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21 Jul
Player Minion for 5th Edition

Posted by Goathead Software in Entertainment | July 21, 2015 | 42 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

D&D Players stop fumbling around with all the Paper and Pencils! Build your character with Player Minion and keep track of all your data in one simple application. Track and Roll dice for your abilities, skills, combat stats, weapons, and spells! Download now to enhance your D&D 5th Edition experience!

Guided Character Creation and Level up
Complete character details
Roll Dice for Ability Scores, Skills, Attacks, Damage, and Initiative
Manage HP, Conditions, Equipment, Spells, and more!

NOTE: This app does NOT currently support multiclass

Whats new

    added more races and spells

Goathead Software part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500 to 1000. Last Update July 21, 2015. Google play rating is 57.0667. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 12.0 MB.

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Bastion Kain

App not done or working Noticed right away that this character builder is not up to date with released material. Character design is a bit clunky but that's a moot point as i Cant get past the weapon proficiency page on either of my 2 devices. Edit1: can now make characters but can’t change anything on them once they are done IE: change ability score, add skill proficiency ect. Still can’t build my level 1 druid that’s straight out of the book because the builder is missing information and I can’t add it in. I loved the 4e dm minion and the 4e player minion was serviceable. This app is a real disappointment for me. I hope it gets fixed.

Mike Greszler

Shows Promise I love the app. I haven't played with every class option, but there is one feature I don't understand. Once you save your character, you cannot edit any fields. If you forgot something, or typed in something wrong, you have to delete your character and try again. Please fix! In response to the reply: Any information entered for background, personality, etc. Cannot be changed after entering. You cannot advance your character to see what options you have and try to go back to the previous level. You also cannot train in new proficiencies. Once they are chosen, you cannot add more. Please fix!

Adam Chace

Great App but still needs some work Definitely one of best D&D character apps available for 5e (and probably the best guided), but still some work that needs to be done: 1. PLEASE make fields editable after generation, 99% of them are not even when held (specifically on the character tab). 2. Display scaling is incorrect, specifically on skills where bonuses cover skills (and smaller problems on other tabs, on Shield Tablet). 3. A "notes" section would be nice. Otherwise awesome app, just PLEASE make all fields editable

Eric Patton

Best Generator I've found to date After spending a few hours working with this app, I have to say it's pretty solid. The math is right, the interface is clean and intuitive, and works as a nice complement to your Players Handbook. I did come across a small issue when adding equipment on my G1 Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet I used to test with - the screen would occasionally fade to black after selecting equipment and occasionally did not return. The equipment was saved correctly, but I had to restart the app to proceed. A couple of wish list items for future updates: (I may be just missing them) I don't see a way of viewing currently carried weight on a character. It would also be really nice of the characters could be imported into the DM Minion app and save the DM some typing. If you're a regular player, this is a solid app to invest in. To the develop - keep up the good work!

Kevin Partridge

So close... Very good intentions and a good start but quite broken. It's nice but I can't use it in the current condition. I was trying to use this on a Nexus 9. Missing features: Once you're done you can't really edit the character so if you miss something you have to start again. Can't export to the DM app made by the same developer. Can't advance a character more than one level at a time. This is kind of forgivable because you have to make some choices as you level up. But I think this could be handled without making the user enter XP through each level change. Broken bits: Some features just crash sometimes. Any buttons at the bottom just stop working sometimes and I've had to exit the program and start it again to get it to work. I can't emphasize enough that the app basically just crashes all of the time. When the buttons break it's unusable. The Skills list is all jumbled. The numbers overlap the name.

Zakriya Bashir-Hill

Can't get past the class select screen. I love the DM version of this app, but this won't go past the player select screen. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Michael Thorson

Rough still, but it's getting there Looks like its still working or some kinks but headed in the right direction. I'm hoping for wireless integration with the DM version.

Kijo Yes

Not bad Currently fighters can only be Eldrich knights. Its aggravating. Please fix this. Thx for the fix its a fantastic best character sheet.

James Painter

Doesn't work Can't get post character creation screen and icons don't fit on the screen.

Bill Caffery

Great for a newb I just got into d&d and this has helped me understand character development much more. It does need custom items and XP incrementor but other than that it is awesome!

Jamie Waldron

Would love to give a better review... Have the DM version and love it. Player app gets stuck and crashes at multiple places on multiple devices.

Garrett Carson

Note 4 Broken Can't get past Class selection: Scroll to wizard, click next, nothing. Notice bottom still says Selection: Barbarian. Notice list can still be scrolled slowly (1 page every 5 seconds or so), but without animation or correct selection at bottom.

Artem Eremin

A most awesome player companion. Shows a lot of promise and judging by the DM version, will be without rivals once a few minor edits are in place, such as spell slot tracking, and encumbrance in the items tab.

Adam Philpott

Pretty good I wish it was more customizable i.e. duergar races, and editable theme, etc

Johnathan Neitch

Runs horribly on my Note 4 Was really looking forward to trying this out, but I can't get past the character race selection when making a new character. Wasn't expecting this app to run like absolute hell on my generously specced Note 4.

