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1 Jun
Potion Mixer

Posted by Mixarium in Educational | June 1, 2016 | 115 Comments

Apk file size: 39.0 MB

Create different potions by doing experiments in the lab

Follow the lab rules to create and store up to 18 different potions

Mix together your potions to create new and exciting potions

*Store up to 18 potions
*Name all potions
*Sticker each potion
*Fully customisable
*Save potions

You you have to do is follow the lab rules

**Created by William Worrall

Mixarium part of our Educational and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 1, 2016. Google play rating is 57.6485. Current verison is 0.6. Actual size 39.0 MB.

Download potion-mixer.apk 39.0 MB


Asher Kline

Effective way Dont like it when it like you can't mix potion of same color like it anyway

Sean Belleza

Liked it Its cool but kinda gets boring for awile

blaze woodruff

Does not work When I try to open it just stays black screen please fix

Paige North

I would like it if it would just let me push new without taking me out of the app

Jan laureal Yambao

Mix problem If I mix it something happened it lag fix it plz

Angelo Crizz Ferazol

Now that is crazy!! It takes back home everytime I click new


I want to beable to test it on people or something.

Joshua Fish

Everytime I open it justs truns black

Elizabeth Figueroa

bug fix once i get to the mixing part it closes and its sort of laggy even though i have alot of storage space

Evie Buhite

Don't download It won't let you make any because it takes you home as soon as you click new

Michelle Jennings

Cool I wish there were more colors

Lyla Fike

Potion mixer Never mind I can't even make a potion because if I press new it goes to my home screen don't wast your time don't get this app

Jamen Punsalan

Not great Would like it if you could do more things

Ebrahim Ganchi

Hate it Blank screen do not download it

assassin thekiller

Very bad I got on there but it kept crashing otherwise I liked it

Tina Thompson

Every time I open the app my phone blacks out andwhen it does work it

Raymond McCourt

P You can see the potions on the menu and you can only select pink,blue,green,yellow orange,

Loren Reeves

Mine worked. It worked but the game was stupid af, not worth your time.

Eli Hodgson

Don't work You press new snd it crashes


Easy If anybody says it don't make sense is because you don't have brains...... maybe some day you'll be up On MY level.

Davia Turner

Related Did DNA can now Xeon video get yields yields fields getting little love friends

Nasia Farmer

Stupid game It dont even show you the reactions it just shows a lighting bolt with poofy white steam

Rishi Srivastava

I am an fan I will give to 5 star after playing but can we use them .

Arnela Markova

Love mite I am just installing his oh wait it is already instaled but i didnt try it so it mite be lovely and i mite love it.


this game luks so interesting but it just won't get installed on my device i just don't know y ....

Lupita Bautista

Rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P I thought it would allow you to give reactions to people ,but all you do is make different colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst ******* game ever invented !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P

Golan Allen

Testing? Do you get to test The Exact Potion Of Choice??????

Isabella Gendron

its good its really fun but it glitches out of the game. pls fix this.

Aiden Greenwalt

After I mixed the potions, the screen went black and it closed out of the game.

Richard Shackelford

Cant I bet it would be a good game if i could play it

Rownak Ara

Awesome cool and fun also great! This game is the best I liked it very very much it cool and I never see a fun game like this It is so awesome carry on!!

Merhyil De Los

Ugh..ur wasting ur time with this app I hate this up its not working in my phone and it work once so uninstall this app ur wasting ur time with this games ugh

Bryony Summers

I hate it! It won't even save your work so if a advert came on your back at square one!!!

Parsa Aghamohammadi

If you love chemistery dont download it Its only a colour mixing game!!!!NO CHEMISTRY

Adela Moran

Bug fixed this This won't work at all

Katie Kalinski

Potion mixer I like it because its so much fun and exiting and I like it because of all the pretty colours

Derrick Lampton

Lamest Game Ever The game is stupid when I try to mix a potion the game turns off

Katia Fedosov

Didn't work at all It was just a black screen. Nothing happened.

