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20 Sep
Prison Break: Lockdown (Free)

Posted by Amphibius Developers in Action | Sept. 20, 2016 | 213 Comments

Apk file size: 36.0 MB

You have been sentenced to death for murder. However, only you know you didn't commit the crime. Solve the puzzles, discover the hidden objects, manipulate the prisoners and guards, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape, and maybe then you'll get a chance to prove your innocence.

↗ An addictive prison escape game!
↗ Great, challenging and fun puzzles!
↗ Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenges await!
↗ Addicting mini puzzles!
↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms!
↗ Easy and fun to play!

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Amphibius Developers part of our Action and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 77.389. Current verison is 1.04. Actual size 36.0 MB.

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Joey Carpenter

Glitch on level 6 for me pliars disappeared!! If u don't know what to do on level 2 with string paper clip combine them get the rock from the wall by the guitar and brake the window and there u have it also take out the adds plz!!

Daniel T

Problem with ports The problem with ports of games is they never work as designed. There is no touch detection marker on the pliers in level 2, so even if you have the shoe string and paperclip merged and selected as your key item, you'll never be able to grab the pliers. If it sucks this bad in free mode, nobody is going to buy the pay version. I only gave one star, because you can't give 0.

adam amaro

To easy Game is boring and if your tired of pop ups turn off WiFi or your mobile data took me 20 mins to beat this game!

Eriberto Duran

Seriously. .. If your your going to have a game with only nine levels at least make it more challenging it was so easy, my nine year old figured it out

Bradley Langford

Uninstalled I installed this game and than uninstalled it after 30 minutes. I reached level 8 and it wouldn't work. The game just shuts down. The game is so easy that even a 5 year old kid can play it

Darryl Burke

The surprise pop-up ads in the middle of a level are annoying and cause you to tap on them in the middle of a level when you don't mean too. Not cool. The graphics are good, but the levels are boring, and use the same logic/puzzles over and over again.

Yan Wang

Piece of cake, so easy. Solved all nine levels in less than an hours. Too many and frequent ads though

james crowley

Great Enjoyed were a pain at times but all in all great game

steven mean

Fun Its not long but playing was. I'm taking off a star for the ads tho Yout could be a little less annoying with them

PoeticPrincess88 Tiffany

Very Interesting only can go to level 8 but its free soooo can't complain

Gene Aiello

Very good Good escape 'rooms' type game. A few minor bugs, but very good. I was able to complete the game.

Pino Cocca

Ok I was stuck on level 2 so I looked it up, I tried it but it wouldn't work. Also too many ads.

Neil Ullyott

This game is rubbish

Tiquon Davis

Easy Its easy I beat all of it but I give you five because it was challenging

Gabriel Negrete

Ok interesting Wont let me play pass level 8 keeps sending me back here like for me to download something idk

Martez Knight

The game is good I can play the game but when I got to level 8 it exits the game, but other than that I like the game

Daniel Unknown

Won't start Can't even play this game. I enter the first room and an ad pops up, I exit out of the ad and the game restarts.

bodee miller

Cell 3 It is fun and addicting but I have the shoe lace and finish the sink but I don't know the number code

Brittany Pulcini

Sadness I got to level 6 and could not figure it out so i went to see a walkthrough and to find out it has a glitch. So i could finish playing

andy leyden

Can't get passed level 2 even though I know what I need to do?

Alyssa Merideth

I don't know what to do If any body knows what to do in the first level please say something


Easy little game...but Way too much ad too often, every 30 seconds or so then an ad will flash in you face...uninstalled.

Numaan Khan

Its easy , but I can't pass level 1 how to do?

Kym DeAngelis

Cool game. Fun, passes time. 9 short boards. Some ads in between, but its free so... pretty easy, no major thought needed, just point n click.

Darcy Lavoie

Yout game suck level 8 will not play just kicks me out oyher then that the game is good fix that problem and ill keep playing

Philip Ham

Levels Add more levels to the game. Overall there were issuess it was fun

Ryan Lackey

Cell nine Get the stick from the lockers put it in the wall at the foot of the bed push it in to get a code for the box to get hammer

Super Vegito

Good but too many ads and I got a stick in lvl 9 I beat the game but I haf a stick there was no use to it ao I got confused


Stupid Just a finding game!Wish I could get my data back. DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!!!

