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21 May
Pixel Fixer

Posted by Giuseppe Romano in Tools | May 21, 2016 | 85 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

Have dead or stuck pixels on your smartphone or tablet?

Keep this app until the dead pixel or stuck pixel has been repaired or unstuck. This app fixed the stuck pixels on my Motorola G display, though be warned it can take hours depending on the pixel.

• Android Smartphone
• Android Tablet
• Android TV
• Android Wear

If this app doesn't work for you, contact the manufacturer of your device.

It can fix ghosting problem too!


Maybe the best android pixel fixer...

If you have photosensitive epilepsy (PSE), you may wish to avoid getting
close to these types of lights.

Whats new

    • Android Nougat
    • Android TV
    • Android Wear
    • Samsung Multi Window
    • LG Split Window

Giuseppe Romano part of our Tools and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 21, 2016. Google play rating is 76.3605. Current verison is 1.0.8. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download pixel-fixer-2.apk 2.5 MB


Bryan Blair

Worked great I tried all the pixel apps. And this is the one that worked the best for me and it has barely any downloads. Go figure lol. Thanks a lot!!!

jamison pantley

Fixed my screen in less than 25 seconds! Every now and then I'll get this green vertical line appearing on my galaxy s5. It will take weeks to go away on its own. I ran this app for all of 25 seconds and it fixed it instantly. I am beyond thrilled with this app. My only complaint is it doesn't have a link for me to directly donate money to the apps creator because I feel like I'm ripping him off right now. Whoever the creator of this app is thank you from the deepest cockles of my heart.

Bradley Churchill

Fixed my s6 edge Had a pink vertical strip of pixels that wouldn't revert back/become unstuck for a lack of better explanation. My mobile carrier couldn't fix it straight away and wanted to send it away for weeks, so I tried this app and the lines gone.

Mihana Zhralyia

Didn't Work But Good Try... Unfortunately for me it didn't work on an Amazon Fire 7 tablet I purchased but honestly I didn't expect it to. While it CAN fix pixel issues your results can vary and it's definitely not the app's fault. What I really like here is this is free, has no ads, no timer. Start it, walk away, and return later. Others have timers, want money for their use, and may not work either. I'd recommend giving this app a try if you've got a stuck pixel, if it doesn't work then well, nothing lost.

raviraj singh rathore

Didn't work yet !! I have yellowish blots on my screen. Used it for 15 minutes but Nothing better has happened . For how much time should I try it ?

Noah Gantnier

Amazing and simple app. I've had my Droid Turbo 2 for only a week and was quite distressed when a vertical line of pixels became stuck on green. 20 seconds into using this app and it's new again! Thanks so much for this effective app.

Mrinmoy Kayal

Fixed my mi pad It fixed my mi pad in less than 25 sec but again the fine dark light appeared on my screen,every time i run this app it is gone but after sometime it comes

Raj Rahaman

Its awesome If you have any dote in your screen just install it and open it and see the magic..thank you so much its help me lot...thank you thank you thank you..

Daeng Shamsuri

Thank you My screen back to normal. No more thin green line on the left side of my galaxy note edge . Thank you ...loved it.

Gabriel Venegas

Had one pesky dead pixel on my Moto X Pure. Ran the app for around one minute. Can't see it anymore. I call that a win!

Yachett Animation

Didn't get fixed... I set it for two hours and my screen still hadn't been fixed! I have two-four spots where my screen doesn't work,I've already tried two apps(including this one) and they both didn't work!

raja durai

Green vertical line in note 3 it not working bro. will it work for me?

Popescu Cristian

Fu Had 1 dead pixel , now i got 10 . Don't install this crap !!

Samir Singleton

Does not work in moto x pure edition but it seems to be working on other devices and the developer atleast replied to email so ill give it a three

David Sobel

Worked Totally did not expect this to work like it did. Well, now I know what to try first if it ever comes up again.

Sushed Sher Suwal

Got the green line fixed on my Note edge Keept this app running all night and a green vertical line which came on my note edge display as a result of my stepping on it was gone when i woke up!! Thank you developer.

Ranger Gizmo

Don't know if it works Didn't work for me...

ss s

Works! Fixed. I don't know how but it did! Could not unlock phone or text properly. Used this and got me dizzee and fixed the issue.

