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25 May
Pixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED

Posted by BIZKAI Apps in Tools | May 25, 2016 | 143 Comments

Apk file size: 1.1 MB

Some AMOLED screen powered devices are able to "turn off" those pixels which are showing black colour. This app will let you to turn off some pixels in order to save your appreciate battery by showing very small black points.

As newer devices comes with very high density screens those points will be insignificant to the user´s sight and will be offset by lower spending battery

SAVE BATTERY by turning off some AMOLED screen pixels!

-Location: Is used to monetize the app (earn money) without using ads which destroy user experience and app interface. YOU CAN COMPLETELY OPT-OUT FROM LOCATION COLLECTION BY CLICKING CANCEL IN THE FIRST STARTUP DIALOG
-Run at start-up: Needed to start battery saver automatically at start up
-Display system-level alerts: Needed to show overlays and, therefore, save battery
-Wifi connection information: Used to check if premium product is purchased

Thanks for using Pixel Off Battery Saver

Whats new

    Thanks a lot for the bug reports!
    -Fresh new material design icon!
    -Lots of bug fixes
    -Added option to help improving the app
    -In the NEXT UPDATE, it will be possible to create a custom mesh, with custom opacity

BIZKAI Apps part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 77.7447. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 1.1 MB.

Download pixel-off-save-battery-amoled.apk 1.1 MB


Jai Patel

Brilliant My Samsung Galaxy S2 has terrible battery life and so I wanted an app that could help save battery. This is exactly what will help. Improves the battery life significantly. If you have an AMOLED screen definitely download the app.

Annette N.

Please fix... Seems to have trouble sensing my touch once an app asks for root permission. Won't respond to "grant/deny" presses.

Adam Goodwin

Works great with Samsung Galaxy's Brilliant app. This is more of a question/feature request for the developer. As AMOLED screens are subject to "screen burn", does the mesh alternet, or can a future app update cycle the mesh pattern to apply uniform pixel use?

Patrick Shannon

Great app and very responsive developer App does exactly what it says, and with an AMOLED display the battery benefits are obvious. Also, great developer: contacted him about possible Tasker integration a week ago (I'd like to enable/disable based on factors other than battery level), and here it is! A bit more control over "mesh" level/Tasker options would be great, but the dev's responsiveness kick a 4-star app up to 5.

Nigel Lester

It works really well Note 3 lollipop Installed at 7:30am and still had 39% at 7pm with calls, txt, Bluetooth, data, WiFi and location on high accuracy all day without topping up batt with power savings like that I had to buy it and thanks Dev for a job well done

Дончо Попкръстев

In app popup keeps popping Every time I click somewhere the purchase popup is presented to me. Please fix that and I will change rating! Great UI BTW! .... Moto X gen 2.

Eddie Byrd

Great app! I love this app and what it does. Definitely helps out with my Nexus 6. I even bought the full version. But I realized that when I try to manually install an app I have to turn it off first. Is there a way you could see the app up so that it will cut itself off at the installer page, then cut itself back on upon exiting the installer page?

Ben Mebust

Still testing it but... Curious if the pixels get rotated over time versus the same pixels being shut off. Not sure how AMOLED works but thought maybe prolonged use could affect the consistency of each pixel if the same ones are being turned off.

Jaspal Singh

Need driver installation I really dislike application that do an overlay and draw over. You should make one for root users that can install the drivers. Also if you could add a temperature feature that would be nice too.

Gramps - Allen

Waste of time This app might work or it might not the free version only gives you the very lowest setting so it's really hard to evaluate. Would much rather see a trial version that lasted say 15 days then if it wasn't purchased it would revert to the free version.

steve lobo

Awesome It really works to check go to gallery and open any image with whites u will see the difference

Blin Qipa

Some Mesh issues Can't use any mesh more than 2nd one ,dunno if it is related because it is free , but FYI I can't get Premium either (Motorola Nexus 6)

Brian Dearing

Great idea but would like to try before buy Just like mentioned my several others, I wish I could try a few of the different options, not just the mesh 2. At least to maybe scroll over and see how the screen looks and try to charge me if I want to set it. I wouldn't spend over .99, especially to just see if it's something that I would like to use.

