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1 Jul
Portal Gun Free

Posted by Saltfreeze in Entertainment | July 1, 2013 | 53 Comments

Apk file size: 233.0 KB

Portal Gun Free reached 10000 downloads! Thanks to all of you!

★HD graphics
★Polished UI and animations
★Fire portals manually
★Sound effects

Bring a Portal Gun anytime anywhere with you!

Entertain your friends and families with this pocket-sized Portal Gun,it's a must-have app for Portal fans.

Tap and hold to power up,tap to shoot portals*!

*not an actual portal

For entertainment purposes only.

Portal is trademarked by Valve Corporation,all sound effects are belonged to their respective owner,all graphics belonged to developer,we only want to give you the best experience while using this app,as always,have fun!

This app requires Adobe Air to launch.

Whats new

    ★Improved performance
    ★HD graphics
    ★Polished UI and animations
    ★Fire portals manually
    ★Sound effects

Saltfreeze part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 1, 2013. Google play rating is 67.6069. Current verison is 2.0.2. Actual size 233.0 KB.

Download portal-gun-free.apk 233.0 KB


Daniel Manning

Not a game Unless you pay it's just a picture of a gun on a black background. You click it and it shoots off the screen. Total waste of time. You'll have more fun sticking paper clips in light sockets.

Lorenzo De'Ciccio

Cool I made the mistake of firing a blue portal on the ceiling and an orange one on my floor, now I can't stop falling, AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, AHHHHHH. Still a great app

Bradley McCarthy

Fun (lol below) There was a load of crashes and I even got stuck inside a portal but I know this problem will be sorted soon. My thanks to aperture science ( I will never have to use stairs again) JK

Zoro Aqurhol

Awesomely Awesome OK,now that I've gotten used to the "real portal gun" thing,I've started to have a bit of fun with it.I made a test in my room,and I completed it with ease.This thing is awesome.The only thing that you COULD have better is a black-striped portal gun,like p-body and atlas' gun,but like a shadow portal gun.Overall,not bad.

Miku Hatsune

NYAAAN HELP MIKU!!! I AM SUFFERING FROM MOTION SICKNESS I AM GOING UP AND DOWN lol jk I just imagined my room as the testing chamber and my lamp as GlaDOS but it was fun :3

Joel Thornton

Cool This app is cool it would be even cooler if you could like pick up stuff like not actually pick it in real life just put the lighting on the scren

Draggin Meister

Use your imagination Some people hate it. I like it. The people who imagine it is a real portal gun are the real winners. They dont need a game to make them happy,they use imagination,the videogames of the future

AElun Crombie

Not bad An interesting little app that's fun to play with however the shape of the portal gun does need some work It would also be nice if it had more instant colour changes and recoil.oh and also could you put a bit of work on the overall looks of the portal gun as it looks almost "cartoon"

Dominic Felix

Amazing I have always wanted a portal gun (who doesn't?) But never had the cash to shell out for a replica.

Daniel Wilkinson

Good, but dangerous. This app is a great app for most people, but be warned, the secret mode let me shoot real portals. I fell through many holes and made my room a test chamber. Please add a long fall boots generator (my leg is in deep care). Lol JK but still good.

evan brown

Way better than hellsplumbers version I <3 this app you should make a gravity gun (Half life 2) and a physics gun! (Garry's Mod)

Alicia Villacorta

I love this game I love this game because the color looks great (blue and orange)! I love the color white from the left & right I just download the adobe AIR, then it worked for me!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ I want more than 100 STARS!

Brenner McHugh

Doesn't work I shot a portal on the wall and broke it when I tried to jumb through Jk great app but I did accidentally break the wall

Anthony Jauregui

Umm yea This app is great, but a $1.01 for atlas and p body skins. Realy ther should be free with the app

Fabian Arroyo

Awesome game I shot one portal to dimesion x and its all the air of earth and I'm back cuz I shot a portal to earth I'm not gonna do that again

Alphonse Elric

Meh Its fun but I don't wanna pay like 2 dollars just for different features like all you do is tap it over and over .

jerwin SARABIA

DANGEROUS but cool i played with this for 10 months and it finaly came out but dont do the up and down portal because it kills you when you get out of it

Brody Cordon

Imagination People who don't like it. Why not try and use your imagination. The imagination is the most powerful thing

Veronica Espino

App is not good and need to fix it because no portal goes out I need this app for going far without walking. But the portal doesn't come out and I downloaded adobe air but portal don't work fix these to rate it 5 because my feet is hurt so fix this app

Kasane Teto of the Bread Factory

Help... me... Help... I shot a portal at my floor and my ceiling... I'm falling from my floor... or ceiling, I don't know which is which anymore, and my phone is going to die any second... someone, tell my story... no, but under all seriousness, great app. Its for people who are sane, legitimate, and have a good imagination. I love reading the bad reports saying that they wanted a REAL portal to shoot out of their phone, and their feet hurt, so they resorted to this app. XD Am I the only one who finds humor in those?

