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13 Jun
Public Transport Victoria app

Posted by Public Transport Victoria in Travel & Local | June 13, 2016 | 201 Comments

Apk file size: 5.5 MB

The Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Android app is your one-stop-shop for Victorian public transport journey planning information and is free to download from the Google Play store.

Offline mode is not available in this app. The app is online only and requires an internet connection. This means the app always provides you with the most up-to-date public transport information.

Whats new

    - Minor enhancements

Public Transport Victoria part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 13, 2016. Google play rating is 71.8884. Current verison is 1.1.3. Actual size 5.5 MB.

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Graham Keith

Wow, this is embarrassing. Rather pull it from the store. Still doesn't show journey details. Journey details screen always comes up blank. Can not even select destination, screen also always comes up blank.

naveen ravindran

Favorite store keeps getting deleted, journey planner not good As always journey planner is not accurate, I just want the departure times which is a hassle as well, due to no favorites. I have to repeat the actions again and again..

Sean Lanigan

Finally does SmartBus departure times! I've been waiting for years for this app to integrate with the electronic signage, finally I don't have to run to the bus stop to find the bus is 20 minutes late. The data seems to be a bit delayed though. Also, some of my favourites still disappear at times, and there's no function to remember a journey.

Nick Mellor

Good app let down by UI Amazing what this app does and how well. But horrible to use. Clunky unintuitive and has a cobbled together feeling throughout.

Obit Chan

Need to upgrade It's good to have this app, but it's not connected/linked to google map, so when I use gmap I can't fine any public transportations. It will be better if PVT connected to gmap, so I can use both and it gives me good options to choose. Sometimes, the option that I got from this app is not correct, it is not up to date with the new schedules. I hope it can be better next time.

Wadz Galsim

Blank Still getting blank pages after selecting the desired trip. Please fix it. Issue started after latest update

Hayden Jones

It's complicated It's been a long wait for this app to become available for Android. It works, but it is also very complicated and unintuitive. No live train status, confusing tram statuses and poor presentation. This app is a good start - but it has a long way to go.

Anthony Weare

Better than expected but rubbish Finally some accurate trip planning for the price we pay for myki. Don't think this mildly positive review keeps you off the hook: Release the timetable data to Google maps. Cut the excuses, swallow your pride and do us a favour. Improvements: give us more than three services when searching for a journey time, or give us an option to extend our search for the next available with one press. Or just release the data to Google. As soon as this happens I uninstall this app.

Nathan Basile

Mm Just use here maps because it's easier :') but it works so 5 stars

matthew baines

Won't show nearby transport After the update it doesn't show the bus/tram/train stops nearby

Joshua Bobbermen

Almost perfect This app is very handy, although there are a few bugs. Most annoyingly, favourite stops seem to disappear occasionally.

Matthew Ronalds

Blank page - please fix Not showing "set journey preferences" page or timetable for the trip that is selected.

S.wettw R.ttert

Does not work Since recently refuses to load any data. Even after a reinstall. Unusable. ... Apparently, this only happens on wifi

Andrew Hopcroft

Bad UI... Bad UI and hardly any features. Takes ages to do anything. Waiting for Google Maps to get this data so I can uninstall this one.

Tim Cunningham

Incorrect information Ive been told trains are leaving at certain tines when they are not and ive been late to work 4 tines because of this wont be using it again

Josh Chia

Just let Google Maps do it 5min tram ride to southern cross. App suggests 1hr40min ride. Slow clap for your slow app.

Dylan Pedersen

Works okay. But the app needs to stop deleting my favourite stops every few days. Why does it do that?

VVin Wu

Could be better with ... Offline timetable, Sync Favourites using Cloud (via GDrive etc.), A working preference saving (pref does not become default!), renaming favourites, choosing the types of destination, individual stops bus checking (ie. all buses for each stop. (if this is already available, make it easier to access)). To sum up, this app is usable, but could really be improved. At least bring the android version up on par with iOS one.

Leigh Sharp

Bug-Ridden crap. What point is a public transport app that gives you the wrong timetable? Tapping on a train service from Pakenham to Flinders St gives you the timetable for a train from Flinders St to Sunbury that left 6 hours ago. Useless.

manpreet kaur

doesn't give exact tim3 table ... m at noble park loking 4 pakenham train its after 3 mintes and app shows after 15 mintues.

Kenny Chu

Eh, it's OK. When ever I need to check time and always works not breaks like others have said. This is all I expect from this app, not other gimmicks this apps can do. Thanks

David Jackmanson

Stop deleting my favourite stops! I live in Moe and work in Melbourne. I have a lot of stops I need to save to let me shuttle around the Latrobe Valley and Melbourne. So it's VERY frustrating when some of the favourite stops I have carefully set up get deleted every few days. How hard is it to keep a favorites list the way I left it???

