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17 May
Pocket Mine 2

Posted by Roofdog Games in Arcade | May 17, 2016 | 243 Comments

Apk file size: 47.0 MB

Get on a mining adventure in this sequel to the addictive hit game! Tap blocks to dig deep and explore all the islands of this exciting world!

Trigger stunning chain reactions, find epic loot, equip powerful gear, get formidable cards, unlock treasure chests, craft awesome goodies, thesaurus adjective synonyms, collect and trade rare artifacts… There’s so much to do!

* Explore dozens of beautiful islands
* Customize characters with powerful gear
* Build your deck of cards to reach new digging depths
* Trade with friends to complete artifact collections
* Compete in daily events against your friends and the world
* Save your game to the cloud and enjoy it on any device
* Enjoy frequent updates and events with fresh content

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Please use the in-game support feature to report any issue and give us feedback.

Thanks for digging!

Whats new

    - Increased gear limit to 1000. Use the new options to batch recycle your gear!
    - Fixed adventure islands that were randomly unlocked
    - New adventure island (#34)
    - Gas explosion delayed (makes it more powerful!!)
    - Gear inventory is now limited to 500 items.
    - Improved gear recycling filters
    - Improved search filters in Museum
    Thanks for playing!
    Please report any bug or issue to [email protected]

Roofdog Games part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 17, 2016. Google play rating is 85.5159. Current verison is Actual size 47.0 MB.

Download pocket-mine-2.apk 47.0 MB


Kim Kirchoff

Great Game, Love It Its awesome, you just gotta play for yourself.

jordan duvall

Good but Each update the loading screens take longer and longer... And since about two updates ago there's a new bug. Sometimes the character just won't move...

Stacy Hollis

Pocketmine games are great! Both 1 and 2 I have spent countless hours on, and I have loved them both. Diamonds aren't too hard to come by and saving them to buy premium items is pretty easy. Good time waster!

Tailor Baye

Ciro are you purchasing virtual goods?!! Love the game.??? ⌚? for sure. I would love to be able to change the gear of the pre-loaded characters with the cosmetic gear. Just a suggestion. ☺ Game sometimes gets a bit laggy. Don't know if my end or yours.. Could be mine. But overall good game. Unfortunately I uninstalled PM1. Sorry?...pls 4gv

Brian Fields

What the crap? The game cheats you out by laying a vine of obsidian the whole way across the board. This has happened more than once. I don't know how people are getting almost 300m on the daily depth.

Ryan Adamson

Great fun If you liked the last, this ones better. Lots of little things that are better. Like money blocks only take one hit. And the treasure crates don't take durability from your pick.

Joshawah Mills

What Happened???!!! I loved the first pocket mine and also the 2nd game as well. But as of here lately, even after cleaning my phone, the game is freezing up and at times not even loading! This happened shortly after the most recent update, I also have spent money on this game as in how I love the game and its an excellent time killer, please fix the problems and I will continue to be a loyal player and give a 5 star rating, also what happened to extended life???

Lee Bowen

Addicted Since latest update recycling artifacts is hit and miss, tapping them on my phone used to be instant, now can take around 3 minutes to get 60 tapped in to recycle. Tap tap tap and nothing registers. Better than the first with friends leagues and different areas to dig. No need for in game purchases to progress. 5 stars.

Antonio Velazquez

Great just a few requests I've passed every level up to 27 and i loved it, I want the new levels to come out already. Also I don't like the prestige on the hammers cause it takes to long to gather the money and it stops growing by 5 points. And I would request that the worms move faster.

Sascha Castle

Shenanigans I love the game, I really do. But when ruby stash says "jackpot 100 rubies" and I have played that mode about 1000 times and never hit the jackpot it's shenanigans. Fix this please. And please address this with me and I will 5* this game

Alex Weinhold

Lags now I love this game, I played the first for countless hours, but since last update it lags really bad and the loading times are awful, the new tablet mode is nice but it lags something fearce when u play it. Plz fix.

Karlee Breanna

Loading screen sucks Loading screen is toooo slow and laggy and I had a hole crap load of artifacts sent to me and the thing crashed and now I didnt recieve any of the artifacts and the person who sent them, didn't get them back and I just lost out on all of the 13 island artifacts.. >[

Ashley Nelson

I love it! But if you could maybe not charge so much for the pick hits. And what is the premium upgrade that will reset my pick?

