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3 Aug
Pocket Road Trip

Posted by Roofdog Games in Action | Aug. 3, 2016 | 133 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

Your gas pedal is stuck yet again! Go insanely fast, do crazy stunts and win cool cars! Build an amazing car collection, customize your rides, and compete against your friends and the world!

* Simple pick up and go gameplay
* Race insanely fast cars
* Do back flips, slams, wheelies and other crazy stunts!
* Collect, fuse, upgrade and boost cool cars!
* Compete in thrilling events against players around the world
* Collect 80+ cars - trucks, muscles cars, street rides, dragsters and more!
* Customize your rides with wicked engines, spoilers and decals
* Compete with friends for the best high score
* Listen to catchy music
* Show off on Google Play Leaderboards

Whats new

    Various improvements and bug fixes
    Thanks for playing!
    Please visit to report any bug or issue.

Roofdog Games part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 3, 2016. Google play rating is 78.3986. Current verison is Actual size 35.0 MB.

Download pocket-road-trip.apk 35.0 MB


Kyle Rudnick

Terrible This is by far the worst game I have ever played. The only reason why I'm playing this garbage is to get cars for ERT2 which is a hell of a lot better than this lame excuse for a game. Controls are just terrible

James De Neys

Good but Its a good game but the 25 cars in garage thing is quite bad because I've had so many good cars that I've had to throw away if you could make it expand by bucks then that would be very nice.

Noah Mead

Download it It's a fun game a little hard at first but when yu get the hang of it, ,its a great game but there is some pros and cons like you can only hold 25 car's in ur garage but you'll see wat i mean when yu play it..

Isaiah Matos

Great but Maybe it will be a little bit more better if the tool boxes wasn't 2 gold each that's exspensive but other then that great game and let the expanding of your garage be payed in bucks would help to like 5000 bucks to expand not 5 gold thank you

Liam Taylor

Hard game... Profile edit It's OK... Quite hard to get more than 200M... How do you edit your profile? I don't want to be called 'bahm9876'

Michael Shearer

Fun Great game to play when you only have a few minutes to waste.

Kit Tiernan

Superb Very good game! Well thought through

Wesley blokker

Fun Roofdog has done a great job at their games and this is no exception, great time killer...and beyond.

Trei Norberg

My friend needs love..:'(

Tarek Hasan

Download it It's very funny....

Hugo Calderon

SO ADDICTIVE It's so cool it's so addictive . Try it. ITS FUN

Rhich Andres

Bla I love this game

Aaron grenfell

Good game The best game I have played in forever

Jimmie Hicks III

Definite green light Quick simple game that isn't too easy.

Cameron Dean

Super easy and fUN

Tristan Giesbrecht

Very cool game

Tyler Burgesd

i like this :)

Salamence Robot2000

wtf i think i got a bugged version, because my gas won't regenerate, and some cars take 31 days to heal. i will rate five stars if my re-downloaded version is fixed

Theodore Orn

Nothing is perfect but this is ALMOST This here is pretty much one of the best games on the market so if you're thinking wether or not to get this GET IT! That's an order

Clifford Warner

Really happy with the customer support I have spent so much time playing this game only need 3 more cars to finish the game. I only had a small problem with a purchased items for which I contacted the maker of the game and they helped me out really quickly. This game deserves 10 stars not 5

Tony Parker

Can't Turn Off Notifications Well you can turn it off, but they send notifications anyway! And what's with all the permissions? Unbelievable! Besides that the game is cool, it's like pocket mine without all the confusion of collecting weird stuff.

Isaiah Price

Pretty Fun, But Has Some Flaws Roofdog, can you add toolboxes with wheels and decals? Oh, and lower the cost in gold bars to upgrade your garage. Its a rip-off! 5 gold for 5 spaces would be just right. Also, I don't know why I have to be online for the timer to work. Because the timer doesn't work when offline, your fuel doesn't refill and your cars don't repair. Thumbs down on that. Other than those things, I really like this game

GaggillTRON Vorgog

The fun seems to never stop. This game at first can be over the top with a ton of cars and lots of different things one can do. This is a good racer. Love the flip jumps. I like this game more then the motorcycle jump game they have. But both are extremely fun and great to play. I just like how you get to do with the cars in this game so much easier then the other. Free, fun and achievements all day try it you won't be sorry.

