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12 Sep
Pocket Starships MMO / MMORPG

Posted by Spectacle Games Publishing Inc. in Action | Sept. 12, 2016 | 184 Comments

Apk file size: 55.0 MB

Pocket Starships is a free-to-play, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO RPG) space combat game! Come join in the galactic fun on IOS, Android or PC web browser!

Command your ships in real time space battles!
• Recruit players and build a strong alliance
• Battle with and against thousands of other players for galactic dominance!
• Advanced crafting and upgrading system. Build and upgrade thousands of different items!
• EXPLORE & CONQUER the Galaxy
• Massive PvP battles!
• True Cross-platform technology!

Login and fight, your actions make a difference!
The Mobile Space MMO / MMORPG / RPG.

If you like Space MMOs or RPG - this is your game!

In this galactically entertaining RPG, you will command a multitude of spaceships, forge alliances, and engage scores of other players in the never-ending quest for intergalactic domination!
Pocket Starships is an online game that requires an active network connection to play. Once connected, you will join a vast universe populated by thousands of other players just like you, each with their own agenda, reputation, and achievements!

IMPORTANT: This RPG game is still in development, and all mechanics are subject to change at any time!

Our development team is constantly working on improving all existing features, as well as adding new content, so players can expect an ever-evolving experience.

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Spectacle Games Publishing Inc. part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 88.3237. Current verison is 1.1.13. Actual size 55.0 MB.

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borna Źivković

Crashing and freezing Cant log in since last update and it have toooooons of bugs cheaters forcecloses and freezes! Just tertible, great idea perfectly ruined, gj guys, you made it!

ryan johnson

The game is very good but after this last update I can't log on to my account and this isn't the first time this has happened

Epifan Sosnickyy

Cool The game is just brilliant. Nice gameplay combined with an excellent design.

Brett Edmunds

Thanks for fixing log in :)

Geert Jan Kroeze

Nice game, not too easy not too difficult, sometimes problems wth logging in

Vicky X

Loved it Its a good game it includes fighting space and starships

Rastislav Jendruch

Loving it, good game

Nick Blair

Good, but... The game itself is good to play, but instead of playing the game, most of your time is spent collecting materials and producing things. This wouldn't be so bad, if there where more things to do while you wait, but the only other thing is pvp...

Ryan Tollmann

Fast and challenging, but not overly complicated. Tends to hang when 'connecting to server' but i still receive notifications. They do updates frequently. V1.0.28. Maybe add a notice when your server is down so I don't assume its my end? Was working perfectly under 1.0.24 but now it just says connecting to server forever. (Update) I sacrificed my character and started another and it works now, meaning the 'connecting to server' issue revolves around old characters. Shame I had to start over.

Christopher Riley

Fun free and flawed While the game play is fun it is difficult to play. Bugs interfere badly. Pop ups will block your entire screen in the middle of combat and other times they won't go away. And for the past 24 hours the game won't even load so I can play

S.t B.

Lollipop firmware updated again now can't even get logged on to play. Disappointed its been 3 days(Apr.12) and more now. Google fixes something then dev has to fix

jason teed

Good game, but bad management. The game itself is fun but there is alot of grinding for gold mats to make a better anything, and they drop very seldom. I have no problem supporting the developers, which I have, but the pricing is crazy for a mmo that doesn't have a consistent play base. The wars are very one sided cause after most people play they join the winning side, and the weapons are over powered for lower level players. I'm level 32 and I get hit afew times and I'm toast, makes the game alot less enjoyable.

vjekoslav katić

Gameplay good but... moderators, admins, developers, they all cheat, helping one side and banning players that become PRO's. They are NOT banning cheaters because worst cheaters are their friends! Don't waste your time and money on this game its useless! I played it but I found out all about them and this game so don't even try to play it. SERIOUSLY DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS SH!T.

Alan Samuel

GREAT Multiplayer Crashes but still playable. A lot to do. I like how you have to earn and build the better ships and weapons can't just buy the best everything

Eddrie Xyz

I got Problems When i start the game everything seems fine but it sometimes say I cant connect with the server..I could live with that but there is another whenever i successfully connected to the server and play, It is unresponsive and i cant do anything.I cant move the ship, cant write a message, etc...Fix this please...Im looking forward to play this game..

Jamie Gunter

Potential Heavily oriented to get you to pay. You do not have to, but it does take an unusually long time to refine and upgrade. Still good. Has potential.

