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1 Aug
Raptors Online

Posted by StephenAllen in Action | Aug. 1, 2016 | 235 Comments

Apk file size: 57.0 MB

Dress up your Raptors then verse other players from anywhere in the world!
Choose from a multitude of weapons, skins, hats and pets!
Increase your Rank and EXP from battles to unlock more customisations!

Variety of features including chat, maps, bosses, jetpacks, pets and eating.
Hidden story scattered around the many beautiful maps.
Player vs player or team together in BOSS BATTLES!
Cross platform!

Fight against everyones favourite Dinosaurs!
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Carnosaurus.
Hybrid enemies like the Mutant Tank Triceratops, Sufferer and Mecha T-Rex !
Lots more hidden features!

Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.

Cheaters and players using bad Language will be banned from all my games, you have been warned !
(Changing files to gain an advantage over other players is cheating, not hacking.)

Whats new

    4.1 (simplified)
    Boss health regen capped/lowered
    - (scales depending on active players in-game)
    Ankylo climbing on head fix (and for other bosses)
    Spino and Carno damage adjusted
    Boss Aggro fix and Colliders adjusted
    Spawning in SpinoStorm wall fix (thanks to the player that reported it!)
    "gps fine location" removed from manifest so more devices are compatible
    - (adverts used it to display your language and not another language)
    Less chance of random advert
    .. and other stuff!

StephenAllen part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 82.2109. Current verison is 4.1. Actual size 57.0 MB.

Download raptors-online-multiplayer.apk 57.0 MB


Amber Cook

(surprised Patrick face) For the next update can you add a Jurassic park like theme where all the bosses are in one place? ONE MORE THING PLEASE REPLY. can you add a krusty krab map and Spongebob skin and a Patrick skin along with Plankton and squidward?

Waaris Sattar

Add better dinosaurs Plzzz add the t.rex with the same look from jurassic park and spinosaurus roar and jurassic park 3 look. Add velociraptors as enemies as well. Add a map which is isla nublar and isla sorna.Add a playable tyrannosaurus and spinosaurus as well. Add the same place which is the t.rex paddock from jurassic park and we can go inside the paddock and battle the rex. Stephen do your best and do it on the 1st of April.

tia pavlič

I am full of ideas You can add some more dinos like diplodocus or parasaurolophus ..... You can add some zombies or ghosts to..... And new worlds and new stuff for dressing up i have more of them but let this be it. The best game ever and another inportant thing please add exp line it would be very useful

Jupal Berry

Remember :-: I remember playing this non stop, until I gave my phone yo my sister.. And she lost it. I missed all the updates and everything! Hey developer, I'm back!

Tracey Lucius

It cool but needs something Its a good game but needs a tournament, can you please add tournaments on the next up date.oh and one more thing last time I played it caused a virus on my tablet

samuel nielsen

I really like the game but... I love this game but someone keeps copying my name and my friends on it dont know wich one is me and its very confusing to them if you can please make it so people cant copy other people's names it would great if you could. And also could you please please make it so you can have baby raptors. And can you make a big forest map with caves in it please. And please make a map where your on the moon. That would be really cool!.

Madison Mcconkey

Read this and respond!!! Hi,I'm sure to you I'm a normal person who's wants a update, and I'm going to admit I do. Please take time to read this, cause I know what the people,want. I like how you added a dancing room,to the spa, but add more to it, like another room, that's dark and has flashing lights(not a night club, just a club) with one of those lines. And could, you also add a swimming pool that yu can dive under, and give more emotions and things to do for our raptors. Please respond a answer and not a short comment!

Jinia Coleman

Awesome! I love this game I made friends I'm level29 love nothing wrong awesome ;)

tammy holloman

Do me a solid. Put a level where u can be under water in a bubble and a megaladon boss is waiting. Then I may put up 5 stars.

Joel Kenyon

I want something to the spa. A big swiming pool and a salon. This next thing is for the whole game , make more dinosaurs that you can be!!!!!! Please! :>

Vonn Domingo05

Love kill boss Oh my god! Help kill mobs and next update of raptors online game and more bosses slaying dinosaurs and myths and legends in raptors online and add bosses and mystical creatures and add new maps and add new skins, hats, weapons, and perks in raptors online game

Rogelio Roque

Please add penalty room where arms can activate and make babies in spa killable put penalty room in the spa lab and put more helpless babies in penalty room where they are eating happily but not knowing there going to be killed and make them run away when striked and make them whine and add the mecha cannon when you kill the mecha Rex they should drop it also add it to weapon depot and unlock it when you kill 23 mecha Rex and add a portal to the spa that leads to the modern times where players find them selves in a city where people are being attacked by evil raptors and protected by friendly soldiers that joins the rebel raptors and make it multiplayer at city where the evil raptors are players and add that before you enter the portal you must choose a side but not saved permanently put penalty room under the spa lab make a long tube that leads to the penalty room and make it large large boy Stephen please make this the best massive update ! Add third gryoscope to control the mecha cannon and add a single map where its dominated by baby dinosaurs and evil bosses and make the players save the babies and baby raptors and call the map search and rescue and destroy have it caves fores

