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11 Oct
Pocket Fleet Multiplayer

Posted by Overdose Caffeine in Action | Oct. 11, 2015 | 111 Comments

Apk file size: 30.0 MB

Pocketfleet is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). It is a online space dogfight game where users can match up with thousands of other players in this fast paced space shooter.
It is available on Android phones and tablets!

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There are different races to choose from;
Humans of the future. They are proud with their unmodified nature and accept anything else as abomination.
The once human Omnitron have now uploaded their minds to cyberspace and use cybernetic bodies.
Aerie has merged itself with alien life forms and became a hive-mind. They are advanced in bio-technology.

The game takes place in a multiplayer intergalactic battle over the absolute control of the universe. Pick your side, unlock different weapons and ships to unleash hell to your enemies.

There are 4 all multiplayer game modes at the moment:

Team Match (PVP):
Classic battle between the Incorruptus and Omnitron races. Fight and destroy the enemy shipyard to win the battle.

Aerie Invasion (Co-op):
Incorruptus and Omnitron players fight with an alliance against the Aerie forces.

Capture the Orb (PVP):
Bring the enemy orb to your base to fire the mega weapon of the shipyard.

Dogfight (PVP):
In this mode the motherships have indestructible shields, you need to destroy a certain number of enemy fighters to win the match.

-To get more information on the future features of the game and to discuss them with the developers, join our facebook page:

-Check out this wonderful site that a fan made, where you can track your in-game stats, check detailed information on ships and weapons:

Whats new

    -Fixed achievements.
    -Fixed some minor bugs.
    Note: A bigger update is coming soon!

Overdose Caffeine part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 11, 2015. Google play rating is 84.285. Current verison is 1.5.7. Actual size 30.0 MB.

Download pocket-fleet-multiplayer.apk 30.0 MB


David Onwuneme

pinkpoosay I have been playing for a about two years now the only problem I have is the power bar should be calibrated to all ships...meaning it should take more missiles for me to die if I have an advanced.. bullshyt when I die from one missile and I'm playing with a ship with a full shield bar

Aquila One

Awesome little online game Sure to please any sci fi space nut. The online mmo feature works well. Lits of ship types, there are different classes to choose from, each with their own weapons or modules. There are also two factions which is a great feature.

Theodore Hall

Help won't let me get past the start screen I can tap start after loading the game but after that it crashes instantly pls fix

Tom Sko

Poor design The game starts off as what you want; a semi-free-roaming, action, space game, but is executed so poorly that you never have that fun you were looking for. The boost that you start with very quickly goes away as you will constantly be in battles with people far above your rank that will 1 shot you over and over. This coupled with unresponsive controls that do NOT work well on a phone. Would not recommend.

Wajeth Thompson

Enjoyable when I need to kill time! Yeah not to bad for online gaming still getting used to it though. Fun but

Antonio Quintero

Dogfighting!!! Great app. Plenty of options. Perfect if you have a few minutes to kill, and you want to shoot someone out of space with a well placed missile. LOL

Alpha Rage

Good game Play and you will love it works on phones laggy now and again but good fun. My only problem is you can be killed when docking it is slightly unfair as you can't shoot back so would be a good idea to be immune whilst docking

John Czeck

Multiplayer Epicness Like a modern day version of Asteroids for Atari, except it has multiplayer versus mode with Capture The Flag (Orb). Long-term Free Players are the strongest because you can't buy the best ships. The best ships must be earned with kill points. Have patience and spend days learning dogfight techniques. Hopefully you spend as many years as I have in this game. Money doesn't rule this game (Though I have bought a few ships).

Michael Beason

Fun Great game. But I agree with some of the others I don't like that we die so fast with the top of the line ships. We shouldn't die so fast when we up grade to a bigger ship. We should have more of a tolerance to on coming firer from the enemy ships. Sincerely Michael

Nate Ribbens

Could be good This game would be fun if there was any such thing as skill or a fair fight. Teams are always unbalanced or it is fish in a barrel, both options are boring. If you are new you die constantly and have to grind more co-op play to get a better ship. Once you have a nice ship you can rambo anyone, which ruins games and makes people leave. Nice platform design dev, too bad you forgot to design gameplay.

Nicholas Wheeler

Great game, just a few changes I love this game but you get blown up way too easily in multiplayer mode, the groupings of teams, in my opinion, should be a little more regated. The last main thing I would like changed is the map size, amazing graphics for a space game, but maps are very small. I love the game and wish you the best of luck. P.S It would be amazing if you added first person!

