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22 Aug
Platypus Evolution

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Casual | Aug. 22, 2016 | 239 Comments

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Egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter footed mammals... And venomous! Yes, platypus are already odd by nature. What would happen if mutations started happening to them? Find out in Platypus Evolution!

From the minds that brought you Cow Evolution and forever changed the way you see bovines, comes a new game that somehow manages to be even crazier and more nonsensical.

“That’s one dam awesome game!” - Beaver Bill
“There once was a beaver, who fell in love with a duck. From this forbidden love the platypus was born.” - Platystoteles

We can all agree that platypus are unique creatures. They swim. They lay eggs. They have beaks. They are mammals. They have venom. I mean, they’re just plain bizarre already. What the heck would happen if some of them go through hardcore mutations?

Play God and turn already weird creatures into even weirder ones! Mix, match, combine and evolve regular platypus to God-knows-what new species of platypus and take over the world and BEYOND!

• Drag and drop similar platypus to create new mysterious creatures
• Use platypus poop coins to buy new creatures and make even more money
• Alternatively, fiercely tap a platypus to make coins pop when platypus poop

• 4 different stages and many platypus species to discover
• A mind-blowing story yet untold
• The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution, 2048 and incremental clicker games
• Doodle-like illustrations
• Five possible endings: find your destiny
• No platypus were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Play with mutations with a head start. Download now and have fun in Platypus Evolution!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Whats new

    - Boost your tractor earnings by watching short videos
    - The Special Food upgrade has been changed to the Rainbow upgrade -- that can last maaany hours!
    - Fixed bugs and improved performance
    If you like playing Platypus Evolution, don't forget to leave us a new rating or review. It helps us a lot!

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jeanny kwan

A large amount of help please Hi I was wondering if you could fix my goat and platypus evos because now after a long while I don't get the money that I could have gotten from the tracktor so Plssssss I beg you help

lily butters

Amazing time Best game ever when done with this one I am going to download the other 2 ones. Amazing. Better than any other game I have ever tried before. In stall all of the 3 games of you will regret it.

Sherae Morrison

I don't know why I keep playing it. Don't know why i like it.It's just platypuses pooping and doing the fusion dance.

Dessie Knowles

Great way to kill time I really enjoy this game, it's simple, yet for some reason you just wanna keep playing

Nathan Blough

Weirdly Amazing A awesome strange game the kills boredom. I can't get over how cool this is.

Addyson Greenwald

Try It! This game is really creative. I like finding out what creature is next. When I am done I will try the goat or cow version.

Lucas Cyr

I just spend two hours straight farming platypus poo... I don't know why, but this is a really fun and addicting game. The only thing I would change is to have an upgrade to drop better platypus in the 10 second box

Grace Yeong Zhi Ching

Cutest yet Weirdest When I looked at this I thought of a weird evolution game of platypus, like I played other strange games like this. But when I play it, my life has change more then ever and I go like this :O......... WTF?!?!? Thanks for you to make this cute game <3 ???

Bonnie Hull

It's Amaizing!!! Love it!!! It's soooooo good as you keep on going at fat as you can collecting and mutating lots of different platypus'. I find it really addictive but fun, and it's not at all hard to get coins or diamond's. I LOOOOOOOVE it!

Lloyd Hope

As close to platypus ranching you can get! I've been playing the game for a while now and have the divine Plotuspus at a level 48. I advise you to buy the upgrade to double your coins. It's about four dollars and is a BIG help. Other than that you don't have to make any in-game purchases if you don't want to. This game is fun, addictive, and mesmerizing. If you love the platypus (and who doesn't) you should get this app! And, of course, you should get Where's My Perry and Agent P Doofendash, since Perry is a platypus of the most ELITE order.

nicci nightingalr

Y do u earn money from poop It's just gross that u earn money from the poop they poop out and u get like different color poops

Tasha Lee

Great I'm so addicted. I also have cow evolution and it's absolutely beautiful also. ^ω^

Crystal Lefevers

Played Goat Evolution first This game is wonderful for soothing anxiety. No major loud, shocking noises, and a nice slow pace. Goat Evolution is slow at first, but when you start upgrading, things become faster and more nerve-wracking. The platypus version only has two or three upgrades, and the upgrade for the crates only bumps it up to five seconds between crates. Plus, you can only get that one with 100 million coins. So far, anyway. Haven't seen any upgrades for magnets, either.


Wow I can't even put this game into words. LIFE CHANGING. I have never plataypused so hard but now that I have, I love it. I'm... I'm addicted. Please somebody help...

Naruto Uzumaki

Amazing! Wierd, but one of the best games I have played yet.

