | 119 Comments

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Are you bored of playing classical and routine dress up games? If your answer is yes, our Real DressUp game is just for you! In this game, we try to dress up real men and women models with well prepared dresses. You can dress the models according to your mood! You can suit up the models for an important invitation or dress the models with short , t-shirt or bikini to make your beach style! And also you can choose t-shirt, trousers or shirts to show your casual style.! Hey , it is time to discover your inner fashion designer !

İzmo Bilişim part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 11, 2015. Google play rating is 67.1619. Current verison is 1.3.0. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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Lauren Shigley

Body diversity? Way to make me feel bad for not having a thigh gap when all these women do. Also all the faces are photoshopped onto bodies and are all white. Wtf

Camryn Russell

I hate this my girl looked so good like the man also and it said wow that is o not our taste who cares what their taste is they gave me an 93 an said it wasnt their style how are you going to rate I good and say somthing bad

jamaruia phillips

..... Not Trying To Be Racist Or Nun But Why Is There Just White Ppl Here Where The Other Colors At??

Jael Fresnillo

Hated it I made my best outfit ever and it told me i was ratty !!! + plus it has way too many ads i really hate this game! Uninstall for sure

Kayla Dixon

Sucks It sucks. The more better the outfit that you make, the worse the score. If you make something real ugly it says it was great. If you make something that looks great it says it is RATTY. This game is racist. I hope I don't sound racist when I say this but it only has white people. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME.

Fatima Qureshi

Awesome!!! Plz download this superb game.. Its unique and good for us the dress up fans... I recalled loved it... This game is sooooo great.. Download!!!

John Mccutcheon

This game was so bad I got a 39 on my best design. Hate it .if you are little. Or do not care about your grade then try it .but the judges. Have not taste. THIS GAME. STINKS

Amanda Harrington

HATED IT!!!!!!!??? I make really nice outfits and it said I was ratty it made me cry:'( :'( :'(

Chyna Brown

When my little cousin was playing this game I started to hear her cry.It was because the judges didn't like her outfit .Also it is a little ,I mean VERY inappropriate for kids.And thanks a lot for calling MY favorite outfit ratty ,Why is all of the models white not to be racist. There pretty Spanish and black people.!

Miriam Marlin

Hate it This game is so rude!! It said I was I had no taste. I was about to jump inside my phone and slap the " taste" out of the judges mouth!!????dont get this mean buttcrack game!!???????

Audrey Sharp

OK.... Its a fun game But when it comes to scoring its so retarded because I got a ninety five for looking like a bag of skittles and an 83 for actually looking good .

Anndria Rowley

Useless This game is stupid if I make a great creation it says that its not the best???????? stupid game

Maggie Lapine

ehh really its ok but i dont like how there is just white people and they are totally Photoshoped. wheres the red heads?its not fair because everyone else is in ther so would it really hurt to? and the sunglasses for the men dont work

Catherine Labruno

Horrible This game always gives me a 72 no matter what I dress them up in. And did anyone notice that it says YOU NEED TO MAKE A BETTER CHOICES instead of U NEED TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES. It is almost impossible to get a good score since most of the clothes r ugly.

Lucy-Jo Hemming

Great game This game is great I am one of those girls that spends hours picking an aufit or getting ready in the morning, every day after school I go to the store I love shopping I go shopping for bows,shoes,dresses,pants, shirts,headbands every thing a girl needs as you may know I have a YouTube channel on beauty and fashion I don't post many pics anymore though all the boys at school love me if you are not friends with me then your thick . I am on Instagram twiter and Facebook. I am amazing DOWNLOAD this

Cynthia Hutchinson

I don't like This game is so stupid I download it and I can't play it because it dint show up on my screen and I download it on my iPod iPad iPhone Alcatel one touch 2 and nither of them worknso I know it not my phone and then I got good wifi cause Nicki mangi my cousin but yeah she got good WiFi and I went over her machine and none of them worked smd I got here number for someone who don't belive me *********

Courtney Fortune

Real dress up I hated it I dont know why everyone is making a big thing about it□ All u guys are really weird□□

