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30 Jun
Popscene (Music Industry Sim)

Posted by MDickie in Music | June 30, 2015 | 117 Comments

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Bring your MP3 collection to life with animated performances as you embark on a career in music! Form your own band by recruiting talent from over 150 artists across 6 unique labels, or enjoy creating your own stars with the editor. Then record hits that will top the charts and take them on the road to over 20 different venues - inc authentic reviews and news reports that tell a story of a band. Like "A Rockstar At My Hamster" for the 21st century, Popscene leaves no stone unturned to do for the music biz what Wrestling Revolution did for wrestling! The game is free to download, with the option to purchase a "backstage pass" for even more content.

* Please note that the MP3 player function may not be compatible with some devices. If this affects you, consider turning off MP3 music in the options.

Popscene divides the music making process into entertainment (represented by stars) and artistry (represented by hearts). As in real life, popular music is more likely to shoot up the charts and draw fans - but without substance, the success may be short-lived. Each of the game's many artists has the following attributes that influence this process:

- POPULARITY is the artist's ability to draw fans to entertaining content.
- REPUTATION is their ability to draw fans to artistic content.
- PERFORMANCE is their ability to perform entertaining songs live.
- TALENT is their ability to perform artistic songs live.
- PRODUCTION is their ability to compose entertaining music.
- WRITING is their ability to compose artistic music.
- HAPPINESS is the pleasure they currently get from their work.
- ATTITUDE indicates how likely they are to either contribute or cause trouble.

This is a band management sim, and as a band manager it is your job to recruit stars from the music biz. Each week, depending on the size of your team and their collective attitude, new songs may be recorded. Each member of the team contributes their score to a new song, and whoever scores the highest will be credited with making it. Members who are dedicated backstage staff will contribute twice instead of once - inc the chances of a good song being written.

Once songs exist, it is the on-stage performers who must bring it to life. As with writing, each band member on stage contributes their score and the highest determines how well the song was received in each category. This time, it is the "frontman" who gets to contribute twice instead of once - so consider who is at the forefront.

The overall rating for a show is the average of all the songs performed - albeit slightly more generous so that perfection is not required. This is also true of album reviews. A 5-star performance may consist of consistent 4-star contributions. Reviews are where your performances feed back into the stats that produced them, because each attribute will rise or fall to reflect what just happened.

When booking venues, you must consider how much it will cost versus how much you are likely to recoup. Tickets are sold at $5 per song so it depends how long your set is. You will receive a percentage of this revenue, and must then use that to pay your employees and any other expenses. Singles are sold at $1 each whereas albums are sold at $1 per song for a maximum of $10 (cha-ching!). If you have a week of inactivity, you may find that you make a loss because of the expenses of your lifestyle (which reflects your wealth). On the independent scene, you take a larger chunk of lower revenue so you will have to migrate to a major label eventually.

I regret there is more to this game than I could ever explain here, so enjoy figuring some things out for yourself! Or join the debate over at Facebook to have any curious questions answered:

Whats new

    - Enhanced compatibility with a wider range of devices.
    - Larger icons for high resolution devices.
    - Various bug fixes and balancing.

MDickie part of our Music and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 30, 2015. Google play rating is 77.6592. Current verison is 1.12. Actual size 25.0 MB.

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Jeffrey Brinkman

It's okay but... You should be able to make diss tracks, and record whenever you want. Oh and have the CEO stop threatening me to release albums when I only have 3 songs on it. Other than that, it's okayy.

Carlos Mejia

How le fudge? How do beat this I got ma coreer going and just because I wss in top 3 I lost 674.345 bux and got to debt maybe I should just worry on my writing so I get the job done! Just need to hire people and im set!.....or am I?

Lion Heart

Rap artist!!! I've been trying to get into supersounds for a while now but I haven't reach their for some reason my skills are tight my music is the bomb and I have good artist's on my side but I don't get good managers their not as good as the super sounds group but other than that its a good game 5 stars only because you rock!

gameyell driver

love This game It Would be nice if the player of the game could release diss tracks to whoever they want Like for example If I'm beefing with Mr Bling or just want to Diss whoever you want.It would be nice to be able to go to the studio select a genre (one of the genres being diss tracks ) and a list of artists to diss This would make the game more exciting and more people would love this. This wouldn't be just for my benefit it would be for a lot of other users that play this game.

