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19 Sep
Live Poker Tables–Texas holdem

Posted by AbZorba Games BetriebsgmbH in Casino | Sept. 19, 2016 | 175 Comments

Apk file size: 30.0 MB

Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha High/Low in the same app!

Poker Live is the fastest-growing, social card game on Google Play with an authentic, multiplayer Vegas feel. Customize your Avatar, choose your favourite Game Mode and play with million of players around the world!
There are hundreds of tables, VIP privilege suites, tournaments and challenges.

With extra features and mini games aiming to enhance your gaming experience, Live Poker will satisfy even the most demanding players.

The game has special items to buy which are purchased using our in-game currency ‘Diamonds’. Diamonds can be earned each day free of charge or you can purchase directly whenever you want from our store.

This product is intended for an adult audience (21+) and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Playing Poker Live does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Terms of Service:

AbZorba Games BetriebsgmbH part of our Casino and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 89.229. Current verison is 4.3.0. Actual size 30.0 MB.

Download poker-live.apk 30.0 MB


Tracey Jones

Nice game This is a nice game and I would give it a higher rating if I didn't have to leave a table just to change seats. There should be a way to stand up without leaving the table & If they would auto booted players after two hands for not playing. Fix those issues and I'll give 5 stars. Game uninstalled. It constantly freezes up.

bob the cable guy Bob

Good games but sucks when every body win. I hate when I go all in then when they go all in I win but they let them win to and my hand was better. How we both win the hand if I cover his bet and a 4 of a kind? That not cool. Give me what I they let a flush be a full house. I'm taking this off my phone till y'all fit it.dude I said I had the bet cover. So that means I had more money then them. Really?

Nansye anonymous

Bad!!! Game Update: One pair of Aces beats TWO pair??? no, it doesn't. 3 of a kind beats a FLUSH?? NO! It doesn't - not in the real world. This just happened in the Omaha room. I uninstalled. ?

Jer man

ANDROID DEVICE WON'T UPDATE VERSION 4.0.4 to VERSION 4.1.2 When I load the game on my Android, a message pops up saying an update is available. When I hit "update now", I am taken to the Google Play Store, where there is no update available. I sent an email to customer service, they responded saying they fixed it and my device was updated. BUT I STILL CAN'T GET THE UPDATE. Clearly customer service did nothing but remove the "update available" message. I still only have the older 4.0.4 version. I don't appreciate being lied to! I'm uninstalling this game now.

Ken Hodder

Crap Game Worst poker software I've ever played. 2 pair doesn't beat a flush. Here it does. 7 out of 10 hands is 1 card to a straight, flush, or even a boat. The most unrealistic flops I've seen. Pocket pairs are beat 9 out of 10 times. My pocket aces have won twice in 3 months. Abzorba sucks! Best hand almost always goes down in flames and the worst hand that should have been folded almost always wins. C'mon man. Raised and confirmed many hands only to have timer expire and fold my hand. Wtf?

Daniel Moxley

Love it This is the one card game that I stay playing, and the only game I've paid for extras even though You win enough to not have to empty your bank account to progress your levels

sundaram tiwari

Great UI, bad logic. Look and feel is the best among its competing apps. However, idiots didnt put poker logic correctly. Plz work on it and fix it. Or give me access to yr source code, I will fix it for free. Such a lovely UI but they couldnt get the games logic correct

Thomas Hall

Yes I love it so much that I'm actually learning the game like 21 ok thanks again for putting this game out add more too it ok...

Cledis Odom

Hey This game is allright for now .if i had problems will let u know .

Kenny G

Rigged App This app is rigged it favors iranian players and protects weak players. It is bias towards american players also. So if you're american dont waste your time. Abzorba can keep deleting my reveiw but i will keep reposting it fourth time i've had to repost my review. Truth hurts i guess

Roger Carter

Good fun! Nice app for killing time with Hold 'em!

Destinee Nolan

Another good game I'm only 15 but I love casino games especially poker. AbZorba Games really out due themselves.

Tim Ingalls

Ok this is ethan and I took my dads phone and I love it Its amazing good job making it

Jester Xcode

Well Done! Royal Flush for this game

David Cardonick

Great poker game love it Great poker game love it

sean latelle

Huh? Why is the dealer first to act in Texas Holdem?

sumit singh jora

Cool app Its good for time pass

Tyler Barry

Uhhh The dealer never acts first in real poker...

