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30 Jan
Pocket Git

Posted by André Restivo in Productivity | Jan. 30, 2016 | 93 Comments

Apk file size: 3.0 MB

Pocket Git is a powerful standalone Git client for Android with the following features:

★ Simple interface.
★ Clone repositories.
★ Support HTTP and SSH protocols.
★ Passwords and private keys (with passphrase).
★ Automatically capture Github and Bitbucket links.
★ Checkout local and remote branches, individual commits and tags.
★ Stage, unstage and commit.
★ Merge, create and delete branches.
★ Create and delete tags.
★ Create files and folders.
★ Edit files in a external editor (e.g. DroidEdit).
★ Revert changes to single files or complete working tree.
★ Push, pull and fetch from remotes.
★ Projects with more than one remote.
★ Graphical log.
★ View differences before commiting.
★ View differences for each commit.
★ View differences, for any file, between current working tree and HEAD.

Whats new

    ★ Search files by name
    ★ Other small fixes

André Restivo part of our Productivity and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Jan. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 85.5764. Current verison is 1.4.5. Actual size 3.0 MB.

Download pocket-git.apk 3.0 MB


Jeffrey Brusseau

Couldn't do what I needed it for. It takes a while to clone but it will eventually work (unlike Droidedit Pro's git funtionality). However opening the cloned repository also takes several moments every time you access it. It crashed on me several times in the middle of cloning and stageing. Also, I could not get it to do commits at all.

Paul Manias

Poor error reporting App doesn't provide any details if a clone fails

Katharina Sabel

Decent app The import process seems a little too complicated. It would, for example, be great if the app could log into github and get a list of github repo.

Mees Boeijen

Works great when it does. I'm having issues with pushing. I get the notice 'Push finished', but nothing has actually been pushed.

Yosi Levy

Very nice looking It looks very good and has great functionality. Maybe add an internal code editor?

Donnie Pennington

Easy to Use Just wish that it would let you know about 'non-fast forward' errors.

Bennett Todd

Seems to work perfectly It's comforting being able to edit the contents of a git repository from my phone.

Talfryn Dawlings

Great app Would be nice to have a way to use command-line git though, for those of us used to it from computers.

Ryan McQuen

Pretty good. But should be part of DroidEdit Pro. More importantly it should be OPEN SOURCE.

Davis Faigao

Gets things done and extremely user-friendly.

John Norman

Simple to set up, and it works.

Levon A. Akopian

Super! Very useful!

Geoff G

How do you connect with SSH Private Keys I am having the hardest time connecting with private and public keys. I keep getting a "Failed to clone" message. With my PC I just need to share my Public Key with the Remote Server. I would assume that is the same with my phone, but Pocket Git is asking for a Private Key. What private key does it need? Does anyone have any information on how to do this? Where is the documentation? Would possibly give a better review when I can actually connect to a remote repo

Ryan Beaman

Hands Down Best Git App I've been waiting for a decent git client on Android, but I think my wait is finally over.

Donovan Bell

Finally GREAT GIT! Finally a Git which actually works hand and hand with GitHub and Droid edit pro.

Jun Zhu

best git app in android ever bug: 1. log window won't show any character, only lines when the log is very large. cons: 1. very slow when open a large git repo (i know you need to scan file diffs, but it still not very pleasant to see and wait with a white screen) 2. hope that, when pull or push, like '34 commits have been pushed.' can be shown in the toast. 3.seems there's no fetch only function.

Ondrej Popp

Suggestions for improvement Because I read this is only an initial relase, I am just putting out three suggestions, 1) for some reazon diffs do not work on the files. They do work in the logs though. 2) I find the long press idea to access the stage/diffs menu not very convenient, it should be more easily accessible because I always check this information before I commit. And 3) There does not seem to be a way to get back to the repositories menu after you traverse into one, a minor thing.

Jared Morgan

Great for Jekyll Blogging If you like to use your Android device to blog with Jekyll, I would recommend Pocket Git. The interface is clean and self-explanatory. Unlike sGit, you can choose the location of the Git Repo on your device, and not have it buried in the /sdcard/Android/data/ folder. This feature is actually what made me purchase the app. At the time of writing this, the app was just at it's initial release. I can't wait to see what the developer has planned for this app. If there is a G+ Beta Testing group, let me know and I"ll begin contributing.

zeltak brisbane

amazing app Thx, this is trully an amazing app. i wonder if you could provide tasker integration or/and android intents so that one could auto pull/push based on time of day or other conditions Thx

Fery Wardiyanto

It's good but Would be great to see an option to add "global private key" instead of insert key every add an repo. Btw, sorry for my English. :)

rohit jangid

perfect just exactly what I needed.