Connor Painchaud

Pocket Mine is so addicting! Almost perfect except I would like it if you could play with your friends connecting with Google+

clifford c

I give it two thumbs up and borrowed another to give it 3 Been playing this game for a little while and can't seem to stop

Robert Bastow

Love it but... I love the game but since the most recent update the game freezes when I try going in to mine.

amber carroll-fosszno

I do not like the new layout if you where going to make that type of change at least give the optoin of how many columns to use.I am thinking about uninstalling it

ian frenchi

Awesome game, super addicting, played for 3 hours the first time I opened it

Jason Nikolic

Tablet mode is unfair If you're on a phone you will never beat the scores of people on tablet. For example they now have 13×300 potential for precious galore and phone is stuck at 7×300. How do you developers plan to address this issue?

Drea Aguilar

Addicting!! Better then most mining games out there lol

Stanley Livingston

Horrible First day it was good make your own characters??? Doesn't work levels?????? I don't like that idea energy ruins it and the next day all my progress is gone

Jessica Lawrence

Good game Has new things from the first one that's cool. Wish you could earn energy packs easily.


GREAT GAME This new version of pocket miner is much more fun than the old tapper the last one was


I'm really liking this game it's fun and it's really addictive it's simple yet fun

Jedi Lewis

Fun and original. Hours of fun, but just make sure you have your brightness up.

Gabrielle Nickerson-Pierpont

vwsm4328 become my friend! I love playing this game just wish i was able to add friends easier...

Charity Taylor

Addicting game This game is simple enough for my child to play, but fun and complex enough for me to enjoy.

Buzz Baker

Pocket Mine 2 Way better and faster than the original. Glad to be back in the mines. They did alot of R&D to make players happy once again. Thank you - BUZZ !!!

Dylan Nunez

Simple and sweet Doesn't beat you over the head with ads when you play and is still enjoyable without cash spending.

Jesus Flores

Yea This game is going to help me in extream road trip


Mad I got reset and i have deleted this app

Paul Taylor

Fun little timewaster Cute little game. Could use more interesting modes.

kchristian 123456789

Awesome You need to get this game way better than the first one

Meghan Asher

Lots of fun Much better than the first one... Love it!

Ian Price

Great game the first game was great too.

Garry Hunsley

Wahooooo!!! First one was a top game... This is even better!

Im Merdock

Amazing Download it and you won't regret it

Daniel Kiefer

Love it Amazingly fun and great time waster! I play this game non stop

ryan wiersema

Pocket mine 2 Love this game. Awesome time killer. I need some new levels already!


I Love The Game My only problem is the stamina or energy bar it makes the game limited


Wonderful game. Playing with pleasure. One only thing, - please, add more slots for custom loadout's. Thank you.

Emily Heinzl

$$$$$$$ This is a really fun game; however, it is blatently obvious that the developers are getting wayyyyy too money hungry. This can be attributed to the amount of mines that cost rubies to enter.... Sincerely debating whether to delete the app because its ridiculous. Very disappointing. Been a fan since the beginning of P.M. original.

Sam P

:) Really fun game, it's something to enjoy if you have a little break, Not so much a game to sit and enjoy for a long period of time, but fun no the less

isaac guidry

Good game In my opinion honesty not that good of a game bit still fun to play if bored like while in the car or at a restruant or even at a game

Jamie Bell

Possibly the greatest most addictive game ever! Possibly the greatest most addictive game ever! I've been playing this for months and never seem to get board. There's not many things as satisfying as using Dan to slice through a mine like a knife through butter or using Sven to get 15k with a Precious loadout. Good fast developers to. The latest update broke on my phone, but the developer was fast at working with me to fix the problem with a new update.

JR Fresh

Looking for a fun and rewarding game? I'm lvl 107 and I will tell you this: This game is awesome and feels very rewarding with all the crafting and collecting! 5mins til my class starts? Just play a quick game make a quick 30k! But, the game loads slow on my Note 4 and explosions make it lag. The hard events are really challenging and fun and rewarding, but their normal versions are not rewarding at all. Edit: the devs seem not to care about reviews, they have reduced the rewards further and made labyrinth even more unrewarding! Dropped a star.

Iysha Evans

Enjoy mines I love this game the updates are great one thing none of my friends have this game so can you make like a social community part where I can trade and ask other people from over the globe?!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

Theodore Schroemer

Great game This is a great time killer, and I'm glad you added the "quick recycle" option. It really bugs me that you only get 5 energy, though, especially since you can only ip the number by paying. I'd give 5 stars if you made it just 10.

Mats Kjær

Pay to win Ever since the update, where you can pay every game for tokens, I have considered it unfair to "non-payers". And now i have quit the game. But im sure you make more money now than you did before. And thats all that matters.

