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16 Feb
Qantas Cash

Posted by Qantas Airways Limited in Finance | Feb. 16, 2016 | 94 Comments

Apk file size: 3.8 MB

The Qantas Cash® app lets you manage your travel money on the go safely, quickly and easily whether you're at home or abroad. View balances for all of available currencies, see past transactions and transfer funds between available currencies. This handy app makes your travelling more convenient, especially when managing multiple currencies.

Key features:
- Check the balance of each currency on your Qantas Cash facility on the go so you always know how much you have to spend
- View your past transactions
- Transfer funds between currencies and to other Qantas Frequent Flyer members who have activated Qantas Cash
- Find your nearest ATM wherever you are in the world
- Change your default currency if you're travelling for long periods of time
- Manage your Qantas Cash personal details

To use the Qantas Cash app, you must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member and have activated the Qantas Cash facility on your Qantas Card. Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information

Please note:
This app is intended to help you manage your Qantas Cash facility on the go. For general Qantas Frequent Flyer program activities, please download the Qantas Frequent Flyer app.

For more information about the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, visit

Normal data charges apply. Please check with your mobile phone service provider for details.

Whats new

    - Bug fix and improvements

Qantas Airways Limited part of our Finance and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Feb. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 65.4365. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 3.8 MB.

Download qantas-cash.apk 3.8 MB

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Bill Maryon

Login dramas Login takes so long, it causes my screen to auto sleep. The app then forces me to login again! Other than the painful security, app is OK. Should have a way to load via bank transfer in the app though.

Andrew Weller

Pathetically slow to load funds I'm not too bothered by the login problems others are facing - my annoyance is why it takes so painfully long to load funds. Why? When away over a weekend or holiday it can take 3+ days for funds to appear, even though they have left my account. Why? I often have to resort to using my 'normal' credit card, which defeats the object. Yes, I do use the new direct transfer way. I'm thinking of canning this altogether.

Gerard Dunning

Login drama Using this for the first time overseas. Get locked out and the app only offers a 13xxx number to call. Frustrating login. Who designed this? My bank's app is easy and works well. Qantas Cash is a disaster.

David Clark

Not convenient Gave up using this App. Apps are supposed to be quick, easy and convenient. This is far from it!!! Quicker to access through the browser.


I cant log in Asks for email and FF number and then tells me my details are incorrect which they are not! There is no facility to enter a password.

Liam McDonogh

Okay, but security is over the top Needs to remember login details like the website. Requirement to enter different letters of password every time is just crazy. Could be so much better. At least you can now load via direct deposit, however the one business day load advice is a bit of a hit and miss. Strange how you receive an email when bpay load is completed, but not when direct deposit is completed. I cannot understand why it takes over 8 weeks to transport points to your frequent flyer card.

Ross Mitchell

Hardest app login ever Only in an emergency will I use this app. I'll mainly use my PC. Memorize log in details except password and I'll up to 5 stars...maybe!

Marty Thompson

Ok Login is a pain. I use virgin veloicty. Has the best feature they email you every time there is a transaction. In HK and Singapore i get a email before they have given the card back. Must have for fraud

Denea Munro

Reasonable Helpful app but having to put in details every time is very frustrating especially if I'm out and about. Can't always access my frequent flyer number

Topher Walker

So slow The app is simple and user friendly once you're in, but it is so slow that it is not really all that usable in the first place. Each time the screen turns off you have to re-log in, but because of the slowness of the app the screen times out a lot, and you then have to start all over again - annoying.

Nicole Priestley

Remember me The app needs to have the ability to save the information. i.e. email and frequent flyer number.

Adam Houston

Too many logins So slow to validate on login that it times out, and has a tendency to need a new login every time you change screen.

Dave Oswald

Works fine but Having to enter all details every time is not good. Also the weird password method discourages strong passwords. Currency conversion loses first digit, to transfer $160 I had to enter 0160. Who tests this app?

