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29 Jul
Power On Volume (Button Fix)

Posted by Baron Williams in Tools | July 29, 2013 | 53 Comments

Apk file size: 1.1 MB

Power On Volume (Button Fix) is an app designed for phones and tablets with faulty or broken power buttons.

If your tablet or phone’s power button is starting to fail, stop using it and get this app!

Using Power On Volume you can wake up your tablet or phone and power on your screen using the physical volume keys on your tablet or phone instead of using a faulty power button.

Tests showed up to 72% reduction in battery drain compared to previous versions. Battery drain varies by device type and can still be an issue on some devices.

Using Power On Volume you can power off the screen, lock the screen, and enter power saving sleep mode using three options:
* Waving your hand in front of your device’s proximity sensor (if supported).
* Long pressing the search button (on devices with a search key).
* Pressing a Power Off shortcut icon from your home screen.
* Pressing the Power Off button in the Power On Volume app.
* Pressing a Power Off notification in the notification bar.

The long press search button feature is fully configurable. You can enable and disable this feature, and you can also select other apps to be launched when you long press the search button if they support this feature (such as the Google Voice Search app).

The Power Off shortcut icon can be selected from 16 beautiful HD Power Off icons.

The Power Off feature is compatible with all current versions of Android. Unlike many other apps available, the Power Off function will never turn the screen back on unpredictably like other similar apps are known to do when run on Android OS versions 4.0.4 or 4.1.1.

When the Power Off Proximity function is enabled (on supported hardware), you can turn off your device by waving your hand in front of the proximity sensor or by placing your device face down, putting it in a pocket, etc. Any action that covers the front will turn off your device. The Power Off Proximity function won’t turn off your phone during calls or when the phone is ringing. The Power Off Proximity function doesn’t consume any power when disabled or when the screen is off, saving precious battery life.

The root features require a rooted tablet or phone. If you don’t know was root is, you probably don’t have a rooted tablet or phone.
* Hot Boot: restarts the android GUI (if supported by your rooted system).
* Power Long Press: emulates long pressing the hardware power button.
* Reboot: reboots the device (if supported by your rooted system).
* Reboot Recovery: reboots the device into recovery mode (if supported by your rooted system).
* Shutdown: completely powers down your device

The Hot Boot, Reboot, and Reboot Recovery features rely on busybox and therefore work on most but not all rooted systems. Support for these features depends on the version of busybox installed, and how your rooted system is configured.

* This app cannot power on your tablet or phone’s screen if it’s not in sleep mode. If it is completely shut down, it is impossible for apps to run. Because this is an app, your tablet or phone must be in sleep mode for it to be able to power on the screen.
* This app cannot reboot a tablet or phone that is not rooted.
* This app cannot completely power off a tablet or phone that is not rooted.

This app version was tested on ICS, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Jellybean Android OS versions using select Samsung, Arnova, and Craig phones, tablets, and netbooks and runs well. Some phones/tablets might not work properly with this app. If you experience any problems please contact me for support.

Use the app's built-in "Uninstall" button for an easy uninstall. Uninstalling by other methods can fail.

If you contact me for support and I cannot get the app to work on your tablet or phone after a few attempts I will give you a full refund when requested.

Whats new

    * Improved the responsiveness of the Power Off Long Press root function for certain rooted devices.
    * Made the Power Off Long Press root function support more rooted devices.
    * Fixed the Power Off Long Press’s description expand button not expanding the description.
    * Fixed a rare startup crash issue.

Baron Williams part of our Tools and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update July 29, 2013. Google play rating is 78.9394. Current verison is Actual size 1.1 MB.

Download power-on-volume-button-fix.apk 1.1 MB


John Krogh

Phone saver My power button quit on me. Tried a lot of different apps. Some swype, some proximity and some volume button fixes to turn on and off (mostly turn on of cause). This was the only one working for me (at least the last one I tried ;-) Phone: rooted Mavel/WildfireS with OWlProject cm10.1 ROM

Rajesh R

Worth I was having hard time with my power button, where i was not able to screen lock/unlock for many days. My stress full days are over now, Thank you.

Gabriel Romero

Phone saver! Power button went out, this app saved me $ instead of buying a new phone, very minimal battery drain, very fair exchange for being able to power up your device when in deep sleep. Great app!! :-)

Paul Hamer

Trouble REBOOTING I purchased and installed the app on my Samsung GS 2 because of a broken power button and it worked to put the phone to sleep and wake. Did it a couple of times to check. But when I powered off the phone I had difficulty getting it to turn on! Took quite a while to get the Warning screen by holding volume keys, then hit volume down to just restart. Time to upgrade phones!