Kong Lor

Health blocks? Can you add health blocks. This block is what makes fun to get lower into the mines.

Adrian Gallardo

Wow Was addicted to the first pocket mine. Now I'm addicted to part 2. Really good game once again. Can't wait for part 3.

w martin

NOT fun anymore! My verdict after several weeks of play is that you have put way to much on the screens and far too many variations in gear and game play. 2 hit blocks! ? 3, 4 and more. Drills that stop at the red blocks. At least I could choose to hit the block twice! The payout after a dig went to less than half after updating was an entertaining game, now over nuked it to the point that me and mine both feel the same. NOT WORTH PLAYING! your new version is way OVER done.

Larry Nutter

Dope. Tons of new additions to the old one and realy enjoy the gear that drops that add bonuses to your miner.

Aleem Janjua

Still uber addictive Same game as the old one, but new addition's make it better. Good job developers!!

James Latif

Epic game I played it on my Motorola droid x and it lagged A LOT. I was going to rate it poorly because of lag but that would be ignorant to do that.So I used my tablet and NO LAG :-D haven't done much since I hooked on other games but I've played regularly now and awesome game. I can see a third one..... Maybe

Taylor McCarty

Pretty fun for 1 finger game Would like an endless mode but I guess that's what the first one is for

Kelli Watts

I love this game, but... I really miss the health blocks, too.

Steph L

Super addicting but.. Screen loading time takes way to long. It kills the rush when you wanna keep on playing.

Kristi Keene

Needs improvement I loved the first Pocket Mine. This one is fun too, but the lack of health blocks is a MAJOR let-down in comparison to the original. Also, the challenges don't offer nearly enough incentive to bother with the frustration of completing them.

Shawn McGlothen

Superdude awesome game Just one thing, what are the keys for. I mean when we mine the chests they automatically open up so i think there is no reason for the keys unless they unlock levels and stuff. But other than that, Its awesome game.

Jason Lodge

I fink this game is really fun but I fink you can make it beter

Christopher Kellar

Deeper than it looks Lots of fun. Once you figure out how all the cards and gear synergize, you start to realize that rubies aren't everything. Every weekend is a real challenge & very rewarding. No need to spend any money, although I did on increasing max energy & to support the dev team. This is like any good freemium game: you only NEED to spend money if you're impatient. Otherwise, grind for your gear/cards/rubies/cubes to experience the solid game mechanics! The devs should be proud of this product, it's a keeper for me.

Edgar Cheng

One of my best games It runs smoothly,with great graphics. Has improved a lot with the things included

Dimage Sapelkin

One of the best mobile games if you ask me A lot of fun! Great continuation of the series!

Donovan Elmquist

Loved the first one, seeing how this will go (:

Trevor Morgan

I love this game I seriously live this game. I play it every day. This one is even better than the first, but I do have one request. PLEASE BRING BACK HEALTH CRATES. I loved it in the first one and I miss that feature

lexie campolongo

Yay I love this game. It does freeze here and there and u do have to spend a couple dollars if u want to advance quickly but all in all great game. Its the only game ive played for weeks now loveeee it thanks devs

bonet ramsey

I love this game! I play this game on the daily. Especially since they added the memory game. Great job developers!

Bryan Luna

Awesome! This game is sooo cool i even wake up 7 in the morning to play it

Jason Smallwood

One if the best games on my LG G2

Ahmed Abduljabar

Love it One of the best game

Elizabeth Ahearn

Awesome! Discovered this game while messing around on my sister's phone. Had to download it for myself!!

Lili Botting

❤❤ I loved the original. Pocketmine 2 is so awesome! Keep up the great work! ??❤

Aidan P-Sulayman

Awesome I like it. Its so addicting!!!

Leslie Norris

Pocket Mine 2 Strange. No real explanation on what to do with items or how to get stars.

Hsojbm Mattern

could be better The energry ruins it sometimes


Decently fun, without paying They definitely want their money, but without spending it's a pretty good time waster game

Rhogog Rhogog

Quite addictive, rubbies are not hard to get for free

Marquita Hartsfield

Addictive I have no other words for this game. It's fun and time consuming but easy to walk away from of you need to.

Jennifer Mitchell

Great time waster!:-) Love both the pocket mine games!!

Dashel Hunter

Great game but... It lags and its annoying but besides that it's a great game

Nick Turner

Videos don't work Every time u watch a video it don't give u anything

Teguh Budi

Crash Crash on result screen each time I got an item. Will change the rate after the bug fixed

Ayden Amador

Love it Personally the game is great and I'm a total n00b

Jeff Green

Fun game but Tis a shame, I'd sure like to play it longer then 5 minutes before i run out of lives...

