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27 Mar
Port Forwarder

Posted by G Herbst in Tools | March 27, 2013 | 66 Comments

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This app was made to forward inbound connections from internet through your android device to a PC. More Information on Port Forwarding or Port Mapping technique can be found on

Providers may block inbound connections per default. For use with your public IP please clarify if you are behind a NAT or firewall. Your provider may allow you to disable the firewall. If you can ping the public IP from internet you are good to go!

This app allows you to forward a public network port to one target host of your tethered network. For example, Port Forwarder can be used to play LAN games over USB Tethering. This can also be used as connector for a mobile web-server (PC) if your android phone has a public accessible IP.

Port Forwarding Features
- supports portable Wi-Fi hotspot
- supports USB tethering
- throughput information
- runs as android service
- no su or root required
- does not suppoer port ranges

If you feel like this app does not work please do not hesitate to contact me. But before you do that please try to ping your public IP from the internet to proof your IP is accessible for inbound connections.

Public accessible IP:
Providers may usually protect your device by keeping off any internet connections coming from the outside (inbound connections). So by default you may not be able to host any public service on your device. However, providers may allow you to disable this protection on their website. If you change that, please be aware of the risk.

Thank you for all your feedback so far! I hope we could fix bugs.
If you want to get involved in this project please do not hesitate to contact us. We are searching for an reach-ability tester service to verify whether an IP is accessible from internet or not. If somebody could offer such as a web-service this would be greatly appreciated.

This app does not support ports below 1024 (privileged ports). Please use higher port numbers on this device instead. The target port does not have this restriction.

This app does not allow you to enter ranges of ports.

Whats new

    bugfixes and new algorithm

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Styles Vancleave

Almost there. This app works exactly as described, which is just a little lacking. A option of port ranges, both TCP/UDP at once, and with root, access to ports below 1024 would give it a 5 star. The interface is very easy to understand, and I hope to see the app evolve to include the aforementioned missing features.

Gokulnathan Perumal

Good One! This Port Forwarder is one of the best android tools. I can successfully port forward to my pc (while using WiFi hotspot) and I can connect to the server from outside. But sometimes, I cant connect and get some notification in the app for that particular port - "TCPNioJob NioServerSelect or no Workers initialized . Please give me more time". And while using USB tethering, I am able to port forward (checked with ping tools). But I cant connect to the server. I can port forward and connect to server only with WiFi hotspot.

Drew Clock

Uh yeah I'm sure it would be great if I had any idea how to use this. How about some instructions or a help setting or something?

Sitanshu Dubey

Not getting actual Public IP address Its not getting the real public ip address of my device.. for local its working fine but its not getting the real public ip address so if you want to connect to your system from internet via phone then its useless.. :\

Brett Bj

Works to forward ports from your mobile data connection to your playstation3 when it is connected via wifi portable hotspot. Galaxy s4 Active. A+ to dev

Abdullh Alshamree

Very good app But if you can explain the public interfaces, like waln0 i know it's used if you are on a wifi tether but what about lo and remnt0, also can i port forward for my phone the phone that i am using this app with it?

Aslam kv

Algorithm 2013 is not working When I switched the algorithm back to 2012 it is working perfect. Please recheck the latest algorithm. Regards

Elisa Fernando

Minecraft PE Server Not Forwarded to port 19132 How do I port forward my minecraft pe server ? please teach me .

Jordan Caldwell

I can't seem to get this to work. I need to forward UDP ports 3960 and 3962 to an IP address. (this is what my game is telling me.) Do I set the source and destination ports to the same number? and how to a forward them to the IP?

Matt Crook

Cant forward ports below 1024? How about us folks that have root and need udp port 88 for Xbox.... Like c'mon. That does not work, I need port 88 on public side, you can use these ports if your app requests for super user, my device is rooted. Please fix!

Kim Alvin Lambiguit

Exception! bind failed, permission denied when trying to forward from port 80 to 11317 via USB tethering

Oinkers Bacon

Excellent! It does exactly what it says its supposed to do and if you're having trouble using this app you have no business using it. If you read the description you would know that some service providers block this so if you really can't get it working check that before leaving a bad reply to this app. THIS DOES NOT WORK ON WIFI! ONLY DATA! You're doing it wrong! Not the app!

Khaled Magdy

I need this app to help me enable remote access to my pc through the wifi hotspot. I understant that this needs that i enable/open a specific port. Please post a quick guide so that the not too tech savy ppl like me can operate this.