Taming ToLatte

I like it But as everyone else says, there should be a genre selection and if we can diss people, because that happens to me.And maybe start dating another celebrity? And if we have kids they'd start on the lable I'm currently signed to.The money once again almost seems pointless other than signing ppl. Money should come out of pocket when I create an album an studio time. Which means I should be able to upgrade my songs with cash, not random prompts

Jamee Javier

Request!!!!! Please do something about the movement when they are performing, make a movement like rapping and fix the problem that when u choose linked to mp3 it close. And also make paparazzi's.

Shakima Smalls

Sue U for no reason phone dies had to start a new career i had over a million dollars my phone dies lose everything my production goes down for no reason itz stupid i f***king hate it

abdullah zaman

Very cool and AWESOME game this is best game I've ever seen. You should make more and more game.I love all of your games Mat Dickie. My favourite game is hard time.

Minus Biness

NEEDS SOME WORK You can't have two albums or singles at the same time when you put a new one out the previous one disappears from the charts. When you hit around 80 million your daily expenses get up around 4 million and it's pretty impossible mathematically to put out a new album before you've used up your previous albums earnings. After you've made 10 projects you just sit there...I thought some CEO mode would kick in but nothing happens and you can't make anymore projects.Can't choose clothes..please fix paid for VIP.

Curtis Keblish

Great game on the PC But constantly crashes. Ive only played the inherit(?) universe so far and everyone time i load a song it crashes or freezes. If i generate music it goes smoothly then freezes within 2-5 minutes anyways.

Mariam Black

Could you fix it? OK, I get it when you have court cases , other crap. But I hate when my record label tells me to get a four , three , or five star song! They're basically getting my musician off for no reason because the game just freaking disses me! Could you learn to check your stuff before you publish them?

Caleb plumme

Popscene Is okay. I hate hiw we have to start over when your person gives you a challenge. Let us record our sounds and not link next update.

Gregory Thomas

Impossible to Enjoy Why would I want to play a game that basically wants me to fail? There needs to be an option to be a solo artist and not apart of a band. You should be able to make music at anytime (Songwriting works that way). Let me use that starting money to actually boost my artist and/or band. It'd be a much better game. Please listen and improve.

Tymanderrick2 MII

Almost Perfect but Why can everyone else make diss records and I can't there are 3 diss records about me and I lost popularity for not dissing back even though the song is called f**k Dusty Beaver but I love your games I have all of them

Mr. Powerglove

Great game! And request, please? It is an awesome game, just like Hard Time! But it would be great if you could free roam and cause mischief or sextapes as a celebrity!

gmail. coma

Enjoyable with a twist of bitter. This game has many likeable features. (I.e. using your own music, dynamic decisions, etc.) But some of the challenges that come up are really tough to overcome and come with career ending ultimatums. The AI is also a bit quirky and has cost me a few concerts. They would say I'd need more songs; adding 1 more is too much; need less songs, then I can't do 1 song and then I can't do a concert.


Way too many bugs It used to be a good game but now when I try to publish an album not only does it not publish but it deletes all my songs permanently. Every time I try to sync a song from mp3 the game crashes, and the manager continuously asks you to do impossiblr tasks. For a great game maker you fucked up

Brian Alexander

Cool game It's awesome the way u can use mp3 music and I would give it 5 stars if the editing and no add ticket was a bit less cheaper and when u don't complete a mission u must start all over I hate that because I've gone soo far other than that it's a great great great game ?

Dustin Nuttall

Can Be Better I'd give it 5 stars if I could get over two stars by linking my music; a waste and you need to add genres to add yourself to like a scene to categorize yourself.

Princess Yarbrough Ass

Love it I agree with gameyell driver I have a beef with menace. I would rate 5 stars if we could date and get married. Adding that will make this game number one

A Google User

Fun and addictive But crashes way too much when the ads pop up, I'm not paying 5$ to remove ads...also needs a little more depth..the game songs and performances are random as he'll.. and u should be able to start your own label and invest in more things

Chris Sneed

Life long M Dickie fan weighing in. I've been playing M Dickie games for over a decade now, Pop Scene was always one of my favorite experiences on PC. I'm going to get real here, I never paid for an M Dickie game before this, I used Keygens and various other scandalous methods to acquire access. But here I am today playing it with the all access pass.. A few things that I feel need to be fixed: If my band or group has sold millions of albums why would the label boss ask me to change my name or suggest similar changes? That's unrealistic. Why must I approve hair style and outfit changes of bandmates? Why do random people win judgments against my character based on failure to pay taxes? I'd like to see a way they you could level up skill rather than just doing it by chance. I'd like to see a way to practice songs and work them into higher quality songs other than just getting what you're given to start with. I really really love this game but at times it's just too annoying to put up with. I hope to see a nice update soon. Thanks for years of entertainment M Dickie!