Barbara Hughes

Frustrating :( Since New update, game keeps freezing up my phone. If this keeps up,I will have to uninstall it .

Kerbi Groenewoud

It needs more levels. Once completed, the game gets very boring and repetitive.

Coltniss Evergreen

Very fun. Very simple.

hana kulim

Funnnnnn Addictively funn


Freezes Fantastic game everything about it is great but it freezes everytime. I can't load the casino or factory and it freezes on the loading screen for the jungle island everytime it try. Also freezes if you get more than one power up at a time

Tendy Hermansyah

Upgrade system Need upgrade system so we can upgrade any gear to lvl 10 by sacrificing green cubes. I often get very good gear, only the lvl not good. OFTEN FREEZE and i have to force out of game. The only way not to freeze is playing offline. Ranking system in adventure often NOT SHOW even my wifi is good. Adventure Ranking system should be for all people around the world to motivate each player replay old islands. Fix this bug. Before never like this. 4 star because lazy to play it cause it freezes every often (O_o)

jay macc

Epic,fantastic Do police,mcCdonalds suits and cars,guns you should add guns then then could be bad guys with guns stealing the treasure and you shoot them to mind the treasure but at the end of the round you have twentey minutes to collect as much as you can please please could you add it

Caryn Ng

4 stars First off, this game is creative and IMMENSELY ADDICTIVE. The only thing that made it 4 stars was the number of gems used to purchase life. Seriously...? 10 gems for 5 lives? Why not 5 gems for 5 lives? Also, why not make the lifes stack when we level up? It would be more convenient and interesting that way.

Blue Flame

Great game loved it Normally wen u got games like this is sucks u can't by rent thing because to expensive not this one it's great

rylee duggan

Great app Great app, loved it, but wouldn't mind if you could trade gear with ya mates, cheers, but over all great app.

Joshua Koehler

Perfect toilet game. I primarily play while pooping, and this does the trick and keeps me regular.

Rizky Arika

Good game But, sometime the game time error if we are not online.

Ekedo Fhang

Decent Not bad, timer goes a little fast and speeds up randomly on occasion, otherwise decent game play

Zach Villamor

3 stars Can you pls add quality option idk why this app is lagging on my phone

Terry Bolin

Plz add a mode where you can mine freely

Karina Mojica

What a gem This is a great game. Love it.

Bryce Snarr

Good exciting gameplay, slow to gain energy


Addictive but... Keep on hanging half way in d game

Marc Davis

Marc The games okay for what it is worth a play takes time to get into the game

Tha' N.I.C.

Great game!!! Very fun and addicting.

Mark Payne

This is how you do a sequel!


Great game This is an amazing game 10/10

Betty Ortega

Would give it 5 stars if it adds more levels

Lindsay Draughn

GREATEST GAME EVER!!!! Cool game love the first one and this one!!

Thriller Johnson

Pocket Mine 2 Good game but have no idea what earth , water , fire etc. resistance is !?

Donald Vogel

It keeps fezing on me

Nevin Emmanuel

Destroyed my file , buggy but good CS Always been buggy, destroying artifacts without notice, but when my file was erased while swapping on my wife's phone! My phone was being replaced, and while switching Google+ profiles my file was replaced. 145 lost levels and equipment. What's the point of cloud services that don't work, or even do worse. I could have made my own backups. Customer Service helped, but couldn't replace the artifacts. Gave up starting all over again on the seasonal artifacts. Tried to start again, and I'm back to level 1.

Joseph rowe

Good Game Been enjoying this game for many levels :) It would be nice if better gear would be easier to obtain. I'm past level 200 and I haven't had 1 card that I've made come out as a level 10. And most of the time, I have to recycle them because they're not helpful combinations.

Cath Cabangon

More updates please!!! Its an addicting game! Sometimes it takes a while yo load though but its ok. More types of cards please, epic cards are too few, like the pet cards. Additional type of bombs would be a great addition as well. :)

Svetlana Dorans

Great little game Wonderful, easy and simple time waster. They reward you for playing and you don't have to pay to win in this game like so many others. Love it.

Roby Syuhada

Love this! So fun and exciting. Expecting for more artifact!

Bo Stapleton

Great game but becomes impossible to reach the bottom.