Steve Richardson

Doesn't work on any of my devices Memory issues cause character creation to hang on Note Edge. Screen sizes render character creation impossible on Insignia 10 inch flex.

John Alcantar

Does not work on the note 4 for what ever reason when creating a character it just freezes and wont continue

Thom Lind

Nearly unusable for me. Locks up right after race selection.

Kenneth LaFler

Good, keep up the good work. Works great.

Jason Wyant

Meh Has spell and item info, which is great, bit needs a die roller so you cam create a character without point buy.

Charles Sisson

Needs more go back options It's a great start, but it needs more go back tons during creation or editing options once base creation is done.

Alan Elliott

Bug on Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Creating High Elf Wizard caused app to crash. Refunded.

Mark Gilbert

Not sure what to say From the pics this app looks great. Bit I uninstalled this cause I couldn't get past the class choice. The selection at the bottom seems to freeze at Sorcerer but still let's you continue to "select" your class. The next screen is nothing but a black screen. I'm using a rooted Galaxy S5 on android 4.4.4.

Sining Ong

Not as intuitive as it really could have been.

Scott Bangs

Lots of promise. Not a good character generator. U have to pick ability bonuses before trait assignment. That needs to be fixed. So for enterering a pre made character may have better use. Will be doing some more testing w that.

Drew Caplin

Needs update No option for variant human or muiltclass also being able to track spell slot usage would be great help would also like to see tracking of consumables (Arrows , bolts , caltrops ect ) on equipment screen and please update to include elemental evil

Rene Guindon

Was hoping for a little bit more. I was hoping that this would sync with the DM version of this. Also I wasn't able to give my character any feats. Everything else is awesome...oh and maybe a bit of info on the trackables for both apps would be cool too

tobu nutting

Paper is better - even with my unreadable writing Basically not usable as it doesn't scale to my Nexus 5 screen correctly.

Max Lunche

Not quite up to snuff I noticed that the app won't let me take all my background skills and proficiencies. Like, being able to manually edit things like that would be fantastic. Otherwise it's probably one of the better 5e character builders around.

Brian Lemieux

Has issues Like the app. Seems odd this app is only for a tablet and the DM app can work on a phone. The new players I play with would LOVE this app, but dont have tablets. App also is a HUGE memory hog. 500+ megs, then stops working, have to force close often. Cant edit many things after the first opportunity to enter it, and the back button going back to your home screen is annoying as hell.

Thorhelms Hall

Good over all. Noticed though that oath of the crown and oathbreaker are missing from paladin class

Jon Kurtzweil

Good but limited Pros: Clean and simple interface, Easy on the eyes. Cons: Doesn't have Unearthed Arcana options or class variants from the DMG like the Death Domain cleric, which are what I was looking for when I bought the app. Overall: I had no problems on an Android phone where other users did, so that may be resolved, but the app is a bit narrow. Perhaps a way to add additional options to your own instance of the app as baseline options could allow less limited content without redesigning the whole interface?

William Easton

Needs a lot or work Does not give variant options for feat at first level, with only two ability bumps, also this does not add the ability bonuses for race. Nor does it give full skills or details for background. If this is a work in progress please give an eta for completion -otherwise I would want my money back.......don't like paying for poor work or quality.

Lucas Underwood

Format It needs to format to new phones. My galaxy s6 edge messes the entire app up making it unreadable. If I'm paying for it, it better be fixed and looking good!

Stephen Kitson

Good but is not a replacement for paper characters Overall I like the app but I think it needs the ability to insert house rule feats and skills as well as the ability to add in magic items

Paul McLaughlin

I like the app, but it has some failings; for instance it doesn't show your spell attack bonus or spell save DC. It also doesn't decrease spell slots after you cast a spell; if these were fixed then it would deserve a higher rating.

Inu Zarumetsu

Really good but we need multiclass

Michael Shinabery

Does not size correctly to Galaxy S6.

William Stuefloten

Not bad It needs more race option...Goliath mostly, and the ability to track spell slots and stuff like arrows. Also if you could connect this to DM minion for encounters via the session connection so each player can take his or her own turn would be awesome

David Wise

Awesome in theory The app has potential, but as it sits its unusable, the font was set to huge in the app and there was no way to change it, with that font size all the text smushed together and were unreadable. Also the app adds bonuses from racial traits before you add stats which makes point buy broken. A handful of small changes could make this the best character creator out there. As it is now it's just worthless

Elijah Giancarlo B. Mallari

So not worth it. Not worth it for a paid app. You can't edit anything after character creation or after leveling up. It's very inflexible and difficult to use.

Jose Ramirez-Rial

Good idea? So this app is stuck at large type and 1.5 scale which turns out makes the whole deal useless. And there wasn't a free version I could try first to save me the $2. Hoping it works better on a larger device...if I had a larger device. Strangely, this may be the only app I've ever used with absolutely no user definable settings

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