Daniel Damudt

Simple and effective! I had a green stuck pixel on my LG G4 and this app fixed it after I left it running overnight. Thank you!

Alexander 07062001

Hey i have a little blue dot as my pixel how do i fix it when using this app

Derek Gallagher

Doesn't work Didn't work for me

Nguyen An Hung Linh

Works Thank you so much, fixed my turbo.

R Midcalf

Impressed. Fixed a thin green line on my s6.

Sajjad Azim

Stupid app Is it a prank or what? doesn't work.

Wendy W

Junk don't bother This has been spinning on my device for half an hour. It doesn't do squat.

Thomas Skinner

Might want to put a disclaimer up here Made it worse on my s3

harsh zoom

Fake Fake app...don't work on my lenovo k900

bhavesh singh

I have a blue spot on my moto e screen how much time will it take to fix

Porsche Carrera GT

Fix Thank you so much. Fix it in 30 sec

Efran Maulana

How long do i have to wait ? 5 hours and still the same !!!

Connor Reed

S6 edge Had a vertical green line of dead pixels. As soon as I opened the app it was fixed.

David Pike

Perfect No BS, just fixed the problem. Thanks for a great tool.

Yushan Chen

Helped a Little Still trying. Already improved.

William Hill

Works Great If you have dead pixel this could wake it up. Liked the screen grabs also as they are now patterns in my vast collection of wallpapers. Great work.

Adam Malik Masidi

Works No extra permissions, nice. An unobtrusive ad after closing app, but that's it.

Brandon Gully

Fixed my Galaxy S6 edge Dropped my phone while getting out of my car and had a vertical pink line. Found someone used this app to fix their phone so I decided to try it. Worked like a charm. In about 15 seconds my screen was fixed! Thank you guys sooooo much, that line would've drove me crazy!!

Lefteris Benekos

Perfect! Fixed a whole line stuck in 20 seconds

Golden Crombie

Good Fixed it a litttle

Paramjeet Singh

Not working I hav a vertical pink line on my galaxy note 2 but the app does not work please tell me any solution

gaming tat

no clue if it did anything But I stared at it and dam its cool to just watch

lalo lalouve

Trippy, man Can't take my good eye off the screen.

Mephisto McCormick

Great tool for fixing dead/stuck pixels; This app does what it's supposed to; In a nutshell dead/stuck pixels can be brought back to life by rapidly changing colors of the display; The app does exactly that; The damage cannot be always reverted, though, so if the app does not work for you it's not the app's fault && you need a new display;


It works I had two dead pixels red and green. I turned this app on for little more than 2 hrs and boom my phone was back to its original shape. Awesome app guys keep it up

Cyndi Moore

Never been more impressed! I think out of the 7 years ive had a smartphone, I've rated 2 apps,and 1 was accidental. I am so very impressed with this that I wanted to express my gratitude. I don't even rate anything online ever, but this app blew my mind. I have a lg g4 and had a area about 3mm (or size of rubber stylest head), and it is about 95% gone. I know it states that it can take hours depending on your problem, but I stopped mine to rate this app. Hoping the final can be fixed, but if not, then so be it. This is amazing!

Hazem Salah

Best Fixer! I just took a few minutes to fix the dead pixels, wow I thought it was a lie


Great app!! Fixed my s7 in 2 minutes. I didn't think it was going to work but it did.

Heidi Johnson

Stupid people The people that are giving this app 1 star are idiots. Some dead/stuck pixels just cannot be fixed using this type of method. Thats not the dev.'s fault! This app does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do & it does it well. It has no unnecessary permissions & virtually no ad content. In fact this particular pixel fixer app has more positive results than others I've seen! So just because this didn't fix your problem you should not be penalizing the developer who is giving us a FREE shot at fixing our screens!

Derek Shitzen


Daniel Sutton

Hoping it works Does this app stop on its own and let me know there are dead pixels or do I just keep letting it run and stop it when ever I think it should be done? Please help?

baloryot abella

I haven't tried it yet I haven't tried it yet but I think it can fix my problem and hopefully it will, I have so many stuck pixels

Daniel Donnie

Love You! I dont Know What happed to My Xperia C5, its black vertical line, nOw!! It Fix, Thank You!! God Bless

hai nguyen

Tried another pixel fixer application for a pink line that was on the middle of my screen and it didn't do anything. Tried this one for 30 minutes and it cleared the stuck pink pixels I had! Thank you!

