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22 Jun
Pocket Casts

Posted by Shifty Jelly in News & Magazines | June 22, 2016 | 257 Comments

Apk file size: 6.6 MB

We love podcasts, so we made a podcast player that is full featured, beautiful and easy to use. We're no strangers to awards having been chosen as a Google Play Top Developer, a Google Play Editors Choice and winning a Google Material Design Award. Mostly though, we love you, our customers, which is why we always keep our app relevant and up to date based on your feedback.

Here's what a few publications have had to say about it:
Android Central: “Pocket Casts is the best podcast app for Android”
The Verge: "The best podcast app for Android"

Still not convinced? Allow us to walk you through some of our features:

Material design: Your podcasts have never looked so beautiful, colors change to complement podcast artwork
Themes: Choose between dark and light display themes
Universal: Custom but familiar tablet interface

Up next: Build a playback queue from your favorite shows
Trim silence: Cut silences from episodes so you finish them faster, saving hours
Variable speed: Change the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 3x
Volume boost: Increase the volume of voices, while decreasing background noise
Stream: Play episodes on the fly
Audio & video: Play all of your favorite episodes, toggle video to audio
Skip playback: Skip episode intros, jump through episodes with custom skip intervals
Android Auto: browse your podcasts and filters to find an interesting episode, then control playback. All without ever touching your phone
Android Wear: Control playback from your wrist
Sleep timer: We'll pause your episode so you can rest your weary head
Chromecast: Cast episodes straight to your TV with a single tap

Sync: Subscriptions, playback and filters are all securely stored in the cloud, ready to sync to the web app or iOS
Refresh: Let our servers check for new episodes, so you can get on with your day
Notifications: We'll let you know when new episodes arrive, if you like
Auto download: Automatically download episodes for offline playback
Filters: Custom filters will organize your episodes
Storage: All the tools you need to keep your podcasts tamed

Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes and more. Browse by charts, networks and categories
Share: Spread the word with podcast and episode sharing
OPML: Jump on board without any hassle with OPML import. Export your collection at any time

There are many more powerful, straight-forward features that make Pocket Casts the perfect podcasting app for you. So what are you waiting for?

Visit for more info about Pocket Casts for the web and iOS.

Whats new

    Build 324! Our most exciting build yet. Chamfered edges. Thinner. Lighter. Less Ports. Improved Camera. Comes in one new colour (yeah you spell it with a 'u' America). Now hand over your money, plz. K thx bye. [Engages Reality Distortion Field].
    What...that didn't work? Odd it works for Apple all the time! Honestly though we fixed a truck load of things in this build, and we hope you like that it's now the best build of Pocket Casts ever, marketing be damned :)

Shifty Jelly part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 22, 2016. Google play rating is 92.3646. Current verison is 5.4.1. Actual size 6.6 MB.

Download pocket-casts.apk 6.6 MB


Ryan M

Awesome Everything I want in a podcast player/manager except one thing. Could you add bookmarks? Sometimes in a long podcast there are moments you want to revisit and bookmarks would be awesome. Other than that keep up the great work!

Salim M

Very good podcasting app One complaint is that I cannot copy the RSS feed link - podcasting an open medium so please don't give me a useless link that tries to get others to use your platform - nobody will switch just because you force them to enter your ecosystem.

Brett Kelly

Now more bug free than ever After the big Material update, combined with the big Android 5 update, there were some bugs. All fixed now though! Works just as well as ever, but better!

Richard Hembree

The Best Use app every day. Very simple to set up with many options. Don't bother looking for a better app because this is THE BEST!

Michal Korybut

Best podcast app No bugs, no problems, big podcast library and beautiful design. What to ask more? Ah, maybe team up with zombies, run? To listen to podcasts during our routines?

João Paulo

Podcast Experience changed Maaan! That's an hell of an app! Before it I used to listen just one program. Do you want to know how many do I listen now? Two! Kidding, almost 10 programs (In 2x speed, so it's like listen to 5, right?). This app. It. Just. Works.

Kevin Slater

Awesome app, needs password podcast update. I love and use this app every day. The only thing STILL missing is the ability to access password protected podcasts. Asking the podcast producer for an unpassworded feed is not an option or a fix.

Dan Davidson

Love it, but bugs driving me crazy I love PocketCasts, I've used it for years. Recently I had a bug which caused podcasts to stop playing back at the correct position after pause/resume. This seems to be fixed, hooray, but has been replaced with an equally annoying bug, booo. So now podcasts just randomly stop and no longer show up, you have to go to the podcast page itself and can then see an exclamation mark next to episode which when clicked shows an error that the podcast format is wrong and need a different player. Please fix!!!

Andrew Cooper

Excellent app By far the best podcasting app I've used and that's coming from a registered member of Podcastoholics Anonymous who has been listening to podcasts since before they were called podcasts.. Management functions are excellent and it looks great. Only complaint is that, following a recent update, it doesn't appear to be possible to unsubscribe and delete a podcast from my subscriptions. I'm using Android 4.4.4

Andrew Cumberbatch

Good, but could be better Overall has great capabilities that make it a leading podcast app. However, sometimes when I am streaming and pause, when I press play, it starts from the beginning again. Also, doesn't always sync accurately between my tablet and phone.

Diogo Maciel

Buggy lately When I'm on the playlist view and try to go to the menu, the app force closes. And I can't get it to work unless I reinstall. Recent issue as far as I can tell. Used to work great, but now it's useless

John Quiroz

:D Simply the best. Bar none.

Angus Goldie-Scot

Love this app I was definitely sceptical paying for a podcast app. I felt like because there were free alternatives, it was slightly wasted? I was however totally wrong. This is a beautiful app. Everything just works perfectly. The devs are diligent about updating it and I much prefer it to apps that make you see adverts constantly.

Kim Shaffer

Shifty is Right!!!! Shifty Jelly,. I think the Shifty part of your name is correct. I LOVE the app but feel very mislead in a monthly charge. When I downloaded the app I thought I was signing up for a one time charge like most apps and I was HAPPY to pay that. However after month two and getting another charge that I did not anticipate I feel very mislead and will be uninstalling your app ASAP. And will tell all of my podcast listening friends to avoid your app.

PJ Anderson

Favorite for podcasts Definitely the best podcast app on android, and best podcast service for multiple devices. after the 5.0update notifications about my new episodes keep coming back every few hours, and always the same 2. minor annoyance, but if this is as intended, i would like a setting to only show newly added episodes i havent dismissed before

Rocky Chan

Best podcast app in the market, with one feature request Feature request: option to override screen rotation lock in-app for video podcasts. I know, I know, It takes only takes a few seconds to unlock the screen rotation. Lock through the quick settings panel but to have to do that every time then have to lock right after is kind of a pain.

Vincent De Snerck

Great but sometimes pauses after audio interruption It really is awesome. Does what it needs to do. Definitely worth the cash. Only gripe I have is that it sometimes stops playing when using an app like Waze alongside it. When Waze gives direction, PocketCasts pauses but sometimes doesn't automatically start playing again after it is over. This is starting to drive me insane while I'm driving. Other than that ... awesome :)

Matthew Povey

I'd be bereft without it Fantastic app and great value, especially given I paid only once a couple of years ago. And one that has improved enormously with time.

Say Park

It's The Best On Android but... I switched from ios to Android about 6 months ago, I got tired of ios, so tired in fact I don't want to go back however not having a good podcast app, like ios' Downcast, which is the best podcast app out there, is making me want to go back to ios. I wish Downcast was on Android, but instead I'm stuck with the next best thing. Also, when it comes to long podcasts, like "Group Therapy with Above & Beyond", whenever I hit to rewind 30 seconds, it goes back to the beginning of the podcast, which is annoying.

Liam Begley

Issues losing place within podcasts I'm having a lot of issues where podcasts will, seemingly at random, start over from the beginning after pausing then unpausing. I love this app but this recent development is rendering it almost useless.

David Oropallo

Awesome Podcast App! I have been a Stitcher user for 3 years now, thought it was as good as it gets. Boy, was I wrong, this app is well worth it. Looks and sounds great, downloads the app to the phone for instantaneous listening without issue. I thought Stitcher was good when it offered Offline Listening, but it wouldn't work without an internet connection (like on the subway) or when they go down for maintenance, how stupid is that? After all the compressed file was on the phone. No more searching for a podcast app, this one is sweet.

Hoa Hoang

Awesome This is probably my most used app and it's nearly perfect. The only thing I really don't like is the lock screen hides the back/rewind button on the playback controls, forcing you to expand the view. (This isn't a problem with the Google Music app.) I get distracted sometimes and it would be nice to be able to quickly step back 30 seconds. First world problems, I know, but if I didn't have to swipe the notification open before rewinding, this app would be perfect.

Matt Smith

GREAT APP!! I love this app! I can find any podcast I want to and it has an easy to use interface, both inside and outside of the app. When things go wrong (rarely does that happen), support addresses your problem personally and quickly! Thanks for a great app! Highly recommended!! A++++

Matthew Holley

Great app but I like my simplicity Great app which does exactly what it says. Although lacking some features I've grown to like in other podcast apps such as after download add to the queue, just adds that set and forget element. Would be nice to have integration with a few other services like feedly also.

