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10 Apr
Pixel Mall

Posted by Animoca in Trivia | April 10, 2015 | 96 Comments

Apk file size: 10.0 MB

Hire and command staffs, and manage and upgrade the building to create the best mall the townsfolk has ever seen! Being a boss is really fun, but at the same time tough, too! Prepare to experience the UPS and DOWNS of business management!

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

Whats new

    - Fixed UI and label
    - Fixed game still running when hibernate the app while activate boost

Animoca part of our Trivia and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 10, 2015. Google play rating is 72.709. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 10.0 MB.

Download pixel-mall.apk 10.0 MB


Eileen Legna

I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE So many problems were fixed and I love the game even more!???

Grace Johnson

Gracie jo This game is like the best game I've ever played in the whole entire world:-)

Morgan Way

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! OMG!!! This Gane is amazing but for an improvement can you put a daily bonus on this game and if you can please put 10 crowns for one day cause how else are we supposed to get the crowns???!!!

Josh Billedeaux

THEBEST!!!!! The pixel pplz r so cute! My sister loves this!its like buybuybuybuybuy u know...its just so cool!p.s. I'm not a girl!!!

Jennifer Puccio

AWESOME! I love this app and everything about it

Kiara Jordan

Kind of addicting

Vivian Gardner

No Daily Pixel Coins this rating is for the developer. the game itself is really fun. but the last time I had it downloaded I got my daily 100 pixel coins. this time around however, I'm not getting those coins and it's getting extremely difficult because I don't have enough staff. if the developer can fix this I'll up the star rating.

Gabs Melbourne

You HAVE to buy more points You can't play without having to get more game points. So sad also I don't get my daily bonus: (

A Google User

Would be better if most things didn't need pixel coin, but I think it's a fun game(mostly cause I used the coins to buy most of my helpers so I'm set)

Russell Carlos

Pixel coins...make me mad Its a very addicting game and a way to past time....I really enjoy the game but the staffs are difficult to purchase and I don't get my daily sad...I will give you 5 stars if you fix this....

Kori Sarver

I love the game! But I never get my daily bonus so I can't hire more people ): because they all require the crown thingys! Oh! And I've been able to purchase my shop things but when I try to purchase power ups it won't let me): so on my vip days I miss out and it makes me sad! Fix it and five stars(:

Denise Siy

This game would be really fun to play if it didn't require shop points I never get any daily bonuses and it frustrating to know that u need those bonuses to hire most of your helpers and add more shops and upgrade them I would appreciate if you could fix this problem soon because im considering uninstalling the game.

A Google User

only goes to level 10!!!! Extremely difficult to get to higher levels without using real money then once you get there it says "next level coming soon"!!! Its been like that for months so after spending money to get there i am now going to have to uninstall the stupid game because they have obviously given up on making any levels past 10!!! Dont waste your time!

A Google User

This game is like crack :) my only complaint is that is says to come back for a daily bonus and i've never gotten any such thing...?

Stephano Cassie Nicole

No daily bonus It makes playing the game very hard because I can't buy any helpers because I don't have any of those stupid pixel coins! The game is fun it just gets so hard because I only have 3 helpers (cash register and 2 shop helpers). Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars(: Fix it soon or I'll delete the game... its very very irritating..

A Google User

Black Screen It was great until the 3rd level when it froze to black screen (& to the tool who thinks the complaints are from people who have never used a phone before & told everyone to shut up about it...the black screen is not fixable with task killer, restart, reboot, nor the back button).

Shary Orta-Middendorf

Redownloaded it I have a problem with the system of earning pixel coins and what is my daily bonus? Cause if its suppose to be pixel coins, I'm not receiving that. If the daily bonus is the other, that would be useless, I need more pixel coins. The daily bonus should be pixel coins, so where is that? I play this game everyday and i know that I'm not receiving it! Also, I thought it would be a great idea if the developer upgraded the game to where I could converge 1000 pixel money to 1 pixel coin and make more buildings.

