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6 Mar
Pixel Fodder Alfa

Posted by Wacha in Action | March 6, 2016 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB

WARNING: this game in development!

Pixel Fodder is a old school platformer with a fully destructible world, a large choise of characters, incredible dynamics and gigaliters of 8-bit meat. Use all power of the pixels to defeat the bad guys and restore justice in this world! Fight for infantry, scientists, movie stars, knights, zombies, internet memes!

Wacha part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update March 6, 2016. Google play rating is 80.83. Current verison is Football. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download pixel-fodder-lite.apk 19.0 MB


Daniel Ruiz A.

I love this game but it sucks that you need to pay to get the full version. BUT THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!:)


THIS is the best game just ...needs more work ;0 Needs tutorial, gun store,character customizations and music.this is the best game this could be revlotionary.can't wait for updates dev i will buy premium if better updates arrive

Dread SixHundredNinety

Dope game with potential! I find the game fun, I know it is in its very early stages. I believe the control buttons should be totally changed, they are very hard and annoying to use! On a side note, I cannot wait for sound effects and epic music to get implemented! Regarding the control interface: Can you make the attack and jump buttons horizontally next to each other and make the movement thing a draggable ball possibly? Btw, jumping left or right from a "1 block" platform is very hard, fix please! Thanks for your awesome work!:D

D.Edward Thomas

????? Lol this game is super dope I'm definitely going to get the full version

Ben Miller

Fun, great for early stages! Reminds me a lot of BroForce, also the controls need a bit of work.

Jayden Jackson

No it sucks how do zombies shoot turrets like what they shoot blood and u die

Emily Harvey

Just like a game I play on my computer

Cindy Tan

Cool Awesome, I love it

Clayton Larson

Great Great game but pixels in space needs more levels

Ethan Starcher

It's perfect It's AMAZING! A suggestion for the map randomizer, maybe the ability for the location to be in space

Lalo Herrera

Huge potential. Seriously enjoying this. Star off for certian bugs and some design flaws (spawn points?) but since this is still a work in progress, I gotta say I'm actually really looking forward to the finished product and willing to buy the full version. Keep up the good work!


Great game Please add more characters...when will the finished product be done??

Harold Villanueva

I have a problem I can't buy guns and the cost keeps getting higher of all of the guns, if u fix this I`ll rate it a full 5 stars

Monroe Shed

Sound not working, but besides that it is pretty good. Fix the sound for the 5 star rating!!!

Nick Murphy

Nice Very good game, but I would like more levels... Does anyone know what the symbols mean under the picture of the hero you select?

Lemo Nade

Gui size Too small for compact screens...Can you make it work with the (-)ok(+) buttons in setting? Doesn't seem to be doing anything yet [THX FOR THE REPLY] Yes that's the settings I'm talking about... I can indeed drag around to change position, but the (-)(+) buttons don't work to change the size (they reset positions)

Axl Fermo

Cool This game is awsome but can you add weapon builder it would be cool

Pokefan Day

Good game I really like the "destroy everything" tactic and also the music is a rock and roll version of the first opening theme of sao

Greg Smith

BETTER DAN NOTHING I like the game

Zhong Yi Kee

Awesome! Can't wait for finished version!

Aleksandras Urbšys

Awesome! Explosions, guns and very very adictive!

Patrick Giles

Pixel Fodder It is addictive

Alphanzo Arthur Oliver

Ama (wait for it) zing For an alpha game this is so good, and addictive.. I can see this game going far if the drvs don't abandon it. :( the only sad thing is that, they can charge a lot of money for it once it's polished :(

Jamie Enoch

Cant play alpha When i click play game it gives me red static and i wait but it dosnt come on and it used to work i uninstalled and reinstalled but it didnt work until this is fixed i wont risk buying the full game ?

