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8 Oct
PopPopping Korean

Posted by (주)한솔교육 in Education | Oct. 8, 2013 | 73 Comments

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Learn to read Hangeul, making exciting rhythm by combining onset consonants, vowels, and coda consonants, with animations for image-sound associative learning of pronunciation based on the principles of creation of Hangeul.

1. Introduction
'PopPopping Korean', made by Hansol Education Co., Ltd., a prominent Hangeul education company in Korea, is an application for foreigners to learn Korean in an easy and fast way with fun.

2. Characteristics : PopPopping Korean is an easy, fun and fast way to learn Korean with mobile devices.
1) easy : Induces for the user to easily and accurately emulate the pronunciation of onset consonants, vowels, and coda consonants through animations on the pronunciation of articulators, which other conventional Korean textbooks lack. The user becomes familiar to the pronunciation of Hangeul through interesting letter animations related to the sound of letters.
2) fun : Rhythm Hangeul game for the user to make a rhythm by combining onset consonants, vowels, and coda consonants and mix the pronunciation of Hangeul. Comic character animations that show when a word is completed.
3) fast : Allows the user to become able to read Hangeul within a short period of time after once learning on the basis of the principles of creation of Hangeul, not just memorizing the letters.

3. Components
1) Hangeul Pronunciation : You can view animations on the pronunciation of Hangeul.
- Onset/ Vowels/ Coda : animations on the pronunciation of articulators of each letter
- Syllables : Learning of syllables (Combining onset consonants with vowels or onset consonants with vowels and coda consonants)
2) Rhythm Hangeul : You can play the Rhythm Hangeul game.
- Fifty words related to the Korean wave
- Making a rhythm by combining the onset consonants, vowels, and coda consonants of the words you have selected.
- Comic animations with the meaning of the words
3) Secrets of Hangeul
- Page for introduction of principles of creation of Hangeul (Greatness of Hangeul/ King Sejong/ Principles of creation of consonants/ Principles of creation of vowels)

(주)한솔교육 part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 8, 2013. Google play rating is 90.9239. Current verison is 1.0.0. Actual size 29.0 MB.

Download poppopping-korean.apk 29.0 MB


Michael Bolech

Really good One of the best apps to learn the Korean alphabet, especially if you're more a visual learner. I really like the visual and aural aids on how to pronounce the letters. The extra explanations on the logic behind their shape and sound are very useful for the understanding of the writing system.

Jacqie Vasquez

Music Please make a button where we can turn off the music if we want to. The app is really wonderful and useful but the problem is the music. Otherwise I would have rated this 5 stars. 감사합니다

Cara Fountaine

Cute! It's a cute app! Great for beginner learning. Very helpful for spelling and pronunciation but I wish there was more Korean words instead of K-pop group names and song titles since most of them are more like Korean English than actual Korean..

Harald Brauer

Kudos to the developers This is a brilliantly tho7ght out and designed app that makes learning the Korean (or any letters of a foreign language) fun, intuitive and extremely entertaining. This is the future of education - away from boring grey blocks of text to a appealing, interactive and captivating medium!

Nicholas Sukiennik

good n bad the good: memorable pronunciations of each character, unique art style (helps to memorize characters), hilarious animations for each phrase, fun music, history & background to the korean language. the bad: categories not only are written in Korean, it seems to make no difference no matter which one you choose. VERY IMPORTANT: the words/phrases taught aside from very few are USELESS, being names of pop songs & artists :/

Caroline Bay

Helpful! This app would be even better if there was an option to turn off the music. The music is distracting when I'm trying to hear how to pronounce things. Otherwise fun, cute and helpful app!