Frédéric Viel

Seem good but... On G3 Hey, your app seem great but I can't use it on my Canadian LG G3 model number d852. When I activate the filter my phone see touch that didn't happen (I could send you a video if you don't understand what I'm a saying.) if there is a way I could provide you with a log file or something and I would be glad to beta test the change to fix this problem...

Jaden McConkey

Very well done. The design is extremely easy to use and set up. Couple of feature requests which I have seen already mentioned is the alternation of shut off pixels to keep the use/non-use somewhat even and integration with tasker. With those two additions this app would be an easy 5 stars and a definite addition to my recommendation list.

Timothy Wheeler

Not saving my battery The battery on my Galaxy S5 drains faster with this app then it did without it. I was really hoping it worked as decribed in the description and reviews.

Adrian Otero Vila

Good... I think I haven't had time to check if it really saves battery... But it'd be cool if we were able to have more than one profile. For example, low saving when the battery is below 40%, high saving when it's below 20%. With that it'd be 5 stars.

Roelf Vorster

Very cool app Very cool idea and works well. In app purchase is not that expensive. Having all that extra pixels on the Note 4 turned off saves a lot of battery.

Mark Hwang

Useless First app that I regret to buy within a day. Sorry, but I really don't see any effect in improving the battery life...

Jay Patel

Errors when attempting to purchase app App seems to be working fine, but when I decided to pay for it and support the developer it errors. Will try again once updated.

luke hersey

Cool concept Tried a few options and I hardly notice the mesh at high settings. I have a Droid Turbo and this seems to work real well. Wish there was more options with the free version, if you try to change anything you have to pay almost $1.70

Damon Devitt

Works great Pretty much simulates a lower density display by showing less pixels. Using the highest setting on my note 4 and the display feels like when I had the Nexus One, but my battery is almost dead so I don't care.

Eloy Antunez III

Just about perfect. One note: on my SG Note 4 if I try to install or manually upgrade an installed app, if I have pixel off running then I cannot touch the Install button. I have to stop pixel off and then I can touch the install button. Please fix! Otherwise great app!

DeRickz Mastery

Seems good but... For some reason my GS5's battery life is even worse after trying it out. Please see into this because other devices have great feedback but mine is negative.

Nadim Kamel

Did no benefit to my battery life. I ended with a dimmer screen and nothing more. This was tested on an AMOLED screen.

Marshall Burgwin

Good but... You have to disable it to press the install button when installing new apks

Kiryn Silverwing

Darker Screen I haven't really tested yet whether this actually improves my battery life, but so far it's great for using my phone at night. The system brightness only goes down so far, and is still bright enough to hurt my eyes if I wake up in the middle of the night and want to check my phone for something. This app cuts the brightness even more and makes this situation more comfortable.

Riley Jones

C'mon Does ok, but you need the pro version for anything! Get pixel battery saver! It's the same thing without a pro version. Disappointed in this app, how can you expect to compete with the same app but free?

Harji Kalbuadi

Error occurred. Keep showing "error occurred" every time I want to do anything. Change mesh? Error occurred. Start on boot? Error occurred. Start only on low battery? Error occurred. So basically I'm stuck with mesh no. 2. Can't use other meshes. I'm on Maguro using Android 5.1 by the way.

David Becker

Works It works well, simple UI, nice notifications to turn it on and off at will. Bought the app.

Gerard van Schip

Interesting side effect OLED screens are known to have a red tint at minimum brightness but with this app enabled that red tint is greatly reduced. Guessing due to adding a grid of black pixels.

Jaron Swab

Works as advertised This is a great way to save some extra juice. I have always used a very black based wallpaper on my AMOLED screens but there is always a chance that the black is not truly 100% black and therefor the pixel is still on. Highly recommend buying this app after you download.