Max Hillyer

Cheat Make a map full of zombies, put a sentry at the end and loads of checkpoints underground, then play as the creator, kill all the zombies then let the sentry kill you, be careful not to let it reflect and destroy its self (you have a forcefield) this will activate fury mode which causes your money to increase rapidly, then when your health is low go through one of the checkpoint which raises your health back to full, then just keep going through the checkpoints every time your healths low! Tadah!!!

Angry person

VERY good game While it's only in alpha, it is very well developed, and there are no inapps, which s great! Finally. A game that's easy/fun and is completely playable

Justin Gordon

Soccer level...nooooo! I made it to the soccer level. That's it, I'm done. It started off pretty cool, though. I will check back for update and see if soccer level is gone or changed.

Typho Noneofyourdangbusinessthatswho

Why the soccer level? The basic game is great The levels are okay, if a bit difficult. The thing I am baffled by is that the third tutorial level is a downright garbage soccer game, where you lead a ball through a cramped, impossible to navigate ruin, where physics appears to have taken a shore leave, because the ball just seems to go wherever it pleases despite my best efforts to stop it. If I continue the game, and find out that there is more than one soccer level, I am changing my review to one star.

Alex Desforges

Awesome A great 8 bit retro game with no in app purchases. Everything is destructible which for any game (even a console) is amazing! Also every character is varied and different. The ninja is fast and good at close range but awful at distance. And you get to have 3 characters at once which is cool. And theres gore lots of gore...


Little buggy I love the game but sometimes it crashes and rarely on main menu it freezes red (the menu but invisible bottons)

Caspian Rive

Great Loved it , really nice game. Such a well structured game. Get it now!!!!!

Haroon Raqib

Great game! Definately recommended No lag, glitches or errors. Flawless

Tian Wang

Good game Good game, but please include a way to jump WHILE holding down shoot (like detect multiple button collisions or something)

Marcanthony Rivera

Amazing This is exactly what type of pixel game i have been looking for if the is just a test i can wait until it is really finished

Fisher Saint Amour

Elavators I can't get them to work pls help love the game hope can still play for free with adds on campaign map loads

Charlie Loushin

Good but... WHY does this have to be alfa you should of just updated the game to were the full version is =(

marko budor

One of the best F2Ps out there Absolutely one of my favorite games for android, the game is full of content and the gameplay feels real nice and smooth. The best part is that you basically get the whole game for free minus some small features and you can get them too for just 2$, all of them! This games pricing model should be an example for the rest of the industry in the android game making business. Definite recommendation from me.

Himesh Solanki

Please fix this. The sound effects gotten when the enemies get killed affect me physcologically.... Almost made me vomit and also call the game a badword but i like it. It makes me stop the sound effect and uninstall the game.

João Robalo

Amazing Keep up the good work and the updates, remember to get some awesome music to the game OK? 5 stars this game is amazing.

Leviticus Brown

This has nothing to do with the game, but on both this app and the paid version you misspelled (choice).

Howard Demarco

Fun on the rare occasions it works. Constantly trying to close, and succeeding most of the time. Might reinstall if this is solved.

Wyatt Fenlason

Looks promising but... There seems to be a bug on htc m9 when you use the little home bar thing on bottom of screen the screen turns red and black


It easy Is very boring because u can through the wall and the players very faster


Hilarious This game is great, even for an alpha! Just fix the loading times.

Babyzilla Gaming

Awesome! Can you guys add signs so you can put dialog on it when you make a story world

Cabbage The Great

Awesome game but one problem Just add muisc and full screen support for some phone and its a perfect game :D

George Purpleperson

Yes I'm pretty sure it works with a bluetooth keyboard but that might have been another game.

Mike Teezy

Language Accidentally changed the language, no way to set it back to English. Erasing data, uninstall and re-install didn't even work.