A Google User

Nice app :-) For those suffering from constant vibrations,,, I basically tore apart the power key,, this app saved the day

Marlito Gurrea

Perfect for my P780 after testing a lot of apps for screen on, wake up and lock without using the power button all day, this one only gave me the convience. Just tap the volume button on the right to wake on anf top the widget on home screen for intant lock. Now, I dont have ever to hustly hit power button on top of my phone to wake it up or lock. Thanks a lot. PS : proximity sensor ain't so friendly. If I lie down and use my phone on landscape mode it keeps locking the phone. Still 5/5 I got what i need it for.

Eddy Indradi

$1 that removes my headache This one solves my problem. It removes my headache from dysfunctioning power button. Recommendable.

Erika Terriquez

Just what I wanted I have been looking for an app like this for MONTHS! Works like it should turn off the screen so my phone will lock hit the volume button to light it up so I can unlock. After using it for quite some time I'm still happy with the app, although my phone is pretty old so I do get lots of battery drain.

Tim M

Saved my phone Power button went out on my phone and Sprint won't fix it. This app just saved me from needing to buy a new phone.

Jess Mercado

Battery hungry! Zero star! Excessive power consumption! Aside from occasional not working. UNINSTALLED. Waiting for next updates. FYI. Other shake app i downloaded consumes minimal battery. What is the difference? Your app is a battery killer. An it seems you have no plan to improve it.

Clinton Volpe

I works but ? The down fall I found with this app is that. After screen shut down screen keeps relighting up for roughly 15 seconds than when screen go's back to time out the display lights up again. I did work good for a bit. But encounted display turning back on always

LeRoy Wood III

Excellent The only app of this kind that's actually useful. The volume buttons can be made to turn on the screen, AND it doesn't adjust the volume when you do this! (every other app also changed the music volume, useless!) Also, the prox sensor to turn off screen works great. I wish you could adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, but that's a minor issue. Worth the buck.

Medardo Lopez

help Phone died, charged fully but now cant get phone to power on without power button. Volume button does not power phone on, what can i do?

Stéphane Lavergne

Thank you! My Galaxy Nexus power button stopped working after I used a cloth which was too humid to clean my screen... Now instead of waiting a day or two until it dries up, I can use the volume keys and the notification. Big battery drain though, but still this app is a keeper!

Jacob Moore

Works. Do not lock your phone using this app. It does not really lock your phone . All it does is put your phone on a blank screen... Instead set your phone to lock after 15 or 30 seconds of inactivity. Then your phone will really be locked . This app will still unlock your phone.. This makes it how your phone battery doesn't get worn down

A Google User

Fixed my LG Optimus G Fantastic instead of replacing my phone. I would give it six stars!

Dean Barker

I Smile Every Time I Use This Now Thank you so much for saving my finger from having to mount a three month expedition to the power button at the top of my novelty oversized HTC one every time I want to wake the dang screen! Works beautifully! Other functions like the screen lock, while prettier than others, don't work as quickly, so I use other apps for that. But this app does what I got it for 100%, so five stars from me!

Stefan Darmanin

Perfect for HTC Wfs and moto g Fixed my issue on the wfs and also using it on the moto g, thanks.

Jennifer Gonzalez

Finally! No adds gets straight to the job. Tried all the free apps on the store list and none worked ,not even the "waving on sensor" this turns off&on just what i needed. Definitely worth my .99¢ thank you so much. ! :-)

John Carr

It works on my ZTE Flash! For 99 cents, I pretty much fixed my phone!

Devon Pinder

Good app Worked for me after trying a few apps. Tf300t asus pad

King T

Finally a successful app! Okay. I have tried every app. None were successful. Some would work w/ the sensor but never the actual volume controls. Well. Until I tried this app. Its been over 24 hours and still going. (Knock on wood). I am a Marine. I like results. This delivers. Worth the .99¢ Thanks guys. Much appreciated. -B

Ryan Graham

This dollar app saved me HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS This app worked with my Samsung Galaxy S2 D710. Holy heck this thing is a life saver. I tried all the tricks to fix that pesky power button online and none of those little tricks worked with the D710. Little did I know I could just download an app. Thanks a lot to the publisher of this app. AWESOME, would recommend to someone with the same problems. Only complaint with this app would be the bottom keys are still light up when I power down the screen.