MuKaH BoYs

Poker lover I love this game....thanks alot

Don Kwasi

Don kwasi The best so far

Angela Mooney

good game don't no why these reviews are bad ones


Poker live Different poker games in one app.

joshua hardin

Fun and user friendly

Smilewow Calhoun

poker man this is. dope!!

Trista Liles

Obsessed! I am obsessed with playing this game!

Chris Heide

Awesome Beginner or pro, this game is the best poker app out there.

Darianne Cruz

Hate this game sometimes especially when you have thought you've beaten the other opponent and you haven't u just end up losing by a bigger hand then yours..

peejay onefive

best poker i've ever played anf i love it <3

Joseph Curreri

Holdem Great application. Lots of fun. Helped to improve my real game.

Teri McPhillips

Awesome Game This is one of my favorite holdem games

Lé Riddle

Best <3 Heey, Abzorba ^^ Maybe soon will "bingo game"? :3

renee williams

App sucks Why are you splitting low in Omaha??? Stupid...Omaha has bad calls...str8 beating flush...not to mention I never win...this app is rigged to take your money... only a select few have billions while others have pennies....also the bonuses are crap...14k a day to play bull...just awful....I love this game but beginning to hate to play's a scam....I will spread the word about this app...fix this app please so I can enjoy it again....oh yeah and the gifting feature is a joke right??? 200 is a joke...

Jesus Morales

The Best Poker App Ever!!! Look no more, this is the one you have been looking for.....

stephen cameron

Still the biggest donkey site I've been on! If you like donkey poker, this is your site!

Raymond Jones

Poker live Good little game if you are a true player of the game

Johnny Chambon

Never again I will never play this game I made 300k from legit betting from 50k and one day the game did some loading when I left the game and I didnt leave and I didn't bet so I pressed the leave button again and I lost all 275k what bullshit is this that so unfair I will never play this game again not after that well done stupid game stealing my money I was happy I finally won and the game steals my money how cheap -.-

M Vargas

LOVE THIS GAME Love to meet new people from all around the world, get to chat, and so much fun!!!! Only thing I don't like so far is when you run out of chips at the table it kicks u off it doesn't let you reload chips in your seat. Other than that its awesome and addicting :)

Eric Lathouse

Total bs I had 4 aces and still..... Lost!!!

Jay Hill

Fantastic Best live poker I've played n it's so easy to join your friends at a table

yostepdady arturo

Its not bad. It gives you too few free chips. You play for 20 - 30 min then you have to wait till the next day to play again. They give you some chips every few hr but its only enough for one or two buy ins.

rick camp

Coin prices Double, or more, other sites

Anton Budyarsa

Awesome must try n win Great exciting game must try it

Bill Barnett

Love it My 2nd addition now

richard ezersky

I'm addicted. I am glad it's not my money.

Pattasu balu

Lovely game to play

Jose Taylor

Love it!!! Been playing for about three weeks now, and I'm enjoying the game play, graphics, Facebook page quizzes, other players, and Respect from other players. (MY only one problem is the BONUS payouts...Your NOT making it easier on us players)

Shawn Mack

Love this game

eduardo german

Poker Live Very good game fun

Nuyo Rican

Really Loving Texas Holdem

Sally Daniel

Fun! Love this game!

Shaleatha Curtis

Fun This is awesome

Sarah Diltz

This is a horrible game. You have to buy chips to win. I lost 32 hands in a row. 32 hands, man. Rediculous.

George Harski

Guess I don't know how to play high low...had a full house, they had a straight....though I would get a portion of the pot,..but I didn't ¿£€*^₩........

Sheldon Forbes

Nice game The best poker game I ever play

Wendy Meek

Too many mistakes from the game people win when they should not

John Mlakar

The only way u can win I'd if u buy chips

Leslie Worth

Good game It's a good game and challenging.

M Childers

I love Omaha hi\lo Plus this site does NOT feel rigged and bad beats don't occur as often. Players nice. Highly recommended! EDIT: Losing 2 stars for constant pop-ups to buy chips and/or diamonds and the feeling now that there might be some rigging going on.... You know, all fun and winning until your level increases..... Bummer..... Was so jazzed ar first!