Marshall Lewis

Grinding simulator 2015 2 much grinding 4 me. And the starter ship is not at all useful, maby a cut down on the ship recorce will be helpful, until then, 2/5


Seriously ugh! Decent game and all....trying to get to a decent ship takes forever...but my biggest problem with this game/company is that I can't even count how many times I have tried to get on and play and found that I can't connect to the server...for most of a day at a time....I'm sorry but I want to play not wonder if I can play...and then no " hey sorry for you inconvenience here's xx" or we are taking the server down or the server will be up at ??? NOTHING...get your crap sorted out guys....

Jay A

sucks you ppl favor the other teams alott when the battle is good you eliminate by taking ppl off line by the time the person comes back is too late you guys do that every day cheaters this game would never compare it self to dark orbit and you ppl need to cut that shot out and let ppl fight a clean fight

Josh L

Pls fix Can u guys pls fix something 1.when i play it on my phone its takes so long to load 2.when i kill some players it lag to much can u guys fix the game thanks

Joseph Zimmie

From 5 stars to 3 now to 1 Went from 5 to 3 because there are times when the game won't fully connect to the server. Then from 3 to 1 because I recently lost about 24 hours worth of play due to a restart and rollback. Hard enough to farm items to upgrade ships, but then to lose the upgrade along with the items used to achieve the upgrade is too much. Good job devs.

Barry Saul

I likey. Well done, their are some bugs but nothing that can be fixed. Looking forward to a game that can keep me interested and this could be the one. I definitely recommend this to those who love a good space game. ?????

Jason Severson

Randomly deletes your profile Perspective from a Note 4: There's nothing special about this game. It would be OK for an android MMO if you didn't randomly lose your progress after a server restart. MMO's live and die based on the progress of your character. This makes the game complete garbage. On a side note, the resolution is unacceptably bad on a 10.5 inch tablet. Don't waste your time. Uninstalled...

Adam W

Something.. Off About It This is the only app I have ever downloaded that somehow overrides ALL notification settings. Disabled all of them in the game and unchecked show notifications in the app manager. Give it five minutes and it is checked again and giving me crap. Luckily, Tasker just deletes that crap and AutoInput unchecks it again. Also: Is it just me or are all Shard players buttholes? XD

Guilherme Peixoto

Game breaking bugs Got my solar stolen and cannot type more than 1 message in chat can only spam same message

Trent Reid

Could be better!!! The game play is nice but why would upgrades and production take forever especially early on in the game!! Just started and already have 2 wait for a simple 8 hrs for a production, that's level failure!! What happens later on when I'm on a higher level???

Matt Trudgeon

Very nice game really like it but BUGS NOT FIXED v1.0.28 CAN'T CONNECT TO SERVER ON ASUS MEMO AND SGS5 I've just Googled it and massive amounts of people on many devices including hardwired pc's with same issue. SERVER works for a day then stops working for 3 or 4 days and repeats the process :-( I use optic fibre Wi-Fi and other online games work just fine. How are we supposed to complete daily challenges when the server can't do its job and stay upppp on a daily basis ?? @[email protected]

Bill Skevis

Version In Amazon appstore it has version 1.0.29 and here in playstore v.1.0.28.... Thats why it crashes when i am trying to open achievments...plz update the game here in google play store

Michael Turner

Deep game play in deep space This is a full on MMO for the tablet and mobile. Combat is dual stick and works great on my Note 4. Join a fight group and make sure you are ready for a fight when you go into the PVP zones.

Roger Ordonez

Good concept but This game just stays on the loading screen for 30 minutes to an hour and soon says need to retry, connection lost and most of the time my ship and other peoples ship turn invisible and when we are gojng into battle the game just says cant use invisible weapons. You can do better on this game

Sasaki Somdy

Very fun! Probably the best ship MMO I've played on android. Just wish upgrading your ships didn't take forever.

Allen Pace

Explosive Action! Has more action than any other 3D space game!

Andre Nelson

For v1.0.28 Won't load, gets stuck 'connecting to server' as at 6th April. Can't do anything...

May Hartsdell

Would not recommend it Stopped working. Cannot connect to server. And itums are fausly advertised so you will buy it and when contacting support they oddly go silent when asked why. Its set up as a high level pay to play/win out land ish to even think about getting by with the default ships. If you do play I would suggest not useing real world cash chances are you will be buying something you can't use and GM's will not reimburse you or even respond to you.

Bobby Shaughnessy

Good game I came off the game for about a yeah but now im playing it again. Its not a bad game

Lahiru Sampath

Fix this I have better internet connection. But this game told me everytime don't have any internet connection

aaron murphy

3/5 So my first account got deleted which sucks, I spent money on it. The sides arent even so some basic missions can't be done. But if you don't play missions or spend money its a great game!