Michael Vernon

Excellent Refresh (but needs Universal Auto Cleanup) Brilliant UI redesign. I liked the big buttons on the last version but the swiping, the syncing across devices, and the beautiful colors is a much added bonus. UPDATE! SHIFTY JELLY, PLEASE FIX THE AUTO CLEANUP IN THE MAIN SETTINGS. I HAVE 38 PODCASTS AND DON'T LISTEN TO THEM ALL EVERY WEEK SO I HAVE THE AUTO CLEANUP SET TO "KEEP LATEST EPISODE ONLY." I HAD 97 EPISODES AND COULD NOT FIGURE OUT WHY IT WAS NOT DOING WHAT I ASKED IT TO. I HAD TO GO THROUGH ALL 38 PODCASTS (I know, I know. boo hoo. first world problems) AND SET THEM INDIVIDUALLY TO KEEP THE LATEST EPISODE. Thank you.

Rickert Mulder

Awesome except for annoying bug. Firstly I just want to say that I absolutely frikking love the app! However, in the last month or so, a podcast would play, but before the end, it would mark the podcast as played and delete it. This just happened to me again twice in a row. This is extremely annoying.

Raymond Ernesto Colón

Best podcast player by far. Clean and easy design. Useful festures. STABLE. Offline suppor. And syncing. I tried Stitcher but if you were offline, the experience was terrible. Pocket Casts allows me to find and subscribe to podcasts with ease. I can unsubscribe just as fast. I can control when and if episodes download, how long they stick around, and what order they are played. Most importantly, having an account syncs my list and saves my place in each individual podcast even after a reset. Great app!

Scott Anderson

New version seems to have fixed all bugs

Jon Erdahl

Feature request AND recurring issue I'd like to be able to set it so it would register as 'played' if I quit the podcast with a minute or 2 seconds left. I often quit podcasts early and it says that the episode is new even if I have listened to 99 percent of it. My recurring issue is with playback.The podcast will randomly quit and give me the exclamation symbol saying the podcast failed to play and that an external player might be able to play it. I paid for this app so I could have a perfect podcast experience but the playback issues preventing that. UPDATE: The app still sucks on my HTC One M7. Can't handle seamless streaming on a 12mbps connection or playback of one podcast while others are downloading. GARBAGE. NOT WORTH $4

jaded jaded

Update bugs Used to love this app, then I updated it and now the podcasts randomly stop. And the easy interface it used to have became unnecessarily complicated. Why did you change where to find the stream button? I don't want to download every podcast. I eventually found it, then had to figure out how to get the player to show. ;( after the fiasco of accidentally exiting my podcasts I got it all figured out. If there were bugs before I never had any, kudos to fixing those, I guess, but why change the easy interface?

Fiki Firmansyah

Worth every Penny Its awesome, beautifully designed. Been try another podcast app and ended up paying this app. And this just awesome.

Paresh Desai

Great product made worse I loved Pocket Casts. It has few problems but nothing major. With the last update I have just about given up. Very disappointed.

Benjamin Bush

Seamless! I came from Pod Kicker, which I adored, to try this out. The interface made no sense for the first day or two, then I got everything arranged and sorted. Now I could never go back. It's just as stable, significantly prettier, and never fails to do what it's told. I haven't needed to sync across devices yet, but I know, when I do, Pocket Casts will do it well.

Aaron Allstott

Pauses my podcasts randomly This is the best podcast app I've found and before my phone updated to lollipop it was working great. Now ever podcast I play pauses multiple times at random. It can take 30 minutes, or it can take 2. It happens all the time. Once this is fixed it'll be an easy 5 stars.

Parth Shah

Amazing app Only feature I wish it has was have a filter to only show episodes you have already downloaded to your device

Kris Frausto

Great app. Nice interface and works great. Mauve show some love you the widget? :)

Nicholaus Jay

This App is the Best!!! Previous Stitcher User (LG G2) Wow. I can't believe I didn't find this app earlier. I had been using Stitcher and it had all sorts of issues that were not getting fixed so I started looking for a new app and so glad I did! Variable speed is amazing to have and works well. Unlike Stitcher, I really like having an offline mode that works well for being on the plane in flight. BEST PODCAST APP OUT THERE. BY FAR.

Jivtesh Singh

Great app, but keeps downloading on cellular I have the setting to only download on WiFi! However, was surprised to see it still downloads on cellular.

chris chung

Got worse It works, but user design got more complicated and worse. I wish I can click on a show and then play all. It doesn't do that, so when a show ends, it automatically moves on to the next downloaded show. And I hate that it tries to DL a show on default. I just want a simple "press play" that would stream it on default, and DL it if I want.

Jack Green

control panel disappears after a pause

Alex Maksyuta

Best podcast app. It's. Just. Awesome.

Иван Каштанов

Love those changelogs.

Alexandr Danilenko

The best app for podcast on android devices. But on last version I can't drop notification with payback button on my android wear after listening podcasts. Can it be fixed?

Кирилл Загурский

Cool app with continuous improvement I can only ask for adding more languages in the app. For example, It would be nice to have it in Russian. English interface is ok for me but i want to use an app, translated into my language.

Сергей Шеховцов

Awesome app, but please add russian language!))

Stanislav Makushov

Amazing! The best podcast manager ever!

Ilya Ryabov

Gaaays Where is material design, kittens? :3

Пользователь Google

Does not work after upgrade Does not work after upgrade, nexus 4 android 5.0.1

Ilia Ablamonov

Brilliant! I've switched from iOS only after seeing that now, at last, there are such beautiful apps as this on Android.

Pavel Kirichenko

Hey guys! The best podcast player once again :)

Gaiaz Iusipov podcast app ever. Must have.

Eugen Balahnin

How can I exit from app? Since last update exit button is gone. So how can I total exit from app?

L. Clive

Widget (Dead, dead widget ?died a week ago ? fix it! PLEASE!!!!! (Android 5.0.1 & CM OS 11)) -/last update/ Done!!! Thanks!!! ?

Brett Kelly

Don't update! Breaks Bluetooth This update adds Wear support and breaks all other Bluetooth usage. Reading the reviews, most people are asking for things that are actually in the options. I've been through the options. Every time I disconnect from the Bluetooth in my car, the podcast I'm listening to quits. If I want to resume I have to go back to podcast list and select it. This never happened before. When I get back to my car, it says "select an episode to play" which it has never done before. Clearly a feature added for Wear.

Tarmo Mustonen

Still good but new version needs fixes Well first of all I do like new design but with the update there are couple of lost options. 1. Player Widget needs to be fixed. I'm running Android 4.3 (that's not to old Android) and without the widget using PocetCasts is really uncomfortable. 2. When I'm listening a podcast and would like to mark it as "Listened" it is now only possible from the podcasts list (from downloaded list, my own list, unplayed list, aso). Not from the currently playing podcast view. Please add this button back.

Samuel Chaboya

Awesome... But one request. I love this app but I would like to request one feature I miss from a previous podcatcher I use. Auto playlist where it would just play the next oldest podcast in the current folder. IE if I'm on unplayed I would like my next unplayed podcast to play after the current one finishes. Oh and a strange thing when opening a video podcast some times it will start 3 or so seconds ahead for the start. This I'd not a big deal but still strange.

Aaron Gillespie

Love the update, but... Love the update, but why does the Wear companion app not let me get to the "browse" screen directly? Why do I have to get there through notifications? Why does the Wear companion app take me to the much less useful "up next" screen?

Kevin Slater

Awesome app, needs password podcast update. I love and use this app every day. The only thing STILL missing is the ability to access password protected podcasts. Asking the podcast producer for an unpassworded feed is not an option or a fix.

Anjo Cerdeña

No other podcast app comes close I've tried many podcast apps and I've never been pleased until I tried Pocket Casts.

Scott Blundell

Fantastic app but problems with new update I love this app but have a problem with the new update. I like to listen to podcasts in my car via Bluetooth. Since the last update, when I turn the car off the "Unplayed" list automatically jumps to the next podcast whether or not I've finished the current podcast. Very annoying. Otherwise 5 stars.

Camo Duck

keeps getting worse its always glitching or is screwed one way or another... used to be great... every release seems to get worse.. I've started looking for a new app... not happy with it... now the discover page is just blank... stupid crap like that.. dont waste ur $... and it constantly drops the Bluetooth Conection

Dan Bush

The best app on the app store. Incredible cross platform syncing, beautiful design, and industry leading featureset. I literally cannot even think of a negative attribute to this app. Download this now. The amusing patch notes are reason enough.

Jacob Martin

Storage Problem they Ignore I emailed them weeks ago about Pocket Casts storing over 2GB of data on my phone's built in memory, despite having Pocket Casts set to use the memory card.

Kristofer Andersson

Best podcast app out there! Short and sweet, simple the best podcast app out there! Great design and all the functionality you could ask for! The only thing I would like to see is the ability to queue downloads until I'm on WiFi again.

A Google User

Best app out there It is one of the best apps, not just for podcasts, but anywhere on my phone. It is quick, light, yet loaded with useful features and no bloat. 6 stars.

Casey lawton

The best but Please remove the off WiFi notice when choosing to strem through data. I understand it can be helpful for some but at least add "don't show me this again" option. It's probably the only complaint I could have about this app and its small but still is annoying when you use it as much as I do.

Andrzej Rehmann

I love this app. Everything you need from a podcast app.

Kwame Campbell

The best I stopped using Dogg catcher cause of this app it is great. Volume is great so I can hear it in the shower and the UI is gorgeous.