Jo Mac

uninstalling Game turns notifications back on every time you restart it. Really annoying. Too bad cuz its kinda fun

Josh Marshall

Free item crates keep not working after ads. Happens a lot. Would be 5 stars if fixed. As it stands I have only been able to open 4 crates at this point.

Jesus Yanez

Missing gold. Completed an offer for 122 gold and never received it. Will rate 5 stars when I receive it. No sooner then that.

Cliff Rossberg

Can't repair when offline?!?! This game is fantastic, don't get that wrong, but i don't understand the value of no repair when offline. It's odd that there are two different things to wait for-gas and repair-and seems unnecessary. Ecspecially since i have crappy service in school, so i can't play it after all cars are used once. Please fix and this will easily be a top game.

chucky Allen

Copy cats This is pretty much copying extreme road trip 2

Marlene Torres

Pocket rode trip It`s great getting cars then playing with them.

Gary Gray

Very addictive This game is not only a good time killer but it will hook you in. It's a must have.

Monygy B

Craziness Flips and tricks? This is the game you wanted!

Jenny Sutton

I LOVE THIS GAME so far this is my favorite game of all time and u guys should make more spots for cars then 100 u should make like 200 but besides that its my favorite game of all time racing games

Djkor Crc

Fun, need skills and no donate Subj, very colorfull addicting hill race game with challenge from time to time.

Obi-Wan Cannais

Cool BUT... Fix Bug! When make perfect slam landing car is explode. It's terrible.

Angel Leah Balmores

Wow cool every thing is good but i wish you will update this whith a new car

Lucas Rumph

Game is good but.. I had downloaded a bunch of apps for free gold but It will not give me it...

Joseph Marouche

Crap! This is so crap! I downloaded it to get better cars in Extreme Road Trip 2 but now my patients has run out.

Kyle Brisbane

Dont bother buying any gold I brought some gold and a car yesterday and it has not shown up

Alan Ibarra

I want to do front flips for the game only does backflips can you please fix that. Thank you

Donovan Scoggins

Eh Its OK but to hard the flip controls suck to fast paced can't tell what's going on can you make a easy mode or some thing to tin 3 stars

Daniel Kostenko

The best Stfu plz Kyle rudnik it's the best game w

Michelle Ellis

Great game! I love the all the different cool cars that you can collect. I'm addicted!

Katherine Kaiden

Its tarable you can not play if you don't have mouny

Brian Marroquin

Awesome game This is an awesome game. I'm already rich and I downloaded this today and I'm rich super awesome game.

Isaiah Daies

Love it Its addictive I play it a lot

Suzanne Wilkins

Fast'en loud Its awesome I love it I have so many great cars

Kyle Jordan

Its ok Not as good as the 2nd but still fun

Jaskin Avalos

The turning and movement is all messed up

wayne kreitzmann

This game is very addicting

Allan Ayala


Andrew Lopez

Game is awesome also kyle rudnick is a loser


Great for pooping The gas system lasts for about 15 minutes of game play or about the time of a nice poo. If you upgrade your garage, A.K.A. another way for the developers to milk money, you won't have enough gas to even use all your cars. You can earn the little gold bars while playing but let's be honest you are only gonna play this game while pooping or angry at another, better game like "Road Trip 2". Also a great box smashing simulator.

Kenneth Mcmullen

Fun At first it's hard but once you get the hang of it.One thing I think you should fix though is the gas meter.We already have to repair the car once it crashes.And add gas tanks on the rode because if we can't get more gas while going all we have to keep our car driving is boost.But overall it's fun

sierra morris

Was amazing but..... All of a sudden I can't do back wheelies. What happened?! It doesn't work. I will do them but I won't get the boost. Now I cant do back flips AND it automatically refilled my gas spending gold I DID NOT WANT TO SPEND!!!!! It took me forever to get that gold and now it is gone. I want my gold back!!!!!! Can you please fix this?!

Mark Miller

Fun game i wanted the bikes for extreme bike trip so download it now i cant put it down

Travis Jones

Addicting Please add more cars an mi$ions. I love bein intents. .... Like camp in. Please add newshtuff

Kieran Durbin

Not too shabby It's an O.K. game worth trying before you play number 2

Saisumukh S.H.