Ender Wiggin

Doesn't work On my device when I hold down it doesn't power. Sometimes I even hold it for like 10 mins but it still doesn't work. Device: Nexus 7

Youness Cherkaoui

Weird I shot my self the guy said u killing me Can you stop it plz :-) Plz responed

BenandWill Rolfe

NOT WORK Well, I opened it and sat for 5 minutes AND NOTHING HAPPENED D:&lt;

James Beauchamp


Adam Shepherd

It is good but...... P-body and the blue one (frogot name) shuold be free....

Sam Berg

Pointless It's kind of a cool idea but very useless

Jordan Ramirez

Please update (pick up) Because it will be fun I will rate 5 stars

caleem drumgole

AWESOME GAME :-) A very good game but atlas and p body should be free and you could use the camera to make it more real.

irlvidsLoL irlvidsFtW

Are you kidding me? This is so stupid all it does is make sounds and has animations

Robbie Martinez

If I shoot an orange portal, the light turns blue and the other way around pls fix

Lilli Grant

Is so cool If u have an imagination like mine,this app is more than an animated picture.If that sounded offensive it wasn't meant to be.(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

Quinn Spitzer

I think it has a glitch It has a strange way of switching color in the tube and orb. E.X. if you fire a blue portal, after you fire it the tube and orb are orange.

Thomas Corn

EPIC! I used portals to scratch an itch on my back! Very nice!

Francesco Pjanić

I dont know whats wrong with you guys. The five stars comment isnt reasonable. Or i just cant play that game. Seriously, i dont understand with this game. You just tap the blue or yellow button and then the guns fire with a blue or yellow bullet.

Hailey Johnson

Not bad but bad It's fun but there's no screen to make it seem like there's a portal or to make it seem like you're going through one. Add this feature and I'll give it a five alright


Lol to whoever buys this game Whoever is stupid enough to get this game, this app does not create real portals. Very convincing tho.

Myles Greene

Just one glitch Great app but just one glitch, when you shoot the blue portal the center part of the gun turns orange and vice versa. Not sure if this is for everyone or just me but other than this, awesome app

Mason Ambrosio

Opss I shot the blue one at my sister's and then at my mom and well...yeah It's been a while week this has been happening so thanks I am sure it will get better

Black Heart

Fun People use your imagination it may not be fun for people that have no imagination but it's fun for people like me

Joey Hendricks

It won't work I can use the orang one but I can't use the blue one ?

W.M. Stewart

Kewel I thought it would be like a game, but its like a portal gun that doesnt work in real life. But if you BELIEVE- i should shut uo now. But pretend like its real

Randy Rivas


Eliezer Townsend

What? In the review some people says it actually works but it doesn't some people says it don't work I agree 1.02 For a tapping game? Cookie clickers is fun and free and some people say "use your imagination" I'm confused

Ben Dechow

Heh, Story: I was having to much fun with it, then I dropped my phone the shell cracked off and the battery fell out, luckily, I fixed it.

DoctorWho10th Gaming

Best thing ever All of u haters are dumb it actully does work i king of got stuck so i almost died but cool!

Maris Tablet

I love to pretend that im chell and im a test subject in aperture but what i dont like is that you havd to pay for pbody and atlas.premium? syriusly?? i bet if my friend had this then i could be atlas and he is pbody.other than that, theres no way this is real.???

Minebro55555 Jeff

Aperture Science Laboratorys This is the best possible way you can have a Hand-held Portal Device at your fingertips.


OMG I LOVE IT Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. IM IN SPACE!I love the game Portal 1 and 2. So when I saw this I'm all like OMG YES!!!! It's so fun. It works! I shot a blue portal at the ceiling and a (Don't beat me to the funny part) orange portal on the ground. WOO! Fun!


Can't get levels A do not know how to get on level if you fix this I will give five stars

Alex Sheppard

AMAZING APP!!!!!!!!! I had SO MUCH FUN using this portal gun. It is really amusing when you get into it. But, to make it fun you have to use your IMAGINATION, or else its boring. Super fun five stars

Jesse Throckmorton

HOW Please tell me how to work this thing there are NO portals around me I WANT PORTALS please tell me and i will rate 5

Minigod 95

I cant imagine if it doesnt even make sounds Its just a portal gun picture this suks

Joe Bob

Ha ha ha It's so funny reading reviews saying that they want real portals to shoot out and they should fix it. Let them make an app that shoots out real portals.

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