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13 Apr
Pose Tool 3D

Posted by AlienThink,Inc in Comics | April 13, 2016 | 107 Comments

Apk file size: 27.0 MB

Breakthrough figure posing tool for the artist. Declared the Top 10 must have App by ImagineFX magazine, Now you can always have your very own reference model with you. You can create any pose quickly with an easy to use pose interface. Its simple, just select the body part and then pose the figure. You can pose both the male and female figure. The coolest feature most important to artist is the figures use no constraints allowing geometry to intersect. This allows Artist to pose from realistic to extreme poses. Use it for Drawing, Manga, Illustration, Character Design, Animation, Story Boarding, Comic Books.

The Post Tool 3D was designed by the Artist Riven Phoenix author of 'The Famous Figure Drawing Course HD' used in over 68 Countries.

The Pose Tool uses state-of-the-art 3D Engine that allows you to pose organic figure models.

"Top 10 Must-Have Art App" - ImagineFx magazine #92

"Once you get a feel for it, Pose Tool 3D is a great little reference tool for digital artists" - ImagineFx magazine #92

"Pose Tool 3D is a great way for artists on the move to experiment with character poses." - ImagineFx magazine #92

Touch Controls:

- One Finger - Orbit around figure

- One Finger Tap - Select body part

- Two Finger Pinch - Zoom in and Out and Pan at the same time. This feature gives you the ability to setup dramatic shots for your poses quickly. Very powerful feature.

Menu Features:

- Pose Buttons
- Help Menu
- Save Current Pose
- Load Last Saved Pose
- Center Figure
- Reset Figure to T-Pose
- Hide Menu Bar
- 3 Point lighting System
- Muscle Maps Mode
- Gesture System mode
- Life Drawing Mode Mono
- Life Drawing Mode Color
- Camera FOV
- Grid Guides
- Mannequin Mode
- Cube Guides
- Average Male/Female body type 
- Heavy Male/Female body type 
- Old Male/Female body type 
- Skinny Male/Female body type 
- Muscular Male/Female body type
- Sketch Mode

Male and Female Organic Moving Parts:

- Head
- Neck
- Shoulders
- Upper Arm
- Lower Arm
- Hand
- Finger
- Chest
- Abs
- Hip
- Upper Leg
- Lower Leg
- Feet
- Feet Ball

Whats new

    - Added new finger save code
    - Complete overhaul of all 3D models.
    - Uses new mesh skining system
    - New rigging system for better movements
    - All meshes have new weight painting redone for smooth results.
    - added new realtime Sketch mode for artists to quickly create drawings for illustrations, childrens books, storyboarding, comic books, manga, digital painting and animation

AlienThink,Inc part of our Comics and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 13, 2016. Google play rating is 87.0659. Current verison is 6.8.80. Actual size 27.0 MB.

Download pose-tool-3d.apk 27.0 MB


vincent rivera

Some improvement and make it more easy to use..make it more real.. It surely does a helpful app but it looks like a clay that it over stretch,make the body parts more accurate,please put some stretch limit with those body parts like as how true human body only can do..coz when i draw i always want it accurate as my body. And oh the fingers please have a button that moves all five fingers at once ..please make it worth it ..but it was still a "very" helpul app thanks

Jake R

Needs some fixes This app is pretty good I just whish there was an undo button, larger color changing controls, and lastly make some body control limits. One arm should not be able to go fully behind ones back and you fingers should not be bending backwards at a 90° angle.

Rajesh Kumar G

Excellent! Amazing amazing tool with a simplest interface! Takes a little time to master but once you have done that it is an amazing tool. Kudos to the great work and great thinking. Please add the ability to have more than one model in the seen if possible? Also shouldn't the lower arm have two degrees of freedom instead of the just one that the app allows now? In the T position, when the hand is rotated so that the palm faces front, in reality there lower arm can move forward and back as well as up and down.

Casey Jensen

Awesome As a tattoo artist, this is probably the most useful app I have for proportions. The lighting is great, everything is great. I love that you can articulate the fingers, very few things I would change. Multiple figures would be awesome, as well as any other apps you guys might make with animals. I'm not sure how much I would pay for an app with all of that, but it would be a lot. Don't mind that you can over stretch limbs, that's useful for other things and I'd be bummed if that changed

Santonu Roy

Very helpful It's really wonderful and a must buy app for any character artist,everything is perfect except the buttons,they move with the finger movement and some times they're not responsive. Also don't know where are the screenshots?