Hunter ward

I have never liked a game from you guys and this game gives me a great example to why I don't like your games. I can't make my songs better there always random. The adds freeze up. Game restarts when you lose a challenge.

Terrell Pollins

My Review Its a good but not great game. Wish u could add songs to your album when u choose to and roam around. More story lines about murders and feuds. 4 star game. Plz take away the ads!!! Make a part where u can be the CEO of one or more of the labels. That's it

Laurence Monck

Rediscovery I have just recently rediscovered your games after playing them probably a decade ago! Just paid for the backstage pass, well worth it. Please redo Popcorn next and I will buy that also!

Rockie Aloc

I have an idea ... POPSCENE 2 This game is WONDERFUL ... But its so boring ... Can you add disstrack ... And about that fallen out with my friend can I marry him|her ... And I have an CEO that forces me to release an album with 3 songs ..! Oh ! And can I be a CEO ...

Edwin Andino

Its fun First i din't understand the game but i keept playing its fun sometimes crashes when im gonna link a song to the mp3 and in the ads video two but still very fun i wish i could retired i had 7 million dollars

Perry Cullen

Perfect, suggestion, It's amazing like hard time and wrestling revolution. But u should have made it like hard time being able to roam freely, kill people, steal money, and do drugs like real celebrities. Other than that, it's truly awesome.

Eziah Dixon

It's a good game but it needs some work like better movement for when you're performing and it freezes and stops alot

K Dill

Great Game, fun, hate how characters get mad and sue, haha. Obviously it adds to it but come on I've been incurring expenses every week I'm pretty sure that's tax's too. Hope to see popscene 2 to our phones soon. Or like booking revolution were u call the shots on the musicians careers give them a hard time for once. Lol overall love it! Play it again for hrs.

Maximus The High Elf

Its good sim. But it needs some missing elements like production on our will and some tutorials to know how to increase overall

Macin Grunberg

Soo cool Its nice but can you plZ make better character outfits they look awkward

Kieran Hudspeth

Confussed Its a good game but i dont understand it because i dont understand how to get people to like my songs. Please help!!!

Cody Ritchwood

Wtf Every time I go into the game and try to use mp3 it closes me out fix that bullshit

Ashaki hazel

Improve It's really stupid to get sued for no reason it's not like we made a choice we need more control over our character.

Ziggyzhei Gadlin

Fix and I will give 5!!! Freezes almost every time you link to mp3!!!!!

SUVlDlT kapoor

Can't link to mp3 It's a great game, but whenever I try to link to mp3 it stops responding!! Please fix this.

Leanne Williams

Best game ever This game is soooo cool it makes me feel like i'm a real hip hop artist....but there's a problem thats always appearing making the game not respond plz fix it

Destiny Edwards

Cool funny I love music so yeah o and cause the guy I made I picked dancing that guy was shaking his bottom but

louris lou

Eemm... Wtf? Its a copy of Wrestling! But i like it! Please add some new stuff like a hair and other, 5 ?!?!!

Ruslan Sahabytdinov

Game Please Game School please

Cesar Caballero

Its a fun game... y'all need to let users be a Label owner like buy a label anytime in the game but would cost like I guess 1M-5M depending on the label?

jared hernandez

Okay...I guess I like the game but for some reason when I try to submit a song from my mp3,the game crashes. It doesn't happen all the time just sometimes.

keith lendza

VERY GOOD BUT... Every time i play the game for about 10 to 20 min the game freezes or i get a white screen. If you fix this i will raise my rating.