Daniel W

Complex login, but a decent start The login process on the app is just plain excessive. Why can't we at leastm have the app remember our email and QFF number. The load option is great, but I think you guys need to explore ways to make it load quicker (3 days is too long. Would be great if it could be overnight)

Hank Oerlemans

Useless Oops. Should have read the reviews. Did they even test before release? deinstalling! OK so it seems the multi-currency passport app provides the same functionality with the added benefit of actually working.

Grant Buckley

Please change login Terrible idea for login! Trying to remember a number of different passwords is hard enough let alone the 4th, 7th, and 8th character etc... Changing this will be a major improvement.

kat giess

login screen is crap i have the right password tried 3 times it has now locked it again so now i have to ring up again fix asap

Stephen Mogg

Awful signon and authentication requirements The need to enter user, ff number and then three random characters from the password is simply annoying.

Pipit Doyle

Why can just log in without always put the FF number? Saving the log in details as well as in the website will be nicer

Graham Ewing

Qantas Cash Currency convertion seems to have a bug tried to convert all my euros to Australian dollars it I input 160 it would only do 60 maybe there is a setting I don't know. Login is a bit tedious would be nice to have weekly balance text to mobile

Tristan Hall

Login as annoying The login is very annoying. It would be great if it remembered Ur details and just input the password

Vikas Gupta

Its so tedious to login. Make it simpler and it would great. Are you guys going to update it anytime soon?

Sean Lanigan

Works well, a pain to log in Very handy to use, although it would be good if it at least remembered Frequent Flyer number and e-mail. Having to enter the password is fair enough, but entering the other details is tedious.

Steven White

This review is the same as everyone else's Just adding another voice to the overwhelming consensus that the password entry screen is the worst thing in any app I've ever seen. Entering randomly selected characters from your password, and having to do it every time does not increase security in any way.

Jacob Collins

Login is ridiculous Good app and card. Except the login is painful. Why can't it be set up like a bank app. Put your details in once. And have a pin number. Done.

John Hall

Horrible login I've had this app for two weeks and already I'm sick of the login process. Please allow what would be considered a normal password system that also allows users to stay logged in if they so wish. Please fix this.

Keith Quigg

LOG ON Please listen to what people are saying QF. THE LOG ON PROCESS IS PAINFUL - MAKE IT BETTER.

Kyle Ketchell

Good app Does what I need it to do. login is a bit different. people who complain about obviously are dealing with 1st world problems

Katrina Duncan

Easy to use, only takes a day to load money if you transfer from your bank acct. Would be nice if it gave you the option to save your details so you didn't have to type them in every time you logged in.

Nicholas Turner

Login needs to remember details You have to manually enter your login details every time. You should only have to enter your password.

Chippa Schultz

Good app but to get 5 stars it needs to remember my email address and loading funds on to the card takes to long!

Jody Crow

Sign in fail You need to type your email, Qantas number and a few random numbers of your password each time you open the app.

Simon Fuller

Log in sucks! Log in too slow. Password security boxes suck! Always locking my account. Move to qff number, pin and email.

David Coates

Unusable. Bug. 3rd box for password entry not displaying. Recent model samsung phone too.

Rob Warrington

Poor login Why have all the hassle of number selections of your password when I can go on line direct and have more simplicity. A dud app.

Jared Dohrman

What the heck Ok so the password feature is crap. Any other banking related app just has a pin.. not this whole un-savable email, number, random partial password boxes, and your first born child! Get rid of it! Refuse to start using this service if I have to write my password down in order to determine what number sequence my password fits into... Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Andreas Hadiwidjaja

Bug ridden, still has not been fixed If you do a transfer from currency to currency, a 4 digit amount (e.g $50.40) only $0.40 will be transferred to the foreign currency. Load A$ 3 digit amount, only takes in the last 2 digits! Awful!

Terry Lourensz

Transfers between currencies on mobile app Cant seem to transfer full balances to another currency otherwise it would be a very useful app.

Tania Richardson

Login ... This really needs a feature to save login details. ...painfully long process !