Francisco Salvador Velazquez

Best podcast app on Android Thanks for adding android wear support. Now I need to find out which watch to buy. I really wish I could write funny reviews as the changelog but I am not even going to try. In all honesty, this app has changed my life. I used to hate my headphones, almost dumped them. Then this app came out and made me fall in love all again. I even almost switched to iOS! What? I just got to say this is the best looking, most usable app in android.

Amar Paul Singh

Superb. There should be a sixth star, just for the funny update note. Most devs don't even bother to post anything beyond the text 'bug fixes'.

Scott Ferguson

Aggravating. If it hands off from one type of connection to another, from wired to Bluetooth, for example, it keeps playing for about 30 seconds. Will not respond to STOP or PAUSE commands, and will even keep playing when force-stopped! Bizarre.

Joe Baughman

This app works across platforms and has everything you need in a podcast manager. - Update: After using and comparing it to many other podcast managers, I still think this one is the best.

john thomas

What happened new update terrible New app update is terrible, every time I stop the podcast it starts the next podcast in my list. This is very annoying

Jessica Bunce

Seriously? I finally decided to try this app because of the great reviews. Why on earth would someone make such a nice podcast app and then completely leave out a 'next' button. If I don't want to listen to a certain podcast from my feed I can either hit FF 30 times or dig my phone out of my pocket, unlock it, and manually select the next episode. Completely defeats the purpose of Bluetooth headphones. Very disappointed.

Jonathan Smith

Great app, plus the BEST app update narratives Just read the update text. I screenshot it every time. Oh, right, the app is great and well worth the price or whatever. Everybody knows that, though.

Drew Halloran

Seems to skip onto the next podcast when a Bluetooth speaker disconnects Love the app, but when I am halfway through a podcast in the car via Bluetooth, then I turn the car off and get out of the car, it generally skips to the next podcast in the queue

Jesse Abernethy

Used to be great After latest version when using bluetooth in car and disconnecting the app keeps closing and doesn't remember what I was playing last.

Naaim Siddiqi

My favorite podcast app I've been using Pocket Casts for years now and I love it. Would be five stars, but they got rid of the option to have videos be always landscape over a year ago and it's still not back.

Encho Topalov

One podcast player that rules them all. Period! And big cheers for version 5 - wow, it is just amazing! PocketCaSTARTA!

Brian Matei

Great Podcast App, But Syncing Needs Work If you have any interest in podcasts, Pocket Casts is worth taking a serious look at. The interface is great on pretty much ever device, the audio features are convenient, and the discovery features are decent (not perfect, but usable). Discovery could be improved, but the biggest problem with Pocket Casts is definitely the syncing. Sure, your subscriptions and progress is synced, but nothing else is. If you uncheck a podcast on one device, it'll stay checked on the other. Filters also don't sync and the first time that you log into a new device, the old filters still stay there and your progress is messed up. However, I still think that Pocket Casts is worth using despite those flaws.

Alexander Youn

This is the best podcast app hands down. I've used others, but I always come back to Pocket casts because it has all the features you would ever need.

Manuel Navarro Lux

Best netcast app ever! The update descriptions make a great read too.

Kyle Iufer

Has everything Lots of great features that I never knew I wanted, but use all the time. Really polished app and content discovery.

Jordan Zammit

Better than expected I don't really but apps, but this was totally worth it

Srijith Jayakumar

More wearable support! Just wishing for a pebble time native support..

Joseph Lawson

Love it but needs playlist syncing between desktop and mobile app! I absolutely love this app, but a lot of the time I would rather save my phone battery and plug in my headphones to my desktop computer to listen. Please add playlist syncing to the desktop version so I don't have to constantly alt-tab to the browser to switch to another episode. Also, please add the same stats for the desktop version as there are on the mobile app. If I listen to podcasts in browser, I want the time spent to be reflected in overall stats too

Brett Besa

Far and away the best podcast app for Android! Literally the only thing I could ask for is for the app icon in the Android Wear launcher would bring up the same menu that the "browse" button does. If that's what I'm asking for, that's how good this app is. Buy it!

G Man I

You Gota Get One Of These As a former programmer for LA City, I know good code when I see it and I see it here! It does have its issues to be certain. However, its many other fine features make it worth using until the fixes come along. The app has good, solid planning. Great features that, while many and varied, do not get in each others way nor do they burden and confuse the user. This app does to podcasts what bread does to sandwiches: Not worth the effort without it. With it, well you've got to try it to believe it.

John Cartmel

Best podcast player I have used quite a few different podcast players for extended periods of time, but none as good as this one. Well worth the money.

Cary Stone

Great app! I've been using this app for years and I have to say it's one of my favorites!

John Becknell

Just great Moved over from another great podcast aggregator...the widget here is what did it, and now the volume increase ...and the great update notes--is it bad that I hope for an update just to read the update notes? Is that so bad?

A Google User

Pocketcast Yea. They quickly added 'old download' back Brings my review back to a 4.

Jason Voyles

Great, one issue though... This app is a great way to centralize my podcasts, and the download feature is a lifesaver, but it DOESN'T auto-advance to the next episode... Is this not a feature or have i just not figured out how to turn it on?

kai kulmajärvi

Near perfection Finally made the jump from my clucky old rss reader to an actual podcast app. Only feature I'm missing in the option to autoplay when connecting headphones. Now you have to get the phone out of your pocket to continue after the outside world interrupts your podcast joy :)

Kris Hager

Made Work Tolerable This app was worth it for the Hardcore History episodes alone. I do wish I could purchase unavailable episodes from within the app, using Play credit or something to complete the transaction.

Greg Mauk

I have been using this for years. Never had a problem. Today with the update the variable speed function does not work properly. It will only play podcasts in 1x mode. Anything faster or slower and it sounds very cracking, almost like bad reception on a radio. Please advise on how I can fix this. Thank you.

Ali Foote

From perfection to pain! Just dropped 2 stars. Since updating my LG G4 OS to MM i have lost all artwork, making the identification of tiles a pain. Tried all the usual clearing cache and yhe refresh artwork settings. Still no pics :-(

Nick Vinckier

This app is so awesome! Every time I think it's got all the functionality I could ever want, they roll an update that adds even more cool features. More than worth the price!

Jesse Abernethy

Great app, except.. Great app, but latest version (Jan 17th) when playing over Bluetooth and receiving a call doesn't pause. Messaged developer about it weeks ago, its now Feb 17th and still no reply and no update.... Otherwise it's a great app!

Louis Vanden Bush

Very good app as long as you don't stream NPR podcasts, and I like the cross-platform sync. The only problem i have is when streaming (not playing a downloaded file) NPR podcasts it is very laggy and during a 1 hr podcasts it will probably stop to buffer about 10 times. This would get 5 stars if you could use it for streaming NPR podcasts but unfortunately you cannot.

Scott Ball

Sounds keeps cutting out Infuriatingly, the audio randomly cuts out. I have to close the app and restart it to get audio back. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

Max White

The modern way to cast No more scanning through iTunes to find something that might be good because it had a lot of reviews. PocketCasts is the only podcatcher you'll need. The trending pages show you casts you'll love and the latest episodes are always there for your listening. Can't recommend enough.

Krishanu Singh

Totally worth the money.. Great app I knew nothing about podcasts but every reviewer I saw on YouTube mentioned pocket casts.. So i thought why not give it a try? And now I am totally hooked and have discovered something great and unique.. It gives so much to learn and enjoy that i just love it.. Thanks a ton to the devs

Tom Jackson

Best podcast app Any chance of adding a feature where when you download an episode it automatically adds it to the Up Next Playlist? It's a pain to have to manually add them each time (via a convoluted hidden menu!)

Timothy Hammond

Sync Did Not Work I bought this app because I was tired of digging back through archives of podcasts figuring out which ones I'd listened to. After using this app for a couple weeks, I got a new phone and was excited to pick up where I left off on all my podcasts. But while all my podcasts showed up on my subscribe list, all the old episodes I had previously marked as unread showed as read. So now I have to spend hours going back through and figuring out which episodes I've listened to again. Useless!

Steven Nguyen

Clean looking, easy to navigate The best podcast app on android and iOS! I just switched from iOS (downcast) and I saw high ratings and tried this. I like it very much, easier to navigate than downcast (iOS). It is 100x better than the default iTunes app. And the widget is very easy and intuitive. I like queueing up podcasts to listen to so I can do my thing and listen for hours. How's chrome cast support, so I beam it to my audio system and listen to my podcasts on my home speaker system too.

Zach Zima

Always something goes wrong This app is great in theory. It's designed well and it is very user friendly. Unfortunately, issues keep happening with every update. Currently, the app lags A LOT. It's very frustrating.

Jaspal Virdi

Love it already Have been stuck with clunky Doggcatcher, but this has a better and more responsive UI, quicker to load and minimal footprint.

A Google User

All around great ... Have had one or two instances of their servers being down over the last ~2 years, causing delays in getting updates (Note to devs: that still upsets me - let me download direct from source!!) - but that notwithstanding, this is easily the best podcast app.

Gerardo Talavera

Pretty good, could be better Shouldn't need to change podcast settings to check old episode description. Needs way to mark a podcast as played after certain %. Have to manually forward passed end commercials so it gets deleted. I don't want to have to add things to 'up next' to get continuous playback. Want a default 'unplayed' playlist.

Jesse D

Intuitive, reliable, and now with Chromecast support. Best podcast app on the market. And the only one with Chromecast support. One gripe - currently there is no ability to keep played episodes of an individual podcast if your global settings are to remove played episodes. That is, if you edit the specific podcast settings they get overwritten by the general settings.

