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3 Jul
Princess Nail Salon

Posted by in Casual | July 3, 2015 | 115 Comments

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Do you want to get remarkable nails like a princess? Makeover now! Make your nails much more beautiful!
It's a kids games for girls!

Whats new

    fix a bug part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update July 3, 2015. Google play rating is 75.4741. Current verison is 2.0.5. Actual size 21.0 MB.

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Jennifer Adams

It sucks Got it for my daughter and she hates it because she has to get a key after every level.

F Noor

I hate it I loved the other version better. I keep on having to play games then when you get over the target mark you choose a chest , and this is where I don't like it I choose the wrong chest so that's why i gave it ★★

Cristina Fernandes

a good game for kids like girls This is such a wonderful game that girly girls will love and as you know kids love painting so this is a perfect game to help kids be creative my kids will apsalotely love this creative painting nails sallone game this is a very wonderful game

Tracey Robinson

This is an amazing and fun way to do someone's nails it is also very creative In its own ways I just love it_x

Maya Larsen

Creative Hmm I love it this is so creative and it's also a good way to learn how to do someone's nails

Bernadette Coleman

Love you so much for the first time in the world Just got home from work and I have to be a good day at school tomorrow.

[email protected] MIMOSA1972

Lol .sorry. Don't you like this game if you don't you ar stoupid. I am sorry to calling you stupid I am stupid do you figith me. Say yes on the coment .pleeeeaaaassse . the game is sooooooooo sssssttttuuuuuuppppppiiiiidddddd and the people that said that like it u at defnutly stupid.that is my sentunts

Tamzin Trelore

Luv it Try to fix the bug so i can keep the dirt gone because it keeps re_appearing when i get rid of it then i'll rate it 5 stars?

Cynthis Bright

Like it but... I like it but, I don't understand why you have to play a mini game to get to the next level!???IT IS SO STUPID!!!?????

Bethany Gordon

Just no If I could hive a zero rating I could. I can't even open it because it freezes my phone everytime

Precious Royalty

Princess nail salon Pretty great game I love doing nails anyways. this game is the bom

helen west

Stupid This nail spa is just annoying the other one was way better

Kaeley Yocom

It used to be fun butt.... They changed it. Now you have to win keys and you can't play freely. Also more adds. Warning don't get this or any of the 6677g games too many adds and they used to be fun but now arent

Melissa q

??? OK really I have to play at least 10 or 8 mini games to get a stupid key!?! I mean come on!

Leah Brown

It was great when I had it ages ago and I want it back :-) The best part is using your imagination to create great nail designs

Ava Kerin

I dont like it Theres to many pause I don't like that.

paige norrish

Impossible For a child to play this game they either have to be psychic or very patient... This game is terrible the keys are rubbish played for the keys 12 times and each time nothing... Never getting a game from you again...

Makayla Cope

Amaze! I love it because it is a little docter game and dress up game together!

enkhlen enkhuush

Like it but why do you have to play mini games to go to the next level its so freakin annoying!

Isabelle Wassell

I agree Um its pretty good but not as good as I thought

Crystel R

I hate it I can't get the key. Why do we even in need the key to unlock it.

Nicole McCabe

So funny I forgot to laugh. I loved experimenting with the nails and seeing how much stickers she could take. But this new update sucks so bad. I preferred the old one. You've stupified loads of your amazing games and I say stop it.

Amber Woodbury

Love iiit Look I hate painting my nails and then my BFF painted them while I was asleep at a sleepover

Lucy Roderick

stuipt it was great but then they made it all dumb with mini games

Nikita Ahuja

It is good but there are not so many levels

Vikas Solanki

Posted on Wednesday night Pittsburgh Steelers have been a good

Papri Hazra

This game is good but why the is made up to level 6

Taimane Foster

Love I loved this game because its a real girly game. And I like painting nails

Kaleah Berryhill

Bad The game is obviously very cheaply made. Takes forever just to get a key. It was VERY boring!

Kayleigh Martin

Good for girls I loved it definetly for girls if you are a boy and you like this game then you have girlgamelovinalightos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Cassidy Keefe

:) This game is adorable but also strange...

Leslie Sierra

No no no I don't like it in the mini games I check the chest in all of them I've done math and its like its not in any of them the key is no its a rip off

Juliana Tascon-Sarasti

Awsome very divash! Super awsome love it!