Andrew Hamilton

Great Game Fun, easy, cartoony, and passes time nicely. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes these genres of games. :)

Bogdan Lazar

Omg, another energy system! Companies who introduce an energy system that restricts you from playing should go bankrupt. Give me ads any day, but this is just retarded.

Alec Aler

Awesome Awesome game but like the first one,the kill joy part is the energy meter

Adam Johnson

GG Good game for kill some time waiting also good for adverts.

Jennifer Weary

Love it I've been addicted to this game since I downloaded it. I also love that you don't "Have" to spend $ to get the "Rubies". They are easily earned so the game is not frustrating.

Chris J

For when you just want to explode things.

Soowei Tan

Great game to kill time

Julie Bearman

Addictive!!!! Takes a little while to learn everything, but once you do and get friends to trade with, it is hard to stop!!! Love it!!

Clinton Truong

Suggestions An auto fuse option would be a great feature

Myint Wu

my game history is gone i lost everything after i updated this game. Suck off!!

Rgw epic

Great It's awesome entertainment for hours and no flaws

Dennis Norton Jr

Pocket mine 2 Insanely addictive. Love it.

Brett Cooper

Interesting game A nice time waster.

lisa wilson

Won't let me open new update Download the "mandatory" update and it won't let me open now !?!

savannahkittyAJ catlove

Great time killer this app is very fun!

Jason S

Simply awesome Very deep and addictive game. Great job by the devs.

Betty Ortega

Thank you for adding a new level! Hopefully it will be faster next time! !!!!


6 stars If there was an option to put 6 stars, and you could only do it for one app ever, it would be this app.

Cynical Noir

Could be better Pretty good could be better though

Zeus Kris

Pocket Mine 2 Love number 1 so I'm sure 2 will be just as great

Averi La cognata

Ohhhh yahhhh It is awsome

Rosen Valchinov

The perfect game I love this game, its so fun 5 stars

Sa Sa

Saleh It's a very interesting and good game

Listiani Kumala Sari

Fun all the time

Nathan DeJarnett

Battery It's a good game other than it brings down your battery fast

Lucas Ellis

Hours of fun Fascinating and gravitating

Sunny Yan

Godlike Love the graphics!

arik schwartz

Hard to put down

Tristan Snyder

Fun Really good

Pamela Holleman

Addictive Tempts one T o try to beat past depths as well as the records of your friends who are also playing...

Andrew R

Update Thanks for the forced update that's lost all my progress when I actually liked your game. Uninstalled now.


This game has already earned my love! Better than the first one. The first one started to get boring after-tax while. But this one is much more balanced and fair!

Raven Gurley

Its awesome This its a very fun game to play

Tamara Eitel

I've never had any problems with the game.

Heidi B

Lives Having limited lives is the only thing stopping me from playing more

Pipatpol Deethanasuwan

The app crashed. After the last update, the game freeze while playing and have to force close. Energies was used and the exclusive mine was consider played (ie. May mine) but got no loot and money. Please fix it. Thank you.

Clorinda lucas

Basic but love it The game is so simple but yet so good love this game

Jacob Broide


Patricia Carbajal

This game is amazingo

Brooks Stedman

Addictive Very fun and addictive game

Tendy Hermansyah

APRIL MINE BUG Need upgrade system so we can upgrade any gear to lvl 10 by sacrificing green cubes or paper money. My pickaxe has maxed out at 270 hits, need more pickaxe hits level. Trying the game for this freakingly fast 2nd new update, smooth game in every mine EXCEPT APRIL MINE still same, its freezing in 168m depth. When entering game again, lost all artifacts n APRIL MINE cant be played anymore. Its hopeless. -1 star

kuchiki rukia

perfect game absolutely love it. i had so much fun playing it ❤

Cody Breatchel

Love this game love how it has cards just like game of dice Btw definitely recommend downloading gam of dice

Emily Diamond

Fun and addicting I play this whenever I've got 5 minutes to kill.

Tyler Hatzenbeller

Awesome customer service! Had an issue and it was quickly resolved by the customer service! Thanks again!

Lili Botting

❤❤ I loved the original. Pocketmine 2 is so awesome! Keep up the great work! ??❤

Travis R

Not worth reinstalling all progress lost. Don't waste your time. After playing this game for months, I uninstalled due to a lack of updates. Now months later I install it again but all progress lost and I even used my google id to sign in like before. Just absolute junk.

K Bailey

I haven't had any problems until the last update. Now everything's super laggy all of a sudden. And now, on top of being laggy, all of my rubies are gone. I'm not impressed.

