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1 Sep

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Apk file size: 44.0 MB

Get ready for your next big adventure! Travel back in time. Battle monsters. Solve mysteries and complete quests while exploring a growing chain of story-based islands. Created by Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Poptropica is a kidSAFE-certified virtual world enjoyed by millions of adventurous kids across the globe!

Begin your journey and create your very own Poptropican today!

Can you satisfy the heroic needs of Zeus, prevent a powerful shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and stop thieves from ransacking an Arabian Nights-themed town? Find out if you have what it takes to become a Poptropican hero!

With over a dozen available stories, you’ll collect gold shards when you first enter Poptropica and earn a prize! Take a ride in the blimp and visit the islands on the map. Collect gold medallions for mastering island episodes.

• Immerse yourself in more than a dozen islands, each with a surprising challenge to test your problem-solving skills
• Customize up to six Poptropicans
• Import the look of your avatar
• Multiplayer arcade and chat
• Delightful art and graphics, captivating sound effects, and an inspiring soundtrack

Customize your Poptropican with the Costumizer! Find other characters in the Islands and click the green t-shirt in the Menu to update the clothes and look of your Poptropican. Save as many as 30 of your favorite looks in your Costume Closet for future use in future adventures.

Play games and chat with other Poptropicans in the Arcade building! Multiplayer games include Star Link, Sky Dive, and Balloons.

*** Poptropica is free to download and play. However, costume bundle packs can also be purchased with real money. A WiFi connection is required to download this app. ***

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Whats new

    Two FREE bundles based on the new Poptropica The Lost Frontier book!
    Fixed a bug that caused the dialogue to display funky.

Family Education Network part of our Adventure and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 81.9146. Current verison is 2.26.28. Actual size 44.0 MB.

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Its Viivian

"Could not connect to server" message Its a good game, some glitches here and there. But the thing that annoys me it the message that I get when I try to enter the arcade. It would say that it could not connect to server ever since I've downloaded the game. Please fix or see why. (I Do have internet)

General Gaming

Such a flashback. The only thing I would really want to ask for is for more islands as possible. But anyways, 5 stars

Corinne Pippin

Hated it I only had it for 7 min and I already hate you can't customize your character or return character I'm definitely uninstalling this app

Sapan Gupta

Great but sm problems The game is great and fun,but lags a lot.plz repair it

Hailey LaFuente

I like it just one problem I love this app and it's very interesting but I can't go on the map so I have to stay at the home base I have to uninstall and replay the whole thing and hope I don't have this problem again I haven't had all the other problems other people had..... Yet and a suggestion we should be able to friend people

Hailey Traina

I love the app ♥♥♥ The only thing that bugs me about the app is that there isn't enough islands!! Please add more!

Gabriel Marroquin

I love it! Just 1 problem I absolutely love this game ! The only problem is once in a while it kicks me out . If you can fix this that would be great!

Madison Deines

Keeps crashing I've had this game for awhile now and I'm so addicted to it, but lately it's been crashing so much and lagging a lot. It's not an enjoyable game to play when all it does is crash whenever you try to play it.

Ashley Youpa

2 things. First, everytime I put a new bottom on for the character it freezes the entire game and wont work. Second, once in awhile ur character glitches out of the map so tht ull b walking on a place ur not supposed to b and u cant get back on track until u leave the game and join back in. This game has a lot of potential but it also has a lot of problems. In the next update I expect to see these 2 problems fixed, as well as with the other problems ppl have been having.

Cali Lang

Fun I really like the game but it always exits me out. I also can't log on as my character from my PC.

The Fluffy Waffle

Stupid af I only had it for ten minutes and already I think its terrible first of all you can't customize your character and theres a glitch on the map that throws me somewhere you can't actually go

Tyrone Cruz

bugs/freezes every once in a while a catch a bug her and there and I had 2 freezes but everything seemed fine but I couldn't move my character like on survival island when the beavers try to cover the holes and one freeze in poptropi-con when I try to dress up it freezes aswell pls fix these freezes then I'll rate 4/5 if I don't find any more bugs I'll rate 5

Laila Rubio

Amazing but Whenever I try to customize my character it freezes and it also glitches me out of the map every now and then. This is a amazing and fun games and brings back childhood memories.

Leslie Marquez

Extraordinary! But Really good but when I play like for 3 minutes or less it crashes and I try to go in the game I was playing and it still crashed. Please fix this bug. Thank you. If you fix I'll give 5 stars.

Atul Waghdhare

I think s nice We should download much things, but they come in the app

Sarah Jennings

Love love love it I love poptropica but my laptop is broken so I love it x

Dev M

Not bad... When I was at shrink ray isle when I was typing,I couldn't move when I was finished.PLEASE fix this issue

Benny Flores

Good, but... Great except the fact that at random moments screen freezes, goes black and takes me to my homescreen! Fix please.

Taqee Siddeeq

I like the computer version better than the app If u have an account already why won't returning player po up first thing when down loaded

Lilith Demon

Good I would more islands other wise it's just a afternoon length game. I like all the character creation options, it would be better if you could change your name but still keeping the format the names are made in

caitlin paul

Awesome To all of you who say you cant customize, you can just go to the main island and theres a shop u go in that lets you customize your character. You can also tap the name bubble and it will change your name. Be patient. It gets you places. c:

Chazia Siskowski

Stupid I hate this stupid ugly cheating game. Don't download it only takes up your phone data

Julia Rue

It's OK so far

Witvoet Family

Omg love it!!! I don't have a pc so this is as close as I can come to, please add more islands bat them all so far. Please make all of them for tablet and phone and also please make it to where I can log on with my account

Darius Stueart

Dariusstueart It is the one and only king darius and I say it is a cool game and if you don't like it so be it.