It's above game and very addictive I like the game but we can not choose the location. Other ten that it's above game.??????

damian evert

ADDICTING GAME YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DOWNLOAD IT You buy and or sell cars and you can watch little clips to get free gas or gold or engine upgrades or paint and money and buy different storage containers that have different cars in the and or different paint and or engine upgrades and you don't have to buy cars with real money its only game money but if you want more game money you can buy with real money or test your and watch a little clip and get game money free. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DOWN THIS GAME ITS FREE SO COME AND JOIN THE FUN!!!!!!! :) $_$ *_* !_!

Zois lol

Doesn't start This game sticks in the loading page I uninstalled it reinstalled it and rebooted my tablet nothing just plz fix it it just loads 2/11

janiel serrano

Soo fast You can't keep track of your car unless you've played for a while

john adams

Control s are touchy at best need to play for ext bike trip but if you stick with it learn how to slam its not too bad at all .you can expand garage and play without paying any cash .use your heads.

Willie Wright

AWESOME This game is so awesome. And now I'm good at it. Thanks for the best game ever!

gaming master

Its great Somthing to try if your not good "hug the road" and when you run out of gas do a wheelie get boost slow down do a wheelie repeat it got me 50,000 meters easily

Joshua Slocombe

Good God this is unrealistic! While I do like the game I kinda think it's unrealistic as most cars should “nose dive" faster than an LMSR class 28.

IM_ GraVity

Its cool I cant believe how a good game it is

Dan Russell

Great game Got it to help with other car game and fell in love simple but fun just wish it has more fas longer runs

Tanner Henderson

You know it sucks when they literally pay for good reviews.

Liston Watson2

Cool Its cool because of all the cars and stuff you can do I just wish for new updates.

Silent Hill

Awesome game Love all the cars and how the game is put together. Keeps you coming back. 5/5

sean henning

I was on my 5th day reward and when I opened the app it showed I had it and then it just disappeared so I didn't get it


I Have No idea I Got Insufficient Storage on Tablet Galaxy Tab 3

Jeff Birchmeier

This game is INCREDIBLY addictive! Great time waster if you're looking for one. Not much more I can say about its merits, but it would be nice if there were some new cars to put into the museum. Also, seeing if fusing with a garage upgrade car will actually help you and not hurt you would be a nice feature.

Jason Lewis

Love It The fusing, oh my god so good.

Jason 502

Fuseing That's awesome how I can do that

Xavier Ellison

Awsome Don't listen to these a**holes. Very good game/ my age is 10

Lloyd Graham

Its ok but it doesnt send to ert for cars

Craig Norton

Great game, But... I love the game, but with its advertising of its new game, I cannot play unless I go to play store to make the app think I am installing the new game...

Thor Cain

Was ok.. Ok I have click an add to load the main menu... that's crap... uninstalling all your apps.

Jason Abrams

I hate this game Road rallye two forces you to endure this crap in order to get ahead. Heres how it works. Wait 30 seconds after you crash for game to reset. Play for one to two seconds.crash again. Repeat ad nauseam. Virtually no control of car at all. Total garbage. HATE IT!

Nate Droney

Crashes on load screen Closes app when it's at 5/11 on the loading screen

Baylee Gomez

Really good

Mitchell Justice

New update is garbage won't load it crashes at load screen

Donovan Harris

Fun physics sim Good time waster. Doesn't require much interaction except occasionally sticking a landing. Lots of cars though and the events are fun. Seems like pokemon with wheels lol

marc thorkildsen

A waste..... Just like the gas pedal, the game controls are stuck too. The car is still trying to flip while its on the flat. Only playing to get the cars in ERT2. Sorry guys, it sucks!

Brian Mckinney

Sucks Game needs a serious update, constantly crashing .wish could give it a negative star rating

Blake Burns

Very nice game but I'm giving it 4 because I don't know how you get should be when you do stunts you get boost and fuel

Aaron Adams

Can't even open it. I haven't even gotten to play it. It crashes on initial load. I haven't even seen the menu. I'll hold onto it for one more update.

Adrian Ursida

Pocket Road Trip So Awesome. Tje game is so awesome

Arik Cogar

crashes upon opening.. i havent gotten to see the menu yet and why does it need access to my phone, contacts, and pictures????????? and also theres a lot of spam reviews which i find disappointing bc you have to have fake reviews to make the game look good. thats saying something.

Jackson Leise

Addicting! Was up all night and great way to pass time!