Tom B

Super fun game but deleted everything I love this game, it was very fun but sadly it deleted everything i had, including about 600 gems which i played other games just to get for this game because it is such a good game and i hate giving it a one star but i will gladly change it to 5 stars if my problem is fixed. Thank you

jasper agbay

Lag... i'm a fan of this game that is why iam so happy when there is update but when i update the game, it was too slow, then when i started playing april mine my device was hung up and i need to re start again but the artifacts are gone.

Andy Asalie

I lost my data I have reached level 53 in this game but suddenly when i played this game today, it became level 43 and i lost many kind of card, collection and my money. I will uninstall this game if this condition isn't changed

Danny Easterling

Having Troubles updating I love this game but with recent update apparently which I have to have, its been saying I need to update but my Google play says its up to date.

Micheal Grooms

Gay If I could put a no star rating I would. I was playing the game and got pretty far in it and turned my phone off because I had a big test at school and turned my phone back on and I had no data on the game that was saved whatsoever so there ya go this game sucks and y'all should be fired

Graham Wright

Brilliant progression Very good puzzle rpg time waster, just updated my OS and still had my saves, every update has improved the game so that tells me the devs are on point. Lvl 92 and my most played game on my phone. Loving it.

Екатерина Бандина

Thank you for improoving the problem with game data after updating. I love this game

Henri Guaqueta

Arcade at its greatest The is a awesome sequel to pocket mine is addictingly fun

Sim Li Li

I have level 70 what's happening after the update my level become 56 .what's is happening please do something

Genesis Terchiak

You don't get the free rubies

Tlord Chain hanger

I love it It's like minecraft

Jenna B

Incredible game!!!! I'm totally addicted

Alana Candy

Wtf got 2 level 30. Left game went bck 2 it next day alk progress lost back 2 very start deleting this game gggrrrrrhhhhhh

Muhammad Ilham

Ohno Erased my data by the last update

john jcb

Very addictive Been on this game since its launch. Level 148. 240 hits and prestige 4. Also got 500k getting a bit boring now but always new updates. Got first one too. Can you make it that when you have full stars on cards and doubles. That you can use the spares. Instead of selling them for green squares please.

Moises Covarrubias

AWWESSOME!!!!!!!!!!!?????? This game is DEFINETLY the best game ever!!!! I've heard that some. Babies have problems in there head when shaked. The haters that rated this game badly are probably amongst that group.

Michael Oshilesi

Is nice on it own and i like it D pick hammer upgrade is nonsense, since wen av been upgrading it i dnt see any effect n difference, n it wil neva reach d destination. We av to play with energy, then dey should make d energy ticket to b much. If u want to make it like ticket style den make d game av much energy to play before it exhaust cos the ticket style quick finish den wat ar we enjoying in it. Make another challenge to play to get energy tickets.They should add a big explosive cherry bomb wit a strong wave dat wil clear all area

Adian Cardellini

Could be A lot better This game is good don't get me wrong it's just the pick maxing out at 200 is lame, the wait time when making items is way too long song as how you have to be online the entire time, having to recharge your customized player just cause you used them is stupid and only having 5 batteries severely limits playtime and takes away from the entertainment value. So yeah change some things and I'll give you guys a better review but with the game how it is 2 stars is all you'll get.

robin baljeu

Addicting The game is well made and really addicting to play. It is also perfect for wasting a few min of your time.

Ahsan Yasin

Waoooooooo, addicting, superb, This is truly an amazing game I've ever played .I've played innumerable games n also its first version, but this one iz awesome, highly recommended. Hope to have its more versionz roofdog games, plzzzzzzzz


Wow. Just wow. I love this game! a great upgrade from the first game, and I love all the new things that came in this one! I especially like the different game modes such as memory game and casino! keep up the great work!!

Crimson Black

Sweet Probably my favorite Android game to play. Just wish there was no energy limit

Michael Thomas

Great small amounts This game is a blast! However, having such a small amount of energy keeps it from being my favorite. Even purchasing the upgrade of energy only adds a little extra. Please increase that energy reserve.

shahrol zaman md nor

Addicted to it. The new version is even better. It seemed that all glitches has been repaired accordingly. Good job guys.

Hanna Uchiha

Good Game THIS game is fun, I love it, its addicting, and I think it would be fun for all ages.

Vincent Ruiz

Awesome This game is the $hit, energy based games suck. But this is still epic

C Thompson

Soooo ADDICTED 2 this game!!! Soooo ADDICTED 2 this game that I've NEED more islands 2 dig in! PLEASE add a BUNCH MORE!!! Plus I've already gone thru &collected almost all the artifacts . Don't want 2 uninstall & loose all my cards& gear so... PLEASE ADD MORE!!! I even have it on all my tablets& phones just so I can keep playing! Lol!

