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13 Feb
Pretentious Game

Posted by Keybol in Puzzle | Feb. 13, 2014 | 68 Comments

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“Pretentious Game is one of those rare games on the App Store [...] full of originality.”
- Pocket Gamer

“A lovely platformer”
– Rock Paper Shotgun

"I can say that it’s refreshing to see something like this come along."
- ArcadeSushi

Is Pretentious Game an overwhelming experience with a touching message or just a too pretentious game? You be the judge. - Director's Choice Award and Best in Storytelling nominee in Casual Connect San Francisco 2013

Have you ever realized how words are important? And how they can drive our emotions?

Enjoy the uncluttered and peculiar aesthetics of Pretentious Game and plunge wholeheartedly into a poetic and deep story.

Follow the adventures of a blue square passionately in love with his pink sweetheart, and help him bring his feelings to light.

Read between the lines of Pretentious Game to progress through the story, and let your feelings overcome you…

Director’s Choice Award at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
Best Story nominee at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
Independent Games Festival Entrant 2014

“I like the way it breaks your expectations”
- Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone

“A wonderful interactive poem that is touching but aware of itself.”
- Vsauce

”Very well designed puzzles”
- Indiegames

“Pretentious Game is deceptively simple, but ends up reaching farther and deeper than it might seem at the start. It's easy to like it and the visual style and the puzzle aspect make for an enjoyable experience.”
- jayisgames

- A tale about love, sadness and pursuit of happiness
- Marvelous music by Erik Satie
- Innovative gameplay at each level
- Multi-awarded game

Whats new

    Chapter 4 added !
    This chapter is included in each Full Game purchase

Keybol part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 13, 2014. Google play rating is 88.6063. Current verison is 1.0.88. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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Wow... I related to the Blue Square so much. This game teaches us to take risks, no matter what happens. A very heartwarming message about love.

Nick Martinelli

Serious optimization and input issues. Despite being the only app running, this thing chugs frames on my G2. Combined with ridiculously large hitboxes for the direction keys, this makes fine and or rapid movement next to impossible, and often causes characters to slide off the level despite having let go of the controls. Understand, everything else about this game deserves a 4 or above rating, and is definitely worth buying in full, but I refuse give 5 stars until these game-breaking issues are addressed. NOW.

Evans Thomas

Great game It's an excellent game. The first 3 chapters are excellent, but the 4th chapter is not really playable on a touch screen. It starts off with clever puzzles, but towards the end ends up being a Thomas Was Alone clone.

ulysses monsale

Pretentious Game worth playing, it is learning and teaching your inner self what life is all about, and what love can do. The special part of it is you dont even seem to notice that you are playing a game.

JD Brannock

Delightfully pretentious For what it is - a free game that you'll finish in half an hour - this game was a pleasant surprise. Some of the levels really force you to think outside the box, and the little riddles that help you along are either touching or amusingly over-the-top, depending on your sensibilities.

Donavan Robles

The most depressing game about squares. Honestly this game has better character design than most other modern games. The story kinda reminds me of a certain music video (Ungrateful - Escape the Fate) but it's very interesting nonetheless. Tenouttaten.

Daelyn Paolini

I can't find the music or wallpapers on my phone!! This is an incredibly sweet game with pretty music and a terribly tragic ending. This intro (chapter one of four) you'd be downloading is short, so expect only five or ten minutes of gameplay before it's over and asks you to buy the full version (there's three packs you can buy, each costing progressively more for additional add-ons such as wallpapers and the soundtrack, the most expensive package being $4.99). I'm buying just for the soundtrack, it really is amazing. (5 stars when I can find the music)

Matthew Armbruster

Good but often confusing puzzler Basically the game is a tutorial all the way through, but it does it so subtly that you forget it is teaching you new things constantly. Reminds me of portal in that way. Also, one of the few mobile games to elicit an emotional response from me. 4 starred because sometimes I simply had no idea what the game was trying to get me to do though.

Jessica Weiner

A sweet, poetic game.... I liked the music, it fit perfectly. Almost a little sad and romantic at the same time. Wish I had a Blue like Pink does.