Elsy Hurtado

2 sentaces things i have to say please make a boss map with a dragon and name it dragon (if you wanna play with me im otachi) i have it now really cool PLEASE REPLY

Kevin Artherholt

SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 Please fix it so that we GALAXY S3 users can play. Your game looks amazing, but I can't play it. :'(

Patricia Lahoz

Love it Do you think you can add new dinosaurs to play as maybe a ovirraptor or a diloposaurus ooo and if you can make them will you add feathers and


Additional subject! It will be more amazing if the author of this game can put a weapon-testing area in the Chill Out Spa. Hopefully the author will add it! ^_^

Primal MDRR

Name is Primal M.D.R.R. This is an awsome game,can u also add like a flame thrower or something?its still a cool game

Skylah Filbeck

Love it It's amazingly fun and addicting I give it a five star ✨?????✨ ????????????? oh one more thing can u put a thing on we're u can add ppl plz and thx one of the players diamond wolves I'm on every day join my server ????????

Pin Baanprakhun

Can you make a map in the sky and a huge boss could be there,I will be happy if you do it for me

carolyn valenzuela

Good but.. I was trying to chat but when every time i wanted to talk it would say do you know what i

Falcon Raptor

Awesome!?????????? Could you make story mode? You should add a Giganotosaurus. And a Mapusaurus, Acrocanthasaurus, Majungasaurus, Pachyrihnosaurus, Pentaceratops, Vastatosaurus (from king kong), Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, and mutated raptors. Also you should add a Christmas map,Add fire breath to the mecha trex, and Add a birthday map. You should add a exp bar. (That would be very useful!)

Luke Harper

Hi ignore my coment from earlier ive got everything in the game LOVE THIS GAME keep up the awsom work

DinoMC Delira

Next update In the next update can you add a forest room with a small house and a new map called spider canyon with a new bosses giant spider and smaller spiders.


Awesome I hope u make a map like a big field and there is a raptor boss

Berlynnthecyberwolf :3

Hey im back ^3^ Hey stephan hows it going. . . . Its been quite long since i seen u but the good this is that i comment again^_^. So i heard that for raptors rpg youre going to change it from singleplayer to multiplayer exiting luv u? thank you for replying and lots of ppl r telling me ur ded0ad XD silly players

Jordana Stein

NICE but i have a few statements So please read this because i want somthing in next update please:please add transforms like a dolfine for in the water (only unlocks level 100) but the bigger the rank the deeper you can go and if you get to the see floor make a secret cave wich inside you get 1000 ranks :D and maby in a online server you can be a boss (only for level 160 and up) but you can only have 3 people that can be bosses.but the hoast can chose who gets to be boss and who not but since if that person has 3 friends and thats unfair a player can only be a boss 3 times and then you gotta wait an hour and also hoast can be player or boss......oh and add a phonix ordragon wich you can be if you wana fly high and once again bigger rank higher flight and wonce you get a huge rank again and you can find a den were........wait also let the dragon/phonix mate so when in the den you can have babys but 1 more cath how abot if only the hoast and another poerson can come in the game and when they have eggs the dragons/phonix have to fight of enimeys and then in 5 minutes 5 babys will hach and those babys will be people ^_^and 1 more let people chose where they wana go thats it plz reviw bye^ _ ^

Kheano Guirgen

I love dinosaur Wow why the alien get the raptor and put weapon at the back and they can shoot

Edward Russell

Awesome but... Next update make it where you can't kill other people

Founders' Hat

Help!!!! I've only been able to be on the backup server? Advice and I'll give five stars!

Zak Monty

BEST GAME EVER!!!!! Its a great game but can you also put an underwater map with megalodon and elasmosaurus

Lisa Sampson

You I love the game i got to rank 188 until i lost meh kindle

LeeAnn Sutherland

Won't let me play Says I don't have internet but I actually do have internet

godzilladude 2014

Fix this!!!! I am having trouble. While I'm playing it just randomly kicks me off of the server.

Shorty G

I luv it!!:3 The game is soooo fun just how does the luvshack work???

Imanee Mitchell

ITS AWESOME Its fun I have a pet butterfly and have a lot of ranks

Bob Billy

Awesome This game is so cool but there is two things to fix. 1st make it so the aiming is easier,2nd make it easier to level up.

Stevey Childress

Um your game still doesn't work

Calum Doyle

All guns are mine I have every gun its a bit too easy make it harder and if someone says that's what she seid I'll kill them

Autumn H

I loved it But add more weapons, skins, and hats.

Madison Mcconkey

OkI get it now Sorry for my outburst. Yes it's a very good game but the chat is kinda hard because so many people keep changing colors and all at once chat but good game indeed

Jayne Livesey

Love it I love it but if you could put in spaced out there were only sufferers not other things so u can add more things on spaced out and on customize u could be a t rex?

Alexis Duenas

Awesome game but..... Its an awesome game but I have a question. WHAT THE HECK IS the space out map boss!? I walked into a room alone and I heard a creepy moaning noise behind me! When I turned around I saw this very twitchy slenderman looking thing! What is the name of the boss? Also I had nightmares about that thing! But still this is a really cool game!?

