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22 Feb
Presto for Smartphones

Posted by Presto Entertainment in Media & Video | Feb. 22, 2015 | 60 Comments

Apk file size: 36.0 MB

Presto is an Australian entertainment service offering an unbelievable selection of ad-free movies and TV shows streamed to your screens for a low monthly subscription fee.

Presto consists of two separate services – Presto TV and Presto Movies, or you can bundle both services together for the full Presto Entertainment experience.

Presto TV offers a vast library of great ad-free TV shows including drama, comedy, kids, factual and entertainment programming. Presto Movies features blockbuster movies and all-time favourite films from a constantly updated collection.

Get the Presto Android Phone App** as part of your Presto subscription, sign up to Presto, download the app and you can enjoy access to unbelievable movies and TV shows from major TV producers and movie studios, streamed directly to your phone.

** The Presto Android Phone App counts towards your total Presto subscription device limit and requires a compatible Android Smartphone running operating system 4.1 or higher. Internet connection with minimum speed of at least 3Mbps is required to view Presto. Presto is available over 3G/4G networks and WiFi. ISP and data charges may apply. Video quality may vary according to 3G/4G and Wi-Fi service. Only available for use in Australia. Full Presto Terms of Use are available on the Presto website.

Presto Entertainment part of our Media & Video and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 22, 2015. Google play rating is 31.9562. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 36.0 MB.

Download presto-for-smartphones.apk 36.0 MB


Christopher Kay

Cannot easily deregister a device All I want to do is deregister 1 device in order to register my smartphone, but the system will not allow it, and the FAQ info regarding this matter is incorrect. Until this gets fixed, I have no choice but to award this app only 1 star.

Mik Morley

A solid contender I enjoyed Presto on the Tablet, and casting it to Chromecast, but did find the tablet version a little laggy. This version is awesome, rock solid. Now I can sneakily watch movies at work! :)

Anthony Chun

All I can see is "Not supported". Thanks for wasting my time Downloaded 36MB and it just tell me my phone is not supported then force close. Google Nexus 5 running Android 5.0.2

Michael Cooke

Buggy Go to certain menu selections, and hangs on loading screen. Can't seem to pause and play again from where I left off. Scrolling through A-Z movies, and loads of the movie don't show up - just get black lines where the title should be. Not surprising they're giving away free trials cos who would pay for this? Pick up your game Presto!

Blaine Wait

Bugs bugs bugs!! Why release a app that you say will ChromeCast when it flickers while watching it? Come on guys!! Not good enough! . Just so you know Stan preforms perfect! And Neflix has an app on my Samsung TV And Playstation 4 so I don't even have to worry about Casting.

Lochlan Soutar

Needs More Content And Wider Phone Range I have been using presto on the tbox. It's amazing it's just that it dosnt have the content as Like Netflix. Also the phone range is limited as I have a HTC one. And lastly is that it needs to be easier to use as on pc, I get errors like player error. But overall this service is great.

Tung Tran

Can't watch on a "jailbroken" device Would give 0 stars if I could. First, its a rooted device not jailbroken. Second, if someone paid money to use this service what kind of difference does it make if the device is jailbroken or rooted? Awful, what expected from Australian media companies. Going to stick to Netflix.

Peter Butcher

Missed the mark Whilst the app itself is ok, the quality of the streamed video is absolutely terrible. So much so I'm definitely not subscribing. At least give me 720p or in reality 1080p like all the others. By supposedly trying to stop eroding revenue via traditional subscriptions, Foxtel are actually going to be left behind. Though I'm sure they've got the capability to simply serve HD content from existing hardware. Such a shame because I would be happy to pay $10 a month as I currently am for Stan.

Alan Hood

Add the HTC M9 Not much good if the latest phones aren't supported. Will re_rate when I can use it.