Joe Hodgson

Undo button! ...please please please do an "undo" button! Nice app, but needs a couple more very basic features: 1) an "undo" button - seriously, it's so easy to alter a limb by mistake when rotating 2) symetrical changes - very many poses have similar changes on both sides: this should be easy to implement Great app, but these two basic things should be easy to implement and make it worth the 5 euros :)

lowri allen

Perfect Does exactly as it should. Love the new update but it can get difficult at times, it's a shame it doesn't come with basic pose starting point to work from.

ryan wooffindin

Perfect! Simple, easy and fast to use. Exactly what I was looking for! Makes MARA3D look like a big pile of clunky poop.

Yiannis P

Almost perfect It needs more precise limits for movement and rotation because it's easy to stretch body parts to unnatural poses. Other than that the app is wonderful!

Kathleen Quayle

Great! This app is awesome! Once you get used to it it's absolutely amazing! Two things though, it needs an undo button and it needs to work with the stylus! When manipulating smaller parts it can be hard to see underneath your own finger. Make it compatible with the stylus!

Mitchel Wood

Useful, but needs some tweaks Please make the adjustment button icons correspond with their functions. Ex: if the button rotates, then make the icon look like a rotation icon. Also, please add stylus support (like the Samsung S Pen). Other than these requests, the app works great so far!

Very Derrison

$8?! Yeah right buddy Nowhere near enough control and an awful interface. It's not bad, but it's not worth $8 to me. Refunded. You need way more features to justify that price

R. Hoffman

Cool tool The recent version is a big improvement. The Caucasian skin color option is nice. Can not save and reload poses on my HTC ONE.

William Byrd

Was great til recently Was a great program but recent update would not install... Tried to u ninstall and reinstall but now says it can't install on SD card.galaxy note pro 12 running kit kat

David .H

ALMOST PERFECT!... ALMOST PERFECT!, the only thing that's missing, that would be great, would be able to set up a group pose of 2 or 3 figures. WOULD! Buy a complete new version of this app if we could set up group scenes, or still life scenes with objects etc... PLEASE!... ;)

Mike Ourada

Great tool for figuring out dynamic poses without setting up a photo reference. Will take some time to figure out the finer points such as where to start positioning arms for desired positions so you don't end up with something resembling a twisted rag in certain areas. Other than the small learning curve it's a great app.

david field

Cant reliably save any work on my samsung devices This could be useful except no wrist rotation. Also the facility for saving the posed figure on my samsung devices is very vauge and not reliable. A much fuller explaination of how to save needs to be created by the developer.

David Lazar

An invaluable tool A very powerful app and indispensable asset for any artist. Highly recommended.

Den Ambrose

Its almost perfect except the female Russian wieght lifter is bizarre. How about afitness model?

Tiffany Mendez

Love it! But... It would be the ultimate perfect app if you had a skeleton option. Both male and female skeletons from head to toe. Please please please create this!

William Singer

Great app Love it! How how bought some presets? Like hand positions! Or the ability to morph various parts!

Hasan Wajahat

Now with a PP Grid! Adding the grid means they are improving the product. I suggest to add Ground Plane grid + Perspective in grids.


Awesome Love this app, though it would be useful if there was a few background props, would also be cool if there were other animals besides horses

brad beeson

Pretty great This is great for the price. The Only thing I would have added was some pre made poses for quick reference.

Ozoneocean MJM

Needs some improvements This is a good and useful system but it could use some simple, obvious improvents: 1. The body part you select should be indicated by a colour overlay on that body part. 2. More subtle and accurate movement controls. Sliders would be better than toggles. Also names or icons to indicate different movement types. 4. A way to increase the perspective of the camera for more dramatic foreshortening. 5. An undo feature for stepping back to a previous movement.

Louis John

Needs more work It's good but after the interface is somewhat rudimentary. It's difficult to modify the position or select an option without mistakenly moving something else.

illika spain

The Best Now I can hang up Poser for my posing...the best app I've bought

Sergio Juan

Wow You guys delivered. This update for the skin and lighting came out of nowhere. I was fine with what it was before, but this is just an amazing update. Recommending to everyone I know, even if they don't do art.

Michael Lopez

Helpful tool Like very much, wish you could give the fingers a little more movement, also if it's supposed to rotate plz make it indicate it in the icon very easy to mess up your pose if not paying attention plz and thanks!

