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12 Jul
Prayer (Salah) - Start to End

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Apk file size: 2.6 MB

Prayer - the second pillar of islam, observing this grants jannah and leaving this drags us to hellfire. This is the dividing line between the practicing muslims and non muslims. Its obligation ,virtues and extreme importance is reported via a million sources. How can we then not learn the correct method to pray in accordance to the sunnah? This application has a step by step guide detailing the posture, sequence and rules backed up by authentic ahadeeth.

This application will :

1) Inform you the step by step method of doing wudu (ablution) along with mentioning what nullifies wudu backed by authentic references

2) Illustrate the step by step method including the posture (Video and Image and dua'as in arabic + roman English and translation) of prayer. Right from Adhaan until concluding the prayer with tasleem (salaam on both the sides) backed by authentic references

3) Explain the method and details for performing the prostration of forgetfulness (sajdah sahw) in the light of Sunnah

4) Enlist the adhkaar (dua'as/dhikr and their virtues) the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his companions (may allah be pleased with them all) used to recite after every fardh salah - with Arabic + transliteration and translation - in the light of authentic sources part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 12, 2014. Google play rating is 94.2142. Current verison is 6.1. Actual size 2.6 MB.

Download prayer-salah-start-to-end.apk 2.6 MB


charles howard

Jazzakallah Alhamdulilah may Allah bless you all for the good work you have done

Raoul Delgado

MashaAllah, really great with references from The Qur'an and the Sunnah, may Allah Ajawadjal rewards you immensely,.can you please add how to correct mistakes in prayer, jazakumullah khairan

Zareer Ahmed

Ma shaa Allah, it's such a great app for offering salah from the light of Hadiths

Riyaz Ahamed

Very good apps May Allha bless you, your family, all momin, muslimeen

Abdallah ngayonga

Alhamdulillah I have proving my ideal on how to pray in a right way. Thanks all.

Syed Faizan Hussain

CERTAINLY APPRECIABLE MashaAllah...Loved It! Great Informative App with the light of Hadiths...May ALLAH's Mercy n Guidance be upon our Muslim Nation...

sarah motala

Ma Sha Allah very great, may Allah ta'ala reward each of you.

Asif Ansari

Awesome app Everything according to sunnah with reference from authentic hadith

Rehan Shaikh

very good apps dounload and share islam to others also

Muhammad Ahmad Rufai

Malam A beautiful and to understand app for new reverts and a quick reminder for practicing Muslims.

Sheiku Mansaray

Allahhamdulilahi found this app very helpful especially for my friends and family members that are new to Islam. May Allah bless and reward you all for making this very educative app.

albaz ng

Very nice May Allah continue to bless you

Nadia Van Niekerk

Very helpful when teaching young learners as well as adults

mf jaan

Best app It is the best app. It has everything to perform the salah as prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) taught us. Jazakallah khare

Taher Khan

MashaAllah great work An Aaplication with authentic references, JazakAllahu khair wa ahsanul jaza for this great Aap!

Badjan Bojang

This app is a great gift to the Muslim Inman..

adamu mohammed

Subhi zuhur Asir magrib ishai Five daily prayers

Hussain Nisham

Great app I have use this app every time after prayer like lt a lot good work.

Saqlain Khan

Jazak Allah khair Great app , all in one place. May Allah reward you and those who read or learn from it.

Antonio Wyatt

Salaat.The book This is a very important reading for Muslims and non Muslims.

Aadil Farooq

Best ever Most authentic app on how to pray with authentic references!! May Allah bless the admin of this App!!

Junaida Johari

Good Very helpfull..may Allah bless u and put us into jannah.. can u translate it to malaysian language please... jazakallahu khairan..

Amir Bin Sarudin

Helpful guide As' sallam, Thanks and may Allah repay you and your team for these wonderful guide.

Zeba Jahan

This is the authentic as per sahih hadith..I guess the only sahib salah textual app on google play..Jazak Allah khair..