Catarina Moura

Love it!!!!!! Omg funnest and funniest game ever so adorable and sonlike crazy wacky style for each mutation!!!! So crazy :P hahahahaha better play it sooooooo cute and look at the pictures it says : naturew biggest mistake... just got worse! What the duck?! Lol :D

Sophia Thomas

Weird but fun I honestly didn't expect to enjoy this game as much as I did. Addictive and odd it's a fun game :)

Emil Lindwall lag

Pretty darn fun One of the only games who doesn't milk you for real money, would like to see some mini games or more upgrades so i left one star for improvement but trust me it's definitely worth trying out :)

Krystian Gusciora

Platypus evolution Amazing game.Its just so cool.Great way to kill time,and very addicting.I suggest to get it.

Avyon Moore Platt

Love it This is so fun to play I love it I do this cheat were you........... and you get lots of poop LOL

Emily Poole

THE BEST EVER Omg idk i love it its fun veered fun and made me laugh to of you get to a certain amount of ducks you go to the next level do you go high up and you half to keep an eye on them but besides that...ITS AWESOME

Libby Short

Platypus evolution Amazing! Loved it and just want to spend my life playing it. Of course there is ads but the game is so amazingly great, I hardly notice then! My favorite platypus is the unicorn one. It totally sticks out as the pretty one.

Dante Ogle

One of my favorite apps right now I love this app! It's a good time waster and it's addictive. First off let's talk about the pro's because there is no cons. Pro's: It's addictive, You can get free platypuses by watching ads, some of the platypluses don't cost that much, and you get free gems and coins. Thank you for this app, and I have a recommendation, and people may or may not like this, but, I was thinking turtle evolution.

Nathan De leon

Pretty great Great app, helps me wait for my next classes but its starting to get boring when you wait for baby platypi to be delivered and you jist want to see the next mutation

Kaitlin Haywood

Needs update I think you should have this like cow evolution and goat evolution. I would like to be able to get bigger ones in the crates like cow and goat evolution. It takes too long to get the world platypus

Cara Newberry

Mindless waste of time... ...but that's why it's so amazingly awesome.

Alyssa Spicer

Good time consumer I like it but then again I am a kid and seeing the new mutant platypi I can make :D

Lukas Vitri

Deletes large amounts of progress Getting rid of it, you end up spending more time making up lost progress than you do unlocking more game play.

lew_ dev10

Amazing My friend told me to get it so I did coudnt sleep all night

layla brown

Love it It cool ...kinda gross but cool

Kieran Bacon

Have to download My friends told me to get it and I did. Best game ever and going to tell my friends about it

Sarah Szabo

A good, fun game. Entertaining. As far as games go, it's pretty fun. As far as clicker games go, it's the best there is. I don't think it should be considered a clicker game though, it's more than that.

Janmart Asis

Lol Wow that was one infinite platypuseidon I don't if there's another infinite one like(if u don't have one this ideas of mine will give more likes like platypuses Zeus and Hephaestus) Greek gods or something

john marshall

Good mindless time wasting fun

Andrew Skipsey

If you've played one... You've played them all, legitimately, a reskinned version of Cow Evolution, or Goat Evolution, the only difference from the solid systems in these games is graphical.

sandy Fields

The best but cow better I love this game but there are two other versions I would rather the cow version because you get stuff faster and the poop is worth much more money


Request Loved it and I just got an idea for a platypus evolution 2 !!! I will be very greatful if you make it ?

Isis McGlocklin

Oh, man! Who ever is installing this should say that they loved it too because it is a great game. I love the poops!

The Lego Cat

This is awesone The game is great and it should have an update that tells u what you have unlocked like goat evolution

Malenah Mieritz

Fun This game is exactly like Goat Evolution but wit platypus'. Very addicting

Irina Jozikova

Really like this game!

Mikayla Wolfe

Addicting! This is entertaining and is a great way to kill time, but just like everyone else it, the fact that they poop so much throws me off. I suggest something like eggs, for instance. Also, if you make a dragon version of one of these, I would be eternally grateful.

alexander moe

I love this game I love all of them im not thst far but still veery awesome theaar shuld be aa pig evaloishun sorry a bout my mis spell but the game is so great I can't wate for a update s so right know I have 5.1 millon $$$$ if this game was not real I dont know how I would kill time and yes the game kills time THXs to who made this

Feb Denielle Coper

So ADDICTING!!! ♡♡♡♥♥♥ This game is so addicitve and the platypus are so cute!!! But one thing I dont kind of like is the platypus' color... Please add the platypus some color so it will be more awesome!!!

Yosi Monroy

AMAZING+ADDICTING:) Really addicting and fun I ❤platycorn (p.s.not sure if I spelled platycorn correctly)

NyanKat IsAwesome

Life just got weird This is an extremely addictive game, as it is fast paced and you can go through the many mutations fairly quickly. The forms are hilarious and weird. But the colour and movements are a bit off. So if you can fix that this game would be virtually perfect. ?

