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7 Aug
Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration

Posted by RedPi Apps in Tools | Aug. 7, 2016 | 101 Comments

Apk file size: 2.9 MB

Device lagging too much ? Battery draining too fast ? Sensors not properly calibrated ?
Use Quick TuneUp to calibrate your phone and boost its performance to make it run faster and smoother.

-> Smart All-in-one Quick Tune button to do all the tuning and calibration for you in one click .
-> Memory tuneUp option to calibrate and boost your device memory performance .
-> Battery tuneUp option if you are facing battery issues.
-> Sensor calibration to properly calibrate your device's sensors.
-> Display calibration to calibrate your display settings.

Whats new

    *** RECOMMENDED ***
    -> Added analytics to help us understand user interaction better
    -> Bug fixes
    -> Reduced apk size

RedPi Apps part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 77.0805. Current verison is 10.0. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download quick-tuneup.apk 2.9 MB


Jennifer Winglet

Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration Device lagging too much ? Battery draining too fast ? Sensors not properly calibrated

sara gul

Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration Awesome app with nice graphics and great UI good work keep it up....!!!!!!!!!

jack han

Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration Does its job ! Glad I came across this app. its quite simple and engaging at the same time. I never do reviews lot and if the app impresses me enough to take the time, it really must be good..

Robinson Chinda

It's a one way android/sm phone healer

William Ramsey

Good little app Sometimes you just have to take it on faith that something works. It does clean up the memory, I can see a difference in my 3D FPS games. States that it calibrated the sensors (and does ID the hardware correctly) but my magnetic sensor is still not working properly. So that's why I only gave it 4 stars.

piyawataa tp-pong

Gm Very good app

M. Felipe Olave

Very easy to use and quick


I could tell a difference instantly, really simple to use

Max Noriega

Sooo... No details on what it did? I'm supposed to take it's word for it? I'd like to know how it did it and what exactly it did...

Jeff Leiseth

Not sure I really like that it has sensor calibration and that it appears to be looking at the specific hardware that you have as well as the specific offering system version that you have, however I wish it detailed out what changes it made.

noah enano

Quite good! I hop it wil accurately enhance the system even without the use of internet.

Barloo Morris

Good Not sure if it works can't really see or notice any difference!

Jessie Crutchfield

Claimed to perform calibration tests, but there was no change in my tablet.

Randy Felizmena

Quick tune up Its. Great and amazing

Elec Rk

good application This is good application .It will clean every time un wanted tasks .... there for we have get long back up

Gojko Pavasović

Still not sure if this placebo or not But this saved my touch because I wanted to replace it. Thanks developer!!!!!!!

James Wentworth

Terrific! Had problem, not being able to use my phone. Screen would turn black while I was trying to dial. I had just about given up hope when I found this app. It really does what says it will do. Gave me control of my phone again. I would recommend it to any one.

Richard Kendrick

Doesn't seem to do much. Sensors still not calibrated phone still lags

Javier Fajardo Jr.

Great 5* app. This app. is a MUST . 5 ***** ALL DAY.

Harsh Rastogi

Must Download..... Is the best TuneUp app for android device

Martez Moody

Calibration doesn't last longer than an hour or two. Not great work on this app.

Alexa Perla Sanchez

Smething is mising Nid more tym

clyrio musilip this..

Blase Zinck

Definitely a Placebo The app does nothing.

William Roberson

Wow! Other apps were hard and claimed to work. This took less than a second. No way! Yes. Boom done. I could not even write the negative reviews for the others because the keys read in the wrong location. Now its all good. Love it!

Latrice McCarter

Worked perfectly on my tablet I'm not making this up or getting paid to say this. I was beyond frustrated with my tablet not being about to detect which letter I'm typing. I had restarted it 12 times. Then I got this downloaded only by the grace of GOD and now my tablet is done with its foolishness! This ap may have stopped a senseless crime spree or small fire. THANK YOU.

Rajitha Jayalath

Superb application in market This apication is freaking awsome. No need hard rest the phone. This will fix all the errors and issues in the phone with just one click. Thumbs up.for the developer

Robert Deskins

??????? While the reviews are positive there is no metric data displayed so I dont know how much of what it did when calibrating, I have to take the application at its words when it said everything was calibrated and, apps will say only what the dev tells it to.