Vladislav Kolosov

Super Love this game

Gabe Duty

Great game but.... Whenever you first tap on the icon thing it crashes immediately and can you guys please make the enemies a bit weaker I'm not trying to put too much weight on your guys shoulders but anyways good game.

William Ingram

Go back to selling Tacos Why even release such a broke game. Just makes you look like noob developers. Played for 30 mins then have never been able to get past login screen since. The first 30 was riddled with bugs such as hung screens and menus you could never close. Try the game if you dare however I would NEVER spend a cent on a game this unreliable. Chances are you will lose everything and after playing the game I am fairly certain that customer support will be the same crew of ding dongs.

Roman Gruber

Plus: Support is friendly and responsive! Balanced Game because Solar ships are entry level and solar only gives time boost! Negative: Macroing is allowed according to game forum and is in general bad! Massive Lag. Homeplanet is not drawn on every 5th death average and I lost so many ressources in that regard, no answer from support, a few tickets send in for this issue. Sexual Offensive / Rude Player Names in different languages including German And English on the Shard Fraction on EU Server, Players are rude on the public chat channel. The game lacks functionality to change the volume of sound events, notifications. GAme forum is full with Bugs and they date back to 2012/2013/2014 means the developers do not care and therefore only 2 stars. Considering the home planet is not drawn on nexus 4 / 7 with different android / gpu / cpu / ram configurations means the client has some issues. I hope it will be adressed. Worth a try to play but careful it has mayor flaw, you will loose regularly items. ~25percent loss rate daily here.

Rick James

Good game but.. Good game but. Connection issues even when i have a great connection. Hud or ships and objects disappear sometimes. No handicap matchmaking for less advanced players. Univers is small, materials needed to produce better teir ships are rare and hard to obtain if you are on the losing factions side. Factions are badly 1 sided most of the time. Shame i liked flying around shooting npc and players. But sucks because you cant do any damage, die very quick and get nothing but a shield penalty for trying.

Gareth Flynn

Nice :) Used to play a lot but started again recently and the updates PvP and Dom point system have all improved. It very occasionally freezes but its a high traffic server and I've seen a hell of a lot worse. The only issue I have is without solar the ships are a grind to get and upgrade, that said its a strong community and great fun.

Daniel Hellbom

Stuck in loading screen The game worked at first, but now it's just stuck in the loading screen. The game seemed alright from what i've played. Edit: turns out that you need to use another proxy in certain locations

Adam W

Stop reading you moron and download it Clash of Clans? Pfft. Lame. This game is ACTUALLY MMORPG. Not exactly Starcraft 2 but it is like Starcraft 1 with hundreds of human allies/opponents. This is the best mobile game I have ever played.

Josh Taylor

The gameplay is allright However in the beginning when I had to choose a faction your description of them was absolutely horrid. Give the factions some character tell us what and who these faction are and who they stand for. Rpg stands for role playing game. How am I to role play to something with out anything to go on. Good game, consider adding some story into the mix.

Terry Zhao

Cannot connect to server I had no internet problems. It just said can't connect. You can only play the firstime ewww

Sean higgs

Amazing game Love the graphics, love the style, love the game :)

Jon Hokett

Wow Good game concept....soooo many bugs......Will give 5 stars when it gets worked out. If it gets worked out

Doug Freitag

One of a kind Game I definitely very fun and unique, if you like syfi and spaceships as well as working with others and building and upgrading your ships as well as being able to fly and shoot them then you'll love this.

oz zero

not loading my account I payed for VIP and nexts day not loading my account I have been jacked for my money

Scott Markhus

Good fun I wish that you could adjust controls a bit, but pretty solid game (based on a couple hours of play)

Tim Bullock

BORING!!!! Ships and accessories taking to long to make and upgrade...pvp is a joke...yea move on!

C Tom

Pvp game A fun mmo and pvp i like this game

Jacob Andrew

Only one thing I like the game I really do you made a good phone game but It keeps saying can not connect to server. I like your game and well. Please just fix it

Bandar Fauji

Excellent MMORPG ...with lots of bugs !

Ryan Hardy

Issues, but... Well done game with very few probs. PVP heavy but ballanced.

Shamim Ara Mazumder

Coolest game me and my friends like it

Andre Sirois

The best One of the few balanced MMORPG's on android. Most MMORPG's are bully-pay to play this one works off of team work and cooperation! Plus they give you plenty in time, it's what you do with it, and how you uses your resources for which purposes. Figure out your strategy and stick with it, it pays off.