Larry newsome

NEW SHIPS NEW SHIPS NEW SHIPS i think its about that time .. my gamer name is cheifsosa .. i've been faithfull since before the new extra guns and hyper jumps and stuff .. i love this game .. please add more ships or make a customizable one so we can combine diffrent parts to make our own ship .. but the parts are regulated by the developers ofcourse .. take this into consideration guys .. PLEASE RESPOND

Alex Elder

Best game ever for ipad\tablet Unlike most games you don't have to wait hours to train troops you play and play again

Noneya Buisness

Great game why 1 star? I read a lot of the reviews and some say they are fake, no because I'm in game friends with a lot of them. Someone also said u can't change sensitivity, during a match go to settings then to controls and u can change there. Why only 1 star? Been playing this for a couple years now and problems just not getting fixed! Super lag! Ping sometimes outta control high like 20,000 or more! Not to mention all the hackers! I've seen players get over 500,000 kp without even a single kill! No joke! Please fix this game

Ashish Oraon

Best app ever But The is a good app but data usage is too much ( 10 times expensive than clash of clans

David Donoho

Great Good game. great if you have spare time. Each match is about 5 minutes. Easy to play

Joseph Cleary

Y U NO MAKE MOAR GAMES Dude this is awesome it's the coolist game I've gotten

chanyoung chung

Amazing I've owned this phone for a while now and pocket fleet is the fav game by far.

John Matier

I love the game just I wiah there was more modes and a tiny bit easier to get kill points. And I would like if you could get ALL the planes from kill points. Other than those things I LOVE the game!

Julian P-P

Great fun! Good fun to space some enemies if you have a few spare minutes

Dakota Nicholas

?? Could this game get any better? ... Probably. But! It is still one of my favorite game to play on the toilet,,, & that is saying something. Not sure what,,, but it is definitely something.

James Ball

Fantastic You guys should put a bitcoin wallet on your description. You deserve some donations for all the work that has been put into this excellent game. Your continued updates are appreciated as well I'm sure.

Andrew Hall

Looks amazing But I can't create a character the game crashes when I click on name your character pls fix

Jordan Cardenas

A limit to lobbys being created by the player. There is no limit on how many lobbys can be created by a player, the game players often over make game lobbys with little players in each lobby and none will ever the get full(aerie invasion is mainly spammed) - the point in this summit is, it's difficult trying to play other game types like team match, dogfight ect...because players decided to make a lot of aerie invasion lobbys and one dogfight or one capture the orb and the rest aerie invasion.

R.J Lanada

This is awsome Great multilayer never played a si fi spaceship game this is great should have more gamemoods like controlling fleets or it could have free Rome around a galaxy with quest and stuff like a rpg game

Will Snider

Meh Would give you five but when i buy the add ons it takes my money but i dont get anything and says i need to buy them again, so i do and now theres "Error"

iggie azcona

OMG Definite 10 stars...please keep making updates and keep up the good work...THANX

Jesse Clemit

It's fun. It's mindless little blaster. Nice to kill time.

Jeff Thompson

Nice PvP space fighter very and lots of active chat and players

James Dye

Great retro sci-fi bullet hell Just needs more maps.

Marshall Lewis

Broken This may be a little bias but I try to create an account but it will says ''username invalid ''so if you can fix/tell me what I have done wrong ill rate higher

Acer 26

Story Great game but when it comes to story mode it sucks wheres a good story

Orlando Ave

Great game Its a good game and takes time and effort but I think it needs more maps

Siddharth Sehgal

TOMCHAT-- can u please fix laggs this lag too much please fix it otherwise it is a good game if u fix i promise u i will give u 5 stars.

michael estes

Best mp game I've played yet for android.


It,s OK but... It worked before then I deleted it and got it back and now it want load pls fix it!

Elijah Hampton

Dope concept... Tilt control should have button option... I hate tilting to steer... Still a great can game.. Keep it up

Devin Anderson

I hate ken Good game but I still hate ken.

Tommy Watford

Upgrades Make it better by being able to join freinds or even change your race

Boris Pascal

Love it Really good game to kill time especially at school thanks guys

Carla Brumbeloe

Amazing game! It has awesome battles and a cool leveling up system. Loved it !

James Carter

AWESOME I love this game! Addicting to! It's got great potential. There's three problems I see though. There should be more upgrades better maps and new types of weapons but other than that, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT.

Jorel Reyes

I really loved the game but it's kinda hard for me to kill someone because they have higher weapons than mine. I really want the servers to have a auto equal players feature so that the fight is fair

Lester John Morbo

I think its definitely cool It takes a few minutes to get use to the manuvering though but once you get the hang of it you start landing shots quite just fine. Its a nice app.

Brian Crews

Amazing Just needs more players. Would be cool if a map was introduced and you could fight over territory. More ship euquipment and dynamic would be cool too. Totally getting an expansion pack next pay check just to support the game. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time! Thanks! P.S. I think the name "Overdose Caffine" iz hullarious lol.

