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29 Jul
Real Dinosaurs

Posted by NG-TEAM in Entertainment | July 29, 2014 | 66 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

Real Dinosaurs is based on augmented reality and lets you see dinosaurs doing amazing animations
where you are, through your camera !! You don't need to download any target !
just focus the camera on colorful picture (for best quality you can use a cover of magazine for example)
and you will bring dinosaurs to life !

Dinosaurs available :
Tyranosaurus rex , Spinasaurus , Carnosaur , Deinonychus, Raptor
And if the app will get success :
Pteranodon , Raptor Feather , Dilophosaurus and more will be coming soon !

Whats new

    new Dinosaurs added !

NG-TEAM part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 29, 2014. Google play rating is 65.0948. Current verison is 4.0. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download real-dinosaurs.apk 28.0 MB



Wait wut... First time I loaded it and you cant do ANYTHING but look at the back of a badly modeled dino, oh btw if u like dinos and have access to internet & a good pc why dont you look at Primal Carnage insted of this junk.

Felicity Ramirez

Hate it When got it the screen was black and 2 min later it said that the game was not working pls fix it and also the last time I tried to use did not let me in

Angel Cartagena

Terrible The dinosaurs are more like microsaurs cause you can only see their back and they are so tiny and the screen in the background isn't in color its all green and I recomend you to not download this app.

Emily Stafford

Does not deserve 1 star!!! What is the point of this stupid game?! I got it on and all I got was a camera button and a red button! And when I press the red button dinosaurs do appear but only the top of them and when I kept pressing it, all of the dinosaurs were combined! The game is pointless and worthless!!!

Jaden Pesquera

Suuukkksss It would be good if you could actually see their face and if you could make them as big as you won't

Rouvierre van Tonder

Real Crap Dinosaurs Stupid and waste of time. Creatures are minute. I've uninstalled 2 mins after download.

Andy Thompson

Rewrite this SW!! Take it off the market and make it work properly, you're not doing yourselves any favours. I've got an xperia Z ultra...all buttons are not aligned you have to press the blank screen 30 pixels to the left. The dinoview is tiny on default and really difficult to manipulate, especially for an 18 month old kid that just wants to see dinosaurs... Take a look at the Sony augmented reality for example... Thanks at least for not charging! And read the reviews...

Kate Whittaker

It only worked for a few secs any way They tried their best

Matyas Hedgern

Worst dinosaur app ever You can only see the top of the dino from far away, the carnotaurus doesn't even have a model, and the names of the dinosaurs are mostly spelled wrong. This guy clearly knows as much things about prehistory as a newborn baby.

Wesley Eason

No good Does not work on the galaxy s5. Just crashes phone and causes it to reboot.

Kandi Dutton

It does not work It only works for a few seconds but its hard to work

Rica Calubia

real dinosaurs I don't know

Tan Jasmen

No 1 star Iwoild rather go tiolet then try this game out

Doge Meme

Freakin waste of time, It always force closes, I cant even play for more than 5 seconds.

Daragh Everett

Rubbish sorry No options doesn't work.

Caysen Arevalo

? I don't get it and it's terrible please make it better who ever made it.

Rachel Aary

So stupid!!! Dinosours dont move and are so tiny, worst app ive ever downloaded my kids were dissapointed!!

Michael Guerrero

Suck What the heck you can only se the back

Hayley Helms

Loving it Dinos are my fav thanks yo

Maya Krawczyk

Crap Its the worst thing I've ever seen the dino is walking on thin air and I can only see its back and sometimes it is off the screen already. Whatever you do don't get this its a waste of time.

Krystle No

Not working I open and it just closes before anything can load.

Draye Fezzey

??? How do u make the Dino's bigger.

chris bradley

Crash phone every time Keeps crashing phone mine is a HTC m9

Logan Culley

How do you make it biger I on it but it wont go biger so tell me how to make it biger it is orsum

Eliza St Clair

Aww my little brother will love this

Lachlan and Alyssa

Ok i guess Dinos to small give settings to make them larger

Stella Glock

How does it work? I like it, but how does it work.FIX IT NOW! !!!!!!!

