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21 Dec
Real Craps

Posted by APPSKIN INC in Card | Dec. 21, 2014 | 65 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

FREE to play! No registration required! FREE chips daily.

Experience 3D casino Craps physics based dice throwing on your mobile tablet and phone! Our dice engine is physically simulated using the NVidia PhysX engine. Dice rolls are not influenced by our programming in any way. Each throw is truly random.

Guest Accounts!
Try it! No registration required. Quick and easy. Access Real Craps from a single device.

Register for a Pro account to use the same account on all devices. Pro accounts receive 1000 FREE chips when activated and FREE chips daily.

New Bet UI!
Play in landscape mode. See the entire table at once. Zoom to table surface for easy chip placement on small screens or touch quickly to place bets. Portrait view is available with the press of a button. Toss your chips on the table. Consult the bet display to lear how to play and see estimated payouts.

Roll the Dice!
Use the roll button to randomize your throw and keep them on the table. Each roll is different. Or swipe your finger to roll it your way. Follow the action with the animated dice camera.

New Payout Camera!
See your bets pay with our animated payout camera. Winning and losing bets are clearly marked and animated.

New Fast Forward Feature!
Touch screen to fast forwad through the game. Play faster! Touch the screen to speed up the action.

In-Game Leaderboard
Climb to the top of the in-game leader board where the top 100 players are displayed. Watch your rank increase until you make the list. Our leaderboard is monitored and cheaters are removed.

More Realistic Rules and Gameplay
Many adjustments have been made to more accurately simulate real casino rules.

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Hardware Requirements:
- Requires internet connection to play.
- Designed for the following HD resolutions: 1200x1920, 1080x1920, 800x1280, 720x1280
- Graphics quality is set to low by default. It can be changed to high quality in the account setup menu.

Note: No real world money or any other real world goods and/or services can be won in Real Craps the game. Real Craps the game uses virtual units called "chips" to play the game. You can purchase additional chips on the "Buy Chips" screen. These chips bought or won cannot be changed back to real money and cashed out, transferred, redeemed or collected in any other way or changed back to any other real world goods and/or services. Once purchased or won, the credits can only be used to play Real Craps the game.

Whats new

    - Updated to work with most Android screen resolutions.
    - In-app purchase billing system updated.

APPSKIN INC part of our Card and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Dec. 21, 2014. Google play rating is 70.0763. Current verison is 2.51. Actual size 37.0 MB.

Download real-craps.apk 37.0 MB


Dale Roberts

Pretty good I like this game. My large fingers tend to tap the wrong areas sometimes do I have to undo bets sometimes. Would be better if the dice thrown off the table were removed. Cute feature but does become tiresome. Complaints on ads by others but I don't see the issue. Pays for being free.

Dan Hintz

The Don't The odds on a Don't bet pay the same as the Pass/Come, when it should be the inverse. Great way to make tons of money from the inevitable sevens! Otherwise, excellent game play!

Derek Thomson

Takes your in game money, not random I was placing don't come bets and it would hit them immediately when they were placed every time. Not random, just trying to get your money to pay for more chips.

Enzo Nzo

Its an improvement. Still the best looking craps app in store. The betting window is a lot better but I prefer if the zooming could be removed and the hot zones for place and buy bets were enlarged or somehow could be magnified without zooming. Also please include a button in which you can return to the betting window from the dice throw screen. Sometimes the resolution of the play screens gets messed up. I'm using an LG G3. I would pay at most 10 dollars for an improvement and a removal of ads option.

Daniel Lee

Doesn't work You can send me an email stating my account is open but the game will not function or open. Hugh disappointment

Tiffany McCann

Realistic I really like this. I want a pro version so I dont have to deal with annoying ads

rachel walden

Great app love it good way to learn crapps before going to the casino and embarrassing yourself...

Nadine Brown

Horrible! Talk about the cheapest game I've ever played...literally ten commercials in the 15 minutes I played and there was no reloading of money. I liked their concept of adding 3-D to the game...however It made me feel like I was paying for the Casino in the background. 10 commercials in just way to much.