Olive Luminarias

"Ads shows up less" Yeah, yeah... great? Now... so many adds poped out and videos whenever i leave a server, adds there adds here adds everywhere? and whenever i leave my own server? And whenever i die adds pop out? Its so annoying can you just get rid of it not just pictures, some damn videos! I kept waiting everytime when some videos pops up! Why the hell are they forcing us to download it?! We already pressed "X" why the hell cant they understand? I dont wanna download they're games i just wanna play, everytime? Cant you believe it? Everytime or everyday, sometimes, i fight with other players, then BOOM, just great! Really great! An annoying vidoe poped out! Again! I ket dying and dying because of that! Just please dont make me annoyed, plz get rid of these stupid videos just poping out of no where, just BOOMING around and kept BOTHERING players, so! Just get rid of those advertises* change the videos to advertises

Lisa Lee

Awsome game! Love this game , so many cool costumes and is so much fun!!!!! But plz add friend list

Dante Moore

Forgive the game!!! C'mon guys I no your mad and tired about the adds but like developer said if you don't die it won't pop up. Please don't bother Dev and complain try to live with it, it happens to everyone because the new update. Other than that there are still lil problems Dev there are still kids doing naughty things in servers and talking inappropriate. And I no you don't want to bann people but its a choice to make people and kids need to learn. You've done a splendid job on your work developer and people love it we want to make sure it stays like this forever and no more problems made ≈^.≈.

Alvie Alauddin

Love it But she never I play for a while and then I join someone's game it won't load.

Ruth Garcia

Woooo so guud Amazing game how do I record?

Sean Huerta

Hey the older versions where better because there were no host limit

Randll Fry

Awsome But I would like volosarapter at lvl 10 and a mate request

Norman A

New place Please add another place called raptor moon pretty please and also put more weapons ,pets,skins,hats,and bosses.

divine manito

This game is more cooler than before and add in bite because raptors bite and add in the indominus Rex from jurrasic word and add mounts like a small plane or a tank

Aiden Phillips

You should add a lightning gun that dose more damage than a rocket launcher and it stun,s them for 3 seconds

Daniel White

Lisen Only reason I hate this game is because I don't know how to shoot someone pls tell me

Chase Pemberton

Good Like it I play it some times with my brother

Jayden M

love new update!!! Fun but its hard to get on, pls make it not take a hour to get on a game, also pls add baby raptors and, get mates like a request. Add more colors and weapons,pls do this and I'll rate 5 stars. Also, can u make a t rexes online, spinos online, tankceratops online, I love it!!!!!!!

Jasonleda Castro

Cool I play this game before and i think i like it so guys dont be mean to th guy that created is just like that

Nevaeh Silva

Love it Its cool u can kill a boss from your room!!

Craig Bennett

Will u add more customizations plz stephen? Plz add more customizations and weopons like wolf skins and wolf masks plz ?

Jacob Whitehouse

Too many ads and it says I'm offline when I have 4 WiFi bars

Nevonne Dobbins

Suggestion for next Update Overall this is an amazing game i think you should be able to add other people in the game and also be able to join them :) plz reply back to me as soon as possible

Taelah Dillon

It's awsome This might be the best game I played make more???????

Clara Soriano

Awesome Make it so that you can have pets that follow you on the ground and attack people also fix the chat bug were in the middle of when you are chatting and the host changes the map it gets stuck and then you can't chat fix it please

Adam Mendez

My favorite!!! Keep up the good work. I have a weapon request. Would it be possible to make a flamethrower? It should be maxed fire rate and the range should be a little shorter than the shotgun. It should also have burning effect that last for 3 seconds. It should be unlocked at rank 115 and try to balance the damage to make it not so Over powered. Thank you :-)


Adds To many adds !!!

Julian Juarez

Toxic raptor I like the new map but make a new boss for it

Von Kaiser

Meh It ok

Melanie Wilkerson

Add mamoths and savertooth tigers ps love your games and please add more.

Colten Mcgee

Volume settings? Add volume settings and I'll give 5

Leon San Jose

Add mode So i wanna new mode team mode group by group

Jovany Figueroa

This game sucks a s s . I don't even know what to do in there.

Sydney Kurniady

Toooooo awesome! Who now what i say?!,what a bonnie!,anser my quetion!,i will give five stars sooooo awesome!!!!!,and ther is nyan rainbow body!,my raptor name is blue(female) and my pet name is rainbow dash!,i now we can't name our pet,but i call him rainbow dash or rainbow,samsung tab's writing is the best!,my rank is soooooooooooooo high!,don't uninstall it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

Haylie360 00

Make this update please Please make Acton's like sitting sleeping to get energy and when you chat the mouth moves I'll give 5 stars if you do thanks ?

Kayla Tanquary

Its cool I think they should add a thing were you can add people and have your own dono children like raptors rpg thanks for readying this and I really love the game it has a good protetal of being won of the top games : } ]

Mikki Cosio

Thank you It finally works thank you for working on this one problem

Family Kilian

I like one thing when there wasn't an updated I miss raptor bot so I want him back same as the last time when the update didn't happen like: raptor bot on, raptor bot off. I don't like it now that he retired and is now a retired legend. Please I'm begging you to please put him back. :'( pretty please? :'(

Mitch Petitt

Houndoom It would be awesome if you could be different raptors!

steven yong

Awesome great and fun But why the new version i keep on going to backup server even though my wifi is on and connected?and loading lists takes very long:( but you have done a good job and i appreciate it.★★★★★

Cathy Howlett

OMG I LOVE IT I just updated the game and NOW ITS AWSOME

ash Bodyk

This game brings back memories including the gun slinging maddness XD How do people learn how to use their weapons it's been so long :0 :P i like your new sand castle update :P !