Joseph Kohn

To much poop I like the mechanics, but I'm just put off by the fact that everything is constantly pooping. It's weird that they'd go to the effort of making several versions of the same game just for the speak of anyone's favorite animal, but leave in the poop in all of them. Ickiness is a childish complaint, but it still pushes me away from the game.

Na Hyun Kim

Gosh. Too addictive. I dont even know why im playing it, but I cant stop


Please fix My daughter loves these games but she has epilepsy and the flashing colourful lights made her have a fit please just maybe fix it

James S

Awesome sauce! My girlfriend showed me this game and now I'm addicted. If you get the chance download the others, just as fun!

Elise Muckart

JUST LOST EVERYTHING Got up to 2 Gods, was on level 3 on the second one and the game reset itself. Wonderful !!

Stephanie Letzerich

Hey Alexander I hate to break it to you but I'm in the billions which is quite easy to achieve because I have a platula but I'm a nice person and I don't want to hurt your feelings and I am going to say that I'm not boasting and I mean it? oh one more thing is that Tapps made it

Zhana Jacob

Pointless, but oddly addictive... Pretty good time waster with cute art. I guess I'm immature, because I get a kick out of poop being the way you earn money. I'm secretly eight years old, I guess :P

Meredith Meusey

Loved It, Addicting, LESS POOP It's a very fun game, but, like other people said, I am confused why everything has to be pooping. Really? Would give five stars, but, c'mon, people. Less poop, five stars.

Sandra Mertens

Addictive, but flawed This is the easiest game that will never end. .. you just keep clicking. The boxes keep coming! It gets faster and more satisfying as time goes on. But it is flawed. The ad links don't work. The alien world doesn't offer any upgrades so the only thing you can buy with rubies is hats. Same with gold. .. it becomes useless after some point. Soon i will conquer everything! Only been a week. ...

Alyssa weskoski

Adorable and entertaining I could play this and goat evolution back and forth for hours

Khrystyna Beisel

omg I have the giraffe, cow and platypus evolution games. so much mindless fun. put this on, don't need the internet. kills time and can be completely free. no money needed. can't go wrong. great for little competitions too. lol. great job love these games

Kelsey Jones

Amazing I normally don't take the time to review games, but I love this game. It's so fun and addicting and I love the funny little headlines.

Zainab Adjiet

SICKLY AWESOME The idea of mass breeding platypuses to produce new species still freaks me out from time to time, but damn is it fun. And really addictive! What would make it more awesome is if there could be some way to earn more diamonds. Really great job!

Cos Scarvelli

When my friend showed me this game I thought it was bad because your just dragging but now this game proved me wrong it is the best.It is sometimes hard and some times easy.The plutypus one you get more boxes quickly and the jiraffe one is still good.This game is really good

Apple-lemon Pop

Amazing Addicting BEST GAME EVER No ads like ever! If you hate this game you are sooooo wrong! There is a cow, goat and giraffe one but this one is awesome! My favorite evolution is Qwock. Love it. A lion one would be cool think about. LOVE THIS GAME!

Kai Marotta

Fun! so pointless that is why it is addictive . I don't know what I just said????

Kaila Siu

Simple yet addicting I love everything about this game. I love the art style and designs of each platypus, I love the sounds they make, I just love how it's a bit avant garde from most games. It's very simple yet addicting

Kismet Rekstad

It's okay It's a good game, however you NEED to update. Not only does the game have a slow start, but it also takes a life time to mutate! Anyway, if you fix it I'll rate it five stars. Oh, and don't get me wrong... I do like! It just has some glitches....

Samantha Petersen

It's a really fun game. All credit should go to my brother Joe Petersen who introduced me to this app!?

Rodge Gerald dela Cruz

AWESOME!!! At first I thought, what good will platypus evolution do? Then the first few days I can't stop switching to this. It's such a basic game that is guaranteed to make you smile... I just created an ultimate being and I was like WHAAAA!? So far, nothing bad can be said. It is full of clever comedy and entertainment...

Abigail Sherling

Pretty good I like it but it could be a little bit better with the ugliness

Eldon Pouliot

Pretty good except the alien comes after you recreate the universe instead of when you get into space

Marco Gauvin

Very addictive Not even sure why I'm.still playing but really addictive.

Willie Davis

Great game but It gets annoying after a while combining the smaller animals so if a button could be installed to automatically install them that would make this game 100/100

Erin Dalton

Just one thing... I want to dress up the cows. And same thing on my other review, its still amazing. Keep making more and improving these ones. Also, I agree with Mikayla Wolfe, a dragon one would be AWESOME

Marissa Reily

Fun game Like this game alot. The platypuses are so cute. Addicted to this game and there pooping is funny, tap on them and they poop more. SO MUCH POOP!!!!