Sabrina Mc

Great game Its a great game except whenever I try to play in the multiplayer room it says it couldn't connect to server even when I have 5 bars

Michael Williams

Poptropica It needs more islands. I MEAN ALOT MORE ISLANDS!! And it needs other fun stuff too like being able to add friends just like the computer version.

Grace Fastenau

More Please!!! Please make more adventures I finished all of them and I really want to keep playing. It's a really great game!

dejahnique rainey

Its cool But when I go to Mythology, its starts to freeze. So I'm not able to receive the awards for defeating Zeus.

Zoiee Reid

Returning player not there I'm disappointed that I can't use my old poptropican because now I have to start all over. I'm uninstalling it now.

Taylor Sessions

Ot was ok i mean i had some problems and Corinne pippin shut up bc you need to under stand the game stupied. So yeah im sory corinne didnt mean it like that im ent it like play around. So yeah i liked it, it was okay.????

Kyle Webster

Poptrapica It is good game on a computer but on mobile it will not stay connected more than 5minutes.

Louisann Borg

It keeps exiting out of the app during the tutorial afetr like 1-2 min ... Fix it and I'll give it a higher rating. Thanks

Eboni l3lessed l3locker

good but it really should have where you can log in to your other accounts that you make on a computer ?

Gary Oian Vust

Marvouless In class we are learning about gods and goddess. I'm getting an A+ because of this website!

Ethan Kauffman

... I love the game... but it doesn't even work... when ever I try to play it says I need connection when I have it!!

Toasted Toast

11/9 Best terrorist remake of my favorite 2nd grade elementary school game. -Created and designed by Al Qaeda

Lianet Delgado

I really love this app it brings so many childhood memories and I adore playing it! Though one time when I was playing it my phone died and after that the app doesn't open it just shows a black screen, it was working a couple days ago but ever since my phone died it just won't open please fix this.

Amairani Solis

It is ok I love the game but i can't get shrink ray island

Dreanna Garma

It's not working right So I just downloaded it and immediately I knew something wasn't right because the peoples heads were boxes!! I couldn't even see the background and the typing box. I really love this game and I want to play it on the go please fix this ASAP

Shontare Manning

Keeps shutting down It'll open and I'll play for like 2 minutes before it unexpectedly closes. Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars...

Peter Guerrero

Shutting down The game keeps closing and wish i can use my Pop account that i have not have to create another account and start over

Tracie Bancroft

It Keeps shutting down Like literally every two minutes it shuts down and when I reopen it the game starts all over again like you can't even play it because it keeps shutting down and I like the old game better where you can customize your character!!! Can you please fix this problem!!! (I would rate it 5 stars if it didn't have this problem)

Stephanie Robert

Its OK... Its an awesome game BUT! Its always freezing and messing up and you need to make it like the real game were you can customize it please fix the freezing and if you can add a customize button please .☺(or I'll delete it)☺

Destined Kint

It was fun I guess I mean it was a good game, it had a good idea behind it. Don't get me wrong I love this game but there are still glitches even after the update. Arabian nights, the guards will not let me pass even when I use the smoke bombs there are still glitches please fix it and make more islands

Ellis Rosenberg

bugs and jumpy it has great potential to be a fun game but it crashes and freezes too often and is too jumpy in graphics to be truely enjoyable.

Matthew Vega

Too glitchy Every time I try poptropicon it freezes or runs slow I hate when it does that in the middle of a good game and sometimes I end up on my home screen and it just closes out I might delete this app

Lakshmi Prasath

Good but... There are tons of glitches that STILL need to be fixed.1) Some things disappear from my inventory on some islands like Arabian nights and Survival island. 2) I appreciate that you have added the arcade in the home island, but it will be better if we could make friends on the Poptropica phone account as well. 3) On Survival episode 2, there comes a part where my character has to nump on logs floating on the water to keep the beavers from plugging holes. However, my character just freezed. Please fix these.

Flash Hero

Awesome Fun awesome and cool but it keeps crashing

lava rock

SHRINK RAY ISLAND I can't get to the ballon on top of the TV and it will never let me it's glitches me off please fix , I still love poptropica though :) :/

Nicole Larsen

Good game The only thing that is needed is spy island. It would be cool to have that island back.

Laila Rubio

Amazing but There are at least 1 glitch in each map that does not let me finish the map. Like in shrink ray island when I try to get the lemon paper under the lamp it's won't let me saying it's just a paper. Also add more islands from the computer version like the shark one and pirate ones those where so fun but my computer broke down so I don't have it no more

Diana Rocha

Meh Its okay but it keeps freezing and shutting down please fix and I will help give it 5 stars

Drake Buchholz

WHERE IS MY MEDALLION! I finished survival island, got the medallion, but when I went home I didn't have it in my inventory... I went back to game to see what was up but I was all alone in the level... No MVB, no MM, no bear, no trap, nothing but just me moving around... Did I do something wrong? I NEED MY MEDALLION! Tell me how to get it and you get 5 stars because this game is just AWESOME!

Kristy Papesh

Asome The first time in my life I have a great day find me in the first time in my life I had the awesomest day because I downloaded crop poptropica

Jossy Peterson

Ok It's ok, but it's like sooooooooooo super super slow #neveragain

Alex Varela

The games ok but... The graphics are good, but i cant sign in to my account and i cant choose the details of my character, (like i can on the computer).

Melody Sepulveda

Freezing I'm not even 2 minutes into the game before it just freezes...or sometimes my poptropican just starts jumping continually!!!! It's really annoying.... Fix this please I see other people are having the same problem...

Janie Rojas

Not that much islands When I play Poptropica on the computer, their is more islands, but in the phone their is a little. My favorite island is spy island, but now I can't play it! At least their are some good islands.

Robyn Slater

Keeps closing I get a few minutes into the game, and it shuts off on me! It's a fun game besides the fact I can only play for three or so minutes.