Robyn Kellam

Good game Can only go to level 9 but ah well

Billy Watts

Too many adds poppin up I cant play this game as when I load the first level ads keep poppin up and wen u click to get rid it restarts the game. I dnt get chance to pick up the first clue

John Johnson

The tapping doesn't even work Horrible game. Too many bugs. Don't waste your time. Looked promising. Dissapointingly wrong.

tim robbins

WAY too many ads. There were 4 ads in the first minute of playing. To me that makes it unplayable. Sorry, but uninstalling.

SACBR Lesage

Stupid.....stupid.......stupid Really...just waste data with a game that doesnt work. I almost cracked my screen with this game ......come on.....who the fuck lets this games on here......?


Too many ads Ads pop up every 2 minutes

Maggy Lebakeng

Stupid mother fucken game man Wht the fuck I want my data back

Nichole Bradford

Good game Just bummed there were only 9 levels

Stewart Yapp

Would have given 5 stars if all the levels were free to play.

Valeria Montaño

Really! Same ad pops up every 5 minute , i like it but i always press the ad by accident and its annoying.

Anthony Garcia

Ads Too many pop up ads I give it 4 stars

Sofia Sahara

Repetitive and basic The game isn't awefull but it's below average. Each level is repetitive so gets old quickly. Sometimes you have to click a few times on an area as it's a bit lagy.

Chris Kittleson

Dead game? Decent game. But only 9 levels and doesn't seem like more will ever come. No replayability so after one run through its done

Buffy Mathews

Really sux that u can't pick up any items in cell 1. Would not recommend this game.

George Washingtom

It's ok I beat the 9levels in 2 hours. I didn't like the ending you could of played a clip of a guy escaping instead of just taking me back to the main doors I went and re did level 9 just to make sure I beat it and the game didn't glitch cause the ending was so dull.

steve works

Fun puzzle game This game is fun, runs smooth without many ads. One question though to the developers, this is supposed to be prison break. It would have been more interesting if the pictures were of other places in a prison, such as the yard or a tunnel. This person breaks out of one cell to get locked in another.

armani collins

Hate It There are too many ads to have fun in the game itself. The pop ups are so irritating.

Monique Sockwell

WHAT The app is Avery stupid one because it doesn't even tell you what you need to find there are only three access. Points on the first level and it doesn't help you at all on the help screen

Malico X

Wth It's a cool game but just short so l disliked for that reason


Intelligently entertaining I love the game with passion, it's not for lazy minds but for those that can think and put into consideration everything they see. It's lovely, I do force my younger brothers to play it bkox it enhances their intelligent quote & aids reasoning. Mind you we need more levels, let their be another one with different graphic design and more stages, let's say about 20. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED


Would be 5 stars but... When you try to save the game it doesn't really save where you're at. It just saves the level. So if you stop for b awhile you just end up playing the same level over and over which I find annoying. I also think you should be provided one optional hint per level for when you get stuck. Jmo. I do like the multiple levels though! Most escape games only have 3 rooms. It's nice to be able to just keep playing. I also like that it's not too hard, but also a challenge.

anonymous nugents

OK till third room It gave me problems opening the box it would not go and put in the pattern half the time wouldn't move sat there forever trying to

Barbie Love

Like the game Ok so i liked the game thats the only reason y im given it a 5. First too many ads. Second level 9 is to easy n boring. Third there only 9 levels that sucks. Other then that the game is fun.

Jasmyne Daniels

Hard and easy .........This game is fairly hard but quite easy. This is a very interesting and entertaining.......

Shubham Mehta

Great game It is a great game it is better than coc also but I don't know why all people didint like it and I think you should make the second part of it and I think they don't have brain to play this game but whatever I loved it

Muhammad Fahmie

Okay but... Its okay but please asd some more cells... By the way, the puzzles were too simple... Make it harder and then 5 stars is yours...

Lalistati Lal

Nice game Not difficult and the combinations make sense. 4 stars becse of the 9 levels only

Amirul Shuhaimi

No good In lvl 6,,can only use 1 times of plier..need repairing.the others also stuck in the same lvl

Dante Caraballo

Booo I cant pass level 3 the water does not do some smoke for the mirror so i cant get the number

Larry Paul

Ads! Do you all know that the app is not working? It's just running ads from the start. Press start there s an Ad, stops then redo the same process... it never starts

beena tumdi

Need help. Please someone tell me what should I do. I have found a spoon in the 1st level then?? What to do??

