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7 Apr
Power Level Warrior

Posted by BOOLit entertainment in Action | April 7, 2016 | 129 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

From the maker of Legends Within comes Power Level Warrior. Fight your way trough challenges! Collect power balls and and dragon crystals and buy new locations. Customize your character and unlock super transformations which will further increase your power level. Have a ball while playing and training your dragon warrior!

Fast battle system
Various moves to master
Energy blasts and waves
Stunning cell shaded anime graphics
Character stat customization
7 transformations to unlock
8 locations to unlock
156 challenges to complete

Whats new

    - News panel added
    - Final update of this game Power Level Warrior 2 is on the way

BOOLit entertainment part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 7, 2016. Google play rating is 82.8534. Current verison is 1.1.3. Actual size 37.0 MB.

Download power-level-warrior.apk 37.0 MB


Cole Morley Epic34

Really good. But Instead of just kicking and hitting there should be clashes. You can still put hit and kick in but my main problem is its slow paced and needs more clashes also if the enemy has the same power level as you and you hit at the same time it should cause an explosion. Now I do believe you can make this happen in the second one.Also good luck making the second one. Hey just saw the promo for number 2 it's good but I think you need to change the lady character because she looks more someone from street fighter.

Jacques Bosch

You making number 2 when this one is bullshit? I hope its a good game cause this one is trash.. No transformations make it a stupid game when you mention that there are "transformations".. That's stupid.

Mark Sealey

Love the idea, needs more work. Fun game, could be better. This game hogs network resources and has used 150 MB of my data while playing. Huge looks and feels very basic. Needs a character creation menu. Needs better character control...lots of lag from when you press the button to when the character performs the action. Also needs some glitch fixes. Character gets stuck often.


Few flaws Very slow fight energy seems to take ages to fill up for power punch. And i am on stage 9 so how do win 4-5 opponents attacks you? Adverts are to frequent which is very annoying. I love the game and I will give it five stars when you fix this game.

Theophilus Frog

Needs work The game has good controls and concept but that's about it. Some suggestions, add customizable characters (different races and maybe a clothes shop), a split skill tree with unique abilities, easier lvling system(maybe add a bonus round or mini game), take away the need for energy(it's just an excuse for more ads so plz stop it, just put an ad after each round and it'll work out much better). Anyways that's my thoughts overall it's kinda boring but the only game that gives you what you want on andriod.

Jamel Williams

Awesome but Power discrepency Awesome game, much potential but it takes too long to power up during a match, and it goes too quick. U Spend almost 2 minutes energizing, and then (for example) fly for 10 seconds, and All the energy u spent 2 minutes powering up for is GONE. I dont get that. If energy depletes so easily, then let it refill easily, and just lower blast damage, and please lower flying energy depletion. Goku didn't conk out after 10 seconds of flying lol... Thanks

Bret Robinson

Awesome Wtf I still get bleep surrounded and it's bleep annoying! Please fix. Also why is the stat cap 60 it is now hard to keep my power at the same level without dieing.

nr j

love it but you may want to careat some new charater and many diffrent powers

Justin Ditsele

I love this game, but i hate waiting for energy, that gets me mad

Jahmerie Sturdivant

Power Level Warriors The best with I could get 10 red crystals for free from reviewing this awesome game

RCWNetwork RCWNetwork

great game But please make the energy wait time 1-2 minutes, 10 minutes is crazy long.

A Google User

Great thinking...needs more improvement and the game will become a masterpiece..

Bishal Gurung

Awesome game but looking for more new attacks...and transformation...

Frank Medina

Attacking When I punch sometimes I'll glitch and the characters punch will stay frozen in frozen of him please fix it, still 5 *'s........ How is the making of the second one going?------ awesome can't wait to play it thanks for the improvements..... how's the game coming along guys.