Chris Schultz

Works great on Note 4 I only use it to make my screen darker at night to avoid eye strain. To be honest, my battery already lasts a long time, so I haven't noticed a difference in regards to that aspect. Paid for premium version, totally worth it

Oleg Bondarenko

Just makes picture darker Better turn off dark pixels, leaving others intact. I'm not sure is it does what promised in a free version. It does make screen darker. So auto brightness is more human to my eyes.

Darnell Royal

Fix Screenshots Does what it us supposed to do for the most part, however I notice anytime I take a screenshot you can see the grid overlay. Anyway to get rid of this without force closing the app?

Austin Block

Looks awful and touch screen barely works Not only did colors start to turn ugly shades, weird lines (not what is supposed to happen) crossed my screen. Worst of all, the touchscreen then picked up every several touches and required hard pushes to work.

Sean Ellis

Ok, needs something though... Good concept, I purchased upon tasker integration but it only allows you to enable or disable it. Need to be able to configure the mesh setting as I would like to use low saving until I want to enable the higher settings, like upon battery hitting different levels activating different mesh settings. Excellent app though, does seem to help. I just need more methods of use for it to be a perfect and indispensable app.

Constantine G

Great app, though there are weird patterns in the grid on my Moto X

Alex Brindley

Works okay Turns on by itself sometimes, so I have to deactivate it, which is annoying. Tasker integration is fantastic. Seems to work well at saving battery once on.

Anton Rymkus

Simply awesome!

Ananth Nag Kavuri

The app does it's job The latest update requests for location but the author says if you cancel it when it prompts, the app will not collect location information. @Author, You mentioned that you removed ads but included market research data to monetize the app -- I totally understand. Alternately, why not include ads by default and have a paid version for folks who don't want ads? I am happy to pay for the app to get rid of ads and also as a respect to your time and effort. Thanks!

Parker Nisbet

Great app, does exactly as expected. This is certainly an interesting concept, and the app works exactly as I expected. It does request your location for market research monetization, but you can opt out by simply selecting cancel when prompted. Perhaps you might considering adding functionality to step up the battery saving mesh tier as your battery gets lower. For example, at 40% the lowest battery saving kicks in, at 30% the next tier, and so on to 10% with the highest tier (for maximum battery saving).

alexander emmanuel pacheco

what happened? so this reports your location and harvests data now? it's a paid app... i literally just forked over money. fix it. EDIT re: dev reply. There is no 'Opt Out' choice. the text display is broken: you're presented with a solid white box which seems to be "Accept" or "OK" and a "Cancel" which I'm assuming is supposed to be the "Opt Out" The paid version should have no ads and no monetization. We've already given you our money. Most apps with free/paid versions do this.

Oleg Bondarenko

Just makes picture darker Auto brightness is more human to my eyes now. Thanks. Still suggest to turn off dark pixels even in addition to current patterns. Ha! Try to save a screenshot) It would be black in photo galleries. And random anti burn out mesh would be great.


Does what it says. But what i am thinking was does this affect the screen i have heard from somewhere that the screes can be damaged.

Dominic Climaco

Not recommended for the eyes It's not even recommended for the eyes especially if you read something on Wikipedia or see your other friends post on facebook.

K.P. Smith

2 suggestions to make it 5 star Excellent app. I'd just like to see 2 things added to make it 5 star 1) add a time based trigger in addition to the current battery based trigger. I'd like my screen to automatically dim during night hours. 2) add multiple battery profile. At 50% I want a light dim but at 20% I might want a medium dim. At 10% I might want it very dark. Etc. Thanks!


Why does it need my location?

Waqar Abbas

Have you ever think what if its a fake app?I mean if it only darkens the screen any gives stress to eyes but no battery saving.How much dangerous it can be.

aditya kusuma

One star for asking more permissions without explaining what they are for.

Jane Warrington

Like it but I can't set it to start when my battery is at 50%. Please fix!