Ian Holmes

Great but If there were a way to jus make songs and a clear way to get stars and hearts itd be fantastic game at least make it slight easier to start off

Miguel Torres

Great Game I love it, but the their should be times where I could move around and hang out with people and fight or go to clubs. Also the CEO is getting annoying by treating me for not releasing a 3 song album

Michael Langley

Not the best Mdickie game. This game could use a lot of work. Why does the CEO force me to release an album because he wants royalties? He has other artists to make money from! Also, please add diss tracks and the chance to be CEO. Lastly, please lower the expenses because I have a number one song and I get 80,000 but 15,000 goes to my other band member and then my expenses are 80,000 dollars! So I'm forced to pay 5,000 dollars each week even with a number one song...

Isaiah W

Its funny but Like it won't let me add more songs to my albums and stuff and its really confusing and I never get booked anything and I don't want to spend like $400+ a week for playing songs

andre morgan

Update it Make it like the real music industry lime diss songs, buying clothes, and start your own label because its boring please update and new characters also put in they can buy houses overall make it real I'll give this a 5 star

Rebecca Peters

I like it, but... Why can't the player have multiple singles in the top 10? I will rate five stars if there is an update that allows us to have multiple singles at the top of the charts.


My song? Hey how can I only make a song when the boss wants me to? Why can't I make a new song alone and do the things? If this happens you get 5 stars

The Girl

Great Game but... It gets kinda boring when u finish ur 10's a tip.Never give your band members creative controll.You should have creative controll.Mdicki why do you lose so much money even if u ar no.1

Charnelle Rose

It's really hard There's no instructions so I have no idea what to do exactly and how to do it :(

AllenmaFufu AMF

I've changed It was a little weird when i first played as they just made noise and i kept gettin bad reviews but now all my attributes are much much higher and i dont get so harshly critisized in reviews. Please make it so you can run a show like in Booking Revolution but for Popscene.

Franks Don Fuego

Make a sequel It's a very fun game just has a lot of flaws you should be able to make a song whenever you want and the expenses make it hard to make money unless you get an amazing deal

Loveigne Francisco

It's a good game but... I have a problem. When i am playing the game of course I will tap the icons but the icons is too little and wide so I can't touch it once and it has to be twice or more. Please fix. I will give you five star if you fix it

Magadla Moses

SONG RECORDING Come on man why is it only when the boss wants me to record that I get to make a song? Please change that and I'll give it a five star

Ibironke Sindiku

Good At first I didnt think it was a good game but it is addictive a lot. The only problem is when you play from 2016 onwards your in debt so much. And even when your song is no 1 in the charts you still lose money.

Daiquan Keeys

I just started playing this game .. I have played every game from 2014 to now . That Mdickie has made but i never tried this game because .. The first game i ever played of his was Booking revolution , IT IS AWESOME MDICKIE PLEASE UPDATE IT .. PLEASE .. IK YOUR BUSY BUT GO BACK TO YOUR OLD GAMES AND TWEAK THEM. THIS GAME IS REALLY AWESOME WHEN U GET USE TO IT PLEASE MDICKIE .. IT HAS 1M Downloads , ( Better then Mma right now ) Come on man just give it a try again ??

Eric Fisher

Not what I expected How do I fine tune music in the studio. Also the court cases are stupid. I like a lot of your games but this one is the worst

Anj Kenny

MDickie hey keep making these games such as Scholl says and prison break .love the games maybe I should make one about a family and you grow and make a family of it own but if I do a crime I go to jail and I can pick of it a child starting of or teenager. I hope you read this and I hope u put it in prospective thanks

rina villaruel

Easy Tips to Master this Game... To Make this game easier First is about contracts/label. First of all increase royalties to 100%. You need to make advantage turn to $0. So you can make your contract/label longer and in your control. Second is Court Cases, If you see a case in news force close the game. Third is on attributes: Performance Handles the Star, Talent Handles The Heart, Production is Making the star high, Writing Making the heart high. And Lastly Look for a Guy less popular but great attributes they don't need much money.

Karina Sheedeni

4 stars I like it but it must be at about 10 ppl singing.So plz fix it so we can enjoy it and give maximum stars as u want. XD

Cesar Caballero

It's ok but it can be better Yall should add that users can be able to create their own label after all 10 albums or something like that cuz i thought users can do that until I reached my 10th album but nothing happens afterwards and yall should add more albums after we reached the 10th album.plz I'd really appreciate it???