Lori Swing

Why did I pay to play the exact same version as the free game? Loved the free game so I paid for what I was hoping was more levels. There were none, just the same 9 levels as the free version. Feel ripped off.

marlena madry

Hints I gave a four just because it should be a way to give u some type of hint on things. Other than that i like the game. It does get your brain thinking and actually trying to figure things out as if your in the game.

Keajia Austin

Just saying If u ever go to jail in the future never ever drop soap ??

abhijeet kulkarni

Love it Nice game workflow is very good need little improvements but still I love it

Tman Thapelo Sargent 47

Intelligence It's cool because it gives you an an ability to use you your mind in those situations

Candi Rogers

It alright, but there needs to be more levels! I got through the entire 9 levels in about an hour While not focusing solely on the game because i was cooking I got through the game in about an hour. My husband's stuck on level 7.but I'm done and I think he'll be even more dissapointed to find there's only 9 levels

Hussain Mehmood

Can not believe It I's a very stupid app it have bugs

Dilyn Selby

Terrible It has to many ads.I can't get past level 1

Dim Macpherson

I didn't mind it but did all 9 levels in few hrs. No more game left to do....

Vonetta Medlock

Okay Decent-enough and short, although cell 6 was kinda silly.

Tushar Saikat Paul

Love the graphics It is a challenging game but there re only 9 level so give more levels than I'll give 5 star for sure

Cara Hehman

Thought it would be cool, got passed the first level, then it just started kicking me off. I didn't even get to see the second room. Stupid.

Shannon Roberts

develop only nine doors and no more? make more doors and also make them harder as they go on.

Janae Hairston

Quality Ï will give it a good quality because the game has shooting and u pick how your character looks like and u can kill animals and in the middle of the game u ride threw the prison with a air plan car and a tank with missals just kidding but its a OK game

Solmiou Boussari

No seriously I really like this game, for me it is the first game that include the more try it I swear

Tjhop jones

Hated it I got the game because the pics look good I don't even know how to play it and your gnocchi

gage burks

Awsome Beat the game????what would we do with out it

Ciara Canter

This game don't even work

Sen sei

Time to uninstall The ad is just bad. Can't click or move stuff without the ad popping out or blocking me

Laura Pankhurst

WAY TOO EASY My autistic 7yr old son could solve these I've solved it in under an hour what a waste of space add more levels and make them challenging or remove the game completely I'd give zero stars if I could this game has no real challenges whatsoever I'm uninstalling the game now no point in keeping it when it's child's play and completed

Kevontay Miller

Awesome haters Its me im back from paranormal house 1 and 2. I beat them both now im on prison break. Like i said, you dont like it shut up

vishal kedar

It must be mush harder It is so easy that it doesn't takes any efforts

King Dope

Best game I enjoyed makes you think and the graphics were fairly it

Nirman Longjam

Improve: too easy Need improvement. Completed in 2 hrs.

dianne radisic

Prison break lockdown And yet another great game by you thank you so much for such good entertainment

Frank Sullivan

Trapped Game is too easy.. Not enough cells. I played this and Prison Break Alcatraz each only had 9 cells/rooms to escape from. I defeated all 9 in both games in less than one hour per game. I played in airplane mode to keep the ads shut off. In my hometown we have a real life game like this called "Trapped" a group of 2-12 people are locked in a themed room and must find clues or items that lead to the next clue or item until a key is found to unlock the room. ADD MORE ROOMS .. 9 is not enough.

St Simon Guersley

Interesting game, but it only have 9 jail room

Wendy Janowich

If I could do negative, I would. Just awful!!!

Aadithyan Aadi

Good graphics Nothing to say but good not boring also

Joy Mukherjee

Useless At least provide proper instructions

Mr Beck

Not enough The game is way too short.

Jessie Rivera

Prison brake lockdown Very fun game i well request this game it is very fun i beat all the levels from 1-9


Terrible I don't even know what to do with to fipping spoon!