Rafiul Amin

Just what I've been looking for

Anna Jermachenkova

Wow It's so AWSOME

Jonathan Easton

Really Will not play on mobile phones data have to have Wi-Fi. Was not worth the 2 hours of downloading for nothing

M Menon

Sweet game This is an awesome game and I like it

Scott Laughlin

Little buggy but fun

Ilanaila Naila

The best Red aliance cheater

Adriaan Francken

Fun game, but the in-game notifications are unbelievably annoying during battle

Mike McBride

If the game owners would stop all the players abusing game exploits it would be OK... players like XO NASA,delta tango,biped,blackstreak and others are ruining the game for others,chasing away players and just abusing the enjoyment of others... :-S seems spectacle games just doesn't give a darn about fair play and encourage cheating

Nicholas Federico

Great game One of the best mobile games I have played

Carl Hidle

Sucks Crashes every 2mins, fix that and its a 5 star game

Mizery Chimera

Please help. You guys restarted your systems. I was restarted. I lost two 4.99 solar packes but still have my money packages. They were bought om separate days. I got the solar yesterday but I have reciepts for these as well. I lost one upgrade on my ship which is a level one again. And have to restart upgrading my storages to level 3 again. Which takes over a day. Please help me. I dont want to stop playing. But will if I have to. Its not worth losing money over.

Austin Tessier

Even though its not the best of mmo's out there, its on mobile so that makes it really good because first of all its really hard to make games like this for phones and apps so that's why I give this 5 stars, well done, love the music.

James HAWK Peacock

keeps crashing Exelent game but keeps crashing for no reason every ten mins. Pls fix and ill give better stars. and now I have to keep reinstalling just to get my account back they REALLY need to fix this game as its great IF you can play

Francois Boudreau

Great, but... Very fun but as with most free to play games progression is very slow unless you pay. You need pvp area ressources to build a decent ship and you can't do pvp without a good ship....

Gary Graham

Can't play I would like to try it, but it has not been able to connect to its game server yet.

Paul Winter

Wish it was a 5 I gave a 3 as I got 4 dp in first 8 he playing time then logged out for the night came back on my suplys I got vanished I went down to level 2 DP and because of this I will nit be able to level up anuff my name On it is winterpauluk if you can sort my supplys and Give me back My lost Dp I will give a 5 Star if the problem stays resolved

Peter Lamantia

Dude Love the game. Just at this moment their is something going wrong with the loading screen, after you die. After i select "close" it just keeps loading, and i have to exit out of game and come back for it to play normally. That is the only prob i have with the game. Otherwise no complaints.

Jenifer Palmer

Awesome!!! I love this game?? its the best. Sometimes I get kicked off but I reload right back its the best online game that behaves lol.if your playing this and your the varins side my name is laser beak and u may be confused I'm using my moms name but I'm an 11 year boy so yeah awesome!!! Go go!!! Charge!!!!

Daniel J Call

Still like the beta version that I uninstalled This is still too much like the update in beta that convinced me to uninstall; a royal pain to upgrade anything without paying actual money, terrible material storage at start up, can't use the jump gate while carrying cargo, and a worthless fight group system that automatically takes your ship to the jump gate before your ready or done mining material. Such a shame too, I liked this game a lot when it was very user friendly and fast paced but now it's neither of those.

Jacob Iler

Excellent game I never thought I'd like a game like this, but its very addictive. I even went and got the ships that are added to the special packs

Blueturtle Stone

Plays better on PC For an already very glitchy and buggy game, this works even worse on Android OS. I use this app only for upgrades and questing bots. It cuts me off in middle of pirate base raids by crashing. Does not bring up bug reporting. App will crash if phone rings or if phone notifies user about battery power or charging. Occasionally game will not load on phone past the loading screen after crashing. Overall a very good game and amazing idea to make a game that is cross-platform that works on iOS.

Matthew Place

Don't buy iap This game has potential to be great BUT bad design and lack of support make it a fail. It's rife with cheaters using exploits to make the game unplayable. Check out the forums before you spend a cent you will see what I'm saying.

Luis Diego Castrillo

Loved the game but they screwed up I love the game but every time i play on the afternoon all my work gets lost, parts and minerals are ok to get but if 4 hours work gets lost 4 days a week in a roll you get pissed. I just cannot find it in me to restart a 4th time.