Tuhin Karmakar

A Delight to Use ? This is one of the best examples of how to implement material design. The app is very polished and a delight to use. Would love to see some tweaks here and there... Whenever I add a new podcast, only the latest episode is marked unplayed. That's not really useful. The option to hide played episodes would be a nice addition. Just imagine if a podcast had over 200 episodes, how hard will it be to find a certain episode. Episode search feature can help counter this problem.

Chad Reese

Worth every penny I hate buying apps. Podcasts should be free, right? This is the best $4 I've spent on an app store. For the price of a beer I have an amazing and intuitive interface, awesome suggestions, and an all in all hassle free listening experience. Stomach the cost and get this app NOW. It's a must have for any podcast listener.

Heiner Bunjes

A) Most times when I want to proceed with an unfinished episode the app doesn't start from the correct point but from an earlier position. E.g. I listened half an hour and when I resume it starts at 1 minute. B) I need a year at the episode dates. I have podcasts that went for 10 years now; without a year the date is useless. Developer contacted me to get more info. One additional star for that. @developer: I send you the requested mail some minutes ago.

Jennifer Criso

Even when I download the episode in advance, I often can't get through a minute or two without it stopping multiple times. Customer service is nonexistent. They don't respond to emails or Twitter. And I paid for the app.

Lucas Ellison

Great podcatcher Has a lot of features and yet mostly intuitive. Love the filters and easy handling of playlists. Only suggestion I have is text somewhere on the subscription screen. I like seeing all the feeds artwork tiled there but a few of my podcasts have the same artwork or artwork that makes them hard to distinguish their names. The publishers are more to blame for this than the app.

Floyd Batarina

podcast starts over after pausing podcasts starts over from the beginning after pausing playback for a brief moment. then when I try to forward it to a certain spot it won't let me. it happens randomly but not all the time. it gets frustrating when i can't finish a certain episode

Sean Pearson

Used to work great! Love this app, tried many podcast in apps, read tons of forums and reviews and this is the one I settled on and I'm super happy! Great design, Great function, smooth! HOWEVER as others have said the newest update has made my phone randomly restart several times a day (I use it often as I drive around a lot for work) please fix this! And it's easy 5 stars a total no brainer! UPDATE: App works great no more restarts and is a no brainer when looking for a podcast app!

Nick Wermuth

Best money spent I have didn't days of my life listening to podcasts and this so has made it so much easier to listen without hassle. While other apps were riddled with ads, has few options, ugly or were just plain hard to navigate, this app is beautifully designed and just perfect for anyone who listens to hours of podcasts a week.

Steve Marcus

You can't view only the episodes you have downloaded. I'm listening to previous episodes of a podcast. there are maybe 300 of them. I downloaded 100 of them but when I scroll thru the podcast, there is no way to only scroll thru the 100 I have downloaded (you have to scroll thru 300). Also, if you are doing this, try finding an episode after it completes; it is a complete PITA. I decided to mark all episodes played to see if this would help and it deleted all the 100 episodes I painstakingly downloaded. I can't believe that the designers wouldn't include such a simple feature. It's incredibly stupid. It's rare that an app makes me upset but this one did. I used it for a while and like the interface quite a bit but now I'm going back to Beyond Pod (who have this feature). I should really give this two stars as I like the interface but the sheer stupidity of omitting this critical feature by the designers is preventing me from doing so.

Trevor Kramer

Great app! Works really well and for the most part is quite intuitive. However, I had to subtract a star as it is missing one important feature: the ability to perform searches based on episode titles. If Pocket Casts had that functionality it would get a 5-star rating for sure! Overall though this app is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Ryan LaBine

Beautiful, easy and helpful. The upgrade is gorgeous. The animations are pleasing. I enjoy the easy rewind and fast-foreward. App receives regular updates and is Chromecast capable.

Dave Andrews

I find it amazing that this gets so many good reviews. It doesn't have a SEARCH FUNCTION. How can you get away without the most basic feature of all. Fan of a podcast with hundreds of episodes? Well, too bad, scroll away 'till you find it! Don't know which episode you want to hear again? Well, read all the names and find it manually. GREAT! Also, if you download an episode and deleted, then want to hear it again, oh, too bad again! it's GONE from the list. The only solution I've found is to reinstall the whole app and subscribe to my podcasts again.Oh, but there's bound to have something good, right?Yes, it is pretty. Oh, and they make jokes on the changelogs as well. If you want a poor podcast player that is pretty and has jokes once in a while, Pocket Casts is the player for you!

Mick Dutcher

Love Pocket Casts Used Beyondpod for years before switching to Pocket Casts. Both are good apps, but I find the Pocket Casts user interface much visually appealing, more intuitive and the settings menu much more straightforward. Finding and adding podcasts to the app is much easier as well. Their product support is responsive and excellent. While it's not a sufficient reason, on its own, to download the app, the humor in their app updates is also priceless. Can't go wrong with Pocket Casts!

Justin Molley

Intuitive & smooth My only issue has been with the player never properly continuing where I last left off. It seems to always pick a random spot in the first quarter of the program instead of where I paused it.

Ian Stewart

Would be 5 stars if it didn't pause randomly It's a great app, but it will pause randomly for no reason whatsoever. Incredibly annoying when I'm walking in the cold with it on inside my jacket. Also a pain when I'm driving as it takes my eyes off the road. Really wish they'd fix this!

Destic Media

I usually hate paying for apps that have "Free" alternatives, but I had to make an exception for this! The user interface is so clean and polished looking and podcast management is beyond amazing! Great value for money ? Here are a few podcast recommendations! Sleepycast, This Again, Sourcefed Podcast, Sincast, Hamish and Andy, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

David Caplan

Great podcast app for Android It blows me away that Google has not designed a usable podcasting app for Android. This app is truly worth the money, there is no free app that even comes close. If you love podcasts, and rock an Android handset, look no further than Pocket Casts.

Tod Hostetler

I have been addicted to podcasts since before they were called podcasts, and I seriously like this app. I have used iTunes for years for listening to podcasts at home, and regarded mobile podcast apps as 'just for when I'm traveling'. However, I recently had an internet outage at home for two weeks and was forced to rely entirely on Pocket Casts. When I finally got iTunes back, I started to realize just how much I actually prefer Pocket Casts to iTunes, even when I am working at my PC station. I can maybe think of a few suggestions for improvements to Pocket Casts, but I definitely can't think of anything that iTunes does better (for me, anyways). Am currently in the process of migrating all my subscriptions to Pocket Casts and even though I used to be very happy with iTunes, now I will be happy to put that app in my rearview mirror and say goodbye. Pocket Casts is just better and friendlier overall. Good job guys and gals that made it! I think this is a great app for both casual and hardcore podcast listeners. My sincere thanks to you for making a great app that I now use and enjoy for literally hours every single day.

A Google User

I used to use this on iOS, prior to switching to Android. (Syncing podcasts also works cross platform between iOS and Android.) On both platforms this is simply THE BEST podcatcher I have ever used. Way better than iOS 's inbuilt podcast app and miles better than using Juice or Miro to manually sync podcasts from a computer. I can't remember how much I payed for Pocket Casts, but I can safely say it was well worth it. :-)

Had Better Days

Am I dreaming ? This app is a godsend. I mean I found Two On The Vine which is a podcast I like which has probably about 300 listeners. I didn't expect to find pretty much every podcast I loved while browsing. Also it plays while in the background AND remembers where you were up to in a cast after you turn your phone back on. There's just too many great things to say it would take forever. It is a great app and that's all I have to say.

Dylan Roberts

Really disappointed. There's no way to have it download just the oldest unheard episode. Why would I want it to download just the latest episodes when I haven't heard the previous ones? It makes no sense. I want my money back.

Fam FloresRosado

It is good, but it was better I think that in the name of design they have forgotten the user experience. When discovering podcasts I used to be able to see a list of past episode's titles (I don't remember if that included part of the description too).I subscribed to podcasts with several good episodes only. Now it is impossible to know if the podcast is good because it only shows the title of the last episode. Not enough as for making an informed decision. It would be good also to know the duration and file size of those episodes too.

Bob Rea

Doesn't auto download podcasts I have this app set up to check for new podcasts every morning at 6am and then automatically download them. It doesn't do that. I opened the app at work today and that is when it decided to check for new podcasts. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Mandheer Singh

I'm using Pocket Casts paid version, but it doesn't show track listing inside a podcast. For example, I listen to Above & Beyond and my iPhone Podcast player shows me track-listing inside a podcast that's playing, so I can skip to a certain section or song within the podcast episode. There are 10-15 tracks inside an episode of Above & Beyond sets. Title, show notes, thumbnails are hygiene, but track-listing is sorely missed

Eric Oxford

Easy and Dependable Way better than stitcher. You can favorite episodes, create playlists with ease, set up auto delete old episodes. The best. Very customizable.

Hunter Bastardi

I'd give 5 stars if... First off, it's a great app. I use it all the time. It has a great design and it has everything I need. There is a two minor issues I would like to see fixes soon. 1: It occasionally re downloads podcast that I already watched. 2: there is glitch when you start a video, but that doesn't bother me as much as the redownloads does. If 1 could get fixed, I'd definitely give 5 stars.

Nat Kuhn

Good player, awful sync This plays podcasts well. It also prevents fluctuation in audio level when notifications play. God help you if you reset your phone, though, because it won't remember which episodes you haven't listened to, nor does it offer a way to bulk mark selected episodes as unplayed on your phone. Absolutely crap sync feature, that.

