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30 Jan

Posted by Activision Publishing, Inc. in Arcade | Jan. 30, 2015 | 94 Comments

Apk file size: 47.0 MB

"On his 30th Anniversary, take control of Pitfall Harry™ once again in PITFALL!, inspired by the 1982 Classic that started it all, now re-envisioned and re-booted on Android!

Escape the wrath on an angry volcano while collecting ancient treasures in PITFALL!, an adrenaline-fuelled, free-running adventure set in a deadly jungle with twists and turns that will always keep you on your toes. As the iconic Pitfall Harry, test your skills to race through jungles, caves and native villages while avoiding death-defying obstacles such as fiery volcanic flames, tumbling ancient artefacts, and narrow cliff side pathways. Challenge your reflexes by jumping, sliding, and using your deadly whip to take out classic PITFALL! foes like rattlesnakes and scorpions while avoiding the death grip of a crocodile’s jaw as you swing across ravines. Make sure to always keep a watchful eye as danger lurks around every corner!

• The “Free Runner” evolved! Navigate through constantly changing environments as you make your way through narrow trenches, dark caverns, and cascading waterfalls with cinematic camera angles.
• Level up and trade in your loot for a trove of game changing powerups that can be used to enhance your experience and customize your wardrobe
• Top your friends’ scores on Twitter and Facebook and stake your claim as the real king of the jungle!
• Easy swipe and tilt controls allow you to jump right in!"

Whats new

    Miscellaneous Optimizations for Android

Activision Publishing, Inc. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 30, 2015. Google play rating is 80.6302. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 47.0 MB.

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Patrick Sloan

PITFALL The game is just barely ok. I can't say I hate it but having to stary over at base camp everytime is getting old. If I want to continue where I died I have to have mccaw tokens or diamonds or I have to spend money. Even if you get past a check point. REALLY! !!!!!!!!!! Also when I go to leave the game it closes then starts back up again on it's own. I have to restart my phone to get the game closed. This is messed up you want me to play this game make so I don't have to start over at base camp all the time.

rick greening

Awesome Best of its kind. Challenging. Entertaining. I have alot of fun playing this game.

Traci Cole

Loved it then and I love it now! I played Pitfall many hours in my youth. I am still playing Pitfall for many hours. Its a different versions than Atari but I love what you've done. I love the check points and tonics that save me from starting over at the beginning. I love that there's a variety of things to watch out for. For me, much more enjoyable than Temple Run.The game was performing all of a sudden it is moving very slowly. Any idea what happened? Or how I can get it back the way,it was?

Cyrus Greene

This game is decent but eventually falls into the pit. Mixed emotions. Starting from the beginning every time is retarded. The graphics move so fast you can't identify obstacles, particularly in dark caves, you die and start from the beginning?? If anything that's infuriating and makes me not want to purchase the game. You simply can't get a grip on this game. The developers over thought it.

Alexis B

Can't understand The game sounds fun but it just seems stupid becuase well first of all its like one of those adventure fighting games but seriously u call it pitfall?!?!i mean even the title icon shows no pitfall!if pitfalls the name of the character i highly recommend changing the name cuz the name of the game/character is beyond just sad,ridiculous,and stupid!and its pretty obvious u just stole the idea of temple run.this game is just sad and stupid and a copy of a copy


its good but... you could of keepted the original format. you should of made the game fell like pitfall, but insted it fells like temple run. this does not fell like pit fall at all.

Amr el-tahhan

Fix graphic fails on the low end devices. My device is dual core 1.3 ghz and I see a blue area in my road makes me fall down

Jacob Banks

Shut up It is great game so stop making bad comments about it I am not talking to Patrick Sloan I understand his problem

Leelee Hollner

Wonderful It is very different from temple run. You have to slide up to jump and tap the screen to whip the snakes and other creatures. You can start where you left off with checkpoints and diamonds. You can practice the different places:minecart, Jungle, and mountain. The only thing that is hard is that when you go into the mine its not just in the cart. Also the ditch In the mine is hard to jump over. Another thing is you only get x2 diamondsafter each level.

Myca Tuazon

REALLY LUVE IT ^\__/^ I play this when I was little too and it was great

Hannah Grace

Where Is the first ring!? 7 completed the firs relic rush andmi cant find the ring I took all paths, but couldn't find the ring, and that concludes that I highly recommend that you DO NOT waist your data on this game.

Jason Haas

Loved this game as a kid, like it again as an adult.