Azri Miswan

Uninstalling Uninstalling as it seems there are no tutorial whatsoever and you do not even bother to reply to people asking for help.

Sean Brown

This app is great This app I believe was not intended as a direct internet tether service but as a sort of network booster. This app fulfills this task without question

Muhd Amin

Need some help... Did the target IP must use the default IP that the app give? Please reply to my question.

Chris Denczek

Didn't work for me Never worked for me. Running Nexus 4, 4.3 Android OS. Odds are, it's probably my cell provider. They already forbid tethering. Talk about tethering AND port forwarding. Most likely a firewall issue. It would be nice to see firewall detection in this application, along with open port testing. Might be good, wasn't for me. Thanks anyways!

Ashish Patel

Works like charm! A perfect Port Forwarder. I m using unrooted phone. only this application helped me. Its Awesome :D

Night Dragon

How??????????!!!!!! How do I use this??? How?????? I'm trying to make a mine craft pe server and I can't figure this out! Someone please help me!

Def Kiss

Confused Instantly faster yet one part says service running yet another says no activity

Joona Parviainen

Port is still closed Nothing happens when running this even as a root.

Adam Bennett

Settings Looks like it works ok but what should I set my incoming port to ?


I can't get it to work - no instructions With USB tethering, the Public IP address that PF reports is different to that reported by my torrent client. There does not appear to be any way to change this in PF. The client thus reports the port as blocked and downloads are snail slow. Some user instructions would be nice.

srabon sk

Help I'm using gameranger whose udp is 16000 so what i'll do now???please help. ....

Tony Handel

how to make it support hotspot? how do i make it support hotspot?


Hmmmm Quite nice actually but need to fix little bugs

Hunter XM

Its ok

night Robin

Tutorial on how to do it

A Google User

Stopped working after update I installed this app about a month or so ago and it worked just great. After updating a couple of days ago I noticed: 1) Added picture of Net->Android Device-->End Device (good addition) 2) Removed ability to set buffer size (I had to change from default to make it work originally) 3) Apparent addition of ads Can I re-obtain the old version?

Vyash P

Works, but needs occasional restarts I know that most people will not tether to a mini-server, but for most cases, this application definitely works! I've been temporarily using an old Android cell phone as my wireless adapter. There are, however, a couple of limitations: 1) The port forwarding works only for some time. After running for about 48 hours, I need to stop and restart the application for the port forwarding to continue working; 2) The port forwarding has a limitation on the amount of bytes that can be transferred. If I transfer large files via scp, I'm assuming there is some counter that overflows (as the number of bytes transferred goes into the negatives), and I need to restart the application; 3) As mentioned in the description, ports below 1024 cannot be forwarded. This isn't too bad, but it prohibits from running NFSv3, SAMBA, or FTP from the tethered device. Suggested features: 1) Automatic from/to IP detection/selection; 2) Option to forward a range of ports; 3) Option to forward all ports (and make the Android device virtually invisible), perhaps a DMZ mode; 4) Option to forward both TCP and UDP simultaneously

Hamad Asif

Need help The App does open the ports .. but i don't know how to configure it to forward the ports to my pc .. any help is appreciated.. thanks

A Google User

Good. But I would like to forward several ports not just one. Oh I may! Nvm. 5 stars.

Adam Ip

A Good Start... It needs to allow a range of port to be open in one go and the option of both UDP & TCP in one go as it saves time for us. As with the ports to be opened in one go there should be a Start Port and an End Port. Otherwise this app works great after spending a lot of time entering the correct ports.

Muhammad Syahmi

Not working on Gameranger software I just wanted to try port forwarding in order to play some games online using gameranger on PC via Wifi Hotspot. On this app the result is successful...but when I want to connect to gameranger server, but it still give me this error "Port-Restricted Cone Nat Router"...If you can fix it, I will give full five stars. Thank You

Austin Coats

Xbox ports? How do I successfully open the ports for xbox live over wifi?

A Google User

Good Would like to be able to forward a range of ports at once, and using both TCP/UDP at once (Just like in router)

Thoan Nguyễn

Not realy good. The connection sometime interrupt. We cannot reconnect until this app is restarted.

A Google User

Doesn't work for me, through no fault of the author. Doesn't work with 2degrees in NZ because they drop inbound connection attempts.

Alexander McKane

NOT work NOT work tcpNioJob bind failed: EACCES (Perm denaid)

Greg Anthony Hemunda Hemunda

I give 5 star if we can use it on mcpe server and how

patrick perdigon

READ THIS PLSS!! CAN I USE THIS TO PORT FORWARD MY POCKET MINE? Reply to me and i give it a 3 stars.


