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29 Dec
Pokedex Z

Posted by Epic Game Arts LTD in Action | Dec. 29, 2014 | 60 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

Pokedex Z is a Pokedex which contains all six generations.

It is completely free to use.

We will be adding more features to this soon if this application becomes popular.

Pokedex (all six gens) is displayed in the familiar DS user interface.

This will be the only Pokedex (all gens free) you need!

• All Six Generations
• Egg Groups & Base Egg Steps
• Shinies (Shiny Sprites)
• Base Stats & Max Stats
• Gender Ratio
• Evolution
• Description
• Search Feature
• Clean Interface
• Locations
• Mega-Evolutions
• Move List
• Capture Rate
• Abilities (with detailed descriptions)
• Cries

If the program crashes, please send the screenshot of this crash to daman50[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk and the device that you are using so that we can fix this.

Suggestions are welcome and will be considered.

Whats new

    Added more information and the locations of more games.
    Added cries, abilities, base egg steps, egg-group search and max stats. Fixed most of the crash issues.

Epic Game Arts LTD part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 29, 2014. Google play rating is 84.1528. Current verison is 1.6.12. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download pokedex-z.apk 28.0 MB


Jonathan Beck

I loved it I wish it had how and where to find and evolve the pokemon. I would also like if you added the ability to see from every different angle and to see the different forms and how to get your pokemon in to that form. But I still love it. And I found out I had about 12 shinys thanks to this app.

Jon Marshall

It's good but it has some errors in data This app is everything I could ask for in a pokedex. I just hope you can see the gender differences in both standard and shiny. Tengala is pure grass not grass psychic and bulbasaurs line are all grass poison not pure grass


It was great but... Its kinda disorganized and could use a more lighter touch I feel like I'm using cmd (that's were one makes code) but it actually is help full and if all you want is to see the pokemon its good plus it shows 3d sprites

cian daly

Great but... Its an amazing app tells me some stuff thats wrong like eevees are on route 116 in ORAS and stuff like that.Please fix or at least give me a reason for this and an instant 5 stars for you.Also it would be 5 and a half but im not aloud because of reasons


Alright Could you add cries for the Mega Evolutions? Also needs the recent Megas, different forms that certain Pokémon have, and primals. It's also missing the ORAS tutor moves.

claudia brennan

LOVE IT It is awesome but plz ad kyogre and groudon primal and hoopa and volcanion. And plz ad oras megas and hear mega criez. Thx!.......update made it too pixely. Changed rating. Fix it,i'll put rating to loved it

Juno Lastimosa

Hey. Like it. I like how you put up the app but the only thing that bothers me is the icon.... it's better to design a very interesting icon to attract more downloaders out there. I'll make it 5 stars when you do that. :)

Justine Schultz Nightingale

Love it! Few recommendations though. It's pretty easy to use, has all Pokémon and extensive info on each. The only things that would be nice aditions would be 1. Saving Pokémon cries, 2. Zooming in on their sprites/seeing them at a back angle, as well as older sprites, and 3. Dex entries from all games the Pokémon was featured in, which can be found readily on Bulbapedia or the like. Otherwise perfect app!

Stephen Quiles

One of the best Pokedex apps out there! I love all the features that it has included, but it lacks just two things. The first being the ability to use this along with the games to tell which ones you have caught. The second thing would to be able to save the cries of the pokemon. Other then that the setup is wonderful and easy to use. The look and the layout of the buttons reminded me of looking at the game itself. I loved all of the information it gave on all of the pokemon and will find it useful while playing the game.

Arunesh Kumar

Some problems I found the application of great help but 3 problems the cries aren't perfect the best ones were pikachu natu and xatu 2nd problem no data about mega evolution 3rd problem eevee has 8 evolutions but the evolution list tells about only 7 of them 4th problem darkrai and electrive contain all types for example I opened magmar than darkrai and electrive too became fire type I open ghost it becomes ghost too

Chris Arundel

There are some inaccuracies. For example it says that Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur are pure grass types rather than grass/poison. Also Staryu is listed as water/psychic when it is a pure water type. Amoongus is another example of this.

Aamil Syed

Too slow and very cluttered. The keyboard takes a whole 2 seconds to pop up and when you switch from one pokemon to the next, it lags. Moreover the interface is cluttered and very confusing to navigate, with multiple windows and info spread over far too many panels. The info is good, but could be organized better.