Nuha AlWali

Best gaame Pls add parasaurolophus. Stegosaurus.and allosaurus..and walking pets. And jurrasic park map

Jordan Engram

It says im muted Every time i say something in the chat it says im muted but didnt do anything wrong

daisy valerie

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! If u r reading this and u like to kill, this game is just for u!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) thx for making a forest map for the dragon game!!!

Nicole Ellison

I have ideas I was wondering if you could possibly make a panda online because that would be LEGENDARY!

Laboratorio Pedrito Diesel &Baraine medrano Santana

hold guns plz 5 star if the raptor actually holds the wepon

Elsy Hurtado

ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES THIS IS MY 3RD FAVORITE GAME THIS IS TO AWESOME?. for a future. Update can you make a map with a giant spider?

Aliya Naranjo

This game is bomb I played as soon as I got it it is a great game

Stacy Wright

Please People keep killing ? me so can you please make it so players can't kill players.??? I'm very lonely can I please have something special or be special??? also can their be a command to see developer or fake developer?

Heather Myers

Very entertaining but... Please add more maps to the game, the maps are known off by heart and I would love it if you would add a couple more, then I would rate 5 stars. ;)

Juanita Krmaschek

Please ban him please! Please reply cause there is this guy named red indominus but he changes his name he does nasty things with girls! Says bad words ect if you see a guy named red indominus or red bumblebee anything that starts with red ban him!!! Please!! :, (

Jefferson Basco

Well thanks Stephen for the reply..but I think in my future life ill get this game on a more compatible ipad because my ipad right now is very laggy and I'm still in the leaderboard...and thanks for the best game Stephen! What ever you do Stephen keep up the good work for the players! Thanks & Bye....

Reda Touny

Loved it I love this game so much especially when me and my cousin play it together. There is just one thing I really want in the game. Stephen, can you please add a carnotaur head and body so that you can wear it in the customisation menu. Thank you ^_^

Clara Soriano

Awesome Make it so that you can have pets that follow you on the ground and attack people also fix the chat bug were in the middle of when you are chatting and the host changes the map it gets stuck and then you can't chat fix it please i can't chat in this version

Super WolfyGamer

It's ok but... When I wanna join another players server it will keep loading and I can't play. FIX AND I GIVE 5 STARS!!!

Zozo Demon

I LOVE IT Could you add more boss gear and hat and maps that I would give 1000000000000 stars plz

Craig Bennett

Will u add more customizations plz stephen? Plz add more customizations and weopons like wolf skins and wolf masks plz ?and its me alpha vane rr/wolfeye3 and oh hi rr I'm sorry if what happend along time ago ? oh and rr iv been playing this game for 3 years I forgot not 13 wth. And raptorex I miss best freind...?

Danny Barrett

It's epic I like the game keep making more dinosaur games like this please I will keep it on five stars

Tiger Lily

Why am I banned? I just got the game and I'm banned. What did I do.

Christopher Dickerson

Awesome! But.. It's a really cool game, but lots of fnaf fans invade my server. Also, REMOVE ALL THE ADDS! THEY KICK ME OUT OF THE SERVER WHENEVER ONE PLAYS!!!

Makraykray 123

Mabey.. Could you add a role play mode where you survive and the other mode can be the fighting stuff? Plz.

Alisa Vinogradova

????????? Can you plz plz make it so raptors don't kill each other!! I am very passed because I keep on geting killed by the other players! (Raptors)

Lucky Charms

Love this game Love this game but how do I make my own server keep making it safer and safer ?

Valeria Deleon

THANKS U finally fixed adds YAY!

Lily Cullen

Awesome I love this game and it was lagging untilthe you fixs it thanks :-)


Add back armor and tail armor and I'll give it a five star

Rayya Risqullah

Unbelivebel This game was freakin awesome ! Nice work stephen!


Cool I dont like how on the lg tribute the skrean is purple i went trough all the graphics setting and still the same thing

Ginger Splash

RAPTORS FOREVER! I love this game so much!

Sangeeta Chauhan

Add Ad some under water stages and sky stages and flying pet dinos

Shoua Lee

Fun but...... This game is so fun but the controls are hard to control and there are too many adds

Yanira Avila

BEST GAME EVER!!!!! This game is great I love it!!!

kris pillay

Thanks Stephan! Thanks Stephan your games are awesome and thanks for replying your awesome;-) :-)

Annette Weblin

Your games are the best

Jennie Javier

End wyvern please ban her Dev end wyvern (f is saying bad words please ban her and shes also doing inappropriate things with skull dragon so please ban him too

She'ree Burback

Why! ? When it said changing back up server and I had to go to bed. Next day I go back on it and it's not working again! Next I delete it and re-install it and it still now working and now I'm rank: 1! For nothing! And I didn't do anything to get banned!