Stuart Gordon

Awesome Game This game is great. Well thought out and well made. Development team is quick, generous and very polite. A breath of fresh air to most mainstream games. Other development teams could learn from these guys. I'd give 10 stars if I could. Legendary

Calcifer Frostfire

Im excited to see a game like this on the android. Im hoping it might be like silent death online. Its still kinda buggy though.

Matthew Gambill

Great game founded on pay to play philosophy... Great game, good graphics, good combat mechanics etc. However its hard to enjoy because everything you do in this game revolves around crafting or production and it comes with ridiculous wait times even at low levels or for basic items like med packs which you need quite often. You can speed this time up with you guessed it...a currency that you pay for in game that doesn't last very long.. If you want to alienate your player base quickly keep forcing them to turn off your game and play something else.

Mike Van De Hey

Looks amazing But... I cant see my or any other ship, wtf it looks AWESOME but its pointless to play if you cant even see. Plz fix

Lieutenant Adams

Very nice game I really like this game, other then the few glitches that appear out of nowhere. But my biggest issue is that I can't get my e-mail account to work. Other than that, I also think the tooler ships should have higher shields. Just saying.............. Nevermind about the e-mail thing, I figured it out.

Xavier Bell

It's Yeah it's a nice game and all but the ships, some are way underprivileged. For example the first assualt class ship the bloodstorm sucks, it has no special capabilities nor weapons. And the other assault classes are way more expensive. Then not only that all of the other ships can easily destroy the bloodstorm. Bring some more balance that's a real uneven match.

Anthony matriarch

AVOID! The support structure is non existant. They roll back the game with no notice, and anything you purchase is removed as well. Getting my $ back is proving impossible. Forums have not had an official announcement since 2014. Cheaters go unpunished. Avoid this trash.

Joe Misukonis

The games core mechanics are fun and the community from this point has been very helpful. The only shortfall I've had was spending 50 dollars opening up boxes for an albatross but that's just my luck with r.n.g I guess.

Steven McCauslin

Game ruined by one cheater XO nasa Don't pay a dime in game. Developers are well aware of cheating but look the other way despite evidence. This one single troll ruins US server. This player waits in higher levels because if you encountered the cheating early on, you would uninstall immediately.

Roman Gruber

Plus: Support is friendly and responsive! Balanced Game because Solar ships are entry level and solar only gives time boost! Negative: Macroing is allowed according to game forum and is in general bad! Massive Lag. Homeplanet is not drawn on every 5th death average and I lost so many ressources in that regard, no answer from support, a few tickets send in for this issue. Sexual Offensive / Rude Player Names in different languages including German And English on the Shard Fraction on EU Server, Players are r

Owen Massing

Customer service a let down don't spend money I was really enjoying this game, enough so that I decided to spend money and support the company, in exchange for my money I wanted an offered cosmetic change in the game, aka a change in ship appearance. Unfortunately the in-game mechanism for doing this isn't working. It has been almost a month since I contacted their customer service and submitted a ticket and all I've been told is just to wait and hopefully they'll fix it. This is the sort of experience that makes consumers not spend with indie devs.

joan petard

Nice Job Congrats,you made a fun mmorpg,unlike other games,the game is awesome,just make the starting off a little quicker. Also fix the people and pirates turning into ghosts temperarilly

Ayurox Djin

Keep getting black screen Keep getting black screens after playing barely 2 mins, have to force stop game to replay very very annoying, game is unplayable

Carlos Torres

Mining laser I used to play this game before and loved it. Now it wont let me switch to my mining laser at all on my LG phone ... Plz fix a.s.a.p

Ryan Kelley

Great mobile experience I have not had this much fun with a PvP MMO since playing rounds of Warsong Gulch. It is a bit grindy and simple but winning PvP fights is very rewarding. I hope there is more to come from the developers as they have a lot of potential to explore and a very active user base. The IAP is excellent as it does not put the non paying users at a permanent disadvantage. You play long enough and you can get everything a paying player does. Just remember to support the developers with a few bucks now and again.

James Russell

Please fix this game It won't load all the way unless re installing and aiming gets frozen otherwise it is a really fun game

scott la Dow

It's fun It reminds me of dark orbit a lot good game glitchy but fun

Ashley Lehman

It's a great game but I can't leave the main station because I did the moon stone thing with out having enough solar


Great game Excellent controls somewhat pay to win but expected for free to play gotta make money somehow

Miraeth Evony

I agree with gary It is true I can not even get in the game this must be a bug! Once it is sorted i will rate it 5 star

Shawn Diaz

Confusing and freezes No real tutorial other the a brif few mins in the begging. Tell you to hit quests but soon as i hit them my game freezes.

frank serineo

Ok The game needs bug fixes, I can not see my ship, targeting pointer is stuck in one location, and server is always down will give 5 stars if bug is fixed

Michael Clough

Solar points Solar points are hard to gather... like any game on the phone, money money money. Its an awesome game none the less. Battle, gather, as a team. Reminded me of subspace.