Jeanette Wilson

Good It s agood game but should add more things

Ty Varner

Won't work I keep trying but i t keeps saying it stopped :( plz fix

Brian Martin

What the heck Once I press yes for the mixing it just exits to my home page every time

maeve keene dominquez

Boring I can't mix the potions at this game

Stephen Troutman

No Not playing

Phong Thach

BEST GAME EVER It is educational very cool cause you got to mix stuff!! ;-)

Monica Jackson

It won't open Sorry.Maybe you could get four more stars but not unless it let's me play.Leaving you with one star for now.

Shady Buddz

Sounds good but ..... Looks like a nifty fun game to bad every time I try to play it it just closes over and over again well uninstalling now

Derrick Eggleston

I like it it tends to start over When it start working I think it will be lovely fun it seem very interesting. It teaches me.

Aurora Wolfe

Stupid Boringest game ever you mix potions and make different colors it's like a toddler game no point

Trina Dang

Its good but if I want to make a new one, it sends me back to home screen :'(

Jake Tyler

Horrible If your 3 yrs old play it. All you do is tap two bottles and mix them or you can rename one

Jason Lalloo

it is very stupid every time I press New it leads me two the home screen if you have this app UNSTALL NOW

Haley Griffin

Awesome game I don't care what you say but this game maybe simple but I loved it. I have a passion for science. If you don't like it that's your problem. So just shut up.?


Sick I hate it to many bugs it wont let me mix hate it

Whitney Williams

Lol This app is a pile of crap didn't even get to play it I labble them pressed mix and it exited out completly

Naeela Nagdee

Sucks! You can only store 18 potions and there are only five colours. Plz don't download. Also if u don't save, all your work will be lost!!!!!!?

Brittney Lacey

LIKE IT. BUT COULD BE BETTER THIS GAME NEEDS MAJOR fixing because every time I try to mix my two potions it takes me straight back to my home screen and when I go back to it I HAVE TO START ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? so please fix that??

Paul Johnson

Thomas johnson (nearly8)(Paul Johnsons son It looks good but I can never open it up instead it just goes black and back+I tried to install it before so more games fix it immediately then I'll give you 2-5 stars!

Space Kitty

Way to many adds to the point I couldn't do much and not as fun as it looks

Joslyn Owen

Doesn't work I can read the lab rules but I can't actually go into the lab.

LpsPeanut Productions

Not really, NO... No, it doesn't just save my potions, but it crashes the game and deletes my potions. Like WTF?!?

Lily wiggins

This game doesn't work so don't get it

Andrea Wilson

Its ok.... Its fun but then a ad vme up and deleted my 10 potions!

Chris Boardman

Great to pass time Looks awesome and works perfectly fine!

dimond maker

Rip off This game sucks! First way to many ads, every time I select an item or potion an ad pops up. Second there is almost nothing to do except mix potions. Third the are only 5 available colors and no more. This game is an absolute scam, so don't bother to get it! I'm serious don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw the company!!

Bob omber

Nothing happens You mix potions and they make color I can do that with paint THR POTIONS DO NOTHING there for uninstaling

supergamer 64

No testing How im I supposed to know wat the heck im doin? I literally name them blue stuff, orange stuff u get the jist of it but that's it. Change the name of the app to color mixer

Glenn Rosenthal

AWSOME This game let you mix and make potions

Markeliah Steplight

WORST GAME EVER Every time I try to mix something it foes back to my home screen

Twilght Moon

Good Its cool , but when I name them it doesn't get saved and y can't I mix them ??

natasha wysokowski

Whenever I mixed 2 potions it took me out of the game !!

Gidget Rider

Never works It always shuts off and goes back to my home screen it sounds like fun but never works please fix this!

Kate Figueroa

I didn't really hate it... It looked like a fun game,so I installed it. But the screen was black for a long time. I had to uninstall. Sorry..

caden ox

Uninstall button worked No real point in the game but to make different colors

one quickcake

Horrible Its OK but WAY WAY TO MANY ADS after you make one potion if you remove the ads I'll give it more stars /rating

Cassidy Christensen

Fun to boring It's fun but. Then boring??