Amanda Apple

The Search is Over! I tried out nearly all of the Korean language apps available. (Sadly and honestly, when I say, "nearly all of the Korean language apps available", I want you to keep in mind I am the type of person who has searched through the depths of 100+ Google, and if there are fewer than 30 pages after all of my narrowing them down, I will search them all. I have that type of dedication when I am looking for something I want.) This app excels at not only vocal examples on learning Hangeul, but also visual examples on how your mouth and its contents should be positioned to help make the unique sounds. It also different placement rules and practice examples for reading. To top off the amazing and varied information inside the app, the way it was design is visually appealing, efficient, and memorable. I wish everyone learning Korean luck, and I hope everyone who is learning finds this amazing app as useful as I did/do (Great sound reference!).

Rashell White

Awesome but music distracting Best app to learn Korean alphabet. I tried a lot of apps but this one really worked for me. Just please get a mute option for music

An Nguyen

Turn off the background music pls Everything is so good. Except for the background music. When will we have it turned off?

Bhenz Benig

Learning Korean Made Cute and easy This is the best app for learning the hangul~ The cute animation, helpful facts and overall smoothness of the app makes this app GREAT ★★★★★

Fatimah Baguec

The best Of course this is the best than the others. It really helps a lot especially to those who needs to learn how to pronounce words properly. :))

Aletha Froitee Rosel

It helped me a lot! Great app. Now I learned more on how to pronounce hangul words clearly. :)

Nickayla H.

its pretty accurate and really helps with pronunciation. I just wish the female narrator was more... neutral. instead of saying certain sounds cutesy etc.. it sounds sort of unclear at times and the music overshadows the voices

Ziv Charles

Great for beginners This is great with the different characters with their design. Could be better if Hangul Rhythm can have a repeat button. :)

Eunyoung An

Great app for beginners! This app provides the basic sound system of Korean which would be great for the beginners. I love the visual articulation of sounds and how to make a syllable by putting Consonants and Vowels together. The one thing I don't is the background music while I'm doing the rhythm hangeul because I can't hear the sounds of Consonants and vowels very well.

Jasmyn Stich

좋아요! I love this app! A fun and dynamic way to become familiar with 한국어 (Hangul)- kudos to the developers. I'm excited to try the conversation app!

kendrika williams

Awesome Didnt take long at all to become mostly familiar with characters. Before I knew it I was sounding out every character I saw. This app is really great! I also have three suggestions that after the word is complete it is shown in regular hangul in plain font, and an all together, fluid pronunciation of the word is said at the end before moving on to the next word, and more common useful words. Please consider and thank you for this great app!

Alec Dvor

Awsome I would love a play back button for sylabols and sentences after completing them in the rythem section

Timothy Phoenix

Great fun app Very cute and very entertaining. Good for beginners to the Korean language.

Indiana B

Great app! Perfect for beginners and for memorizing. My only negative is that I wanted more content :)

Lexa Kay

Such a great app! It really helped me with the "w" sounds ( 위, 와, 워, etc.) that I've been having the hardest time getting the hang of. Thanks ^^

Czarina Ramirez

I Luv this @Pp!! It really helps me a lot!! It helps me and my friend to learn more about korean languages

Sally Lim

Creative learning! This app provides a very fun way in learning pronunciation of the consonants and vowels. I am able to master most of them in one night! They also provide some history in the forming of Hangul language. but some of the pronunciation isn't so clear. Wish they could give better Romanization. Overall still a very good app!

Debbie Michelle

Attractive visuals for better memorisation This helped tremendously with my hangul memorisation. The fun visuals and audio made something which requires repetitive practice much more bearable. Only wished there were more words to practice with, because I had so much fun :)

Ashlie Miller

No music, please! I love this app! It's cute but the music gets very distracting and I can't hear the pronunciations.

Eija Sofina

Cute! Cute and easy to use! You deserve 5 stars and an Oscar award :3 Uyun, I'm here :p

Ameera Malik

LOVE THIS APP! this app helps alot! it really teach you the korean alphabets in a creative way. i recommend this app to those who wanna learn the korean alphabets.

Joaquin Alegre

Helpful and fun! A great way to start understanding Hangeul. I truly recommend it!