Luca Florian

Broforce meets Android Great concept yet its still in alpha. When its beta ill give 4 stars and when its done 5 stars

Brodey Nefzger

Best game ever but I can't move all the buttons one is to far right

Genet Abaye

What i loved the old apdat because you can make your guy and if you bac a lot of psi you will trne strong and lost live plz plz bag it back

Justin McPhee

A few issues, but it's good! I like the game, despite being unfinished, the idea of a game where everything can be destroyed is interesting. I have two suggestions. 1. The third tutorial level where you must guide the football is difficult, maybe some obstacles could be removed, or have a pick up object button. 2. Some boss levels could make the game better by changing the pace of it.

Griffin Trudeau

The buttons are unreachable The 3 dot bar keeps me from hitting some buttons):

Jake Minx

Red staic So I played it for a couple days but then all the sudden Today it won't play at all, I go to the the but when I click game all I get is red static and it sits like that for ever, great game but it doesn't play on my phone anymore

Randy Rodríguez

Has potential But it's still some way to go to be a really good game.

Diego D'alessandro

This game has potential It has all the content and more, but there is a problem in the core mechanic of it. It doesn't feel right.

Matthew Boothe

Would rate 0 stars This game doesn't work. Period

Νικόλας Λαζάρου

Make it right The game has a lot of potential.

Nayiah Rey

Love it For a girl to be playing this i have to say it is amazing. U can even make your person. Super cool. I love it. 5 star rate machts this it ??????

Max Wade

5 star Probably the best phone game I've played, and it's only in alpha.

Brad Ryland

HAS SCIENCE DONE TOO FAR!??!?!! It is basically broforce on mobile, LOVE IT

Hugh Mann

LOL! Its funny how the black guy jumps really high and shoots basket balls!! LMAO!!

Peter Sim

Cool I keep destorying the car because i have no idea how to ride in

WIzard Lizard

Was good, but game broke and all I see is the plain red screen

Bookie Viryasiri

Why a full version will buy Wtf your game is only 8bit online not have why it will buy ???

Jules Race

A really fun game!

Глеб Берсеньев

Love it ! All in this game , rock,graphics,characters,customization, everything is awesome!

F Janssen R

#$%*ing awesome Still needs some work but who cares it's already awesome

Zack Knowles

Love it Awful graphics good everything else

John Cyphert

Cool Kinda reminds me of broforce.

rica cabenta

Best game ever!!!!!!! Pls. Make a update make some new levels or season and add new heroes,guns,clothes,power ups,and enemies i love it this is i played when i was bored or nothing to do so make a update and i imagine i playing is old metal gun

Jake Malto

Ay love but report its laging nooo ?

mohan jairam

add multi player either lan based or bluetooth

Asante Warner

I love this game very addictive and it's pretty much like broforce

Anamika Dhar

Awesome game The art style is great there are video game refrenceas


This is an awesome game!!!!!!

Daniel Wong

YEAH,BEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my of the one BEST GAME!!!!!! And this game is cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Keegan Case

Its fine but... It was a great game till I completed some missons. What happend is I left the game then whent back and I hit play and it didn't load at all it just showed the background! Plz fix and I'll rate 5

Frank Casella

Doesn't work anymore It was really fun but it stopped working and I couldn't Plat the actual game. The basketball mini game worked, but when I hit the game button the text disappeared and it just showed the main menu background.

Loyalz Whiting

Something wrong When I load the game I press the game generator and it goes to the background screen so sort it out please.

Jhon Olimba

Alfa won't work anymore Guys I know the full game is amazing but what about the alfa it won't let me play anymore fix this please ?

thezilla 237

Remove full version Why pay up for full version when you got everything right here

Theo wilkerson

Broforce clone? Reminds me so much of Broforce lol. I like this game tho

super sans

Free full version plz

Ovi Chidyaonga

Rica cabenta You can create your own heroes

the dragon slayer

Cool I enjoyed it but UPDATES PLZ well done

Cutis Tay

Awesome I like it I am invincible

Edoardo Nonnis

It's pretty good



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