Tim Coombs

Data usage Massive increase in background data use in the last update. Mine used 400kb foreground and 122mb background in one day! Not great when I have a data limit of 1gb for the month

Phoebe Willetts

Seems buggy Have been trying to use this app for some time. Won't load next 5. Won't load trip planner. Set journey preferences won't load. Time table extremely limited to 1 bus/tram/train time table. Very frustrating because this is a great app for Apple users and not really worth downloading onto Android...

Marylyn Davies

Needs tweaking Please stop deleting my favourites. It was fine before

Andrew Thomas

City guide in my pocket This app is truly amazing. It doesnt matter where you are, this app will tell you how to get there and even when to start your journey based on your desired arrival time. Brilliant.

Omer Zevulun

Bad not up to date not reliable! !!! Bad not up to date not reliable! !!!

Lauren M

Always inaccurate The timetables on the journey planner are almost always out by 3-5mins unless trains just decide to run a few mins earlier. I also get times come up in the journey planner when there are no trains stopping at a station (express) & some trains that do stop & don't even appear on the timetables.

patrick watterson

Its good to know that the app you use daily doesn't work after updating

Jodie Lucker

Could be better The app works ok. It's really frustrating though when it deletes your favourite stops for no reason. One minute you see them, next they're gone. Then it's near impossible to find your bus stops again. Buggy, needs to be fixed.

Ryan Adiputra

Keep deleting my favourites after few days Okay, the app works with some glitch here and there.

sanath dasari

No updates regarding train cancellations and late arrivals and departures

Kieran Hanrahan

Easy planning Seems fairly simple to operate and plan a journey and great to have this as an app as is something I use constantly when planning to travel on my computer.

Steven Quach

The app seems to use up an excessive amount of my battery! Besides that major issue everything works great!

Dilan Dissanayake

Fast & does the job. Far better than a previous version I used to use in Android. Would have been 5 stars if it had offline timetables and routing.

Foxi Moron

Crashes on open....every time. New install, latest version, can't open without crashing. Don't waste your time.

Alistair Michener

Dont know if its the app or the information feed. Craigieburn timetables are so consistently wrong. Would be a great app if times were right

Sengor Kusturica

Come on people. It's really not that bad...

Brian McGlashan

Does not work on android Just a white screen instead of train times. Please give the data to Google and let them do it properly.

Kel Stewart

Getting worse. Never used to crash, now every time I open it. Useless. 11 June 2015: All saved bus stops in my favourites list = Gone! Pathetic. Poor programming at best... Quite embarrassing really. Now app crashes, without fail, every day. Deleting this app now... Going back to browser. (Would be nice if PTV actually read these reviews, and made changes accordingly... But I don't think they have the skill set required... They do have the funding though, as they seem to enjoy ripping off all of their customers with overpriced fares and lousy customer service).

Warren Jay

Times are incorrect These times are incorrect especially on the Cranbourne and Pekenham lines. I'm not sure about the other line. Roughly, the app shows two to three minutes ahead of actual times and I always miss the train. Otherwise, the app is better than the previous metlink app.

Luke Herrick

Great app Well designed, has allowed me to easily navigate the sometimes confusing behemoth that is melbourne public transport. Some kind of gps hookup to show where you are.on the route would be good. As well as better station/address/landmark search function for journey planner, but that would just be gravy. Sweet app.

Ollipop Omega Beck

A few recommendations Could you please add some way of saving and/or keeping the journey I've planned. It's a massive pain going back to see what I should be doing next, only to find it's gone. A way of telling where to get on and off on the map would be great also, for a trip involving two trams, when I look on the map there is no way to distinguish between the first team and second, it just looks like one big trip. Also, the ability to set my walking speed as fast, permanently would be great so I don't have to do it every trip

Conroy Cheers

Pretty bad It works, but pales in comparison to the offerings from other apps (looking at you Google Maps). Please please please PTV, get your game together and make the timetable data available for Google

Mark Arthur Simanjuntak

Poor planning functionality, non intuitive Journey planner can't find Street corners (eg corner bell and Sydney road), unlike the browser version. Fiddly to view later or earlier alternative plans. Won't choose departure time if too soon after the real time. Suboptimal decision if you are almost equidistant to two alternative stops to start the journey from (eg bus stop or train station). can't view timetable easily.

Jeel Patel

Worst app It doesn't show any type of description of journey screen come blank I wont recon to use it

Alex Ivanov

Doesn't show accurate times, just confuses you Wanted to plan my journey, put in all the details. It showed me that the trip will take 7 hrs and I have to leave at 12:30 am lol. No, thank you :)) Please let Google do the job instead!