Nurul Nabila

thumbs up this is soooooo cute!! and easy! and it has EXO name in it. hahaha love it

vy nguyen

The hardest thing about learning Korean is the pronunciation. This app helps me a lot. Plus it is completely free. Awesome! And thank you so much developers.

alexis thompson

Would be 5 stars but Having music playing while doing the rhythm hanguel makes it hard to properly hear the pronunciation of each word. There should be a button that allows us to turn the music off and on.

Zachariah Davis

Fantastic I wish we could purchase an entire application of lessons designed like this. Such a playful and intuitive app. It's so captivating, with such lovely artwork, you feel like playing, but you're learning instead. Absolutely brilliant!

Meg Hellwig

Very helpful. This app is how I really got Korean voweks down.

High Flyer

Love it, very creative! It's great for beginners. It has helpful phrases and K-pop group names that you can spell out. The letters are sounded out for you and it's really fun to use!

Gemma Grijalva

Awesome!! i really love this app it truly helps me and its perfect! i just have one question. in the coda part some of the characters are black and some are pink. can someone answer what the pink means please? thats the only part that confuses me but everything else is good :)

Ambroise Valet

Fascinating Great UI, interactive app amazingly done. Great looking. Fun. Very interesting section "secrets of hangeul". requires abobe air.

Fhina Rose Labrador

Great Very helpful and fun app to learn korean. Im loving Hangeul now...

Momo Yu

GOOD Interesting learning Hanguel apps for k pop fans!

Abner Cabuen

POppopping korean NICE app but you need adobe air to open it. I dont have enough Ram Because of That. But Nice App. :(


Good idea I like the concept. It is really hepful

Алексей Владимирович

Good to know letters root-forms to write correctly

Eve Suit

The best way to learn Korean (Hangul) Great app! I just started to use this app and I can proudly say that learning Korean isn't really that hard. It just takes a lot of patience and a good source of knowledge about the language. I recommend this to people who wants to learn Korean the easy way. And fortunately, it's free! It's a real steal! Download now! ?????

Yana Shin

SARANGHAMNIDA ITS GREAT!! since Im very very addctd to ol korean thngs im so glad to use it jiji gamsa jiji

Birdie Ohsi

Good start The visuals for pronunciations are great. A great primer, but the music makes the pronunciations almost inaudible. An option to turn off the music, expanded vocabulary to include basic everyday phrases, and full phrase pronunciations (not just the syallables) would make this app phenomenal.

Veronica G.

Fun app Downloaded this for my little sister. She plays with it regularly without me having to tell her and seems to be making some progress with hangul without actualyl studying, just having fun with the app.

amber walters

Would give it 5 Stars But... This is an amazing way to learn! I really love it, but I have one major issue.. The Music is Really Annoying. At first it seemed nice, but no. It seems like it gets louder and louder the more I progress. I'm trying to listen to the language. It's really hard to learn when you can't hear it well. Please make it go away...

Shreshtha Singh

Music is annoying The only reason I deleted this app is because of its music. It's so hard to get the exact pronunciation of words with that music in background.

Clarissa Arocena

Cute and fun app! The artist(s?) who worked on this app did a fantastic job designing interesting and fun graphics. The graphics are definitely my favorite part of the app. It makes learning fun and easier! "Rhythm Hangeul" is a fun way of learning how to spell and pronounce words. However, I do wish there were less Hallyu-Wave-related "Konglish" words and more everyday expressions or words used in Korea. For example, is it actually useful to know how to write 2NE1 in Hangeul? All in all though - very useful and fun app!

