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11 Dec
Pocket Planets Lite

Posted by Bruno Oberdorfer in Education | Dec. 11, 2014 | 79 Comments

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Pocket Planets is the most comprehensive 3D Solar System Simulator in the Google Play Store.
With accurate scale representation of the Sun, Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Dwarfs and detailed information to the celestial objects.
Use it as educational software for your kids, or regardless if you are a beginner or advanced astronomer, this App brings you closer to the planets than any telescope.
Working great on smartphones and tablets.

★ the Sun, the bright shining star in the center of our Solar System
Mercury, the fastest planet orbiting around our Sun
Venus, its greenhouse effect produces a surface temperature that would melt lead
Earth, the blue oasis and only place filled with life
Mars, inspiration for many SciFi films and books
Jupiter, the giant, guardian and protector in our neighborhood
Saturn, with rings of unique beauty and elegance
Uranus, which rolls over its orbit like a bowling ball
Neptune, the outermost recognized planet
Pluto, one of a new category of dwarf planets

But these are not all objects of this simulator, because so far you do not know Orcus, Varuna, Ceres, Pallas, Haumea and all the other asteroids and dwarf planets. Not to mention Sedna whose orbit is still speculative to science.

Nearly 200 objects are included, but not as static images, rather as living objects in a living universe. Enjoy the Solar System in realtime, in the future or past.

Bring the cosmos to life with an innovative timeslider. Let time take its course, how fast depends on the scale factor of the timeslider. A wipe with your finger and the simulator comes to life.

For a more exiting viewing experience various camera modes are available. Attach the camera to a planet or place it at a fixed location in space and let the celestial bodies pass by, in portrait or landscape mode, whatever you prefer.

And that's still not all. A built in encyclopedia gives you useful information about each object of the simulation, extracted from Wikipedia.

Don't miss this unique viewing experience, there is no easier way to explore the wonderful world beyond our planet.
And if you ever feel "Lost in Space", don't worry, because it's just a simulation.

★ Super smooth UI
★ Nearly 200 simulation objects
★ Simulation of real celestial body distances and dimensions
★ Adjustable simulator time with an innovative timeslider
★ Flexible camera system for a unique viewing experience
★ Portrait and landscape mode
★ Many HD textures, some of original recordings (NASA Voyager, Cassini spacecraft)
★ Many preference options
★ Ephemeris data based on NASA Horizons system
★ Orbit calculations with modified Kepler algorithms
★ Encyclopedia function, the most important information from Wikipedia

Limitations of this free edition:
★ The encyclopedia info for celestial bodies is not available
★ Only the following objects are shown with real shapes and textures, all others are shown as $ objects:
- Sun, Mercury, Earth, Moon, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
- Mars moons Phobos and Deimos
- Jupiter moons Europa
- Saturn moon Thethys and its followers in Lagrange points L4 (Telesto) and L5 (Calypso)
- Uranus moon Umbriel
- Neptun moon Proteus

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me via email because this is the only way I can help you, thank you.

Whats new

    ★ Turkish translation

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Alishaa Zahwa Fatima

I loved it ?? I love science,and history!? I'm 10 years old This is a very fun game,but Why there is a money symbol on the space?? but this was fun!? but I still don't know how to search informations..?

Brian Gibbs

Love this app. You can almost imagine you are travelling in space and time. I love astronomy and this app helps to stimulate the imagination. A very special thanks to the developer. A lot of thought has gone in to the pics and info. Can't wait for any future developments.

ed rays

Im not sure yet how to rate this app. So when I know more Ill give it a proper rating.

Gregory Lloyd-Wakefield

Pocket planets lite Excellent little visual guide. Everything needed for the novice and expert. Good guide.

Tetsuya Naito

Great! ................. ... ......... Literally,I it is! B-) I really like the way the screen cracks when you bump in to a planet but it doesn't go the way I want it to go.

Seth Hoong

In fact it's very fun Nice planet features, and I understand when I went to sedna and it showed the money symbol, also please add the surface roughness features

Jamie Hollis

I smash the camera constantly. :-)

Stop Nuks

Excellent thanks for the app

Ikrar Shaikh

Ikrar Shaikh Will u please make free The Pocket Planet for atleast a day i want to install it but i dont have card for purchasing please

Lori Lemieux

WoW Solo'S the universe

Carolyn Acidera

Very good app This app is very good I like it

Khyber zarghoon

It's bull shit

Zeke Miteff

Fantasmic I have tried to get a great plant source spend my free time on, Being a U.S. Disabled Veteran and seeing the SKY from all around the world it's nice to see passed the stars I ave been looking at and wondering only if I could see past those and something's close!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this hit it on the head!!! THIS IS FANTASMIC, Thanks alot !!!! Can't wait to get the Paid APP. Thanks again. someone stuck at home...