Christian Biggins

Go elsewhere. EDIT: Updated my review after trying desperately to watch some shows today. The quality was horrendous and while that should increase the stream speed, it didn't. It buffered every few seconds with occasional 10 min buffer-free periods. Ultimately it was totally unusable. It made me angry and I'm cancelling my subscription before the next payment comes out. Steer clear or get Stan (good stream and HD) or wait for Netflix (what I am doing.) Also, not supported on my wifes Moto G. I think it's a good app but missing some basic ux improvements. There is no "my list" or "to watch" functionality which means searching every time you want to watch something new. Also the a-z list of TV shows has massive duplication in the names. There must be 50 or more "Bob the builder" episodes. They should be grouped under a single parent category. Small updates like these will make it much more usable.

Emily Clarke

Buggy App keeps freezing and closing. Please fix cause you have a better movie range compared to Stan but that's useless if the app won't work!

matt werkmeister

S5 not supported ? Hey I have a Samsung s5 your website says It has compatability . But it won't work please send help . #1st world problem .

Cameron Goers

Not supported If my device (Nexus 5) is not supported then don't let me download it.. Horrible experience. Definitely won't be trying Presto now, pretty happy with Stan and we will see what Netflix is like as well.

Teye Foster

Just awful The app is just as disgraceful as the Presto service itself. I can run netflix in hd just fine yet anything I watch on Presto buffers every minute. The app constantly buffers and freezes. Presto needs to lift their game.

Bradley Madin

Requires serious fine tuning. Presto as a service is great, the content is wide, loading times are prompt but the application on Android and IOS needs some work! Firstly on lollipop in the multitask menu Presto doesn't appear whatsoever. When casting to chromecast you loose control of the content no where can you get to now playing, play/pause etc. Absolutely refuses to stream to Apple TV. If these kinks can be sorted I may pay for the service once my trial finishes if not I will not become a paying member.

sunshine day

Not supported Should have read the reviews first rather than wasting my time downloading something that wint even work on my device. Nexus 5.

Liam Cox

Device not supported Really? The Nexus 5, a base phone for android development across all phones is not supported. This is my first impression with Presto. By the way, Netflix works nicely.

Alan Isherwood

Device not supported Why on earth does the app only work on a few specific devices? Netflix doesn't seem to have a problem supporting everything.

Jared Shrimpton

Not supported on my phone So I thought I'd give the 30 day trial a go even though they only do SD. Well turns out it's not even supported on my phone so I can't cast it to my TV. Guess I'm sticking with Stan and Netflix.

Richard Douglas

I would love it but constantly crashes. Everytime it crashes I have to restart my phone. Almost unusable Crashes constantly. Doesn't like using Wi-Fi all that much. Everytime it crashes I have to restart my phone. I will not recommend to other people

Robert Myers

Pointless Sorry but what's the point of the app if you can't use it on a Sony Xperia Z1?

Phoebe Snow

Not compatible I open it up and it says not compatible with device- please make it compatible with the m9

Matt Arnold

A worthless piece of app Doesn't support OnePlus One. Even a free 6 month trial won't get me to bother with Presto if they can't even give people access to watch content. And the content is all 480p apparently. What a joke. This service will slowly fade into irrelevance if it doesn't evolve as quickly as other services. I'll stick with Netflix thanks.

Mohammad Pishdar

No xperia z support Just registered for a subscription hoped to watch it on my phone but it just doesn't work on it... Better to consider everything before making a product public than having such unacceptable problems...

Lew C

Can't watch presto on a jail broken device Sorry guys,I was under the impression that this phone was my phone and I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do to it? One star because of your nonsensical limitation that happens AFTER I give you my credit card details. Edit: illegally truncated the trial from six Months down to three. Buyer beware!

Tim Turner

Doesn't work on my phone Please support my phone promptly otherwise I will be canceling my subscription. Presto should run on any modern phone instead of only a select few.

Murray Grange

Presto not supported at this time. I'm disappointed that this application isn't supported on my Nexus 5 even after it installed perfectly. As the Android flagship device, when will this be supported?