George Steel

Is there any chance of being able to generate (or import) an app-specific ssh key that gets stored in internal private storage? That way the key isn't readable by all apps.

Mikhail Basov

The best git client for Android. Individual ssh key for each repository is very useful.

Steve Edson

Great Best git client there is. Works perfectly with Droid Edit Pro

Mark Kalder

Finally Finally a really really good git client for Android. Nice interface and all functionality needed, awesome!

Russell Wheeler

Works great! After having just lost git functionality in Terminal IDE, after upgrading to Lollipop on my N5, I had to go looking for something else to use. This seems to pretty much have it all. I agree with some other reviews that some of the icons/ui is a little tricky to understand but in all honesty that's based on using it for 15mins at 1am! Once I start using it on a regular basis, then I'll be flying. Thanks Andre, keep up the good work and new features.

Danilo Freire

Very good app! This is a great app, very easy to use. It took me only 5 minutes to figure out how it works and push my first file to origin/master on GitHub :-)

Robert Gleaden

This has to be one of the best apps I've ever used! The one thing I would ask if it was possible to have Atlassian Stash support (Not a deal breaker) but that would be fantastic!

michael jaeger

Best one on the market Nice UI! I tried lots, this is the first I found with password protected ssh-keys + pull/push + external editor + not-weird ui + smooth workflow. Awesome, would've paid 2-digit $$ on this!

Mark Haydn Berryman

Clean modern git gui Fantastic app, really clean interface though some ambiguity in icons. Does everything I need for now and the developer seems to be really on top of keeping it up to date.

Timur Kiyivinski

Awesome This application solved everything. I already had Vim & Python on my phone. With this, I can finally get work done away from my computer. Thanks!

Aaron Halford

Good start. App works great for basic clone tasks. Yet, I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure authentication for git(hub) pushes. App needs better documentation. A first use startup guide would be helpful. EDIT: App now has comprehensive documentation. Thanks!

Christopher Krier

Looking good so far Lacks a way to generate a ssh key for use... Must transfer from a computer for one... Other then that it looks promising. I am sure that ssh key generation will be added eventually.. I believe the next very important feature to add is sub-modules. I definitely really need it as soon as possible.

Marco Kellershoff

Fc on switching branch But other than that it's pretty decent.

Peter Shannon

Initial Impressions are Very Good

Lema Cices

Great No more navigate to page > sign in > find repo > download > unpack > wait > pain. Just clone it like its meant to be done. Wort every cent. Everything is supported.

Yurii Bratchuk

Please implement built-in text viewer Interface is awesome, but where text viewer???

Konstantin Stepanov

Wow! Just… Wow! Really seamless and good-looking app, especially for the first release! Keep up the good work!

Дмитрий Иванов

Almost perfect This is an only decent git client on android. Both well-looking and functional. André, I really appreciate your work! The only issue is navigation animation lag: when you select directory, it shows ripple animation in newly opened directory, which is a little frustrating.

Christopher Krier

Doing alright but lacking Lacks a way to generate a ssh key for use... Must transfer from a computer for one... Other then that it looks promising. I am sure that ssh key generation will be added eventually.. I believe the next very important feature to add is sub-modules. I definitely really need it as soon as possible. Corruptly Currently lacks new updates for missing features that is part of git

Sean Lynch

Works good for most simple things It would be nice for developing from my tablet in conjunction with droidedit app. It would be nice if it supported github 2 factor author, without a using a private key.

Tommy He

Awesome Git client probabaly the best on Andorid now Still needs some improvement on large number file handling. E.g. a filter to only show selected files. Fast scrolling based on first letter.

David Rose

Awesome little GIT client! Well worth the money, now I can work properly on my Nexus 9 without needing to RDP

Dmitriy Kuvandikov

Dmitriy Cool tool. Simple, intuitive, solid. And very cheap.

Stefan Weiberg

Best git client available for Android After I saw the option to ignore an invalid certificate in the notification bar everything works fine. An awesome app just like Droid edit by the same developer!

Smartphone David

Commit folders? How can I commit a whole folder without selecting each file seperately? If this feature doesn't exist in your app, please add it.

Branislav Holý

Great app but one feature's missing I like your app, it's a great git client. But... How can I show the log entries of a remote branch? I mean the equivalent of "git log origin/master" after fetching some commits from the remote. Is it possible? I'd like to know what commits I'll pull before I do that. Thanks!