Patrick Burns

Won't turn off.

Isidoros Mezopoulos

Location reporting? Why does an app that disables pixels want with location reporting? I will change review only when removed.

Sith Lord Mills

Waste of money! If anything my battery drained faster! UNINSTALL!!

Naman Awasthi

Works for my moto x2

Ian Brian

Almost works I bought the full version, but it doesn't seem to kick in when my battery is low like it's supposed to. Will rate higher when this it's fixed.

Edoardo Zerbo

Bug after update After the last update when i active the option to enable it on low battery he start to enable randomly even when my battery is not lower than 20%

Tim Bui

mmm. Have it on my nexus 5&6. Works well..

Brandon Ramirez

Really doesn't save battery life I'm left with the same battery life as always. The only catch is that my screen looks like crap

Clay Bryant

ABSOLUTE MUST BUY I love this app! I've only had it for 3 hours and I can already tell a HUGE difference. I just went ahead and upgraded since it is only $1.70. I have it permanently set to the 2nd most removed pixel option. The option that removes the most is too blurry. If I knew my battery life would have improved this much I would have paid $10-$20 EASY! And you're able toggle it on/off with ease from notification bar or just by opening the app. You can also set it to activate at low battery level. GET IT! StupidNOTtoOwn

Christine Dalmata

Samsung Galaxy s5 running 5.0 lollipop I bought there's premium version but I would like to know the best way to toggle the savings level cause so far I don't see much difference in battery savings and my s5 is only 3 months old so the battery is still OK

josh hodgson

Works well but.... It saves battery on my phone... Probably 10-15% in terms of screen on time. My only problem with it is when using my keyboard, I get phantom touches on my screen. I'm using flecksy keyboard, but it does it with google keyboard and swiftkey too. I'm not sure what the problem is. If it wasn't for this I would buy the pro version and rate 5*

Master Turret

Why my location? You have no reason to know where I am when I am using this app, plus the in-app purchases don't make it seem worth the trouble. I found a free version with no special permissions and more features. Uninstalled until you step up your game.

Miles M

Works perfectly There's only a few suggestions I have. 1. It completely messes up screenshots. Maybe make it turn off right before taking a screenshot, and turning back on after? 2. Make an option to keep the notification up even if its off for easy toggling. 3. Swap out pixels that are turned off every 5 mins or so to prevent pixels from wearing out, i dont know if you do this but it would help. Props on putting in tasker support, and this is definitely one of my favorite apps.

Thomas Perkins

Can work better if... You build this differently... What it needs is a time curve that follows the sun. As the sun comes up it would automatically increase its effect and as the sun goes down it would automatically reduce its effect to a maximum preset levels but a curve none the less. Much like the app called Advance Brightness. This app is great just needs a little more polishe so that all functios are automatic and of course the app would still run inside the tray. ?

Cole Gerdemann

Love it love it love it Alright I love your app and all its amazing and great. One thing though. @author are you planning to implement the marshmallow permission api? That way one could disable location access for sure.

Sridhar Dhanapalan

It seems to work well. Would be even better if the meshes could be progressively applied at different battery levels: e.g. light saving at 80%, medium saving at 60%, high saving at 40%

Matt Bell

Worked great but then... Apps like online banking and Google Wallet don't like this app. I have to turn off the app and then restart my phone. In addition to this, this app started recently to wake my screen every 30 seconds. After turning it off then my screen stays asleep when not in use.

Dr.Hacknik 2016 Edition

Love it Saves battery life, but at the cost of screen sharpness. It's harder to read small text and icons, but works!

Jonas Haglund

On low battery Would be great if you could add a option to increase/decrease the level of saving, depending on how much battery is left


Omg I just got a Samsung tab s2 and it had a stuck pix3l I got this app turned it on and boom it's gone! So happy best app eVer

J Gutierrez

It works! I took a screenshot with and with out then compared the 2 by spreading the screen shot to magnify and you'll see how many pixels are off. This does save battery life throughout the day.