Brett Reilly

Needs Work Not intuitive, for a public app, the ui should be intuitively easy for a majority of the population. To change locations and times it's a back and forth process that in this year of 2015, should not be an issue from day one with the right planning. This is why you should have an expert overseer watching over the project and not some public servant who uses the train to go to work and go home. Research is not easy, the questions you ask are before producing a public menace. Though a useful app needs a lot of user control design fixes it does work. Thanks for reading.

Darren Hatty

So long Waited ages for the android version of the ptv app. Better than the ios version too.

Josh Lynch

Why aren't you giving Google Maps access to public transport data??? I've been living in Singapore for the past 3 years and have travelled around the world. Nearly every 1st world city I've visited has public transport data, including routes and times available on Google Maps, but of course when I visit my home town of Melbourne I discover we are still backwards and forcing people to download another app that doesn't do half as good of a job. Very disappointing Melbourne!!

isaac fletcher

Blank info screens. Until the fix all the blank white screens and replace them with actual information. This app is useless.

Karissa McCabe

Loses my saved favourites So frustrating... i set the favourite train stations and bus stops, then after a couple of weeks, if that, they disappear. Fail.

Chris C

Favourites disappear Every time I use this app some of my favourites are deleted and I need to re select them.

Richard Burleigh

Wrong information = Significant Delays Please just share your data will 3rd party providers like the rest of the world.

Lone Wolf

Not working! Typed in the journey start and end. A list of journey options came up but cant get details of each option. Using Android 4.4.2 on Samsung S5.

raveen perera

Same problem again and again You cannot edit ya locations and time.. need to fix this

jason 87

Doesn't work properly Update: still after 8 months nothing is appearing when you view details of any trip. Seriously what a waste and a pathetic excuse for an app, people rely on these sort of apps. Nothing appears on screen half the time when checking timetables for train. Terrible app please fix. Using Galaxy s4. Seriously you've had long enough to take into consideration that there is a clear fault on the s4, stop being ignorant and do something about it, pathetic.

Shreyas Boppana

Poorly written Missing many basic features that Google has. E.g. searching for landmarks rather only addresses. Also needs to save the state while switching apps rather than losing all data.

Roy Joseph

this app was really great before the last update. now its just a waste of space. its just blank when you search the details for a trip. soo bad. lot of people rely on this app hope it will be fixed soon.

Aftab Kashif

App Bug - Getting BLANK SCREEN the app is OK, but please fix the blank screen that appears after clicking the 'Set Preferred Journey' button. This bug makes the app totally useless. please fix it at the earliest.

James Hamilton

Trip details and prrferences broken Neither of the above show anything when selected rendering this app less useful that paper timetables. Please fix!

Asad Rehman

I am having difficulty in using it every time i want to see a pathway to my destination, a black white screen is all i can see

Nadine Anderson-Conklin

Ugh This app is sh*thouse. Don't bother.

Michelle Muszkieta

Useless app doesn't work Won't load my journey details , the screen appears for a second then disappears and I'm left with a blank page. This has been like this for a couple of months fix it !!!!

Zach le Roux

Google maps user Why is google maps not linked to this?

Ian Carrington

Worse than Myki and that is a challenge. Couldn't even look ahead a few days and plan a journey.

Rishi Patel

PTV Excellent information given by this app.

Francis Ly

You need a refresh button or a fix Favorite planned journeys on the home page when pressed does not show any information unless refreshed. Program it so when clicked it refreshes the page shown to the users. Liking the app so far ?

baz singh

Almost perfect Please fix the journey prefrence issue for example earliest arrival to my destinarion is by 11 minute walking (i have set max walking to 30 minutes ; preference earliest arrival) still it shows boarding another bus, to do so i have to wait for 19 minutes. So it voids the preference earliest arrival. Please fix that . Thank you.

klaudia c

It's terrible Doesn't show interuptions properly. Still shows not working stops... thanks to that I'm late for work. and could show real time for the trains like in tram app (tram tracker)

Madura Eleperuma

Absolutely brilliant! I found this app to be invaluable during my first few months after migrating to Australia. I did not have a car and relied heavily on this app to get around Melbourne. Did not fail me single time.


Constantly clears entered data You can't see more than 3 options at once,and if you change the screen and want to come back to it, it deletes everything and you have to enter it again. It also doesn't give a vast array of options, or routes compared to what Google maps does in London or Amsterdam.

gillie girl

Not user friendly I know what transport I want, I don't want journey planner to open up every time i start the app. now i am going back to the old fashioned but reliable timetables. The old app had its flaws but I find this a waste of time.