Kahlan Alexander

Excitement, Fun , challenging All the words that could best describe this game I put in the title. Great design they really knew how to bring this ol'school concept back to life. Thanks for the memories

Joyjeet Sahela

Update problem After updating the game it does not quit. When quit button is clicked the game restarts again

Jessica Skaggs

Amazing I played it and thought how does this game not half to be paide

Justina Girdziusiene

I ♥PITFALL!! It is AMIZING even my bro has it and the music wow I give you all the stars ?!!

sourabh gupta

Nyc but Graphics should be improved for low end phones,every other game works fantastic on my device except this.I like the concept and enjoy playing it unless my road becomes blue and I m not able to see obstacles...but for now uninstalling it....

Deepneil Samaddar

Glam reboot Pixellated game takes a curvy turn by morphing it onto an endless runner

Marlena Boothe

Pitfall I'm so happy that I found this game on play store


Best game everrrrr I loved this game,very addicting , good graphics, best endless running game ever played since 6 years. :)

only way to the only heaven.Jh.ch3v16&John.ch14v6!

Exit by using home key!!!!back key don't work????Love this game Betts classic version I recommend very highly


Nexus issue Google Now is constantly breaking in on the game. Not very fun.

Renegade 90

Just pathetic I love this game but every time I try to do anything it just force closes every time I try to do anything usually during a run and then I have to do it all over this is just sad for an Activision game just sad

kanishk mudgal

Graphics! Actions in graphics were good but graphics quality are not munch....when the game become fast there u can't think what to do!

Joseph Knight

Good advancement from original but tries to take your money with coins and stars.. Can't you just make a game where we buy it once and we can play all we went, like games were meant to be?

Edward Heldman 3

Standard Endless runner that uses the pitfall name.

Jacob Worek

Great game Loved it, it is the? I played it all? from 12pm to 8am in that period of time I had to charge my?3 times, But it was fun.

Kyrsten Richardson

The Best Game EVER!?

Saroj Senapathy

Best gane ever 10/10 Its just an amazing game. However i dont exactly like to play running games on landscape mode,but this actually makes the game kinda differesnt from the other running games.overall its a spectacular game

Madelyn Garland

Super fun! Very colorful and fun. I thought when I got it would be just like temple run. But it isn't. Great game.

adolfo de la cruz

It keeps yo u thinking about it

Sarafina okeke

Ok I love it so far

Celestic Warrior

Better than temple run?

Sana Sawyar

PITFALL!™ Amazing app i just found. Its is really interesting and very perfect for my phone. I am loving it. Thanks for such a nice app. Great work.

Stephanie Woods

PITFAIL This game sucks so much keeps crashing in the middle of the game

Rahul Yadav

Bugs. 1. Restarts automatically after quitting. I have to manually kill the app 2. Too few rewards. You need to put in more coins to make it more interesting. 3. Decrease the cost of power ups. The costumes are ridiculously overpriced. I have to play 250 games to earn the most basic costumes.

Somesh kelkar

An absolutely awesome app I love pitfall...and believe me... All you ppl out there playing temple run and subway surfers check this out cuz this game has been in its place fpr longer then both of them and ya it is definitely much better than both of them so yes its worth every mb that you spend on it

Jerry Steinecke

Halt, stop, slow-down functions needed. Bring back Dragon"s Lair using all the technology available while adding more levels to the original while having the original game readily available at hand.

Sean Denlinger

REALLY ...???!!! You have to start from the beginning every time no matter how much progress or check points you've made it thru. WHAT A JOKE... NOT EVEN WORTH 1 STAR... VERY FRUSTRATING. If it wasn't for this one VE-R-R-RY annoying thing, I'd give it 5 stars.

vipul dixit

I love it You have so much to run, you could run for years. It has so many outfits to buy. I still have one outfit to buy and I have been playing for a few months. You should get this game.

Darin Duffley

Really fun game but... Whenever I start to get into playing it, everything disappears and I run into nothing. Is there any way to fix it? If so please do. Thanks

Tony Stark

What the F**K. This new update sucks. In the relic rush the relics are not shown even after completing the all levels. They are invisible or game error. Please do something about it soon .

Mohammad Adib Adnan

Awesome Would've given it 5* plz fix the quit button

Bishal Kashyap

I hav gvn 3 stars because it does not gets exit after clicking the exit button..

Trap Animal

Love It! Plz Update it towards where players have more action and fun experience.

Tommy Pratama

I hate it When i tiltbmy phone, he cant follow it when in trains. And there is a enemy that die bite twice. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

Johnc Raju

Amazing Game Graphics are High for a 40MB game and Controls are also pretty good!!

James Howard

Doesn't PLAY By THE Rules TAP To CRACK WHIP and he jumps To the LEFT or slides. NEXT Thing you know, you're dead. But NeveR Fear, You can always spend real money to continue!!! Would rather spend $2 or$3 up front and buy the game. But I guess Activision felt they had to join the rest of the penny-ante gaming companies!!!