Ginnipig M7rgod

Good but... I just tested this app with the app "Color picker" where I chose the popular color - white and then applied mesh 4 overlay and took a screenshot. Although it did change some pixels to true black ff000000, there were also lots of almost-black pixels such as ff040000 which do not save battery on amoled displays. (Note 3) Probably a bug?

Mason Hancock

Great, but one thing. This app is amazing. The only thing that I have a problem with is the widget. When you use it you can turn it on but it can't turn it off. :/ If you guys fix that 5 stars.

A анонимный

ONE IMPROVEMENT IDEA, what the latest reviewer also said: Could you alternate the grid every X minutes, in order to prevent wearing out the powered-on pixels? Great app by the way and great savings. Bought the IAP version. (Ps.: Some bullsh.t ad crap loads when you first start the app, and the changelog says it's been removed... something does not add up. I will modify my rating to 5* once the alternation is in place. It's a great idea, but I don't want a weird looking display because I killed half of my pixels, lol.)

Dastin Macababbad

Nice app but.. Nice app but pls.remove the lines that makes the screen filtered. Because it make it blurred.? thank you!!!

David Stein

Hopefully it's doing something I haven't been using it long enough to tell if there's really much difference, if any, with battery consumption. One problem - turning the saver off or the mask off via Tasker doesn't seem to be working properly. Turning either on with Tasker seems to be working just fine however.

Palden Samkhar

Hi I bought your app and I would like if you could add some more battery saving features . Thank you

Anthony Moreno

Very cool so far! I love the idea and I can't wait to see how this affects my S6. It's actually interesting since the pixel density is so high it only looks like my brightness is lower so it doesn't affect image quality all that much on level 3 savings.


Makes screen unusable I liked the idea of this app, but is seems to disagree with the screen on my phone. It would randomly register touches and swipes when my hands were nowhere near the screen. Made reading anything a pain in the neck.

Free Hair

It doesn't work I used this on my galaxy s6 and there's no difference on the battery life.

Johnny Zakarah

Not coo t all. I just downloaded this app and I'm removing it ASAP it takes control of m screen. HORRIBLE APP

Christopher Jan Cagampang

What the? I just bought this app. Like now. And it started making the error You own this app already but I cant use it anymore. Can someone please help me?

Tomas Trnka

when enabled my phone cannot be ussed when enabled my phone starts blinking like crazy, and I have to turn it off by hard. If I would enable auto start, I would have to reinstal system. Very dangerous.

Rein Gutierrez

What a bad App! This App don't even deserve 1 single Star. I'm using a Sony Z Ultra and after I used this at just 1 Minute, the display was not working any more. Only restart helped!

Leone Tjader

Not working correctly...including features I purchased... Lots of issues. Contacted developer so will update when I know more.

Rizqi Nur

Sometimes it makes me unable to interact with floating window and popups. Like supersu popup for example

Bogdan Mihai

I like it Good for amoled screens. Full HD screen and highest saving setting and image is still good on 5 inch display. I like that it has autostart on low batt. But I would like it to have an option to start and turn off at specific time (auto 10pm on, 6am off)

Gley Riviery

It does exactly what it promises... ... But, I don't know if that's better for battery saving than just dim the screen brightness.

E Jackson

Like the app but... Why does it need to know my location? Really?? Real privacy issue for me! Uninstalled...

Zachary Bogdanski

Needs Marshmallow compatibility Nav bar doesn't have filter applied.

Arya invader

What a gr8 joke..jst a waste of time..dnt install it.its jat a waste of time

Morten Nørholm Bilstrup

Location? Why do you need my location? So you know where I am? No thanks!

Rafael Meneses

Too many things to be done Great app, but it should have a custom option, like Pixel Filter. It should implement a mechanism to temporarily disable the app while on rotation and screenshot. A white list is also a must have, to disable the app when gaming.