Chocolate Guy

I had rated 5 stars but I think there is a hacker in pocket fleet. I don't know if he stopped hacking

Dadangel St

Ok so... I got violation #303 and it said I got owned by ether "something" please tell me why....I only got a sync error, I played this for like 72828 billion times and this is my first time it happened. Please tell me.

Angel Obregon

Caffeine high Its another space game its very interactive and live. Very fun and addicting 100% keeping this game i can't wait for new updates.

Michael Risi

Great game! Suggestion: Put a single player campaign in the game and fix the annoying sync errors. Thumb this up if you agree

Greg Buck

It's a "blast"! Fast paced fun. Helpful community. Hard to put down.

Rogue Racer

Don't bother, this game sucks There's no actual learning curve what so ever, you start the game an immediately you face far superior opposition, giving no chance to learn anything other than how to die. LAME. Maybe i should've read the reviews, its full of Gutless Hackers.

Bhuvana Selva

WTF?!!!!! There is a damn hacker in my game. Please take care of that retard. ...... Ether lord... I don't know who you are but I am gonna find you and kill you b¡tch.... Keep that in mind for spoiling gamers mind

nicholas sanders

Mission I think that there needs to be like a quest to where you can build up your characters

Theo James Hodges

Love the game Very fast paced and fun although it crashes sometimes

Joe Bob

Drone ships Maybe you could control a drone ship your self that could spawn drones and make matchmaking more balanced.

Austin McBride

Awesome game, but.. Some of the ads for x2 KP lock up the app after playing. Galaxy S6 Edge+

Wesley Bonnet Mendez

ADICCTED Play this game you will love it ??

Sumayyah Anwar

Its a good game. Hacker dosent seem to be anymore

Sherwin Paul Hambre

Still the best The best game after all these years!

Carsyn Loomis

Carsyn I like the dogfights is really gggoooodddd

Shadow Victini

Still love this. "You're killed by "

Dawson Petri

Amazing game! Great game, just wish it was easier to comunicate with freinds and squad

Redwall Skywalker

Ignorant developers Great game, but you've turned a blind eye

Aditya Srivastava

Ether Lord I am coming for ya.

Jared Gilmore

People need to make more games like this.

Owen Goddard

Great game but glitchs Theres is one person that keeps teleporting and two shotting the bases and its getting really annoying can you fix his name was 2TURK143 (REPO)

Warcry Bmo

Bad game There is a hacker called Ether lord and it poped up on my screen saying he's watching me and some kinda vialation #303 but I was just playing bye the rules

Raihan Ali

Not working Not working when i start the battle it just keeps loading and loading loading??????????

Jonny Helsley

Happy you guys fixed the problem it runs awsome!!

juan vazquez

Fun game if you purchase the better weapons and space ships

Hidden Renegade

Very funny Yeah i really like watching a loading screen on the so called "game" for about 45 minutes thinking it will work eventually

Trevor Fulkerson

Tolga When is the big update coming out?

Avirodh C

Need improvments The gameplay is fun and there are a lot of ships but what it need is small improvements like a squad chat room squad wars and so


Very good.

Jim Valk

Freaking hackers they are invinsable

Monique Dugger

It's alsome

James Paybay

Love it What a nice game

Dadangel St

Ok so... I got violation #303 and it said I got owned by ether "something" please tell me why....I only got a sync error, I played this for like 72828 billion times and this is my first time it happened. Please tell me. Edit:I got it twoce. Wtf? Fixxx

Nelson White

Great fun. Best game on app store. But could you please make some changes to the classes? They are all pretty balanced, but could you please make it so there are passive abilities, and activatible abilties? Eg. Medic has the burst team heal which he already has, and a slow constant personal heal? Eg. HyperJumper has his normal hyperjump, and when he hyperjumps through enemies he emps the ememies on touch? there should also be 2 different passive Abilities for each class. Please contact me if you care. Thanks.

Zakaria Saad

Why ether lord so distrubing Ether lord so distrubing when i play this game if you fix this give you 5 star please fix this PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!but if you not fix this game i will delete this games!!!!!!!!!

Jorge Serrano

Incredibly fun multiplayer dog fights What sets this one apart is the unique controls. Play this at lunch time and you will be branded as a crazy person as you tilt your head and mobile phone trying to dodge and chase enemy ships good fun.

Mario Torres

alx305 severs are down or you guys are doing update but cant log in stuck at first screen

john marlon

Best Ever New players listen up! There are lots of veteran players in this game. Low points mean less access to ships but once you unlock good stuff for free with points, your skills can easily make everyone your equal! I highly recommend buying a good ship with a good shield until you can unlock ships that are better than ships you can buy.

Athanasios Agapitos

Great little game Game has come a long way sense my last review. And many things have been added. Great pass time. I can't wait to see what the new update brings. QUICK UPDATE TO MY UPDATE. I would like to see Moga and 3rd party controller support please.