Brett Madigan

Cant run using rooted devices/ No HD App doesn't work with a rooted device. The way I use my device is my choice, to cut users out based on trying to fix Google's broken software. Also the lack of HD or the option to choose resolution doesn't feel acceptable.

Jason Hawkins

Terrible Device Support No support for Nexus 5 despite pretty much every other app on the play store supporting Nexus 5. Can't even try the service. Useless. Good thing Netflix and Stan have a much wider device support range. I guess Presto don't want customers?

Simone Collins

WTF? I got Presto to have on my galaxy s5 and when I installed app it is telling me that my device is not supported. I CAN'T USE THIS APP,WHY?

James Cowie

Presto is just bad Presto is just bad. From the slow, buggy website to the app being so pathetic that it doesn't even load. Thank god i got this terrible service free for 6 months. Wouldn't touch this even if i got paid..


Junk..... Utter junk. Allows you to install app, then tells you its not compatible with your phone . Wtf? Crappy video quality and appaulling library of titles anyway..... Nothing lost. Another Murdoch company just waiting to fail.

Blake Kloeden

Clueless developers Device support is terrible. A decent company wouldn't put this on the play store because it's not ready.


Doesnt work I open the app then 1 second later it crashet pleeeeeeeeeeeease fiiiiiiiiiiiiix thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

Kathy Pisani

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Says my phone is compatibke but when I downloaded the app it says that its NOT compatible. What am I supposed to do about this??

Christopher Clarke

Not supported I cant figure why and s4 can be supported but an s3 can't till this is fixed u only get 1 star from me and I'll be using qyickflix cause I know they work on the s3.

maria smith

Freezes, lags and always bufferring. I have not enjoyed my presto experience at all. There aren't proper labeled categories and no documentaries. Ive had to reinstall everytime I've used it. It always freezes or is bufferring. Even when I use the laptop. I have used stan, netflix and quickflix. They all have worked perfectly and never had any streaming issues. Even crackle works better than presto. I am on a free trial and I do not plan on subscribing to presto unless some major changes happen!

James Haley

Doesn't work on HTC one m Very disappointing as it allows me to download installs but then won't work...

josh n

This sucks why doesn't it supports my phone its a Samsung galaxy note 2. Stuff this app I'm gonna delete it

Beckaa Phillips

Samsung tab 4 Doesn't work on my samsung tab 4! Can u please fix this

andrew dwyer

Won't run on rooted device The app is specifically designed not to allow playback on rooted devices. This is a joke. Get with the times people. There are many reasons why someone might root their device. Lucky for me the content is pathetic and I haven't paid for the service yet.

Jamie Kroon

Doesn't play on a rooted device What a joke! It has been designed not to give access to those with a rooted phone

Heath Napier

Bloody terrible and they expect $$ Apart that it crashes all the time and doesnt want to play, the quality of programs are poor. Ok if you only want to watch it on your smartphone, (and your happy to keep loading it every 30 secs!!) Not worth paying for.

Samuel Gunther

Worst app!! I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 yet this crap app decides to crash every time I use it. Thank god im not paying for this! You'd think that telstra would go with netflix or stan but no.. also while im in the middle of watching something at random the app crashes and for it to work again i have to restart my phone. Like fark get you shut sorted presto or atleast an update from this s....!!

A Google User

Incredibly ordinary,just like foxtel. Freezes constantly and not at all intuitive. Foxtel skimped big time and the resolution is terrible.

J Bay

Total crap keeps crashing on start up on my tablet. Luckily I'm not paying for it. But nail in the coffin as to whether renew my subscription and she'll put $$. The content is lacking anything new or popular it's all old rubbish. Pick up your game or go bust. Netflix and presto much better.