Jose Barrera

Good It's fun but I hate it when they want me to rate it but is a good game from my point of view

Alvin New

Simple but fun Good mindless time waster

Mel Roberts

A load of crap After 5 minutes of watching piles of platypus dung getting cleared up automatically, I decided this game was for small minded imbeciles. If your a small minded imbecile, then this game is for you.

Nathan Eller

I should uninstall it but I can't Too addicting warning if you want too waste your life on this then install

Nick A.

Amazing I love this. There's nothing to stop you from playing. It's constant reward it's a great time killer. But someone please clarify what the tractor collection means. Does it get rid of the coins collected after the storage time or does it just stop collecting after that time?

Paola G Bonilla Hernandez

It lacks... Goat evolution is way better and much more entertaining that this one. Needs more upgrades, the animals need to give more coin bonus, the upgrades should be more cost friendly like in goat evolution. Also the alien thing needs to be improved as well by allowing these cows to be store bought. In addition, the frenzy coin bonus should be the same as in goat since the whole bird bonus is jusy weird and doesnt seem to fit as well as in goat evolution. In essence, improvements are very much needed.

Elana Terese

Great and addicting It's very fun although it's quite addicting and I worry that the game will begin getting slightly repetitive and I will lose interest but overall I love it

David fontes

Addictive Addictive fun, great game when you have a little free time to kill.

MB Kome

I am LOVING the update. I didn't think I would because this is the app that i turn to when I want to turn my brain off for a while and I thought the update would make it so I'd need to use more of my brainpower, but the aliens are super fun and the ability to make it so that you can get bigger platypuses in the crates is perfect. It makes me want to play this game for much longer periods of time than I did before.

Chris Day

Wholly pointless One day you'll be old and your health will begin to fail. At that moment, your mind will drift back to all the time you spent on this game and you'll hate yourself. Uninstall, go outside, and do a good deed for a stranger instead. Trust me

Ty Davis

Just get it It's a very easy and super fun game, I got super addicted to it and before I knew it I learned that there's wayyyy more to this game than I thought and that made it even more addictive.

Logan Yu

Quackcollectibles Achievement Malfunction Beat the game and got every achievement except for the "acquire one of each hat" achievement despite having completed it. I'm stuck at 85% completion, but there aren't anymore hats to buy. 'Twas a waste of time like the game was intended, but was really fun up until the first universe. I hope they fix this error though, b/c I'm only missing this one achievement to have "beat" the game...which I should have by now.

Paisley Dysart

It's fine I love it I one of my favorite games but its boring that it's just the same thing over and over again but besides that I love it so much.

George Duckett

Great This game is top stuff, only bad thing is they look so messed up when they get bigger its horrible

Bill Brick

Addictive and fun!! This game has kept me entertained for months now. I thing that later on its more difficult than I thought it would be but I'm still playing it, haha.

Cade Romine

Fun I love tapps™. The games are stupid,simple,and hilarious!

Maddy Brockmeyer

Amazing I'm addicted to this game after having it for one day. Downloading it will be one of the best decisions you make.

Jen S.

Aliens not working I just opened the game after having it closed all day and only had 30,000 rubies despite having 18,000 per minute. Otherwise this game is cute and fun even with ads.

Dakota meyer

Amazing game Paid to remove ads ended up getting spammed with rate me great game one star for harassment / begging to be rated otherwise very much worth playing but still wants you to rate after you have

Eva Galvez

I love it This game is amazing for nerd and miss popular so love but hey I am miss popular at my shcool I'm the cheerleader captain hey I'm awesome oh don't change the subject ok I love the game

Lauren Schlepp

Funny Very cute, very funny and it is a quick play game so you can pull it out anytime, play for a minute and still get a big reward!

Jessica Clark

Its so.. weird Its weirdly addictive but then you cam not play for ages but it doesn't affect it.. so good

Nicci Ciasullo

Won't stop asking for rating I liked it at about 3-4 stars. Then it asked for a rating. I said later. Kept using that for a while, until I figured I'd rate it so it would stop asking. Then I went back to the app. Been a while, and it still pops up asking for a rating every time I open the app. Now I'm frustrated.

Lamia Countess

A great time waster... No way to move this game or any of the others to a new device making you start over. :/

Cricket Branstrom

Platy - awesome Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!! The game is so amazing. It's an awesome time waster and its just a lot of fun too. But it uses up a lot f my battery, and its super addictive I keep downloading more crazy clicker apps

Melisa Dorado

I don't just like it I love it so cool it's funny to I play it all the time but the box should come faster. Please fix that problem with the box.i already rated this app stop asking me to do it or i will delete this game

Kayla Pasch

Love it But, it gets really frustrating when your rubies don't build up as fast as it says they should. I've beat the game multiple times now, and I'm still barely far enough along on mars and it's frustrating ? Please fix! And it's not just on this one, but all the evolutions!