Jessica Iannace

Soooooooooo good I showed it to my 9 yr old kid and she loooooooooved it

J-F Zhang

This never opens when i wanted it to open

Kathy McDaniel

Only got to level 3 When I get to the number 50 with the match king game it goes down


WHY...JUST WHY Im 8 by the way myy birthday party what yesterday and I went to Kemah Boardwalk but this game is so stupid I can't even level up a second was cleaning the ugly stupid hand her hands beautiful but why can't I just go and go to another level please fix this

Tiffany Murrain

Loved it This game is so good ... but her hand is so nasty but still good

Niuris Sierra

Ok OK I liked the game at first but you can't continue only if you play the mini games and they or so boring ????

Jineliz Claudio

All omg You guy talk a lot about this games just enjoy games don't be a boring he or she please people

Sophie The Girl

Princess nail soa It was so good now I can do all nail designs

Amy Malaczewski

Nail solan 2 Its fun for kids like me so they can be creative

Chocolate Gaming

It is not what I was expecting and not in a good way! It is also boring!

Emily Perez

Good, but If you have an android device it doesn't work only on level three when it asks you to shake your device.....other wise its cool!

Derreica Clark

This game is OK I would say

abbigail johnson

Boring There is only so many times u can play it and it not get old

Jamie Stedman

Nail Salon I think this app is wonderful. I like it. It is a fun game and keeps you busey.

Waleed Butt

Best i am lovin it i think the app is very good it have 6 parts but i think it should have unlimited parts

Assel Shaimerdenova

This is a stupid game don't install it just don't

Ashley Crist

Like This game is so awesome it colorfull and experience and exciting

Ryder Jackson


Syed Maqsood

Loved it I love this game

Teria You12

Nail I. Love this because you can, learn how to do nails if you don't. No how to

Nicole Bella

Fabs It takes forever to download it but we all have to be patient and that's the part of life btw I love this game.

Hannah K.

Cool but... Really boring. To get through different levels you have to play a mini game and until you win and pick the right box out of three boxes, then you get to move on. It's time consuming but horrible graphics, gruesome hands, and the colors are limited. I would suggest to move on you just COMPLETE the mini game unlike the usual process, making it less gruesome, and making the graphics a little better.

theresa redeye-crawford

Like the last one better.. The last one before the update did not have as many ads, and was way cooler! Now the game is boring since they added levels. I finished the levels in under an half an hour ? It reminds me of one of those games that you complete and delete.

Haarmoni Moses

Like fluffy lil bunnys but it takes so long to download I can wash face and brush teeth become it downloads but i love it

Shital Jariwala

Nice game This game should be like a doctors game like in this game the hand is not propor its hurted we have to put medicines and some machine should be there to recover the hurt

Gauri Khapli

Just ok! If we don't select the correct box then the score we achieved is lost!!!

Terence Williams

BORING It was so bad I just gave up on that on game company... yeah it was that bad. The bottom line is don't get this game...EVER!!!!

Ranya Fitouri

Hmmm I gust downloaded this i'm gonna check it out I think it would get stuck

David Hemming

Its fun! Don't listen to the haters. They are just making you take the game down for to many ads. WHO CARES!

Maurique Estwick

Pure crap It is not download worthy its Boring and ads keep poping up horrible game

Monica Hancock

It's a nice game Love it. It look good so I hot it and it was good

Iftekhar Hossain

very good never breaks up it is amazing try now Lovely love

Lori Zacharuk

This game sucks! It stops and shuts off the shaking of the phone does not work! Please fix this! I give it 1/4 of a star!

Jazmyn Willis

Blah Won't let me go to the second level.

Rohith Pandu

Nail saloon Cool game some girls games will always be interesting guys try it.....

Frankeya Williams

Dawn Boring U have to do the same thing and u have to keep taping the (x) to remove the ads

Natalia Guzman

It's dumb When I was on level 6 it just told me to keep on doing the same level and the levels only go up to level 6

Zena Hill

The game is cool and all but the ads ? It pops up every five seconds. PLEASE FIX THAT

Venkata Chalam

Its ok .Good game. But what ia this.Full of ads in between.Please fix this.Its too disgusting when ads come in between when we are playing the game to win key.If you fix this you wont recieve reviews in a irrirating way.Any ways good game.???

Chantelle Erasmus

Must play minnie games I did make it to level 1 to 3 but now I must play minnie games to get to the other level don't like it . But it is not so fun as you think %

Alyssa Jackson

This game is so run This game is so fun you will really like it ???