Brendon Hillermann

Poor service and app The app crashes every other use, doesn't show up in recent apps buffers constantly. That's when the video is not just a black screen with audio. Casting doesn't work 80% of the time and when you can get it to cast it buffers every 30 seconds. I can stream HD movies from Google Play without issue but this SD stream can't play smoothly.

Raffi Kevorkian

Constantly crashing! You would think when two large companies like Telstra and Foxtel get together they could make an app that works. Get it together. Using a nexus 5.

Andrew Sydenham

Restricted Limited to 4 registered devices - including your chromecasts! Won't work on a rooted device and broken on Nexus 7 , but still counts both towards the 4. So between my 2 chromecasts and rooted phone and tablet, I have no slots left and no way to watch anything!

Evan whyatt

On Samsung tablet app goes to open and it goes to blank screen. Then Foxtel Go logo appears and then goes blank again and then Presto has crashed message appears. 100% fail rate at even opening. Alternative streaming services never fail

Björn Rostron

Poor quality This app does not meet, in my opinion, the standards which so many other streaming apps pioneer. The streaming is of poor quality, as well as what seems to be constant buffering. For me it was pretty much unusable, certainly not worth $15 per month. Some of the error messages encountered used iOS terminology which is pretty unforgivable.

Nicole Dance

Not smooth at all.. rotating phone extrely slow to respond.. streaming to chrome cast doesn't always work. Half the time it starts to stream and stops for no reason also doesnt byffer correctly via chrome cast. It starts and stops constantly... i have none of these issues with other streaming apps

Andrew Iwancz

What a disappointment Don't even bother downloading or signing up to presto. App takes ages to load and when it loads it then crashes so often that it is useless. Streaming seemed to be buffering a lot over a fiber Wi-Fi connection so I would hate to see what it would be like on mobile data speeds. I would suggest Netflix atleast what is there works better and is cheaper than what Telstra is wanting to charge for presto what a joke. Lucky the subscription is free at the moment.

Javier Pinto

Crap Crap Crap !!! So this is owned by Foxtel ? Who developed your app a couple of school kids ? I get my 6 months free subscription sms, great I register set my pin set my password confirm my pin confirm my password try to change the parental settings and "ooops wrong pin number" message comes up over and over , then I download the Presto app for android and "I don't have a valid account" comes up so I go back to the Presto website only to find out my credit card details are now "invalid" come on guys get it right !!!

Mark Reilly

Great service. Annoying app Love the service, but need to clear the app cache after each use or stuck on. A spinning logo next time I try to login. Ridiculous for a standard phone like Nexus 5.

Damon Jones

Room for improvement This is the most basic of apps. It keeps crashing after selecting a show and sending it to chromecast. There is no autoplay at the end of an episode, you have to go back into the app (which has crashed and restart it) find the series you were watching and then work out which episode is next. Another problem is that you can't save your favorite shows so every time you want to watch a new episode you have to trawl through the app to find the series. I enjoy Presto and will probably sign up after my free trial

Alex Turner

Clunky, bad quality and always crashing Changing screen views is a challange for a start, picture quality is awful evem on Wi-Fi for seconds and thirdly the app crashes 24/7 and lastly recieving foxtel ads three times in a 25 min episode was not what what I paid for

Samuel Isaacs

Terrible app. Always crashes, playback is chunky and even in HD it is very pixelated. Content is nothing compared to what presto claims to have in the advertising. The app itself is a nightmare to use. Thankfully I am not paying for my first six months, but I certainly won't be paying for the next 6 after that if things don't change. Take your $$ over to Netflix & Stan they have superior service, content and quality.

James Cowlishaw

Dont waste your time Does not work..... what a joke

Greg Hortin

Poor selection, crash prone app and standard def Got 6 months free and I don't think I'll bother after a couple of days. Tried watching Aquarius on Chromecast and it crashed and glitched. The fuzzy SD picture quality isn't great and the selection feels really light. Back to Hulu plus for Aquarius, id rather take ads with HD and no crashes.

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