Othmane Bencheikh

Othmane bencheikh Very good app, keep up the good work, may Allah bless you

Salman Khan

Excellent app... Good work brother

Paz Yoro

Mashallah how very greatfull this line

Renee Graves

Prayer Salat from start to end

naseem ahmad

Request Can you please explain way of sitting in prayer more clearly

Shoukatali Kotabal

Good to correct ourself

DrTouseefNabi Siddiqui

Useful app. Ma sha allah! One of the best app. Designed on Salah. May "ALLAH" bls the entire team with the best in the lives of boththe world's...aameen

Aliyah Nadeem

It is very helpful for me. Thank u so much for sharing this application.

Hasan Korkmaz

Masallah to the maker(s) of the app. May Allah reward (all of) you like Allah rewards me insallah because of this app. It is very helpful and would highly recommend.

Ibrahim Jatau

Great and helpful Very useful and user-friendly

shahina ather

JAZAKALLAH A very good application n very informative n authentic.... thank you for the application n may Allah(swt) grant all of us Jannah...

Ibrahim bah

May Allah make this app a blessing for the muslims who strive for the truth about the salaah


Very useful app. Thanks. May Allah guide us in the straight path and reward you for everything. Salaam Anlaykoum

fatma yakub

May Allaah bless you all who are involved in this app . It is the best.

azhar bashir

May allah bless the creator of this app... tha ks for such a wonderful app... ?

Sunny Dsouza

Great Job with references We are living and following Islam truly can be confirmed only with the authentic sunnah of prophet and this app just makes it to the goal with its authentic source details...May Allah Reward You...

Nahyan Shahzada

Nahyan Shahzada May Allah swt grant Jannah to the producers and users of this app. May He make us better muslims. Ameen

calantas panay

Very useful app specially to new muslims. More blessings for you guys! Allahu Akbar!

محمد عزام

Doesn't open I have installed marshmallow, and this app open but only about page.

Neha Kamble

# urooba Ma shaa allah a good app for those who dont no how to offer salat according sunnah n for those who reverted in islaam

Mizan Ahmed

Not working Hi app opens onto main page and then nothing else happens. Using a nexus 6p any help would be appreciated

Charles Benjamin

This app has helped me understand a lot more. Thanks.

Afreen Khan

Alhamdulillah very good Simple and lucid

Daharat Hashim

Ya rabbi guide and bless the entire team for the information given to us

mohammad tabish

Home page Plzz correct the problem..nothing is is one of best Prayer app but correct the problem

A Google User

Masha Allah Very good app and keep it up. Can you also add dhikr before sleeping too. Jazakallah Khair.

Haris Parihar

Excellent App opens onto the main page and stops. Not loading further. Using Asus zenfone 2. Used to work earlier, but has stopped since i updated my mobile.

Omosah Alama

Excellent A must for all that want to know more about Al-ISLAM

Salahuddin Saher

Does not work with letv max I installed the app but it doesn't starts instead of main menu I get blank screen though I reinstalled. Please fix it asap, it is a very useful app.

Riaz Pattoo

Not opening/Stuck plz plz sort ths out (JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR 2 the developers, excellent very helful & informative Need of every muslim for older VERSION before kindly hlp not opening now)

Rushdi Edwards

Not Working! After opening the app, It just freezes! Nothing happens! Please fix...shukran.

Usmaan Sana

Very pleased with this app. Also love the fact that there are Hadith references, which I believe are just as important as the dua it self. Keep up the good work.

Yusuf Raman

Prayer Salah Ma Sha Allah. May Allah(SAW) send countless blessings to everyone involved in compiling this App. Y. Raman

s ali

Stuck on start screen Please fix.

arogundade ishola

Excellent This is one Islamic tutor to be reckoned with. Highly educating and very easy to understand plus authentic hadiths.Jazakumullah khyran.

tosyne bal

Doesn't show anything anymore since the upgrade, just the main page. Please fix.

Shayan Siddiqui

Not Working This app is not working on Android Marshmallow 6.0 please fix this problem. Thanks

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