Daija Hines

Awesome need more islands like it is on pc.? now i have to wait for a new update so new islands or levels can be added grr lol. But its great??

Owen Pearson

It's a fun game, but has some bad glitches 2 things: On Arab nights episode 1 you can't get past the guards with smoke bombs. On Arab nights episode 2 the recipe for the magic sand won't work. Other than that it's a great game, change and I will give it 5 stars.

Andres Trujillo

I don't know Right now poptropica my poptropica game has a big glich and please update it!


1 glitch Arabian night part two has glitch at crafting table ( I'm a mine craft fan) all the stuff just switches through the items really fast and and I can't put items on the crafting table but I can push the mix button but it does not mix in to the bomb ( I have completed the island on my laptop) make a update that fixes that and I might need support to make this happen and I play poptropica on my tablet :-( :-( PS add more island I've completed 13!!! Even the five islands that are in the forest and you get help

_jill _

No returning players??? It made me create a whole new account there was no returning player also you can't customize your avatar , please fix ??

David Isaacs

It's OK but needs work I am OK with the games until I got to Arabian nights part 2 because it has a major glitch with the mixing table it has all the ingredient a changing really fast however you can not add the ingredients or put them in the right order and because of that you can make the magic sand that you need to finish the game if it is not fixed I will delet the game.

Gadie Valleraine Shaw

Its wonderful but... There is no instructions for the world. Like what do you have to do. Please fix?

Dajah Crump

Cant download worlds Everything is moving smoothly and no bugs but i can't download any worlds :(

Demaria Herron

WOW Love it! Its just like da game but just a suggestion you should add all the worlds

Devin Tepec

It doesn't show returning player So I barley downloaded the app but it only shows new player and I can only play my other account on the computer please fix it I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 so please fix it ?

Gavin Little

How do I download different islands??? It's a pretty cool game but I want to play different islands and I can't play the computer version.

Morgan Higgins

it's a great app but... it's a great app but every time I play after like two minutes of playing it shuts down, fix for five stars please!!

Mohammed Ibrar Ul-Hassan

I like the game but i would like to choose my own name instead of trusty turtle and i cant do the survival mission

katliyn suntana

Please make it so it does drain so much battery in 1 hour i lost 78 percent of my battery i barely have any ram files or cache.please fix samsung tab 3

James Knapstad

All gone I mastered all the islands and then a little bit later I had to redownload every island please fix

Jenny Ram

Best game I'm always playing whit it and you guys that don't like it suck

Aaron Lopez

Really good game but... I played this on the computer and it has my account on it and I would like this game to accept accounts from the computer

Paige Auckland

It's great but... I wish there was more islands because I have finished them all

Elle Gomez

Why?? Keeps glitching. There's a glitch in Arabian nights which impedes me from mixing the ingredients. So close yet so far. Also I can't log on to my original account so that disappointed me even more. Please fix this as well as the bugs and glitches.


Love It!!! Been waiting for it to be available on the app store for a couple of years now! Would give it 5 stars but I could only download the Pelican Island and it won't download any other Islands. Really disappointed about that! Also really happy that it doesn't require an internet connection to play! Also the records on Pelican Island won't load! Other than that it's great!!

Kiya Alexander-Hunte

Why? Why can't I login to my character I already made from my computer? Why do I have to make another character?! I'm sooo deleting this app.

Nathen Sharpe

WHY DOSENT IT WORK!!!!!!! I am so mad at shrink ray island, first of all when you type in the code for the school coordinates right when you put the code in it doesn't even let you look into the telescope to see the Morse code and I can't finish the story plz fix and then I will rate 5 stars

Matthew Robles

Needs improvement NOW It already doesn't have all the islands and now I can't load the files in Escape From Pelican Rock. This game was my childhood plz don't destroy it.

taylor emery

Not as good as the computer version by far! They took out more than half the maps and left the not as good ones. They also took out points to buy outfits. Now you have to spend actual money to buy them. Please fix because this is an awesome game but it will soon get boring because there isn't that many islands anymore.

Sarah Walsh

please listen to my suggestions they will help make poptropica a better game Add more of the islands u can get on from the computer to the app version some people don't have computers so they use the app to play poptropica I have beaten all the app islands so please try to add some islands from the computer please and if u agree with me please mark my comment as helpful pls add the diary of a wimpy kid island

Ciel Vera Cruz

It's fine. I'd rate it up to 5 if we had the option to confirm and delete a poptropican character in-app.Over-all good game.TIPS FOR POTROPICA PLAYERS:You must save your outfit if you don't want to lose it.Island progress is always saved but it must be re-downloaded.You can feed the dodos if you click your inventory and "use" the item.If you get the low-jumping glitches,just leave the current room and come back,it will reload.The poptropica app is currently a seperate from the computer version therefore you are not restarting but rather making a seperate new one in your device.Not all islands in PC are compatible with mobile so it cannot be in-app.Hope this helps.

Nicole Graf

Hate it I was so excited because I thought I would be able to play poptropica again after so long, but I'm definitely disappointed. Because first, since I use my phone most of the time, I can't really tell WHERE I'm making my character go because my fingers are in the way mostly, and second, you can't login as your own character and you can't really communicate with others either.

Iggy Egipt

No! Why does it logs me out when I am about to start. Then when I am about to do a mission, it goes black,then the next thing I know it am on my home page! Please fix it or am going to give this game a low rating!!!

yvetta anderson

Wtf is wrong. Nvm its fix????? I love playing these games on desktop but on my tablet is keeps crashing and won't load plzzzzzzzzz fix it. Its fix i love playing it. Thank u for fixing it. This game is addicting. When will there b new islands on mobile version.