Jimmy Harper

So far so good I have to use it every few hours when very active on my phone but it helps, not a fix all in any sense though

Dharma Setiawan

Good work!! Work for me..but need to do full tune up...only using input calibration didn't do a thing :)

Donald Nelson

Gyro calibration Fixed my phone. My phone was having issues during phone calls where the screen would auto off and then not turn back on no matter what I did, so I could not press 1 for English and could not hang up. Found a forum where someone said this means the gyroscope needs to be calibrated. This App did the trick.

King Kong

Testing.... Well done! I'm typing very fast right now to see if this worked the way I wanted it to, It jUst seemed to delete file or something I don't see how it would have done all the calibration stuff without any actual personalization but hopefully it worked.

Eusebiu Anton

It doesn't work Maybe next time wi'll have a manual calibration...

valerie buttone

Too many ads There's no report how do you know the results? UNINSTALLING

Amnon Raviv

Couldn't get it to work because all those ads...

Joseph Lapp II

Nice I had several dead spots on my screen and this app completely eliminated them.

luke virgil

Awesome app When I would rotate the screen before using this app it would seem to take forever now that I used this app the rotation goes way faster than before

Michaela Keate

Actually works I'm not sure why this app doesn't have as many downloads as the others considering this is the only one that works. My touch screen was off in the bottom left corner and this app fixed it in >5 seconds.

Ousmane Sokona

Just keeps flashing ads Do not complete any test. Always, I mean all the time interrupted by ads. I won't bother with the paid version.

Negne Aibam

Thanks alot I think it help my phone touch problem. Thanks a lot.keep up the good work guys.more power

Jennifer Tatro

Seems to speed up device. Wish it'd show the statistics and changes though

Rois Betiong

Best TuneUp App My phone's screen is not properly functioning these few days. I installed this app then my phone worked good as new

Josh Thurlow

Amazing ☺☺☺ Before my screen 9 times out of 10 my screen wouldn't work but now 10 times out of 10 it workes!!!

Mihana Zhralyia

Does It Even Work...? App claims to run "tests" and "tune up" your device but doesn't give you any results. How do I even know it did anything? Ads pop up after you run every test unless you use the quick tune up option which then only shows a single one at the end. Seems fair being free and all but without details on what it did or some kind of feedback how do you know it actually did anything? Telling me "calibration successful" a second after I press the button doesn't convince me you calibrated anything...

Ramirez SIMOLA

Solved issue with Note 4 Had screen rotation not working, tried various attempts to calibrate my accelerometer without success, wiping phone cache did not solve the problem, quick Turnup instantly calibrated my accelerometer instanly, screen rotation is working now. very thankful guys.

christopher tucker

This is definitely a good app to have which it does help the device you have keep in good shape

john argue

Didnt fix my problem Screen rotation not working. samsung.

Daviana Muhamad

Workin so far .... Its fix the dead touch at up right screen of mine.. I guest im not so sure what i knew its work fine and help me out. Thank

joan escamilla

My lock screen was useless until this app, it actually works

C64 Forever

For me it worked. Thank you!

Sanna Kokkonen

Hollaa! Worked wonders on my LG G Tab 8.3! Many wow.

Lindie Furstenberg

Great app Definately works. Very user friendly

Steven Sutherton

Everything takes less than a second- it's just an advertising vehicle. Uninstalling.

sutekh6SS thao

It seem to work pls lower down the ads thx

Kelly Mclaughlin

Seems to work im not a tech though so I dunno

Michael Harmon

Awful The add pop ups are horrible, uninstalling immediately

Gojko Pavasović

Placebo After all it's just placebo

sarah hallminks

This fixed my phone, thanks

Andris Millers

Magnetic sensors not calibrate I think - its joke app. Incorrect description. Uninstaled.

Fusha Fright

Wonderful! My color is right again and I feel like my phone is brand new the way it responds to touch! Wonderful

Max Papis

My phone hits buttons and types on it's own for no reason Well my phone's problem is that the touch screen starts hitting buttons on it's own for no reason u shut it off and it stops so it types it's own letters and clicks into things u don't want it too and it had no affect on that issue so kindah pointless to me don't know exactly what it even did so ?

Rudolf Lakra

The home-screen of my phone got stuck and the notification bar area would not open how hard I may try. An idea struck my mind and I run this app. Lo and behold ! it worked wonder. Now the home-screen opens like butter. Thanks Developers for creating such a wonderful app.??