Kenneth Chai

Not usable Nearly impossible to find what you need when you know exactly what you need to find. Journey planner is OK when you don't know how to get there, but good luck trying to find the timetable for your stop. Search is clunky, stops are arranged by alphabetical order instead of stop order.

Yi Wenn Tan

Download if you like crashes This app is constantly crashing and causes my phone to warn me that this app is slowing my phone's performance. I can't even search under the 'next 5' option and instead I get the 'Plan journey' option. Looks like transport isn't the only area PTV wants to be unreliable in.

Shane O'Brien

Live tracking? Live tracking of what? Because it certainly isn't of buses! Says 1 minute away, then check again 30 seconds later and it now says 7 minutes. OR... It counts down to when it thinks your bus it due, then shows the following one – 23 minutes away? No, the first one hasn't gone past yet. You would be more accurate thinking-up a random figure of your own – dodgy as fk.

Stephen Perry

Inaccurate arrival times Realtime arrival times for buses are wildly inaccurate to the point I can't trust this app. This might have helped deal with the dismally unreliable bus service if it gave accurate information on delays etc, but alas it's back to using the equally reliable method of "wild guesses" to determine when the bus will come.

matthew baines

Update makes it even harder to use After the update I can't even find out how to just look at the timetable. Its almost impossible to use

Cam Ikaze

Worse than useless Worst app I've ever used. So far today it's cost me 4 hours and a $50 uber through misinformation and being just generally awful. I hope something terrible happens to the developers at fault and whoever made the decision for Melbourne to not pay for Google maps PT like every other city on the planet. I'm really struggling not to swear whole typing here.

shaheen yousaf

Best Update ever Latest update is a Job well done .. all bugs removed, very nice interface and favorite teavel can be added easily.. works like a charm !!!

Peter Alexander

Useless When starting application. show Melbourne times, have to wait for update, for ballarat, like old one better. This not a improvement, but more inconvenience, not happy. I would give a Zero, so give you 1. Not everybody lives in Melbourne.

Crystal Mather

The new update is stupid and very difficult to use. 10/10 do not recommend.

Luca Monachesi

Easier to walk with gmaps than using this app I don't know why google maps can't display the public transport of Melbourne, but it would be a benefit for everybody if it would. This is probably the worst app on my phone which should deliever useful information and help me. Instead you search around the app, searchfunction doesn't find hotel, current location jumps/wrong even when other apps display the correct one, changes route every time you change your position, even if your old one pointed here...

Pirate Justyna

Useless App Older version was so much better. I could actually plan a journey for whichever day/time I wanted to. Now I can't even get to timetables to get ALL the times. Just a stupid journey planner that I DON'T want. It's now absolutely USELESS. 0 stars.

Nikolai Aristov

No zero star option This app has no maps, so it's totally useless when trying to go somewhere in Melbourne using public transportation.

Max Goenawan

Bring the actual time back. Bus times are now in minutes, instead of the actual times. I've found it even more difficult to use. Bring the actual times back, and let us work out the elapsed times ourselves.

Kat Evans

What do yo expect from a ptv app Surprisingly helpful tools including reminders to get you walking to your stop on time

Elise Özdil

Love this app! This app is very easy to use and is very helpful. I like the new reminder option, which makes sure I am able to be where I need to go on time! I highly recommend this app to anyone who travels frequently.

Izzy De La Pena

Older version better With the new update, the bus times now show '50 minutes' instead of the actual time. Please change it back. Or at least an option whichever setting we want.

Matthew Kinnia

Massive improvement From what this app was, it is a massive improvement, I can actually use this app and all the functions now. However, PTV should really incorporate myki functionality; the ability to view your balance, and get an estimate of the travel cost when planning a journey. The NSW Opal Card app does this really well, and they even have NFC functionality! Come on PTV make our transport infrastructure world class.

Jake Beverley

Crap since update I try to view the timetable for the next day and it takes me to journey planner. Please just change it back to the way it was before the update


Frustrated I don't understand how the managed to make an awesome app basically useless. Now the journey planner can only plan your journey given the start time... I want to know which service I need to catch to get to my destination by a certain time. Also the timetables are not helpful since you can only view a single line at a time. When you have multiple lines passing through your stop, you need to open up each end line individually. PLEASE just revert the app to how it was.

Chris McEvoy

First impressions Much better; feels more like a proper Android app rather than an iPhone app port.


Its ok if you're not in a hurry spend to much time looking at a blank screen while it tries to figure out what stops are near. Its to slow if you quickly need to determine a platform number. If you just do trains use train trapper it works even offline.