Lilly Wolfe

Cool Like all other tap games you made I like it its a fun little fun easy game I wish you got mony from pooping in real life tho? lolz . Love it ? it I say? it

Zoha Rizwan

LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Its soooo amazing addictive and everything I have just played it for like 20 minutes and I m already loving it its challenging loving addictive and everything good game soooo sweet its the best game in the whole world loving it ahhhh....????

donna braucht

Should be able to keep your loot when you reach the supreme being. It was too addictive as it kept me from my responsibilities!

Rhea B

Perfect for Procrastination You could be doing something productive OR you could be playing this game that makes absolutely no sense. Very addicting and good for procrastination. I mean, who wants to finish that 25 page document that could get you promoted when you can evolve platypus.... I give it a full on FOUR stars!

Steven Wright

Fun I was bored in my Kindle and then... POP! I found zebra evolution and then I loved the game,especially because the poop is the money. BYE IT,THE ANIMALS NEED YOU,EVEN THE CRAZY WHATEVER THE ANIMALS LOOK LIKE,GET THIS APP

Jennifer Riddle

5 months later, still hooked *edit* After the update, the game constantly bothers me to rate, even though I already did. Frustrating. The game starts off being time consuming and addictive. Months later, I find it almost soothing to play. I don't have any negative comments about the game. There are frequent ads, but the game developers deserve to be paid, so I don't mind.

Kel McKay

Fun but mindless It's simple and enjoyable but not complex.

Bill Cypher

Addictive This game is fun,addicting, and messed up.

rachael haensly

Silly, casual and addictive! Fun little game, like the graphics a lot! Update: changing to one star (from 5) because the game will not stop asking me to rate it (every 5ish minutes) even after I rated it. Super annoying, please fix.

Justin Smith

Great but I really love this game. The only thing I see wrong is that when you are buying a platypus the coins and diamonds are really close. I have mistakenly spent diamond many times. Please fix, maybe add a "do you really want to spend diamonds" box if clicked. Then 5 stars for sure.

Shira Godsi

This game is actually really easy but so addictive. Every time you get a new platypus you get so happy. I check this game every half hour and I can't stop!! Overall, its a great game that is soo fun!

Paolo Piro

Rate me request getting annoying Even though I had already rated this game with five stars, ever since the last update the game asks me to rate it every time I play. So I'm lowering my rating to four stars because this is very annoying. Lowered score again, this is getting old.... Still asking fewer stars.

Kara Hambleton

? Its good. When u complete the first world its cool to see the next 1s. I am on the grey 1 and honestly NOW its getting boring

Frekaju Sakitud

Needs Improvement Don't get me wrong I have all the games they are great and all but its all very childish to get money they poo and make fart noises and yet the game is rated a 12 its all but it is good

Chen HuiXuann

Amazing I like it, but why would you keep asking me to rate this again after I alr did it?

Kylie Millette

Addictive as heck I already played pretty far into Goat Evolution on my phone, so when I got a tablet for Christmas I decided to try a different one on it. This one does have a few differences besides just the animal involved, so I'm assuming they aren't all exactly the same. Regardless even if it's fairly simple, it's really addictive and a great way to pass some time. I'm always excited to see the next evolution, too.

Colin Hooper

Can't stop Highly addictive game collect them all

Abbey Dougal

no point Once u get to the end all u do is start over. It is very addictive but the platypie r pretty cute

Desco Lada

Great Game - But DUDE! BACK OFF! I love this game, but dang dude! Please stop asking me to rate the game!!!! It's REALLY ANNOYING!!!! I'm now lowering my rating!

Angela Paz

Addicting af I saw my friend play this game and I thought it was like probably the stupidest game ever but when she made me play it I was hooked its so addicting

Aryana Espunoza

I love it the platupluse is so cute The app is so good and also easy and the platupluse is so cute

Anthony Chauca

Amazing way to pass time! Great and a addictive game for those people who just want to play a fun a easy game. -Not great at grammar

Emily E

Amazing Game! It's very fun, creative and I can't stop playing it! It's bot one of those games that you rage on, but one that is just so much fun! I would definitely recommend to others!!!

Natalie Arbuckle

I rated it 4 stars up until... The game gave me 200 pop-ups asking to review it on Google Play. They almost got a good review from me. It's fun, the right amount of time consuming, and wonderfully silly. However, the constant nagging to rate a game I ALREADY RATED brought it down to 1.