Ube Leopoldo

Good app but.. Could use an export function to save as .obj so could work with rendering lighting on computer with keyshot. Great app otherwise

jermaine slocum

Thought If they would add a hair and beard feature it would be the best hands down

Mothug Moses

easy and simple to use.could have done better skinning on the models to prevent unwanted bends along the joints.every artist's must have app

Ray Dobbins

Good app, but... After recent update, the app still will not load the saved poses correctly on my Motorola RAZR M or my Samsung Tab4. Other than that, it's a great app

Osirus Nicholson

I love it But if you guys could update it so we can change the facial expressions that would be awesome!

japper yenika

The best so far The best so far. But they should add other races, like blacks or Asians. But black first since there is already a cocasian.

Helen Marie

This app is amazing, but it's still a little difficult to do group poses with just the one model

Mikhail Zub

It's ok Software like this should have randomizer for poses or be database of presets.

Andrew Knowles

Can't fault it, it's spot on

Noa Katzir

Great app, needs undo button! This is amazing! controlling the pose is a bit tricky but with little practice will be aeasier...The app desperately needs an undo button! Would also love to see pre fixed basic positions.. Great job!

Rinaldo Ishak

Helpful app for artist Bravo, this is what I've been looking for, adjustable poses. Great

Ome Cado

Finally! Just what I needed. I could never get a pose to look perfect in my drawings recently but with this I know I will be able to get what I want. Money well spent when it costs less than a wood mannequin and can do a lot more.

Mary Shannon Marshall

Worth the $ This app. allows you to control lighting, pov, perspective, gender, position & angles of all the different body parts etc. You can switch it to 'muscle view' or make the figure fat or muscle-toned. And then you can even save that figure once you're done. Very good app.!

Ion Portraits

A Question Is there any way I can have this program show the shadows on the floor each time I change the shape and the lighting of the model? Thank you.

Malice kalashinikova

A few things Needs undo button. And scale able parts maybe an across grid other than that its really nice

Keldun KeK

Great app but could use some improvements Still love it to this day. Id like to so have the ability to name the poses. Also the female breast's don't move with the rest of the body when posing which can be frustrating.

Erick Herrera

I'm Lovin it But it could be better. The app should have built-in pose options to start out, since most of it is really time taking to make a simple pose. Some hair options and would be extraordinary to have. Maybe other skin color options. Hope you read this, and Thank You for your time.

Aaron Carlisle

Great app! Muscle definition intensity adjustment on surface anatomy would be awesome. Preset poses would also be cool.

Jose Trujillo

You guys almost have a great app These model need some serious help in the weight painting department. Unnatural pinching and boldging is not a good thing. This app would get a perfect score if you fixed that,and maybe some hair . Overall It looks to be the best app on the market I would love to see you guys take it to the next level.

Jeffrey Widen

Used as a reference for complex comic scenes This tool makes it so easy to set-up complex scenes for my cartooning.

Michael Sammler

Still super useful Rotation issues on blue stacks, but that's a bit out of scope, so still 5 stars. Just realized the optional grid is 8 heads tall. Well played Alien, well played.

Ma. Quinnie Jaira Brozas

YAY FOR THIS APP~ Really helpful and, well for me, easy to use!!

Luong Chuong

Need more options I uninstall the manga one since it does not provide customization of body proportion to match your anime drawing style, so i op for the realistic proportion one instead. The app needs an undo button, or let us lock specific body parts from moving. The biggest feature I would like is to have to have the selected body part visually highlighted when selected. I will be to preoccupied to bother looking at the top left corner to confirm that i have selected the correct part. (text limit)

Jimmy Parr

Good I really like the app it helped me create some awesome poses along with some very funny 1's... The only things I can think of that would help a little more would b for the user to make more diverse sizes of the model, like taller or shorter along a scale for weight instead of the pre-set 1's... Hope this helped.. Jimmy

Marupa Asaki

I just got this tool and I absolutely love it. It's going to be extremely helpful to have an easily posable model at my fingertips. The program is feature-rich and has a crazy amount of range. You can change the light direction and color, and being able to easily change the camera angle and FOV is great. There are a few minor things that would really earn this a full 5 stars. 1) Movement controls are fiddly. The controls can be moved left/right however it is unused. Having a tactile 'bump' when you cross the 'zero' threshold would be extremely useful. 2) Lighting controls are buggy. There's no way to get direct lighting OR change the location of the light, so you cannot have a 'point light'. Really, what's the point of having 3 light-walls? 3) Where in the world do the saved screenshots even go? I couldn't find them after a full 20 minutes of searching and could only find them by looking in my 'gallery'. 4) No support for pentouch. S-Pen does not work and since wacom-based pens use the same tech, they probably won't either. Touch only!

