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27 Apr
Pokeball's Battery

Posted by Marques in Personalization | April 27, 2013 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 120.0 KB

Are you pokemon fan?
Do you want more details about your device battery?
Give a chance to Pokeball`s Battery !!

* Widgets 4x1 and 2x1 !
* Sound on charging, same played when you heal your pokemons !
* UI equals FireRed/GreenLeaf Version !

- Only for real fans ;)
- Gotta Catch 'Em All !!!

Any doubts email to : [email protected] !

Thank you !

Whats new

    Version 1.2:
    * More devices
    * New design for battery Level feature
    * Volume Control
    Version 1.1:
    * Battery Level feature
    * Sound

Marques part of our Personalization and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 27, 2013. Google play rating is 77.314. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 120.0 KB.

Download pokeballs-battery.apk 120.0 KB



Pokeballs dont show Alright so i go and install the app and i like the pokemon center noise when you but the charger in but the pokeballs dont show up on the screen so yea maybe in the next update you can make it forbthe Galaxy S 3 Mini thats what I have

Alex Mcdaddy

Great features! But... It would be so cool if the low battery sound was low pokemon health sound, and maybe even make the last poke ball blink too. Love the pokecenter heal music when I plug in my charger. There should be a sound for full charge too... perhaps the audio for an electric attack?

Brenna Wiley

Great Widget for Pokemon Fans It works, it looks cool, and it's more exact than the little battery icon on any phone. I would love to see more pokemon widgets from you guys! :D

Cody Crissen

Awesome Coolest. Widget. EVER! It would b cool if u could replace the default battery charging sound so it doesnt go off before the widget sound does though

Marc De cuba

Only a three because I love pokemon The poke balls won't shoe up I have a blu life play I will be waiting please fix

Monster Gert

Cool when it works properly The pokeballs are almost always grayed out. It would be cool if the healing sound was a notification instead of music.

Dylan Hodges

Its cool but not like an ice beam Every time I plug the charger up it makes the pokecenter noise just fine. But it says it's having trouble getting my batery percentage and it doesn't show any pokeballs unless I delete it from my home page and then replace it on my home page but even then it stopes working after a while. However the poke center charging noise works every time. I would just like to see the pokebals stay on the screen ya know? Instead of having to do all this and that to just see the pokeballs for a few min and then they gone

Dakota Klem

Won't work? The widgets won't show up in my widgets list so if there's a way to fix that that'd be great

Billy Moore

At first... At first I didnt know how to activate the app, you have to go to apps, then widgets and find it there.

Lauryn C

What it says on the tin Its perfect, just what I was looking for. My only gripe is, when it gets plugged into the charger, it turns the whole volume of my tablet to max, including whatever game or music is playing- which is infrequent enough that I keep forgetting to see if its adjustable :/

alex bull

Exceedingly imaginative and clever Sadly the balls don't show, I'm using a motorola droid RAZR. A fix to this would be great, possibly a choice of different kind of poke balls for user preference. Also maybe get a replacement for the top battery display as a poke ball with a percentage count. Keep going though good work.

Swaize Razorling

Ok..ish The pluging in sound is awesome but i cant find the pokeball gauge anywere. Please explain

Brandon Johnson

Sweet Cool but would be cooler with different gen designs, will give five stars though.

Ariel Ibran Sjarifudin

Hehe Hey guys, you have to open the widget you wanna see the poke balls

Alexander James

Rate 5 its so cool omg lol Oooooh rate it now plz


Ima pokemon fan You should make a hp bar of a pokemon too but overall I love it

Jessi Clarke

Perfect! I love the noise it makes when I plug my charger in :3

Logan Trimble

It's ok The pokeballs don't show extremely well on the smaller widget, but it seems accurate. As an idea for a separate widget, would you consider an HP bar? It's a battery widget I've been looking for for a while, and all the ones out there that I've come across are just spam programs.


BEAUTEAFUL For the who haves problem with this hold the screen or sreach in menu look "widgets" its bound to show there and you'll love it like me

Alfredo Venegas

Awesome app This app is great I like it almost as much a I like pokemon but it seems to not be showing the pokeballs. Why? Could you try fixing that please...