Love love ms love

Geees If u continue to cuss and try to bully everyone who is thankfully not like u. I'll report this. It is reviews kids get on here I'm a Christian do not enjoy it.btw if u respond negitativaly to me then you will be dealt with I don't put up with it so do not respond if u can't be nice

Alice Morris

I like it It is good for a good play around with your mate I love playing but I would like to say that some of the people it just does not go with a certain thing but love everything else ♥♥♥♥

Amber Cheesewright

Real dress up(plzzzzzzz read all) Love love love love love love love love love it the only prob is that there is a little add pop up thingy that stays at the bottom of the screen it's really anoying and when i press on continue it doesent do anything besides that its awsome i have always been looking for a realistic dress up also great for kids im 10 oh and i once saw a black pancake under the fridge it tasted weird????????

Madeline Johnson

Love it This is awesome I love it but I would have more girls and boys to dress up love it

tatiana moreno

Omg Its terrific its the best dress up game i ever played in my life !!!!!! totaly download NOW. Its so so much fun its beyond fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Menigoz

An Emma Menigoz half paragraph production It was OK but the thing said my outfits were bad the exact words were:your outfit needs to be better.What the butt it's messed up, mmmmmeeeeesssssssssseeeeeddddd uuuuuppppp

Desiree Pfander

Ugh Not that good. It is cool to dress up real people but other than that I disliked the game. I've played a lot of dress up games and this is one of the worse. The shoe options are terrible. All of the pants for men are skinny jeans which I could deal with if they weren't also all high waters. Not all the accessories work. Hardly any of the clothes lay properly. Most of the dresses are hideous. And I don't know if its just a German thing but where are the socks/stockings?

Kelly Dickens

Hated it. I'm an 11 year old girl and I have a boy's haircut, I'm overweight, I'm not pretty, I dont have any pretty clothes and my family doesn't have a lot of money as it is! And every day I feel depressed because everyone at school hates me, and this made me feel worse about myself than ever, because all the girls in this app have perfect bodies! And I'm the most ugly girl in my whole school. People don't know how hard it is to be me sometimes, and they don't understand me. I get called fat, ugly, stupid, weird!

Bree Hogan

Its decent I like the app to a certain point, the close are realistic but when it comes to judging time you will dress the chareecters up in something you enjoy and think looks amazing, than the judge says you look very bad... i dont appreciate that, also i think some of the girls should be bigger built so young girls like my self who downloaad this have an understaanding that not everyones body looks like that

Sarah Tijani

very creative and imaginative...I think? I kinda like it but you should come up with games of your own idea be unique plus guys stop saying nasty things to others it sucks to be a big bully it means your shallow and have a low self esteem (coming from a kids mouth) you should be a role model so watch the tone of your voices.lipi tasar (a commentor)don't insult people all y'all out there should know that saying that someone is stupid when their not means YOU are clearly stupid.people who like this have their own opinion so enjoy this game thanks.

Beth Ralph

Its okay The game is a bit confusing on how they judge you. I agree with one of the comments about hairstyles. Also do not bully others. As a result of being bullied in school i tried to kill myself. Both of my parents were in the army which made us move often. My husband had to tell me my best friend commited suicide its hard. Think about the things you say esp. If they are mean. Also suicide is not worth it. Anyways hope u all have a wonderful day. Yolo

aaliyah sawyer

Not races Why is thee white people only but not black it shows black people too you guys are probly being races I just came from monster jam to play this and don't tick me off well! A little???its 11:23 I wanna go to bed!!???? and plus when my parents play this they only get and 80 or 90 and they feel happy when u get ur scores all it do is just start over again

Shannon Crowe

love it love it so many thing to do + its not nice to say that people who like this game is stupid I hate that. that means that you are bulling people.

Andrew Weaver

Awesome This game is great loved it but every time I got my scores they were bad when they were good when they were bad they liked it and I also can't put sunglasses on the boy but if u just like style and don't care about ur scores download it but if u care good luck.