Ben Kopilow

Once you pay you lose I figured why not buy some chips it's cheap who cares, once I bought chips every roll after the point is a seven. I know the odds of hitting 7 are fifty percent but I'm not exaggerating when I say ever roll after the point after buying chips was a 7.

Donald William

Loaded dice Good graphics. The game is unrealistic there is no way I can roll 7 that many times. I'll get a point then I'll pretty much roll a 7... try doing that 500 times gets boring

James Ohmura

Real Craps You people had your head screw on right when you developed this game. It is the best craps game I have seened and played. No other craps game can measure up to this craps game. On a scale of 1 to 10, this game and support people rates a 11.

Kenneth Roller

Best craps game ever Love you design and realism however I would like to access the betting screen after hitting roll dice sometimes I want to call off my points or I forget to call my horn bets working... also would love a quick bet system like inside outside across etc... and multiplayer would be awesome!!!

Chris Hamilton

I used to play this game for hours and hours....stop playing it for a bit and now I've come back and its all messed up, every 3rd roll an add comes up and it goes right back to the menu and I loose my bets...fix this immediately or no one will want to play this game. The way it was before was amazing and extremely addictive

Mark Kamel

Can't play donts Couldn't figure out how to lay odds on my don't pass line bet

Kenneth Ruffin

Closest to the Real thing The rest need to pray their users don't peep this action!!!!

David Daigle

Real carpps Very real!

Tommy Ham

Don't bother The adds that pop up ever other roll are annoying. They kick you right of the table back to the loading screen.

Alex Borovik

Cluttered, confusing, and incomplete

Brandon Johnson

Dosent pay right When i bet the dont pass and a point is established and then a 7 follows i should win 1:1 but the roll continues

Steve Frangella

Ads cover game The bets are covered by ads in landscape, and portrait is a mess with wonky camera angles.

Oscar Gurrola

Great app so far Game runs great on my nexus 5. I would give this 5 stars if I could keep the same high up view in landscape as you have in portrait view. I can't stand the weird face against the table view, it makes me feel like I'm on drugs.

Dee Hartman

Views & Bets Views are weird...trying to see one whole side is kindof like trying to move in zero gravity....Game won't let me take down a Don't Pass bet.

sam sung

Awesome, except after 1 Roll an advertisement that pops and crashes app, Samsung note 2 Best craps app so far with just one problem, you can't play past 1 roll. I would actually pay money for this app if only it would play past 1 roll. Fix and I will give this craps app more stars, currently the app is CRAP not craps, please fix. Also auto roll should remain an auto roll every roll untill turned off that is annoying, and loose the stupid dice off the table thing I mean really dice off the table on a video game, C'mon Man! Oh and make the betting areas larger and loose the table rail.

James Thompson

Was better Hello I've played this app for a very long time many of my friends play as well. It's is the realest thing next to being at the casino, that being said I had found that after you updated this game the mechanics are broken every time I go to roll am add will pop up that shuts me out of the game I'm hoping you could find a fix for this soon

B Deezy

Must have for anybody who loves craps! Good graphics good concept good game! Not exactly casino style but payouts are and it will teach you to keep dice on the table and to hit the wall... great for beginners and cool for craps-a-holics! Give it a real try, its addicting... but you can be sent home!

ke met

Too real! So I had a itching to go to the casino and I figured in the meantime I would download this game. Well ten dollars later I remember why I hate this game. About fifteen minutes of rolling a point followed by seven.I guess it's better than losing a few hundred at the casino... bet small and itll let you do ok, but if you bet two or three thousand.. you'll get your point then seven. It's a shame because this game had so much potential. I guess that's why when I bought fifty thousand I was rank 35 on leaderboard

Justin sule

They just want you to buy chips. Sure they get people hooked and then you can't play anymore once you run. Out .. money pit

Jeff DePetro

Crap...literally! Don't install too many ads.....and lol...really. don't win..rigged to get you to buy more!