Tom Young

It's a good clicker. The premium currency is well balanced and I never felt that I was forced to buy any to progress, however the advertising is SUPER obnoxious until you make a real money puchase. Ads pop up between 2/3 of screen changes, and some of them have a 5s countdown before they can be dismissed. It is bad enough to negatively impact gameplay. Do not bother unless you are willing to make a real money microtransaction, because it is a very frustrating experience. However, spend 60p and it is a great and charming game.

Shannon Mcilroy

Awsome This game is really cool but its a little bit booring because the game dosent realy end but its still so exsiding to retreive a new duck thow so this game is great???

Catherine Hastings

ADDICTAVE, BEST GAME EVER MADE As stupid as this game seems, it is amazing and a great time passer

Ellie Nugent

Pretty good but ... Plz make it more fun it gets kinda boring but gr8 good game all the same.Maybe add the "Where the Titans live"? Just suggesting..... Still, keep it up, and please TRY to keep it up to date. Thks for adding the Pluto Update! Just thinking... Maybe u could add Girl Platypus Evolution and Baby Platypus Evolution ? Like a Baby Plitplat? And like a Baby Platycorn and more? Sorry this was so long, and maybe imposters too? Like.. Ducks? I rate this 5 stars

Smash Stuff

Good overall The one thing i dislike is that when i watch a video for a diamond it says i have to finish watching even though i did fix it pls so i can get my diamond. Thank You

Troi Gaines

AMAZING! I played the octopus one first. ... but this one us amazing!! Awesome way to pass the tine and gets really addicting, too! A job well done!!

Saida Mohamud

Boring!!!!! At first it's little fun but then it gets boring

Make Love Not War

After the update the tractor doesn't work like it should

David Clark

-28 Stars -1 for every time I'm nagged about rating after I already rated.

Sebastian Sosa

Mars dosent collect rubies when you are away from it.. but the game is fun

Elliot2576 mlgedition

I'm addicted I've had This game for 2 days and I've already got the grim reaper thing max

Krystal Endermalie

Purrfection Wonderful games, would flip if an axolotl evolution was made

Tina Vetruba

Fun Its a fun cool game to kill time

Pamela Chin

Cute yet strange Like to see them go through an evolution

Bookietooth Animaljam

Suggestions You guys should make: wolf,rabbit,cat,snake,spider,lion, and tiger games too XD

Rebekah Lidgett

Only one problem I love this game so so so much it's an awesome game, but I find that when I can watch an add to get things for free it comes up with *please watch to the end of the video* but it doesn't even play. I would like this to be fixed please.

Amare Clark-nuells

Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvn it Hi htm gift fuzzy Yahoo Guido Hugo poop PvP today Chico juicy kill hiccup ho bc gucci LLLLLLLLLLLOL Its my first time playing and I'm already perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auzan Syakyrie

Cute and best So cute and very best for releasing stress!!! Rate ✋

Denver Reyes

More update Need more update. Anyway this is super cool

Ethan Relf

amazing its got great game play a needs a bit working on the ads but fantastic also its funny when u see new charters

CJ Whitby

Wonderful Enjoyed every weird minute

Gabrielle Mays

Awesome game I love this game so much!!! I personally think that it get's a five star ratings

Victor Chavez

epic Nothing can top this but few

Santi Flautero

:( Cant play pluto please fix!!

Steven King

A cool casual game A casual game that goes at a brisk pace so you feel like your achieving thins

Sierra Storrs

Omg I love this game sooooooooo much it is fun and addicting. Everyday I HAVE to play it . It's a cute game... and I don't think that you need to change anything ♡

Whitney Eargle

Lol God cow (LAST) on the list

Nicole Burgess

PLATYPI!!!! Makes up for the PLATYPI I never had...

Zakery Foard

I have all the evolution games that I know of!

Kawaii Kass

Cute This game is funny, cool, and most of all, awesome. I love the cuteness!

Goh Kheng

Good game This game tests your patient

Elemental Wolf

Glitches I can never get another platypus except for the baby platypus

Gina Miller

5star This is the most addicting game ever. I can play this in till my phone is dead

Antony Barahona

Fun Really fun no problem

Karter Hatcher

Karter Asome game its asome

Kieran Brandt

Awesome a must have time killer

Maggie Gee

Such a fun game No skill involved at all and easy to pick up and put down.

Emily Chambers

Awsome I just love it! Im addicted to this game i recommend getting this game and youll see how fun it is ?

Karina Juhasz

BEST GAME EVER This is the best game ever!!! I love platypus so when I play this it reminds me of them. I would like it if they made a Wolf, Deer, Whales, Killer Whales, clown fish, but I would really, really, want a beluga whale. Otherwise, rate 5 stars this is the best game ever download it and enjoy it!!! Don't forget to rate 5!!!

