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31 Oct
Price Cruncher - Price Compare

Posted by Brainservice Apps in Shopping | Oct. 31, 2015 | 100 Comments

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Are you trying to get on top of your expenses? Find it difficult to compare prices at the grocery store while on the go?

Is it cheaper to buy 152 diapers for $35 or 72 diapers on sale for $19.95?
Is that 20kg package of dog food from Costco really a good deal compared to the 2kg bag at the Walmart?
How much are you paying for each sheet in a paper towel roll?

Wish you could figure out all this information easily from your shopping list?

Price Cruncher is a price comparison shopping list tool that allows you to save your favorite items and price compare prices on a per unit price basis. It has built in unit conversions to convert prices prior to comparison as well as a discount calculator tool.

Price Comparison Features:
- Compare Prices with different units of measure. Can accommodate for volume, weight, length, and area.
- Allow user to add custom units to suit their own needs (eg. rolls, boxes, sheets, etc.)
- Support for bulk purchase comparisons (eg. Costco multiple items packaged together for sale)
- View Price History for any of your Items
- Add and Maintain Items for future price comparison
- Categorize Items
- Discount Calculator
- Quick Price Compare
- Add/Save Multiple Prices
- Manage Stores
- Add all your items to a shopping list
- Compare prices directly from your shopping list
- Customize shopping list to calculate estimated totals based on previous price history
- Use your purchase history to estimate your grocery costs
- Customize categories
- Export data to CSV
- Pro Users: Backup and Restore your data
- Save YOU money!

Save and compare prices on:
- Baby items
- Groceries
- Pet Supplies
- Hardware Supplies
- Alcohol
- Tobacco
- Sports items
- Cosmetics

The discount Calculator allows for quick calculation of discount prices!

Supports all currencies! The default currency is based on your phone language settings in your Settings -> Language & Inputs > Languages. However, if this is not working for you, you can change this via the settings menu in Price Cruncher to specify a currency.

Units currently supported for price comparison:
- Grams
- Kilograms
- Milligrams
- Ounces
- Pounds
- Gallons (US & UK)
- Fluid Ounces (US & UK)
- Quarts (US & UK)
- Pints (US & UK)
- Cubic Feet
- Liters
- Milliliters
- Feet
- Inches
- Yards
- Meters
- Centimeters
- Millimeters
- Decimeters
- Square Feet
- Square Inches
- Square Yards
- Square Meters
- Square Centimeters
- Square Millimeters
- Square Decimeters
- Asian units (Candareen, Catty, Tael, Picul, Mace)
- Create your own custom units (eg. Sheets, roll, can, anything you can think of!)

If you like Price Cruncher, the ultimate price comparison app, please rate us favorably!

Whats new

    ~ Minor bug fixes
    ~ Enjoy and as always, Happy Price Crunching!

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Debbie Chapchal

Not bad A bit difficult to get used to, but great for grocery deals. Would be nice to have items expire on a weekly basis. I like that the stores are available on the screen and that you can have so many different categories.

Chris Disregard

Best I've found so far One simple feature that would be really nice though, is to also show the worst price. That way I'd know, at a glance from my shopping list, what stores to avoid for certain things.

Richelle Reyes

Good Useful app. I agree on unit of measure needs each, package preloaded instead of typing in each time. Tried to add several items and it says item saved, however items fail to show up. Clicked on star at right corner & now all items show. I like this app the best cuz i can shop the best price.

Holly Osborn Davis

I love it! I can't keep all my prices in a binder, it's chaos. But I am standing in Costco now tallying up my most purchased items to compare with ALDI next. This is so wonderful.

Blake Robertson

Excellent Works well but would appreciate bar code scanner to cut down on data entry. Also, please add "each" and "bunch" to the default unit items list. Would also be useful to be able to nominate what shop you're in so you don't have to set it per item as you update prices in that shop. Finally it'd be great if there were some kind of "auto rating" for stores, eg, stores that up the price of fresh produce by an average of 50% get x rating, or whatever.