Babolotsi Molotsi

Love it It is a great game.I cant wait for 2.(: (:

Kamran Richards

Great This is a great game but wish there was a skill menu so you can get different blast and a place to train to level up along with character customization clothes,hair, etc customization items can come from drops in game and also a story doesn't have to be too in depth but just where you come from and why you fight mabye some new transformations ascended super sage, super sage god, etc the last thing I want is power level warrior 2 to be a reskin of 1, I'm at sage mode lvl 2

Aljon Paul Peña

I like it.. Costumizing our character will improve it..

Burl Flenorl

Please answer this can u plz remove the energy bar and also will there be an energy bar in power level warrior 2? Also can u plz make it to where every enemy u kill u get stronger instead of a strength progress bar thanks.

Sonja Rehburg

It's a piece of ? This game is ? I mean it's okay

Linga Stefano

New skills When is the sequel coming out

allas zaqa

Awesome Good graphics, good control and a awesome game

Devin Johnson

It's cool I mean it's awesome

Sammie Grant

Wish you could edit your guy and you start out fast

Abang Mahmud

i already max level..its will be better if play online and match in arena with other nice game

Holy Saints

The Game I think it is mixed with DragonBall and Naruto which makes it very wonderful to play... it is the best game i have ever played from playstore i love it, and hope to play the 2 as soon as possible

Shenron Khan

Loved it It's like playing DBZ

Savieon Craighead

It's amazing and I also love how the warrior looks like a naruto character ?

Mpho Matlou

Amazing can't Wait for the release date?

Advait Pai

Loved it. Waiting eagerly for the sequel

Deepak Shamdasani

Worst game Again and again advertisements.

Nathaniel Thomas

Best game ever I love the game it rimens me of dragon ball z I got to get back playing this game

Anthony Johnson

Power level 2 Thank you for announcing about power level 2

Kaori Higgs

I love it so much


Love it but alittle glichy.???? power to the players

j strauser

Very fun to play

Syed Noor Noor

Best dbz game on phone Loved the game for its originality.... Best ever dragon ball type game played on phone.. It's lil bit quite hard but tats the fun of it.. Desperately waiting fr it's next version I hope it's even more cooler and has many combos and characters and lots of cool moves.. Luv u guyzz fr tz keep up the Gud wrk fellaz???

Lungani Palesa

Its good Its great but please make it a little easy. And make the character have longer life

Nilima Soni

Love it Wow it's amazing. If I had started it I can not stop my self.

Wasker diaz

Nice I got a new phone,everything from day 1 my score is at 18 million in google when i sign in but my data isnt saved

Darksoul knight

Love it I love the game and it's a FAST pased game but the fighting noves there should be more combos but throgh it all it's an amazing game, keep up the good work!!!

Devin Davi

Great game but Would rate 5 stars if only you could button layout to what you want.

Harshil Rao

GOOD Its a good game but there is a problem with the energy system because there is energy needed to fight so I can't play the game for a long time and one more thing there should be a training room where you could fight without energy

Christian Labajo

Very good Thank you for me to download for this I am really a big fan

Shawnparasite80 /TrinalMarrow_47

I love it its like dragon ball z and it let's you turn in to a super sayin

Nahid Abozaid

Problems One issue when you transform the power ends fast if you lose only when attacking it would be better and the graphics should be 3d and if the way like legends within instead of vs combat I wish you add thiw power level warrior 2 and in next update pls answer me thnx

The Twelfth Doctor

Must download Please don't make power level 2 in app purchase please make it 100%free

Tyler Dean

Very addicting I wish you could customize your character and give names to all the characters. Also a free battle mode and multiplayer would be awesome. Also folks, remember what Cell said to Trunks about speed.

Na E

Its ok i Its not good but great but make the controls fast and make your own character if u add that u have 5 stars

Nick CC

Fun Its a cool game and an easy way to waste time.

Abid HM

love it but its hard.i cannot pass lvl 4

David Obeng

Kioken !!!?? This game is awesome!! When you get to mastery 8 it lets you do that well pratically. If you dont download this you are missing out in a game very similar to the dragon ball z series.