Keith Jennings

7's galore Pull your bet, roll a 7. Roll off the table and gaurenteed to get a 7 on the next 2 roles, up your bet= another 7, short role, guess what yep you guessed it another 7. Come out wit a 6 or 8 and back your bet and gaurenteed not to role another 6 or 8, you know the most common roled number in the game, frustrating at best

Jason Phillips

Very good The don't pass odds bet is bugged. I won on a 12 when there was a point established

Will Milus

Great layout except becomes very glitch when the endless ads that spam every 4th roll come up and forces to log out. If there was an option to get rid of ads, I would take it and hope the glitches went away from the extra 3rd party spam.

Nick Sanders

It's CRAP, alright. The developers have taken the only casino game which cannot be altered so that the odds favor the house and done just that - altered the odds. This comes up with far more sevens than is statistically possible. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Steve Hibnick

Awful gameplay Graphics get in the way of the game. No odds explanation at all. Must have extensive knowledge to play.

Joseph Zych

So predictable to lose!! Graphics are decent but the dice ALL WAS GO AGAINST YOU!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Lamarcus Dowdell

Game is set up to keep yu purchasing chips Im starting to dislike this app...yu can never get a streak going for fire will forever crap out if yu have a point...this app will continuously allow yu to lose chips..just to keep yu keep yu purchasing chips

Aaron Smith

Beware Graphics and quality good. Program designed to hustle all your money. Even in Vegas there's no way id hit 7 craps 8 times in a row. If you bet big you will crap out always. I will not pay for chips anymore.

cary i

Graphics awesome, gameplay AWEFULL Take 90 percent of the time you spent on the graphics and put it in to actual gameplay.

Candy Carrlzales

3D grafx are awesome. Rolls 7 Alot!!! The grafx are second to none on here. But 2 things. One, your roll is DQd if ur dice don't hit the wall 3 or more times, which isn't accurate. Then if u don't hit the wall just right, the dice fly out of the tub. Two, there's no way 7 rolls that often after a point. I know that the game states they don't use an RNG, but even playing real craps, the dice don't land a 7 that often after a come out roll. I've had streaks of sevens after the come out that have been 10 or more. Please check the program logic.

Bradley Dupin

If you don't buy chips craps show up every other role

gemini krazii

I purchased 25,000 chips and still havent gotten them

Darrell Lee

Great graphics and game play But the number of sevens that hit is just unrealistic.

John Rodriguez

Annoying Advertisements are bad luck guys, still a fun table

Billy Fontenot

Dont like it at all As a real crap player at the casino the seven doesn't come up nearly as much as it does on here plus the c&e bet doesn't pay on the come out and it is a insurance bet at real tables for the two three and twelve so see about playing a different app because this one is BS

Kurt Wagner

Fun to play, almost there! Fun version, the most effort i have seen put into an android craps game. Would probably pay one time for the game, wont find me buying chips. Some suggestions for improvement: 1) let me have a mode where i can press a button to give me a random roll. Actual throwing is fun but i already have carpal tunnel thank you! Edit:Had not seen auto roll button. Way to go! 2) remembering a users default baseline bets. I always bet 1 unit on the pass line, single odds, then place 6 and 8 one unit. If the point is 6 or 8 then i move the place bet to 5 or 9 respectively. It would be nice to automate this. 3) Table minimums and unit bets. Most casinos have $5 or $10 minimums, and the odds and place bets are made relative to those minimums. For example, on a 5 min table, a one unit place bet on 6 and 8 is $6 to win $7, while a one unit place bet on 5 or 9 is $5 to win $7. I shouldnt have to bet $5 then $1 on a place 6. I would like to be able to select 1 unit and have the actual place or odds bet know the actual $ based on the number i am placing or the point i am taking odds on.