Ashley Trowbridge

Cool app Helpful for keeping track of prices paid, but wish there was a Unit of Measure of "Each". As of now, to enter a unit of measure as an each you have to select Custom and then type it in.

Trisha Johnson

Definitely needs improving It would be a lot better if you could scan the items in and it updates pricing automatically! Other than that it's an awesome app and had everything I want!

Ray Bain

Almost perfect for me... Price Cruncher is pretty much what I was looking for. However, I'd really like to be able to use dimensions rather than quantity. I want to be able to specify that a product is 15"x20", rather than giving the area, because that's what I'll want to know when I look at the prices later. I also want to be able to tap an item name to edit, and tap the check box to mark it complete, rather than having to hold to edit. (Maybe have the option to change that in settings?)

A Google User

♡♡♡ This is one of my favorite apps. It has saved me so much money. It is so simple to use and it is ridiculously organized. Love it. Thank you!

Lucia Wan

Improvement Better if the item lIst can be sharee between two phones

ron chua

Very very good However if it can sync data through an account rather than backing and transferring data it will be excellent!

Brett Cothren

Nice App Very nice app with lots of useful tools. Would also like a barcode scanner to decrease input.

Dianna Lan

What I Needed I use to keep a spreadsheet to track prices, this app makes the process more convenient. The search feature also makes it easier to find prices. The only issue I've had is some categories don't appear even though its marked as show and I think a barcode scanner would be perfect.

Bradley Henderson

Comprehensive This version of the price comparison has a lot more options than others. Works well. Like it. Great job.

Anna M

Great Concept Great idea for the app, however, is there a limited number of items that can be added? I keep adding items, and either they don't appear on the list, or other items disappear :/ UPDATED: thanks for a quick reply, and yes, that was the problem, and I have figured it out :)

S Dazzle

Great Easy to navigate. Very nice to have and best I could find.

Wendy Graveline

Looks great Updated! Really like it! I'm tired of typing all the product info though. Barcode scan to add products would be awesome!!! Maybe make it a database so users can add and update product info (item name, size, brand if possible)?

Sharon Pieloch

Works as expected App seems to work well for its intended purpose. I like that it keeps a price history, although it was hard to figure out where to find it (long press on item). The constant requests for a rating after only a few entries is annoying.


Love it! This has helped save us so much money! I've tried using similar programs before but none of them did exactly what I wanted and they were so much work to keep up with. This is so easy to use that I actually enjoy updating it with my receipts. I love the quick compare tool and that I can save my comparisons so I can see later on which store was cheaper and which store I haven't checked for a price on that particular product yet.

Salman Hamid

Good app Really handy if you want to compare prices across various stores in town

Jason Koenigsberg

Simplicity So far I like everything this app has to offer!

Kris Schuster

Very handy and feature rich I really like this app, especially the unit price calculations really help when comparing items that use different units. If the app we able to sync lists with other users of choice I'd buy the upgrade.

Lynn Nguyen

Love it! Exactly what I needed Best "price book" app! I can keep track of it all on my phone. Simple enough to use with well thought out features that makes it super easy to price compare between stores.

Phillip Dart

Track best prices Makes it easy to keep a record of the best price for an item. Since some retailers will make "special buys" this app makes it easy to compare pricing history. Have used other apps that track prices of retailers, but this works out better since i can make comparisons that factor in my shopping time

Darth Stormageddon

Much better than most I'd like to see the integration of a barcode scanner to be able to add products and enter descriptions/brand names.

Jessica Belair

LOVE! My new favourite app! I started to make a spreadsheet to compare prices at the grocery store but found it was too consuming and thought... There must be an app for this!! After a bit of searching I came across Price Cruncher and seriously... Its THE best. Without a doubt my new favourite app! Loved it so much i couldn't wait to tell my neighbor about it and now she's hooked too!

Nicholas Jensen

Easy to use Just downloaded it and used it at costco, where I was able to record a bunch of prices and buy stuff that truly was a good deal. Perfect for my needs.