Anna Coss

Love it I dont care how long it takes i love it seeing all the new platypusses its so cool

Tristan Stroud

Ads not working And I don't mean the ones that pop up every 3 seconds. The apps to earn rewards are broke on the A9

Angry wolf04

Is an entertaining game. It is a good game but can get e little boring but that doesn't matter as it is highly addictive as well! ?

Pikki Pikmin

Super fun Really good time killer and simply fun love the creative evos owo

Jordan DeSousa

ADDICTIVE it's so cute but weird and addictive but weird I can't even describe how amazing it is

Ellie Nugent

Pretty good but ... Plz make it more fun it gets kinda boring but gr8 good game all the same.Maybe add the "Where the Titans live"? Just suggesting..... Still, keep it up, and please TRY to keep it up to date. Thks for adding the Pluto Update! Just thinking... Maybe u could add Girl Platypus Evolution and Baby Platypus Evolution ? I rate this 5 stars

Dilip Reddy Kusuma

Great game I have previously played octopus evolution and I loved it. This game would deserve five stars but it has the same story,if you could call it that. Other than that it is a great game. It's also super addictive. Overall great game.

Jordan Larkin

Wish yall could tell us what the updates are about... and kinda wish it had similar upgrades as the other evolution games like the magnet or the berries.... just my opinion... probably won't be seen anyways..... great game other than that

Mandy L

Platypus Evolution Awesome game! I can't get enough if this game. I wish there were more levels.

Azeliah Piedra

Awsome You have to wait a couple of seconds till a new platypus comes but the game is super fun ,addicctive too tho?-?

Tamra Crowley

Awesome(^^) As someone once said," you must play this game and shark evolution".

Drew McCourt

AWESOME This game is just so awesome and so addicting. You will want to play it for hours on end!!!

Dylan Gregory

Platypus Evolution Turn a baby to an adult then go farther make tons of new types of platypus and push the limits!

Erica Howland

Love it So cute and the platypus it supper cute keep up the good I'm mean good work

Christopher Palazzola

Platypus evolution Oh my God is the best game ever you should get it there's like a million guys to evolve and mutate into best game ever

Ciara Phillips

Awesome This game is so weird I mean platypus's pooping all the time everytpwhere...but it's awesome so addicting!!!

Lexi Thoreson

Wow Other than the wait for a crate the game was just...Wow.Iove the characters and my goal is to reach them all but let's face it my phone will be broken by then but getting back to the point I play this game a lot it doesn't take much space on my phone and that's just one more reason to love this game so download it and leave a comment telling the creators why u love it and what can be improved. :3

Haven Moore

Awesome and addictive I lve this game its super fun and very addictive, prob great for road trips.

Qing Mei

Awesome game Now with the pluto update, it's like 7 stars out of 5.

Myah Hunselman

If you could please read this, I know you are busy but I'd suggest making a more advanced one like the number 1 answer said; or I would make more evolutions like an animal people really like. Maybe like a dog or cat evolution. You could try people's favorite animals everywhere and maybe research it if you have time. Maybe like a panda or camel or something that describes or explains their culture. Thank you!

Preetika Chowdhury

I absolutely love this! First of all this is so cute and weird! Second of all I love that there is a new planet, its so fun to play!

Devin Casto

Epic Awesome I love this game my friend recommended me to play it so I did IT WAS AMAZING

EU Xab

Lots of fun! If you've ever thought the Platypus was a strange creature. Just wait until you combine it a few times. So anxious to see what it'll look like next.

James Ryan Shelly

Not what you think It's not what I expected, I thought I'd be over this game in a day at most. But no, it has a ton of worlds which makes it A TON of fun

David Clark

-30 Stars -1 for every time I'm nagged about rating after I already rated.

BigDog 823

It is lot's of fun! Just try not to waste your life on it!

Paige Hanson

One of my favorites This ones one of my favorites cause its a lot different from the others

Garen Vallejo

Awesome This an awesome game and it wastes time

Ian Cross

Hell yeah It's awesome I play it almost all day

Veronica Jolivette

Silly I love it because it is silly,simple,fun,and challenging

Jodi Smith

Platypus Evolution Good, silly fun. I wish you would do a ferret Evolution game

Matt Sherwood

OMG I loved this game! Some people think it has no point, but it's so addicting! (In a good way)

Landry Jones

BEST GAME EVER I had a life before this I think?

ruby rubilistic

Awesome I love just getting new people even animals do it it's sooooooo fun


REALY REALY LOVE IT Its the Best Game I ever Play!!!

Merrillee Parks

I love this game Its sooooo awesome and there are platypuses

Kayla Perchal

Super fun!!! This game is so fun and seems never ending but it is also much different than you think... If you get far enough there are different worlds... Super fun!!!

Berty Mitchell

Amusing Addicting, funny, cute. Great for wasting time.