Matthieu Latimer

Good but needs a few tweeks First of id like yo say this app is amazing but if u add more features itll be way better 1)add usadge tiers like smogon does. 2)incorparate move tutor moves for evry game 3)add lists of the pokemon of a certain type 4) add alternate form stats like megas and the rotom forms. If u add at least 1 of these ill give it 5stars great app thoght

Robert Laforce

almost perfect! theres 2 things that NEED to be added a speach feature in search cuz some of the pokemon names are hard to spell plus it makes the search faster too... the outher thing that needs to be added are the mega evolutions it shows you what they look like but dosnt give you any info on them add those 2 things and this app would be perfect!! :)

Uddhav Sedage

A tour to existing place like never seen Playing this game is such a exiting that I feel to gone in a another world

Arsenio Cross

Loved it! Very good. Of course it's not perfect but it has the basic info you need to train. There's no need to look for this information on the Web anymore.

morgan gibbs

Great more needed Great app. Has everything. Well... Could you make it so you can use cries as text alerts???

James Sopko

Good, but improvements needed I really like this app but there are a few quirks that need addressed. For starters I'm confused why the app uses its own keyboard when performing searches. Second, it doesn't utilize screen real estate wisely, also lack of landscape support.

gagan gowda

Awesome app This app is very good, it has many pokemon but the problem is we can'tzoom the pokemon thats it no problems.

Dylan Merriam

One issue Needs level up move list by game. Then it will be 5 stars from me.

Nathan Ross

Awesome Its great, I like how u can hear the cry of pokemon. Poke fans, I recommend this

Vasavi Vasu

Varun Nice but it is showing wrong in pokedex and it was very amazing that we can see the cries of pokemon and on eeves are showing some other one on darkrai it was showing that it was grass type pokemon but it is not grass type it was dark type pokemon and it was pikachu it crys means it was very nice ok bye bye good like and some pokemons abilitys was very nice and some pokemon will come from eggs Make sure to do correction and I think it was very small than others sorry I can't write that much bye bye

Lucario Oretti

Wow This app is great! It even gives move descriptions for me. The only improvement I would give would be to get the oras megas in it.

Jacob Grim

Great for all pokemon players its updated for X Y and OrAs so if you need a pokedex and cant use serbii download this app

A Google User

I LOVE THIS APP I don't have a 3ds to play x and y but thanks to this app I learned all about those new Kalos pokemon

Sydney Long

Best Pokedex App EVER! Its very useful. I love how it allows you to view the shiny forms as well as the normal forms. I have nothing bad to say about this app!?

Jaydeep Das

Good. But it would be better if it shows mega evolution. And the cries should be like real as shown in TV. If new version arrives please inform me via e-mail [email protected] com

Moriah&AngieR Charlton

I love it! Best pokedex app in the universe!This app is so good I was able to make my own pokemon battle game and I'm a huge fan of pokemon.

Eighttwo Faye

I like it, but. .. I really need to learn about Mega- evolutions,so please fix this problem. I am changing my five stars to four stars!

Ryry Venturian

Omd Oh my dog I love it just bring it back to the old school pokemon but even if you don't I still love it <3

tathagata Banerjee

Something's missing..... Its great, but the moves are only for X and Y. There should be an option for different generations. The mega evolutions from ORAS is also not included. The egg cycle is is also not there

Francheska Gauiran

It was great try it It does not open mega evolution because it just show the same moves. I really love this!!!!!!

Avrick Mendonca

I would like 2 give a 5 star but....... There's no information about mega evolutions, in the nxt update pls give d information of mega evolution n d cries r also nt properly programmed


Needs some changes When checking the move set of the pokemon through leveling can we have an option to choose which gen it is based on? Playing omega Ruby now and some moves don't match the levels given in the app

David Mainwaring

Excellent resource. Question to you, developer: Is there any plans to add an in-app purchase or otherwise to remove ads? This is one of the rare instances I want to not only support a free app, but was surprised at the quality of it that I want the advertising removed.

Ash Ketchum

Kinda disappointed It seems all pokemon info's nature is beneficial nature .. hmmmm .. this is a lieeeee

AKILEY Williams

Pokedex It's an ok app. I just wish it had the newer megas and a better layout.

Fiona Dye

Changed my mind... When I got the app it looked so awesome and useful, but when I started using it i found that you have to type really slow in the search or it won't respond correctly, also pikachu's call is wrong and it doesn't have Mega Gallade. Missing a lot, in other words... If those things I listed were fixed I would be much happier with the app

Saul S.

Incredibly well made app I haven't had a single problem with it, although it takes some getting used to. Very good app if you're into competitive battling or just a casual player.

Cokeoven Ps

Very good to see you there at all times and let me know if you are looking for a while to get a chance to win

Arthur P.