Darren Nel

Love it Really cool app thanks dude. The only prob is when you listening to music and plug your charger in it turns the volume really then back to normal. Other than that its really great

Eric Montalvo

Plz fix The sound is on when charging but the pokeballs don't show up.plz fix it.

Jamie U

Love it This app is really useful! The sound is really cute and I like reading all the information like the temperature. Btw to see the pokeballs u must activate the widget by going to widgets. Pokeball's battery has helped me a lot though some features could make it a bit better like a different design on the settings or maybe the pokeballs could glow when charging.

Ollie M.G.

. Would be great if it would download, it says not enough space available but i have 18 mb free, it would be great if you could fix this-------All good now, thanks!

Chris Flame

Awsome! When the phone is on low battery, make the urgent Pokemon low health sound, when phone dead, faint lol :)

William Robert Lewis

If some of you read the DESC You would know it's a WIGET not a app

Brandy Richter

Cuuute! Pokemon fans will appreciate this!! The sound is what really makes this app unique!

Augustin Bautista

How does this work? I have a android EVO 4g and I don't know what to do to make this work.please help?

Melissa Pankey

Adore it but... I like the noise but i wish it had a pokemon health bar and when u get a fully charged u get exp and gain levels. (add the widget not replace the poke balls)

Conlan Bradley

Cool Awsome best battery level thing out there

Chacha Lazier

No pokeballs Please fix it. I can't see the pokeballs :(

Pokemon Connoisseur Vocaloid Tiffany Kind

Pokeballs dont show up There not showing up please fix.

Mario Nikolov

Amazing This app is awesome! I really needed something like this. Great job!

Robert Healy

Good idea I am a big Pokémon fan and I think it is quite a good idea. (-o-) (:

Parker Jorgensen

Pretty funny and cool

Abby Smith

:( I get to use the sound but the pokeballs aren't showing up

qDel itep

It's the best and coolest thing ever! This battery widget is great!

Timothy Stahlsmith

Very cool I gotta say this app is awesome! The pokeballs show up when ever I lose 15% or more and love the Pokemon center music wjen u plugin your phone great I don't see anything wrong with this app

A Google User

This app is good I m not giving 5 star because it doesn't have any visual affect while charging. Im giving four stars because this app makes the device into an interesting pokeball gaining power. Make an update to make this app better. Give a reply to this message marques.

Eddie Simmons

Nope Sound doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy avant.

Timothy Marzelli

Love it, but needs fixing I love this widget, however the pokeballs need to be debugged. They won't show my actual battery life unless I take the widget off my screen, charge my battery to full, put the widget back on my screen, and never take my tablet off the charger.

Carmen Mckormack

Awesome but… The pokèballs won't show up, I have a Sony Xperia, but apart from that I love plugging in my phone hearing that sound! =)

Ricardo Torres Benitez

Don't work I gave it three stars cause I Lika pokemon . But still the f#@!&%g pokeball s don't show up

Kyle T

Awesome app! Love it! This is awesome! Here's what I have to say! 1) For the 4x1, its the same size as the 2x1, it just takes up the space with nothingness. 2) Maybe make the battery level more accurate. You know how the Pokeball changes to yellow when they're poisoned or something. How about that means 1/2. Ex. I have 3 1/2 battery left. Insted of showing 3 balls, show 4 with one yellow! 3) Maybe have othet gen's icons. Like for 6th gen. I love this app, and i hope you can use these suggestions to make it even better! :D

Austin Williams

Cool This is a really cool app to show you your battery level. If you love Pokemon this is great widget to have on home screen.

Arthur Nelson

Good widget! Most people downloading this probably didn't even realise it was a widget, but it works just fine for me (and i have a pretty old phone too!) I see the pokeballs, so this is getting bad reviews for nothing.

Charlotte F.T.P

Pokéballs They don't show. I love the sound when I charge it, but the Pokéballs don't show... If they did it'd be a 5 ?.

Nayoko Ventila

Huawei ascend mate 2 It works fine for a bit but then even with full battery it goes blank to empty pokeballs. Probably just not adapted to my phone brand but it'd be cool if it got fixed.

A Google User

Great For all samsung users u have to go to wigets and click add and scroll in there u will find a pokeballs battery and click it and it will work! Hope it helps! :-)

Jose Michel

Won't show pokeball lock screen I have a lg g4 and the pokeball lock screen won't show up but the sound comes on when I charge it and it's pretty cool. Please fix the lock screen problem.