Patrick Richardson

Failed to clone Whatever I try to do, I can't get any repo to clone on SD. I keep getting failed to clone, I think the app doesn't ever request SD card access and fails.

Josh J

Great Mobile Client Tried a number of other clients and this one is leagues ahead. Nice clean intuitive UI and everything just feels well designed for touch devices. The developer is quick to fix bugs and as it turns out, a really nice guy who clearly cares about his app. I had a few issues with bugs in previous versions but after contacting him, fixes came quick!

Gustavo Steigert

Works great Very nice UI, support for ssh, diff, branches, log, etc.

Barrie Turner

Great Git app Has everything I need, with loads more functionality for me to grow into. Alongside DroidEdit, the companion/standalone code editor, it's pretty close to perfect! Responsive developer: I asked for files to be sortable, it was implemented a few days later; almost certainly in the pipeline already but it's one of the *many* feel-good things about this app.

Gregory Horne

Good Application to Remotely Access Git Repository I liked this application especially when combined with the vim application on my BlackBerry Priv. The only issue is that the application cannot save to the microSD card which would be my preference.

Fery Wardiyanto

It's good but Still, no "global private key" options? C'mon, it's already the best git client for android i've ever used. But kinda annoyed when I have to add the same key every time I want to add a repo. Thanks.

Juergen Hock

not bad, but more expected I'm just missing "git add *" and "git status" commands. Manually add files in all sub-sub-...-directories is not fun. The status overview will be also an important extension.

Kees Rijnen

Just what I needed Has all the git features I need. Spend a few minutes in the help file and after that everything was easy to use. Also works great in combination with c4droid c++ compiling. I am all set now developing on Android. Keep up the great work

Ryan Johnson

Helpful Had an issue with the app. I emailed the developer and he responded quickly and helped me resolve my issue.

James McCandlish

Best GIT App Works amazing. Has all the features you would expect from a GIT client.

Jon Foster

"failed to clone" Really?!?! that is the most helpful message you could come up with. after copying and pasting parts of my url into various apps to validate them and putting in my password several times, that's all i get. i have no idea where to go from here... except to uninstall!

Leandro Henrique

2 factor auth and key Don't work 2 factor auth and ssh key with git. Work only simple pass with https

Ryan Goessl

Just what I needed Easy and straightforward to use. Let me backup my repos on my phone. Help guide was helpful. Looks slick. No complaints.

Juhani Lehtimäki

Looks good but doesn't work. "Failed to clone ..." error message doesn't tell me at all what is going on or how I can try to fix it. I really need an app like this but one that works.. :-(

Stephen Howell

Nice visuals but first git clone failed at remote object count. Rebooted, same deal. Fail.

Urias Rooney

Easy to set up I'm rather fond of the simplicity of https login and it works perfectly. If you use two factor authentication then in place of a password you need to give it a Personal Access Token. On Github this is under account settings.

Johann Petrak

Failed to clone Repeatedly fails to clone, does not show additional error information.

Timo A.

Awesome! Very useful app for developers! But please add a dark theme. It hurts my eyes to switch between DroidEdit and Pocket Git ;)

Ben Lawry

I have a git server on my home LAN with a static IP. I'm using it mostly to keep my code synced up between my desktop and laptop and thought it'd be great to clone to my android phone for backup purposes, so I downloaded this app. It won't clone no matter what I try, even if I'm using plain HTTP to serve the git repo and use the static IP of the machine serving it in the clone URL (this is not a DNS issue). I can clone to several other machines on my network just fine, so it isn't the server that's the problem. The app has a nice clean user interface, and I'd give it 5 stars if I could get it working.

chris smith

Does not work and the developer does not respond Unable to clone my directory. Developer will not respond. Bitbeaker worked first try and is free. I wasted my money on this app.

Chris Brinegar

built in text editor not working opens files to a blank page on marshmallow. diffs view fine. nice app other than this one issue.

randall houser

Works great! Great support from developer! Great app. I have a project repo server at home and manage ssh keys through a git repo. Had a problem with git/ssh using passwords ( for initial/new device setup.) I reported the issue to the developer and he responded quickly to figure it out. He fixed it shortly after and everything is working great!

Grant Gardner

Very impressed Design is great and the functionality of importing Bitbucket and Github repos is inspired. Only thing I'm missing is the --no-ff option for merge. With that, 5 stars for sure. Is it planned or an I missing a setting somewhere? On another point, a small suggestion might be to have the help article come up on first install; I got into trying to clone my Bitbucket repo and ran into an error before I thought to look there. Great program!