Josh Rea

Really good game No where near worth $5. But I still like it. Some things that you can do to make it better are adding more songs to albums, making music videos, interviews, more venues like more stadium options, remixing songs yourself, making songs whenever you want. The list goes on and on. Has the potential to be even better.

saleim mcfadden

FIX IT PLS My game just crashed and it will only show a black or white screen then I can't play I re-downloaded it and it keeps continuing pls make it stop I will rate five stars and if you fix my friends will download it and rate 5 stars we are all having the same problem

Charlesa Creek

storage issues had 5 million and into my 3rd yr, and could not add any more songs... I had plenty album space left I download a song and it won't even show into the game no more...:-/ uninstalled

Farrad West

Cool game, greater if potential tapped Awesome game but due to random system calls and inability to "be your own captain" game play can become very unfair, if not downright bullshit. If you could create at least 12 songs for each album, make music videos, add about 5 new venues and make the friendship between your character and others manual, game would be perfect. And if you added the possibility to become Head of a Record Label, Manage your own groups and more "Social" aspects to the game, it would be freaking extravagant.

Alex Kearney

Wasted 2 years of gameplay I went till April 2017. What got me put of two labels was a 250k debt. How I got this debt is cause I published an album which was sold thrice for 270k and some unexplainable stupid math logic used 110k expense each time it was sold. Profits went negative 100k thrice. Just because of a hit album it ended. Other annoying stuff. Stupid court case accusations e.g. ex employee says he's got sexual abused. Copyright mp3 issues. Taxes. Barely you win a court case or an award. Sucks

Andy Smith

Not the best I bought the pro license like nearly all MDickie games, but I must say this is my least favourite. It would be great if you could choose to retire and the money you have earned goes to a hall of fame. I also hate the court accusations, you get punished all the time simply for using the mp3 feature, which kinda sucks. And then an employee decides they won't stay in the band for any contract, and then sues you for kicking them out of a band they "helped create". It's a good game - but too annoying to play.

Young Vegas

It was straight I hate the fact that you have to even out your ratings. My fans won't rate my stars and hearts as high as they did for the single.

Kennynsharon Scott

The game is fun until you get up to year 2019. Then you can win a number one song and your expenses still make you lose money how can that happen? Please fix this! Make a million dollars with the number one song and have 2 million dollars worth of expenses no way! Fix this problem and I will give it 5 stars. Also would like to be able to have more than one song on the charts for more than one album on the charts at a time. Should be able to release Greatest Hits albums as well and go back to previous releas

Mado Nyota Lusuamu

Its awsome but..... The game is pretty hard to get to the top of the charts and you only have help a little bit

Six Pack of soda

Please I love it but it can get hard songs don't get produced often enough, band members keep disappearing, keep getting told to drop one of my better members or the label would fire us... please make it easier and more options like when you choose in game music you can choose what kind. it was weird having an album where one track was a jazzy type and another was death metal its weird. game freezes alot too. please fix these things I will rate 5 stars if you do

Subrato Mukherjee

Great one This game is good but how can I fine tune songs in studio.And I have every attribute over 90%but my production (88%) and writing (88%) are just not as good and I have over 65lakhs in my finances and I want to invest money in improving my production and writing so their must be a training camp where I can do this. And we should be able to write songs on our own and not what game music generates. Do this changes and I will give it a five star rating.I sold over 1crore copies of a single.

George Anggraimond

I have win this It is annoying at 1st because I dont get the point. However I have mastered this game. The tips are spending your skill wisely, choose member wisely, moving formation backstage & front, make contract: small royalty with extreme advance pay for member, huge royalty with low advance pay for label.

K Carter

Help! Okay how do i remove someone from my band please respond someone?! Its getting annoying having to keep on making a new character because i didnt remove a certain person within the time limit. Please help????

Kimora Brumfield

Irritating I like the game but it keeps on stopping and freezing up and messing up my person fix this and I will give better stars

LPS CheeseCake

Like it but I love this game but irl you don't pay to play songs you get paid and it's way to much and you get fired all the can you make it so you don't get fired you just have to join another group.

Estrellita Regio

Don't know how to find girls I can't find any Girl that can be my sim music so angry at this game

Darius Lenard

Great It's a good game but I would love to buy stuff with my millions because I paid for this app and it's not offering a lot at least make it that our characters can actually be customized and where we can take over the record label and I'm tired of being sued for every little thing I will give 5 stars when it gets an update until then 4 stars it is... now 3 stars.. a whole year and no good updates. .