Anonymus Ghost

Rip off! Why does this look suspiciously like a DRAGON BALL Z rip off which was a great series!

Oscar Delossantos

Best DBZ game ever but Please Make mastery points more than 60 because it's hard to stay in sage mode and please add a training room like the hyperbolic time chamber to get stronger oh and lastly please add a button on the right corner of the screen to fuse sage mode with overcharge ×2 thanks for the greatest game ever created

Harry Gupta

Love the game not played a game like this form a long time

Triston Owlett

Needs character customization Love the graphics and game play but I think character customization would push it over the edge

Jasen Edmond

Greatest game Can't stop playing. So addictive

Pachine Baez

Similar to dragon ball z Awesome game thanks for making this game

Jordie Beitel

Love this game power level over l billion


BEST DRAGON BALL Z APP EVER! This is the best dragon ball z game app ever! Keep up the good work.

soul killer

Very fun Reemineds me of dragon ball z


Great. Game good work Great graphics and entertainment

Dexis soul

Awsome game Cost too much for some transformations

Minister Boss

I can't pass the 10 lvl Fix this it suks

michael miranda

i love it as a dragon ball fan.. this is the closest game to it..

Willie Jacobs

It sucked The game cuts out while u are playing

Seth Gifford

I live the game but it would be even better if it had multiplayer but besides that its one of the best dbz related games ever!

Bassam Odaymat

Astonishing This game really put me to life

Prakhar Singh

Almost perfect This game is amazing overall but always ads pop up when I die

Surprise Mpho

Power up ninjas Very addictive very nice

Cameron Hayward

It's not bad but it needs to be better

Daniyal Afzal

I love this game It game is very intresting

Irtiza Raza Baba

This is a good game and I like to play this fight game

Shawn Wall

Flawed Game needs a lot of work. It seams like whenever i start charging ki enemy starts....and once i charge just enough and hit the enemy with a single blast....i insta win. Exploiting this over and over beats the game way to easily. Also mechanics and combat need upgrading

Duandre Moore

Veary good game Well done,it's a great game and I love it,,please add in app purchases so we can buy like pp and stuff plz...thnx alot for making such a great game

shivanshu sharma

Its one of the best for the DBZ fans. Seriously, if you play first 3 levels, u will get hooked, it have a very unique feel of achievement when u power up and music is damn good too. Transformations, tough fights make this game awesome. Only one thing I want devs to fix, the block button doesn't work right away after instant teleport dodge. Please fix it. Its still awesome nonetheless.

Xenontex Gaming

One of the best mobile games Ok. Bad news first. Only bad thing is the difficulty of the game sometimes is waay hard and too easy. Good part...EVERYTHING its great has potential GREAT graphics game tactic but you charge to slow fox that please other waise great game in general.

Marvin Bombio

I love it but..i hope that the character when overcharge.. He makes more skill and combos..having more effects..and also having a good costumitaion whe he overcharge .

Ryam Rogers

Love it!! but This game is freakin awesome. definitely one of the best, but i would really love more content...for example, when we transform gives lightning in the sky or ground cracking. This is a really cool feature please add this. I think we should be able to customize our character thank you

Ash- Greninja

This game is awesome But I wanna know how to get the other transformation the npc have, and I want the max power boost to be higher than 60

Ardi Krisna

Absolutely Awesome This is great game with no in app purchase like many other games you need to win because your efforts in the game thanks dev

Ryan Brown

I love it. This game is addicting and with great graphics! Charging your pl is a little slow.. but it's a great concept. Great game.

Bod Tan

I don't like it, I love it!!!but It is an awesome game but the energy is finished fast and there is no practice and if we could customize the character it would be greater.but I advice you to download it!