This is amazing app and I hoped that it would safe my life. But it didn't because it didn't work. I think it's small bug but please fix it. So, it allow me to open my post on my xperia z 5.0.2 but after first request to that port it shuts it. So I can check my port with port-check tool, but another check fails. The app says that 'PFTCPJob Timeout hapened while coonecting to source" I would give 5* if this app would work on me.

Nato Meowsers

I got NAT TYPE OPEN on PS4 from using this app with my android mobile hotspot. It would be good if it included a built- in glossary or instructions for people that aren't familiar with port forwarding or networking; Wlan0, lo, rmnet etc. Also it would be great to include some preset port ranges for specific setups; Xbox Live, PSN, MCS etc. Can you program / include a driver for Android USB reverse ethernet: Device> Ethernet cable> Ethernet - USB adaptor> OTG cable> Android phone, Phone Call keypad> Android USB options (secret menu) dial *#0808# Good work on the app.

Mannan Shaikh

Developer Please Help Me Dear sir i really approciate your work for making this nice app to forward port from mobile internet to pc via hotspot or usb tethering.but pls tell me step by step how do i forward port from my mobile internet to my computer via hotspot.because i want to open some ports on my computer using your app.

ENunn Productions Inc.

Doesn't work at all. Tried using a port checker after starting the port forwarder service, and it said that the ports are not open. What a hunk of junk!

sankalp singh

Not Working I tried both TCP and UDP but nothing works. Still not able to connect to my PC over public IP

Dan Dube

Wont work Says 0bytes nothing works any help

naseem hany

It can't get the real ip This app is reporting some strange and wrong ip so forwarding will never work. At least it should have an option for manual ip feeding

MCPE&FNAF Raigamer

Can this help for making mcpe server? Plz say something I missed my friends :(

Joseph Vanguilder

Correctly opens identified ports to target device, however does not correctly identify local device ip nor allow manual entering of device ip rendering app useless.

Kelvin Mgbatogu

I do not get this! Ok so I was using my computer and my dad took away my ethernet cable, but little does he know i can usb tether with my galaxy s4. But i have one problem I was playing a game called syperfighters with my friends and port forwarding was a breeze when i was connected with a ethernet cable. But now when i try to host it says port fowarding failed. Now i am trying to find a way to port foward so i can host on my computer. But nothing helps!! But i will tell you what i tried. I tried to port foward to my phone si

Umair Yasir

Working But when i contact to developer his elder brother told me that developer paased in a car crash.. So no new update

Jorti1 boombox

Server help Does any one know if this works for MCPE? Please reply

Walter Yan

Max out CPU while trying to forward port 8080 to port 80

Alim Gökkaya

It works ok but couldn't make it working with multiple incoming connections.

Jay Mee

Very cool Works and this app needs backup / restore and share app options.

Matt Crook

Can you make a version that requires root access so we can forward ports that are lower then 1024?

Capt. Flint

Problems with port forwarding, but easy to use. Hi Developer, could you help? I am trying to run a webserver from my mobile device, connected to 3g. I wish to view my site from outside my local network. Is this possible? I keep getting TCP errors stating that the ports are already in use.


Does not work at all. I seted everything up howevernone if my freinds was able to connect.

Wum.2 Plum.1

Worked fine with older Gingerbread, however it didn't work with Jelly bean; Whilst changing the settings for the target ip correctly, the textual representation appears to override this incorrectly (with usb tethering)

Tommie Eimmot

It works fine. Unlike some other reviewers, I for one am glad that it doesn't require root access, since I don't actually have root access. It was a bit confusing to figure out at first, but you can change the phone ip that is used to something else by selecting the correct Public Interface option. After doing so, this app does exactly what it's supposed to. Two things I would like to see added though are port ranges, and a "both" option along with udp and tcp.

Jack Witherell

I'd like to think this app works but... Port Checking tools returned negative after running a server on a mobile hotspot connected server. I used the correct private IP address and everything.

Human Being

Fail. Doesn't work if your IP is NATTED behind your phone service prodiver.

Bill Mackenzie

Does not work. Does not work. It does not correctly identify public IP.

James Mccllen

Got excited But then it came to me how does this work

Kasper Gade Andreasen

Works Perfectly for Me Does what it says, and worked perfectly for my needs. Connecting to and testing on my work station now works perfectly.

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