Barbara Gombos

Terrible Ok so i dont know what kind of Judge gives a 84 for a suit sweatpants and a tie with a big jacket like what?i dressed up both models as trash literally and the judges gave me 84!!!! 84!!!!! Like what ?just to see this is what i did for both models, woman:bikini sweatpants a dress that was ugly as hell and high heels, man:sweatpants suit tie huge jacket and a ugly shoes at the end i got 84!!!!!!!!! 84 people literally whats wrong with people today!!!! Shaaammeeeee

Safari lopez

It is cool I like it because of the part where you dress up real people but they have like a bra and underwears on so I was doing the game and then I saw the bra and undies on the woman and my sister came in and I had to close it and the man had on tidy widies so that was weird and they only gave a good score was the third time and I did not do style??

Alicia Trundle

Rubbish Worst game ever cos it said the first time I did it my score was great then I used the same clothes and it called me ratty !

Sharon Midgette

Love This is the best thing I ever played for even though I haven't played it yet but it's still the best I can not believe that I have played this game before this is my second time doing it but I will love to play this again again and again and again and again and again and again is the best I ever had for my life I put in some of my phone my phone my phone my sisters phone you my dads phone I cannot believe it I can't stop playing this game again

Makayla Owens

Awesome game This game is awesome!!! Graphics are terrific! P.s live love me love. .. no one cares if u are Christian.I am too but that doesn't mean we they can't curse. Your not the boss of anyone.stop acting like it.just shut up and go to bed

Malva Karlsen

Why? Why should every person in this game be so ridiculous skinny it is just the most silly thing how do u thing that the smaller kids that are playing this wants to look like the persons that are in this game and it makes them sad i have heard 9 year old girls that thay aren't proud of how thay look, 9 YEARS at that time thay shouldn't be feeling bad about that thay are still kids. And all of this is coming from a 14 year old girl that don't know much about life, but know that this isn't really.

Kaytelynne Hagymasi

Loved it Loved it so much!! But if does get annoying when the lady keeps saying welcome to real life dress up. I'm not a big fan of dress up but I loved it.Sooooo awesome EVERYONE should get it!!!!! The reason the judges are like that is because they are judgie like in a real judged fashion show

zebra hipster

I think you idiots need to stop complaint about how they set standards and focus on the fact that this is a pointless app that none of you should even care about, there are literally hundreds of other apps that are better than this one

malayna johnson

Not pleased? It has good out fits and stuff but I think it's stupid some of the cutest outfits I made they called it ratty and the worst outfits they said they were in awe honestly I believe that there not any judges on there I think they just slap a number down! SO CONGRATS ON MAKING THE MOST STUPID GAME EVER!?

Natalie Colella

HATED THIS DUMB APP? This is so dumd I wouldn't download it it gives u bad scores like ratty it sucks stupid and other thing so I hated this APP ?????

Timberlee Sansonetti

Jerks She keep being mean to our styles they keep saying they don't like it they hate it this is a mean game whoever made it you are mean and selfish maybe because you're jealous

Hannah Brenner

This deserves a negative five Ew. The girls look anorexic and the boys are Photoshoped Ken dolls. This game portrays a highly unrealistic standards for what people should look like. Plus where is the race variety? The clothing variety sucks too. This game is horrible, and i would never recommend it to anybody.

Lily Bernhesiel

RATTY!! At first i didn't believe all the other comments!! But that called the cutest outfit RATTY!! Then that called shorts and a bra amazing!!! I am definitely uninstaling it ???

rod waymon

Omg! These women make me feel bad about myself! First not having all those clothes and second , their like a stick!!! Not like I wanna be like a toothpick but at least a little bit skinny. :(

Jewel Powell

I was really looking forward to playing But I open it and it says to download real girl dressup 2 and I already did and that's all it shows I can't do anything. :(

Ava Pontrelli

Deleted it I was really looking forward to playing the game but I couldn't it wants me to download real dress up 2 which I already have and there's no x in the corner so I can't get into the game I hate it

Chandra Hoover

I can't play it ;( I was reallyyyy looking forward to playing it, but this "download dress up 2" ad is in my way and it has no X button and vvote I already downloaded dress up 2 and it won't work STILL!

samantha hernandez

really wanted to play it ??? i really wanted to to play it but it said to do download a game called dressup2 and i did what it said and i whent back to the game and said to download it but i already did so can you please fix it i really whanted to play ?