Cheeze Harris

Every time I get far my screen turn white, and I have to start all over?!! This is getting really depressing?

Germell Stewart

Fun But,,, Why is it that the crowd only reacts to Techno music as opposed to rap and r&b? How you all figure that we only have rock and techno in our mp3 list? I'm cool with all other aspects tho. We should b able to change as we please as well. Ohhhhh and can yall make more music tracks then the FEW almost 30 tracks you have now? I'm tired of the same musical beats

ashley westlake

Superb I love it its excellent best game ever but can u just make an update so u can walk through crowd

Sameer Jones

This is the best This ? sucks every time they want me to get out of debt i do it and then they say i didn't and i had to restart my career and my band

Winfielda Muleya

Could be better I have millions but I can't buy anything with my money, maybe if there were houses or hotels and cars food etc

The Boss

Umm...... Eveytime I prefome they have something bad to say about me no matter how many stars or hearts I get. And another thing I was at the prime if my career and they asked me to tier one of my band members and I didn't know how to do that so eventually my time ran out and I lost everything over something SOO STUPID???

jake solesski

There is a learning curve Some hints if frustrated: 1-have a good sized mp3 collection, and buy the VIP pass. That's how to maximize your experience. 2-this is about formulation, timing, and long term risk investment. You will have to dump loads of money in order to make loads of money. (game money, that is) 3-its not all about just having a live band. You will need one or two team members to stay off to the side just for writing/producing. Most of your money comes from publishing, and good record deals.

Hello fwiend

Fun but... You're pressured to release the album when you only have 2 songs. When your band mates ask for something, you can only say 'Absolutely!' or 'F--k off!' You can have the #1 song and still lose millions of dollars per week. You should be able to profit off of more than just one song. You should be able to go on tour and collaborate without making a permanent addition to your band. It would be cool to release an improved version of this game because it is fun. There are just a lot of really basic problems

clu wright

great but you should make a family game a lot more ppl will play I think and theyhave jobs as in ????????????

The Boss

Umm...... Eveytime I prefome they have something bad to say about me no matter how many stars or hearts I get. And another thing I was at the prime if my career and they asked me to tier one of my band members and I didn't know how to do that so eventually my time ran out and I lost everything over something SOO STUPID???

gregory stevons

Cool app but..... It would b cooler if u could spend da money on things like publishing, studio time, cloths Jewlery, sports cars, and houses & PR. Plus promotion, radio time, interviews, music videos & Tour's. If u include this into the next update i guarantee i will give this app 5⭐. including the other people dat would give da app 5⭐. please make this happen for us!!!

Haliee Huson

OK WTF Ok so I love this game but all the other games mdicky made are somewhat better so first of all you can't move second of all u can't have any life besides your career third u can't have like friends or a boyfriend or kids and there's not like real singers like demi lovoto Selena Gomez ariana grande Katy Perry and ex. So I don't think u will take this into consideration CU's basically u never ever take any thing to consideration I don't think u even look at the comments but I don't mean to be a mdicky

tina G

Masterd the game Finally got it writing is very important. I've made 70 million, I signed with super sound but went back to epic because they paid me 1.9million. Just put your writing 80 or more when you start off and you'll be fine. And i kinda make my diss record by making the title about the person i dont like


A lot of Bugs Is very entertaining and a great time killer but crashes sometimes like when you're picking a song from the mp3 or when adds show. I also don't like when you lose money on weeks when you don't do anything. I wish you can make songs and can fire band mates whenever you want instead of being challenged to.

Ameya Bakshi

Nice but please read this comment below WHAT THE HELL it stops responding whenever I link it to mp3 for new song and why do we only get to record songs only when the boss wants us to. If you make these Corrections then I'll give 5 stars

Big Guy

Great. Just that... The boss always asking me to change something. For example: "Get rid of him/her or you're fired", It is always my best person. Also ads freeze game. And MDickie PLEASE make a 2D version of Popcorn for Android when you get a chance.

Cam Jackson

Better than the pc version Many people are asking why things are certain ways. But this game follows the same format of every mdickie game and is a vast improvement over the original. Yes he could add some of those suggestions but as a fan of the series this is a great installment/remake. I want "popcorn" now.

The Gaming Horse

Worst app ever. First of all, it doesn't even let me compose a song, it always says Error 242. On the other hand, if the composition stage does work, the game crashes and I lose my data every single time. I don't know if it's my tablet or the application, but if it's the app, then you need to patch this bug.