Tyler Dominguez

New island pelican rock...and outfits. I try to use the file thing that someone gave me and it takes forever its stupider then a 1 percent cool test.And make the outfits free i dont wanna waste money just to make my inventory slower to wear outfits...3 outta 5

Amy Morched

Good, but... Why cant you login to your account on the computer so you can get your medals and friends on it? It would be way better. Also can you try and get realms on it? I know its new but its really good so please? Great game though good job☺ also on computer for some reason it made me go out of the pelican rock prison and its like i finished it but i didnt i got no medal or credits. Please fix this i was really excited for pelican rock but now i cant play it?.

Mikaela L.

Great, but has a few bugs I really like the app but it would be nice to see a few more islands.

Elizabeth Fields

Just 1 Bug I love this game, I'll give it 5 stars if you can fix a bug. The problem is this. On the prison break island, you get some files on the other prisoners, but I can't open them, it just loads and loads then freezes. I hope you can fix it! Because I love this game.

Jeff Glover

Good but... CRASH! Whenever I open the confidential files on escape from pelican rock it crashes. Please fix! Also fix this,I automatically teleported out of the prison and it's saying I completed it. It didn't even give me a medal! Please fix!

sarah jane

Fix glitch please Every time I try and click on the prisoners files in the newest island it just has the loading arrows spinning in a circle and it stays like that and the only way to make it stop is to exit and restart the app. This is the only thing that is holding me back from completing this island so please fix this glitch. It would also be good if we were able to log into our poptropica account that we made on computers because now I have 2 separate characters... Sometimes I like it but other times I doing. Other than these things it is a good app

Phantom Axe

Awesome Awesome it is really fun you should get it only problem is on escape from pelican rock when I try to open the files it crashes and when I try to start the food fight it crashes

Montavius Alexander

Pelican reef It deleted my saved progress and now I'm outside the prison and the thief is just standing there froze on the hill so yea needs to be fixed

kayla mitcham

More Islands Besides a few glitches the app itself it great I'm just a little disappointed by the lack of islands. There's only a few of the old ones and they're not even the great ones. I hope the next update comes with a few more added in.

Tarjuman Sarwar

Too hard So hard I cant play games it's not easy what ur suppose to do

Rafael Santiago

Hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucks in one map i try to talk to people but all it does is logs me out of the dang game.I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it!

Winn Factor

This game is amazing! People who say this is boring is idiots and lame this game i played when i was 5 and now im 14 this is the best game beats the other games

Cassandra Dady

Separate and sucky Why can't you log onto the character you ALREADY HAVE?! And its glitches are often and many. I DO NOT recommend this app.

Nujaba Husni Ameen

Amazing! Why are people saying its boring?!? This is awesome! Its challenging and interesting! I've been waiting for an app for years! And finally its here!

Mckenzie Dyson

Love it I play at school on my computer and its just as good it has all of the details and I can even sign onto the account I was on at school to them when I get back on at school I can be on the world and right now in school I am in jail right now and I'm trying to escape because I found it put it over my head and the Bandit put a bag of my head and said that I was the one who stole the money so they both think I stole the money but as I was saying I love to give very useful and very very very very very very very

Kimmi Kaulitz

GLITCH in Escape From Pelican Rock & Control problems Every time I try to look at the prisoner files the game freezes and gets stuck on "loading" the files but never loads it. It just stays there infinitely loading and there's no way to get out of it except by restarting the game. PLEASE FIX THIS. Also whilst climbing the tower there's a person there but you can't click her and she walks off the building and hovers in the sky. ALSO THE END OF THE SECOND EPISODE OF ARABIAN NIGHTS WHERE YOU HAVE TO RUN AND JUMP TO ESCAPE IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT. If I can't get it and I'm an adult how do u expect a kid to??? I have to tap multiple times for it to do the action I tell it to and when it finally does the avatar moves so slow that it's pointless that it even moved because the guy chasing it is twice as fast. Enfuriatingly ridiculous controls.

Allisan Butler

More Islands pleasssee!! Love love love!! Im finished with all the islands. Wish they put more islands like the website but waiting for the next one on the app!! Great Game!!

Aryan Kapoor

Awesome idiots tell it boring One game request the 2 wimpy kid games

Wattpad Princess

The filess When i try opening the confidential files.. my game crashes.. please fix this.. btw its really nice... but i hope i could open my account in my pc.. but anyways its really nice ooh dont forget to fix the confidential files

Sierra Miles

Good app fun to play but if u want to play somewhere sometimes u have to install another thing just to play there other than that its a good app

Byron Odom

Glitch On mythology Greek it after I completed the golden Apple quest when I was going to one of the areas and in kept saying "you must be on and errand of the God s to pass this point"


Great game but needs bug fixes I love the game and it keeps me busy but there are bugs with falling out of the game with time traveling and I cannot open the files on pelican rock level


Still is 1 of my fave games!!!!????? thx so much 4 fixing but it wont let me log into my character on my account i made before n on pelican island it keeps freezing on examining the criminal files plz fix but still love the game!!!!!!???

E. S.

Its a good game But when I try to open the files in the Pelican Island part, it just keeps the load screen on. Nothing else happens.

Alvin Chan

This isn't all too bad Please add a Sync for mobile Poptropica and PC version! I have completed most of these islands on PC rather than on my phone!

Roman Harrison

Best ever When i play i dont know wats going to happen next

Allyson Casquejo

Love It! This is one of my favorite games on my computer, it's my sisters favorite too. The only thing is why are there only a little bit of islands? I want Backlot island and maybe virus hunter. MESSAGE FOR PLAYERS: if you want to play with the poptropican you made on the computer on this app you can't because the computer is different than your tab or your phone or your iPad so that means the game is different too.

Aiyana Uribe

I like it I really like this game. It just need some more updating like so I can log into my account so I can keep the credit and hard work I have done. But over all its pretty great.