Julie O'Brien

Didn't work on Samsung grand, 3rd box for password greyed out and therefore can't log in. Would like to use but can't.


Constant login errors Regards of password changes and ensuring that the digits are 100% correct, the app continues to refuse to sign me in. What good is this to anyone

Sally Ferguson

Log in is annoying It should be able to remember my email address and my frequent flyer number and I should just have to do my password. That's how my regular banking app works and it's even possible in the qantascash website so I don't know why it's not possible in the app.

Joshua Gordon

Dumb login App itself ok. But trying to remember all the details to login is not very user friendly. Should remember details and just need a pin

Dan Mijat

Login needs changing This app needs to allow quick login via a simple password or code

James Morgan

Works fine Recently, the app has started to pop up and asks for the password without being requested. It also seems strange to me that there's an option to see how many points have been accrued in the last 30 days but it can take up to 8 weeks for the information to show up.

Adam Coffin

Randomly loads Not even using the app, then randomly will load and ask for the password.

Grant Wilkins

Can be slow but works

Gage Hanson

Frustrating [email protected] Always have issues logging in. The password system on this app is awful. Don't load multi currently. If you do and shop overseas it won't necessarily take that currency. They can take any currency that works in qantas' financial favour. Not yours. Impossible to speak with them trying to get this issue resolved

Mel Taylor

Disappointed Not all functionality available on the web is in the app. Eg: only bpay load available from the app which takes 3 days. On the webpage you can do quick 1 day transfer. How annoying to be waiting for the load to turn up in another country. Useless. Next time I'll just pay international transfer fees on my normal card

Brett Granger

Much improved. Great improvements. Now stable. Very happy with app now. Would give 5 Stars if they added a balance quick view without needing to sign in, like every other banking app.

Rob Davey

Exchange rates not displayed Neither the exchange rate for loading nor cash daily rates are displayed in the app. It seems one is expected to blindly buy/load/convert/withdraw without any indication of what rate you are being charged

Richard Williams

Useless for Kiwis Does not support New Zealand accounts - just redirects to the web-site and you have to log in all over again!

Karen Lewis

Not supported in NZ Downloaded even after reading comments about NZ. Directed straight back to website and had to log in again. Please fix as want to use this card instead of cash passport and use the app.

Sandra Webster

GREAT APP - Instant control of funds! Love the easy to use App for my QCash card. Great to earn FF points and can check balance wherever I am.

Jeff Marshall

Crashing App is crashing when selecting a currency to view transaction history. Otherwise, happy with card performance on recent trip to USA.

Robert Tennent

Kiwis not supported Kiwis are again second class to Qantas. Not supported. Just redirects to the website. Useless

Martin Brennan

Doesn't support NZ users Just redirects to website.

Kate M

Great. Use it for a lot more than just holidays now.

Jessica Purton

Disconnected This app keeps logging me out and asking to re submit all details. The idea seems good if I could use it

Jameel Bhana

Clicking on the History tab crashes the app every time Good app, can be useful, however, needs to be more reliable and you should be able to check your history without crashing the app every single time

big al

loading funds need to be able to transfer funds like to another bank which velocity have done which i use 99% of the time compared to qantas card

Patrick Malseed

At long last an easier log in. Can you find a quick and more efficient method for loading funds? It needs to be better than waiting up to 3 days to appear in the account.

Choon Lim Wong

Good app. Have NFC payment too Integrate the app with NFC payment function

Julie Currie

Exchange rates? Good except that it doesn't allow you to check the exchange rates to decide if you want to transfer funds

Rachael Johnston

Much easier to log in, hassle free.

Greg Fletcher

Quantas card. Very handy.

Baz Doppleganger

Could be better Had this a whole two hours and so far all that annoys me is having to remember my qantas member number to log in... surely you could save that info to the app so i don't need to remember and type things in except my password every time i want to log in... incredibly annoying and inconvenient

Peter Ross

The concept and app design may be ok but the Mastercard support framework is a dud. Failed logins, lockout due to password failures, crashes and "system issues." Contacting the helpdesk is a nightmare of Qantas/Mastercard site keystrokes, with one mistake dooming the user to start again. Avoid!!

