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25 May
Pocket Expense

Posted by Appxy in Finance | May 25, 2015 | 51 Comments

Apk file size: 9.0 MB

Pocket Expense is a full-featured finance software that you can carry in your pocket.

Pocket Expense brings all your financial accounts together, categorizes your transactions, tracks all your bills, lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals. In just minutes, you’ll see where your money is going and where you could save money.


Pocket Expense is a real expense tracker. You can easily input and manage your accounts. All your accounts will be displayed in one place.

You are supplied with a set of icons for your accounts. All transactions related to the same account will be displayed in one page so that you can manage them easily. 

√ Supports multiple account and account type

√ Track balance of each account


Stay in control and monitor your spending with the help of this budget tracker feature. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget is gone and whether you might better postpone a purchase. Over time this should help to save some money instead of going into dept.

√ Support multiple budgets

√ See your expenses of one budget through charts

√ Move funds from one budget to another in a single operation 

√ All information for a budget is archived and can be easily viewed for comparative purpose
√ Track expense and budget


Pocket Expense will make sure that you’re never late for even one bill. By tracking each bill, which is customizable with different reminder alert periods.

√ Support multiple bills of different recurring

√ Set alerts to remind you of which bills are close to due dates or overdue
√ Allows for the payment of bills in full or in part

√ Support multiple payments of each bill

√ Support calendar view

√ Mark bills with icons according to their status

Other Key features:

- Password protection

- Simple, attractive interface
- Payers & payees management

- Category management

- Powerful statistics and reports of all your transactions

- Quickly search for transactions and edit from the same screen

- Complete world currency list

About Free Version
- Limited transactions
- Can not export transactions
- Ads supported

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected], you’ll get the response in a short time.

Whats new

    - Supports running balance
    - Added payee report
    - Minor bug fixes

Appxy part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 25, 2015. Google play rating is 74.4134. Current verison is 2.3. Actual size 9.0 MB.

Download pocket-expense.apk 9.0 MB


Hector Sepulveda

Week bar bugged! Since the last update, the week bar at the top of the app broke. It still shows the total income/expense correctly, but when I hit a past day to check something, it brings up the data from an entire different day. I just clicked last Friday and it showed me my expenses from two Fridays ago! And ghis happen with every single date that isnt today. This was working fine an update or two before. And it's REALLY frustrating. I hope you fix this soon, because this app is excellent, except for that problem.

Jhoana Dejesus

Would be great if you could sync credit cards. That way I don't have to write every single transaction

fred harrison

Tablet Support The app is very close the apple version I was using on my iPhone and iPad mini. I could sync the two with no hassle, but the android version has no support for tablets. Kind of a let down. When you can add tablet Support then I will give the proper rating.

Gigi Balangue

Sloppy work I am using the ipad version which i was perfectly happy with. I also paid for the Android version and tried synching them- it was a disaster as the Android version was very low and had bugs. Don't buy the Android version! I should get a refund!

Bruno - Koricya

Works fine until Until I reset my phone... And the app does not sync back the file that it's in the dropbox basically useless if you change phone, reset phone, change rom etc. Sadly can ask money back.

Jane Taylor

Very disappointing After the first sync via Dropbox, the app no longer syncs. Useless as wished for data to be synced between android phone and I pad. Did it at initial set up and not since. Money wasted, sad when such a great app in general


Super app but no data synchronization facility If developer could provide us a data synchronization facility it would be nice

Ryan Meacham

Syncing still isn't working properly... There's just no excuse

Asrul Afendi

4.8 Star Rating! A simple and lightweight financial apps with full features. A must have! Help monitoring daily expenses.

Shawn Montalvo

Android needs lots of WORK. I have been using this on my iPad for over a year and it's perfect. I was so excited to see the new synce feature through drop box. Then when I found it for my android phone I got very excited. Only to now after 3 months of nothing but sync problems I've finally deleted it from my android. I sent emails to the makers of this softwar, but never got a reply. I works great on iPad but needs major work for android phones. Maybe one day I'll retry it in my android phone, after all I did pay for it.

navin pathak

Android version is waste Simply wastage of money, I have been using on iPad and ios version is amazing but very disappointed with android version.

Mark Denmeade

Awesome app One area of improvement would be allowing categories in income and expenses to have the same name. Then being able to check income vs expense in that category.

Sui Lee

Pls fix this Sync with ipad is still not working properly. Always missing few transactions which have been recorded into ipad. And Weekly budget pls.

Amran Fadzrul Roslan

Please improve on android The sync doesnt seem to work well. The bills that been paid and update on ipad not shown on android.

Hanif Azizan

Weekly budget Doesnt have option time period for budget. Only for monthly

Bebe Daniel

Very useful Love this app. I can always monitor my expenses (daily, weekly, monthly). Thanks!

Swaminathan Kumaran

In par with iPhone version even better Wow! What an improvement..sync works great and loads much faster than ipad version. Keep up the great work!

Janardhan Pc

Ok. Bill reminders poping up again on payments.sync is not working

Raymond Villanueva

awesome app for me this is the best so far...

Donovan Vermaak

Very disappointed :( I used this on iPhone and it was amazing. Loved the app. Since I moved to android I thought I would get the same experience but it has not been developed as good as the iPhone version. Simple things like the bills telling you how much in total is outstanding for that month is missing. Also changing the currency only changes it on the main screen but on others still shows dollars.... Please update this to match the iPhone version which is much much better!!!!

Jesslyn Bryant

I loved this I loved this app until the update. Now every time I go to add an expense, it crashes immediately. It makes it pretty much worthless. Please fix this.

Kristiyan Todorov

All good but... It works perfectly fine for me, but after the last update it messed up mu accounts and it doesn't show the correct amount of Net Worth. Please fix it.