Jay Wright

Won't give the Returning Player option I love Poptropica, but, when you first download the app, it doesn't give you the option for a returning player. You have to create a new account after you first get it. Please fix this.

Travonte Sweet

Alright U need to fix it to keep playing longer I play it for a good two minutes then it pushes me out the game to my home screen and I have to start all over again

Justin Moreno

Escape From Pelican Rock It keeps freezing and crashing after I try to start the food fight. Can you guys fix asap because I rewlly like this game. :C

Jennifer Blanco

FLAWLESS This game deserves its own song that goes, THIS GAME IS FLAWLESS CAUSE IT WOKE UP LIKE THAT

Daniel Calvin Lim

So good do not trust anyone that says its bad Do nut trust anyone that says its bad thats a bad condition its nice and smooth so nice nice art make a 2nd one with improvements ok dont stop. I will give 1000000 dislikes for someone who says that its bad ok now stop saying BBBOOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG STOP SAYING BORING YOU KNOW WHY ITS SO BORING?? BECAUSE YOUR DEVICES ARE NOT PRO LEVEL AND NEVER HAD A RESTART ACCIDENT NOW GO DO IT. ITS SO FUN YOU KNOW WHY YOU DONT GET THE STORY BECAUSE WHEN I SEARCH SANDBOX GAMES, POPTROPICA IS A SANDBOX GAME YOU GET IT NOW!?

im boreed

Wtf\yay When I try to chisel away the edges on escape from pelican rock it won't let me and I'm trying to wonder if it's the game or if I'm doing something wrong (I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right) if u help me I will give u 5 stars (the game is good keep it up)

Melanie Garcia

80% awesome could be 20% cooler I would give it 5 stars, but when i was playing part three of survival, I had to turn it off and when I went back to return player or something it froze I kept trying to get in like 7 times and it still freezes. Please fix it or something and I'll come back and give it 5 stars. Thanx ^-^

Jamyn Port

Good, but when I try to interact with other players, Poptropica temporarily freezes. Squash these bugs in the next version, please then I will give you that last 2 stars. It also freezes when I try to put the Judy pants on.

Evan Morse

Why Does Everybody Say It's Boring! It is not boring you should actually try it!!!?Maybe you guys are dumb and don't even try no fun games!?Wow just wow.?You guys don't like anything!!? It is not boring!!!?

Chibi Levi

The game is good wouldn't let me download an island from the map. Said that i needed an internet connection and I did have an internet connection

Lloyd ZXOP

Okay... I already finished all the worlds and then i realized that there is actually more worlds on the computer that the device i am using. Pls update the app if you can cus i want to play the rest of the games. When you are done then j put 5 star

Laurena Stephens

All i do This is the only reason i am always on my tablet. If i did not know about it then i would do my homework more then i would be on my tablet.

James Lee

Loved it!!!!!!! It is so awesome best games ever!!!!! But it would be cool to have some more packs!!!!

Wilson Wong

Fix plz Game's good but there's some is the files in escape from pelican rock.another is in poptropicon where u raise the hammer then talk to bucky to use the catapult.If this happens we players won't get finish islands

Larissa Frazer

Cool I love this game so much it is so so so much I just can't stop playing ya its not boring and I am so I am so I can you are not the new York NY and I am

Mindy Guzman

You have to download the islands. YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE ISLANDS. It takes forever, even if you have data or WiFi. Just sayin' upgrade it, please.

Sunshine Soni

U kno what I played this since i was little on the cpu but i still ? the game so happy it is on play store

Shirley Afoa

Addictive Loveeed it but can you put more levels because I finished all of them in 5 hours


I love this game on the computer but It needs more islands like diary of a wimpy kid [that was my favorite island]

Yasmin Ramirez

Loving it I wish it had more islands,Also I don't know why people are saying that it is boring?

Kyle Bruno

? This is cool y do people say it's boring

Evelyn Edlyna

I already done all that world now I'm boring please add new world

Dennis McGraw

Love it What is wrong with you guys it's fun if you don't like the phone version try the computer version

Jacob Sanchez

Poptropica Keep up the good work!☺but just upgrade the maps plz?

Sasha Darknesse

Heh I've always enjoyed Poptropica, so it's really cool that I get to play it on the go now! I've been with it since the beginning and most of these islands are fun and reasonably challenging.

John Sams

Keeps booting me out The game keeps booting me out fix and I will give 5 stars

Tiffany Coffey

I'm very upset, I love this game but when it updates you have to start from the very beginning. I was on the fourth island and half way through when it updated and everything for erased. ???????!!!!!!!!!


Strink ray island is broken I'm at the telescope part the thing is 87 x 16 y but it doesn't work

Patrice Davis

Ugh fix now Um please fix I was trying to put in my username and password and it wouldn't let me fix now


I need to delete this cause there is nothing for me to do

Karen Vazquez

Its fun Not boring at all I could play this all day long

Robby Jordan

It has a bug In trying to customize pants, my game keeps freezing and crashing.

Emma Epp

Love it I dont know why people are saying it sucks its awesome

Tristen Brazeal

Love Update fixed my problem but undownloaded all my Islands.Can you fix it? Also it crashs while trying to put on the judy costume

Angelina Ross

I love the game but won't load quick enough though.:-(

Marsha Twa

AWESOME One of the best game i have ever played!! Very much like roblox, so it's awesome! !!!!

Joy Patilan

Awesome game!!! This game is amazing ❤❤❤ Only one question.. how do i get more islands if i already finish all that's included in the game I downloaded..? xD I see some islands that's not included in mine and I want to play it too. please please help! thank youuuu

Arnisha Mathews

I love it,but one thing We should be able to like say our own words in the arcade instead of picking something to say,and we can make our own username and not pick a name,lastly we should get coins,and buy clothes,and dance moves,and if you do it I will give 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Michael Guerrero

Best game ever You have to download this game so challenging

Vanessa Hay

Okay Its ok but on computers theres way more islands than on my tablet


Keeps freezing keeps freezing when i try to put clothes on and it freezes the game, pls fix the bug

Stephanie Cintron

It's the best thing ever its like the best I can play this week 4 weeks

Chiara Bernabe

HELPPP!!!! So I already have an account on PC, so I thought it would be cool to play on my device.... But I can't go back on my account!! Please add the feature to go on your existing account that you made on PC, that would be helpful. And other people are having this problem too.