Roy Cullen

Flickering My phone freaks out when this appturns on... As if somebody is Spazzing on the screen. Stops after a few seconds but still not worth running for me because of that

Edoardo Zerbo

Still a little problem Is it normal that he turn in automatically every boot?


DO NOT UPDATE (at least not on the S2) After the latest update on my S2 once 4 mins pass a pink line apears on the right side of my screen then after a longer period of time my whole screen turns white yet if I open the app again it resets ?? so its not that bad but it needs fixing pls :)

Anh Quân Nguyễn

Perfect :) It's work very well! Save my battery a lot!! My Galaxy SIII (SGH-T999) has HD Super AMOLED screen, so it will drain battery. With this app, battery is a problem that now I don't care about anymore

Matthew Nelson

Minimal power savings... This app does work, but it's not for all users. I'm running a pretty slim ROM and Franco kernel, I saw little improvement to the battery even with the premium version that offered 60% or greater opacity. It in fact used 20-30mA more with it turned on than when it was off. Not anything ill towards the developer, but it doesn't help out the already optimized power users.

abhishek rawat

AMAZING! Don't know why this doesn't have a Million downloads and 5 stars. The battery juice was boosted way too much. I was a little sceptical about this at first but after I tried it, just flawless. Way better than anyother powersaving app out there for unrooted devices. Works only for AMOLED, at it's best. A little suggestion for best usage. Use Mesh1 when out doors, Use Mesh2 when in indoors and Use Mesh3 when the lights are out you are about to sleep watching a few YouTube videos or taking social media updates.

Anthony Moreno

Very cool so far! I love the idea and I can't wait to see how this affects my S6. It's actually interesting since the pixel density is so high it only looks like my brightness is lower so it doesn't affect image quality all that much on level 3 savings.

Ch Siva Prasad

Good but... It turns off itself after few minutes and most of things in app are to be purchased... Really gr8 idea.. But, dont ruin it with improper management

Luis Artiga

No Difference I tried the app and also bought the IA features, used it the same as I usually do, but did not see an increase in battery life whatsoever. Save your dollar and change; the application isn't worth it.

Sangsoo Kim

'Overlay Navigation bar' doesn't work! Really nice app but please fix!:)

Fitzroy H.

Continually closes itself I like the idea. But I doesn't work properly right now.

Sean Sexton

Great app for battery saving with some issues Latest update seems to crash a lot when running with full screen apps (especially video playback). Kind of a pain to use at the moment.

Amish Garhwal

Really cool app! Drastically low battery consumption, must try app :D

Pedro Lavalle

Only works TEMPORARILY Im not the only person that thinks that. --Waist of money-- in app purchase is pushed in your face.

Stan Cho

Fine but small bug When I turn it on I see this slant of a bit brighter and the other side darker like a / on the left is dark on the right is brighter

aryaman mehrotra

Kk Can it be used for an ips display??

Jeremy Thompson

Constantly force closes on me.

Steven Lee

FOR AMOLED SCREENS ONLY Please ignore all the ignorant kids thinking this will work on there phone... ONLY WORKS WITH AMOLED OR SUPER AMOLED SCREENS

kashish goel

Awesome idea, I don't like having to close my apps to save battery so this is sure gonna come in handy!

Fareed Mirza

battery drainer in lollipop 5.1

Mark Cheng

It works

Mike M

Preliminary 5 stars. Appears to work 100% as one would except and even more useful on AMOLED displays with high PPI. Higher settings are barely noticeable because you have so many pixels, basically almost seems like you are just lowering the brightness. As for actual saving, time will tell and will tell me if I purchase it

Emmanuel Cardenas

Location? Don't understand why this app needs my location. Does it give me directions somewhere, guide me to where you want me to go? NO! I used Lucky Patcher to remove this permission, I suggest that others do the same.

Matthew T

Does its job This is the best app for saving battery juice after a long day without a usb-c cable near by.