Crystal Mas

Never tire of this! Sometimes you just need a brainless time waster. The platypus are soooo cute and and I love the game can just go on without needing to spend actual money. The extra time is worth it. Honestly, a few glitches here and there but nothing worth taking a star off for :)

Scott Brickman

TOO MANY ADS TIME FOR A QUICK BREAK!!! I don't want a quick break I want to play the game these ads suck and are a nuisance ruins the game play. Previous rating was 5 stars

Ludwig von Beethoven

As a fun little idle game with some interesting platypus designs, it was alright. Until a recent patch not only vastly increased the number of ads seen in game, but also added in ads that are much much more manipulative. Before, it was occasionally annoying, but ultimately fine. Now, it's just a complete deal breaker.

Daniela Nicoleta Dunare

Love it!! This game made me AND my cousine laugh big time! I personaly like weird stuff... mabey because im weird? IDK but still 10/10 game

Buk Lau

Great game This game is a lot of fun and is very addicting. My only request would be more Evolutions because once you unlock all platapie the game is too repetitive.

Emily G D

Superb It is so fun and easy to play and understand. Some of the mutations are cute and some are just downright weird but that is why this game is so fun: you never know what you'll get next!

Bluin Blu

Mindless, addictive, repetitive fun. As above - and I blame my kids for introducing me to these time wasting games.

Samson Halafuka

GREATNESS This game was one of the best games I've played. One small thing I don't like da ads butt GREAT game doe


Very cute! A good, non-violent way to pick up your device and spend a few minutes - merging platypuses (or is the word platypi?)

Leamyleamster64 Whaleface

Super adictive Love this app and I play it constantly. Download it because you will be happy and laugh because these platypus's are ridiculous.

samantha morrison

Addicting If you just look at this game, yes, it dose look boring. But, when you play it... ITS SO ADDICTING!!!! You should REALLY try it.

Amazing This game is one of the very best games I've ever played, ones you've started playing it you just can't stop!!! : )

RavenPugh '

Great Game This game is great! A super addictive time killer that makes you want to play the entire series.

Lexie Rose

I don't like the floating ads... Aren't there already enough ads that you have to wait for and watch without adding ones that you have to see when you're actually playing the game?

Megan Gradidge

Cute! :3 I love how u can put hats on them and how funny they look when u evolve them ,hahaha, sooooo CUTE ;3

Jazzy .B

SOOOO COOOOL An awesome adictive game, and the more money you get, the more adictive it gets!!!! You have to stop reading theese comments now, AND GO GET THE BLOODY GAME, ITS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cleo -weasel animates

Awesome! I absolutely adore this game! It hasnt crashed....thank goodness. The company should make a 'Wolf Evolution' game!

harry kerr

8/8 Excellent game. Words cannot discribe how funny, how unique this game is.

icecoffe aj

So addicted and some of the platapus r just so cute I love it #kawaii overload

Phoebe James

Hilarious I always thought that evoulution games were not that good till your games came out

glutenfree llamas 1

Really fun It is extreamly fun especially at certain moments however is doing the same thing for most of the game

Saffron Campbell

Please give this game a try it is so fun and so cute! Good for age 1-16. Lots of support to tapps apps. Also check out there other games! Love saff

The awsome message So,I like this game because it's interesting to me. It looked interesting so I got it. And it is!! Thanks for making such an awsome game like this!!!!!!

Briana Pellegrino

Super addicting This game is simple, yet absurdly awesome. Literally can't put it down lol

epic toast

Such a cool game I love this game it is so funny cuz u can never tell wat the platapuses r gonna evolve into and that is also wat makes it addicting

kristy burgess

SO STUPID IT'S FUN! I love it it's the best game EVA!

Etleva Gjoka

Its weird but I like it As I said its weird fun and really good?

George Ortiz

This game rocks It is fun and I love all the evolution games too.

Pete Kemp

My platypus My family hates it, great way to annoy.

Terri Griffith

So much fun. This game is so much fun. I love poking the platys. Great for when your on the run and having to wait for appointments.

Matthew Doraby

Fusion This got out of hand fast.

Pamela1175990 Hargesthimer

Too cute Omg this is the cutest thing I have ever seen it is a long game, and I will be happy with it,

Marites Leal

Great game It's really good however made it is really good at it!

Tiffany Vu

Addicting Its so fun and is a great game for places that dont have wifi

Titi Stoner

Super cute I love the way have a platypus is turning to different things and different species and we are weird weird species

DisBeMe #Sweg

New uptade so cool and when unicorn tell you to rate it's so cute

Mr energy breeze

Well good I've completed it 5 times and it's is still fun

crisp M

Cool I just started it but I already love it. I also play the cat version, which I also love. Recommended! Also, platypuses are adorable....

The Ania Channel

Love it!!! It just makes me want to continue playing. My friend got a god and I wanna get to that rank!

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