Lourdes Velasco

Useless This app is boring and pointless

santoz De

Worst game. It is working for only few mins

Molly Pickering

Boo I'm omg no the game is horrible

Scott Boerma

Hate it so much!!!!! All It did was seeing it's back and whoever made this game is a MOTHER F##### AND IS A LOSRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya Viran

Jurassic I am very good at it

Goldenfreddy the Golden bear

Wow You guys under me have no soul and are blind to see the awesomeness

Estrella Macdonald

Disliked it The reason i disliked it is cuz, how do u put it just as da picture, n' u can't throw a photo, also sucks, da dinosaurs look super fake, put more unit on it, SRRY

Alexis Burnett

Awesome This game is so cool and it works so well! I love it and I think it is a very awesome game! Soo cool and fun too! People really should get this game! :) ? XD

Brandynn Boyles

Very difficult to get to get working, but love the concept! Here's how I got it to work: First press red button to select dinosaur. Position camera to look straight downward on to a flat surface. While holding that position, press green camera button. Then, start moving the camera for perspective. NOTE: this app is very sensitive to movement in the environment on screen - even light/shadows. Also, shaking the phone too much will cause the viewing angle to freeze. This is so you can move your camera making it seem the dinosaur is walking.

Isaac Morfinez

1.worst 2.worst 3.wrost and did I mention worst Took me a long time to get it then when it download it keeps shutting down don't get it

Jo Ann Perez

Come on :( This dino think or what ever it is does not work don't wast you time people

Mylene Sta Maria

I cant even access When i tried opening it it didn't even work it sounds so cool though

Jasmine Tucker

Terrible You can only see the back of the dinosaurs and they're very tiny!

Marie Dennany

????!!!! I love it but how do I get to turn the dinosaurs I do not get to see there faces

Michael Boehme

I don't like it I can't rotate the dinosaur's its vary hard to rotate the dinosaurs disliked it

Makenna Anderson

Please! Help! I have a Samsung Galaxy avant, but this amazing liking app won't work! PLEASE MAKE IT WORK! I WLL RATE 5!

Ricardo Morales

I wish I can do half a star I want to switch my dino and I can only see the back of a dino what good is that and most of the time it just doesn't work please update that and let me switch my dino so disupointed

Lilly Boyce

LOVE THE DINO! Did you know that I wrote a book!? The book is called Dino's Big City.

KnM Broeren

wow really did not expect that this games sucks all the dinosaurs do are just gaze at the ground its really dumb do not download or else it will crash

Kaylie Gatewood

Stupid Just got to look at the back of the dino. It wasn't even big. It made me so ?. Don't install. I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!

Dalton Comley

It's ok The reason I hated is that when I use it its not on the ground so it looks like its running up a wall and its so small

boncarlo Caday

I need help It do not know how to use it plz help me

Sun tea

Tell me how.... I like this app, unfortunately...i do not know how to operate it. Better if you guys...give the instruction. So people who download this app can operate it well. Then, without doubt...i will rate you 5 stars..

Uma Pokhrel

So minute ,and photos doesn't click Where does the photo save? Are those ant like creatures dino?

Benito Alfaro

I hate is game it dose not let me in plz fix it Hate it hate it hate it hate it dose not work

Linda Amiar

nothing nothing coming up when i open it goes back to your normal page

leslie sherry

Yuck It does not work yuck

Travis Rowden

haha you think this app is good???? i am better off making my own dinosaur in my garage for taking photos

Salma Cute

Loads a lot and is not worth it. Even a star is not enough to explain this!! This sucks hard & why waste time on it they cant make normal looking dinosaurs????


No stars This willn't even open the app if only I could give it NO STARS!

Leanne Pearson

:( What device is this for (i have a samsung device) i tried to go onto it but it keeps going off. Also, why cant you see the full dinosaur like the pictures do.

M. Ishaq Ghauri

What is this??????? This games keeps hanging. I could only see the back of the dinosaurs and they are freakishly tiny. They even don't know the correct spellings of the dinosaurs' names plus you can't even take a pic. It doesn't even deserve a single star.(^~^)-UNINSTALLED-

Isaiah Sevcik

Im done worst app ever Soorry unity I love your games and apps but it dosent work im only rating 3 star cause its made by you guy amasing games but not this one

Wesley Deane

DO NOT GET THIS GAME/APP!!! When I first loaded up the game I was excited because I had never seen anything like it, but when I took the picture the first time, it only showed a birds eye view of a dinosaur glitching. Then when I opened it the second time, the APP crashed. I have tried it for 10 minutes now and it has not worked once, so please, DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!

Ayah Utha

Hard to focus When move dino gone something wrong with gyro algorotihm

Alexis Burnett

Awesome This game is so cool and it works so well! I love it and I think it is a very awesome game! Soo cool and fun too! People really should get this game! :) ? XD

Delukz 123

I hate this game!!! This stupid game doesnt work i can only see the back of the dinosaurs and then a second later the whole screen is black then it exited the game please fix

TrishaSaldajeno HoloholoBaby

Every time when i play the game When i play the game it just kicks me and thats it i dont see any dinos to

Sidney Hughes Jr

Tiny dino so small can't see it without glasses

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