Hernando Casas

Good app, but it needs a very simple and very very important feature Overall, the app is good. However, it urgently requires the ability to add a description associated to a price entry (e.g. brand name). The app currently supports a description of the item, but this is associated to the item itself and therefore, it is common to all price entries for this item. The app would be truly useful if you can have the same product (e.g. dishwasher tablets) and many price entries for this product but with descriptions that helps to understand the differences (e.g. brand name). For me, that would change the app's rating from 2 stars to 4 stars or more. EDIT: great, thanks. Looking forward for the update. EDIT2: Superb!, the new version allows to add a brand to a price! Thanks for the update (I've updated my rating as well). A final comment though. Searching works nice and it would be great to have the search function embedded in the name field while adding a new item. Sometimes you do not remember if you have previously registered a product, and you can end up adding two items for the same product (at least it happened to me, ..., but maybe it is just me). This could be easily prevented if the app searches the whole price history while adding a new item.


Need perfect app for me I like it. But I still need more improvement for me. More details. And I want to pay for that update.

Sarah Beth Landau

Perfect Grocery Price Book App! I used to keep my price book on paper but it was so cumbersome. Now PriceCruncher does all the work for me, including calculations comparing different units of measurement. I never have to wonder if the "big sale" is really a great deal or not!

Tiffiny Jack

Great shopping aid. I have tried several programs and this is the best. I only wish it were easier to update prices while shopping.

Jennifer Chambers

So far, so good This app has the perfect combination of functions for how I prepare for and go grocery shopping. My only dislike is getting bounced back to the beginning of the list each time I do anything with an item, then having to scroll back through to find where I was on the list.

Nancy Yanochik

Price comparison Finally an easy way to break the code between different sizing and pricing options at various retailers. Eye opening as to what stores have the best deals on different items.

A Google User

Great but ads are annoying The ads seem to be timed to show up right when you open the app. That's usuallyfine - I don't mind ads on free apps. Except that this particular app encourages me to switch back and forth between this app and other things on my phone (grocery store websites or apps like cartwheel, for example). So I get an ad every few seconds and it hinders how quickly I can work (open app, wait for the ad to load so I don't accidentally click on it, type in the information, close the app to check another price, etc etc.)

Andreas Weigl

Good, but room for improvement A really good app however there is room for some improvement. It would be nice to have the bulk checkboox on top so I don't have to go back up to put in the bulk quantity. The other nice thing would be to have a brand option or have the description with the price. It would make it easier to identify which brand of a product is meant. It might be that I usually get brand a in one store and brand b in another.

A Google User

Convenient for comparing Just tried this app and looked great especially able to compare between shops so that I would know which to patronage. But would be perfect (imo) if able to sync on different devices in the near future.

Indrajit Paul

Excellent. You can compare store prices, manage lists. What else you need?:)

Ryan Wolf

Functional Very useful app, calculates everything I need to budget down to the penny. Flexible and abstract design. The workflow can be a little clunky and unintuitive, but works well once you get used to it.

David Hoxie

It's great! Only thing I'd love is if it was one big data base where people could add and update prices at stores, like "gas buddy" works.

Maksim C.

Please add 1).ability to scan/assign a barcode to item 2).ability to find item by scanning barcode

Ryer Danton

Good Very helpful

Jesse Hagen

Best Shopping App, but room to grow This app is really nice for tracking prices on most everything you buy, not just the most common items easy to commit to memory. It could be improved by somehow sharing prices like gasbuddy... still the best available.

Katrina Tholen

Good app to have! Seems very useful for pinching pennies.

S kaleeswaran

Good to have Good application . One more value addition can be done. While entering the price option need to given for entering MRP and actual sale price. Sothat we can know which store gives best discount . Pl do

Maurice Maltbia

Useful Any good price comparison app should have price per unit and track the price at each store. This app has all of that. I've always wanted this features, but have not taken the time write it myself. The user interface could use a little plush, but it works well. One useful feature is remembering the item category as the default category.

Kristi Minter

Doesn't work Won't allow me to enter any items. Update: I have tried numerous times to enter information. I type it all in, hit save, but it never shows up in items. I really want it to work!