Mukesh Kabira

Irritating updates It's not running smooth even in 2GB RAM, SONY M4 AQUA Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 having lot of problems in turning and sliding. It's almost impossible to play after 20000 metres having such reluctant run.

Johnny 34

In app purchases ruin it Charge $5.00 for the game, even charge $10.00 for the game, but don't bleed me with in app purchases. The greed of trying to turn a $5-$10 game into something that could cost hundreds ruins the experience. Graphics and gameplay are fun.

Alia Najihah

PLEASE FIX THE HIDDEN RELIC i dont find the hidden relic (ring) although i went to every route in the relic rush. i will give 5 star if you fix this prob ! anyway i like this game!!!


This is a very fun game I detest the endless runner games in general. I think they are boring and it's simply lazy developing. However this game is an exception. It is well made,it doesn't force you to buy anything and the game doesn't feel "unfair". It is actually a first of this kind of game that I haven't uninstalled after a few minutes of playing. The game has so much variety and it makes me really want to discover where I'll be going thru next. HOWEVER always restarting at base camp ultimately destroys the fun. 3/5

Robert Tuggle

Outstanding homage to the original Awesome tribute to the original and granddaddy of all runner games. Controls are smooth and responsive, game is simple yet highly challenging. Would love to see the ability to unlock and play the original 1982 version from within this app.


Perfect game This is the awesome running game I found. Overall a good adventure running game and smooth gameplay and character animation...loved it

Julian Lee

High store prices? Hard-to-earn diamonds? I didn't ask for this! The classic PITFALL! may have been a legend in its time, but I can't say the same for its modern remake. Yes, you've got Harry and all the typical obstacles, all thrown into an infinite runner that COULD have been great. But this version's biggest pitfall is its in-game economy. The power-ups and upgrades are expensive, and the only way to earn diamonds is to "level up" or beat the Relic Rushes. So if you wanted to get diamonds or buy something, you have to play the game many times. Boring at worst.

David Stojanovski

The background becomes blue In the beginning sometimes the background becomes blue and it looks like the man walks on nothing and I can't see the obstacles.

Jude Cura

Action Packed! I always reset my android and whenever I go back seeking games on play store, this is always my first choice. Unlike the other running game, this is more interactive. What I want from this game is the play games button or any alternative just ensure to save my progress. It doesn't have that ability and it's a bit frustrating.

Davey Deato

Its good and time killer.. It would be better if you add more maps and locations. We need updates plss

zack curtis

Lame! Just another lame game! Sad truth is the original Pitfall from the 70's was sad is that!! Uninstalled.

kam Johnson

Better than average Pitfall Alexis B you probably don't understand many things that happen in life because you are an idiot. And Temple run wasn't the first anyway, but you are a tool so all you know is temple run.


10 minutes of intense play without checkpoints, is this 1980? It crashes on my nexus 6 after I die. The ui freeze while the music continue playing. Sad because it is a fun game to play.

Caleb Amos

Amazing but... Im a big fan of the pitfall games and I got this game. Its awesome, but when I bought the score times two thing, the bars were still silver. And it didnt double my score. I went and tried to buy it again, but it said error you already bought this and so i pressed ok and then another notification popped up saying could not complete your purchase please fix that. Other than that, this is one of the best apps ever

Jerry Holt

Could be better and easier to play It only gets 3 in my book because it sucks to get so far in the game and you have to buy a token to start where you left off and it shouldn't cost so much to get a token to come all that way to have to start again from the very beginning!!

Laima Khan

Loving game This is nice game I love this game too much. is enjoyable for me

Capt Daniel Michael Hilarious

In app purchases don't work! Purchased 60 diamonds. Took my $ but no diamonds. Please help.

Richey Brock

Droid turbo Would have given 5 But 3x I collected the things to get a McCall and every time I cashed them in it took stuff but never gave me the McCall please fix or I will have to find another game.

Aurelio Moreno

fitfall games why for times i down load the fitfall games in my asus fonepad 2 they cannot read the games i down load is my asus fonepad 2 is not compatible to the games please explain

Brodie Douglas

Love pitfall There's Challengeesn im up to the 2 challenge a done that for a week

Tejo Mukesh

Unique Different from temple run,agent dash,subway surfers etc.but not better than them.anyway,good game

Manuel Melbyn

Missing Roads My phone can run it but, the Roads don't show. It's obvious that Activision doesn't care about this game anymore because they haven't updated the game in 10 months

Gaby Sanchez

OMG fn good I made it I completed all rail rushers aal worlds

Charlie Hodyl

What is this??? Pitfall wasn't a runner game! This is just a cheap version of Temple Run. I thought this Would be like the original and i was so disappointed when i found out it was a cheap Temple Run.

