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10 Feb
Pony Creator

Posted by GeneralZoi in Casual | Feb. 10, 2016 | 94 Comments

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Create your very own personalized pony characters! The Pony Creator allows you to customize your pony's body shape, hair, colors, and more, down to facial expression and pose. Save your ponies for easy editing, or export images directly from the game to share with your friends. And if you're feeling bored, generating a random pony is always good for a laugh!

The Pony Creator is one of the most advanced character creators of its kind. Features include:

★ Fully customizable height, weight, and buffness for the pony's body.
★ Over 70 completely original manes and tails.
★ 52 tattoos to give your pony some personality, PLUS the ability to import any tattoo image you want!
★ An easy to use interface that lets you preview all options in the game.
★ Full 16-bit color choices--over 16.7 million color choices!
★ Over 100 unique accessories including hats, neckties, jewelry, and more!
★ Advanced posing options. Turn your pony's head and flip the body to make it look wherever you want it to.

The app includes 100% of the featured content on install--no in-app purchases are required to access any content. The Pony Creator app is also compatible with the online game. If you've played the online game, import your ponies into the app using your ponycodes*.

* Due to differences in content between the app and the online game, the app may not be able to completely recreate your pony. However, it will recreate as much as possible and inform you of any problems.

Whats new

    Version 2.1.5
    - Fixed bug with Settings displaying incorrectly.

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Gerald Acuff

Pony creator My name is Gerald acuff im 20 years old and love my little pony even tho my family tease me about it. I can't wait for season five to come out. And also I give this app five stars. But I wish they would have every option the computer version has

Megan Flynn

It's good I think you need to add where we can pose it! And we should be able to put two ponys into one picture.

shadz254 daughter of shadamy

Ugh!! my ponys i make don't show up in my gallery!! I found out that it does NOT save in my gallery!

Madelynn Wilton

I gess it does take a long time to lood but its good

Charity Bishop

Plz add Griffins and more hair & tail stuff more jewelry and crowns add your own back ground that would be amazing!

Lewis Judit

Why oh why Why didn't u add rainbow dashs tail and mane pls add it and I'll give u give stars

Karsen Wynn

I love it If you could add more things thatd be great...

Makayah Webb

Good game I love this game but,please add what is on computer too cause I think that you should.P.S this game is AMAZING :)

Ashley Hayward

Won't work Every time I open the app, it just goes 2 home screen. Only once it did work but it was super laging and I could not find wings.but it looks amazing so please fix and I will rate 5 stars. Thank you!☺

Kaylie Brinkman

The app barely works!!!! This app will open, but then most of the time it will stop and close. When it does work, it's very slow and I can't save them!!!! Please fix and I will rate 5 stars!!!!!!!!

Regan Hardy

Help please! I love mlp and I'd love it if this app would work but it won't :( it will open but it shuts down all other apps on my tablet and then my screen goes black and the the app shuts down, please help me!!! I want a new oc but the app won't work right

John StCyr

Saved Images Amazing but where do I find the images I saved? (Edit: there should also be a way to save the image as something that a native android image gallery can read, b/c I have 20 useless but totally awesome images sitting in the .PNG storage. Also when the pony is centered on the top part in-app, it is as if the image continues behind the edit menu and the pony is low res and uncentered in the saved .PNG file. Maybe a centering option?)

Jalaina Jackson

I don't know >:( Please fix I can't get on it! Every time I click the app it it makes my screen go black and doesn't go on the game WASTE OF MONEY!

Andrew Cervantes

What the heck! If I wanted an app that had a black screen when I opened it I would have turned off my phone. And that would have been free.

Blackfeatherfalling Productions

Sorry I cant get on it I always go to a blank black screen Im aware that your busy fixing the other gliches or however its spelled but please try to fix it because I really love my little pony and I really would like to make an oc I'm not rushing you but please try to fix it and your amazing to have made this game/app on your own thank you for atleast reading this keep up dreams.

jordan tv

Love it! To me this is a really good app. I have a new tab so I guess it went faster? I don't know but I made almost every one that I know. It's very fun and works. I feel bad for the people who It didn't work for, it's a great app!

Taylor Hopkins

Great App Took me only a little while to figure out how to save, load, etc., but once I did everything was fine. The only minor problem that I can see is that the images take a little while to appear in my gallery. That isn't a major difficulty at all, though. Adding cutie marks would be great, however, this is just a suggestion. Overall, this is a great app!