Benjamin Been Jammin

Amazing and one of a kind This app is the only reason I kept my android when I switched to iphone... there is no comparable i-app. I can put in costs of any item, usually by oz or other individual quantity (1 bar, 1 bag etc) and I can quickly compare if the 36 Clif bars at Costco is a better deal that the 12 at Walmart on a price per bar basis, or per whatever unit I'm looking at (price per oz of ketchup for example). If you do the easy task of inputting once, you need only to enter changes thereafter. Pro version you can backup!

Michelle Leininger

The amazing price book for shopping! The only thing I would add is the ability to sort the shopping cart by store. Otherwise I love this app!

Andreas Weigl

Only little improvements Love the app that's why I bought it a while ago. Little things would be nice. Since I have a Amoled display it would be nice if I could switch to a dark theme and tell the app to keep my phone unlocked. The other thing that would be nice is a normalization. Let's say that I always want to see the kg prices no matter if I put in grams or pound. Would make it easier to compare. Last thing would be an option to import the csv. This way I could easily add prices quickly or share them with friends.

Kathryn Davidson

Massive, fatal flaw. I thought this app would be great. I enter my favorite products, like Carr's Water Crackers: and if I add the price at each local store, I can track which store consistently sells it the cheapest, right? Wrong. You can do *everything* with this app: EXCEPT easily find out which store has the best deal! I entered "Carr's Water Crackers", price per ounce, store, Walmart. Then I added the next entry for the same item, price per ounce, store, Safeway. IT DELETED WALMART. I was confused. I added the price for Costco. IT DELETED SAFEWAY! Seems you can't add the price of multiple stores for each item. D: So if I wanted to know the price of Carr's Water Crackers at 8 local stores, I'd have to add the same crackers to the app 8 times! That means, if I want to track 100 items across my local 8 stores: I HAVE TO ENTER THE ITEMS 800 TIMES! Holy Cow! :( Please, please add the ability to keep the product's price at different stores in a neat, organized list, sortable by best deal! This app would be AMAZING if it did that!

vlaho vlaho

In setting I have "Calculate Cost Using: Most Recent Price" but it does not work. It always uses best price.

claudia mosher

Perfect electronic price-book it does everything a Canadian Frugalista needs ... tracks prices of different units. Searchable. Creates lists that remind you of the best price you've seen. Keeps history. Lets you share lists. Much better than Sharky or Out-of-milk or Pricebook. But does take significant memory for my older android

Richard Osmund Saplaco

Hard to edit xml files I bought it and I'm having a hard time editing back-up in pc and restoring.

Toni Spurgeon

Works exactly as expected. I have known I needed a price book for a long time but they always seemed so complicated to create. This app makes it easy to do. I've been using it for 4 weeks now and my only request is a way to sync to the computer because it would be easier to enter data with an actual keyboard. Purchased the license after the first week to get rid of ads and have the ability to back up. Well worth the price.


GOOD/USEFUL APP Used together with the Flipp App and the Favado App it is an EXCELLENT tool for shopping wisely and saving (as long as you are willing to enter and track data, and drive to different stores to complete your shopping). There is always room for improvement (including changing units of measure, once added, different sorting criteria and importing of sales data, as the Favado App does).

Louise Booth

My daughter raves about it but I have an iPhone. I like your features, and so far can't find them combined on any apple apps. Do you have plans to release it in anything other than android?

Clifford Hailey

Not bad I like the app so far even would buy the pro if you could sync across devices like me and my wifes phones. Didnt see an option for comparing item count ie 70 count tissue to 100 count tissue, whats best price per tissue. Custom setting doesnt seem to do the comparison.

Jacob Steele

Almost perfect Has every feature i was looking for save one, barcode scanning. Without a doubt the most useful price and shopping list app on the store

Mohd Khairil Othman

Good apps One of the best apps for tracking your list.

Jenn F

Awesome price book One of the only apps that pays for itself! Well worth the price to upgrade and back up feature works no problem was able to back up to multiple devices!

appPromo appPromo

Super! Woow, it's so simple and useful I really love it! You must download it!