Assem Alaouie

Really they r cheaters If I have no connection how I downloaded cheaters team ha will u tell me how ?

Kevin Shields

Needs update on button placement Call\check buttons need to be rearranged.

Thomas Miller

Poker 5 card hold em

Waylon Sims

Great time killer Tons of live fun

David Lincoln

David lincoln So for it is hard to know what you are doing

caroline Lewis

Money make? Just started and lost 90% coins with only 1% winning hand, so means buy coins before can win?????

Jerry Morgan

If you like poker you'll love this game

Jonathan Rose

Shod be able to make avatar with cones

Donald Clark

Love poker Great poker and Omaha game to play, download it!

Gabriel Charles

GREAT Love it hurry download quit reading and mash download.

Lana Junker

Hours of fun!

Aaron Worley

Great Game The look and feel of this game is smooth. The community within is fun to play with. Really fun environment. Highly recommended for poker players of all levels.

Scott Miller


Adnan Kauser

Piker Awesome

Maureace Garton

Cool Down up right left

Audrey Dickson

Live poke I hate this site they rip you off alway for your play chips

Larry Simpson

Great Support When my tablet crashed I lost my 7.725 billion account. With patience on my part and expertise on the part of Support, my account was totally restored. Great Job!!!!

Doug Harvey

No Wifi connection! I did enjoy it but after update, none of Abzorba's games connect to internet, wifi or data. Please fix!!

Monteze Super

Love the game the thrill so amazing

Chris Williams

This game pays losing hands and not full credit to the winning hand

mohammed bakhashwin

The game is fixed , the weel , t The weel is fixed and big lie , try other games

Leonardo Pesina

Loving it

Jason Mahurin

Trap hands After a huge stretch of constant trap hands, I think I'll change rating from 5 to 3. Not that I mind losing as its not real money but not much fun when odds seem so unrealistic. Still an OK poker app.

Kieran McKernan

Disappears The betting menu disappears a lot and I'm forced to fold because the time runs out. Massive glitch. *update* there's absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connection. Nothing.

Bradley Foote

Action should begin with the small blind and each round of betting terminate at the button. Non adherence makes your version inauthentic and less than tolerable.

Bobby Sarco

I've had some really good hands and been beat by poo hands for instance, I had a small straight and got beat by a pair, but still not a bad game

Mike Eyler

Decent just one issue As an avid poker player I can say this game is fairly decent. The only issue I have is that the action after the flop,turn and river should be on the player to the left of the dealer button first, NOT the person who has the dealer button. Fix this and 5 ★

vonalyn Tablan

Poker live Omaha hi lo I'm not disappointed with this game now that I already knew how the winning chips split.... my cousin recommended this even if he knew that free chips of 50 will go on smoke..

adam atkinson

I do like it but...... You can't private msg it says it goes through but never no reply I've tried on many different occasions......

Bel Smith

Still undecided Love, but there is no such thing as the word 'random' in this game's vocabulary

will lewis

Best poker app Great app, and the best part is the customer service. They are right on top of things

Loren Northup

Best game on the app market..????. It is the greatest... Nice job ABZORBA

Evelyn Spires

Poker Nice place to play

Brian lee

It's addicting And I'm not very good...

Geoffrey Giese

Omaha! Newest version Absolutely the most awesome game on my phone. Love it! Still love this. Edit: support from these folks is #1. They have really gone out of their way to ensure any issues are cleared up. Can't say enough good about these developers and the app. Continue to love this app. Great job developers!!

S.s. Hotrodvair

Worth playing! Its all about the chips!

June Azizan

Nice game But why after I buy diamond .. I did get it ??? Do something... Why I cant email to you ??

Mike Stair

Nothing here for me. Bonuses are pitiful. Even mega bonus is bad. No tournaments. Not for me.

Dr. Mario

Controls and Visual Control mechanics need to be cleaned up a little more: it would be nice if I didn't have to forcefully tap on the small little arrow buttons up and down, even calling a bet is a hassle. As for the visual, it would be best if you just put the cards I'm front of the avatar, I always find myself vying for the middle spot every chance I get.