Gareth Smyth

Amazing Stunning graphics, smooth, very impressive.

will johnson

I was not so happy with the app. Most of the moons for each of the planets like Jupiter and Saturn barely even had a couple of moons to look at. I'm sorry, but I must rate this a 2 star. If you want the full 5 star this app needs a little more work otherwise the app is pretty good. Oh, also the app is a little laggy.

Leandra Cox

Stunning! Can't get enough! Have to get the full version which will be the first app I've ever paid for!

Sean South

Very nice Great tool with great graphics, useful interface, and some nice touches. Great app!

Andy Johnston

Excellent app. Easy access and great graphics. Spotty dog!

Jheriko Cosico

???? When I look at the moons it shows stuff like dollar signs. Why is it like that? Anyways, nice game! Thanks!

Peter Dowling

Needs better animations. Jupiter is just a fixed image... no storm or cloud movements.

Drew Shedwick

Average Similar to other programs. Works fine on my Droid Razor Maxx HD.

Dave Whelan

Excellent Terrific idea, your meticulous work shines through it. Well done.

Randy McKenzie

Nice graphics, but lousy control If there was a way to get better control of the movement of the planets on the screen this app would be great. A slight touch sends everything spinning out of control. Trying to zoom in/out produces nearly the same uncontrollable result. Will not buy the paid version after seeing this.

Hailie Pataska

I Don't know how to see other planets can someone help me

SethRC TwoTwoFive

This is the best app! This an amazing app if you truly enjoy looking at the planets of the solar systems! This version includes The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, The Moon, Mars , Phobos, Deimos (Mars moons), Ceres, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn, one of Saturn's moons, Uranus, one of Uranus's moons, Neptune, one of Neptune's moons, and Pluto. In the full it includes so much more! Its way worth it!

Kathleen Kertz

its awesome im 12 years old and super interested in space i saw the big dipper yesterday and it looks like a VERY small cloud without binoculars ps don't have telescope but with did. but its amazing to look at stars and planets im going to be a meteorologists when i grow up and this is amazing app i stay up about hour and half looking at the stars and planets with my binoculars and again love the app : ,D thanks!

Maya Francis

I love this app but Its ok but u have to buy most of the thinjgs

Jonathan Estok

Work in progress. Every time you try and multitask the app resets like it's on iOS. This means every time you minimize the app it will completely reload when you return; which is garbage programming. For the pro price I expected more when comparing to other apps in this category. A good start but needs work. How about a way to turn off the screen break when getting too close to an object?

martyn willowmoon cook

Awesome app This app is brilliant. Bring out more apps like this also I have a idea instead of still time have the time move in sync with time zones still love the app it's one I'll keep using ,keep up the good work ;-)

Richard Horsfall

Liked it but controls available on my old samsung s2 are not there on my new s5. Please fix

Jacob Sessions

Awesome graphics, lack of info Why would I pay for info and pictures I can go online and get for free?

Karla Cristina M. Reyes

Great but... If you zoom out the outer planets is bigger than the sun so I wish that the sun it is on real size, it's to small and the inner planets is like burning the sun, And put the asteroid belt, kuiper belt and Oort cloud and you can see the milky way ( not the background, the milky way and you can see the sun on there ) and some moons is dollar so you should make it like a earth's moon if you didn't know the surface of it and the dwarf planets too


Really cool Best app I've seen, most aren't detailed like this one. I love the part when the earth comes to close, to fast and the glass on your phone breaks. LMFAO You went above and beyond on with that idea.

Anaisha Rai

Excellent app Excellent app for kids to understand the solar system. Provides easy navigation.. Must try..

Azrudi Mustapha

Great This app is beautiful, but are the orbits correct? I thought some orbits are elliptical. Also do planets turn on their own axis? I also thought not all planets orbit the sun in the same direction? Regardless, I'll pay for this app. Oops I just bought it!