Vlad Vladimirov

Great, but needs an adjuster of proportions Overall I liked that app, it has very simple and user friendly interface but it could have one thing also: proportional adjuster. For example , all of these figures are 8 heads tall, but I'd like to switch things around to 7 or even 5 heads. The same applies for length of arms and legs

Riona Daidouji

Excelent app! A very good app overall! A couple of minor things that would make it better: An "undo" button, multiple figures, the ability to work in landscape mode... But those aren't deal breakers, just things that would improve an already great app. I've been using this for nearly every drawing I've done since getting it, and it's been a lifesaver when I end up with that weird complex pose that I can't find a reference image to help for the life of me. (Or even a regular pose at an odd angle) Strongly recommended!


Best thing ever Perfect app! been searching for something like this for a long time. so incredibly convenient for figure drawing ref. I use this w/everything now, as an artist this has made my life wonderful. App is perfect as is but would love to see update where various body types are more proportional (i.e. thin male legs bigger, neck is smaller; thin female bust smaller) (Would be amazing to adjust proportions manually & even different ages/heights but I don't wanna ask for so much lol) Also, undo/redo would be great?

James Francom

Love limitless movement capability! I love that you can pose figures beyond normal limits as this allows for accident and other trauma poses. I love that the selected body part is identified by text also, but I can see why some would just like it to be highlighted (why not have both?) Very nice app!

Champ Ganzon

Pricey but worth getting. Yes, I like this app mainly because it is helpful and interesting altogether. It's kind of expensive (for lack of better word), in my opinion, but worth buying if you need to have a model to base your works on whilst you're on the go.

Cyrill Chrysos

<3 I love it, also install on my PC via BlueStacks app. MUST HAVE for concept artist, helps me cuting corners.

Derp ling

BEST MODELING APP EVER I do not review apps unless I extreamly love an app or extreamly hate an app. I would highly recomend this app to all artist out there. It is so worth it's price!!!! (** fan girl screaches is the corner**) ( would recomend adjusting the neck controls)

Rosemary Bustamante

It would be awesome if it was touch mode instead pressing the button to move the limbs and trying to get it.

Kent Scott

Excellent reference! Love the simplicity of adjusting so great of a range of body parts along with screen shots and multiple angles I can email myself for later use! Only improvement I can see is the addition of paid upgrades such as props (chairs, poles, weapons, etc.). Even without those still an easy five star rating.

Dave Curtis

Nice granular control down to the individual fingers A serious app for any artist concerned about getting anatomy right.

Surinder Shanker Anand Artist

Wonderful and must have application for artists I thankfully developers for developing such a useful application for visual artists and teachers.

Ryan M

Fantastic Excellent tool for drawing characters.

William Shaw

Fantastic for reference One of the best apps for any artist. Still needs stylus support but that is more of a nit pick

Michael Sammler

Still super useful Added yes no dialog in reset button. Good idea. Rotation issues on blue stacks, but that's a bit out of scope, so still 5 stars. Just realized the optional grid is 8 heads tall. Well played Alien, well played.

Jose Trujillo

You guys almost have a great app These model need some serious help in the weight painting department. Unnatural pinching and boldging is not a good thing. This app would get a perfect score if you fixed that . Overall It looks to be the best app on the market I would love to see you guys take it to the next level.

Rosemary Bustamante

I had stop using. Everything is fine but trying to move the limbs was hard and it would freeze and kick me out.

Michael Bava

It's great I love the app. It's a great tool, may I ask one thing though, please add a lower arm rotation. When trying to do any hands behind the back, it distorts the shoulder in unatural ways. Thanks guys.

Rob Frydryck

Good, but Nice additions but I have been asking for years for more practical bodies. Fashon and super heroes are much more useful than old fat people. Suggestions: Fashion figures with long, slim bodies and long legs. Super hero females with short torso, long legs, full chest, and and extra head taller. Super hero male with long legs, buff body, and a full head taller than the average figure.

Catherine Monroe

Great, some improvement could help :) Great! Nearly missed that you can actually move neck and shoulders! Could you do a child figure as well, would be really useful, more fat-skinny options and a hand on its own? :) also an option to twist lower arm from the wrist, as it doesn't give you an awful lot of options with a hand movement... Also, somehow chest seems to unnaturally deform, I mean way too much with certain collarbone movements. It would also be useful to see more skeletal structure, on skinny people and in general.

Krish pcbm GP

Thanks for the update Not I can able to save and show my feel through those fingers.

Nick Pazdan

Great reference app Incredibly useful app, though I think the rotation of limbs could be handled more intuitively as the current method is cumbersome. Maybe an XYZ rotation at the selected point like most 3D creation suites?


Even better than before I have really found your app a valuable tool. With the new sketch effect it is even clearer how the figure looks when foreshortened. I haven't played with it long, but the hands certainly seem to be easier to pose into a good fist. Great work.