Cheese Puff

Pocket fleet team Where can I contact you guys? I want a refund I bought the highest pack just to test it out but I just wish to have my money back Although this is a great game I just wish to have my money back if you could reply that would be awesone

Sumayyah Anwar

Pretty great Its a good game. Hacker dosent seem to be anymore. But i just want that FN ether lord to F off from this game."you have been earned by ether lord" F off, i ownes ether lors

Brandon Willis

Great game This game deserves more players. If your playing this from a phone enable joystick control, it's better.

lisa Daniels

I can not play the game be cos bug big

AutoHand Cinema

Is there any support email or number? I have a minor problem that could be really easily resolved...

Deepak Victoria

Dnt think just download it Awesome

slither io

Gg I love it it's gg only one thing I don't like is the brabeting

Jose Mayorga Jaimes

Needs an update! This game is so much fun but lately has become dull due to the lack of players. Needs an update to boost the game.


Balancing issues Incorruptus it too over powered there are certain weapons they have that give them a huge advantage, you could really suck at this game and still win with these weapons! Oh and when's this "big update" going to be released.?

winst Kelly

This new update sucks First of all why is it in hd, second where are the achievements, third just change it back everything looked better in the last update. I understand that you want to update so people will injoy it more but all you needed to do was put some new maps and fix some bugs right now it looks fake and unrealistic I barley can see the board because its way too in hd and I were glasses so its not good plz change it back or at least reply back, and also how does the x2 xp work its just another thing we dont need.

Dalibor Ulbrik

Hackers Don't bother and waste your time, hackers made this game unplayable. You have one life, there are better ways to spend your time.

Britton Cook

Newbing it, glitchy style. Barriers to overcome technologically but you have balanced team numbers at least.. Mostly.. Sometimes.. Two bullets will shoot down first three craft, multi missiles will knock out middle shields about 4-5 when they fire 8 and cannot outrun between two players. Layering issues between chat, joystick and crashing, based off ping off connections. Typing sometimes will hit buttons on bottom layers and sometime the bottom layer button your trying to hit like dock repair does not get hit. Docking sucks.........

Nonomi Ikari

The best free online shooter The value is enormous. Every ship and every weapon is good in a specific situation. There are top level players who use the beginner gear and still stomp. The best executed pay content. It's good gear but ultimately it's just a different puzzle to solve. This game rewards skill.

Christopher White

Would be great but... Fix the controls they're dumb and the joystick is super small and is set in a locked position with the radar button below it in such a way that you constantly hit it. Dev's smack the guy upside the head that thought the radar was in a good place

Ian Donor

BRING THE GAME BACK TO MANY PLAYERS Bring the game back from dead lol only few players are playing for now but we believe that day will come many players will play this game again :) Good Game! Just Like Action Dimension :) Try this guys its great ang cool have fun

Amr Rateb

Amr 2 - Amr 1 Really You need to do something new like making it 3d yes 3d it will be better search for "hawx" its cool so make pocket fleet like it and you didn't make anything new without pruchasing it and WHERE IS THE BIGGER UPDATE 1 YEAR FOR A BIGGER UPDATE SOOOOOOON!!!!

Holly Chapin

What's with the controls I know there is a joystick for steering but that's just stupid, the controls on the right side of the screen are up and down wich I have NO idea WHO could EVER get used to that, but if you made an option to change the buttons into a joystick for the controls like turn it left to shoot and up for the class ability and right for the missles, I might be like 50 times better at this game

Grantayrton Calda

This is an unfair game I always encounter a high lvl player not noobs pro plz fix this and Walking War Robots is the best game download it it's so addictive and you guys sucks

Matthew Resto

U should change ur class any time with out buying.

A Person

303 Report The Ether Lord has been mistaken.. I was given this alert due to being on a long trip in the middle of no where, sync didn't keep itself in the groove, so.. Yeah. Otherwise, this is one of the best games I've ever played.

dimitri timpko

Addictive The classic 2D alien shoot-em-up-fest, having 6 on 6 is pretty intense. Love it. Reminds me of a similar game called Steambirds, but its a slow turn based game, nothing like this one.

Chris Doherty

Great game for killing time The arcade style and easy to pick up makes the game very entertaining i would like to see some new features tho

justin batieste

Love the game This game is the one game I can keep playing without getting bored I can play for hours and hours without stopping if u want to kill time u should get this I've played this game for years and it's one of the only games who survived "The Great Deleting". I kept this game for a reason

Natsu Dragneel

Worried I got a strange warning saying I broke rule 303 and it said to report if i got if for no reason and It sais it was watching me and I'm worried

Greg Cintron

Fun, but... Watch ads for double points is a good idea, but the ads that aren't horizontal will mess up my screen when the game returns. I have to exit out and reenter on my LG phone. Otherwise great game.


What ? Why ? I killed a meteor and got owned by the ether lord vial at ion #303

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