Saaim Sherif

"OSM" Nice thinking and nice graphics!!!

anthony norfleet

Gg I love your games they are really good plus they make u think

Abi nash

Superb Good entertaining and good graphic

Benish Rehan

AMAZING GAME VEry good streatgy game soooooo good amazing but it has not much levels

Veenu Verma

I did nt complete level 7 becaus of error in the game help me pleasee...........

Md hassan

The worlds boring game Waste of time plz dont download it doesnt even work

Da'Von Coleman

Whoooopp Awesome with an up side down i

Douglas seitzer

Great Wish there was more levels

Garnett G

Great Need more levels though

Derrell Lynch

Good game Good game but it's to short it took me 7 mins to finish the whole game

Kahf Hussain

OMG What a damn idiot game.Its so easy .I would give this game a -100 star.

arvin alemi

Easy to solve! It is a good game to have fun for few minutes yet it is done in 20 min

Zane Burk

It's cool Not what I thought but it's ok

Chris Broussard

Decent find it game Good game, only 9 levels but entertaining.

ben Pritchard

Boring Got half way through and just got bored so I uninstalled

tinera hayes

Loved it Its Best game ever but it is tricky

Khizar Ilyas

Awesome Finished the game in 1:30 hour....enjoyed

william buyani

It's too addictive

Jolene jiggy K maitland

Finished quick Needs more than 9 levels , an hr to complete

annelise kaye

Love it It would be better if there was more than 9 levels

katende Bryan

Great game Should try thz awt...5 star 4 thm...hola

Sylvain Dicaire

Average Puzzles are easy and don't require much thinking. Mindless clicking.

Thuo Kinuthia

Good game Challenging but it ought to have more levels

Donald Simpson Jr.

Need more levls I'll give three stars because I've beat every level three times but it only goes to level 9

Subhash Chandra

Lock Most loved game its easy to escape and interesting

sue thorpe

Loved it!! A great game. The levels are easy to difficult and the graphics are great - some of those cons were scary looking. I really liked this game.

Cody Henderson

To hard Someone tell me how to get past the first room

joseph snawder

.. Why 6 6 6 on level 3? I won't play it again

Yuvraj Rawat

What is the code of the 2nd level second box?

Yap Shiang

ez ive done this app for 1day. enjoyed. however the room only got 9? sad.

Melena Hyde

Awesome This is the most challenging game that I ever played!!!!!!!

nathan Hirni

sucks how do you even escape like the real prison break!??

Eugene Freeman

HARD This game is too hard for me

Jօɛʟ Jօɦռ Sʊaռ

Its interesting and boring so i gave it 3 stars only

Rebekah Porter

It is so boring

Jazzy Jones

Boring and hard This is boring and hard at the same time

Koketso Matshaba31

Not good Aah...this game sucks

Hocine Yalles

Very bad -_-

Edna were

Wonderful game The escape looks real..but the adds are too much please try n remove them

Charlie Dillon

Could be good but When i tried to take objects I couldn't. I even searched up prison break answers and looked at them. I made sure I tapped the object that you had to pick up nothing happened. It was a total waste of space DONT INSTALL THIS GAME?

Sheree Cohrs

Good game But ads with flashing lights.. stop it. All that does is make people not play your games.

Rejoice Chan

HORRIBLE I can't even guess the code for the box maybe u guys should give us a clue

Vansh Kumar

I don't understand this game. Can you help me and please send me a message I don't understand this game. Can you help me

Debbie Beattie

Another game ive downloaded and doesnt work..Im sick of it always happening. No more games for me. : for awhile anyway.

Vintage RocknRolla

Fun but short Most puzzles makes sense unlike some other games where its difficult to comprehend why x would open y

Josue Soriano

The graphics were cool but i didn't get it the only reason i didn't like it is because it doesn't show you how to play but if it did i bet i would've liked it

Jayden Whiddon

Good I found it fun but hard and i like challenges

Jai Traunter

To easy Loved the game but I was very easy only took me a hour to do all 9 cells

Kyra Houskins

Don't know When you first start the game the game is so stupid but we start getting into this stuff you probably like you will make you like get into the game so it make you like more play and morgie like when they're like do more of the game's over just delete it when you first do it like this one boy said he's like when you first started the game of the game was stupid so that's why I wanted to do that okay thanks for whoever made this game and stuff yeah thank you

king D

challenging n interesting easy to beat I finished it in less than 1 hour.U just need to understand it.The only problem is u don't know what to do when u finish it.It only ends upto level 9.Gotta do something about this.Otherwise fabulous game???