Chris Willis

Bug I love this game, but everytime i die n have to hit close or bring up my missions tab n have to exit out the game freezes n i have to exit n most times restart my phone... please fix game looks wonderful just very hard to play as it freezes alot

Ramon Allemond

Customer support pleaz I lost 2 up grades on shield booster and a ton of amo but the game is great

Andrius Kalinas

Good game I woud give more stars but it craches every fue minutes specialy when looking at objectives

Rodney Wallace

1 of 2 games i actually like playing on an android device. competeing with other more leveled players is always a pain in the butt,this game gives plenty of options in to win is not going away ala someones getting paid so might as well make the best of it.

Tony Leick

Low rating unlikely to change Good game, if the servers don't crash. I have a great WiFi connection, but constantly lose contact with server in pvp and can't log back in. It wouldn't be as much of an issue if they didn't require you to pvp in order to collect necessary resources.

Steven McCauslin

Rampant cheats ruin Don't pay a dime in game. Developers are well aware of cheating but look the other way despite evidence and you will be punished if you complain too loudly. This one single troll xo nasa ruins US server. This player waits in higher levels because if you encountered the cheating early on, you would uninstall immediately. Wish I could rate zero stars.

Stuart Gordon

Awesome Game but..... Great idea and pretty well thought out. The shame is the occasional bugs don't seem to be fixed even though support say they are working on it and recently it seems like they've just given up. An automated message is NOT an acceptable reply if you don't do anything about it. I will adjust this review if and when I see me and other players getting replies or something actually being done. Pull your pants back up spectacle games and get back in the game.

James Rybak

this game is pretty bada$$ no 1st person modes so far but fun n interesting though,confused to y i can skip a mission but cant start one on my own

Randy Toye

Ugh Uninstalled for the simple fact that I can't flip my screen around. Seriously, this is a must in all games. Stop forcing me to look at my screen the way you want me to.

Sean Jeremy

Not bad, but feels like the devs gave up. No balance. 70% Shards, 30% Varians. (Devs, simple fix. Take away choice. Force new players to become Varians until balanced) Old graphics still haven't been fixed. (Assault Launcher upgraded 3 stars should show 4 missiles, but animation is still 3. No idea if I'm getting full effect or not. ) Not enough places to explore or game modes as it is. Add hacks, cheaters, glitches & random freezes. Needs work. Feels like a school project still, not something that should dare ask for your $. But good potential.

James Wissman

Fun, but pay to win. I honestly really like the concept, mechanics, and layout. Unfortunately, progress is incredibly slow unless you spend cash. You could level up and unlock all the ships before gathering the materials necessary to build the mid-tier ships, much less upgrades and weapons. Aside from that, the PVP teams are unbalanced. Varians nearly always win.

Shadow Mourne G

This game is very unsafe to your privacy. A player name sheepie is capable of intruding in your phone threw this game invites you to a fighting gang. Then access my phone threw this game threw that method and crashed my phone. If a player can do that this game has no security. I wouldn't recommend this game for anyone who cares for there security and privacy. As result of this intrusion to my phone I'm am contacting the proper authorities to handle this. I give this hacked game 5 stars down

David Bernier

Looks and plays great Reminds me of EVE Online in a way. Despite some of the controls being close together, where large fingers could press the wrong ones, the UI is simple but still effective. Combat is intuitive, and can keep you on your toes. The tutorials seem ok, but it moves quickly and still takes a bit of time to get used to. The one issue that always hurts and can never be avoided: it's a battery killer.


? HACKERS-VILLE!! ? As long as you have a PC/i_Phone then you can hack to your contents & what's horridly atrocious is that devs/new admin just won't do a thing about it despite repetitious "tickets" having been send to them daily (as long as we PAY & play it's all good with all concerned) which is a sad shame since thus' one of my favourite genres.. Oh & not forgetting the dozens (literally) of bugs that cause the three server restarts/reset on a daily basis (SUCH A SHAME! only reason i still play's the friendships made here)

Stuart Gordon

Awesome Game but..... Great game but the game bugs seem to be coming thick and fast nowadays. Probably due to the amount of idiot players trying to cheat. Support does try to keep up but I get the feeling they're struggling due to the large amount of players trying to cheat. STOP TRYING TO CHEAT. IF YOUR BAD AT A GAME THEN GET BETTER AT IT OR DON'T PLAY IT. other than that this game is really great and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes mmo games.