Claire Cavanaugh

Not as good as Podcast Addict PA is far more feature-rich, customizable, and intuitive to use. The only thing this app really has going for it that Podcast Addict does not is that it's way prettier. That's all I can say.

Jesse D

Intuitive, reliable, and now with Chromecast support. Best podcast app on the market. And the only one with Chromecast support. One gripe - currently there is no ability to keep played episodes of an individual podcast if your global settings are to remove played episodes. If you edit the specific podcast settings they get overwritten by the general settings.

Rick Penn

Maybe the best Possibly the easiest interface, best bells and whistles, and largest library. I used Stitcher because they organize well, but have poor search qualities. Found the casts I couldn't find there on One Cast, but it was kind of clunky and messy. Pocketcast brings it all together. Only thing I'd like to see would be ability to put whole shows (not just episodes) into folders (Stitcher style.) It would help with organization. Apart from that, it's nearly perfect.

Mirza Ismail Baig

The Best Podcast App! I have tried lots of free podcast apps, was satisfied with the listening stuff but always didn't liked the interface of any app specially the ads which used to pop. Those are the things which led me to Pocket Casts specially after the new Material Design changes. Appreciate the interface a lot. Props to the developers.

Grant Powers

Perfect! [Update 2016/02 - just keeps getting better! All apps should be this well designed and executed! ] As perfect of a podcast app as I could hope for - love this app! Devs are awesome. UI just works and stays out of your way. Great balance of simplicity and features. Latest update adds volume boost! Awesome for the commute in my road noise filled SUV!

Nat Kuhn

This plays podcasts well. It also prevents fluctuation in audio level when notifications play. Still doesn't offer a way to bulk mark selected episodes as unplayed on your phone. Sync now better keeps track of your unplayed episodes, but forgets sort order and won't re-download previously downloaded episodes in the event of a reset. I don't know if it improved my experience, but the better sync came after I also had paid for a website account.

Stefan S.

After you finish streaming an episode, it just vanishes. In order to go back to it, you have to unsubscribe from the podcast and resubscribe just to see it again. That is ridiculously unintuitive and should be fixed as soon as possible. Other than that, it's a great app. [Edit] That's just as unintuitive. So for instance, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has almost 700 episodes, and if I want to get to one that I've already listened to, I have to scroll through all of them to get to the bottom.

Zachary Dickerson

This client got me addicted Love all the functionality: variable speed up to 3x, customize the length of skip backwards and forwards operations, auto download your favorite podcasts, and auto delete after listening. Podcasts are sorted by featured, trending, top, network affiliation, and category. You can have multiple episodes in progress and switch back and forth whenever.

josh main

Great app but.... It would be awesome if the player was less confusing and you could change the order they play mayby you can tho and I just can't find out how to but awesome never the less

Ruppal Singh

Great, but... Great UX apart from two missing options: ability to cancel a podcast download after a certain time, and mark a podcast episode as unplayed once it's in progress. I accidentally played a couple of seconds on a podcast and ended up deleting it - then found out it got deleted from storage and had to be redownloaded - which itself was hard because even though it was the latest episode, it would show somewhere down the list after pressing show more episodes.

Mi. Mc.

Update ruined video playback. After updating, all of my downloaded video podcasts are now distorted. The video picture is squeezed into the top half of screen while on landscape. And the video disappears completely when flipping to portrait. Unfortunately there is no option made available to "uninstall update" , so I'm stuck with this at Shifty jelly's mercy.

Jay Ghadiali

Been noticing this for a few weeks. Episodes don't play. Doesn't matter if it's downloaded or streamed. I'll hit the play button and the pause button will show up for a split second like it's going to play. Then it will revert to showing the play button again. I've tried multiple podcasts as well as installing and reinstalling. I'll give 5 stars once this is fixed.

Azwan Jamaluddin

FALSE FEATURE ADVERTISING Syncing podcast history doesn't work. Phone crashing and had to reset everything. Now I have to reorder my collection from scratch since play and unplayed history were not recorded. Had filed this as a bug report thinking this was a bug but its really just false advertising since they never got back or fixed this. No amount of snark on their part is going to fix my broken collection.

Shaun Malone

Works amazingly well Never had an issue with it. It's simply designed and intuitive. I keep waiting to find a flaw, but I don't see one. There are a couple features that is like but nothing too important.

Iain Searcy

Best podcast app for Android and iOS Wonderful speed controls! Awesome web interface. Simple ui. Beats the rest hands down.

paul edo

Skipping Audio I have been experiencing skipping audio and I paid for this app. You just can't do anything about it. I have to format my phone because I thought there was something wrong with it but still am experiencing the same problem.

Benjamin Smyth

Temperamental and not worth paying for Every time I try to resume an episode it starts from the beginning which is very confusing and inconvenient. Also takes forever to buffer, compared to podcast addict and google music... Do yourself a favour and get Podcast addict for free!

Cosmin Ludușan

Latest update has fixed the problem described below: Worked without an issue for a long time. This week however, I have noticed that when downloading a new episode, the download list gets stuck and does not clear the episode once the download is complete. If I want to download more episodes, they will all be pending since the download list never clears up. I have to force stop the app every time, to circumvent the problem. Another minor issue I have noticed when installing the app on a new device was that it did not remember which episodes I had already listened to and which should be marked as unplayed. Any steps in investigating these issues and fixing them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

eddie driver

This app simply don't work with my Gs7 Edge This app has been awesome on previous phones but on my new Galaxy s7 Edge it's absolutely terrible.... If I stream it constantly cuts out on a 4G connection and if I download an episode it goes all robotic and static noise. So had to result in un installing the app and finding another (podcast addict) seems to be working fine with no issues like this app, which is a shame as I did love pocket casts and always promoted it to people, but now I can't.

Gabby Smith

Latest update messed it up I can no longer pause and play again easily. Sometimes I need to switch podcasts before the other will play. Also with the update I have lost the ability to sort episodes. The app will just force close. Please fix! The app used to be sooo good.

Steven Cai

Great podcast app But for whatever reason, the prettier keeps popping up in my notifications even if I didn't launch the app. I can swipe it away, but it just keeps coming back until I force close the app

Eduardo Berdum

Forget every other option. This is it. Give them money. This app isn't just the best podcast app for Android, it is a reason to have Android in the first place.

Jalal Akhtar

Thought it was perfect I thought this app was perfect. I come from iPhone with downcast which works flawlessly. I was thinking I'm not going to find a replacement on android but then I found this app which was perfect until I saw the video. It squishes the video in wide screen mode. It only plays video on the top 1/4 of the phone. No response from support. One star.

Kris Hager

Made Work Tolerable This app was worth it for the Hardcore History episodes alone. I do wish I could purchase unavailable episodes from within the app, using Play credit or something to complete the transaction. UPDATE: It would be cool if there were recommended podcasts in the Discover section based on what you listen to most frequently, not necessarily on what you're actively subscribed to.

Dave Dagg

Never had trouble until recently. Now it will not respond to skip back or forward when playing through Ford Sync, although it has in the past for years. When I turn the car off the app now plays through the phone speaker right away and the only way to stop it is to force the app closed. Also tonight it started playing when I got in the car, I was able to pause playback and start Tunein Radio, but then Pocket Cast started up and played over top Tunein Radio. Could not stop it. Forced stop again. Also now will not stop playing when I answer the phone. Forced stop again. Frustrating as I never had trouble like this until now. Using Nexus 6P Marshmallow. No other podcast player installed.

Simon Yousefi

Great App with a few annoying bug While the App itself has a very beautiful design as well as a plethora of nice features there are also some really annoying bugs. Especially the player that just jumps right around the start of an episode after pausing it. But not right at the start and more around the 2 minute mark. If they'd fix it, it'd be one of the best podcast apps.

Dave Butler

Buggy Has become buggy since the last update. Video disappears unless phone is restarted if the app is exited. Shame, was my goto podcast app.

Lucas Ellison

Was a great podcatcher. Has a lot of features and yet mostly intuitive. Love the filters and easy handling of playlists. update: Newest update broke apps ability to download and app has never streamed right. It always skips while streaming. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling only to discover the app has no way to back up played/unplayed podcasts. So my history is scrambled. This makes me very sad.

Sam Brown

Good but annoying bug Great app for both listening to and also discovering new podcast apps. I have tried a number and this is by far the best however it has a really annoying bug where it doesn't delete podcasts from your phone's hard drive after you delete them from the app. This means you will regularly have to go into the files part of your phone to clean out a whole bunch of old podcasts.

K. L. A. Smith

Making podcasts great again. podcatcher done right. And no geographical restrictions! Can you believe it! I can listen to any podcast no matter where I am in the world.

Matt Isaacs

Still no Android Wear support for offline playback... I am dying to not carry my phone anymore while biking. I will be moving to Google Music with Podcast support if they allow syncing with Android Wear. Pocket Casts is so close, but I am desperate for something that is fully functioning. Another issue I have is the "Audio Boost" and "Skip Silence" options only work if you download the podcast, I don't understand that limitation at all. I have very limited storage but unlimited data, why do you need to download for these to work? Last issue, they advertise as having cloud sync... WRONG! it may sync what you subscribe to, but it doesn't sync your listening history. If you reset your phone and log back into pocket casts it will show all episodes as unplayed which is a nightmare to sort through. Pretty underwhelming. Oh well, on to the next app

Luis Silva

Good not great This is probably one of the better podcast apps out there. I love the android auto integration, but with the latest update it keeps playing after I disconnect from the car and it's very hard to make it stop. Please don't fix what isn't broken. I always cringe every time I update an app because of stuff like this.