Kevin Batchelor

Had to reset my phone so I exported my data. Lot of good that did, the app will not let me restore from that file. It doesn't acknowledge that the file is there, even though I can see it in file manager.

Ling Ling Ng

Amazing app! Really cool app to help me stay in budget and get the best price. A must have!

Nelopar Khan

Price Cruncher really nice amazing i like it

Rai Lkyi

Annoying ads Difficult to use.

Gee Scott

Very good

Joshua mead

Wow, what a great app. I cant wait to utilize this app to it fullest potential. Could you please add a general calculator function, add a toggle for sales/retail price and possibly have sale end date to turn price back to retail, lastly, add a feature to show the price crunches of others near me so i can compare on the fly using data from others. Thank you, your app is great.

Al Gambini

Learning to grocery shop By using this app I'm avoiding rookie mistakes that were costing me $$. Items I thought were good buys but weren't are easier to avoid thanks to this app

Allison Britton

Adding a check box to add item to shopping list when in item category sort/view would be appreciated!

Kelly Sharpe

Features Missing - also doesn't transfer I like this app, but it only allows for one type of tax. My grocery receipt shows two different rates - 2.5% and 5.3% - for different types of items. Also, on my phone, I own the pro version of the app, but on my new tablet, it doesn't recognize that I purchased the license.

Ilya Kushliansky

Great app, but please add more currencies (exotic ones), ability to get rid of decimals at all and image add function (take photos). Thanks for your work!


Not sure yet Haven't studied enough I will let you know.

Barry Garrod

I've searched and tested many apps looking for the functionality that this app provides. All others failed. This one wins. Does exactly what I've been looking for.

Tiffany Shearon-Lester

Best Price Book App I've Seen Yet! I have spent over a YEAR looking through and trying out different apps. They all say they keep the history of prices, but usually it's only the last one or two or it only keeps the lowest price which doesn't allow you to track sales cycles or price trends in your specific area. Initial setup is a bit tedious since you have to create your list of products and prices, but that's true with any of these apps.


Great app and can be better Great app for its purpose... following things which will make it best is 1 creating shopping list by directly selecting from all item item list gives more details which helps while making shopping lists make it easy 2 custom currancy option and option to enter currancy rates in dollors. By using entered currancy rates ,app shall provide item rates in different currancies (for which rates are entered in us dollors by users) assoon as we change currancy in settings. 3 pie diagram as per catagories

Yvonne Washington

Straightforward with clean UI I can manage my favorite stores, price check while in the store, have a good idea of my total cost before I even leave the house, and more. I really like the simple setup. Some helpful changes/updates 1. "Add items to existing shopping list" needs to show if it's a SALE item or RETAIL item. You could just add the "sale tag" to the screen. 2. Include a way to add coupon items. After playing with the free portion for a few days, I purchased the (reasonably priced) key for the more Shopping Lists option.

Kerryn Greaves

Great price book! This app is great for keeping track of prices of all sorts of things. Quite easy to use once you get the hang of where everything is. Very happy.

Maurice Maltbia

Very Useful! Any good price comparison app should have price per unit and track the price at each store. This app has all of that. I've always wanted these features, but have not taken the time write it myself. The user interface could use a little polish, but it works well. One useful feature is remembering the item category as the default category. I would also like to share my price data with other users of the app.

Susan Ament

Good app Helps me keep track of the best prices. I just wish it was easier to edit a product once I have entered it

Pratik Mazumdar

Good Good to do price checks and compare them

Mike R

Best I've Found, but . . . Like previous comments this app would be a 5 star if it would sync between devices. It does what I was looking for, a way to track and compare unit prices.

Lalaine Leop

Awesome!!!! Would love for you guys to make a web version also. My fingers get tired going back and forth on a small screen. Hope you'd do it soon. ? best price book app.

Marjorie Lang

My favorite price book app. I've had no issues at all with my Moto X (1st gen) phone, and I save money every week using it. Just wish it had an online version where I could type prices in at my laptop instead of needing to use my phone.