Aaron Tyler

HAALY COW Wow. I am simply speechless. This game is one of the few games I've ever played that has made me truly feel. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but this was not just a game: it was also an experience.

Matthew Bennett

HUGE battery hog Great game with a unique twist and easy controls. But holy cow it is a battery hog. Something must be wrong in the code because my Nexus 5 reports it as using 51% of my all time battery resources. Perhaps enabling Japanese text did it, because I only saw it recently. I enjoyed the game but had to uninstall because of this.

Mark Flett

Lovely game, but... ... a couple of big annoyances (nexus 5). Playable area is bigger than visible screen, making a couple of levels near impossible. Also, despite paying for all levels, I still get a frequent, intrusive pop-up advert which ruins the immersion and sentimentality. Otherwise, as others have said, it's a very sweet little game.

Annija Reinika

The game is simply beautiful!! has some tricky challenges, but none that can't be figured out. Simplistic, but one of the best games I have played. Wonderful storyline. Shame it was so short.

Azure Drake

Demo is great...full game is hit or miss This game is amazingly clever and fun to play. It pulls at your heartstrings and never lets go... Until the end of the demo. The second chapter is just as good as the first but from the last 1/3 of chapter 3 this game becomes tedious and down right annoying with some of it's mechanics.

brianna chase

Awesome It's a good game good story not to hard or easy you just have to think about what they tell you

Christopher Green

Fun and challenging with a great message. Totally different from what I expected, but still had a ton of fun. Puzzling enough to keep you interested, fun enough to keep you coming back for more.

Jonathan Patterson

Pretentious Game has a clever design. Good implementation of touch controls and a nice tutorial/intro to the game to make it easy. Not a hard platforms, but an enjoyable one for sure. Hard to do a lot with a bunch of squares, but this developer did way more than I expected. A nice love story was tied into the game. Excellent experience.

Brendan Szymanski

Beautiful This game literally broke my heart. I thought at first it would be a simple platformer with a basic story, but at the end everything just explodes in your face. It isn't very long at all, took me about 5 minutes to play through it, but still good job. The physics and fluidity of the input could be improved, but overall amazing job.

Cesar Bravo

Amazing I loved this game it had a simple but brilliant story good controls I only encountered one ad when I played and it didn't disrupt my experience very well made get it now.

Mason Walenda

Abusive Psychology techniques This game uses cognitive psychology, a vauge storyline, and interactive play to manipulate mental imagery to possibly alter an unsuspecting persons beliefs or opinions on love. Sick and disgusting. Uninstalled.

Jade Russel

I just cant believe it... Right now while i am typing, i am crying. 3 times that is since ive compleated the whole game.(full virsion) its the most touching game, and story i have ever EVER encountered in my whole life. The person who created this game, needs a reward. But not just a reward...something more cherishable. They need to be noticed. I love you. You made my day. I now think of some relatable things in my life that occurrs in the game...thank you. Thank you so much for having the COURAGE, STRENGTH, and HEART♥

Bryson Barber

Don't buy anything If you want a simple, fairly easy puzzle platformer with a decent story and premise, then the free version is great. But whatever you do, for the love of God, don't spend any money on it. All it gets you is some extremely frustrating, often nonsensical levels with only one barely related hint to help you get through them. And you'll STILL get ads. If I could do two separate ratings I would. The free version is fun for what it is, just don't give them any of your money. Your time is all they deserve.

Kevin Cecilio

Amazing ♥ When I first played this game I felt it was just like any platformer game, I was just like "OK let's see what my friends were talking about!" But when I started I heard the music, it was nice calming and heartwarming and then I got to the last level of the chapter. Once I was just about to get the pink block, it left. But when I saw the grey block and two smaller block's with them, I felt heartbroken for the blue block that I actually froze and felt like boasting with tears. That is how beautiful this is! ♥

Patrick Garcia

Omg This just shattered and crushed my heart. I relate to the little square so much. And we should all be learning a lesson from this little game :'(

Alexander Young

My heart... *warning spoiler*The game wears it's pretentious nature on its sleeve but genuinely made me feel my heart sink at the end of the demo.