Howard Washington

Wow, a keeper...! Works great on Moto Droid RAZR Max HD, cool 3d graphics...!

Sandeep Shukla

Awesome Feels like i am flying in space without wings hehe... Good job developers you made me give you 4 stars for this one

Michael Macleod

Good app It's good enough for any one I like it!!!

Никита Шмаков

Watch If I knew what you feel really good at the video on YouTube

Matthew Vess

Darn good app LGV3, Galaxy Tab3, S4 Make it easier to move around and you get 5 of 5 stars plus!Good job otherwise.Really accurate and stunning visual effects!Designed by an obvious genius who is also insane!WELL DONE!!!oh, I am going to purchase the paid version

Sherri F

LOVE! So much fun, and very interesting! Loaded with information and great images. Thanks so much for all the work involved in putting this app together. ✨

Scott Sylar

great effects and visuals enjoy using it..Hey, I think im related to the maker of it. Family name goes back to Oberdorf.

Shaun Santos

Yip. This is awesome. Great visuals and graphics. Easy to use and maneuver. Try zooming in really quickly on an object

Janine Boguslawski

Pocket planets Great app but they dont explain how to use it.mainly because there is a app you must pay for with all the goodies.Thats why theres big money signs next to the moons and planets.i wouldve given it a five if i didnt feel so shafted.but i took alot to make this is well worth it,with all the planets and moons.

Shekar Paul

Best app I came across A must for students and for every body.

Charlie Brinker

It's like your in a star ship exploring the solar system

Guillermo Filippini

Nice and fun app Very nice app.. I like it a lot

dave oneil

No info Maybe I just never figured it out but there is 0 info about any planets here. All u do is fly about the solar system but its not great

Imtiaz Jamadar

It was really Awesome. The graphics are awesome... ???? nice one Bruno

migz velez

Migz velez Very nice i love the developer of this game , guys had commented are happy i will join to you all i live in makati city where do you live? Please comment back☺☺☺

Vijay Kumar

Astronomy Excellent app for the education.

Iyad Al_Ubaidi

Very nice and educational.thank you.

Hjghf Jhfh

I loved it and free and hd pa

yash hajare

Awesome This app just takes you to the depth of space. I love pocket planet

Juan Moral

Love it Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known....C.Sagan

Andrea Goodchild

This is awesome!

Tony Cruz

I love it thanks it thanks

Zamman Ali


Aaron Castillo

Cool my work here is done

Johnny Needham

Sweet Love your app, all I ask is for easier to read text, for us eyeball-challenged oldsters. But I get a surprise every time I use it, and that's good!

Richard Macardle

I think this is really cool and educational too. Finding my way around planets moons and sun's.

Rizwana Markande

All about science Liked it very much

Sarada Krishna

Great Awasome experience

Isaac Shuell

I don't know why Almost everything is a dollar sign shape I mean come on why is it going this way I want to see the objects that are Dollar sign shaped the RIGHT WAY WAY WAY!

Princess Alis

Love this app I love science so much and it was fun in this app i love this so much

Jamari Glass

I wish it had a solar eclipse

walter bishop

Great. Not some useless fancy app

Faan Van Rooyen

Amazing app Gives you an excellent idea of the scale of the solar system

Gazzain Khan

My name is gazzain and i am 10 years old this is a very very frod and there no make make planet. Planets are visible but when we touch them go inside and now my screen has crack when I go to earth or other any planet

Simon Ponce

The whole galaxy right in the palm of your hands Awesome!!!


Wonderful app! It looks like a lot of time and effort went into creating it. My children love using this app as much as I do. Thanks.

Sanjay Nema

Cantrols are very bad Its cntrols are very bad I didn't see perfectly planets

Razziel Colón

Its funny It will crack the screen when you go too fast

Trivendra Singh Ghritlahre

Fantastic Easily rome in space and can know about planet more easily

Alishaa Zahwa Fatima

I loved it ?? I love science,and history!? I'm 10 years old This is a very fun game,but Why there is a money symbol on the space?? but this was fun!? but I still don't know how to search informations..?

Tina Alfy

I know many things about the space from this program

Samantha Perkins

Aggravated Loved this on old phoneunloaded and can't find menu option

Liked it but If the rotation can be a bit slower it would be better.

Imtiaz Jamadar

It was really Awesome. The graphics are awesome... ???? nice one Bruno

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