Bon Carlo

Please download it.Why? I won't tell it to you. I'll sing it! Raptors online is a great game, it is not all the same, it has t Rex, indomunis too...holy crap!? It shoots too? You can change weapons and a pet, it would fix a debt!(Not really but who cares?)Yeah oh oh oh oh no... Good graphics you can customize, you can change your gun, but not the size. Your raptor can change skin, but not change the body. You can where party hats, skeleton holding a machine gun too! It, is up on your mind, good graphics and it sure will change the time!(Dat means good time killer.)you gotta go get this game, if you don't like it it isn't da same!

Eric Grillo

EPIC! But add more animals and stuff ??. I love it but ad this: more stuff. Yes, u heard me.. I want more bosses and WANT side effects and levels, like sky zone, in the sky. Level 500+.. Porthole world.... And raptor park...rides!☺☺ please add. Under water world... Explore under water! And dev.... Wait till all people are done typing, and warn them when changing map. My name is mega meow. Outer space..raptor in space and rocket. Laser gun, lava blaster, tooth shoot gun add. More pets. 1or 2 is cool. 3456? Maybe? Write back. I'm one of our fans (1#

Shawn Goss

3 ideas I want you go know for an update developer....... 1:can you put a stegosaurus in a map that is full of tall grass and hiding spots. 2:can you add skins of real life animals? And masks to go with them? Also more pets? 3: I remember a long time ago there was someone named raptor bot......... I see raptor bot in the chill out spa but can you make raptor bot say stuff again? These are just thoughts...... I'm not forcing you to do these..... But the 2nd I mentioned would be a good update.... (my name on here is r.a.a.m shadow if you see me)

Clara Soriano

Awesome Make it so that you can have pets that follow you on the ground and attack people also fix the chat bug were in the middle of when you are chatting and the host changes the map it gets stuck and then you can't chat fix it please i can't chat in this version

Mark Lacusong

only online game I'm not going to five star the game


Its cute Really addicting. Love your games. Try making a sloth game? ;p

Meghan Edgar

Great Work But some people find a way to say bad words by spacing them out or putting symbols in the bad word. But otherwise great game, if anyone wants to be friends with me my name in game is 〰〰F~U~Z~Z~Y〰〰 I hope to be friends with anyone who wants to ^_^

Tyler Engram

Add new gun Can you add a tazer that shoots 2 small knives into a player and it zaps them until you or they die and it needs lvl 5 add it and i will rate this 111,111,111,111,111 stars

Jay Montoya

I really need help , ik there are No hackers but I've found one Plz help ik hackers will be banned instently but there was a person that changes his gun and he changed it back to normal is that OK because he did not get banned instently.......HE ALMOST KILLED ME AND I WAS SUPER MAD!!!!!! I don't mean to yell at you Stephan allen(╯︵╰,)

lioncatXL swagycookie

All my wishes come true I love the fact that the raptor can fart me and my brother both play together on it and it's extremely fun

Harry Spencer

Epic I love this game not only you get cool wepons you can costmiz your rapter ☺

Crystal Dighton

Loved it but.... You need to make it were everyone can get a pet right at the start

Chloë Simeone

Love the graphics Only one thing just add a new place and a skin color and new weapons

Dominick Pepe

I think u should make it that u get a pet when u start

Fred Van Heuvelen

amazing the game is so epic

Sarah Stennett

Gg It was goooooood

Kennywnorth Ken North

Amazing! :) Simply amazing idea!

Steven Garcia

Awsome Awsome app

yandere chan

Loved it but... It crash all time it keep say Raptors online has been stop! but I still LOVED IT!!and now it is not crashing!

Eric Grillo

EPIC! But add more animals and stuff ??and please do it PLEASE!. I love it but ad this: more stuff. Yes, u heard me.. I want more bosses and WANT side effects and levels, like sky zone, in the sky. Level 500+.. Porthole world.... And raptor park...rides!☺☺ please add. Under water world... Explore under water! And dev.... Wait till all people are done typing, and warn them when changing map. My name is mega meow. Outer space..raptor in space and rocket. Laser gun, lava blaster, shark blast gun add. More pets. 1or 2 is cool. 3456? Maybe? Write back. I'm one of our fans (1#

Isabel Lopez

WEIRD ,LAME..AND HARD ???I mean...WHY?!??I Installed this cuz I play dragons online and I thought this would be pretty cool.BUT I WAS WRONG this game stinks!The controls are hard and there's not much to do...?PLZ MAKE THIS GAME BETTER ITS LIKE SUUUUPER BOOOOOOORING!!!!!!??If u can do anything to make this better I will rate more stars but for now I think this app is CRAP I can't believe other people actually LIKE IT????

Jolteon girl233

Why kill? Hey could u make this game where u can not kill each other but the bosses it's really annoying how u keep dying every time!