Mohammed Waters

Big nate island I havent played poptropica in a while but i started again and i wanna play big nate island please add it

niko bellic

It's ohk for a start. The only complaint I really have right now is that you can't sign in to your profile and continue where you left off. Not everyone wants to make a new account and start from scratch.

Darksoul knight

WHAT THE WHAT!!!!! ok In the pc mode you had credits but in the phone you have to buy customs with real money why, also WHAT happened to the older islands I just finished all the islands and it got really boring so plz change things and add the older islands,

Abdelrhman Hassan

The game is broken Whenever I go to the Arabian nights island I try to get past the guards I can't do anything to them. I tried every way of distraction and watched walkthroughs but it just won't work for me!!

Caitlan Bunch

I love it?? Poptropica is the best game anyone could have created but the only thing I ask of u I'd to add more islands..?other than that I love it?

Juan Lopez

Love it live it????? Yes i love it i love love love the wild west i meet in the store wear the guy sats tread me for the gold pan that is wear i meet my friend and you i play poptrapica every trusday and friday mostly every day do not judge i am in love with poptrapica

Alayzhia Dinkins

I'm in love This game is awesome!!! I agree with the person who said why are people falling asleep? Although I wish there were more islands I say though that I wish that their were more stuff please give a update!!!!!!?????????❤

sarasa kumar

Wiped all the island memory After this update all my islands reset!!! I'm really sad especially for pelican rock because it tool soo long to complete as it is glitched.. I will be happy if u can fix this.... I hope u respond to this.... If u can fix this , I will rate 5 stars.. Hope u do☺☺☺☺☺

Ean Conley

You need to add returning player the common room where everybody battles but right now it's boring til you add that stuff on there ? Im an old poptropica player and i still have my old account so can you please add returning player and add the room where we go against each other on mini games then i will rate it five stars ?

James Lee

Loved it!!!!!!! It is so awesome best games ever!!!!! But it would be cool for more things to be free

Kushi Khanom

Love it I don't know why peoples say it's Boring for me it's awesome because I love Hercules ☺

Angelina Star

All may friend play it in school so cool But wish we could say what we want to great game still

lila Senpai

I love this game! I've been addicted to this game ever since I was in 2nd grade! Its really fun, but I wish I could sign on my computer account to access my medals so I don't have to replay islands.

Shekinah Sulit

Great! Its been 8 years im playing my poptropica and this is only the game that i didnt uninstall!?????

Odianna Che

Can't use old account I already have a poptropica account, and I love the game but it doesn't say returning player

pandas are Gummy bears

It a great game but there a issue when I go to shrink island and get on car and drive I can't get to the other side can you please help me

Paige Jones

Please !?! It is a very fun and chalanging game but I wish you could get All the islands you have on PC. Add All the islands and I would give it 5 stars

Anime Wolf Gaming cubcub 101

Good but It lags out sometimes and it is better on comp can't argue with that but its laggy becides that it really fun!

Kylie Rojas

Kinda good I like poptropica but you can't do a lot of islands so half & half for this kind


FUNNEST FAME EVER!!!!! I love this game. I have even played it on the computer and it is heaps of fun. Anyone who has a problem with it must be stupid because it is so fun. But can you plz add vampire's curse island and do it w/o having to pay to play the rest.

Beautygirl 27

GREAT GAME 4 ALL AGES It will use ur time when ur bored. Amazing and and fun missions. Great quality. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


It's ok It's OK but,everytime I change my character in the computer it don't change on my phone plz fix

Nathan Fraser

Decent, but I want to be able to go to the old islands like reality tv island or super power island. Perhaps add them in the next update?

Krystal C

Needs more islands! Super fun but there need to be more islands like on the online version.

the crazy kid that lives next door

Not bad I like it but not that much in the same time. In the middle of 3rd and 4th stars

Alondra Baca

It's awesome It's awesome that you can make your own characters and that you can put talk with other people and it's amazing and cool and you get to dress up your own character

Ray Lewis

I loved the game so much but one thing Every time I play the learn how to play mission or island it goes to a dark scree and goes back to home

Mya Q West

IT'S VERY FUUUUUNNN It's nice and the app makes u use your brain.

Madysen Howard

But what you can do is update the game where you can go on the realms besides that the game is awesome. please try to do this update

Marcella Muela

I love game's When I'm was 6 years old my friend found the poptoica

Tiyan Oshiru

Purchasing bundle....... It won't let me buy anything....... It just keeps loading and doesn't let me go back without closing the app

Jacob Amoxin

PC Account I really wish I could import my PC account instead of having to make a new one. Add returning player option and I might give 5 stars.

Twilight Sparkle

I like it tho but i completed the island of MYTHOLOGY nd downlded an other one and the game stopped workin i lov it but i hav to delete it sorry

Quianna Hughes

Please fix the glitch it takes me back to my home page I love this game I don't care if glitchy I love it and I will fight it but for me please fix it for my sake

Malik Lunsford Poole

Amazing and Endless!!! This is th best game ever and I like the little islands and I like that if someone else has some cool or rare clothes you like that you can just take it without stealing ☺??