Tatiana Martins

I love it ^-^ I absolutely love this game, it's cute and challenging. Sure it was hard working for the pixel points, but that just makes it more fun xD really enjoy this game

A Google User

Really fun but freezes This is probably my favorite out of Animoca's games. You start out with enough coins to buy another helper WITHOUT real money, so I have no idea why people can't get to further levels. I have 5 staff in total, & I didn't spend a dime of my real money. my only problem is that sometimes after playing for a while, after the level ends, it doesn't go to the next screen. It doesn't freeze because you can still move the players, but the screen to upgrade shops doesn't show up.

Alexis Brickner

Cute game I play this on my nook and I noticed I have to restart my device to start the game because occasionally I get just a black screen. I also never get my daily bonus, I'm not sure if its because of this or some other glitch. Its an absolutley wonderful and adorable game but would be even more so if these problems were to be fixed. I'm anticipating the next update!

A Google User

how can a game this 2d.and.uneventful use up over 6mg.of space i haven't spent real cash on it have 4helpers.and its.still impossible to earn enough to upgrade only installed for free coins on another app..gave it a good try but its too.boating to keep not even sure it would.l hold a childs interest :(Also bug screen becomes. giant so u can't play needs a few tweaks

Ruben Castellon

I can't get daily bonus It is super fun but I can't get the pixel coins so it is really hard to advance in the game

A Google User

ㅋㅋㅋ Easy, fun & somewhat challenging. I don't understand why everyone is having a hard time getting more helpers. I have 5 helpers & that bot at the cash register without spending any real money. The only problem that I have with this game is that I don't receive any daily bonuses.

Helen Marie Bliss Lee

Really fun game. I see a lot of complaints about needing to spend money.. That's not true. I'm only to level three, but I have three helpers and manage fine. Leveling them helps a lot. The game is a bit more difficult, by which I mean leveling comes slowly, but I enjoy that I need to work to warm rewards every once in a while. It's not a difficult game to master. It's kind of relaxing, really, and it's very cute. :3

Mikayla morano

Best game ever! This is such a great game! Its so fun its cool that I get to manage my own store and help customers find what they need. the only thing im not so thrilled about is the pixel coins! U have to download stuff to get them please make it to where u can get them every time u don't get a mad customer! Thx

A Google User

Total RIPOFF!! this game is the extremely slow awful graphics version of pet salon. Except you had better be prepared to start shelling out cash for this one if you ever hope to get to level 2. at least the pet salon games only try to make you pay around level 10. So pay at least $5 right away and then after you have paid more for it than a supreme KNOW maybe you will be at level 5. INSTALLED!

A Google User

Crashing Each level seems to crash at least twice. Its a good game but ruined by the crashes. Please fix.

Agustina Mochtar

Bad Why i don't get a daily point that i must get? I already come back every day, but, i still don't get, altought, please make the staff more cheap, thanks. Please fix that

A Google User

Forced close! I love this game but at the second day after I installed it, I realized that I don't get the daily bonus AND my game get forced close everytime I push the PLAY button. Please fix it!!

Arianna K

Good The only thing is i had this game for ages but suddenly the game dident open for ages plz fix the problem. :-( and i will rate 5 stars!!! :-)

tristin brujitske

I have played this game for 112 days and I have not got not a single log in reward and I have logged in for three weeks straight not one I want my rewards then I will give this game my five stars

A Google User

cute! super cute and im addicted so far but like many others it keeps crashing on the second day. Just upgraded to 4.0 could that have something to do with it ??

Sarah Saffron

Repetitive, yet interesting. I've been playing for a few days and like everyone else, I'm not getting the bonus points as promised. That's not the worst thing in the world, but it's devilishly hard and repetitive to upgrade anything and the things I need cost pixel points. I've always maintained that upgrades should not cost more than the product until the last few levels and not right off the bat. I only play this while waiting for Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes to have more things to do, and even then I play solitaire more.