Merlie Roquios

Cool wierd action pack game Tankceratops is wierd but i loved it and the suferer almost dead its head broke its realy cool especially mecha t rex stupid isabel lopez and hters hates this game but why does my server friends kill me Congrats stephen Allen i,ll rate you five star and pls read

Death Shadow

3 ideas I want you to know for an update developer....... 1:can you put a stegosaurus in a map that is full of tall grass and hiding spots. 2:can you add skins of real life animals? And masks to go with them? Also more pets? 3: I remember a long time ago there was someone named raptor bot......... I see raptor bot in the chill out spa but can you make raptor bot say stuff again? These are just thoughts...... I'm not forcing you to do these..... But the 2nd I mentioned would be a good update...

Amelia Appleby

Amazing game Its to cool amazing nice work creating this game amazing graphics I wonder how long it would of taken you

Taleeyah Maldonado

I would like it if there was no KILLING I keep dieing and I can't control really move that much I keep getting killed please add no killing please I get no time to learn the controls.

Aj Sq

Its so awsome and cool to play! ^-^ I play as ●cσcσɳυt~ɯσʅf●, i love the fact that when u have a high rank u can post your score and spawn mecha trex!

MR Freddy Fazbear

Used to like it No back up data deletes all of my stuff I was lvl 203 and now I'm back to 1 waste my time

Nakia Berry

I love this game I love this game but I would like to be able to do other stuff like have babies and other buttons plz but I still lo e the game!!!;)

Isaac Jourdain

This game changed my life This game is one of the best games I've played. I've played it for 2 years now, and sad to say, I lost all of my friends during the middle of January 2015, so my request is to add raptor bot again, delete that random boss on each server, change chill out spa to it's original state, and add the old chat room with that little ding noise so I can remember my friends from 2 years ago. And hopefully it won't happen on your other online games because this was a really sad thing to go through.

colin campbell

Great but... I luv it plz make more games just the thing that anoying is u hav 2 be a sertan rank before u get the stuff can't u just buy it with something like raptor rpg

Emily Davis

Not to kick I want to go on some ones sever but people kick me and all bad words they put make them rawr

Clodagh Manning

Cannot open! If I go in to play online when I finish my raptor I don't know how to play ????

space waffles# 325

Love it but I would give it a 5 star but I have glitches with menu because sometimes when I open my menu letters are missing please fix

Leo Sukatrilaksana

Love the game. Cool enviroments and its online ^ ^ .but, i hope you can add more contents. But definetly im going for 5 stars and its an cool game :)

Mike Albano

nice game This dino keep on killing me

Dianna Gonzalez-Guerra

Awesome! The controls are similar to raptor RPG it's an interesting game and if you want to get the hang of it download raptor RPG!.

Taliya Abdulwahab

Pls Add a werewolf skin and a map that shows wher people are and add more pets and more bosses OH ADD A OVIRAPTOR AND MEGA RAPTOR BOSS! and pls make more maps like these maps : oviraptor lake. Mega Raptor cannion (p.s. these maps are for the new bosses I whant you to add) ugh OHH add a dragon in a. Map called. Dragon. Sky land ughhhhh oh and how about pterandodon paddock! Please! :) still an AWSOME game!

Calvin Clemens

Buttons Could you make a button for jumping, crouching/ducking, and a slash or a bite or both

mr Malik Malik

loved it ! I like this game Alot! I never stop playing

Annette Weblin

Epic I am very hard to please when it comes to games but yours at just EPIC

Sheri Douglas

Needs something Can u mack it less hardkor please not every one likes the weapons!

Tyler Bonwell

I never played the game it looks fun

raul gajadhar

Make a game with was called Tasmanian tiger online.pes?

Julie Carles

Plz add more skins and stuff but I absolutely love this game I love it so much its brilliant plz download it! Also I want the creators to make more skins for higher levels!

Norman A

Moar Add Moar stuff like a pet that helps with attacking ,an ocean map with a ocean boss called"opabenia" it was really weird I really want to see it in da game plz.??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Avery King

Fun! Ok, if your looking for a game that's fun and exiting, don't only download raptors, download any of Stephen Allen game! Thx so much for the best games ever, Stephen!

Katie Hicks

COOL but..MORE More skins more weapons more places more stuff.

Brennan Vallieres

Friend request Can we be friends

Mar Kuma

Can we get old versan I licked the old version because it has cool skins and cool hats with new biomes can you add that back please

Mangel Fan

What happened to my sever no one could talk and it said that we have been muted when I said I can't kick this player he was killing every one so I tried to kick him and it would not let me it was weird. have me and friends been ban ?

Leahna Knight

Awsome I love it but how can you get a baby

Daniel Munoz

I love your games!! I really love this game its really fun! ! But plz add more stuff!!!!!!!!! :)

JL Aron

spooky i dont like sufferers there creepy they give me the creeps

rollands vargas

Description I like the desfription of this game especially the last part "cheaters will b banned from all of my games." I wish all devs were like this. You rock stevie :-D


Unbanned myself Its good that your trying to get rid of "hackers/cheaters, whatever you wanna call it" but its vary easy to unban yourself... i just spoof my mac address and change my ip... the way to truly get rid of us is to set up servers and have progress saved on those servers... like i told you about a year ago in game.