Dave Blackwood

AWESOME!!!!! I was a bit skeptical at first but I definitely recommend this app to android users who are having issues with a faulty or broken power button. This made my life a LOT easier. Im using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 btw


Griffs Thank you soooooo much!!! Thought my phone was done for. This app works like a charm.

Zaifulhairy Osman

Please help Not work after update to 4.3..

Garrett Hendershot

OK Drains battery really but bad its the only app that I can find with this function so I have to deal with it

Derivative of Q wrt X

Battery usage Battery dropped from 97% to 27% over 8.5 hours in sleep mode without either of the power saving modes enabled. Low power mode B works for the most part, but it sometimes doesn't unlock and there's a longer delay before the screen turns on compared with waking using the power button.

Brent Miller

Works perfect Saved my galaxy nexus. Thank you!

Adrian Ford

Great app This really help my galaxy s2 thanks

Duke Jennings

Stopped working Stopped working after one day, now I can only turn my screen on by putting my phone on the charger

Steven Whitaker

Battery eater This app works great. Power button died and this took its place. The downside is it eats a good chunk of battery. My phone says the app is using %25 of my battery throught the day. Yikes. Tighten that up and it will get 5 stars from me.

Paul W

Constant freeze UPS!! This app does work well with my incredible 2, it constantly freezes up once I wake it up cause me to take the battery out and re boot.

Jordan Matchian

Love it!!!!!!! The only problem I have its the light scensor light stays on. But other then that, I love it. My power button jacked in me, so I was looking for an alternative, & I came across this. .. AWESOMENESS!!!!

Kieran Andrews

Works Works well. One feature request is to have this app automatically launch on startup of phone.

Julius D Huynh

Ok It's ok but take alot of battery....looking for orther.

Mazen Shuhaibar

Saved my phone Thank you! Does exactly what it advertises. My power button is totally broken but this app is allowing me to still use my phone. It does cause a noticeable battery drain (the app + activating the mediaserver) but the author has acknowledged it and it's hard to avoid with such an app.

Carlos X

Works as advertided Definitely a really usefull app but feel like it needs sum polishing.. when testing it works fine but when I actually dont touch my phone for lets say an hour or two and I try to unlock with volume it wont work it only works for like the first 10-15 minutes of the screen sleeping polish that up and add the option to proximity sensor on because the proximity off is real nice and quality responce would be nice if thats in the next update

Soni JP Kusuma

Very good app. Thanks baron for this app... Now i can use the volume button to make my screen on after my power button fail.

Henrik Huovila

Saved my holiday! You saved my holiday! Works nicely in my HCT One SV.

Sreejith Marath

Nice app Very good app. Really usefull

A Google User

Nice app :-) For those suffering from constant vibrations,,, I basically tore apart the power key,, this app saved the day

Supreet Singh Matta

Not working on nexus 5 with marshmallow Android Just bought this.. Doesn't seem to be working when phone's locked. Only work when screen is off.

syed nayyar mansoor

google nexus 7 2013 kitkat , perfeclty fine. best app worth of your money , unrooted n7 2013 working best... it saves my power button of getting over stressed and busted...

Don Avery

Eats up battery Totally waste battery by 80%. Thats my only complaint because it does work ans saves from having to buy other phone.

Sherwin Gatchalian

Poor customer service. Lots of bugs and it drains the battery fast. The customer service is awful.

Chris Maris

Works but hogs battery. Eats up the battery like no other app. Had to uninstall. Waste of money. :-\

Katie Barden

Fantastic Spilled water on my phone like an idiot and the power button stopped working. This app works perfectly.

vinoth sachin

Extraordinary Was really in a distress of power button broken. This app really saved my money and made things easy

Auliya Hade

Great App, but... Surely it works great on my phone but it does drains much my battery. I hope u can fix it for better performance and battery life as well

Eric Temeyer

Solved my power button problem, works exactly as expected

Ratih Setiautami

It's not working Why isn't working? I already paid for this, but it can't turn on my phone with the volume keys. I already activated of course. Please explain.

Christina Ma

Works as advertised Saved my phone! I noticed a bit of a lag with the screen pw unlock but otherwise no complaints

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