Tom Gates

Great game but not good enough tutorial I reinstalled the game to see if I missed the mineing tutorial but there is no tutorial on mineing please add a tutorial and ill give 5 stars thqnk you for reading this coment I hope this game will become better but for now better tutorial :")

nicholas sanders

Unicorn ship was deleted I started the game with my unicorn ship and then it disappeared and I was wondering how do I get it back. It will be real helpful because it's hard to play the game and get the material I need, please can someone from support help me please!!! I will give the game 5 stars I do love the game and would like to put money in to the game but this happened. please can someone help me please

Joseph Manago

Fun game but needs a little work Only a few issues with the game. The chat screen is inconvienant as it opens a full page screen to type out messages. This makes it difficult to type out any commands or requests during gameplay as it takes too long to get into and type a message(as you'll usually come back and find out your ship had been destroyed in the 10 seconds it took to type the message, and not even have known you were being attacked until you came out of the chat screen). I also have a bit of an issue loading the game.

Francisco London

Please fix I have a galaxy s7 and the game keeps freezing on me I keeping turning off the game then turning it back on doesn't work please fix then I give 5 stars thanks

Mark Kernahan

Fun, good graphics, awesome game play. Addicting, great graphics, so much fun!

David Cooley

I have only played this game for a couple hours over the last 24 hrs, but now it says server is unreachable?? It is a good game I would like to play again. Hopefully its just server maintenance. If it is, you should pit up a note.

braden fitterer

Cant say enough good about this game. Would vive a bonus star if possible. Perfect balance of pay in a freemium game. Can play for free and get everything in resonable time or pay a bit to speed things up. There is always lots to do. Not one of those games you play for 5 minutes then have to let it sit for 2 hours or pay more. There are timers but still so much to do. Pvp is dynamic and fun. Game is basically eve-lite but you dont lose your ship on death and travel time is almost nil. Great game.

Kellie Griffin

Best space game Out of all mobile space mmo games, this one bests all.


Horrible design Gane dies nit function well, interface is clunky and cumbersome, quests are not well defined. The worst part is the amount if times the gane crashes , especially during a fufht. Then for no reason other screens overlay your main screen and the fame has to be restarted multiple times

Sam U

BS! If your a Mobil user don't even bother buying anything or playing.. Developer make it to favor PC users

michael lancaster

Its cheating me. Pirates and enemies get better weapons than you, you cant upgrade without parts and it wont allow you to buy or make parts with the ingame money

Matt James

Love it but it won't work At random it freezes up. I have a note 5 and my tag is EvilGam3r. Please fix i enjoyed this game.

Alexander Hernandez

So addictive I can't stop playing it very good game

James Mapes

Amazing I love this addictive game

chapman leboeuf

Kool Its a good game fun

Kyle Kotlan

I'm playing and like it BUT!!! BUT!!!!! To build a ship playing the game takes a horrifically long time!

Mike G

Good to have something different, and its alot of fun.

Sam Smith

I got on it on my first go but now it stays on the main load up picture. Can you help?

m1ke Fu!!er

Ok It is a space game for gay people...i tried to show understanding. They have homosexuals that know how to hack this game.

Mike Navarra

Ruined Wormheart ruined this game.

Ronald Wilson

Love it Never thought it be this much fun

Michael Long

Fun and addictive

Jamen Carker

Fun Awesome game


Pretty fun game

Adam W

Stop reading you moron and download it Clash of Clans? Pfft. Lame. This game is ACTUALLY MMORPG. And it is fun. Not a lot of bs. Mostly battle. Just pick Varians and have a good time. Pick Shards and you will be bored out of your mind.

michael bell

Didn't realise this was a beta!? Graphic glitches everywhere, scrambled pixels, disappearing ships,stations... A back button that takes you to home screen, menus that stop responding leaving you unable to see the enemy... Left stick registers when it wants, leaving you stood still... Playing on an M9, so not a performance issues... Would like to play more, but difficult at the moment

Chris Brown

Very good game I was addicted straight away controls can be slow to react but other than that it's brilliant

Michael Garcia Jr

In-app Purchases are Not required A little bit of patience and some skill can get you everything without purchasing. Nice!

Sue Hollin

Pocket Spaceships Love the game, reminds me of EVE! Nicely done!


Fun Reminds me of my Dark Orbit days. I love this game!