Stephanie S Thomas

Awesome game! Your totally a cool,MLG,gamer guy ? Awesome! Loved it but hard to rank up but add skins like fnaf and nightmare on elem street and Friday the 13th cuz I'm Jason Voorhees lol xD and I always go on your server to rank up faster ppl die A LOT but have you noticed ppl are killing you I was watching them do it, its sad can you come on here more often? Like on the games you have just plz on Monday your on hch and then Tuesday your on fish game and then the others you know that will be fun plus I subed you on YouTube so I can keep up what's next on your games :) keep it up developer ?

David Airoso

Amazing Amazing game, I love it! You should add a wolf head and carno head. Maybe more skin textures. Just some ideas for next update. Keep up the good work!

Krishna Goyal

Loved it but can u add some sort of dinosaur map only wher there are dinos like trex spino raptors brachio stego mosasaur pteradon etc and if u kill any of these dinos u can become that dino till the time u get killed si please add this it will make this game popular

Leo Sukatrilaksana

superb game but i want to request something for the next update like add another boss like an pteranodon or an lava dragon. 2nd, add another map like underwater world and sky high maps. 3rd, can you please add more hats , skins, weapons, and pet? and the 4th, i want to do more actions like bite, sleep, anddiving mode(on the water map). 5th, make upgrades and abilities for the raptor. oh yeah, dont forgot for the dev to warn when changing map because when i type, it will stuck. and i really love the game. it takes me like 5 hours non-stop playing this game XD. And i love all of your games developer stephen allen=). And dont forget to add this game request from me. Oh yeah, the game really helps to make friends! So , i really will love the game. And, its not very boring. Well, but, i cant joi some of my friend's server :(. But, still its the best game ive ever played!

Brittany Yates

It is the best It is really easy to level up your rank even though it looks like it will take long it does not. I like we're you can fight bosses and fight friends and chat. This is a great multiplayer game

Brittney Costelloe

Loved it but I loved it i made friends but can u add more places to it like a raonbow land or a land full off evil dinos and can u add more developer s

Mike Albano

nice game This dino keep on killing me

Anthony V

Can u add? Can u a indom Rex can u from jw and air Dino's great work sev

Angelina Armstrong

Game I love the game but the floating alien thing is creepy I try not to dream about it I'm till scared I freaked out!!! ?? plz take it out but next time I'll kill it ain't no alien will scare me to death no nope not ever ?? but I still ? the game ?

Zoila Loyza

Cool, but it sometimes logs me out even though I haven't done anything wrong and have WiFi connection

Laura Hoare

Perfect! Maybe a few moere raptor designs and guns would be cool and more maps plz!

lisa Auten

Best game ever^_^ I love ur games Stephen I'm Lisa's kid and I seen u chatted sometimes I wantwd to know when or if u can put the robo raptor skin and stuff in the game plz thx if u do I'll be good ^_^ oh and I rlly want to see ur raptor I saw u on score board plz chat often!

Toni Smith

I love it I love this game but plz man a new game "indomous Rex's online" and in this game make it where you have a bite attack and shooting attack

Karla Kruger

Awesome game No problems with the game and please add more maps and things to unlock that would make the game more awesome????

Ellie Green

Really fun But I know it's odd to put a gun on the back of a raptor but still after a while you start to love it . #thisgamesawesome and it's really fun teaming up with others to defeat the big dinosaurs (bosses) very good teamwork game

Terry Sawyer

Not aloud to play I'm not aloud to play. it its fun and I mean fun

Machokoy A

Excellent Nice and fun and EPIC

Megan Sparks

Hey Can you make a Dino's online

The Indominus King

Seriously Basically this is the raptor rpg game but with guns it's actually....EPIC

Infinity The Dragon

I love it I love it all but can you add more skin colors?But please don't make it a higher rank to unlock the skin....

meliana anggeline

I Like it! The game it's so awesome!

Sean Hayes

How the he'll do I exit the game with no quit button?? This is at most a beta game, barely develpoped. I have scrapped matter off the soles of my shoes that is better than this, very dross

mya chn

I cant wait to try it This game looks so fun i cant wait to try it i will see if it is amazing


I love it I love this game but can u make an update where we can add people? I love this game im rank 45 and my name is themikee

Blueberry Sans

This game is rlly good but it is a little bit glitchy

Lizzie Reedy

Pls help !!! It wong let me go online ;-; !!! And i have good connection !!!

Jurassic Knoll

Best game ever I love it i played it every day it's ASOME

Mai Duong

This is great

blue fox foxy,

Best game ever This is soooooooo awsome

Nichole Cruz

Ok I haven't even opened it yet and I'm just imagining how horrifying it would be to have the smartest pure carnivore dino with a rocket pack and a machine gun/rocket launcher.

colin campbell

Not enough Not enough cool multiplayer games could u plz make something like a wolf simulator online? Omg that would be amazing! Choose a color of wolf, dress it up in funny hats, give it a pet and name it! Now that would be cool I hope u do make a wolf simulator online coz if u r I'm going 2 jump through my roof thx for being my #1 game developer!