Christie-An Marithe A.Conde

I was looking forward for playing it but all it shows is download real dress up 2 you should not have even made this app

Candilisa Rhoden

Candilisa Rhoden I was really looking forward to playing this game but when I opened it, it said to download real girl dress up 2 and when I did download it it didn't even load properly it took 59 mins to load so I am totally gonna delete it!!?

Kayla Kantarevic

Plz change it Why cant I play plz change it went i click the app then download dress up 2 pops up and and still am plz change OT it will make my day better is annoying I was look forward to play but no so ya I was upset

ali mohmed

☺?????????????????????✅?♥ The only thing I can do to help you find the best way to get the best

Alyssa Nowak

F%CK THIS GAME F%CK THIS GAME and its maker plz giy give this game 0 or 1 star it SUCKS!in fact i played this game before and that stupid ad wasn't there but now it is!WHY?!

Jada Hill

I looked forward playing this but all it wants me to do is download real dress up 2 and I did not get to play it plus it did not have a x button so I couldn't play it I hated it

Jasmyn Coslan

FIX IT NOW All that this app shows is to download real dress up 2 they better fix this app or I'm going to have to call the police to put them in jail the only eeason why they make apps is because all they care about is other peoples money

Ella Meekley

I hated it I was really looking forward to playing this game but when I downloaded it, it just said to buy real dress up 2 and I already have. It is stupid that it doesn't have an x in the corner.

jaheara brown

it was a total scam whats the point of the game of they are telling you to play a totally different one . horrible scam don't even bother downloading will just take up space in your phone.???

Teresa Sewell

Delete it It won't let me play it just says over and over download the scent game oh and its just a waste of storage.

Safiyat Aminu

Awesome and annoying Don't download It tells my style is awesome. Never told me ratty. Love it.I love it then I mistakenly deleted it and now it telling to download real dress 2. The end one suck. I not as good at the first one.

Catastrophe 512

This app sucks If I had an option I wouldn't even give it a star. All it says is download real dress up 2.

Aria Spears

I cant even play the game Ok so i saw the game and thought it looked cool and the se,ond i click on it theirs (drum role please)an ad cor the se,ond game and i clicked on the back button and the game crashed and the second time i clicked on the game and i have to downloadthe seco d game to get passed it pleas efix and i might give it foir stars

Machenzie Glass

I was confused I was not giting it I could not do it and then I realized that you can't play the first one you have to ply the second one to play the first there are levels on it when you do the one where you have to dress the girl like it shows if you pass you git to play the 2nd one=-)

Anesha Ollis

Deleted it because..... Every time I pressed it ,it would just say download real life dress up 2 and I already did but that would still show up how am I going to play the game if there is no game I wish I could rate it worst game in the whole world well at least other really bad games have a game this one is just telling us to download something it is a waste of time and space, HORRIBLE GAME.and by the way there is no x button to x it out .FIX THAT .????????????????

Lynne Earnshaw

Deleted the game It asked me to download real dress up 2 and I already had done that and there was no x so I don't like it anymore

noorma asif

Hate hate hate hate and just hate It's stupid when ever I opened it it shows install real dress up 2 I even installed it but the same thing came again this app is just for let the people install the real dress up 2

Emily Jordan

I can't play! I want to play, but every time I try to load up the game an ad for "Real Dress Up 2" shows up and if I tap anywhere on my screen, I get linked to it. If you don't want people to play your app, why did you make it? This app is a total waste of storage and incredibly useless. I would not recommend anybody downloading this app, or "Real Dress Up 2", for that matter.