Natalie Cheney

Time Glitch/Error I need to plan a journey and the only results that show up are at 5am when I need to travel at 10pm. Please fix.

Joshua Bobbermen

Useful The latest update is clean and user friendly. The new interactive map and reminders are welcome additions.

garry heavey

Journey planner When i want a train from a-b the app tells me to go the long way around, useless app for journey planner, only good for timetables

Lily-Marcelle Baz

Not good The times are very inaccurate and end up having to wait half an hour when the app says only 1 minute left

David Mcmillan

Like another few users on here.When starting application it shows Melbourne times and you have to wait for it to update itself to your exact location. please dont say its my gps problem as i get my gps from a qstarz 818xt which updates 10hz a second so fix your stupid app. big fat 0

Tanish Naik

Interface is a lot better than the previous version. Would appreciate offline timetable support though

Cabel John Gribben

Time saver Everything you need, not on a webpage. Finally.

Nathan Bishop

One way ticket to crapsville pls Used to work .... ok i guess, but no longer can you set any preferences in journey planner, not very handy for planning for instance, a journey.

Andrew Cathie

Latest update has broken the app. Can no longer bring up timetables or Next 5 data, it just tries to force me into a journey planner from Melbourne

Tim Witham

Awesome update The new design is a big improvement. Being able to see disruptions that apply to departures (next 5) and journey plan itineraries is great. Reminders are a nice touch. Can we get these for regular depatures please? Keep up the great work!

Kashif Khoso

Loved the new UI Looks much more informative and cleaner now. Reminder feature is really good.

Jess King

Unusable The update ruined the app. Cannot search for bus times now and its now unusable.

Ben Singh

Seriously. I look to next five and it gives me plan a journey to the stop, not the next five. I can only get bus timetables going in one direction. Appalling. This public transport system is terrible enough without an app with only half the data to go with it and a broken search function.

Stephen Perry

Wildly inaccurate arrival times Realtime arrival times for buses are wildly inaccurate to the point I can't trust this app (arrival time sits at "1 min" for about 10 minutes). This might have helped deal with the dismally unreliable bus service if it gave accurate information on delays etc, but alas it's back to using the equally reliable method of "wild guesses" to determine when the bus will come.

Helen Miller

Useless I use to like this app, it was somewhat useful but since updating, it is now useless and I hate everything about it. The only thing it tells me is that the date and time are incorrect and it doesn't even give an option to correct it. I typed in one of the main train stations in Melbourne and it doesn't even it.

Jay Chamings

Slow, inaccurate and poorly designed Wouldn't it be great if the "real time" bus times were actually that. I can't work out how you can even fail at that so badly!

Mike Bawlz

Satisfactory Usually works well. But it sets up some silly journeys sometimes, connecting through Parliament instead of Richmond. This adds 10+ minutes travel. It would be nice to have possible connection alternatives - being told to catch a bus because it comes 1 minute earlier than a train is terrible. You wait for the bus which is inevitably late, and watch your train come and go at the station next to the bus stop. Just offer "connections within 5-10min".

Rachel White

Unexperienced It's clear to me in your latest update that developers have very little experience with what we want in an app. If I click on a bus stop, I don't want to know how long it will take me to walk there (although that's handy in the journey planner, this wasn't that) .. I want to know when the next bus will be there.. given that it's a bus stop and you're a transport app. You can't share transport data with Google maps, we get it, but don't try to be google maps. Just focus on giving us a usable app please?

Phil Papas

Improved Seems to be an improvement on the version I was using a year ago. Fairly slick interface. The favourites work well. Accuracy of bus arrival times however is incredibly variable.

Lorenzo Camerlengo

I spent 30 minute to found a name of a certain tram stop.... You can find your destination but of course not an easy app that can help you if you don't know exactly all the details about.

Yazmin Velarde

Good, but could give more times Sometimes when I plan a journey on this app, it shows less possible train times compared to when I plan the exact same journey on the PTV website. Please fix this :( Other than that, this app makes for convenient travel.

Nathan Nan

I just want timetable, not plan journey automatically

Diane Lopez

Good app. Would be great if it only also included the express train times.

Jessie Pitts

Error message about date and time caused it not to work

Janice Aukuso

Great for me Used the app today, it was great using the GPS system. I wasn't wearing my glasses so couldn't see the street names. I than activated the maps feature & it was great & got me to the right stop. ******The only thing I hate is the frequencies of the 423 & 424 routes*****

Vixey Teh

Works Most of the Time I use the journey planner to plan all my trips. I've been using this app for years. It is pretty accurate and does put warnings for service disruptions. It is fairly easy to use and I like the interface. Minus one star because it doesn't warn you or change timetables on a public holiday.

