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10 Sep
Push Notifications Fixer

Posted by andQlimax in Tools | Sept. 10, 2016 | 110 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

Are you experiencing delayed push notifications? If so, then this app its for you!

This app is for every phone. No root needed, for rooted phone check the root version (see my other apps).

It's free! No banners. No ads.

This app basically keep alive the push connection on your phone. It avoids the tcp connection timeout that can occurs on some wifi routers or on some mobile carriers.

If you have problems or questions, send me an email ([email protected]) before giving the app a poor rating. I will answer you as soon as possible.

XDA support thread:

How does PNF solve this problem?
Every x minutes the app invokes an android activity that will send an heartbeat network packet on the push connection. Sending an heartbeat every 5 minutes should be enough to always keep the connection alive and all your push notifications will be instantly.

How do I restore the default heartbeat interval value?
Android heartbeats values are not modified by this app, just uninstall this app.

The battery should not be much impacted over a day.

Whats new

    Version 2.5, 2016/09/10:
    - Small update. Soon new things!
    Version 2.0, 2015/06/30:
    - Fix PNF auto-startup after phone reboot

andQlimax part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 75.4424. Current verison is 2.5. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download push-notifications-fixer.apk 1.4 MB


Danny Lum

Zero Effect!!! No help on whatapp. I'm still can only getting the message when I turn on whatapp.

John E

Works Great! I've used about a dozen different email apps and the few that worked would only work sporadically. I just assumed there was a bug in the app when I would get "push" notifications 10-20 minutes later, if at all. I then did some research and came across Push Notification Fixer. I figured I had nothing to lose since I was running out of email apps to try. Ever since installing this app, I've gotten every single push notification instantaneously the way it was designed. I have it set for 2 minute intervals while on wi fi and doesn't seem to have too much of a negative effect on the battery. I don't use whatsapp and basically the only push notifications I request and care about are emails and for that purpose, it works just the way it is supposed to. Thanks for the great app!

Beauty Princess

I am getting whatsapp incoming messages late in my phone. Will this app be useful for me??

Dan Warburton

Zero effect ! Delayed whats app msgs by hours. Whats app advice was to install this. Messages still delayed by hours. Uninstalling ......

umar kassim

Good Really works

Raymond Kum

Doesn't work for whatsapp.

Peter Nash

Don't work for whatsapp

Scott Burns

seems to work Didn't seem to work at first, with continued delays in push notifications. But after a day or so, it seems to have started working.

Emiliano Lavado

It works, somehow I have a Moto G 2014 and I was experiencing delays while my screen is off, mainly when on WIFI. When I press the power button to turn on the screen I receive the notification instantaneously... if not, I needed to wait a some minutes. I configured this app to to perform WIFI heartbeats every ONE minute and it got way better, I don't receive notifications inmediatly always, but when there's a delay, its just no more than 20 seconds. So yeah, it works pretty good. Too bad it doesn't fix this Android 4.4 bug completely. Btw, I wonder if I should leave the app opened in the background or I can close it from the recent apps list. I don't see the app being a service. Any advise from the dev would be good.

Isabelle TAY

Helps a little Doesn't solve the problem completely. ..msg still comes in 30 mins late....looking at time stamp.

Bob Chao

Great App Thanks for the amazing app. It has totally solved my issue of missing all push notifications when using mobile data! However, after installing, I now miss all email push notifications while on WiFi (which I wasn't missing before). I am wondering if this is, perhaps, due to restricting background data for GMail over mobile, though I wouldn't be sure how. Any help resolving this issue (even just a "I never plan on fixing this") would be appreciated. EDIT: Problem seems to have resolved itself after force-quitting PNF and then restarting it (and making sure to hit apply settings).

Abdew T

Excellent app I have been using this app for a few days. Thus far, the app seems to be doing its job, very well. I have the interval set to 1 minute for both 4g and Wi-Fi connection, and it doesn't seem to affect the battery life.

jo ma

great, but i really just don't need this... because i have ROOT :D thank you dev for making this version. i will use other if i need it (shabby router ) cuz other doesn't run in background. thanks dev. i might use it just to be safe, router is very poor.