Cody Lobdell

Was the best.. But too buggy now. I loved this app and was very happy with it. Now it's just frustrating. When I resume a podcast it restarts to the beginning. I've emailed them and they responded "we are trying to fix it" . So I waited patiently. After several updates later problem still not fixed. It's a real shame. My advice is to fix the problem and lay off the funny word play on your updates.... It's almost a year now and same problem. What a shame.

Mirza Ismail Baig

The Best Podcast App! I have tried lots of free podcast apps, was satisfied with the listening stuff but always didn't liked the interface of any app specially the ads which used to pop. Those are the things which led me to Pocket Casts specially after the new Material Design changes. Appreciate the interface a lot. Props to the developers.

David Seaman

Beautiful app, well designed, I recommend this to my friends. Worth every penny. Pros: Variable playback speed; Pretty graphic design; Skip silences Easy to view show notes (if the publisher posts them); Easy to make a queue, but it isn't by default; Easy to make lists; Easy to find new podcasts. Seriously I love this app, it's probably one of my most used apps on my new phone alone I have like 4 days worth of listening to podcasts solids (counting double speed). I can't recommend it more.

Ken Ume

Great app! Moved to this after trying BeyondPod for a few years. Like the cross device syncing (though it can be very hit and miss between devices) , and pretty much everything else.... even the sense of humour. Chromecast support is surprisingly good. The desktop/online podcast list management has improved 100-fold. The latest release is a good assortment of new features, curated good ideas and fixes. Just keeps reminding me why I really like this app for my podcasts

Ryan Zieman

Great podcast player and well worth the money Their patch notes are hilarious which means a lot to me. Free syncing across devices and it backs up all your podcasts. Fairly frequent updates. It runs smoothly and is virtually bug free. I could not reccomend it more. I am a voracious podcast listener. The only podcast player that I have found to be better is "Downcast" on IOS. However this is a strong second and by far the best podcast player on Android. Thank you, keep up the hard work.

Rade Lukic

No Volume Level Normalization! Where is it?! For those that listen to a lot of podcasts, you'll know that not all are recorded at the same volume. It's annoying. A great podcast app should fix these inconsistencies. The first app to fix it with even a half decent UI, gets my money. In the meantime, this is okay, that's all.

A Google User

Perfect... A "must have" app New review : even better than before with an updated and feature rich UI. Looks like presto is no longer needed for variable playback speeds. Old review : Great podcast app. Plenty of useful options. Easy to use and I haven't had any problems with it. Definitely worth such a reasonable price.

David Childress

Good app.... BUT Edit: apparently it's not a true sync... It should be able to see what's played and unplayed, instead of what has been "interacted" with, this still isn't much better than an OPML import. Original review: The sync doesn't work, it's frustrating when a key feature of an app doesn't work, but the rest of the app is good enough to keep using it on one device. I would just like to be able to use an advertised feature

ryan freeman

Best podcast app yet I love the features of this app and the creators sense of humor. This is a must have app if you listen to podcasts. They have the BEST CHANGE LOGS EVER!!!

F Taylor

This app has no equal Ive downloaded many podcast apps, and this is the best podcast app there is, PERIOD!!!! Phone and tablet sync in perfect harmony, smooth UI, Love it!!! The new material UI is nice (though it worked fine before) as is the "up next" improvements


Podcasts won't download Nice app just a pity the podcasts don't download and I have to select and download episodes one by one. As a paying user I would expect a fix to this serious flaw

Malcolm Bowes

Something has gone haywire in the latest update The app keeps losing control of the audio stream and can't be stopped until I reboot the phone. Have emailed support but no acknowledgement as yet.

Dilip Mantripragada

Google Podcasts is coming..... Don't worry.. I still love and use Pocket casts... 5 stars all the way?

david ward

Plz Fix Started skipping back 15 sec and replaying at random whenever i stream. Kinda makeing me loose my mind proper like.

Peter Lloyd-Martin

Excellent... ... But I think it needs more chamfered edges, even fewer ports and to lose a few more grams. Camera good though and I like the correctly spelled colour!

Mark McCann

Worth buying... but not perfect. [Android Auto] Works as you'd expect with Android Auto - it's pretty good. My only wish is for when an episode finished it automatically played the next, in order of release, or let me skip to the next episode using the normal skip buttons. At the moment it stops at the end of the episode, so I need to spend more time looking at the screen instead of the road just to get something playing again.

Matthew Hazelbaker

Needs Premium Podcast Support I've been using Pocket Casts for a few years now & you guys without a doubt have the best podcast app available. But I've recently found my first negative, adding Premium Podcasts support. I've used the specific URL on your website & added the podcast but fails to download or stream. It's resulted in me using a separate podcast app. Please add support!!!

Miriam Rüfenacht

Awesome! Easily the slickest podcast app on the market right now. Beautiful with alot of extra features. The only thing that could be changed is to have the sleep timer make the app stop when the podcast episode is finished.

Abie GR

Good Thinner and lighter is good, but put more ports! Theres like one usb-c port and a headphone jack. im most impressed by the logo. Its finally not purple. And dat rose gold, my second favorite feature. And the biggest let down, NO APPLE STICKERS!!!!

Ben Berg

Best App for People who Love Podcasts It's extremely good looking, and polished feeling. It has every podcast that I listen to (mainly Rooster Teeth, Nerd³, TotalBiscuit, and HAMRadio) all in one place. And unlike some other podcast apps, cough*tunein*cough, it won't keep badgering you about joining their premium program so you don't have to listen to ads. It's just $4, and that's it. It also allows you to download your podcasts to take with you on a plane or somewhere that doesn't have cellular or WiFi. Overall, do yourself a favour and get it

Benjamin R

Easily the best podcast app out there. Full of features and functionality. Would highly recommend. Also, these guys manage to make me not hate revision notes; good to have a sense of humour!

Joseph Belcher II

#1 podcast APP This app is super awesome and I have zero complaints about the App. I do wish they showed the Web browser as much love as the app since sometimes I sit at the pc and use the pocketcast in the Web browser. But this is supposed to be a review for the App, which is perfect!

Tom Barrett

Awesome! The best android podcast app. Smooth and responsive. Really easy to download episodes Wi-Fi only overnight and listen later. I remove silence and listen at 1.5 speed for best experience.

Justin Ting

Great app - but major irritating bug For the time being I'll have to leave it at two stars because resuming from drop down menus or mic controls never actually resumes from the right spot, usually rolling me back to the first few minutes. Being forced to take out my phone, open the app, and click resume as the only way to resume from the correct spot is very inconvenient. Will happily change to five stars once this is fixed.


Great I had a nightmare finding a good android podcast app as a replacement for Apples app I've been using for years. Pocket casts has the best selection, data management, user interface I could find, Worth every penny.

A Google User

Bluetooth Hell For some reason, this app can't be the first app I use when playing audio over Bluetooth. If I do, the entire phone goes mute and I have to restart the phone. Instead, I have to first start playing audio with Google Music or YouTube while transitioning to Bluetooth and THEN switch over to pocket cast to get the app to work on Bluetooth. Incredibly annoying. It's been going on for many months. Now I'm shopping for a new podcast app.

Justin Thomas

Broken after update NEW UPDATE 6/23/16: Several podcasts will not update, I have to unsubscribe then resubscribe to get new episodes

Akash Dhaliwal

UPDATE: Previously i had submitted a review which i will include below. I found the issue comes from when my phone enters power saving mode. The screen turns off and application activity is reduced which affected this app and Spotify. With that resolved i can return this app to 5 stars. Excellent execution. (ORIGINAL REVIEW I'm sure it's unintentional but the audio stops after about a minute of the app being minimized or the screen being locked. May be related to security settings but very annoying.)

Kris Boyle

Excellent Podcast Player This app is superb. True automatic between-device sync, intuitive interface, great playback management, the list goes on.... I normally would not buy an app that does not have a free version to try before buying but all the reviews I checked were good and then I read the latest update notes and realised how beautifully chamfered the app was as well :-) Being completely suckered in by my sense of humour, I pushed the buy button and there is no looking back!!

Mohit Singhania

Great app please help with issue It's a great app and I don't say it lightly... I very rarely pay for apps... But this app is really awesome and the great reviews on play store aren't lying However am facing a persistent issue...  1. Whenever I try to filter or apply Any  filter settings the app crashes ...  I have tried to install Uninstalling 10 times at least and tried to clear cache every time. Can you please help me resolve it.  Have already sent you a mail few days back. Please resolve when you get to it.

Jan Mortensen

Very good app!! It is very good with a clean and easy interface. Only thing I'd like is a per podcast delete after being played option rather than the current overall one. This would make it perfect for me!

Patrick Bueno

Awesome Not perfect, but pretty darn close. 4.5 stars. *EDIT -- App is getting a little wonky for me. Podcasts randomly starting from the beginning; skipping forward (fast forward) sometimes goes to next in playlist instead of skipping 25 (my setting) seconds. Other bugs that I can't remember right now. Request please: the 'plus' and 'minus' symbols for adding/removing to Up Next is cool, but can you add back the progress meter within the circle? Thanks.