Isabelle L

Inaccurate timings and unreliable Missed my bus. App displayed wrong timings, is slow, and is difficult to quickly navigate to my regular stops.

matthew baines

Notifications If there is a disruption on one of my favourites there should be a notification sent to make sure we know about it

Natalie Penniceard

Not showing possible routes lately Useless in its current state, will uninstall. Instead of telling me to catch a nearby bus to the station and take a train, which will get me home quicker, it inexplicably tells me to wait 20 minutes for a different bus to catch another bus to catch another bus? Even when I set the settings for leaving 10 minutes earlier, maximum walk distance and speed, and change settings to "earliest arrival", " least changes" etc. Needs updating for more responsive journey planning.

Yarni MacAlister

Where's my bus? Standing at the bus stop.... Where is my bus? The timetable online says it isn't due for 20 mins now I've checked so why is the app telling otherwise? I checked, no update.... Not good enough.

Thao Nhi Ho

The app doesnt give a right time :(

Leanne T

Really convenient! This is really great! Can you find a way to add on a list or something of train line statuses? Like the metrotrains website.


Excellent App! Amazing app! It's so useful and definitely an app that I couldn't do without when travelling to the city or catching public transport in general and love the app's new design too! Great work!

Michael Blunsden

Really simple to use. Hasn't let me down yet

Colin Nelson

It's almost OK It's great that the app returns you the details of your requested trip plus the following two, but two often isn't enough and getting the info for more trips is cumbersome. The website does this - surely an easy fix?


Helpful but needs improvement It would be nice when you plan your journey the app to mention the platform instead of running around to find it.

Janet Shelley

Dodgy but not much else to choose from While the timetables are accurate, plan journey is so temperamental.

Sal Geeves

Has no idea what the timetable is Terrible app if you plan to rely on it. Gives incorrect timetables, especially on Sundays.

Patrick Fenech

Great app Could you add to the app myki balance

Pete Savvides

Unhelpful Journey planning is illogical and misleading.

Tianhao Li

Need to have material design and widget Very good update and hope continuing

Jovilyn Arciaga

Better version! Much improvement made on this app! Im happy....

ash m

April 26th, very bad Suggestions and timetables are misleading.. I only used the app for mapping this day

Angus Monro

Very handy, very easy to use.

Joel Jeyachandran

Very useful Very useful


Doesn't account for clockwise anticlockwise App doesn't tell people when their is two stops with the same number and same towards route, with the only difference being the sign saying clockwise or anticlockwise. This needs fixing as it can put people on the wrong bus!

Stephen Perry

Wildly inaccurate arrival times Realtime arrival times for buses are wildly inaccurate to the point I can't trust this app (arrival time sits at "1 min" for about 10 minutes). This might have helped deal with the dismally unreliable bus service if it gave accurate information on delays etc, but alas it's back to using the equally reliable method of "wild guesses" to determine when the bus will come. *Edit: I came back to downgrade my rating, as the more I used the app, the more I realised how useless it is.

Oskar Koernig

Consistently inaccurate and difficult to use In the short space I have had this app, I have found timetables to be completely wrong leaving me to wait for huge stretches. Journey planner interface is not clear, and does not sort by the priority selected. Found that this leads me astray, rather than lead my way. Will be returning to my own guesswork.

Zac Finn

Inaccurate & Poorly Optimized App There is no reason to install this app. Inaccurate, unreliable and slow - just like the system it "tracks". Drains your battery fast due to amount of system resources it sucks up doing not much, and that's if it launches - it usually doesn't. Maps + timetables not stored in app & need to be downloaded separately. Bad app reflects bad transport system. Also is there any good reason it needs permission to your photo gallery apart from unwarranted invasion of privacy?

Srisaiyeekaran K

Platform number for VLine service. Why can't we have the platform numbers for VLine services like the regional metros. It could save the customers from touching off especially at Southern Cross just to check the platform number on the screens or walking by all the platforms and looking at the screen for the right train. Especially during peak hours. Hopefully we get the platform number visible for the v line aswell, atleast for the trains that are departing in the next 2 hours if not more. Cheers.

Elvira Muller

Yes it's OK I don't know why it's getting a one star . With trams and trains it's quite accurate with buses it's arrival may be a few minutes later but traffic can effect do people want to wait till the last nanosecond to go out to the bus etc

Sacheverell Hughes

Why? The app does not give the best or fastest route, it feels misleading, and it will omit some buses, trains etc because it does not always work the way it should.