Ridiculous I start the game and it's loading, as soon as it gets to 5 procent out of 11 it crashes and brings me back to my home screen >:/

Xx_m3m3_ pot4t0_360_xX

Why The game keeps loading up to 4.5 files then crashes immediatly.... am displeased

St1lt0n Ch33se

Crashes Pocket Road Trip keeps crashing upon starting the game.

aidan rennie

FIX IT It crashes on the 5/11 loading screen every time!

Marcus Volpicella

IT WOULDN'T EVEN OPEN!!! It just gets stuck when it's loading "4/11." I even tried reinstalling the app and it still crashes. Please tell me if there's currently a fix for this. Otherwise Roofdog PLEASE update it so that it won't crash on a Galaxy S7.

Peter Beal

... It would be nice if the game ACTUALLY LOADED!!!

Brayden weaver

Super poop? I can't install this game

Connor Northcutt

NEVER GETS OLD! This game is honestly one of the best I've ever played. It literally never gets old becuase you're always trying to beat your high score, and you're always getting new cars. 10 out of 10. Would road trip again.

Chase Plays

AWESOME This is so fun so addicting etc. Best game ever

ZombieCasting 4codTV

Another freemium Seems like this game is out to steal you money. Where is the multiplayer?

Lindsey Wilcox

Crashes on load screen Galaxy note 5. Won't load at all. Crashes at load screen. Fix please.

Kyle Koretsky

crashes all the time game crashes on the loading screen at 5/11

Ryan Leask

Wont let me get past louding Its not good it dosnt load past5/11

furious gamer

What? I don't get the controls can u please make it easier

Blake Kendrick

Broken I haven't been able to open it it loads up to 4/11 and boots me out I haven't even gotten any gameplay

Need More

Don't start We'll this yeer game don't been startin for me! I an't likin this one bit!

Matthew Streak

Crashes It crashes on the 5/11 loading screen

Logical Enigma

Doesn't work Loads to 5 then cuts off

kathryn sykes

Love it. Fun little game for if your on the move

Shweta Ullala

Crashes at 5/11

Stacey Richard

Loved it

Oliver Butler

Used to run now CTDs. The game used to run fine on my phone and was very fun to play and kill some time. Issue is that it no longer works on the latest OS of Android as many other reviewers have pointed out and as of yet there hasn't been a patch. Once patched I will update my review.

Juan David Hernandez

Same thing Yeah that happen to me too on my galaxy On5 it gets on 4/11 And it automatically leaves the game and on my old Samsung galaxy tab 2 it worked perfectly and I don't have it because the charger broke and I don't know why? And please don't answer that question.

Kolton Washer

Same problem a lot of people are having It worked perfectly on my old phone, but on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A it goes to 4/11 or 5/11 and crashes. Please fix

Ken Mardeusz

App crashing Galaxy S7. Running Marshmallow. Doesn't even finish the initial load up. Will alter review if actually get to play the game. Road Trip 2 is great, been playing it for years.

Jeff Wingo

Use to love this game and played it all the time but it recently started messing up and not giving me my prizes. Constantly freezing up and giving me errors. I'm pissed and want it to work right again. Fix the damn game!!!!!


WTF I loved this game I had this on my old Sony it worked perfectly never crashed but now every time I open it it goes to 4/11 or 5/11 and it crashes and I was excited to play this game again??

Suhail Ahmed

Doesn't even load Terrible u can't even get past the first loading screen without it force closing. ( HTC One M8)

John Cooper

Great time killer Controls are a little different than other games like it but over all fun and addictive.

David Rios

Doesn't work just go back to previous status

Rory OConnor

Doesn't even open The app doesn't even open it starts up and stops

chris smith

Whatt???? First it wants access to my phone book contanct list and pics and then wont open no thank you

pablo vargas

WTF It keep crashing on my new phone and work good on my old phone.

Chris Roten

Great game and great support thank you for the great game

Matt Walsh

Use to love this game can't use it on Note 5 at all... fix please

David Plemmons

Dave Very addicting

It is fun to play



ItsYoBoi 101

This game WONT OPEN OMG THIS GAME SUNKS.this game won't even open and I'm deleting it thus dumb game ugh dumbest game I ever played.this game sunks si bad nobody likes it.

Fancy Hamster

Crashes on startup I'm on a samsung s6 edge, a new phone, but my old 2012 phone could run this fine

Lindsey Wilcox

Crashes on load screen Galaxy note 5. Won't load at all. Crashes at load screen. Fix please. Still a month later same problem

Zac Stewart

Doesn't even open Crashes while loading to open fix it and I'll give it 5 stars

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