Jeffrey Mayfield

Constantly skipping forward or backward 10-15 seconds during playback. This app has become almost unusable for me. I'll update my review if this ever gets addressed/resolved, but for now, I guess I'll move to something else?

Arthur Johnson

Best podcatcher by far for Android... And one of the three best for iOS. If you have both Apple and Android devices, this app will give you an almost seamless experience. BUT BE CAREFUL, because if you set this app to auto-download more than one or two HD video podcasts, it can make your entire device u-n-b-e-a-r-a-b-l-y l-a-g-g-y! I recently found that simply deleting this app eliminated lag from my Nexus 9. Learn from my mistake and use auto-download judiciously.

Brendan Sparling

Almost perfect I switched from Doggcatcher to Pocket Casts and I'm super happy so far. The UI is much better and very natural. My only problem is that I can't set the "auto delete played" option on a podcast by podcast basis-it's just on or off for all of your podcasts. If this gets fixed then I'll add the last star. Keep up the good work!

Samuel Liebermann

Amazing stuff. The only one that allows smooth sync between different devices AND smooth web interface. Connecting to the web interface is a bit pricey, but is one-time fee and worth every cent. Still lots of room for new and much needed features and support channel, but after few weeks of using it I see that they keep fixing interface problems. I changed from doggcatcher and haven’t looked back.

Verena Guttenberg

Used to work perfectly... I used to love this app, amazing experience. As of late, my episodes keep skipped forward or back, sometimes by as much as 30 seconds. I would really appreciate a smooth listening experience again...

Francisco Salvador Velazquez

Best podcast app on Android Update: convincing my wife to buy the app so we can try nearby discovery. Thanks for adding android wear support. Now I need to find out which watch to buy. I really wish I could write funny reviews as the changelog but I am not even going to try. In all honesty, this app has changed my life. I used to hate my headphones, almost dumped them. Then this app came out and made me fall in love all again. I even almost switched to iOS! What? I just got to say this is the best looking, most usable app in android.

Klas Eighty-Two

Making podcasts great again. podcatcher done right. And no geographical restrictions! Can you believe it! I can listen to any podcast no matter where I am in the world. Wishing I could speed up videos as well, and casted content.

Krishanu Singh

New suggestions Hey team i love this app but i think some tweaks in this app will make it look better. Can you please add an option for applying different solid colors in the app just like the way solid explorer does. I mean red looks good but the user should have option to change it to either green, yellow, blue etc according to thr liking. Thanks i wish u implement this suggestion in future updates of the app. Thanks a lot

Lithgow Wilson

Unable to scrub m4a Hi I bought this software a while ago now but a lot of podcast producers have changed to apples terrible aac/M4a monstrosity since then I can't scrub any podcasts in this application. With power amp I can do this fine. Please fix as soon as possible. This program is now useless. I hit play on a paused podcast and it starts from the beginning instead of where I paused. I try to fast forward to where I was, I can't. Scrubbing doesn't work and is broken. Workaround provided by devs resolves the issue.

Daniel O Broin

Makes listening to podcasts easier. Great design and makes listening to podcasts a lot easier. A few things could be improved though: • You should be able to listen to episodes without "subscribing". Really hinders looking for new podcasts. • Episodes you've never downloaded shouldn't be counted as "played". They should have their own category. • It should be possible to swipe the player interface up and down. • There's a pretty major annoying bug at the moment that will restart a paused podcast when you return to it.

Grant Powers

Perfect! [Update 2016/06 - just keeps getting better! All apps should be this well designed and executed! ] As perfect of a podcast app as I could hope for - love this app! Devs are awesome. UI just works and stays out of your way. Great balance of simplicity and features.

Ryan Zieman

Great podcast player and well worth the money Their patch notes are hilarious which means a lot to me. Free syncing across devices and it backs up all your podcasts. Fairly frequent updates. It runs smoothly and is virtually bug free. I could not reccomend it more. I am a voracious podcast listener. The only podcast player that I have found to be better is "Downcast" on IOS. However this is a strong second and by far the best podcast player on Android. Thank you, keep up the hard work.


Overated: Frustrating usability and deflating app resets I can't add podcasts via url, managing your podcasts is a pain, search for podcasts works no better and probably worse than iTunes (both are pretty bad), somewhat ugly interface, rather cluttered interface too, player notification goes away, wish there was a way to have the app on other platforms without paying the full price and I could probably go on.

Jared Schulz

I've lived this app until the last update made it so I can't listen to anything. It all has really loud static sound. I've checked other apps and sound is still fine. Using a moto x pure Willing to raise my review for now hoping that I can listen to podcasts at accelerated speeds really soon.

Simon Crowder

Updated from my previous review: The user interface for this podcast is confusing and it is not obvious that you can queue up multiple items to play back. You'd expect this functionality to be under 'playback' in the settings, or on the page where you choose which podcast to listen to, but instead you need to go into an individual podcast rather than simply pressing play and then you can hit the queue button. I also have issues with managing which podcasts I have already listened to - it often seems to randomly mark everything as unplayed or played, and it sometimes forgets that I have download podcasts and I have to redownload them. When listening to large lists of podcasts I get confused about what I have and haven't listened to, which is problematic. The rest of the functions of the player are fine, it is effortless to find podcasts and download them.

Malcolm Bowes

I thought the app was finally fixed but alas no I'm sad to report that a bug bad enough to make Pocketcasts unusable for me, while less common, is still present. Also the developer's communication/customer service needs some work (no response to queries regarding faults and very slow updates to only partly resolve issues).

A Google User

Excellence. Best podcast app Android has available. The updated material UI is amazing. No clutter. Simple operation. Great stuff. If you like podcasts this is the best you can get. The new updates keep making it better. Plus support is super helpful and responds quickly.

Rice Rodriguez

Worth Every Cent This app actually made me get invested in podcasts. Prior to this, there were a few podcasts here and there that I liked to listen to every once in a while. Not anymore. Now there are several series I like to keep up to date on and enjoy listening to. It's a little pricey, but it's 100% worth it. Highly recommend.

Dylan Lom

Really amazing Pretty much perfect :) (to devs; in a previous review asked if you could manage playback speed per-podcast. I didn't know you could change it by un-ticking the apply to all but I was more imaging an option in the podcast settings [the one where you can chose options like "start episodes from", "autodownload", ect]; it would be cool to have a speed slider in there as well :D)

Kerry Minchington

Keeps crashing while I'm sorting subscriptions It crashed over 5 times in an hour. If I cant sort out my subscriptions soon I may just look for a replacement.

Kota Ikeda

Great Interface but playback is buggy Easy to use and intuitive interface but streaming on data or wifi is buggy. Podcasts keep skipping around making for a frustrating listening experience (enough to change podcast players). UPDATE: turns out my data was being throttled. Playback is smooth and doesn't skip around if you have fast data or wifi

Ryan Zieman

Auto download only does most recent episode Not all of them. Great podcast player and well worth the money- Their patch notes are hilarious which means a lot to me. Free syncing across devices and it backs up all your podcasts. Fairly frequent updates. It runs smoothly and is virtually bug free. I could not reccomend it more. I am a voracious podcast listener. The only podcast player that I have found to be better is "Downcast. on IOS. However this is a strong second and by far the best podcast player on Android. Thank you, keep up the hard work.

Gardahadi .Gardiadi

Podcast addict was better Would've given this 4 or 5 stars BUT there's ONE very very crucial problem. The podcasts constantly stops in the middle of streaming! it wasnt even buffering it just stops and I need to go back to the app and resume and it would restart buffering god this never happened when I used podcast addict, and that app was FREE

Cru Jones

Something is amiss... Been working fine until this week (9/19). I listen at 1.5x speed. It seems podcasts longer than 1 or 2 hours will jump back to about the 15 min mark of the podcast when it hits the 1 hour mark. Then when I try to scrub back or forward it jumps to the very beginning of the podcast. The scrubber does not move to the position for the beginning of the podcast though. Then if you scrub a couple more times the podcast acts as if it finished. I have auto-cleanup on. So, it will delete the file when this happens.:(

Ben Kelley

Love it This app is truly amazing. I recently switched from iPhone after 6 years of use and my only apprehension was losing I tunes podcast. I use podcast more than any other application, and had no idea you could access it all on android. This app is beautifully designed and gives me everything apple had and much more. Well worth the buy.

Nick M

Good, but room for improvement I like most of the app. I wish that as part of the individual podcast settings (not app settings) you could mark a box so that certain podcasts automatically get added to my main playlist, or whatever playlist I designate. The app Podcast Addict has more breadth as far as settings go. I wish I could combine both apps into one.

Ryan Warner

Absolutely fantastic application. I was using DoggCatcher for years and years on Android as my goto for podcasts. Lately though, the support has drizzled and the updates were lacking. Switching over to Pocket Casts was the best decision. The Android Auto support is outstanding. I had tons of glitches over at DoggCatcher but this app is fantastic with Android Auto. I use it every single day and I thank you guys for putting in the work for making Android Auto work perfectly. The material design is also a huge plus.

Mike King

Excellent podcatcher Switched from BeyondPod due to lack of easy sync between devices. Almost the same capabilities - works well. The single area where it could be improved would be to have a sleep button on the playback screen, with a standard preset value, rather than it being a menu item. I use the sleep function at night, and it is far more fiddly than BeyondPod - please provide single press quick access to the sleep function. That would make it 5 stars. UPDATE: Got my sleep button. 5 stars. Thanks guys!