Simon Mackay

A feature that this could benefit from would be an alarm function associated with the Next 5 display for a stop. Here, you are alerted whe a transport service is due to arrive within a certain time like 10 minutes so you don't need to wait at the stop for too long.

Michael Zhao

No next 5 Cannot find time tables of services anymore. The next 5 only redirects me to plan a journey

Lyndsey Lane

Needs to update timetables PTV's app is notoriously not updated and unreliable. Its embarassing when other transport app's are easier to use and better updated than ptv's official one. Use Moovit and Tramtracker if you actually want to get to your destination.

William Lovatt

Missing a feature As someone who commonly travels a great distance. The feature of clicking a button where it only shows you routes in zone two would be nice. Due to 98% of the time the trek from millgrove to dandenong is faster to get off in Ringwood and catch the 901 to dandenong. But it always shows up as telling me to go into the city which kicks up the fee from 5 dollars 40 to 8 dollars. Somewhat annoying. So please implement this feature

benji colbourne

It doe not show times, bus routes will dissappear. Please get it together, it is needed for alot of people.

Leonard Villani

Worst application imaginable I have never regretted a decision in my life more than the one to install this app on my phone, busses disappear from routes without warning, times are off by 5 to 10 minutes, terrible. Might as well just have a static time table, you might have more luck......

Mohammad Haseeb

It IS OK Google maps does a better job now that ptv data is available to gmaps.

Cam B

Doesn't work on android update!

Thecodster95 Xbox, Vlogs, Gaming

Best This app here really helps Me with getting to and from school

brooke hartley

It just doesn't work It used to but after update it dosent work

Yura Beno

You can learn a thing or two from Google maps. Your app showing inaccurate information and settings are confusing

Nick Hddcfcv

Not launching It's a bad app and can't even app like a pro

Stephen Doughty

Really useful app I use this app all the time

Mark Kang

Never Even Arrived on time fk sht train :) waste my time

Sofya Barysheva

Simply works Does what it should.

Elie Nassif

Works great and neat layout!

Matthew O'Connor

Woeful, completely woeful. All this app does is leave you frustrated. That is it. Stood waiting 20 minutes for a bus that was constantly one minute away. Completely woeful excrement!!

Giang Hai Ha

Bad 1. Trips involving bus are NOT correct, even if you arrive 5 minutes early the bus might have already gone. 2. "Current location" remembers a position I used to be months ago (other GPS apps correctly use my location) 3. Recommended routes are NOT the best routes

tim price

Useless for Vline. This app does not give accurate information for Vline travellers, and the 'next 5' trains for Vline stations are 5 different descriptions of the same train. A woefully poor app at the best of times, and totally unusable during the ongoing service disruptions / coach replacements.

Shane Johnston

Great but prefer how long to next bus or train Use this app all the time but latest update took away how many mins until next bus I loved that to look at time then shut app check clock and work out or look its easier to see 9 mins 22 mins after that

John Summerfield

Offline I think offline mode essential. Route information can readily be updated when Wi-Fi, preferably secured, is available. The point of secured Wi-Fi is to avoid download - limited free WiFi.

Fergus McAlpin

What's the point I've been using this app for several months. It is never accurate for train times on my line. The app states that it only displays scheduled train times. In spite of updating the app, the train times are still way off. So what's the point?

ash m

Lazy train driver May 7,flinders Street to Richmond then to lily Dale, I missed exchanging the trains cuz we arrived Richmond at 12:34pm, lily Dale departed 12:35. We're supposed to arrive 12:31 pm

Chinthamanee Lankatillake

Way better than before Seems to have improved a lot. Please give the exact times for bus/train/tram departure times instead of giving the number of minutes.

Murray Dovey

Useless The app itself works well, but unfortunately, the information it gives is woefully inaccurate. Which rather renders the whole thing a complete waste of memory.

Matt Reid

Few improvements would be handy... I use it for train, tram, and bus and it's pretty handy but I'd like to see bus times in "minutes to" as well as the time, regardless of how soon it's coming. Currently if it's less than 1hr away it doesn't give the due time, just how many minutes. Having both there would be great, or being able to set an option for minutes, clock, or both.

Maree-Claire Poggioli

This app just keeps getting better and better!! I love how the features and settings can be changed to fit not just me as an individual but my ever changing needs. As a single parent with no car or drivers permit that kind of flexibility is so important and helps make my life run so much smoother. Thank you PTV!!

Amarjit Singh

Timetable Honestly.... not worth the download effort. ... timetables of departing trains example... app indicated Craigeburn train leaving at 9.58am....I got dropped off at 9.49am.... only to find train leaves at 9.50am.... recheck change in time noted.... n worst of all... I had to catch a connecting train..... what a bummer? N platform changes at Flinders not updated.....