Emilija Atanasovska

Its boring Add new skins weapons maps maybe? I mean com on this is not fun amymore and make a wolf online wolfs are cool and u should make wolf games :-| till then BORED BORED BORED and more BORED because nothing new and i play ever single game of urs but for now BORRRINNNGGGGG so pls PLS update not just for me but for the whole bored community ;-; i dont wanna be bored anymore

Shelia Creason

Me again, Again, in Shelias daughter, and thanks so much for replying to my earlier comment. It's never happened again I couldn't stay away from this game, I'm addicted, but I love it! I never thought you'd reply, and it Me and the world to me. I love this game, and I couldn't quit even if I wanted to. Keep up the great work, and I have q few ideas. Possibly add some new skins into the game, or maybe even add some new hats or such, I'd love for you to add cat ears. ^-^ you rule, and keep making awesome games like thi

brandon villarreal

HATE IT?? HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT FIX IT NOWWWWWW get defeated fast 2.why do your partners kill u If u did this I will rate of five stars thank you??

I love it but..... No one can connect to my sever when it say connectable but when it said error ppl can finally join me plz fix it

Laura Hoare

Great game! I think adding more weapons and more maps please. (You may know me as galaxy) also maybe make a wolf simulate some time in the future?

monique angelinasil

Maybe? Toggle pvp? Its somewhat annoying when other people kill you for no reason

Fluffy foxy1234

Stupid It's just stupid I like the wolf simulator thing

Lisa Millard

Can u Guy's make a big boss? Can u Guy's make a big raptor boss with raptor the will give u 100 xp? Plz

vivian tobias

I wish you put this Put indominus Rex and it's head and it's body color so I can have fun update it like what I said please create indominus Rex with your idea look it at the YouTube please I will check the update if I see it I will have to bring you lots of stars ok

The Button's Shadow

Eh Its OK. Just its hard to movie and shiz. But its a good game. If you can a wolf one would be awesome

pug talk

This game is BOSS. ==]:::::::::> This game runs offline and online the best part is it is not a space taker and it is FREE thank you!!!


Such a fan! I am such a fan of your games and raptors online is on the top of my list!

emoji Wolf7173

I love it! Best game ever! But can you make more hats. And games and when your the highest level can you like get the jetpack to fly anywhere you want pls if u hear. This :) but can you make more maps pls

M Love

More can you add more skins weapons and hats I would really like that please

This game is ok Dis game is so fun you need to download it now

Mahua Ghosh

Super fan!! I love this game I battle against all the bosses

Cindy The cat

I like it a lot ! ^_^ I am high Rank and Candy was playing it too^_^

Logan Rice

Nice but can you please make it easier to aim.

adnan shah

WHOOPS I'm sorry Stephen Allen but my brother hates me and whatever I play I love this game ply everyday so I'm sorry

rachel mc

Love it I love raptor there my favorite dinosaur in the world yup

Samuel Maison

Make a game Make a game called smashy road online which when yuou lv.up you get a new car all the way to legendary.

Luke Molina

I played this game on the best day of my life. Yes I actually played this on my best day of my life.

Cassandra Hill

gytrgjj I put a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass

Merrik Erfle

It was awesome Can you make more customizations

nandus pty

Shiva That's cool game love it . There are so many weapons There is also very cool customize

sans the skeleton

Make a online undertale game Lot of ut fans Make ut game lot a people that will enjoy it and me

Toy Chica Kawaii Bunny

Is Good no good Great ;3 is great

Jamie Elkins

Additions questions and games need to be made Hey Stephen I love adaptors online but I was thinking it could use some additions like a friends list description for raptor under the name different types of raptors New hats skins and pets and money!!!!!!!!! One question btw what is that hidden story in the description for the game.ideas for New games:Fox online animals online deers online stuff like that and in Fox online I'm thinking there should be weapons but the foxes still have a normal attack and varieties of different foxes discriptions and names

Laboratorio Pedrito Diesel &Baraine medrano Santana

An idea for a game Hey Stephen! i have to tell u somthing make dilophasaurs online! ur attack will be venomus spit! make a fox online too!!!! plzzzz! first make dilo online!! make dilo like raptor rpg!!! and some crossovers!!!! plz make it!!!! also add that the raptors hold the weapons!! also its super laggy! my grapic settings are medium so i can see extra features in maps plzzz respond and do what i asked plz!!!!

Poppy Arishvara

WHAT WITH THIS GAME?! At first i want to tell you that your game is awesome. BUT AFTER A LONG TIME my tablet's screen kept on going BLACK and i had to click the home screen over and over again so i can see the screen, and THATS SO ANOYING please fix it this game is still awesome but whenever, whenever i tried to customize my raptor and in game (a server) screen blinks black and then i can see and it kept on being like that and last it becomes PURELY BLACK so its so hard im alrdy lv 142 plz fix it

Thomas Hill

Best multiplayer game out there so far. There's not that many good multiplayer games out there but this is the best so far, not what I want like infinit fun and my friend liking it. But I like it sometimes bored but like it.

Bethi Moore

Thanks Stephen these games are amazing! How did you do it by yourself? Your work gives me courage to make my own games when I'm older. Thank You Stephen. Your Friend, Bethany Melissa Moore


Hey I need help also Great game but can you use your camera ? to make skins? Like in dragons online

Angelina Bethel

Too hard to control/navigate around This game makes no sense whatsoever its too hard to control that lame ass dragon/dinosaur or whatever it is really dnt care..concept of gameplay sucks everything looks so retarded and poorly develop, can't even shoot gud so messed up and boring....

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