Bill Shields

Hate the login procedure Cannot login shows 3 characters but only 2 boxes to write them. Too long a procedure. Should just need an ID and pin.

Paul Whitehouse

Can't load funds App is ok, but not great. It won't let me load funds. I put the amount in, hit next and then there are zero dollars in the amount and I get the message saying minimum amount is $50. Some basic testing would be useful to ensure these issues don't occur

Jay Heise-Seabrook

App doesn't allow you to return money to the account it came from only between currencies and between qff cards. You have to go to the website to do that. P.s. doesn't work at ATM's in the Philippines, says problem with issuer. Worked in eftpos machines though.

Phil Hawthorne

Improved, but still lacking The latest version brings some much needed fixes, however this app is still lacking in some areas. There is no ability to view your PIN from this app. There is no card to card transfer feature. If you reload funds, it isiThe done via BPAY. Despite bank transfer being an option for over 6 months now. The app when closed will popup and ask for your password. For the time being, you may find it better to use the mobile site. The update frequency of this app is too slow.

Brendon McAlevey

Doesn't work for new zealand users just redirects to a website.

Julie Woods

Works well for me. It's great ☺

Moses Truong

Pops up by itself after some time...

Russell Walker

Keeps crashing

trevor ireton

Latest version crashes Crashes even after re-installing. It was great before this 4-5 stars but now it's half useless. Please fix it asap

marc acido

Fix problem! 9 times out of 10 when i try and transfer between currencies (aud to thb) it tells me there was a problem and to try again later. It becomes frustrating. Weather its a bug or whatever; could this be fixed ASAP please. A FEW improvements could be made like..showing the exchange rate without having to do a dummy transfer,option to show only the currencies that are only relevant. A multimillion dollar company can afford an experienced rather than an intern to look after the media & marketing side of things!;)

Yvonne F

1. SMS alert function of any expenditure. 2 a simplified balance checking function. Now it's too hard to check balance at the moment. 3 user can change the pin

Rosalie Chung

Great I used this card travel around Paris, works well!

Viet Dollie

Its ok Checking your balance is good. Loading more cash onto the card is a pain. I wish there is an exchange rate on the app.

Amberley Watson

Can't use it The app isn't available for nz qantas cash users and instead reverts you to website.

Joshua Grainger

Doesn't work for NZ users Just redirects to the Qantas website upon detecting you are in NZ

Choon Lim Wong

Good app. Please have NFC payment too Integrate the app with NFC payment function

Gary Maass

Not great Checking history crashes app on all my devices

Miss Sunshine

Easy to use My only complaint is that when transferring money from AUD to EUR it doesnt give it to you in the current rate.

Peter Neal

Ok but... Really only good for checking balance. Logs you out as soon as phone locks. Painful when you look away for a bit. Login very hard, FF number + email + password is ridiculous in this day. How bout just a pin? No NFC either.

Elizabeth Sievers

Needs to include an alert when your account gets down to X dollars so you don't have to constantly keep checking how much you have left. Have twice now accidentally dipped into my foreign currency, which is very annoying.

Hou Osbert

Apps now crash all the time It becomes un-usable. I have to use the web based version.

Bronwyn Gribben

Qantas Cash, why can't this take me straight to the NZ site This takes me to the Australian site, but I need to go to the NZ site!!

chris hamling

Useless Forces me to use nz website. Uninstalling it as there is no point in wasting my phon's memory.

Fimel X

Crashes everytime you go to view history. Only really use is to check current balance.

Doug Pettifer

Qantas cash Australia That's right. The app only works if your with Qantas Australia. If your with Qantas NZ it drops you to another log in web page where you have to put your info in again. And there's no NZ version of the app. Guess that shows what Qantas Australia thinks of its NZ side

Penny Eva

Basic You can easily check your balance but not much good for loading funds or anything else.

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