Malar Malar

Love it... I have tried more games.. But not all the game interesting like this Prison Break... Tq

Chandan Samanta

The game is not too good Its ok

Kasozi Bateesa

I hav failed 2 use it

Urmi Dutta

Nice game Its a good game first i dnt undrstnd how to play it but whn i get that it was realy interesting

Innocent Chukwuma

Too hard to play,not for children.

Anything The scout

Ankit Balhara

Can't even play it... it says tap on the item.. nothing happened... there was a box I tapped it n sone kind a code word was there.. A four digit one.... how do play this game.... frustrating me out.. I wasted my net mbs to download it... I thought this would be a good game but worst game I played till now.. that's y one star... its not even helping me out how to play this game even through instructions also u can't play.... Now tel m what should I do... unis tall this game?????? Tel m waiting for ur answer.

farzad mirshekariyan

. I like this kind of games ... But this game was soooo bullshi* and i hate it. ... There is no reasenable things in this game.... Thinks that will happend on game are so idiatic... They didnt think a secend for creating this game.... They just created it xD........ So stupid game... Do not wast your time!

santhosh venkataraman

This game is working This game is working.. I'm in level 5 thing is it is really very hard to find the clues.. have to think extremely for each clue. Good workout for brain. If you don't know how to play there is a tutorial in YouTube.

Nitzan Havoc

Can I get the real game please? You know, the one in the pictures here, the one the comments are praising. Because whatever it is that has downloaded here has terrible graphics and gameplay. Uninstalling.

Lan Mal JR

The game is nt well though out you should be given clues even though I have finished it. Its a bit tricky nt knowing what to do next

Mechi Cody

Yeaaaa I beat it in 1 night it was difficult. But i managed props to u guy's

Swapnil Shivadikar

Addictive Game Very nice game. I hope completed all the stages..9th is the last right? And very good background music kept me busy playing this game

Bob The builder

Garbage Can't click on nothing waste of time and space GARBAGE GARBAGE THEY WANT JUST TO GET INTO YOUR PHONE

Nora Boyette

Prison escape Really hard game I play it before but my got lost and Amazon another one so any other game I download is really fun I really like it and I would never delete.

elizabeth seipp

Am scared to play the game the frist time and when somebody comes and attack Mr I get scared and freak out and exit the game and intait hate it

joel correa

Mind game Gud game .. but add more cells...easy to play.....☺ yes we gotta do wateva to break through the prison

harshit killer

Brilliant game I finished it in one hour. Graphics r best to its storage size. I loved it but what happens in the end. Overall its good game puzzle lovers without thinking go for it

Amber Reynoso

A Great Time Killer Loved The Game Though It Only Goes Up To Level 9 Which Is A Bummer, Its Still Pretty Fun.

Sean Stoan

Sucks This game clues at won't even know what you have to do....bad bad

Megan Peppers

Wouldnt do anything!! Wouldnt let me do anything. I tap on things nothing. Says to tab on items ok and nothing happens stupid game!!

Vlog and Game Nation

Boring How do you even past the first level what is the code for all level's please help me .This is so HARD

keenan naicker

How do u play How do we even play the game like can someone explain or give instructions so we can actually play or give a good rating

Randy Wilson

Very boring l couldn't do anything. I didn't even see a human

Manal Ghossein

Awfull I can't even play one level .. there's always ads and when i put X it crash ..

Nate Gary

Gotta get away I loved this game. Not only a time consumer, but a game thinker. More need to be made.

Rhiannon Ryman

??? What are you supposed to do?? When I pick up an item it comes up with a 4 digit code. Boring

Sheikh Conateh

Shaba This game is working perfect you have to use high intelligence to play this game....I just finished the game at level nine pretty good but more that the word hard

Seema Agarwal

Bad A very bad game a idiot person has made this game it's a rubbish game

Aurora Grace

Couldn't get past level 2 It would not respond to getting the pliers with the paperclip and the string no matter what I did. I know I did it right since I double checked. Not very pleased with a game you can't play

Pratham Dhammaratna

Very nice Very nice and challenging game which is only for intelligent people. I have solved it in just 1 day. Can you beat me? Anyways I recommend you to download it. Those who can't solve this game say bad things about it. Well you?