Zachary Barner

Too many adds I kept accidently clicking on ads and being taken out of the game. It was honestly annoying and made me not want to play.

Kendra Goodenberger

Boring It doesn't even tell you what the potions do. Not fun.

Frances Northey

Ot was the bomb its amazing and also great o just loved it Love love love with this game oh yeah carry on

Aliyah Randolph

It says I didn't install it Its kinda fun

Lvl30Dragon Enchanter

Hate it it doesn't have anything that you can do its just good for knowing what cooler plus what makes

Samantha Harris

It kicked me off when I tried to make a new potion out of two already existing ones.

Nicole Johnson

Poor As soon as i played this game i thought it was great but to my extent i found this game is sucked

Darko Sunajko

No purpose The game is really.. him... Nothing. A big Nothing. Plus there is no escape button.

C Frazier

Boring!!! It's not as cool as I thought! ? worst game ever!!

Sam Troutner

This game sucks. You just mix colors and name things.

Kesha Porter

Does not work It does not work when i press new hate it


Trash Only five colors? beat it in less than a minute

Prichia Meidina

I hate this game This game sucks

Asiyah Clifton

Horrible , Waste of time Every time I try to mix the potions, voila! It doesn't work. I hate this game and I wish I could rate it 0 stars! Uninstalling this right after I finish rating it.

Tyler K

Not as advertised I thought this game was supposed to be educational, and deal with real life chemistry. Instead it's a color mixer, with no scientific basis.

Jillian Brazeau

Not cool Not very happy obout this one looks fun but it is pretty boring

Dylon Sanabria

It's dumb. You just name potions and choose the colors. It doesn't save your progress when you press Save. AND YOU CAN'T ADD EFFECTS

Sheanjan Elnas

Love it Dylan is so Dump and ugly You know guys this is for science lololol dylan is so stupid ilove this game ?? Dylan i have a gift here ?? ? ?

Kalyan The King

Waste of time Worst game!!guys don't waste ur time playing this game.its a stupid will surely get mad mad if u play this.

Tayler Dickens

Hat it Worst when I tried to make a mother poshon it kicked me off I would give 0 ?if could

Dimitri Pellegrin

I HATED IT! I was wrong I have never played a STUPID game like this one it is the most boring game that I have ever played in all my LIFE!

mermaid arianna

Boring Its so boring I mean you could at least make it so every potion that mixes makes something new

Nasseem Douz

Worst app ever booooo When I downloaded it and tryed to make a poison it took me to gooleplay page

Ellie Harrison

Don't download I is terrible I tried to mix and it would not let me ... Let this be a warning to you all

Raychi Voon

Lame and hated it Doesn't had anything to play and it became something that doesn't make any sense

xin yi

Some kind of BAD S**T I hate it it got me angry. Because when i want to mix it it wont let me and it pop of to my home screen. So i want to say F**K this game.

Helena Lambert

0⭐ Repeats after the first few mixes boring?


Pointless The different potions don't do anything and there are too many adds.

Brian Johnson

No It didn't do anything. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone else.

Elizabeth no

Boring More than two seconds into the game I uninstalled

Princess Hart

Boring Absolutely boring don't download this game

Breffni Kelly

Hate it Your lucky I can't give no star

boss gamer 123

It's the worst I can't even read the words

Kenleigh Ragland

Takes4ever This game takes forever to download started at 2:35 ended3:28 pm

Nishantha Rajapaksha

Brilliant I loved when it mixes the colours I thought it will be the same colours!!!:)

black dragon

Not worth It is complete made from your thoughts and doesn't have actual gameplay

Rosa Calderon

Hatee it It's the worst thing ever

William Eubanks

What What were you thinking BBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BORING HOW DID THIS GAME EVEN get here it sucks that much HOW


It sucks This game sucks balls it is probably for a 1 year old

Samuel Mcloughlin

I hated it waste of time

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