A Google User

Good but... Its great love it but when i go back it sais dat come back tomorrow to get urn daily bonus then when every day i go back from dat game it still said dat same thing i dnt get it plz fix

Aaliyah R.

Its ok Can't get pixel coins, and their like the main currency of the game. Boring too. I don't recommend it except to young kids who get amused very easily.

A Google User

slow and keeps closing it would be an okay game if the levels werent so hard to reach. everything is wayyy too expensive to afford (like staff and upgrading shop) when you earn next to nothing. and it keeps closing in the middle of a game. make it easier to earn money and fix the game. maybe il give u another few stars

Starfire Sarlanis

Its Fun Lind Fun lind as in land. A fun lind I enjoy, and these type of pictures are good

A Google User

Idiotic! Waste of wasting time! Waste of wasting time! Absolutly boring! Horrible! Uninstalled!

Hyacinth Raisa Ibarreta

Pixel Coins I need pixel coins to buy my helpers/staff but I don‘t have anymore pixel coins I can‘t buy the other things. Please fix it so it will be more fun.

Nan Anaesthesia Sharpe

Game is really good, BUT, daily bonus don't wanna be realised tome D: Please, fix the bug and take to us new upd.

Gustave Olivie

Perfect! I play this game everywhere. Thanks fot developers! There are advantages and disadvantages. + unusual game idea, addictive gameplay, interestig quests, different ways to improve your bussines; - It's very hard to find pixel coins (impossible without money investment).

Eileen Legna

I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE So many problems were fixed and I love the game even more!??? hint to new people: swifty is slow, but don't worry, she eventually gets faster after upgrades :)

Seojung Park

(〜^∇^)〜 there are no words that can possibly describe this games

Malliga K

Great Though I like it execpt yup

Andrew Krebs

Cool... I really love it but there needs to be a way to EARN pixel points

Charlotte Castle

Love it! It's a Cool game! Love the update

Izeck Bacety

I love it Best game ever but when I try and get shop points it doesn't work

Loro Topo

Ok You can only get crowns by paying with real money and twice it wasted my power ups when i was dragging a customer to a store so can you fix it?

Alice Chan

Almost a five beacause... Well im a little confused beacaused can you explain how to earn shop points I only have 3 staffs and its very hard.

Mugdha Bhalerao

Its really a nice game having fun. Its really a nice game but can anyone how do i get crowns???instead of purchasing it.i want to hire new crew but i cant just because of the crowns .otherwise i enjoy the game!

Mica Barchiesi

Bah Gg, but when you ran out of star points you can't do anything I mean buy new staff for the mall so after that you can't play without stressing out

Brenda Buttress

Fix the crown part and this game would be great Why ca't we earn crowns or get some daily until this is fixed I am deleting this game, bye.

Brooke Segarra

I love it but... Can you please have crowns be earned or something because I can't get them unless I pay if there is a way please tell me.

Zach Blythe

It is good just the fact that u can't get enough staff cause no crowns

Bethany Sam

Its fine You can gain blue points thru ads but tbh its a bit repetative and boring after the first few levels

Katarina Grimsman

Simaler This game looks so simaler to Pixel people if you know what it is but it looks like I would recomend it for The WHOLE WORLDthanks for reading your unown friend katarina

forever inspirit7

Crowns? How are you supposed to get crowns?? >< This game is cute and all but I can't hire anymore people without crowns. Maybe add a feature that gives us crowns daily. Please fix!

A Google User

Yay!!!! Now I can play a game that's hard and fun! Really tricky though.....+u can also earn crowns for downloading and playing gams like, soiltare....yourwelcome! ;D

Chace Collins

Fun but The game is way too hard and people get mad at you super fast

Recoo jeones

Good game I like 2 things 1.small games 2. Managing game idk how good this game is but after I play it you will know

Yuuyah Soldevilla

I cant see the whole thing? Yeah so I reached level 4 but what the heck I can't see the upper shops. Can't even scroll or zoom out. Very annoying considering some customers want to go there.