Mohammed Nassor

Wastage of time. Title does not match the game. Its says prison break while its so easy as breaking your own home. This game should be named home break. .. what a waste!...


Was a good game Had lots of fun with game. Got to level 7, won't let me combine the cloth and the blade. Can't continue. Very upset. Think I'm going to uninstall, since I can't play it. ?


Good for brain When I download this after install I open the game and then 1&2 levels is over now in 1 hour and 3 levels I am solving I love it what can I am feel very good for this game and pratham dhammaratha u lose because u beat that why... I don't give 5 stars I give 10 it play intelligence person good game app and I request to amphibius developers he made a same means different game then give a message please.

Tim Williams

It's free because it's a bit dull. And the prison conditions are shocking. Where's Her Majesty's Inspectorate when you need it? What it lacks is a storyline. It's just a series of rooms with silent prisoners cadging stuff.

Hard at level 2 I went and downloaded this game and its so hard at the 2 level but I would like it more if it was not as hard but for virus its really good plz make it less harder so I can get through the level

Andrew Spaner

What? Horrible directions, horrible play, horrible app. Poached an awesome name though...

Like it, some times challenging but boring. I only got to play 9 prison breaks... I was like, "Is there more?"

viraj naik

Awsm game I have completed it in 1 day but 1 thing is not good in this game that thing is levels because there are only 9 lvls we want more lvls.......

Breanne Dipaolo

HATE IT ? It boring doesn't give you enough instructions of how to play the game also it's boring waste of time never download this game

Its very difficult First level is very hard plz koi mojhe batai Ga k first level kese par kare

Complicated...wat a waste!! Prison break!!! do these guys no wat dat means... I expected something beta lk Prison Beak the movie itself


Useles game Dont knw why but game is just a piece of crab nothing works just a room an thing which cant be picked up . Why an for wat game is dont knw

Mogamat Lakay

Warning do not download [email protected]# the game makes No! Sense at all. It's [email protected]# boring.

Amber ONeal

Horrible I downloaded this game and it wouldn't work when I touch it I had no clue how to make it work.


How to play the game Plz someone tell me how to pick a item.......i have already tapped on the item bt its picking it up......smone plz tell me

Sourav Biswas

Help me Level 2 AAAA I don't understand what the password PZLV

monkey gamer

I just finished completing lvl2 you guys are useless and I'm 11 BTW


Rubbish It says tap to pick up yet no matter who many times i tapped it would not pick up

To easy Only 9 cells to escape from. Then game don't even tell you when it's over...

Richard Ray

Only cheating The game is nice but cheating makes it boring

Abheek Soni

World's best game Itd very good i loved i can give unlimited stars to this game it is very good i am now i am wordless

Ahmed Hassan

Cool game It's a nice game, i finished it in less than 2 hours but it needs more lvls

Nice game I cannot pass level 1 so plz some one help me

Jamille Lewis

That's the most boring game I've ever played It's super boring

Rameshkumar Puniyan

Wastage of time No hint option aitem not appear.

Danny Moss

Room for improvement I liked this game as some of the puzzles where a bit challenging but the game let's itself down after you finish level 9 there is nothing. I completed game within a couple of hours and would have liked to have more levels and also a story to it.

Mia Valdez

Fun but..... there should be more levels, I finished the whole game in 45 minutes.

sandra garcia

Bad Freezes and couldn't even pass the first level.

gabe cano

Good game Beat the game you should make new levels I beat the game in like 3 hours

Boring The game is so boring and it has no instructions or help

Fantastic Graphics are very reared n clear.Easy to win to e next level waoooooow fantastic

Steven Kerr

worst game ever game sucks really bad, u dont do anything

Marina Trivić

Bad Couldn't play it. No detailed instructions on how to play the game.

Stupid What are you supposed to do with the code stupid make a better game

Rajesh Bhamidipati

Worst game The screenshorts doesnt match.

matthew langley

1 hour 9 levels 1 hour of game play. Good ideas just needs depth

Prachi Nautiyal

Boring I hate this app this game is very disgusting

Ashly M

Glitch level 6 Pliers can be used once

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