Mallory Potters

Why??!! I haven't even played it yet and I already don't like it. When u open it, it says u have to download an app. I didn't want to but there was no way to get around the app. When I downloaded the app, it daid it was vwry large and I was.not going to.delete other games so I can play one game. PLEASE FIX!!!!I do not recommend getting this app. It is a BIG waste of time. I got rid of the app right away.

Maya Hammy

Brilliant People are just a little dramatic when they hear that there style is ratty but this app is great:-)

Aimee Woodhouse

Rubish I was proper looking forward to playing it and then an ad came up that said download real dress up 2 so I did and it still wouldn't let me play it and there was no x on the ad so I advise you not to download this app

Barbara Hamiltin

Don't work I was going to play this game but it says download real dress up 2

Brianna C

Deleted it Wont work theres this thing that keeps saying download and theres no x in the corners so i cant even play it this hapens to me every time curse this game

Sairy Casado

Love this game I love this game u can dress up your own style and people judge it. Thats awesome

Lyca Masendo

Worst game ever I can't open it, it says that I need to download the real girl dress up 2 and I download it but nothing's change, this game is a s***

Ava Smith

ugh seems like a really great game! :)... IF YOU COULD PLAY IT. I was so excited to go play the new app but i open it & it shows me a flippin ad "DO YOU WANNA DOWNLOAD REAL DRESS UP 2!??" NO. I JUST WANNA PLAY REAL DRESS UP 1 THANKS BYE and now i cant play it, definitely deleting thankss.

Autumn Daniels

Fix ur app I would give it five stars but when I went to the game it told me to download real dress up 2 so I did and it still happened

pink astronaut

I was really looking forward to play it :( It said download dress up 2 and I did and it still didn't let me play it can anyone do something about this? It really looks like a really good game but there is nun I can do :(

Rakshana J.B

Real dress up Even I can't give one star because whenever I open this app it says to download real dress up 2 even I downloaded that but it is not working

Bryanna Gates

I HATE YOUR APP IT WANT LET ME PLAY I would rate it 0 stars if I could


What a waste of time Whoever has created it is a maniac. I thought that after downloading part two I would get to play this version but it didn't happen n I would have rated it 0 if there was an option.

Kenzie Brown

Hate it I have downloaded the second one, yet I can't play the first because the ad ,telling me to download the second one, wont go away

Kamar Lisania

So looking forward to play but can't even get in. It keeps on telling me to download "real dress up 2" witch I already did but it keeps telling me to

Kissa Siders

It won't work It shows a thing that says download dress up 2 and I did but it still won't work.fix please

Carol Luskey

Needs work Every time I go to open the app it says doload the second one and I did and it still not letting me go into the app please fix this I will like to play the game...?????

Torrea Rodriquez

Not working I opened it and the app and it won't Evan let me play I dont wanna download the dress up 2 it's so stupid.??

Hiba Azhar

THE WORST GAME EVER !!! I can't even play this game because whenever i download it, they say " first download the real dress up 2 ". NO ONE SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME.

Paige LaViolette

i cant even play it the add for real dress up 2 wont go away so i cant play the game and i instaled real dress up 2 and the add still wont go away

dee malonga

Boooooooo! I can't even play it. It's lame I just can't play it because the other one is in the way I just wish their was an x!

PinkTiger DaNext

0000 I wish I could rate 0 all it does is it said to download real dress up 2 I did but it didint work it said the same thing over and over but I allredy had it fix and I will rate 5

Zoé Adams

When I opened it it said download real dress up 2 you cannot get on this app

Rajesh Raghuvanshi

Guys never download this Pls pls pls trust me if you want to play only download part 2 of this app it's nothing really not a single thing in it ,when you open it it only says "download part 2 for it" only download part 2 trust me worst game ever.????????????boooooo

Paige Lansing

Don't get it I'm with all the other reviews. I was looking forward to playing it too. But all it does is have this Pop up ad to make you get real girl dress up 2. It's just a stupid game. Oh and another thing there's no X 2 X out the ad. So don't get the game?????????????????