Cesar Caballero

It's ok but it can be better Yall should add that users can be able to create their own label after all 10 albums or something like that cuz i thought users can do that until I reached my 10th album but nothing happens afterwards and yall should add more albums after we reached the 10th album.plz I'd really appreciate it???

Lucky L

Paid but Ads I like the game so I bought it, there were no ads for awhile but now they are back. First it said VIP after I paid. But now its not there any more. Please fix it. Oh yeah update the game please. This game has so much potential but right it is a let down for the price.

Joemar Salmorin

I like this game but it needs improvement My singles & albums manage to be on top if the charts but i still have negative profit!? Also please include a feature where i can improve/train my profile and a suggestion for your next game, please create a basketball manager sim, i think that would be great :) thanks!

3- CUZ

Lose money too quicky I get many songs in top 10 and first but my EXPENSES ARE TOO HIGH. I CANT AFFORD TO PAY 300 GRAND WEEKLY. 2016 BUDGET 22 MILLION, 2017 7 MILLION.

Jorge Ventura

This game has potential. I hate that every time I release a good song that's not from the game I get sued. Also we should be able to make diss records and songs when ever we want. I hate the fact that I barley win a court case too is really frustrating. Update asapp

Jesse Radin

I do not recommend it The UI is clunky and it is easy to misclick causing your band to storm off the stage without playing a song. Overall it's kind of boring and annoying but it can be fun once in a while.

ashley morgan

I'll give this five stars if... You updated so you can buy clothes and make diss songs its really boring right now please updated it now also make new people too

The King.475

Sucks This game sucks so much. I don't recommend this. It has do many glitches. All your tracks disappear after an album and half to start fresh and recruit more people

Kade Bear

Albums Only 10 albums can be created?? The game gets very boring if I can't make more music! We should be able to make as many albums as we want! Other than that I love this game, very entertaining

William Albertson

One problem The expenses are too harsh after you reach roughly 15 million dollars. If you can tone that down, this is an instant 5 star game.

Henry Ferrer

Neh. It's good but would like it more if it had better graphics (especially the characters) and more cool features. And I always get bankrupt why won't it be a little easy!

Zerron Brown

Its good but Why can't I make songs without having to wait for the my boss tells me. You should add more clothes, more instruments and more attribute points. I think from this game you should make a movie star game.

Mini Williams

I'm Not Feeling It The game was okay, but a bit disappointing. I really liked Hard Time and School Days, but this game is kind of boring. You don't get to freely roam around in the game, and when you perform you barely have any freedom. I guess its kind of fun to try and work your way to the top, but its honestly not a game I'd like to continue playing. You can't help what your energy is, or your performance that much. I'll see if MDickie has better games

Jeff Simms

MAKE MORE You need to make more because these are so awesome but for a really long time I have been waiting for u guys to put a new game. But I really hope that you guys can make a new school like preschool and kindergarten to because that would be so school and can you plz make new house because the are really boring and make us have babies to because that would be cool but I hope you guys can add all this stuff AND THX FOR MAKEING AWESOME GAMES ???

Francis Monte

I swear to god dickie..... I played this game on and off. Its fun....but whats not fun is it crashing. How the hell are you going to ask people to buy it without advertisements but the one with ads crash? Does not mke me feel confident of the paid version.

Chancey mcdee

Potential It's ok, it's even addictive but jesus it needs some work... its not use telling the player to do things but not saying how... how do I kick people out the band as my producer told me to? How do I make sure the band doesn't screw up a performance. .. also the course case element is a joke and stopped me being able to use MY in game song because of some garbage... seriously developers review this app... It needs massive changes espacially when making contracts with is annoying as hell

EshCombatReigns 2Lunatic

UPDATE THE GAME ADD MORE FAMOUS SINGERS, Have a career mode like free roam like in all the other games and have a time period like in school days. For example you can only free roam for some time within the time period, otherwise you will miss your show and there will be conseauences. I really like re theme I this game but since MDickie is not willing to update it, this game is forgotten. This game can super great again

Nizole Dwayi

It's Okay Why can't we make songs whenever we feel like. Why are my expenses more when I make a fortune of 50 000 000 and Why can't I create my own record label. If that happens I'll rate the app 5 stars.

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