SE Schoen

Great app Would give fifth star if I could easily share the data with my husband. Can you email a data file without (risky) full network access?

Scott Ammann

Quick and easy It's quick and easy to use and helps me when I'm out at a new store to check in a second if they're cheaper than my usual place.

Linda Colyer

Great for price comparison Great tool to keep track of prices. I stopped using it as my shopping list though because of the way it was too easy to accidentally check off items when scrolling through list.

keith benoit

Very helpful

Wolfgang Haak

Great interface, easy, works It's the app you need if you shop offline, at markets, brick and mortar shops, etc. I've tried others, this has a great interface, and works great. Suggestions for improvement: allow users select custom base price units (£/kg, £/100gr. etc) and show a price history. (If the cheapest shop is out of stock, what's my best alternative?) Thanks!

Chigger Wilhite

So Far ~ So Good. It does everything it advertises. I wish it had a Bar Code Scanner. Then I'd know I have one that works Every Time! I will figure out how to use the "Shopping List", I will .....

Adler "Nikki" Rothschild

Great program Use it all the time. You do not realize how much prices go up until you use this great program. I wish it had a bar code reader and when you search for product that is existing you should be able to choose if it is added to needed items. Also it needs an "each" otherwise I just use grams. Fix these few things an it gets 5 stars plus!!!

Jamie Hord

Great App I am a big fan of managing my finance, budgeting and saving money and this app helps me keep track of items I frequently purchase and of where I get the best deals. Thank you!!

Sam Van Oort

Can no longer add prices or find items Pretty critical UX break there, guys. Was already barely usable for its main purpose due to feature bloat, but I'm done with it now.

Claire Nelson

Im in love This is now the best app ever since i found out i was not working it correctly. This app does everything i could want it to do. And i cant wait for all my items to be added and for it to become my new best friend

Chris Papademetrious

This app is AWESOME! I was actually contemplating writing my own price-comparison app when I discovered Price Cruncher. I was so tired of keeping the prices of toilet paper, peanut butter, fish sticks, and juice drink boxes in my head. The unit handling and bulk-packaging system is spot-on. Very slick, quite intuitive. Take the time to watch the demo video on this page; it also serves as a good instructional video for what you can do when getting started as a new user. Although, I REALLY wish it had the following: 1.Share data between multiple users. 2. Add an "Add Similar" feature to the long-press item menu - creates a copy of the selected item, where you can then edit the store, quantity, brand, etc., without having to retype other identical information. 3. Set an optional expiration date for sale prices. #1 is needed the most. My wife and I both have phones. Or sometimes she brings her 7" tablet to the store instead. We need a way to sync and merge edits and additions automatically across all devices.

maria romano

Price Cruncher Great app. Let's me prepare shopping lists for each store I go to, and also compare prices for the best deal. Just one thing would make this wonderful: please include a way to include coupons for the items I am shopping for, so I can compare them with items that do not have a coupon. Thanks.

Jesse Schwartzentruber

Almost perfect Works great, but some missing features that seem obvious to me: - Set units for comparison per item (eg. show unit price in kg or 100g even if package is in oz) - Sort price history by unit price (if best price is out of stock or expired sale) Lots of features that could be added, other reviewers have done a good job listing them, but part of the beauty is it's simplicity for shopping in real life. This is the most usable price book app I've been able to find. Thanks!

Melanie Bantel

So useful This app is what I've been looking for! It keeps track of prices effectively, so it's great when looking through flyers and planning a shopping trip. The shopping list function then works well in store, grouping items logically for efficiency.

Lauren K.

Excellent portable pricebook Simple, straightforward, very handy. I only wish I could create a group list so that as close friends do shopping I can integrate the prices they find into my own list.

Aisha Ismail

Good app Serves it's purpose, but doesn't have nearly enough currencies. Should include a free text field so one can manually enter a currency.

Rebecca Mayer

Love it but my database from free app wouldn't transfer.emailed app author but didn't get a response

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