Quenthony Cooper

I think it would be a good idea to get a gun Awesome thanks for your help to make it a lot of people who are not a good weekend

rare player

Needs work The app version needs more islands like astro nights island or willy wonka you should be able to play every island and fix monkey wrench it says to win credits but there are no credit and also you should have a kids division like in the mocktropica island and be able to use credits instead of real money please jeff kinny your better than this ps im a big fan of your books and if you know dav pikley tell him im a big fan

Faith Kumako

Great game totally love it wish there were more islands tho

zoë Meadows

Mabey I kinda like it but since the last 4 days we can talk to other players and it's shows "..." so we can't talk. BTW I'm smart wolf ;)

Lili Noscario

Please fix On Escape from Pelican Rock island, I can't look at the files, it keeps loading. I have to clear my history, or restart my system, just to play the game, and then if I click on the files, I have to do it all over again. Please fix. 5/31/2016 I still need to clear my history about 20 times, and then while I'm playing it crashes, and I have to start over. I shouldn't have to do that just to play the game. Please fix. ( and add more islands)

Jessica Borough

More islands please I played this game in the computer all the time when I was younger and I was so excited when I found out there was an app. It's so much fun it's really the best game. I've had this app for a week though,aaaand I beat all the island so PLEASE add more islands otherwise I have to delete it and I really don't want to I love this app :(

Leon Ellis

TOO HARD! IT GETS ANNOYING!I don't see why it 4.1 stars I can't beat the Zeus fight because the "action" button doesn't work when I need it to and when it does it doesn't hit him. REDUCE HIS HEALTH! NO CHILD CAN BEAT HIM THAT EASY! THIS IS TOO HARD! FIX IT! I DID DEFEAT HIM ONCE AND LOADED FOR AN EON AND IT STARTED ME FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE FIGHT! DO NOT INSTALL!

xzMystery_ Girlzx

Cool I love this game I always wanted to play this on the computer but then I found this on my tablet! It's cool but the names are cool!and I wish we could design your OWN character yourself.

Graecyn Gudgeon

SLOW! It takes forever for it to get the license plates to get passed and the time goes fast but license plates don't.

Rebecca Stell

Glitchy and harder to control I hated this because it was so glitchy that it took the fun away. At random times it just logs me out and closes the app. All the time it lags and freezes up and then crashes. Also, the controls on the computer are SOOOOO much easier to use, are more simple and make more sense. Jumping is WAY too difficult on the app and maneuvering while mid jumping is nearly impossible. It costs me a lot of time trying to not only time things but also navigating, but nonetheless I am still addicted to this game.

Kelly Roth

amazing game!!!! very fun great graphics i thought it worked better on the tablet version. Both the computer and the tablet version have ups and downs. but both are very fun and exciting adventure, costumes, and quests! i really don't understand the other reviews. this game has worked flawlessly on my tablet.

Jennifer Roj

Don't like it It's upsetting that I can't buy stuff in the store once I finish an island. On the computer it gives you green coins to buy stuff. But on here I have to spend really money to buy anything.

Raquel Solis

AMAZING Awesome game fun and challenging islands love it never get bored recommend super fun game

Ashton Brazell

I wish you could login as a returning player I have finished about 16 to 20 islands. I do not want to have to start over. Please fix this.

Ronald Remke

Welll Okay so like please add all the islands from the computer version then me and a lot of people will be happy cause this is kinda boring playing these select few islands but 8f we had all the ones from the pc version that would be amazing please do this

Mariah Waltz

Glitches Its a fantastic app, great variety of fun but when downloading the islands some of them glitch and dont go past a certain part in the game.

peace love

Ugh It's too hard to get past the guards on Arabian nights in have all the equipment but it won't work!?

James Lee

Loved it!!!!!!! It is so awesome best games ever!!!!! But it would be cool for more things to be on the store and sometimes when I open the game it just leave me to the home PLZ FIX OR I'M GOING TO UNINSTALL IT OR A REFUND!!!!

Dark Insanity

Better on computer. I love Poptropica, but it's better on computer, while I'm on a tablet it's still enjoyable

My cat

Fun but laggy I used to play this when I was little and it was fun, but im disappointed with the amount of islands and how slow the app is. This game is glitchy. Im playing pelican rock island, and it always freezes at the part where the food fight starts. The app isnt even open and the background music plays.

najeeboy tell em

Poptropica Its awesome!!!! Buuuuuut it won't let me press activate or I don't know how because it let's you equip it but when you equip it it only let's you put it back on android ZTE phone

Heather Hutto

Well, unlike you people, I personally loved it I loved it .even though the controls are a bit hard ,and are way more easier on a computer. I liked it.

Margarita Parra

Not fair or working "It's good and all but why do we have to download islands I think it is much better on the computer" AND "When i come in it says poptropica and the dots under it and I was waiting like 30mins and still nothing appeared so fix or else I'll uninstall dropped it to 1 star cuz u wouldn't care less"

Shekinah Sulit

Great! Its been 8 years im playing my poptropica and this is only the game that i didnt uninstall!but one request plss add some new islands????

Rouge The Bat

I'm loving it This is the most fun game in the world but its more fun on the computer you get to dress up your character you get to go on different Islands on the computer on the prison Island it doesn't let you go to sleep but on the phone it does

Miss A

Some things could be better This is very challenging a bit too challenging for me personally. I also think you should make more islands. This game is better on computer. For some reason I can not chat with other players. It takes forever to load the chat options.It never loads. Please fix this. Also their should be better outfits you don't have to buy You should make the game a bit easier. But I do like the arcade games.

Nadia Wright

Fun I love this game don't think it is boring it just not as fun as it used to be

yuvraj chandgude

Can't login I loved it but please add a feature in which u can login to your PC account

Samuel Adeloye

Best game ever! I would like it if the were some more updates

Douglas Isanogle

Would be fun, but the game will not load. The loading screen keeps loading forever. Please fix.