Steve P

Broken since lollipop update?? Seems to work intermittently now since I updated to lollipop on nexus 4.:-\

Stefano Nicoletti

LG-G FLEX Does exactly what it should sorry I didn't find this application sooner. My hat off to the developer excellent

A Google User

This app didn't work at all on my phone, whatsapp messages still take 30-60mins to deliver.

anhari raushanfikri

Doesn't work on my moto g.. On wifi, i don't get line and whatsapp notifications sometimes

Denis l

doesnt do nothing at all for xiaomi mi 3 mi 3 google mail doesn,t work push notification at all.i can wait for 20 hours and it will not arrive!

chris sondang

missing why this application disappears in the "background cache". PNF whether it is still running? when i click apply does not happen, what is it was already running application?

wilson ganks

Don't know yet Do I need to leave the app open in background or I can exit it?

Luther Ester

Didn't work Didn't work. One notification was 20 minutes late. Another 30 minutes late.

Don Rosa

Does Not Work Did not work for me: -(

Jonathan Emert

Works for VZW Note 4 Helped save me from taking a sledge hammer to this brand new phone! Helps keep notifications pretty much to real time. Except Hangouts notifications sometimes... but that app tends to be all kinds of hosed so I don't blame PNF

Philippe Simard

Wonderful app Was experiencing delays on Nexus 5 with push emails and WhatsApp. It solved my issues. Thanks to the developer.

Mukui Mutunga

Love it! I live on a collage campus and for some reason my notifications for emails, hangouts and any other messaging forum are delayed (sometimes up to an hour!) I have been using this app on my s4 for a little over six months now. Does an absolutely fantastic job. I set it once and completely forgot about it. P.S - this only happens on my college campus since I can't exactly change the settings on the router. At home on my personal network it works fine without this app.

mohammed farag

works perfect It solved the delay in Data connection with what'sup and viper. They used to work with wifi but not data network. the problem solved now.

Alexandru Tanase

Nexus 5 Great app, does what it's meant to do.

Junior Chandan

Superb!!!!!! A song for this app- Where have you been all my life!!:p

Akeem Foster

Great app I was having problems getting push notifications from alot of my news/sport apps on my s5. After I downloaded this I noticed a huge change in the amount of notifications I got. Either there's a problem with Samsung or all the apps push services... Anyhow if your experiencing problems, get this ap!

Neil Freeman

Great app! Does exactly what I needed.

Jasmine Pierce

Perfect! I taje it back.... NOT WORKING...

Dario Vargas

Not really fast but works like a charm Amazing app. I think that root version of this aplication works a lot better. Average 25.5 sec from i send the email to my lg g3. On moto x 2s without the app installed.

Michael Audren

Absolute f******-tastic It fixed everything. Kudos!

Shajahan Shaik

Miui v5 mi3 Don't know if it does work for real on my mi3

MouSsa W

Does exactly what it says awesome work hats off to the Dev

melvin tai

Nice Awesome apps but there are still whatsapp notification delayed sometimes or even didnt notify. Phone dont restart when select the apply settings button .

Novruz Mehdizade

good job its really working. thanks to developer


Worked perfectly for Huawei Ascend p7. Had problems from the start with push notifications, so that even my alarm on the phone wouldn't work. This app solved it all, the alarm, messaging apps notification arrive on time, just a general live saver. Thank you!

Андрей Грешников

Good Well, it works and doesn't drain battery a lot. Nothing to add :)

Don 黄

I don't get it I dont know how to use these functions and how they work. Please explain.

Mars Richmond

It's ok I downloaded this app, due to the whatsapp help page directing me towards. Can't say it's made a difference.

Matt Hardin

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I had a notification delay ever since I got my s6. Tried everything possible even got a replacement phone but still nothing. This app fixed it my emails are coming in good. Thank you for creating this app!!!


Top app, dev Please ignore the ignorant people who have left low ratings without knowing how to use the app. You've made a top app. Thank you!

Prince Mahesh

Loving it.... !!! ❤ It the first app i install whenever i do reset....the must have app ?

Chris Palmer

Well HOT Damm! I'm not one to beef up a rating. I tell it like I see it. Had a new gateway installed by Comcast this month and since, I have not been able to receive push notifications on my devices. Ipv6 issue I assume. I installed this ap and....walla! Receiving notifications again. Thank u sooooo much!

Peter Scott

Do you have the new Ring Video doorbell and a Samsung Android phone? Are the Alerts either not working or only work half the time? Well those jagoffs at Ring won't tell you about this free application unless it gets escalated to their real engineers. My iOS devices worked fine, so it wasn't an issue with hardware or my network. THIS FIXED MY NOTIFICATION ISSUES! I had wiped my phone (which included my Gear S smartwatch), and all I really needed was this app. If it keeps the Android ring app working over the next few days I WILL send the developer a few bucks. Ring should hire him, he obviously knows Android better than them.