Kelly Vo

Was about to buy I was going to buy the full version but I read some problems people had with it like too many ads... and I searched online and you can play other chapters on Google for free!!!

Brandon Gibson

Mechanics-as-metaphor I came here from James Recommends, and I must say, it's good, it's short, and it's worth your time.

Ryan Innes

I don't know why I was looking for a game like Thomas was alone, I found this and it just explodes in your face without exploding... Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't

Jemiah Rucinski

Wow I won't spoil things.. But my heart broke at the end.. It really makes you think about yourself. One of the best android games.. Yet one of the simplest and shortest. Five stars.

Dafydd Carmichael

Galaxy Note 4. This game lags horrendously. Not all the time, but every minute or so it will just enter bullet time. Tinny music and clunky controls round it off

Stephen Higgins

I was skeptical but... Ended up blown away (this is my first review in 5 years of using google play). Amazed by the simplicity and beauty(was looking for thomas was alone and am happy I found this gem)

Olga Butlevich

Eeeeeeek! Wow, was not expecting this. It's simple, difficult and adorable. What more could you want? But.. as someone before me pointed out, the control keys don't allow smooth movement.

Sheridan Hills

Adore I adore this game, though was sad when I reached the end. Very unique, very cute, very intelligent.

Roderick Jackson

Pretentious game This game teaches us that the pursuit of love is pointless. Bravo

Gerhard Harmsen

LG2 Great game. Difficult enough to be enjoyable and not frustrating

Jacob Taco

Simple game, touching message I could see some using this as a "pick up line", to get that girl (or guy).

Amanda Rose

Just extraordinary :) I'm happy I purchased this for one dollar on a whim. This game is lovely. I recommend being hooked up to speakers for full enjoyment.

RzdAkira Yagami

Heartwarming squares Love the way how they give me clues with just pieces of poetry. Heartwarming and beautiful

Ilya Potekhin

Nothing special Some interesting gameplay gimmicks here and there, but the story is too stereotypical and 'soap opera' like. The production values are minimal though and considering that the whole game including paid chapters can be completed in less than half an hour this is hardly worth your money.

Lindsay Haven

Very cool game Puzzle platformer that uses to story as clues to the puzzle. Very clever all around. The art and the music are very well themed for the game also, only as much as it needs and no more.

Sergey Petrov

genius! this is a great game. touched my heart..

Jaylen Haney

Amazing!! I love it... But it made me sad a little... I wanna get the whole game but I can't. :(

Dalton Marks

It's more than a pretentious game. Deceptively simple and surprisingly profound. I remember beating the first chapter and thinking, "This game that consists of uniting 2 blocky squares has made me feel more than the last twelve romance movies I've seen." Also worth noting, the music is amazing. Play it - the less you know about it going in, the better.


So cute This game is adorable and very educational and simple but overall sad, the music really helps the situation because if this were a love game you would expect happy music but instead there's this iffy kind of music between suspense and happiness... very good game

Sara Benton

I'm speechless. Within a short amount of time, this game has sent out a powerful message about taking risks and to date to live. I'm completely in awe with this game. Kudos to the developers.

Rekha Kesarwani

Update Its been a long time and u havent updated this game. R u guys broke ro what just wanna take our monye

Shine Garcia

I am inlove with this game and story This is a great game,I love how the blue square needs to take big risks for the one he loves!I'm sooooo gonna play this again

Isaias Lopez

Amazing! Truly amazing. Loved it This game managed to captivate me in it's simplistic mechanics yet keep things fresh and DIFFERENT through each and every poem.


Apt name I dunno what was the theme they wanted to capture in the game. Didn't feel captivating at all. The trial stages didn't motivate me to buy the game in any way whatsoever.

Janie Hotchkiss

Adorable AND challenging Definitely buying the full game, especially after the close of the demo nearly made me cry! Well written to boot, without being smarmy, and the music is perfect. One caveat: you need to be able to be the pink block! Also be able to choose two blue or two pink. Only fair. ?