Riz snipe

Amazing Its just a cute fun game the graphics are cute and the game play is just fun if i could i would give it 10 stars though it does freeze

Nelson Correia

Pretty fun. Kinda pestering with the microtransactions, but otherwise an enjoyable game.

Tony Bar

Addicting Not enough energy top pay as much as I want...... ;)

nicely cooked casserole

Real cool Only problem is energy, but I can survive with that

Tendy Hermansyah

Not worth my time Need upgrade system so we can upgrade any gear to lvl 10 by sacrificing green cubes or paper money. My pickaxe has maxed out at 270 hits, need more pickaxe hits level. Trying the game for this 4th new update hoping no bug BUT.. Sometimes in any mine can freeze n forced close. When entering game again, lost all artifacts n MAY MINE cant be played anymore. Same old yet same old BUG again. Miss old times where no bugs in this game. -2 stars. Try SODA DUNGEON in playstore guys. Its better than this 1.

tony hernandez

Firehawk You know what would be cool, if you could have more than 5 batt cells to start. The game is cool by the way.

Tom Edwards

Fun and addictive One if the few games I would spend actual money on.

Melissa Favaron

Love it I love the new look. My kids and I are having a blast digging with our avatar. Keep up the great work!

Daniel Chan

It keeps telling me there's a timer error. So I can't access my factory or any of the daily tasks. Please help.

Tim Pearson

Show me which items are equipped ffs. Don't tell me in a little info box that I have to click out of.


Addicting Im having so much fun. Its addicting and rewarding.

Fabian Ortiz

Amazing I love it is addicting, I play it all the time, it's Amazing, I recommend playing it

Bradley Mullennix

Very casual and addicting fun We had enjoyed the original pocket mine. Pm2 was it on steroids. The challenges and quests are really enjoyable, and after a year of playing, is still a staple in our life and leveling up.

Tony Boyer

Liked it at first I loved this game but this last update changed something that limits my amount of gear. If it was limited before how did I get 1509? Level 122 prestige level hits 4. Now I have to dump alot of gear and then manage it? This was never an issue. Not problem for most I guess but since the update I choose not to manage something that wasn't a problem before. Thanks for the great game and a great time waster but I am done

Saurabh Tyagi

A good timepass It's a decent time pass game. Bit confusing about what the need of coal or stone. I suggest u guys to add a small help thing.

Natasha Roslan

Super cool Man i love this game yet there are certain things in which is pretty much a turn off. Firstly the character excess. Like if you permanently give us one character and we could customize it all we wanted without paying after using it nor ought to wait it'd be hella cool. And btw idk whether you're on maintenance or it is a bug but the events are not showing up

Zaccheus Sia

Easy and addictive Much like Pocket Mine 1, great game to kill time.


Good game The only thing I hate is the energy

Munkee Bone

Quick and easy to learn! If you're sick is all the game trying to be Minecraft, this is your game! B-) It's nothing like Minecraft. :-D

Windyll Pascua

Pocket mine 3 Is it possible to have a new version?hmmm i hope there will be,i really love it...hands up guys ? ? keep it up,i hope this comment might inspired you to do a new version?? I'm looking forward to that thank you

John Kufuor

Simply amazing Sieze the spare time you have kindda game. Fits around my busy schedule perfect.

Candice Brown

Keeps Freezing I love this game but I have played it on two of my devices and it keeps Freezing. I end up losing an energy and have to restart the whole game. Very frustrating.

Amanda Wallace

Yay Loved the 1st pocket mine and the 2nd is even better. Crazy card upgrades and details. Wish you could use cash more often instead of gems but besides that this game is awesome!


Challenging game I have been playing for awhile and have not gotten bored with this game.

Gage Collins

Truely thank you-Gage Helped me in time of need

Satana Bloom

Love the game but after having to reset my phone I can no longer install the game. Goes to 100% then says error...done this 4 times now and don't know why. Help me solve this and I'll give it 5 stars again!

Spahgetti Productions

Fun It's very fun i recommend you try it

Jaimie Tani

Cute and addicting, but gets difficult I love all the little animation details put into level and character design, and the game itself gets very addicting. The energy system isn't at all bad, given that you have to only wait 10-15 min rather than an hour to regenerate one energy. However, the later levels get virtually impossible to complete even with prestige upgrades and good cards/equipment. This is the only part that feels like a real money grab to me.