Flora Nogrady

Technical issues First and foremost, the app has a tendency to crash on my device, though I understand that's likely to be my device's fault. Still, sucks to lose progress and have to restart on creating a pony. ...and apparently I can't line break on review here so on to point two: in the hex code color choice and the saving/naming screen, it doesn't call up my keyboard? so... While there are at least the pre selected swatches of color, there's jack I can do regarding names. I also could not find the image that was saved on my device, though I admit that is probably my own lack of technical know- how rather than existence failure. All in all, the app is...nearly unusable, actually. I (clearly--notice my icon) enjoy the computer version quite a bit, and if I could figure it how to screen shot on my tablet I'll that to save my ponies, I guess. :/ since my comp is out of commission regarding internet, I was really excited when I found this app, and I still really want to use it... well, here's to trying i guess?

Shretta James

Waste of time and money!!! Won't even work! When I pushed refund, it said couldn't complete refund! Don't waste ur time on this people! U can get it free on a computer! FREE!!!

Sam Fischer

General Zoi, you rock! I finally got a phone that can handle the Pony Creator and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the hard work.

Logan Simmons

Very fun to use. This is quite useful for creating various OC's, but I am having difficulty finding the photos I have taken of the ponies I've created. A few of the photos have successfully transfered to the PonyImages album in my gallery, but some of them haven't. I had the same problem with the photos that are now showing in that album, leading me to believe it to be some kind of timing issue when saving. I would appreciate it if this error could be fixed in subsequent updates. Aside from that, great app!

Brian McCorkle

20% cooler! AS a proud 35 year old Bronie, I was stoked to find the Android port of your game on DeviantArt. The only thing I would like to see on this version is the ability to manipulate each body part like in the PC version. The ability to turn the head instantly makes the app 20% cooler, but adding in the part manipulation would make that 20% 20% cooler. ^-^

Alek Greer

Good Be cool if you can make your own cutie marks. But its still a good finishing product.

tatiana sierocka

Good Game I like this game but its a little slow and I would really like if you could have a couple of ponies on the screen at the same time, this is the only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars, but good game!

Zabby Moore

Love it It's a really cool app that lets you make ponies, name them, and save them. The only reason I didn't rate 5 stars is because it wasn't so interesting and gets a little boring. I feel like it needs a little something more.

Professor Textbook

Impressive but needs updated content with more in depth options. I think this a good app, but I think it needs the cutie mark importer, free poser, and actually the ability to rotate the body more to be like facing diagnolly, forward, and also backwards instead of just left and right. Great product, but needs already seen features, and new ones to make if feel evem more like your own.

Emotional Daisy

Doesn't Open past the first picture. I used the DA version to give me the basis of me and my friends OC ponies so I really liked it on the web...alas when I bought the app for my Android 3 (I believe that's my model) it opens to the title of im assuming General Zoi's OC pony and says the title of the app...but after about 10-15 seconds it just goes back to my app list. If this gets fixed, i'll happily come back and (re)review it. Im sure ill love it :D

xXpokewonder4Xx minecraft pokemon and mlp

I dont know how to take a picture of my pony on my phone Please add a save as image button then youll get five stars

Maria Gallone

Great, but... I play the online game a lot, and I get disappointed when I try to recreate my online pony on here, because I can't get the mane and tail from the online game. I'd also like it if you could put cutie marks on the ponies. This game deserves ?????, but not until the mane and tail thing is done, because I know you probably can't do cutie marks.

Makenzie Hall

Great but could change some things!!!! Love this app but I think it would get a 5 if you could add ponies to another pony like have 2 on the same page (sorry if it doesnt make sense!) And could choose more hair colours for the ponies hair instead of 2 colours! Other than that love this app!!!:)

elaz harrison

Love it. At first i wasnt sure what to think about downloading. Especially with all the low comments. But im glad i followed my instance and got it. Everything works for me, and only for a dollar thats a good buy. The only thing i wish for is more content. But other than that everything else runs smoothly

Some random Derp

Good app for those saying that the pictures don't show up right away, If you want the pictures within a few minutes, I find it best to reboot your phone. The only thing I would suggest adding is the ability to add more than one pony per scene, and fully closed bat-wings. That would get you five stars from me :)

Kimberly Raby

Very useful! Always found this useful on dA even more useful as an app. A few of the manes and tails from the original don't seem to be incorporated? I'm guessing they'll be added later? Would be very helpful if I could recreate my old oc on this amazing new creator. Absolutely love the New posing options and being able to turn the head Is brilliant. Looking forward to playing around with this some more.