James Roye

True Art Truly this game is the true face of art and art culture, it makes an almost brutally truthful comment on art itself. Despite the seeming deep mythology, intense character development and specific storytelling, it still provides enough of a blank canvas and displays of broad raw emotion for anyone to relate to both of the lead cast very artfully, in a way that makes a statement onthe medium art itself. Truly and artfully this is a piece of fine true art. 6/10

Brandon Gale

Add new chapters soon please Literally the best game I have ever played. I related to the blue Square in chapters one and two so much it actually made me stop and think about things alot for a long while. Chapter 4 ends weirdly I guess and it really makes me want to see what happens next in chapter 5. Definitely worth paying for

Tan Dang Vo

Battery drain on my nexus 5 Not a bad game. I even bought the full levels. But what with the battery drain on my phone? Play the game, get out of it to do something else then only later on realize that this app is awake in the background draining the phone battery. Disappointed! Fix please!

Agnes Maria

It really is pretentious very depressing game. I bought the game cause but unfortunately I can only play it on 1 device. If i wanted to play on my phone I would have to buy it again "in-app"--what a rip off. One star for chapter 4 only. Just that. The rest is super easy. Really regretting i bought it.

Zephyr Zane

Short but sweet and sad and full of feels. Chapter one was great then chapter two was even better. Always thought I was more of a triangle or circle kind of person but now I love these little squares to bits (which they are :P )

Zuchi Ws

I just want to play it again Hello I played this game before and I bought it about one year ago.. I reset my phone because of a problem but now I want to play it again but its asking me to buy it... Is there a solution to get my full story package back?

Cerita Mays

Love It! Beautiful story. Perseverance is the key to everything in life. There's always the bad, but unless you can deal with it, you never truly know when life is so good. Value what you have and go after your dreams, even if it scares the hell out of you.

Janie Hotchkiss

Adorable AND challenging Definitely buying the full game, especially after the close of the demo nearly made me cry! Well written to boot, without being smarmy, and the music is perfect. One caveat: you need to be able to be the pink block! Also be able to choose two blue or two pink. Only fair. ?

Caleb Vincent Agustin

Made me cry Seriously, this game is so depressing and sad. Automatic 5 star. I don't care about the graphics when it has a beautiful story anyway

Kacy Picazo

This game... Made me cry. I have never been so intrested in the stories of squares ever... until now. This game is also difficult. Urg!!! rage quit! But it was worth every penny. Get this game.

Trixey Woods

I really like it but im stuck on one of the parts in chapter 3 its the one where it says "i will hold on to you and get the truth" i know what to do but its not working x( please help!! If u do ill rate 5 stars

Kate Sze

Full of emotional ups and downs :') Great game! Wish I could change the ending but I love it all the same. Game runs smoothly, bgm matches storyline, gets the player to really be imaginative of possibilities (:

Chibolete Sophos

simple graphic so it can draw attention to what really is important Beautiful game. Already played all on kong, but i had to have this in my phone,, it's hard to find good games that does not only are fun. This game plays with your memory and opens the space for you to think, rethink and learn with memories you already have. Inspiring, simple and unique. Thanks dev for making this game ^^.

Kathleen A

Why do you hurt me in this way...? I love this interactive story. Poignant, if I may say. It deeply affected me the first time I went through it. Really wasn't expecting it to but happy it did. Hope for more chapters. :)

Igor Inkey

What the hell?? How is it even possible for a game this basic to be so deeply touching, surprisingly varied and engaging? I went into this with no expectations at all and BAM in only a couple of minutes it left me speechless! Making games like this, and making them so well, is definitely an art! I'm only giving 4 stars because an ad kept popping up even though I got it as Premium on the Humble Bundle. Also, it is really very short.

Dakota Aston

Omg ;-; so many feels I love it so much, its so beautiful and sad. I love how they are all closely connected to each other. Some levels were a bit of a challenge but I managed to complete them. I can't even ;-; to sum it up its an amazingly tragic love story. So many feels


So painfully good! I luv how at the end it says I'm too late! Cuz the gilr and other man had children and the blue has gone too far...???? that happens in life..?


Not really worth paying Game itself is somewhat interesting, but performance is horrible and control is frustrating. And ad is not removed even though I bought friend pack.

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