Julio Baiao

It worked perfectly well for me! Amazing! The pink line in screen was gone!

Tin Nguyen

Gonna be completely honest this is the best pixel fixer out there. No advertisements and completely free. The app does exactly what you need it to. Although it might not work for all stuck pixels. It doesn't hurt to try it though.

Yael Zamir

Left it over night and it works perfectly After having this phone for only about 2-3 months, it already had about 15 stuck pixels. I left this app on over night, and by morning, every one of them were gone. Highly recommended!

hero penang

Which color should 1 choose??...

sandeep sinam

How much time does it take to fix the stuck pixels usually??

Anthony Taylor

Fixed The Problem My Tablet was fading and this app fixed the problem.

John Ernest

Worth a shot; No cost at all Works for me, but is only a temporary fix. Still, not much to lose; little to no app permissions, totally free, and worth checking out compared to the other similar but sketchy apps on the Play Store. Go try it out. You might get lucky.

Jharlene Francisco

My dead pixel isn't fixed yet. Been using it for 2 days now. Will my dead pixel be fixed? Mine is not visible on black background. Is there any chance? Thanks!

James Oldiges

Didn't work for me Didn't fix mine, but I believe I need to use the pressure method. It's free, no ads, can't complain.

Adam Keys

Works! Had a blue pixel stuck on my S7 Edge. Ran this app for 20 minutes and now it's gone!

Mark Janeck

Worked as advertised Samsung S7 Edge had a bright red stuck pixel in the middle of my screen after a week or ownership. Google search says return the device. Instead, I ran this app for 20 minutes and problem solved. Pixel is gone. THANK YOU

Mike Norman

worked on S7 had a whole line not working.. was obvious on white background.. and this fixed it

Chad Yrigoyen

It works! Had numbers burned into my display from a cookie clicker like game and I was devastated. Tried another app I did not help got this one and the following morning the burn in was gone! Ten Stars I would rate it.

Jamie Auciello

Worked Perfectly Didn't work when I just left in for a half hour or so so I left it running overnight and woke up to a fixed screen. Great app!

S Millar

Great! Fixed a dead pixel that was right near the middle of my screen. No complaints here.

Tri Quach

Stupid pink line in the middle of my galaxy s6 edge. Ran this for 30 seconds. Fixed it. Awesome stuff!

Kostas Andrianos

I... I just love this. Its so awesome. It fixed my stuck pixels in ten minutes. Might take less, I left it there just to be sure

gennaro de luca

L'unica cosa che ripara è l'ipnosi! Ma andate a caghe..

John Walker

Fixed Stuck Pixel on RCA Mavin Ran it twice for about 30 minutes each time and so far, so good. Thanks, Dev!

Jonathan Longoria

What a load of crap.

Jennifer Sneathen

Fixed a stuck pixel for me My tablet had a pixel stuck at full brightness in the dead center of my screen. Running this for about an hour set it back to normal. It might not work in every case, but it's free and worth a shot. Thanks!

priyanka sahu

Worked for few hours I run this app over night and found my mobiles touch screen stared working. But few hours later again some portion of screen stop working... No use...

Dr. House

?Thanks! Worked well... Fixed a pink line on my screen... n always does it wenever it pops up...

Brian Riste

Fixed it Thanks for the delay but I am not sure if you have any questions

Achintya Giridhar

Thank you! My screen somehow got a bucketload of dead pixels. This fixed it after just a couple of hours! I was dreading having to go to the shop to repair it. Thank you so much!

# Tezmican 14

It is not working I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 which has a green pixel just stuck at the bottom of my screen. I had the app running for about 30 minutes and nothing happened!

Pete W

It worked on my Galaxy S7 Edge It may only be temporary, but it got rid of the pink line in my display. Thanks!

kashif khan

Brillaint app I had a pink line on my samsung s6 edge and i ran this app for worked the line was gone..

Joseph Downing

So far so good! Fixed a vertical pink line in the center of my Samsung 6 edge screen..

Frixos Karletides

Not working. Does not remove the middle green line

Armando Delgado

awesome It fixed two rose lines in my screen is incredible

Sebastian Wright

What's the point? What's the point of this game?, what do I do??

Warren Waterbury

Works great thank you thank you

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