Jackie Chavarría

This app is amazing! It is super cute and useful! The only thing that bothers me is that it does not have the option to mute the background music (in case you need to). Other than that, it's definitely a 5/5 :)

Dain Song

Thank you Hello I am living in Korean and I know how to speak Korean too so I understand all in this popoping so my real name is song dain t so I can say to family gomapshipni OMA APA sarangheyo

June Chong

Luv it! But can we PLEASE hv d setting button to turn off the back ground music in d syllabus part? So that we can heard d pronunciation more clearly? TQVM!

yvette riverea

It's all kpop bands All the categories were kpop bands and songs you can't get thru Korea with songs and bands. Yes there are a few phrases but the are all short and easy to remember.

siti aisyahN

I love it Thank you so much , this is such a really great app !! Really tho it is so much fun , really love it ! You guys did such a great job ! :D

Ma Na

Nice app Make sure guys you download ADOBE AIR to make this app work. THIS ONE WORKS FOR me .

pcysandi exol

Love this app I've been searching for the app to learn korean alphabets, containing pronunciations. Some apps are also good. But it's a little high to study alone for the beginners like me. I can study easily by using this app. I love this app. It's so useful for me.

Tiffany DeSanti

Cute App! I really enjoy this app, but it had to lose a couple stars for the background music. If it was quieter then I wouldn't have a problem or if there were an option to turn it off would also be great.

Paige Baggins

I would give it five stars if you could turn off/down the music. I can't hear the pronounciations of the words, but i'm learning vocab i guess so 3 stars.

kisune takeno

Words I hope it has more usable words than just boy/girl group's name and their song.

Nelson Llamoso

On /off botton for the music I can't hear clearly the pronunciation,,pls fix this I'll rate 5star

Alamgir Faisal Usmani

Very good but... Visual characters are hidden by your thumb when u try to drag them. Hard to see their pictures... needs a button to repeat the whole word, sentence or vowel in the vowel and rhyme section... overall really good app :).

Gladys Eve Bagayan

The best way to learn Korean (Hangul) Great app! I just started to use this app and I can proudly say that learning Korean isn't really that hard. It just takes a lot of patience and a good source of knowledge about the language. I recommend this to people who wants to learn Korean the easy way. And fortunately, it's free! It's a real steal! Download now! ?????

Kimberly Loftis

Perfect, but... It keeps crashing. I love the app so much that I still gave it 5 stars, but I have to restart it every few minutes, which is a little ridiculous. It's a perfect mix of fun and educational.


Music makes it hard to use The music is really getting in the way. Please update it so that we have the choice to turn it off! Otherwise, the app is fantastic

Stefanie Wyer

Love it but... I really like this app the pronunciation is clear and the characters are great but is there a way to turn down the music? Sometimes I can't hear the syllables because the music is so loud :/

Mike Messiah

Awesome, but background music ruins it The unnecessary background music is too LOUD, can't remove or lower the music so I can barely hear the pronunciation. Its an awesome app for everyone into Korean language

qphilner guston

I love this app it help us to pronounce correctly the vowels and consonants but the background sound its so annoying.. sometimes i cannot hear clearly the pronounciation because of that annoying sound... please fix it... kamhasamnida i love korean ???

Alexandra X

The music is annoying Please make it possible for people to turn off the music!!!!!! It would be the best app ever if it wasnt for the music.

Courtney Biddle

Music This app is really helpful but I can't give it five stars due to one major problem; the background music. I can't hear the pronunciation over the music which makes it hard to learn. Add a feature where the music can be turned off and then you'll have five stars.

Kristi Yang

Its cute but... I hate the music when I really need to concentrate on the pronunciations. Thats the only con of it so I still give it a 5 out of 5.

Krista Weinheimer

Really good I really love how creative and fun this app is with learning Korean, but the music drowns out the letters and I can't hear them properly. If I could turn off the music I'd give it a 5 stars but for now its only 3.

Harun Rasyid

Perfect This is what im looking for, an ilustration on how you pronounce hangeul, you need to add one thing. In rhythm hangeul please make so that the word is read in one word instead syllables gamsamida

jami s

Love it Lol I love it. It's so entertaining with the little monsters. And they dance! Lmao. this app is daebak for pronunciation. It has animations to show how to move your mouth -tongue and lips- pronounce the letters so it's really good =))))

Kaedi Love

A cute and simple way to practice Korean spelling and pronunciation. The pop culture references were particularly helpful, as was the history section.

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