Zoid Industries

Impressed A tracking good game, the sector transfer interface could use some improvement but all together good.

Brown Bag

Pretty cool little game.

Alexander Coleman

Great game Very fun. Doesnt get old. takes some getting used to. Great pvp and pve.

Blueturtle Stone

Plays better on PC Android : Stuck on the wallpaper that is used for loading , doesn't load. Fix this and I will give you my original 4? review again.

Michael Cooper

Meh Might be an okay game, but freezes and crashes too much for me to be able to give a more accurate rating. Droid Turbo 2

Michael Anthony

was great I'd have given this a 5 Star rating, but I go to collect the daily rewards and just after that, I can't access my account because my password won't work...

zachary ramiro

Only downside is population Great game. Fast paced combat. I have a issue with my fingers going outside the circle pad during combat so my ship just stops dead but that's not a game issue. Only thing holding this game back is player population. If it can hold 100 players online at any given time I feel this game would be epic

Joe Gold

Good Fun game, a lot of teamwork, collecting, crafting, pvp. - Some connection issues. Upon death blank screen... Suggestions: A drop list concerning parts would help a lot; hunting pirates for specific parts. Quests that have already been completed prior to getting actual quest ( i.e. open a giftbox) & quests unable to be completed (entering unicorn sector beyond lvl 15) counting as finished would be helpful to continue progressing early game.

Eric Yang

leviathan sucks Created the leviathan ship and it sucked so bad...made me wanna stop playing. its too god damn slow.. either get use to creating alot of medkits or use old noob ship. Speed need to be at least 240 to 260. Can't outrun anything. Can I have my materials back so I can create the falcon.........pls

Mobius Hon

Bad graphic Low graphic quality, you have to pay slot while mid game else you can't continue to play.

Kyle Heinz

So far so good Just started and it does have potential. The quests are pretty much starting the same way as I other titles from the same producer, which were great games. I do enjoy the graphics and game play. However I can't give 5 stars until the connection issues are resolved.

benson adams

Amazing This is not another boring app game that plays its self. You are in as much action as you choose to be from day one. No ads. No need to pay. Already supported the devs with decently priced stuff. Not pay to win. Could use customization of the user interface... I mean get the health kits away from the stick. Please! And a player barter/trade system is a must! Keep up the good work devs. Keep this game going the way it is and you will be billionaires!

Jacqueline ledford

Almost perfect I loved it but i encountered a glitch it's the upgrade menu not close and the only way to get rid of it is to restart the game.but other than that it's perfect.

Xx– C0re_Creeper –xX

Awesome! This game has amazing graphics, and is really focused on teamwork and gathering materials, (or farming others in battle, :D) besides the occasional wifi-borne glitch, it is a spectacular game. And I recommend it for all.

pat morris

super fun fun little game no energy/stamina restraints and i like the focuss on teaming up to hold offf the pirates

Jonathan Hacking

Cant open Will show loading screen but wont play after update, please help i love this game

Super EP

THERE IS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT I like the starter pack where we can buy the spider using real money... Pls add a shop where you can buy any spaceships using real money. The gameplay is great though but almost everything is made from the factory...

Anita Kwok

Game always show error logging in to server pls do smth about it and i cant connect to fb...and this is a rly good game

Alex Poh

Facebook authentication error!!!!! After connecting the account to face book can't login at all. :(

Lord Varion

Boring Bad tutorial and game mechanics

Vicky Blocksidge

Srumpy75 Love it...spend hours playing between bottle feeding, the title music is soothing for my baby girl!!

Paul Stocks

good little time waster?

suezerman ranie

I buy 500 sola, not come to my accont. So pls help

Beezy campbell

Awsome Sidescrolling shooters are z best now a mmo version spot on good one on ya mate

Polaris Raven

Very interesting Graphics look great, game play is amazing, what more does a game need?

Natsuki Subaru

Great game. No complaints yet. I will edit whenever I find any

snaziwan mursyid

Lenovo K80M Fun...and easy... Just no tutorial...

Lot Retnuh

Fun game, only downside is more micro transaction then game.

meftah sabir

Game Yesterday i used at computer now i use at handphone and i got the ###########

Jesus Naranjo

Love it Love everything about the game

sergio montanti

Pretty fun

William Haire

In space! You can build, and manufacture. You will get destroyed in pvp unless you put in some time. Not a quick fix game, but that makes victory sweet. Oh, and it's cross platform, so you can play on just about anything with a screen.

Morgan Talifre

Please help devs I have an account but the game is not recognizing my password and I can't log back in. Please help :(

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