Brittany Mills

The game It's ridiculous it doesn't give me a chance to check fold or bet at times I lost 4b chips sent screenshots to support contacted them they were no help and pretty much took my chips as a loss I wish I could ZERO STARS

Kathy Meals

Galaxy S4 Sucks....keeps taking my money that was on the table when I stand up. When I come back it's all gone and I have to buy in again. Please fix this and you will get a 5 star rating. It happens on the Black Jack tables and I have been waiting to see if any of the chips or diamonds had bounced back and they didn't. I absolutely love the games and I don't want to bother any one but I don't know if you can see the amount I spend on in app purchases for the games that I really like ..see next comment.

Carl Price

Really sucks I have to delete this game. I really like the game but the last update changed it and now I can't play it so I guess it's time to find a new game

Bill Zayonce

Thankyou Abzorba for providing the mute function! Now the tables are perfect!

jordan oldenburg

Pretty decent poker game Just think if there's a chip bonus that they could do a prize table tournament or bonus diamonds free monthly or upon leveling up.

Leon Cox

This is one of the BEST POKER GAMES. I have played. Trust Me You Will Love It.

Jose Rivera

What your looking for if your downloading poker games!!

Ronald Hobbs

New device How do I get my old Id and $ back

Alyce Tronco

I can't move my favorites over to friends.Anyone one have any suggestions. You can't inbox favorites.

Ian Jenss

Texas Holdem Good sound and graphics

Henry Brown

It's cool when you fully get into it

Hao Tran

Oyster I love this games

Joe Farnell

Great time killer Awesome game and time killer.

JD Goodman

Good Prety good so far see what happens

Terry House

Still figuring it out

Billy Sekulich

Good Awesome

Albert Allen

Come on with it

rica denny

It's OK I have spotted cheaters alreadyoly played 3times maybe 4 but I have a cheater or cheaters at table......;\

Terra Lawson

Live Poker Whoop=Whoop!!!!!

James Stover

Game was OK I uninstalled it because of the updates but reinstalled to see if any changes has been made..Still seems highly rigged and the bonus spin just flat out sucks..Going to keep it for the time being but will not recommend this to my poker buddies until I see some actually improvements

edy avalos

Love at first hand. This game is by far the best out there. Great omaha hi, omaha hi lo, and tecas hold em. I love how you can befriend players and have private chats with them. It just adds so much more to the card playing experience I've made great friends here and that's just an add on since the card playing experience is just out of this world. Best poker game out there. Highly recommended.

kenneth spencer

Friend finder, and easy play download and action ready. Texas holden and Omaha gives you double action. Further you will fine many players who depend on skill rather than just luck. Come play and enjoy. You may run into me at a table. If so, good luck to you and enjoy.

Ingrid Newman

Fun to play and not like the other on line games. When you fold on a 2 club 9 spade three 9 s won't show on the floppppp.

Alyce Tronco

Someone help please. I'm trying to go to a a table. It says I'm all ready playing at one. But I'm not . Fot 3 hours ive been trying to fix. Thanks

Syah Rimi

Super best!!! I'm happy with this game...easy to it...

Kenny G

Waste of time App is designed for bad beats. Now they will tell that there game is based on luck and is a random shuffle. BS! Or they will tell u that they don't favor one player over another. Again BS! app is strongly bias towards American players


I have to do delete this app from time to time the intern don't work for this all the time

Joshua Barrick

Fun It's fun and great to kill time

Alexey Dorokhov

Lucky? wheel. Your "Lucky Wheel" is so rigged, it's almost unbelievable.

Bape Gorilla

Great game! Really addicting, very fun. Its heroin.

Barbara Dodson

Smooth Graphics are very easy to see, and I like it overall.

Nodrick Young

How do you tranfer your chips from 1 accout to another

Sarah Alston

Do not buy chips you will loose

Tun Ahmad Asnan

Not bet Always lose chips,need high internet to get win,

Earnest Bagron

How to find my guy I lost my phone

Sandhya Sivadasan

Poker Amazing graphics, and real fun to play.

Janet Ortiz

Bonus too small n asking to many dimons for a spin or scratch r u insane . Deletted

adam atkinson

How do I get to redeem a coupon You can only send 200 chips to one friend...... Poor!!