Useless What's the point? It tells you your bus is 10 minutes away. 10 minutes go by and it tells you your bus leaves NOW. Another minute goes by and it tells you the next bus is 23 minutes away. ... WTF? What happened to the first bus? Are they invisible now?

Stephen Perry

Wildly inaccurate arrival times Realtime arrival times for buses are wildly inaccurate to the point I can't trust this app (arrival time sits at "1 min" for about 10 minutes). This might have helped deal with the dismally unreliable bus service if it gave accurate information on delays etc, but alas it's back to using the equally reliable method of "wild guesses" to determine when the bus will come. *Edit: I came back to downgrade my rating, as the more I used the app, the more I realised how useless it is.

Clint E

Fantastic Can't understand the complaints?? Works perfect for me, have all my favourite stops saved for quick time search....found times to be accurate to timetable.... not apps fault if transport is running late or out of time....must have

David morrison

Very impressed Never thought i would say this but I am impressed. I can type in most addresses and tells me exactly what to do. Wow.. ill up date once i try it out.

Bastidge Child

Really bad app Train trapper does it better. Bus times are a sick joke.

Matthew O'Connor

I am using it more and more. I have been frustrated with this app in the past but I find myself using it more and more. If you are catching the bus, like I am, I recommend using this app.

Shahruq Sarfaraz

Good app! It's great but certainly there is a scope of improvement and yeah it always does not show the best "plan journey" options. I'm sure some work can be done.

Mohammad Abu Sayem

Fix up the bus time table You need to fix up 410 (Footscray to Sunshine) bus time table. All time 3 to 5 minutes fast from the bus listed time table. That's why sometimes i missed the bus.

Nick Gellatly

Inaccurate and difficult to use Information is often incomplete our wrong, and the app just kind of feels unfinished. One of the worst apps I have, but I still need it as there is no current alternative I am aware of.

Xen Xen

Inaccurate and useless Absolute garbage. Doesn't even show the right updates and platform numbers. Again what do you expect from an organization where they are more punctual in issuing fines than worrying about trains.

Mark Epi

Add walking icon Please don't include the time it takes to walk to the station and show the icon as a bus /tram/train show the walk time as an icon. So many times it forgets my starting preference and i think the trains leaving in x time when really it's calculated that time from how long it takes for me to walk to the station. Just show that as a walking icon ffs.

Blair Wyatt

Long Time Coming Finally a decent official, completely integrated network timetable. A few improvements to be made, such as myki balance management/topup, but still useful.

Chris Watkins

Can't paste an address into the address field, nor place the cursor in the text to make a correction. Generally not limited than, day, There are better apps - I like Öffi.

Randall Stephens

Update. The. Timetables. What else can I say? The functionality is fine, but if the information it provides is wrong, and no one is bothering to update/maintain it, then this thing is worse than useless.

Shanice Hojeij

It's so annoying when it says the bus is 10 mins away but then changes to 25 mins away! I'm starting to get fed up with this app.


Excellent App! Amazing app! It's so useful and definitely an app that I couldn't do without when travelling to the city or catching public transport in general and love the app's new design too! Great work!

Vikrant Grover

Was fine earlier, crashes on Android 6 Used to like this app. Worked well on earlier versions but crashes on Android marshmallow

lyneworks s

Trash The tram timing estimation is all rubbish. Not even accurate at all. Late partly because of the false timing they gave.

Vinthan Gunaratnam

Do not rely on this app Timetables never get updated and very misleading same as the staffs in the platform ?

Chris Veigas

Public transport sucks and the app of no use at all Not even a single bus i took was on time. Melbourne transport really needs to work on the transport system effciently as none of them are on time.

Lisa West

Some features ok The bus tracker is completely useless. Buses that say they are 12 minutes away arrive in two minutes etc. Journey planner ok

Ash Brient

Great app, easy to use. Looks good too! It's a great app, although I believe it should have Myki integration to allow travellers to check their balance or top up their card on the go via the app.

Brian Gieschen

Refreshing Really starting to get their act together with this well rounded app. Get your head around it at home before you need it all you knockers :-P

Jenny Moulden

Timetables not up to date Please update timetables - this app is virtually useless as is.

qwerty ytrewq

Trains Works like it shouls, I can see when the trains are and any delays

Jesse van Schoonhoven

Very helpful For an out of towner like me, this app was a godsend! I relaxed and enjoyed myself in Melbourne

Ahmad Hazim Ahmad Fuad

Not bad. It would be nice if i could check my Myki balance just by taping at my S6. I think PTV should start to think about it. Cheers.

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