Eli Naturinda

Its quite an interesting game but the shield button does not work. Also when I am teleporting isn't the point to avoid being hit and losing life but I lose less life when I am just hit

Haseeb Rana

The best This is the beat game ive ever played on android though I wish that you did not need energy bar for playing :(

Aoa Mina elvis

Good!! But kinda boring..please add hair colour changing when player overcharge,and more effects please please! I will rate five stars if u do so..

cjrooney 10

Epic It's the best game I've ever played sense I am in to dragon ball z so it all made sense

Charlie Wilson

Fun as hell I like everything about this but I wish you could customize your own character salt life Dragon Ball Z but if you can create your own character then be even better

Destroyer of Worlds

Good Graphics And Addictive highly recommended download it so cool best For DBZ Fan's

Jonah Harper

Jonah Make another one just like this one please but different like moving any where in the map even flying and ps again make another one not that crappy other one

majed abdelrahman

Power level warrior Awesome fan made dbz game but the fighting needs to be improved and love the transformations. Its probably t the best feature of the game

Bobby Insigne

I LOVE IT VERY MUCH !!! When i have extra time its my hoby , playing this game .

Scott Samson

Skills,maps,etc More combos would be fun and Kamehameha or final flash for beginners?

Siam Alam

Great Game Its same as Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai. But still awesome game. I wish that BooLit Entertainment would make a dbz game like this

Aenon Decordova

Help Good game but u can't win at level 10 someone send me message me how to win

Jonquil Porter

☺Great game but...? My little cousin deleted it off my phone and I had downloaded it back and I signed into my Google play games account but it stil made me start over please fix then 5 stars will come you way☺

Rana Ali

Graphic Fixing GamE is Good overall but Characters in the gamE are black and white..please fix it

Kunjumon Thomas

Cool game But becomes so hard level after level

gamer kraten12

Awsome I love the game but when u make part2 please let it be character costomisation and when u do make part2 make it pick yur own race and make the transformation efect better luv the game luv u for making it thxs

hrithik kanade

Its Too Difficult & The Life Makes its more to become Bore

John Ray Rogelio

missing can we update it now its nice to choose dragon balls characters and make multiplayer can you make it like psp dragonballz

Manar Albasri133

Its good .. Its good and great game but we want it multiplayer to play with our friends

Dashawn Dale

Great game it would be cool if customizing your character and some type of story or challenges were added as well as having the tiers. And personally it would be fun to have some form of sparring were you could practice with your character without the cost of energy.

Vuyo Thembile

Good game and graphics too but put some more sound like whn we charge up like lightning, cracking on the ground etc otherwise good game

William Falls

Good, but could be better. Not to diss the gameplay, its got good form. But there should be some customization for the appearance of the character. Also, maybe a multiplayer mode or something else other than just "story mode" to play. Hopefully they will will add a few of these kinds of features in the upcoming squeal game that is scheduled to come out.

Marium Mehmood

I really like this game but theres this bug which makes it annoying It happens when I do punches even if I'll keep tapping for combos the character would be stuck performing a single punch and would stay that way making uou vulnerable to attacks and die. Please fix this issue because of this I cant win a fight and so that I can rate it 5 stars

Kevin Suber

Amazing ! Total experience 10 .. mandatory changes for the next update I would suggest a create a player, new combos, faster and stronger looking charging. Come on now let's go I'm ready to spend money !

kedarreis kirkendoll

Got my hopes up and body slammed them. The screenshots had me thinking I was about to play a full fledged dbz battle, but instead I got this, the game doesn't really capture my attention then thy have the nerve to add an energy bar like ty game was 5.0, ain't that a shame,and lastly, thy could've at least have the decency to add player customizations to the character, smfh

The TrueSSGSS3

Need's multiplayer Hello I'm Saber, and this is the problem, me and my brother deitrel are having a very bad time trying to pass level 4 and that's not the only reason, me and my brother want multiplayer so then people can help you. And please make it that you can have a character customizer, so that you can change gender, clothes,ect. I love DBZ games and this is probably one of the most AWESOME DBZ game I've ever played. Please read my comment.