Asha Luqman

Last update in a mess! Please fix ...latest update keeps crashing app when entering any transaction. This is not what I paid for !!!!!

Nadiah Nordin

Of all expense trackers, I prefer this app the most. The only thing I don't like it's the circular chart color legends. The colors are in the same hue spectrum, it's hard to distinguish them apart. No other complains besides that. User friendly, simple and easy to use.

Harits Lockhearth

Need fix ASAP Loved this app, really. But somehow in the last update, everytime I try to add income, the app always immediatly end itself. It is really annoying and become unusable. Plese fix ASAP

Kenji Lam

Improvement needed for usability Been a long time user of the ipad version. Android version feels a little raw, the interface does not look as sleek as ipad version. Plus the app does not sum the o/s balance correctly which is quite fundamental I thought. Hope there will be an update soon.

Anthony ortiz

Email Export I am having trouble emailing my reports from my Ipad. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have a fix? Thank you!

Maria Grunwald

Was loving it until recent update. Keeps crashing.

Goutham Rayapudi

Change the curreny How can I change the currency from dollars to INR I don't see that option can you help on that or it is not available..

cheng kong

Easy to use by monthly report

Andre Taplin

Regressed after update The update made the interface worse. Doesn't show exact change on calendar, input is more difficult, no options to customize interface, etc.

Alen S

Not working Bills and Cashflow please fix Cashflow always showing current month. However Bill cal. works. Cannot see income expense on Cashflow just overview. When clicking on a certain month TR are not shown, just sum, running month works. Bill list sucks as it shows just next 7 days. You need to go to calendar and browse through days to find all bills. Also no Bill search. Cannot add inflow to bills, just expenses. Inflows are added on account level which is at least inconsistent if not inconvenient. If this gets fixed I would buy it.

Terry Crawford

Been using this app for 2 and half years and will be uninstalling it today I had this app for 2 years on my iPhone and it was just simple enough for what I needed. I then moved over to an Android and was disappointed to find I could not migrate or sync the 2. I was always suspicious that this app had a glitch and today I got proof. I was comparing my balance with my bank app and had a definite $243.31 showing in this app (which matched my bank other than $.30 that may or may not have been my fault). I checked it again 15 minutes later to find it now said I had $164.31. Where did $79.00 go? It just up and disappeared! Now I have reason to believe this has happened before since I have had many times where the amount doesn't add up to what my bank says I have when I am very careful about recording all transactions. I have also emailed the developer with a few questions in the past and received no answers. I have now paid for this app on my iPhone and for my Android and would hope that their level of support would be better. You would think by paying something, you would we shown a little more gratitude. Also, what's with the 'Spent', 'Outstanding' and Balance' that show on the bottom? I have no budgets set up and these numbers are always random.

A Google User

Good app Please make it in android tablet version. Will be great if it can be used in all devices...

Liew Kam

Will be good if that's a backup function.

Alexandra Diedrich

Pros and cons This app is great for helping you stay on top of your expenses and helping you see where you spend your money, but this app has been having some bugs lately that are really making it difficult to use. The free version only lasts for so long before you have to pay to keep using it. Also I get an "Unfortunately, Expense has stopped working" error for every other transaction I try to enter. I've restarted my phone and the app, and it is still giving me way too many problems for an app that I pay for.

Lauren v

Syncing error Unable to sync between android phone and ipad

Amie P

I like this app when using iPhone n glad that finally available on my LG G3.

Ellee Myers

Promising This money app is the only one so far that I've found that comes close to what I need it to do for me but it is very very glitchy. I just tried 3 times to add a transaction 2 different accounts and it stopped on me. it restarted on it's own and all my settings are different. There is also a weird glitch when I choose to delete a scheduled bill. It will ask just this bill or all future bills. When I select this bill only, it deletes them all anyway. And is there a way to purge cleared transactions?

Alexey Agapitov

Stopped working after update Before update I couldn't see history in my accounts, after update it crashes immediately after start.

Hilary Ngeno

Almost perfect but the sync option is a big let down. Like almost everyone else here, i was about to finally settle on this app as the personal finance app of choice on Android until i purchased and tried to use the sync option. Every time i try it simply creates a folder on Dropbox but nothing happens after that, just seems to hang, even on a very fast wifi connection. I have been using Toshl before that, the sync option works perfectly (amazing) but it had other shortcomings that i found in PocketExpense. Please fix this and make it useable even on poor links.

Danish Zaidi

Does the job but needs improvements Sync data between devices through app, restoration of the purchase, add bank account to automatically make entries. Etc

lalit bhadula

Need of sync, otherwise great and easy to use app. Great app easy to use but should provide sync option.last time I needed to reset my phone but there is no sync option for a free version. That's why managed data since 4 months has just gone.

Joe Curtis

Great app but no backup option I want to reset my phone but there is no backup option

Zero Boom

New update very nice!!! Im use this app from im using iphone and peformance very good no bug so easy to manage and use..anf now update very same with iphone version easy to use thanks expense pocket keep it up!

Moomoo Meok

Abit lost do I delete the payee??

Tian Han

Does not sync. $3.99 essentially removes the nag tag.

Hector Sepulveda

Good, but needs some fixes The app is really good, but the Sync option needs some work. Add Google Drive support, options for only on WiFi, options on intervals when it will sync. Also, add an option to accounts so I can choose which accounts count to my total money. Maybe a widget for quick access to transactions would be nice, too.

David O'Sullivan

No option to import data. Why should I even try out a new app if I have to throw out years worth of data?

Petya Grozdarska

Transfer between accounts Where's the option to transfer money from one account to another in the new version?!

Pardiana Irpan

Can you seperate the accounts? I don't want my personal and job account mixed each other.

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