Jonathan Hardenstine

Odds are so screwed up Don't Come odds are supposed to be 1:1 with Lays being reverse odds of Come bets. I'm assuming this needs to be told because that's clearly not the case in this game. Get the odds right or its just not... Real Craps

Dave G

Awesome graphics! Too many ads! The graphics and game play are quite good! I cannot rate this higher though, because I have never seen a colder table in my life! Secondly, how are you calculating place bet payouts? A $6 place 6 pays $7, which is all well and good, but why does a $600 place 6 pay $697.50? Until the "random" dice rolls improve, I cannot recommend this game.

dick black

Amazing game play! By far the best customer service of any game or service I've been around in over ten years! Impeccable treatment! I think its the best crap game in Google play and I recommend it to anyone who has played craps at a real table to give it a try! 5 STARS!

Ryan Molitor

Realistic look, but unreal odds First time I've rolled half a dozen sevens immediately on don't pass. That's not random.

John Steele

Always crap You never roll your point no matter how.much money is being bet. You always crap majority of the time on the very next roll after the point. I like a realistic game but this is ridiculous. I at least have better luck at a real casino. I will not recommend.

Mike Blankowski

Good game, BUT. .. If I could hit 7s this much in the casino, I'd be a millionaire, cause I'd never bet on anything else.And 85%of the time, it doesn't pay out on your bets. I had $100 on 12.It hit, but it didn't pay out. Overall, due to the frustration of getting Fd,this game SUCKS! !!

Adam Lee

Payouts are off. Betting $10 on the horn pays $22.50 on 3 and 11, $263 on 2 and $666 on 12... Not sure how the rest of these people are having trouble with loosing all their money. Obviously betting too large too early. I've got 50+ hours in and I'm way up over the initial money. Never paid for anything.

Stephane Chenier

almost there Still a few things missing but the most important thing I want to mention is a bug to be fixed. The the die fall one on top of the other, it gets stuck there and I have to close the game and come back in. Causing at the same time that I lost the money that was on the table. 4 stars when that is fixed. Also, when I forget my password, there are no way to recover it

Sean Lachniet

Totally rigged dice 90% of the time it 7 outs exactly one roll off the come out roll. And more then a few times I've had dice that hit the wall hard and fall flat on 7 out. Dice don't fall flat after hitting the wall. I should know I'm certified to deal the game

Bradley Dupin

If you don't buy chips craps show up every other role

Jaison Schnanbel

No Stars!! Two rolls and it crashes- thought it was just a glitch. . Nope.. this game sux ash. UNINSTALL. . .

Roque Leal

Game behind the game gotta love it. Faster than a cat can lick it.

Trevor Hughes

Won't open Ive downloaded a few times and it won't open! I even have the s6 edge and it won't open

Alfred Romo

Like this game This game is good..

Chip O'Ruski

I fart alot! I like to crap everyday and this app is crap well a good piece of it so if you poop have a roll of TP next to you for this one....

Rick Titus

Too Many Ads and Flaws Kill It I want to love this game, but there are some crucial flaws that ruin it. First of all, full-screen pop ups break into the middle of game play. Since an advertisement ribbon continuously runs along the top during a run, couldn't you folks limit these ads to Come Out rolls? I'd gladly pay to eradicate them altogether. Also, game mechanics are skewed, giving a disproportionate number of 3s (especially on Come Out rolls). The number of off-table throws despite hitting below the top rail is also a problem. Could be a great and exciting game; instead, it's just, "Meh."

Harold Dawson

I kid you not Remarkable game. I never seven out ten times in a row, I never seven out just after I load up my bets with odds, I never roll Craps after two come out sevens, and I never roll a seven when the dice are set to throw and showing a seven. Oh yeah, and Hillary never lies. The numbers that come up are based upon what my previous bet was to insure a ongoing ice cold game. Everytime. Random numbers my shiny metal ass! If I switch to the Don't then...guess.

Marcus Williams

Game freezes Game freezes in the middle of my roll then I lose all my chips on the table. I would never pay for chips if you have a chance of losing them when the game freezes? Game froze 4 times in 1hr. I lost over 400 in chips because of this bullshit

Beast Mann

Real CRAP Bet small = win but Bet big = crap out

Jacob Knicely

Totally rigged so you'll spend money to buy chips

Ruben Romero

Thumbs down 7 hits way more than it should & ur point is impossible to hit

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