D del Hierro

Wear support Would be great that supports android wear too. Bought pro version to encourage further development although competition already does.

sabin baral

Great app Best battery saver for amoled technology. Great job....

O Satty

Perfect, but... This app is working awesomely. And even purchased paid version to support this app. However, it would've be better if this app have got Whitelist/Blacklist function, as ebay is restricting screen dimmer for "security reason"

Kumar Dimitra

Life saver more like it!

Aner Torre

good It works perfect!!!

Sv Dragster

Does not stay on Regardless of notification enabled or disabled. Also annoying in app purchases, at least let me try what it would look like, I don't want to buy crap that I can't even try out in the first place.

Saurav Chhabra

Works like a charm! This application is amazing. Gives a backup of atleast 12 hours on screen on my S6 edge with Mesh 4. Wonder what Mesh 5 could do!

Leandro Wong

Best battery saver out there Also can serve as a great screen dimmer at night.

Neil Edles

I like the concept but how come that it seems that it drains more battery than save?

Sergey Igushkin

Good I like the app, the only thing I miss: please provide a way to disable left upper corner gradient.

Yoseph Sutjipto

Great while it worked Works wonders on my oppo F1 plus (R9), would set to automatically kick in when battery goes below 40% and it would save a lot of battery life. Even with 88% mesh, screen is still usable for chatting apps. After I updated my phone OTA, it stopped working somehow. Waiting for a fix to this problem.

Ryan Utara

Went from 22%/hr to 12%/hr! This really works! Purchased full version and using max savings mode my batt usage with screen on drops dramatically. I can use my phone a great deal and save tons on battery life. Suggestion: make it capable of being modifies in the drop down settings at least with xposed if not natively. Hate notifications but its the only way to easily make changes.

David Tao

Great for dimming and saving power. Free version works as advertised, minus automatically turning on after low battery. My only gripe is that the widget select is week. Would be better if you could switch between meshes with the widget.

Andres Acosta

Great app. I bought the pro version. I have a couple feature requests though. A scheduler so you can pick times for the mesh to turn off and on. And maybe a whitelist, for apps that would automatically turn off the mesh. The camera app on the Moto X for instance is almost unusable with a heavy mesh. It's annoying to have to turn it on and off for only very specific apps. It's otherwise a fantastic app though, thanks!

Ashen Thiwanka

No Support for Note Edge's The edge panel doesn't seem to have any effect when Pixel Battery Saver is turned on. I hope there would be an update to fix this issue

Tony Russell

Always running service somewhat defeats this app's purpose... It works well, is easy to configure, and has a very nice Material Design adherent UI, HOWEVER, it has a service "PlacedService" that *always* runs, even when the overlay is not active. This service causes a wakelock, which according to my latest data in BetterBatteryStats, has attributed 5% of my current battery drain... That's not a ton, but it's silly to see such a thing from an app whose sole purpose is to save battery. I would understand if it was necessary, but other similar apps only have their service running while the overlay is active, which makes sense. So why does this service continue running when the overlay is disabled? It seems like it could just be a bug, and hopefully so, but until the dev sorts it out, I will be using a competing app that gets this right.

Benjamin Campbell

I get a diagonal line on my screen. Also couldn't install greenify beta because this app was active. I think it's a overlay thing like Lux has.

Arindam Nath

Nights watch Best way to use ur phone at night and when it battery is close to dead only if u pay ?

Shadman Shahriar

good but has some problems the image quality is hampered and looks bad

MushroomTipBob MushroomTipBob

Like it but there should be a button in the notification bar it turn it off and on quickly so you dont have to open the app everytine to turn it on.

Sm6m Wael

How do i use it?? I bought the inapp purchase and I want to remove some pixels to save battery, but how do I do that??

freddie green Fg

What happens if you use it on non amoled displays

Rene Daniel

Hope I hope it works on Nexus 6

Deepak Madabushi

Superb! Works beautifully on my OnePlus 3. Great stuff, guys!

Alex 1611

Does its job ?? Thanks for this smart and reliable app.

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