David Torres

PUSH NOTIFICATION PROBLEM? Awesome app! I missed so many notifications and almost gave up. This app is simply amazing. Works great!!!

Rae. Unicorn

This is a great app before I used to get whatsapp notifications really late now I get them immediately, I would totally recommend this app to anyone who ever has problems with receiving notifications. I love this ?

Ivan Kozul

No Function This application were supposed to help with all notifications but is useless. .I got my WhatsApp messages 6 hours later instead of every 2 minutes lap..DON'T INSTALL IT...

Chris V

Didn't work for me. Nothing wrong with the app, really. Wish Google would fix this issue and ipv6 too.

Dimi Averilla

Fixed my push notifications on WiFi Worked straight away. As soon as I installed it I opened the app, kept settings on 5 minutes and chose apply. I tried to make a donation but Google Play isn't accepting visa debit cards? Shame. Thanks fellas.

Tarık Sarper

I fixed it! I didn't see my notifications from Tumblr and Whatsapp but now, after using this. I can get EVERY notifications at the time. (Set it to 1 minutes drastic)

shaun coley

Yes it is as good as they say. I had issues with WhatsApp and put this on and problem solved. I then removed this app and they returned. I am now a convert this has permanent phone space.

Vickie Gadd

Perfect Does exactly what it says it will. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc, all come through with no delay at all.


Wow im amazed Worked like a charm. Wasnt getting any notification when screen was off, it works now!

Mareen Elu

Does not give me hangouts updates I installed this to get notified about new hangouts messages. But it does not do it. I'm using wifi and set it to 4 or 5 min and when i opened hangouts i saw a message which was sent 1 hour ago.

Jay Cai

Awesome app, to fix what Google engineers are too lazy to figure out. Non-rooted phone support is even better for a wider audience. Thanks!

Wuff zu Wuffenberg

It saved me from smashing my new Samsung S6 Thaaaaanks!!!! Now notifications for vkontakte are getting through. Was close to smash my S6 Edge because I missed most notifications before I installed this app.

Jasmin Pepeljak

Amazing I had WhatsApp issues, messages being delayed, so I stumbled on a post referring me to this app...its been 5 months since then and never had issues again! :) I encourage everyone who have notification problems to install it! :) Also support the developer and donate! :) He really did deserve it! :)

Mars Richmond

It's ok I downloaded this app, due to the whatsapp help page directing me towards. Can't say it's made a difference. Quick update, this app still doesn't do what it is meant to do. I think these developers need to smash their heads with those from whatsapp and Make something that works

Bilal Ahmed

Loved it so far I bought a Huawei honor 4 c and it's great except for it's notifications glitch that is with even the most expensive Huawei phones. Notifications were not prompt, they were not there until I turned Wi-Fi on and sometimes they used to appear only after phone was checked. With this very light app on my phone, I am getting instant notifications.

Donald Fair

Doesn't help I installed it and there is no difference in my straight talk galaxy s 5. Bummer, I really need push notifications.

John McGoldrick

jsmoke639 Don't know if works, but like the concept.

Muhammad Abrar Ul-Haq

Amazing Works well. I used to get notifications late. Now i get them instantly.

Andrew Maize

Very good You should be hired for android. Very professional gj man!

Berenice Toscano

No works It does not work. ?

Andy Nugen

This app really save me a lot of headache with figuring out what's with the intermittent and delay notification with the Ring Video Doorbell app and the MyQ garage control app. I started receiving immediate notifications right after I install this app. Awesome!!!

Kartono Wihardja

solved my issue ! Nice work. Solved the no notification issue in my phone ! and btw, it works for whatsapp too in my phone. Thanks for the works ! Donated.

A Google User

Don't know if it works.

Indra Aja

Its good enough, but why there is no run at boot option?

Re He

Seems to work intermittently Some Google voice messages still come through at a delay.

Steve P

Most useful app on my phone Tried loads of fixes but this is the only one that works..highly recommended great work.

Howard Lane

I can receive Skype calls again! This has fixed a problem I've been having for 18 months with Skype calls not being notified... excellent! thank you very much to the developer is there any chance of a permanent notification to let me know it's working?

Guy Coniglio

It works. Plan and simple, my notifications happen instantly now. Thanks so much

Maikoe Alaniz

Worked like a charm God damn, son. This fixed the notification issue on a Moto G 2013 LTE instantly, great job.

Jimmy Canadezo

Thank you for being awesome. As a developer the GCM timeout was killing me - this app fixed that problem.