Michael Shpakovsky

Not good for professionals. Crazy bad navigation. Impossible to pose what you need quickly. I don't understand why it created in that wrong way... So pity...

Roger Clemens

Disappointed There's a free pose app that works every bit as good as this. I just blew $8 on something I could've gotten for free.

Muzza Boogie

Awesome! This app rocks, bravo. Note make sure you have room on your device or card

Ryan Santos

Finally... It's Fixed!... I Can Use It Now... Great App Again!

John A. Ferguson

Back to being great This app was amazing but now it won't update on my samsung note 4....update since review, problem solved and it's back to being as good if not better than before.

Drew W

Female breasts are oversized and there is no option or slider for realistic sizes. Add a slider for breast size and I'd rate five out of five. Also save and load buttons have been fixed and more features have been added so my ratting is up to 4.

Michael Sammler

Still super useful and updating Added yes/no dialog in reset button. Good idea. Just realized the optional grid is 8 heads tall. Well played Alien, well played.

Peter Andrew Griffiths

Really great This is app is really great, but I wish there were more options for the hand to make a fist and stuff

Julio Esparza

Love it but... Everything is fine but can you add perspective.

Chris Lawrence

Great app Very useful for poses.

Louis Alaniz

Extremely useful The options that this app has are amazing. The color skin and POV camera updates are extremely helpful. Not to mention the ability to save the poses as images. My only request would be for the option to save the poses on invisible backgrounds Instead of just grey ones. Worth every cent.

William Shaw

Fantastic for reference One of the best apps for any artist. Still needs stylus support but that is more of a nit pick

Fredy Flores

Nice idea totally ruined by the fact that it doesn't save my poses (it says it does but when I load it it's a default one). It also doesn't work with the S pen (Note 4 Android 5.0)

A Google User

Very useful This app is excellent and the developer really listens to feedback!!!- tried updating on my Note 3 on 20th mar 2016 and fails to install :-(

Chubby Samurai

Great tool Helps alot when trying to figure out a pose and your not sure. ...great fun. ..

Erick Herrera

Crashes when I try to Update

A Google User

A good start There should be various ways to shrink and expand limbs, stomachs and bust. If they had these features I wouldn't mind paying a little more. The forearms only bend in 1 direction. Overall it's still usefully if you are stubborn like me lol.

Zan Miller

Fantastic! Just what I needed and more. Helps me get the poses right for my drawings and has made me 3x more efficient. Definitely worth downloading!

Erick Herrera

Crashes when I try to Update

scott duke

Awesome A mask option would be great for isolating parts

Clay Taylor

Very cool

Jillian Renee

Best tool for artists in a long time! I love this app! I used to have to pay a model to come pose for me for my illustrations to get lighting reference but now that I have this tool, I can easily arrange my pose and try different lighting settings. The ability to use the muscle view is incredibly helpful. The only thing i would add to it is a skeleton mode. The horse app is amazing too.

Aron Okines

Not perfect but great value for money I was going to buy a small wooden mannequin to use for poses which would of cost me a tenner, I'm so glad I bought this. It's not perfect tho, there are mesh issues which deform in certain poses and but I can live with that and the extras it comes with, extra body shapes and muscle definition are great. I highly recommend this app, there is room for improvement and I'm sure the future of this app can only get better. I hope they might get around to making the face posable, a big ask I know.

Drew W

Female breasts are oversized and there is no option or slider for realistic sizes. Add a slider for breast size and I'd rate five out of five. Also save and load buttons have been fixed and more features have been added so my ratting is up to 4.

Shona Rose

Good app for artists It's a good app, I loved the newest features but I think they should put a skeleton feature in it. Anyway, there are others but I like the interface for this one it's easy-to-use.

Cristiano Nishimura

Works good It's too simple... There could be more functions to help us to find the right pose faster. Background should be changeable to better fit the sketch/picture perspective. Export of 3d would be also easy for the app. .........

Trevor Noble

Minimum coding This is little more than a store window dummy. No constraints on bones. No squash and stretch of mesh

Rudi Schwarz

Brilliant This is a fantastic app. Could do with a few refinements. Really excited that I can get rid of my wooden mannequin and replace it with a far more flexible and versatile one. Well done developers, great job.

Anas Mahmoud

A symmetry bottom is NEEDED A realy good app...but symmetry option will make it PERFECT...It's time consuming to pose the left side then the right side again


Great app but... I'm using a Galaxy note 5 and the app cannot be controlled with the S-pen.


Pose tool Loved it

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