Michael Oshilesi

Is nice on it, it has no Enemy and Boss to defeat D pick hammer upgrade is nonsense, since wen av been upgrading it i dnt see any effect n difference, n it wil neva reach d destination. We av to play with energy, then dey should make d energy ticket to b much. If u want to make it like ticket style den make d game av much energy to play before it exhaust cos the ticket style quick finish den wat ar we enjoying in it. Make another challenge to play to get energy tickets.They should add a big explosive cherry bomb wit a strong wave dat wil clear all area


Never know what to expect The new game is so amazing with different choices to chose from times 1,000,000. Let's see coal woah, metal magical, butter shiny, diamond?, EMERALD? Turquoise?, purple stuff?, REDstone......? So yah you get the point this game is 100 percent the bomb

Johnny Earle

Minor faults in my opinion that downgrades the game Just simply to many items to collect as we can only use 3 of it at a time really ??? Decrease that and decrease the game price to upgrade the digger, and maybe increase more digs per upgrade as only 5 for more than 1k is nuts, and reach 200 hits and go to restart to be able to end at 210 then ? Just let it be able to upgrade from point 1 to point 2 nothing in between. The 'restore actor' want to use to dig with thats dum should just be available ,

Lili Botting

........ Use to love this game. But it's been over a month since I've been able to see my friends or request gifts. But for some reason I can send gifts friends requests. Someone said they was going to look into it for me coz I've never had this issue till over a month ago.... And still haven't heard anything.

Xx_ Blade _xX

Great but.... Totally addicted i find myself playing every day! But recently I've had the problem where I open chests and get gear and after the run is over I don't all the items. Example I open 10 chests in a run and get 6 gears and 4 cards after the run is over I get the cards but only 2-3 gears. Pls fix this issue I've lost a few legendaries due to this. Very annoying.

Aura Qwarrcall

Amazing, just one complaint. This is an incredibly fun game, but there is one thing that needs improvement.... The difficulty curve quickly becomes way too steep, to the point where grinding money for the next few dozen Pick Upgrades, and then Prestige Upgrades and repeating becomes a very boring and monotonous chore

Christy Deresinski

CHANGED MY RATING!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH THIS GAME NOW! I have spent a lot of money in this game to get where I am at. Just to notice that the game isn't holding up to their end of the bargain. Let me give u an example: supposed to have 290% more bomb crates based on the stackable cards and gear I have on my loadout, well the higher I get in levels the less I have. I even changed my head gear to detect crates just to make sure I wasn't just missing so many. I counted only 10 in the whole run . WOW! That's really 290% more.

Camping Online

Great Game Loved the first game and this one is even better in almost every way. The game is a lot less fun without gems but I've got 1,000+ gems for free using tapjoy which makes the game even more fun.

Ravyn Hamn

1/2 Star would be more accurate Seriously to make this game impossible to play with out WiFi and fast data? That was my whole reason for playing, that i could play anywhere anytime. very disappointing.

William Bulfer

Not as Good as the 1st Pocket Mine Where's the infinite mine? I loved that about the first but in this sequel all I seem to see is a candy crush style progression map.

Leticia Marques

Addictive and fun! Too bad the adventure only has 34 lvs... Will you be updating with more levels? I finished all in less than a month...

Chimera Quixotic

Loved it! Great game. But the need to connect to net to craft items is a pain tho... Hope you'll make it accessible offline. Thanks


Great game, one problem Can you make it so that you can edit your load outs without spending 1 energy to ready them up. Clearly a money grab.

Liam Haldek

Love this game, although there seems to be an issue with the time-based features. Even when I am connected to a network, the factory and Lucky Hit do not work. Please fix this.

Khalib Jones

One of my favorite games It's a great time killer , so many levels to play you can never get bored

sid smith

Update It's a great game and would've got 5 stars but this new update made all the timers stop working. Now my factories are full and will never complete...

HaZarD-Playz Fames

liked it Everytime I go mining, it wastes 2 energy. I press go then i have to do it again...

Vera Nightfury

Nice A lot of fun but not enough total energy.... I hate energy limitations with a passion. Really fun but restricted.

andrew walker

Pocket mine 2 This game is pretty cool. Wish there were more things to explode it would make the game that much better!

Mark Weimer

Uniquely fun game If your sort of a rock hound or even liked "dig doug" back in the day, you will really enjoy this game. Fun, easy yet challenging, and addictive at times.

PennY Low

After updates the timer stopped and it takes forever for my factory work to be done.

Barbara Hughes

Newest update :( Game is even worse. Down to 2 game options. Losing interest.

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