Matt Hardin

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I had a notification delay ever since I got my s6. Tried everything possible even got a replacement phone but still nothing. This app fixed it my emails are coming in good. Thank you for creating this app!!!

Milhaen Ghadyali

Works works works This works. What more do u want.

Dwi Prakarsa

Instruction please Do you have any instruction??

Satria Widya

Lenovo a6000 Not working on my phone???

Apalak Banerjee

Very very very thanks!!!!!!! It works 100%. Just set the setting at heartbeat per min and it will do the job . Thanks.

Vaishnavi Trivedi

Thanks alot My notifications get delayed for minutes but now thank you for this app

Mark Langton

Battery killer It does what it's supposed to, however it kills the battery life as the phone doesn't sleep ever. So if you want to always get notified instantly then use it - at the expense of battery life

Jason Neron

I have a Moto X Play with Marshmallow 6.0.1 and this app doesn't work. After phone goes to sleep in house with my WIFI on, I don't get notifications until I pull my phone out of sleep.


It's a battery eater.. Push notification is big battery eater & kills my battery constantly. Please sort out this problem so now m uninstalling this app...

Thesaurus Rex

Sort of worked for two days I used this for Hangouts and Gmail and it worked for about two days in Hangouts (but never in Gmail). Back to not getting timely notifications however so I will be uninstalling.

AgEeLaN aSoGaN

:) ... :( After couple of days, this app doesn't work anymore. It's a fail.


It's a real battery eater.. Push notification is big battery eater & kills my battery constantly. Please sort out this problem so now m uninstalling this app...

Gbenga Ademisoye

Wow! What a relief. Kudos to the software developer. Couldn't even receive/send messages on my BBM. Whatsapp was just delayed/no notification but this app came to my rescue just when I was trying to upgrade to marshmallow in order solve the issue. Keep it up man!

Brandt Absolu

Does the job well This app has completely fixed the notification problems I've been having on my Nexus 4, which is being used as my home automation server. My Nexus 5X, which replaces it as my daily driver, recently got updated to Android 7.0, but Google still hasn't fixed the issue - this app will definitely be going on there too.

Matt Quinn

Convenient! This app is incredible! I've been having the delay issue but didn't know what to search to find the solution. Luckily I came across this app and it seems to be working great! Thank you so much!

Meg Kubo

Oh my.... I read some reviews of this app and someone mentioned about the ring doorbell camera. I use it and I never receive the notifications. I was so tired to deal with it..... But.... This app solved everything! The guy who left the review was absolutely right! The company should pay this developer and fix the problems! So many people have already complained about missing notifications and they still cannot fix this problem. Anyway, Thank you so so much ???


Still doesn't work properly Push notification is still not working when my family calls me on Viber or WhatsApp it doesn't give any response. Please sort out this problem so now m uninstalling this app...

Myemøshit Da Emø Queen

This is a great app before I used to get whatsapp notifications really late now I get them immediately, I would totally recommend this app to anyone who ever has problems with receiving notifications. I love this ?

Brenton Haack

Works like magic I was trying for the longest time to fix my delayed notifications issues with Gmail and other apps. As soon as I installed this the problem was fixed.

Alexandru Gaman

Best app Only way to fix my notifications problem!

Turtle Vibes

Works great Does what it's supposed to. Effects battery life drastically though. All in all its worth it

George Vuong

Uh this just bricked my phone... Do NOT download this.

Jeff Altorfer

a quick and easy fix does exactly what it says, keeps the connection alive. Uninstall it, and you are back to original state. What more can you ask? Thank You

imran shaikh

Waste of time Not working at all i hate it

Blazed Amazed

Espn I got this app hoping it will help with my espn app notifications its the only app im not getting stuff for it, i hope it works if anyone else has tried it for espn app lmk cuz i have all notifactions on for it

Arnab Sutradhar

This app is great. Earlier I used to get late WhatsApp messages. But with PNF, I get those messaes on time.

Cody Brah

Worked a treat Wasn't getting any notifications from messenger or snapchat, now I am. Thanks developer, I appreciate ya

Kelly Godlien

It worked!! After months of my email notifications being inactive, this did the trick.

Tom Collings

Doesn't work. Android 6 Doesn't work for android 6 issue on one plus x

Varghese C J

Really helped Thank you, this has solved the issue which I was phasing for last 2 months after I upgraded to marshmallow

Mayank Patel

Hat's off to the developer... Solved the very well known WhatsApp notification issue very easily. Just loved it.

Manan Shah

Superbb worked for me!!!! ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 5.5. Yo!! ?

Cedric Burton

Nice Very good

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