Kendall Phillips

Lots of fun, but still some bugs I am really enjoying this game, but there are a few bugs on my Droid X2. I can't get the images to save easily, and there are a few crashes every now and then. Whenever I want to save an image it just says "saving to sd card" for a long time and never saves it to my phone. If this is fixed I'll give you five stars ;) Really great game.


Pony fun across the board This is a great creator app on my Kyocera Brigadier. I did just get the phone and was still learning to go without a hard menu button but I was easily able to make a good representation of my OC of a fan fiction I'm writing. I did find it hard to find hair styles for males but was able to reach a good compromise. One feature that could improve/aid the creation process is a live color change option so you don't have pop in and out of that menu. I hope with season 5 we will see an update.

Keo Andell

Problem with the GS5 I loved this app on my Galaxy SII but I upgraded to my 5 and nothing works, I cant scroll or choose options. Im sure im not the only one reporting this problem, but a fix for the newer phones would be nice.

Paige Winslette

Great App I used this creator from GeneralZoi on deviant art and its an excellent way to create oc or jut have fun!

cyndi richards

Great app Its just great only one thing that I want added the ability to adjust every single part of the body

Bunny Fluff

I have 2 suggestions for you Add a make your own cutie mark and have a section where you can have the human alternative of your pony, i hope you like my suggestions if you read this

Charity Bishop

GRIFFINS & POSES Plz add Griffins and more poses

Elizabeth Allen

OH MY GOD!!!? My ponies do NOT show up in my gallery, the only way I can get to the app is to go ON the app store, and it is SO SLOW!!!!! Money wasted!

Katie Adams Henderson

Twivine You can make twivine

Female Toy Bonnie

Awesome The game is awesome, I can save the characters, but when I want to save them as a picture it won't allow me, the pictures don't show up either, if you could fix that bug it would be nice!

Makenna Eva Laine Beote

You need to have this You need more of every thing plus YOU CAN PUT TWO PONYS ON THE SAME PICTURE LIKE THE COMPUTER PLEASE UPDATE

Karla Caic-Collins

Love it but....... I love the app but I would like if you add in the possibility of macking your own cutie mark..... Also some of the positions look really weird depending on the hight of the pony...... But anyways, a great and fun app ?❤


It needs to be much better Make it where you can be more than just a pony have some King Sombra things have Discord things Chrysalis mermpony dragon have all the mane six is hair have all the princesses hair and have more then one pony in the pic and more cutie marks have more of everything please also make it in the poses that the ponies can be looking straight at you

Justin Coolidge

One problem fixed, still buggy elsewhere She was really nice about fixing a problem with the app preventing transparent and non-transparent from being changed but there are plenty of other glitches need fixing. Most are not a big deal, just minor annoyances like tapping an option for pony not registering and/or automatically scrolling to the top when selecting an option for my pony

Elvira Garza

Uncooperative Every time I try to choose something it just scrolls away. I can barely even do anything with it.

Frances Michalowsky

SO FUN I like the art style.... and I like that you can make your own ponies

pink pony artist

Awsome Hey bro I love it I use it for my u tube vids but can u add more hair styles and positions and fix the wings please..and I will tell all my friends to buy it

Alejandro Flores

Oh one more thing. .......... Can you guys add princess celestia and princess luna hair and rainbow dash rainbow hair on the next update please ?

Cameron Cooke

Perfect and worth it AMAZING! Completely worth the 60p especially with the cutie mark feature and range of manes and tails

ядро пони

Loved it Just needs Warrior/Alternative Rainbow Dash

taco lover

Good game I think it's great but I think you should make it so you can have two ponys at a time or more

Manuel Sierra

It's ok but... 1)I'm using LG phone and tried to save but it won't work easily I don't know what to do about it. And 2) try making it like people can make a photo with more than one created pony because it could or mabey make people like it or somethinginfact it would be cool.

Mia M

Love it. Amazing, more wings and backgrounds would make it better than before. I would make this game 10 stars if I could!