Anecia Gelais

Boring to play the mini games Don't get it if you don't want to keep playing games to go to the next level just too much

Hannah Taylor

Looks good I looked at this game and it looks good and it were amzing get it people plz it will get us happy ××


Not much good So so so so so many pop up adds that I uninstalled it .vv.v.v.vv.v.v.v. bad game

Bailey Akridgr

#love this game so much? It lets you do what you want

Isabelle Snyder

Awesome It was so awesome that it kept me busy. Even if the. Add starts up I tackvmy time and pray that I won't haapen again

Zo ey

wut?!?! I love the game but I can only play 6 levels, I s there more than 6??!!!?!?!

Charithma Wijesundara

I actually like the game but i hate when we have to do a stupid mini game to go the next level. I did the minj game 8 times but i did not find the key i hate this am uninstalling the game

Shinade Brown

Could be better I liked the old one because that didnt take as long as this one ???????

Nik Fik

Has mini games Looks like a cool little game and has mini games to play too

Lexi Belford

Its rubbish You can only wash the nails not paint them

Twila Dale

I Guess Didn't get app yet just guessing I'll like it because I like doing nails

seraphina niyunva

Nail spa I just downloaded this game but I don't know how it is

Gill Griffin

Loving it This spp helps you with your persononal future in style

Toli Leen

Rubish I well not let you on next horrible level

Gamer Simona

Good app I love hair salons to do hair I love to do nails and that's cool

r s Burli

It is nice game which the girls like it . we can learn how to do nail art in our own hands

Imran Siddiqui

Hated it Dont u ever install this game. Worst game ever. After every level u have to play a mini game. And if u ever chose the wrong box u had to play again

Anaya Duclonat

Princess nail spa I loved how her hand was infected and you had to make it better by doing things.

eyiminath rahu

its nice and. the ads help me to download nice games

Sonia Verma

I like this game sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh I love this game but ads are coming again and again

Aubrie Hobbs

Bore Thought it would be better. It kept making you play these stupid mini games and they made you get a key before you could play. Adds kept pooping up

theresa redeye-crawford

Like the last one better.. The last one before the update did not have as many ads, and was way cooler! Now the game is boring since they added levels. I finished the levels in under an half an hour ? It reminds me of one of those games that you complete and delete.

Venkata Chalam

Its ok .Good game. But what ia this.Full of ads in between.Please fix this.Its too disgusting when ads come in between when we are playing the game to win key.If you fix this you wont recieve reviews in a irrirating way.Any ways good game.???

Nadia Zamora

We are different I have the game but it is boring for me but for those people that like the game you can still like it but the people that don't like it you don't have to like everyone is different??

Dawn Stewart

Really good but only one problem. Its really good but it has too many ads. Please fix it. Otherwise , don't listen to the haters. Its a really good game?

nusrat ridy

Too short game I hate this.This game has only 5 short levels.I am now deleting this game.hhhh.....

Zena Hill

The game is cool and all but the ads ? It pops up every five seconds. PLEASE FIX THAT

Amanda Barbour

It wont let me level up at all. Hated it. The worst. It wouldn't let me level up because I had to play the first level again and again


Best game ever I hate the way in tab tale there is all in app purchese. Keap. Up the good work

Anwar Mohammed

Stupid It's very very very stupid game!I hate it stupid worlds all bad words I am giving to this game

hussain mohammad

Sandrakatigalimararisha Is my real name I want cindrella but my dead is say no in your mobile my id

Fee Wolbert

You have to play mini games to unlock the next level takes way to much time

Tiarni Johnson

I tried to download it 8 times and it did not work and then when it did download loads of ads and things would not stop to pop up

Dheeraj Goyal

Hate it This is a very bad game .because there are very less levels to play and boring to.

Jennifer Meyers

STUPID It takes forever to Download to many adds if u LOVE this game than i HATE u

Abigail Smith

My friend got it my friend got this game and I did it and now its boring.

Blessing Chukwu

I do not like that game because after your hard work on the games us yu choose a box and it is the wrong one plus the games are to hard in my opinion that game was rubish and i disliked it

Madeline Rice

It is bad asd asd asd gust pop up I hate it its so annoying pls fix it

Muhammad Haris

hated hated because of wait such a new game of waiting for game and for the level to come i hate hate and hated this game

Eryn Johnstone

please read If u are going to download this game below and it will tell u.I hate u can't get passed the forth level..Who ever made this u are stupid very stupid u better fix it cause u are a stupid skate

Marce Hobbs

Boring don't get it The title said it all uninstalling

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