Loved it For any pokemon fan, this is the app for you. For now, I am going to make up a few predictions for another update. Here we go! Maybe we can have 3D Fully animated sprites that we can rotate and make animations. Maybe including the faint animation. Maybe we can make mock Battles using any pokemon from the national Pokedex. You can make up the rules. Allow 6 pokemon to battle including legendary pokemon. Make the Battle type single, double, or triple. Maybe we can play with National Pokedex Pokemon including legendary pokemon by tapping a button. These are all the predictions I can think up of. What do you think?

Ben Wilson

Great data but interface... Hey thanks for including so much data on your app that can accessed. You're the only pokedex I've seen that includes both the location of Pokemon as well as helpful descriptions of abilities and so on. My issue is that it kept crashing on me so that it wasn't very useable, and the interface of the app was pretty hard to look at. But you have good stuff going for you.

Zankhana Atodaria

Nice game but The cry of pikachu is only original. And if you can than please add more megaevolutions otherwise a good game.

Shabnam Khan

It's ok ? I would have given 5 star but voice of any pokemon expect picachu is not clear .Pls add clear voice. Pls do it

Mak Moncman

Text and Sprites Too Small. The text is too small to read and the sprites are too small to distinguish any real detail. I may download this again if this is revised.

Emilia Sarikakis

It was pretty good All I think it needs is to tell which pokemon gives which egg move. Or if it already has that and is just hard to find, make it more obvious please.

Mahdy Alkhodr

I have 1 thing Can u plz update it to have omega ruby and alpha saphire Pokemon then I'll give it 5 stars

Maggie Heidrich

Noice It crashes sometimes but overall is really helping me on my quest to catch 'em all! A really helpful addition would be all the Pokémon's Japanese names, as I'm naming all of my Pokémon as their Japanese counterparts.

KadeKy Thomas

Good! Where's Hoopa? It's awesome, but they need the mega evolutions and primal reversions added in oras. Also they don't have hoopa or volcanion. Also you can't view info of mega evolution pokemon. If you add those I will give you ✴✴✴✴✴ (five stars)

Daniel Naron

Excellent! Very precise and it has complete information for every Pokémon, almost. I'm a Pokémon trainer myself, so I think it's good having this app for quick information lookup rather than looking up information online. It also has some few incorrect information, but I think the next updates will correct these problems.

Brittany Felstead

Best pokedex ever! I really like this app and recommend it. Easy to use and extremely useful. It would be great if the alphabetical list further sorted them into collapsible groups for A-Z since there are a lot of pokemon to scroll through. Would also prefer all original cries (especially pikachu) but i guess you can't please everyone. One more suggestion: it would be cool if you could include the different sprites from the different games—red/blue, yellow, ruby, etc.—in the series (like tap the sprite to toggle between versions or something). Then it would be my dream pokedex!

Ariel Rodriguez

Love it. It amazing and helpful but the only thing is there has to be an update with all the new pokemon please do an update oh and I love the app alot ????

Kali Foiles

Good app but... I love this app except I have a suggestion and a complaint. I think you should make it so we can look at all the sprites and shiny sprites it has and how to evolve and how to find its mega stone. I also hate the glitch which now only happens with darkrai. No matter what, when you look up darkrai it says it is the type that the last pokemon you looked at was. This happens occasionally with other pokemon but mainly darkrai. With other pokemon you have to tap rapidly on a ton of pokemon. Thanks!

Tricia De Roxas

Okay but... Please fix eevee's evolution portion. I can't see Sylveon and I don't know how to obtain Sylveon (do I need a stone?).

Lamond Henderson

Improvements (opionionated) First I love this app. In my opinion this is the best pokemon app on the market. Even though I rated it a 5 I just have a few improvements in the main info of each pokemon if you can see each description of said pokemon in each different region since it was always different in every pokemon game and on the evolution screen if gives you an option to jump to that pokemon as well rather than only seeing the requirements of their evolution. I know this must take a lot of work and I would gladly pay. TY


Cannot view mega evolution If you can see and discover megas that would of been a lot better so I usually go into my oras account th see those features

Sammy Sampang

It has only little version on location and has not got new pokemon like hoopa,hoopa(unbound),a-hoopa i hope it can give more version like dark rising 1-2,mega ruby etc hope it can give updates then i"ll rate it 5 stars

Taylor Eves

Amazeballs I wish it would update for alpha sapphire and omega ruby though reall looking forward to it also could you do a close up on mega evolutions that would be gr8

Fractured Joviality

Great! Such a nifty little thing for Trainers old and new. No need to keep going on Bulbapedia to get information on Pokemon once you have this!

JC Trooper

Add the mega cries Add the mega cries because thats one of the most important features of a pokedex. But anyway great app. Also the keyboard is really poor on this app.

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