Edgars Nezinu

nexus 5 app maybe is ok.. but since app pop's out all the way ads.. app doesn't do job.. shame

Jeff Welch

Fixed phone After speaking to Samsung Best Buy and Sprint none of them were able to fix the phone they said it was a hardware issue that the gyroscope was not working they wanted me to send my phone in and be without my phone for 9 to 11 days while it was repaired under warranty I cannot live without my phone for one day I downloaded this app and ran it and it fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes. Thank you

Smarak Anurag

VERY CCCCCCCOOOOOOOOLLLLLL. If you have touch screen problem then it's the best medicine . Proof , try it .

Wayne Robbins

Sucks Did not work at all

Colin Groves

Didn't work I have sensors on my Galaxy Note 3 that need calibrating, after using auto calibrate, sensors still uncalibrated.

Adrian Alex Kovacs

Very very happy, saved my ass The app works very well. My device had problems with the proximity sensor for some reason and no number of restarts and cache clearing helped. Was on the point of factory reset but I stumbled upon this app on a Sony forums. I didn't expect much, to be honest but after I hit the calibrate button, it worked marvellously. 5 out of 5, it saved a factor reset and a possible service visit. GG developer.

Luke Kroeker

Calibrated successfully My rotation sensor was drifting, and this solved my problem perfectly.

Bright Onyebuchi Ezeh

It is extremely working, I have seen how it is!

Natalie Kirk

Surprising I had no clue if this app was actually doing anything until I started using my keyboard and it was actually working properly. So yeah. Fixed my touch screen.

Michael Valeriana

Helps but dont stay i think? when playing games and typing and scrolling i get really bad ghost touching.. it seems to be lag thogh, ive used this app and it helps for 10 min or so then back to crap. like right now i gotta type so slow so i dont mess is..please help!!!

Ken F.

It works, somewhat I've been having issues with my phone's auto-rotation. Installed this app and all seemed well- for a couple of hours. Bug in the phone I suppose. Good effort nonetheless.

Jerry Grobe

Love that Snake Oil Don't really know if it's doing anything. I'm just an optimist that has some faith in products like this, and it hasn't broken anything yet.

Marvy Bersabal

Nice app! Its the only app that im looking for, but my back button at the bottom right wont work anymore, should i ask a technician for this?

Feb Ryan Cartajenas

Good, but hey!... After I use any of what it recommends, it shows "Please restart your device" like always..

Camela Marie Delfin

Good!! I use it and it's good overall but it does not last,what will I do?

Crimson Ora

does nothing looks like it does but it is just a excuse to push a advert. rubbish

J Co

Awesome After multiple fixes to my accelerometer failed, including a hard reset, this app did the trick. My auto rotate now works. Tyvm!

Andrew Brown

Great app Does every thing it says it does and does it very well

cyclonesiva Sama

Waste..... Nothing it has done .... I have calibrated for my sensors after restart also my sensor is showing the wrong data....better to go for other apps...they are capable of doing this.....

Joe Cote

I'm going bonkers for tune up puffs!

Laura H

Didn't work for my phone.

AbdulRahman Jahwary

Good As a matter of fact, I don't really know if it's working or not, but anyway I hope it works.

Ahmed Ali

Glad to see Glad to have my sensors calibrated. Very useful in custom environment.


Good But Good app, But needs to force other apps to work. Only works with factory settings. It dose work on factory settings.

Steve Freakley

For note 4 Brill, gets all my sensors tuned up to perfection. Brill app for nothing.

deep adhikary

Useful This apps really useful,specially for gyroscope sensor for 360 degree videos.I love that...

robert swint

Think it helps At least it seems like it helps

Deshon Robinson

Good app Seems to work well

brad dell

It's fast and light. Why do u have to reset now?

jun calderon ii

Quick tune up phone calibration Nice application, its true...

fajar M

Work I use for calibrate gryoscope my phone and that work thanks

Kuroi Michaelis

nice app I can calibrate my gyroscope anytime!

Mike Walker

Battery tune up.....Like how? I don't believe it.

amiel laxamana

S6 Works pretty well here great job.

Anil Bedse

Very good This app tune your phone

a ks

Very good app It calibrates my phone...

Marlon Debuayan

Awesome Very useful 4 me,thanks 4 this app..,,

analyn guardaya

Excellent very useful i love this apps

Muhammad Azizi

The BEST yet!!

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