Isabelle Russell

WTF It uninstalled itself WTF. Has any one else have this problem?

Ethan Rentas

YEEESSS I love this game its like tiny tower BUT WAYYYY BETTER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Vilija Teleshetskyy

Not good I do love pixelated games but this is just bad

Auttum Noble

Love it I love this game but when I downloaded it on my kindle fire It was awesome until any time I opened the game, it would shut down

Abigail Folkes

Cute and funny I like how this game has cute pigs working at a mall :3

Nancy Andrade

It won't let me play the game!!!!!!!!!

Boss Man

This game is pretty good If you like tiny tower you will like this #baby cakes

Ezra Reyes

Epic It's a great game. :)

Mireya Mercado

Its the hardest game ?

Mom Chim

I'm not yet play but I love these game

jaime medina

Like the game but... How do you get those blue crowns I want to hire new staff please tell me how to get blue crowns or ill unstall this game

Annabelle Alusin

It's so cute! I love this game and it is so cute and it's awesome to play these kawaii games I love it

Silva Geokojian

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaasome Love it always

Erin Sotelo

So bad You can't buy anything there's no store!This game is very stressful

Chris G

HOW DO YOU GET CROWNS Please tell me how to get crowns because I love the the game but I put it at 3 stars because I cant get crowns

Lauren Quintana

Amazing Really fun when I say it's hard to stop playing it I mean it!!!!

Dwi Nugroho

Where is the hell the store keeper and the cashier?? Why only one employee that must to keep the store and also work forcashier? Where is other employee? Strange game.


I love it!! My mom telled me too download it and so very cool im level 89 and soo very cool


Is ok Is okmbut they copyed from Tiny Tower

melissa steell

Amazing but When you get all the stores, it just gets boring. No new stores, no more challenge

jarvis dajose

Makes u pay for new crew

Ramon Tuble

Its nice but the paid and unpaid sections are imbalanced yet I like the smooth gameplay and it totally has nice art but it gets boring Suggestions: -Daily Spin -Reward for level up -minigame to get those "pixel blue coins thing" like a catch the thief thing -you can totally add a small story catch

Mo M

Only has little issues Would give it a five star if it didn't freeze everytime I tried to build decor. Otherwise, it is addictive


Challenging It looks deceptively basic, but seriously once you get into it you find it a lot of fun and you keep coming back to play more. I so love this game! Great work, dev! Wanna buy out the ads though.

Dylan Ko Vlogs

Great game but You should be able to watch ads each day to earn like 10 crowns wich would help the player have a better experience and the company getting money from the ads

Fire Fox

Kawaii A fun game that I love to play.

Stephanie Weathers

Horrible Okay I just downloaded this game n bought the other helpers on it which left me with 20 things! Well I get off for little bit n get back on and its like I didn't do anything! I think this needs to fixed or I will no longer play this game! Thanks have a great day!

Elmo's Dignity

I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE So many problems were fixed and I love the game even more!??? hint to new people: swifty is slow, but don't worry, she eventually gets faster after upgrades :)

Agatha Barcelon

Little expensive. It's a very great game!! But, could you please lower the prices a little? Thanks anyways!!!! I hope you make more of this games. (≧∇≦)/

Kamal Jeet Singh

Bad game When I open the game and click on play it will show loading but it can't If the loading will complete I will give you 5stars

Like it You get lots of money on VIP Day but they get mad when you don't serve them

Eliazbeth Bragg

Hate crowns How many crowns needed to advance is ridiculous.

KittyCat Rush


Abi Omojola

Pay How much you get paid with level one shops are to little which makes it harder to upgrade the shops and buy them

Jenise Caccam

wasting money any other way to get shop points without spending money?

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