Tabitha Byers

Like there can be two or more ponies in the background I wish there can be more than one pony in the picture, like you can create two ponies at the same time

Rayne Okami

Yay! Hi Zoi Always loved derping around with this on the computer but it's so nice to be able to take it with me now so my friends can make their own ponies. Thank you Zoi?

benjamenYTDead TheGamer

Two ponys/ocs in one frame would be cool

Emma Ness

I like it, two things then I'll give 5 stars.. Could you make it so that more than 1 pony can be in a background? Also, whenever I switch between my ponies, the background and the pose stays the same. Please fix

Larry Rieck

Please try to do this Thank you for adding the cutie marks in this.I only have too things that i would kind of like to see. The first thing being is can you please add custom cutie marks.The other thing i want to see is a way to make a OC with socks on it.I hope to see these things in this well thats it for now

The Fox Warrior

OMG BEST THING EVER!!! Could you make it were you can do the custom posing? Otherwise, oh, my God, this is just so cool! Great mane styles for ocs and you can have pre designed poses for animations, plus, I have had this for a while and I still use it all the time! :D

lucy foster

I like it just.......... There's a problem, I wanna do personal back ground but its not working it just goes back to start plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ fix I will rate 5 stars and recommend

Hailey G.

Anyone else or is my phone just being a pain? I love this app! The only problem I have is my phone won't allow me to paste the code to finalize it, and I can't save or officially create any of my OCs. :(

kira nichols

A few suggestions I love this app, so worth a buck. $ Everything is awsome, but I wish this had more hairstyles, like the mane six's and Celestia and luna, and you could make their hair 3 different colors and add crowns that neck thing that the princess wear, like her shoes and such, and like sparkly hair too. And if we could change the color of wings and horn a diff color than their coats. And how come we don't get like dress and stuff? Pez and Thank you!

A Google User

Sometimes I'll exit out the app for a few minutes, only for it to appear blank and then restart (my pony gone before I even got the chance to save it). Also, more mane/tails and cutie marks (app based and uploaded from our files) would be nice! Even an option for more backgrounds (again, from our files would be nice too).

Tanya Head

Thank you! Yay! I can save them again :) I love this app and have used it for such a long time.

Selena Flores

Need more stuff I love this but can you add more hair style, and accessories, and other things please

carley bunbun

Love it But could u let us add custom poses and 2 pony's in one

Sarah Walters

^-^ The new update fixed the problem I was having with the tattoos. Thanks!


AWSOME Really awsome..check my new picture...And me new account...

Salex blade 22

New idea I know this is a pony creater but what about a griffin add on I mean I love the app #bestapp but still just think 'bout it at least and maybe changlings two not all are bad

Midnight Brony

Sooo good Great app 5 stars from me but can you add rainbow Dash's mane and tail asap

Prince darkheart DarkHeart

It's cool It's cool because you can make your own pony

princess light moon

Add armor and weapons and more than pony in the same thing It would be cool if you add those things

Chooko Rabbito

Best App Ever This is so fun! Everything about this game is fun! From the randomizer button to the accessories and the hairstyles! Totally worth paying for! Keep up the great work!

Georgia Szabo

Best game ever But put more hair accessories and patterns

Angelisse Torres

Cool but... It doesn't save my ponies and cutie marks are limited. Only things wrong with it.

Jayne Teggart

Please add the ability to put aura around the unicorns horns and the ability to have two ponies in at the same time.

Carly Duckworth

Good idea I think Being able to put two ponies in one picture??


Love it but.... I love this app so much but the only problem is it won't let me import my own cutie mark It just keeps force closing the app please fix it!!!

ruby menjivar

Make cutie mark How to make a cutie mark? Looks nice :-)


It needs to be much better Make it where you can be more than just a pony have some King Sombra things have Discord things Chrysalis mermpony dragon have all the mane six is hair have all the princesses hair and have more then one pony in the pic and more cutie marks have more of everything please also make it in the poses that the ponies can be looking straight at you absent emo thing to have where you can have piercing

Alyssa Zarnick

Won't install Whenever I try to install it stops at like 34℅ plz fix (EDIT) thanks for the reply. Well it finally installed. So can you add the mane 6 manes? (SECOND EDIT) :(

Ashley Diaz

Love it. Could use some more mane 6 style and maybe a few more creative things but it has alot of content already, def more than the desktop one. Well worth my 99¢.

Scotty Schales

Pony creater Can you put the mane six hair

Colton Starman

Colton I want all update fix more :)

Sarcastic Zombie

Please add mane six hair.

Porsha Kennedy

I love it! I love this app! Could you guys add something that can allow us to use more than one pony?

Patrick Damron

Great Can you add changelings that would be amazing and also add more backgrounds and some pony manes from the show like vinyls and dashs and so on

zZdaizeyzZ cambric

BEST GAME The most awesome game but need to add more hair

Annie Riddle

I love love love love love it! It's the best. It's worth the $0.99 it's actually worth much more tho

Paige Brice

I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my freakin money back right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot now I have $0.51

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