Ronald Smith

Great game Only thing lacking about this game is it runs on an energy system, it's a fighting game with no multiplayer why do we need an energy system? Also no chatecter customization sucks but tbh I can live with it and the combo is to ordinary and short also more modes would be nice such as a practice mode or a survival mode and anything else to make this game better than what it is the worst thing tho is really the energy system if not for that I'd rate 5 stars


Make it easy and online battle Make the game a bit easy but not too much easy at the same time. Make online battles and make it so that we battle with our friends and the power level spot on I love it ☺ keep it up guys. Maybe bring this to power level warrior 2, that would be awesome!

chewz music

Good game, but to slow Love the game and its fun but leveling up takes to much time. I am at level 8 and i do double experience every round but i still have to play hard rounds like 5 times to get half way.

Duck Duckator

Ok Same people fight over and over. 1v2+ Can literally kill you in few seconds if you have no energy and its unavoidable secondary attacks dont work half the time for me mainly the melee attack and i havent seen anything to say when it doesnt work combat can be fun

coolchris carswell

It could be better This game is good but when I need teleport away I don't but I do when I don't, its dumb to me. So I was fighting two people at once and when they double team you and you block they don't stop punching and kicking until you're dead and I hate it... I always try to use my blast but they dodge ALL my blasts but when they shoot me almost ALL of my health is taken away,its straight bull ****.I hope the second one is better than this

Usama Saleem

The game is nice Game is nice and also has nice locations but I want some new moves in fist and anergy balls will you please add moves in it.I have a request for you will you please add some dragon ball z characters in this game like goku, gohan, vageta and piccolo please add them in this game we will be so thank full to you

Dustin West

Great idea It's a good game and a great time waster... Too bad it is ruined by an energy system... You have 7 energy points and one is used every time you play a level. The ten minute wait for each energy point... Is ridiculous... I would like to see them remove the pointless energy so that I can actually play the game. Other wise controls are simple and easy to understand and again Great concept but limited playablity

Elleyas Safi

Very unfair Im trying to fight one guy and then 6 guys pop up and trap me and i cant press anything and insta kills me please fix

I love everything about it so awesome love it It's like dragonballKai or super I Hope Thay come with power up worrier s 2!? You guys may make good money I'm only 10 by the way well see yah later


Come on do better man It keeps on making ur enemy gang up and do little cheap shots like some little cowards plz fix

Pyae Soan

stats and skills they are not good and enemy has the upperhand and block cannot be break so if you or the opponent always blocking thereis no way to be beaten.!

bhaswati mohapatra

I am a DBZ fan This game is just as I wanted. In my phone DBZ budakai 2 PSP game was not able to get downloaded so I found this

Kyle Johnson

I liked this game alot, i wish there was another transformation, and you could make your character ripped when he transformed, or make his attack speed super fast, but at the cost of more power, other than that i really loved it.

Quinton Wasington

Awsome Its a great game fell in love the second I downloaded it. Also can you add different music apart from that I will recommend this to ALL my friends thanks!

Daniel Colon

Fun game if your looking for a dbz type There isn't much of a selection of mobile dbz games so this does the trick I wish I could customize my character though

laurynas kranauskas

An amazing game i cant wait for the 2nd one. Hopefully the next is just as good. Only one problem though. All enemys just keep blocking so i cant attack them which is annoying. Please fix.

Simone Martin

Amazing Words cannot describe what kind of a great game this is. I love it at first it was hard and now it's easy. I've beaten this game 4 times and I'll tell you it's absolutely amazing. ??


I have one question is there transformation I will probably find out but if you don't you should add some in your new game should be great

Shubham Garg

Awesome Initially it appears quite boring... But afterwards i got addicted to it, when the character starts transforming it gives a feeling of dbz... Quite a time killing game... /

Tono xu

Well When i purchase the energy using (pp) once the amount to purchase it increase and the energy was to little for me to play ...? And the movement is suck please make more move and the blast when i move or not its the same .....and when my KI level increase the amount to use the blast is increase to make me can only use few of it and please make costume,,, well if it go well it will be cool but at the moment its still suck.


Favorite cartoon Dragon ball related my kind of thing and quak ;w;

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