Vincelle Robinson

Very Addicting! I love playing with people from around the world. So much fun!

Mark Yorkston

Doesn't allow you to transfer profile to a new phone.

melissa mathis

It runs slow wish it was faster

Donn Kryza

Lot's of Fun A Great way to pass the time away,,, I Recommend It!

Bradley Kendrick

Great. The game is fair, its really fun and addictive, if you enjoy poker this is definatly worth downloading. Brilliant game.

Patrick Barragan

{Live poker tables ~Texas Holdings} Googleplay Developer Patrick John Barragan is the Owner of this Application. Reserves the rights to use the above application.

lawrence laws

Poker Love this game

Vick Kie


Jaybird Rice

What a bull crap site Site sux..dont waste your time..take this site shove it .there noway u should lose every hand

Deveret Roach

Deveret Lots of fun

jerome Louisville

Romie A great and good description of an app


Poor Clocking and timing out constantly, especially when raising a bet. No way is this random, too many flush flops and pair flops. Doesn't come close to real poker draws. No wonder it's a crime to charge for this app.

Bill Zayonce

People who enjoy playing poker will soon be disappointed as 80% of players take chips off the table by "banking" ,whenever they hit a hand.This practice could easily be curtailed sharply by the developer but no steps have been taken so far. This is otherwise a fun game that plays smoothly and has a pleasant social aspect. Advice to players...just play small for fun with the free will soon see that it's not worth buying chips .

Carl Pacheco

I'm unsatisfied Please I want my chips back I had 20k and Sat in a table then stood up then left it stole all my chips how does,that happen please,fix this I got my mega bonus then my daily bonus why I'm so pissed right now please give me my chips back immediately otherwise I love the game


If U aint buying chips on the norm u wont win many hands. If u dont buy chips on the norm this game is designed to barely win a hand.I get the bonuses and I am lucky to win one hand out of every ten.Its a waste of time and pointless if u dont buy chips.SCAM

Tylan Bothma

Abzorba games I enjoy the game but for some reason I don't get free chips. I have all 5 of the abzorba games. and I don't get free chips. every time is says "earn free" I download an above for free chips. Then it does not reward me with free chips... can you help me get free chips....

Andrew Chung

Don't install Absolutely rubbish. They have staff that can suspend your account based on their mood. Unregulated company policies. Don't waste your time.

E.R. Thaguest

Keep your pocketbook handy. The app has glitches appearing at times and most often when not favorable to player.

Abg Zaironi Abg Taha

Challenging me Like a real poker challenges

Chris Franz

Pretty good More players would be better and I'd like to see 8 seat Omaha hi/low tables.

Scott Struble

Better than most but the usually unusual one or two outers of onloine poker. Very typical of online poker

Ingrid Newman

This game is awsome people are cool the play is cool I've won a cazillion chips and I've lost as much to. Its just a fun as close to real play as your going to get. Love it and you will also. Keep up the good work guys an gals. JEFF.C

Fernando Carreiro

Everytime you change tables the same pop ups appear for scratch or other games . Once you are in you should not see thes scratch or spin game when you have no gems

Jim Wall

On of the best poker games out there. You will love it. I doo,.!

Ernest Simpson

Its ok Could have more options kind of slow

Jubel Blair

Im a welder and living a hop and a skip from a casino this is the best live card game for me thanks Abzorba games for being here. Jubel Blair Tipton, Oklahoma.

Rob F.

It's fun, better than most of the sights I've been on.

Jimmy Sukianto

Cool app, love it and always fun LOL

Deric Armstrong

fun. fast. addictive. best free app out there

Broddknee BMAL

Check This Better than any other&the games are not as slow and alot of very high quality card players

William Metz

Bigpoppa game for sure! This is the bomb game!

David Davis

Texas holdem Very entertaining

Esther Tidwell

It needs a hand strength meter included. Shouldn't have to pay for it.

David Corcoran

Wont let me log on with wifi or data not happy at all

shanean washington

Great games Perfect for passing time.. and the bonuses are huge

Peni Faimata

Beni_LIVO This app aint too bad

Nick Hix

Great!!!!! Great way to pass time and have fun.

Abe Garcia-Rod

Greattt game Extremely addictive

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