Teeyana Jakovljevic

Loooooooooooooooooove this app...and I only learnt when reviewing it for my blog post that it is from an Australian company! Yay, I always like to support local talent and entrepreneurs. That being said, this is my absolute fave app for podcasts. I love that I can set and forget, auto download, auto erase upon listening, offline functionality and ease of use. Hubby was also using this before he jumped the smartphone fence to Apple at the start of this year and hates the options on iTunes for podcasts. He can't get nearly as many show options in iOS apps that he did in this. Keep up the excellent work.

Ed Gall

UPDATE: 06/28/2016: Now working properly again. And I appreciate the work-around provided while the playback was not working as intended. Thanks! *** ORIGINAL POST: Video Podcasts no longer play correctly. When in "Full Screen" videos are compressed to the top half of the screen and are not visible at all if not in full screen mode. PLEASE HELP!!! this just started!

Furel Kwatzky

Nailed it! Some budget-minded folks may hesitate to shell out for an app based around a generally free medium. I get it. That said, these guys have thought of everything. It's easily the most convenient and user-friendly podcast listening experience I've ever had. I'd let these folks totally redesign spotify. It feels much better to throw the $4 their way and have it for keeps, with no ads anywhere. Get it!

Mohit Singhania

Great app please help with issue It's a great app and I don't say it lightly... I very rarely pay for apps... But this app is really awesome and the great reviews on play store aren't lying However am facing a persistent issue...  1. Whenever I try to filter or apply Any  filter settings the app crashes ...  I have tried to install Uninstalling 10 times at least and tried to clear cache every time. Can you please help me resolve it.  Have already sent you a mail few days back. Please resolve when you get to it.

Andrew Kelso

Streaming Issues Loved this app when I first downloaded it on my Motorola Maxx. Unfortunately after upgrading my phone to the Galaxy S7 Edge, I have been experiencing streaming issues. With an excellent Wi-Fi connection, the app independently reverses 10 seconds or advances 30 without me pressing the buttons on the screen. This issue has become increasingly annoying and I hope soon you guys figure out some patch to resolve this issue. Otherwise it's time to move on with a refund to my Google Play account.

Sebastian R. Jepsen

Great app, from great, transparent developers! Good thing they chose a profession where being seen isn't important! (Maybe they should hire me to make their changelogs ;\)) I've only had a bit of issues with the Chromecast functionality. Sometimes when I cast and press play it fails to play (Without showing or notifying me). Thanks for a great app!

David Thorne

Superb app This is without a doubt the best podcast app I've used in a long time. It works with AndroidAuto, and AndroidWear very nicely allowing me to control what podcasts I listen to when. ShiftyJelly also built a web player (Charged separately at $9 USD, one off payment last I looked, June 2016) which I use extensively so as not to drain my Nexus 5X's battery. The selection of podcasts is very well thought through and I love the ability to add by RSS feed. Worth the money. I can't recommend it enough.

Jan-Hendrik Ewers

It's a very well designed app. Intuitive and nice looking compared to other podcast apps. Finding new podcasts is easy and so is downloading them. This app is only 3/5 because of one feature (or bug?) that's really annoying me. Whenever I add a new podcast, it's setting every episode except the newest one as played. I can't find an option in the settings to stop this.

nuggetzor nugget

Great I recently switched to android from apple. With ios devices that already come with a pre installed podcast app i didn't have to worry about finding an app, but unfortunately android does not. I like this app a lot, or if not more then the apple one. Its cleaner and easier to find podcasts without any glitches that unsubs you from all your podcasts *cough *cough * apple. The only downside to this app is that you have to pay a small fee for this app, but its worth it with no ads and an easy to use ui.

Duncan Downie

Almost perfect I have just made the shift from Podcast Addict primarily for the ability to sync my podcasts on my PC and so far I'm very happy. The only feature I'm seriously missing was the option to hide the podcasts with no unplayed episodes from my main page, if Pocket casts had that it would be perfect.


Worth the entry fee Best podcast app by far. Many apps have so many strange and stupid design choices (podcast playlist, why?). Pocket Casts just gets straight to the point, I want to listen to podcast right now. With the largest podcast library, you will not mind the price to use it.

dennis juras

Shifty Jelly was very responsive to an issue that occurred after an update. I have enjoyed the program for almost two years and am using it as my main podcast player. Like that it will sync between devices, plays video podcasts as well as letting them play as audio only if required . I have adjusted my rating to indicate the software fix.

Blake Mitchell

I've used and enjoyed Pocket Casts for a while now but I have decided it is time for me to investigate other players. I have learned how nice it is to have things being put into playlists automatically and I need that out of my player. If only I could automatically add series to a playlist or turn my filter into a playlist. I would also like to see a feature that would allow me to cut off a certain amount of time at the beginning and/or the end based on the Podcast.

Xanthe Simpson-Gray

Fantastic podcast app I don't like to use itunes but wanted to listen to some podcasts. It's now a widget on my home screen and used at least once a day. This app has the best selection of podcasts and it is very easy to subscribe, set up autodownloads of your favourites, stream and browse podcast episodes. Be sure to check out the settings as there are so many options that can improve the user experience.

Jim Davidson

The app, for the most part is very good to use. The filters don't respond as I'd expect and the online help seems spotty. Trying to setup filters to control the "flow" of pod casts, however the UNPLAYED, UNFINISHED, PLAYED filters don't seem to respond as you'd expect. The issue may be my understanding of what the three flags mean but having a clear definition would certainly be welcomed. When is a podcast considered "unplayed" versus "unfinished" versus "played"? I would think "unplayed" is such that it's time index is 0:00. Unfinished is when the time index is > 0:00 but not fully completed and "played" would be when the podcast has been played in its entirety.

Cult Doctor

After using it for a year... Love it over Dogcast and podcast addict. Would be 5 star if videos also had fast play. Volume boost, remove silence. Been using it for a year, never crashes, great interface, create your own sort categories, backup podcast lists, playback audio (not video) speed, etc. Really love the skip forward and back button. Please add fast video play.

Bruce Keezer

Best. Podcast. App. Ever. I'd even give it a vote for Best Android App Ever. Pocket Casts has every feature you could want in a podcast app, looks gorgeous, is customizable to your heart's content and updates on the regular. My only wish is that Shifty Jelly expands to making other types of apps. I'd buy them all.

Casey Gwinn

Favorite podcast app I have found. I really like this app. It's really easy to find and download podcasts. I was able to quickly transition from my iPhone to this app. Only feedback I have is there doesn't appear to be a way to filter downloaded podcasts when using Android Auto. When I go to any podcast it shows me all of them in that mode instead of just the ones I downloaded. I'd like to be able to see downloaded only in Android Auto.

Mitch !

Best podcast app... End of story I've tried countless podcast apps. Most were such a hassle that I'd just stop listening to podcasts. First off, easy to use. Second, everything is well organized and the settings awesome. Don't mind paying for an app when it's obvious the devs worked hard to release great software. If I could add one thing it would be to not display podcast episodes I've already listened to. For example, I've been listening to old this American life episodes, and lose track of which episodes I've listened to.

Andre Palm

Great app with room to improve All this app needs is auto artwork refreshing, equalizer settings, and better categorization of the available podcasts you can subscribe to. A general "audio drama" category would make life SO much easier for me. There's also an odd issue I've been having where the audio will cut sometimes. I'll have to wake the phone to fix it. I'm not sure if it's an app or phone issue. I'm on a verizon note 3.

Josh Espinoza

Can't use yet I know I'll love this app once the podcast progress issue is fixed. I'll edit my review when that happens. Currently this app is not usable because it does not save the played progress correctly. When I go to resume podcasts they jump back to near the beginning. I've contacted support which responded very quickly which is why it's a 2 star for now. Definitely a 5 star once fixed

Fa N

Does not sync played/unplayed episodes It's a good podcast player. But know that the sync feature only includes the subscriptions, not what episodes you have or have not listened to. Super annoying. So, if you move to a new phone, backup and restore the app data with clockworkmod helium. Also, customer support is pretty much nonexistent.

Sam Elton-Walters

Best podcast app out tjetr Love this app, looks great and works well. I've had issues with my new phone, won't resume podcast after going back to it. I've checked out other apps, I'd rather just listen to full podcasts and keep using this then change to something else.


But This App If you love podcasts this is the app to have. I lost interest in podcasts when I shifted from Apple to Android but I thought about this app over the last year. I'm a cheapskate so I delayed buying this app but I finally took the plunge. It's got to be one of the best app buys I've ever done. Intuitive, feature rich, the best way to subscribe, listen, curate and synch podcasts across multiple devises.

Joseph Yambasu

Podcasts are life Easily the most convenient application I've installed on the market. There's a podcast for every topic spanning the imagination and you guys have created the perfect thing to being that reality to us. The UI is clean, no crashes, sound quality and options are top notch. Only thing I would suggest altering is being able to listen to an episode of a podcast I'm not subscribed to. It would cut the fat of undesirable podcasts cluttering collections for many people. Once again, thank you so much for your product

Reece Nelson

Great app with a few minor flaws There's currently an issue with the Android 6.0 doze feature in which the podcast will sometimes stop streaming when the screen is off, but other than that it's a great app. Also I don't know how difficult would be to implement it but could you please look at adding autoplay for unplayed podcasts?

Dillon Taylor

It's a good app if it works Half the time I try to download podcasts they fail. I have good Internet and plenty of storage but half the time they never download. Especially "Art of Manliness". It's like yall don't want people listening to them. Please fix your POS app.

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