Jun Zhu

best git app in android ever bug: 1. log window won't show any character, only lines when the log is very large. cons: 1. very slow when open a large git repo (i know you need to scan file diffs, but it still not very pleasant to see and wait with a white screen) 2. hope that, when pull or push, like '34 commits have been pushed.' can be shown in the toast. 3.seems there's no fetch only function.

Lee Langley

Brilliant - life saver Absolutely brilliant and extremely handy! Only thing I would like to see is the ability to fetch, without pulling and, when pulling a new branch from remote, if using gitflow naming conventions (feature/branch-name) it misses the 'feature/' part of the name. Very happy with it though, as I can now code on my tablet!

Zachary Parrish

Excellent app for use on the fly I've needed this solution for awhile. This is a well made app,has Material, and fulfills a need. I'd give it 5* if it worked with Githubs 2 factor auth, or if I knew it was in the works.

Soleil Lapierre

Works fine on local storage, but I really want to clone repositories to the SD card. Using Android 5.1 and the app manager shows that Pocket Git has SD read/write/modify permission, but I just get "failed to clone" with the exact same repo settings that work on built-in storage. More detailed error messages would be nice too.

Joe Schubert

Great app Great app. I only wish that the back button would give an up directory instead of exciting the repo. This is fairly inconvenient while browsing the repo if you click the wrong directory and hit back. Then you have to start again from the top level.

Garrett Cornwell

Not working App is really having trouble with folders with large amounts of files (3,000ish). Becomes unresponsive and requires a force close

Christian Gogolin

Seems to work good. Error messages are very minimal, making the setup unnecessarily complicated.

A Google User

Very well built, and functional. though i know your not allowed to make feature requests via google play, but a dark theme would come in really handy for me in reading!

Игорь Лапин

No essential featuee Can't init local repo

Russ Taylor

I really like Pocket Git, except that I can't clone some of my repositories. Every time I try, I get an error: 'attempt to use Inflater after calling end'. Sad day.

Trevi Awater

Worth the money.

Zejji Zejji

The best option available on Android, but still flawed There aren't many options for a usable git client on Android, so it's easy to recommend Pocket Git. However, it is buggy (cannot add some files even though not in .gitignore) and badly needs the following improvements: (i) ability to add all new files in a folder recursively (as adding large no.s of files in nested folders is currently very painful!); (ii) direct command-line access to git commands for complex tasks; (iii) ability to create local-only repos; and (iv) faster performance generally. Hopefully there'll be more changes to come.

Branislav Holý

Great app but some features are missing I like your app, it's a great git client. But... How can I show the log entries of a remote branch? I mean the equivalent of "git log origin/master" after fetching some commits from the remote. Is it possible? I'd like to know what commits I'll pull before I do that. Support for signed commits would be also appreciated. Thanks!

Snerk Rabbledauber

Too much effort on look and not enough on function. For example, it does not give you an error message when something goes wrong while cloning. It just says it could not clone. Also, it always fails to clone to the external SD card, even though all indications are that it should be able to.

Siguróli Ólafsson

Works now and how! Keep it up :)

Josh Clark

Only real working git client Some people complain about it being hard to use or not working on external memory but it works fine. Took a while to figure out at first but git itself is really complex. Internal memory is fine with me because I have it cloned from GitHub anyway

Guillaume Collic

Missing features for my need You can't have different authentication type for each remote, and you can't push a local branch to a remote branch of an arbitrary different name. A trial version would be useful.

Jeremiah O'Neil

I've gotten some inexplicable failures to clone, and the boilerplate error message is frustratingly worthless. Otherwise excellent!

Domagoj Hackenberger

So much potential but I can't clone my repo to sdcard. It is frustrating. (Samsung Galaxy J5)

Matt Clark

Inability to set sslVerify I can not use this to connect to a private server because I can not disable http.sslVerify - and accept my self - signed key. All other aspects of the app are great, I am just unable to use it with any of my projects.

Rodger Donaldson

Just Works Copes well with my use cases and is perfect for working in spare moments. My only criticisms would be that it's annoying being limited to internal storage, and it would be nice to be able to add files from elsewhere on the filesystem.

FENG berd

Not work at all.. Always push failture,I tried password/putty keys/openssh keys,no one can push to GitHub.

Daniel Griffin

Worth every penny I love this app, it's very powerful and the ui is as clean as a Will Smith rap album

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