Mika Naidoo

Real dress up I hate this game because it doesn't even allow u too enter the game all it says is download real dress up 2 please fix ,really wanna play it

Kitty Queen

i really wanted to play I cant play because i need to download real dress up2 witch i already did and theres no x to close it so fix this app it looks really fun

Joshua Valdez

Hated it I wanted to play but it right away took me to the add the asked if i wanted to download real dress up 2 .There is also no x in the corner so i cant get out of it.

Cecilia Manies

@Jewel Mine did the same thing, it won't let me close the ad either!! Its a really fun game I've downloaded it before and it didn't do that. So, if you search it and it's a different language you should download it! Its super fun!??

challenge skidmore

Hate this game All it does is say download real dress up 2 and I did and there is no x button to get out of it do not download this app

Daniel Luetkemeyer

I would give this app a zero This game won't even let you play it I've already played and downloaded real dress up 2 but I can't even click the redo button without it going to my homepage. THIS GAME WOULD'VE BEEN FUN BUT IT STINKS!

Subhash Pradhan

I want my money back i said stupid game over I have just open it and it says download real dress up 2 instead of opening game

Carla Du Plooy

Hate it! You cant even go in. Wh en i tap the icon it just shows an advertisement of dress up 2! So i tried to instal dress up 2 and play this one but it still does not work!

rachelle mcM

Actually deserves nothing... Why do you have to put the second version on this freaking app. ?! get a life and please delete this app. its ruining our phones... totally a waste of time...

Tony Margetta

Yaya Margetta I hate it because it said download the end wane of the game. But it won't let me play the game is so frustrating

Angel Bogan

Worst ever Everytime u open of the app all it shows is this stupid add for dress up and two and it wont go away. I was really looking foward to playing the game but its only a waste of your time so dont even bother downloading it. Worst game i have ever download this needes to be fixed right away

Nastasshia Myers

It won't let me do a thing. I downloaded real dress up 2 but it's still telling me to download the app when I already downloaded it. I hate it. ?

Rochelle Wallace

It said I had to download real dress up 2 I did that but its still not working Hate the game

Bria Thelion

I hate this This app does not work for my twelve year old daughter the add for the other game is blocking every thing else on the game and it is almost impolsible to have fun so I deleted the app so fix it

Khelzy Sanglay

Its bored but its amazing I like the clothes , its like a real life clothes. Actullay i install this in my past phone i like so much even if little boring

wendy richardson

Waste of time dont download! ! I didnt enjoy this game because every time i go to use it it wouldn't let me because it cept saying to use it i had to download real dress up 2 so i downloaded dress up to but i still couldn't get on


This is the most stupid game ever All it said was download the second one so I did to make it go away but it didn't even let me through this is a bad way to advertise something at least have a x button I was really looking forward to playing this game

Ruby Hutchinson

DISSAPOINTING Dissapointing, couldn't get onto to it. But looks really cool. Just kept on saying download real dress up 2. ??????? needs fixing looks good game though I'm willing next time to fix it. B-)

Double Bubble Disco Queen

Ugh Why do i have to get real dress up 2? Thats so stupid that i just blew my pants off

Carol Luskey

Needs work Every time I go to open the app it says doload the second one and I did and it still not letting me go into the app please fix this I will like to play the game...?????

jaheara brown

it was a total scam whats the point of the game of they are telling you to play a totally different one . horrible scam don't even bother downloading will just take up space in your phone.???

Ashley Mullett

Scam hate it This game is a scam. I was really excited to play this it looked like a lot of fun but when I opened the app an ad popped up that said to download the second version for more realistic clothing and the ad won't go away so I can't play it.

Dolores Austin

I hate it I wish I could give it zero stars cuz I have to download another app to play it... don't get this game it is stupid????

Brooklyn Mason

I hate this game I really wanted to play this game but I can't because all it shows is a download for the second one

Cydney Lowe

Hate this game I really wanted to play and it said download some other game. I download it and it still didn't work

Angel Kelly

I had to Download real dress up 2 too play. The game worst game ever

Mark Kenth Paran

Hated it Fix it please it gives me an ad that want's me to download real dress up 2 please fix it!

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