Lps Bubblez

LOAD GOD DANG IT I wouldn't of given a review. I like poptropica, I've play it on the computer since I was little. I downloaded the app today because I heard there was an update. But I don't know if it's just me, or if the app just doesn't load!?!?

Kreepyhannah Musically

So Cool that I will use it for my next YT Channel I have loved poptropica for a looooooonnnnngggg time and now for the first time in forever I will be videoing it on my YT channel. :-)

Lieutenant Starbuck

Returning players? I love Poptropica on my PC, used to play it all the time as a kid and was delighted to see how much it has expanded since then. I'd love to continue playing it on my phone, but unfortunately there is no "returning player" option! It sucks that I would have to start all over just for the convenience of a mobile device.

Emmanuel Akinwunmi

? Yeah the game is good but no new island just the same. More arcade games and more dangers

Emilee Jones

Said my progres would be saved and I go back to it the next day and I have to start all over again

Crystal Watterson

Addicting This game is everything except for boring, poor, and all the negative things u can think of. I LOVE this game!!!!!! This is a must download

Dorothy Morman

Stupid It is stupid because on the computer it says new player or login but on this it says new player that is why it is boring and stupid!

Meadow Land

Love it!! This game is the best but it will be cool if we can do maps with people. thx hope if you update the game!!

Gretah Hounshell

Love it but Can u add more islands for us mobile users so we have fun like Game show island and more others too

Mohamed Diouf

I like this quick easy way of playing now It still needs more islands but when it's done, it'll be just like the website. Except now the website only let's members play most of the islands. And I say members mockingly, because be a member WAS. Optional! Now I can't play my favorite islands over again.

Anne Chowdhury

Well…. I love this on the computer but here there are only very few islands and now after the update the game is just not working anymore! Pls fix this and make more islands and I'll give u 5 stars thx

Dylan E

PC is still better, time passing game No daily spin, NOT TO PLAY!! First time I played on pc I logged in and loved it,now I've been playing on phone. I supposed it waz good.I guess I was wrong. AND you HAVE to start a new game. BULL! Bad every on PC.# ??

darling ._.

Lost data? I broke my phone... and I love this game and I was SSSSOOOO far! And I had all these costumes and I was doing great... I got a new phone and downloaded it again to finish it... but I don't have my data... and I don't want to do it all over again... it took forever the first time... and I loved my outfits... so it would be great to have a saved account... that I should've had.... but the app doesn't have that... I can only import my look... I want my whole account.... can I link it??

Nevaeh Salley

Fun and addictive You get to explore things u have never seen before on your device then you can go see it in real life in your dreams u can go visit those islands in your dreams

John Terrazas

Boring Its starting to get boring because you dont put any new games on poptropica please make more i will rate 5 stars

Nina ToAwsome

GLITCHES!!! GLITCHES.....WHYY??? i was playing the prison excape island and it froze and its not the first time, but now the poptropicans i need to move and do stuff wont what do i do?? I hate starting over ????????is it me or is it the game?? No other game i had dose this what do i do?

Best game ever It is the best game I have played so far because it has good graphics you can talk to people do missions and it is really simple in case your not good at figuring out things

Jazzy The weirdo XD

Grate time killer This app helps me kill time for waiting or when im bored. In school XD

TLG's Gaming Hub

This game is good but... You have to download the worlds, which is a bit stupid. but that's just one problem, it's still good though.

Riva Vl

Please add more levels This was so fun and cool my num 1 fav game. But the levels here were fun but please add more interesting levels like these to make five stars from me.

Lauren Stephens

Needs new islands I have completed all of the island at least 5 times and I have only had the game for a month

Monae McAtee

Not much of a fan. My computers busted and I was hoping that this app would be just what I needed to continue to play the game only you want me to make a completely new account and start all over instead ?

Shannon Farnum

It stoped working All of a sudden it stopped working :( please fix soon

Madison McLaughlin

Needs cloud save! If you want to play on both the app and website, you have to use two separate accounts. Not cool.

Rohan Evangelista

No comment i just love this game... and please download this app you'll be love this game!

Mukasem Kalakoni

Amazing All u idiots that think this is a bad game ur soooo wrong soz if u think its offencive

Ever Loner

What happened?? Where did the old islands disappeared to?? I want the old islands back ??

Alen Guiwan

Yea.. If we can Import our look when we will make a account, we should can import look (again) inside the game. And import look from App to Website! Sounds kewl

londa murc

Should make some more maps I almost have all maps beaten please make some more

Rathna. Puneeth

I am really sry.... I noe I had complaint on poptropica but now I noe I never meant that ! This is the bestest game I've played in ages

amy ortiz

boring This game stuck it looks Luke it is for smaller kids

There aren't many island There should be more islands. You would be done with all of them way to early. Add more islands

Bersangel Perez

Love it but I want to anventures in the game becauze i if the whole app so yeah more more more adventure

Childhood memories Loved this game on computer and never really had a chance to download it. Now that I have I can't put it down!

Gurglefluff Mage

Hmm I like it but I want more customization I mean seriously you just randomize you character

? it This game is the bomb u must get it

Jazmin Morgan

Not many islands I will rate 5 stars if you make more islands


Lame My Lil brother plays dis

kaileta barber

Good game, needs new quest I've beat them all.

Brian Graham

Lol fun! I like the arcade

Helena Exeni

Not for returning players No option to sign on as a returning player.

Nolan Hawes

The best I like how you play it needs more worlds but it is by far my favorite game

Mysterious Hard and mysterious challenges ??

Amazing I don't know how a story writer did this

I love this game everyday I play it Awesome

Lucky's Vlogs

Could be smoother I like the game, and I like how I can play on the go, but the computer is a lot smoother. I still like it, it could just be smoother.

Brandon Rodriguez

I love it Controls need a little work though.And why doesn't it show the other islands it show on the online version

Chad Pefkins

Please fix it because every time I'm playing it, it turns off

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