Francis Nugent

It not working right! I do love this game but the track keeps disappearing and I don't no were I'm going please fix this! And I have 13m on my phone

Jolly Pac

Plain ol boring You don't do anything really. You just run around the whole island that your on and just keep going and never stop. Graphics are dumb. Look like a cartoon character. Enemies have only 2 of them. The game sucks don't download it its a waste.

Tasneem mustan

I loooovvvvveeee it sooooo much Ilike it so much that i gives 5 star because it feel us like a adventure i repuest people to download

Adam Markell

Disappointing game with too much spam This version of Pittfall is very disappointing. It has too much spam and tries to rip you off. Avoid it like the plague!

Jason Morse

Fun! Goodbye Temple Run, hello Pitfall! This game is way more fun.

Griiffin Sikes

Fighting giggle and I am a bit oI of a good day please see the time and I am looking forward for a while and then you will have a good day please see the attachment for your time to time but we have to do with it and it was the only one that

Chi Him Wong

Needs several adjustments This should have more to do with the original if it's named after it. Seems like a typical runner game. I agree having to start over every time makes this game unappealing. Having lives and free continues would have given me incentive to continue. Creators need to realize if anyone's looking for a pitfall game, it's going to be people familiar with the original, cause the new generation who doesn't know about pitfall wouldn't be searching for this.

suresh raju

It coming skyblue in middle of the game so plzz see the game update it I like this game but some problems in middle only

Jelani Rembert

JELANI REMBERT GOOD TIME KILLING REMAKE OF A CLASSIC "I give out cooked Yeah But I only get raw And I keep a nice stash in case I have a Pitfall"- BEANIE SIGEL

Shunena Clay

Half way sucky game The graphics and general idea of the game is great as a running game, but u need some kind of coin that u buy with real $ to be able to start from the point u left off. If u don't have the coin then u have to start over everytime from the beginning. U don't even get to keep the diamonds collected. Change that r give a way to earn the coins without using real $.

Michael Daaboul

Same Old Thing This is Pitfall, so where is Pitfall? It's the same endless runner as everything we have seen before. What's annoying is when you swipe left or right, the game automatically goes back to the middle. Why? The gameplay is far too slow paced, starting back at the beginning and waiting 3 seconds at every death. Boring and annoying.

Frank M

Great....At first It was really fun at first. But then I noticed that if you wanted to continue from where you left off, you're gonna eventually have to spend money to buy more diamonds. I see where this is headed. I am not going to invest in a game like this. sorry.

Wabbit Swayer

Broken game Game won't recognize macaw tokens, spent 20 diamonds on checkpoint tokens but won't let me use them. Fun game , but Uninstall due to losing diamonds because feature don't work

nicholas crowder

Pitfall I really enjoy playing this game! I played the original as a kid. I like the 3D. However the tilt is a little hard to get used to especially at the motorcycle stage. Another problem is starting over every time after you die unless you use a token or diamond, after you pass a checkpoint. Please fix this. Other than those I have mentioned it's a great game. Thank you

Craig Atwater

Store problems I am trying to buy the 2x treasure which says it's $1.99 but when it loads in the store it is trying to charge $2.40!!!!! What's the deal, I wanna buy it but not for more than advertised!!!! Please fix so I can give a 5 star rating.

Scott Bibby

Another app trying to bleed you dry Apart from the fact it shares really nothing with the classic Pitfall we know, and apart from the fact you have to start over all the time, the IAPs are simply an attempt to bleed the player dry. Not impressed!

Aaron Bartmess

Fun game, but. . . The "Macaw Tokens" don't work. Bought 'em using game points, but it doesn't register that I have them , and when I try to use them the game crashes. So far, my only complaint. The game is super addictive and fun.

Marlon Sandoval

It's awesome but.. I like this game when I started playing it, but I want you guys to please make the Continues better with making th character run by itself for a few seconds because when I had to use it, I just saw the character go against a wall and died. Please fix this and I will give 5 stars ?

Shelldon McAllister

FOOLISHY PRICED Impossible to continue without draining your bank account. Charge an upfront fee for the game, not endless tokens to buy. Ridiculous!!!

Sukhdeep Singh

Awsm game Better than temple run,subway surfer like games....because it has different ways and levels for unlock which make excitement. Bike,Hunter like more things are present in this game

Alexander Feterman

Meh A 3D runner with a retro feel and fast-paced obstacles, I found it disappointing that going back to the last savepoint requires either purchases or VERY hard-earned (ingame) 'diamonds'. As others have said, that is not a good place to put your microtransactions.

Sai Aravinth

I have been waiting for years I had this game in my I pad in 2010 . Since then I have been searching this game for 6 years . The best game . Even u have clash of clans , Shadow fight 2 , even asphalt 8 airborne and other games,this game is one of my most loved games.Thank you Activision for this game . Keep trying more game like players , waiters like me . Thank you.

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