Amber H

Not impressed Thought it was cool but no pokemon center sound as promised... :(

Naomi Deaville

It's rubbish I didn't understand how to work it and it is just a way of using pokeballs to tell how much battery you have left.

GamingDuo711 Wander N Javian

Make it work I like the poke center noose but not the fact that the poke balls don't show up

Jacob Barbee

This made me ? Lol for just a battery power percent because of the healing sound

kris fultz

Would you like me heal your pokemon This app is just fun.

Music Lover

Lov it ●ω● When i charge my phone my all just like 'OMG YOUR PHONE SOUND IS COOL' and i tell them about this app soo cool BUT.......why the pokeball isnt on my homescreen ╭(╯ε╰)╮.............Pls Reply To Me (^-^)

Matt Harrison

Love it!! I love the pokemon center noise but same for me the pokeballs don't show up I have a lg g vista 2.

Transformers Animated Bumblebee

Awesome! To those of you who say you can't get the pokéball's to show up you have to go to your widgets and manually put them on your screen.


AWESOME but... amazing I love the healing noise and the little pokeball.However to make it better there should be more audio like something for 100% or for when its almost dead and the healing sound possibly could replace the default sound the phone makes instead of playing after so there isn't a delay.But this an awesome app and you guys should continue to make it better!I give this app 10 star's.

Mason Anderson

Good It's fun though it doesn't over right my preexisting battery charging sound. So it's "*charging sound* (2 sec) *poké center sound*". And I don't know if there are any visual components to this ap because I don't have any. My phone is old so it's probably my fault.

Corbin Molnar

Awesome I love that it makes a Pokemon healing noise when I plug my tablet in to charge. I can see the Pokeball's just fine on my homepage. The only request I would have is to have the "healing" noise come a little bit earlier and not be so delayed. But besides that, it's a great app :)


Widgets Make It Show! To everyone having a problem getting the Pokéballs to show battery life: You need to go into your widgets and drag either the large or small ones to your home screen. It really does work, and I love it!

Moises Ruelas

Widget is great :) I like this widget a lot. But I think I may have a glitch with the new update, when I put it on 4x1 and I have 15% it shows the pokeball full but when I put it on 2x1 it doesn't also I have it that when I tap it it shows the menu and with 4x1 it brings up the menu but not the other one. Is it an issue from my end or is it the widget?

Xerxes Zacharius

This widget is awesome. I hope there will be alternate indicators, like Pokemon's HP bar. You should add more sounds, like, when its low on battery, It will make a sound like when a Pokemon has low health (FireRed) or will make a Pokemon Catch Success sound when its full on battery. Keep it up!!!

Kat Trip

Awesome. So I didn't realize the Pokeballs really showed up on your screen. And I was right they didn't I kept the app though because of the cute sound it made when I plug my phone in Well I accidently deleted my weather app & as I'm scrolling through my widgets I find a pokeball 4x3 and 1×4. So I clicked and drug it to my home screen and to my utter shock it was the pokeballs power bar. It works so to anyone having issues with it not popping up. Go into your widgets and you'll find it(: great app 5 stars for sure!

K Ling

Sound loss. Sometimes the sound comes on but at other times it would lag until later on only the sound comes up. Sometimes the sound doesn't even come up at all.

Dylan Couzzins

Pictures are almost always a lie The picture is a lie. You see all it does is make a sound for like a couple seconds when you plug in your charger. But the only thing I liked about it was the music???

Kasey Springer

Love But sometimes it doesn't show the battery percentage when you tap it. And maybe the sound should go off when it's full?? Just a thought.

Megan Pavlovszky

A win for pokemon fans. The Pokémon centre sound clip makes me smile every time. No disappointment here.


Opinions I like the app, the only thing I'd like to see different is an option to put it on your lockscreen. Other then that it's a nice app.


I loved this app I love this app but, the pokeballs don't show up. And if you could have more noises that would be awesome too

Robert Kratz

Needs work I had to uninstall because the poke healing noise went on and on without stopping and got so annoying.

Jd Hambone

Good but could improve I liked the app but I think it could be made much better if you add blinking and other effects that were in the game but are not here

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