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17 Feb
Pinata hunter 3

Posted by MyPlayYard in Casual | Feb. 17, 2015 | 87 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Smash pinatas and collect weapons and upgrades with the candy you collect.

Whats new

    Tool tips added, minor bug fixes.

MyPlayYard part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 17, 2015. Google play rating is 79.8944. Current verison is v1.1.3. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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I give up I'm on level 5 and probably 75%of the way there and take a break and leave it open in the background I come back and it RESETS do you have any idea how long it takes to get there


Don't bother! Level resets when you leave! Unless you want to spend hours and hours and hours and hours trying to pass level FOUR alone, don't bother!

Susan Rivas

A third sequal to the pinata hunter series This game is all of the pinata hunter series put into one final sequal or is it? The new layouts are confusing at first but then you get used to them so if you like the pinata hunter series a fan or interested in games like this download this i higly recommend this


This is one of the best games ever!!!!! Developers please make another pinata hunter :D

Jeremy White

4 times I have tried to get the trail or 4 times and just before I can afford it it resets to level 4

sheila millen

brings out my anger i get angery sometimes and this is a great game to let it out

Dena Custer

Best game EVER There is a good trick with the vacuum just put it in the left or right corner and get a glove better than the whepon or however u spell it but then just spam hitting the pinata and get loads of money

Dylan Babcock

Awesome game

Joshua Ribisi-Chan

Awesome Awesome

Mark Mason

Glitch If I play it 4 2 he's all the words dissapear fix and I'll give 5 ?

Troy Snider

Im lovin it Finally theres a 3rd pinata hunters

Rage Master

So Addictive This is an addictive game and I can't stop.

lewis M

Great! Finally, 3rd pinata hunter and just like PC version! This is a must have!

ALSnow29 Sheeps2

Tip To make more candy in the bag, hit it down!

Magma Cube

Why? What's wrong with u I installed the game then I buy the triple saber light for an euro I needed space for important things I uninstalled the game now I install it and all is gone!!!!!!!! Fix this now or at least give me my money back and I want u to replie thanks

Jzone Discutido

Eww idont like its so boring

Brendon Standa

Brendon Standa Loved it

Timothy Morris

Kewl Lags a bit

bennyboo wilson

Ok It's really fun but it restarts the level if you leave the game☺?

Lori Peek

Screw this I frickin hate this the rooster was about dead and it reset the rooster is the reason this game takes 30 days...

Juan Quintana

Awesome Well this game is just plain amazing like I already have everything that doesn't cost real money but that Dang rooster takes forever to kill...can't wait for another pinata hunter game ??

tonrawr supawr

Accuracy Lacks accuracy in the stages making it longer to finish. Stats seem useless

Susan Ross-Żółkiewicz

Inappropriate content Very odd, seemed like a normal game but there was an unexpected pop up photo that makes me think the game has been hacked. Producers! Please look into it, my child was playing this when the image showed up. I can't believe what I saw.

Vinyl Hooves

Wish there was Pt 4 Make another one!

Tenetra Sanders

Sucks because level 5 is IMPOSSIBLE there is no beating it here is 3 ways why. 1.doesn't save progress. 2.takes so long to just do levels 4 and 5. 3.why do premium items its just stupid.

Thomas Marshall 2

Surprise It's really pinata hunter 2.

keiron odem

It lost all my data

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Animation OK. Very casual with appropriate difficulties. There is also google play achivements with tons of XP. One minor thing is there is no cloud save. I really need the sequel of this game. I love clicker games with tons of XP.

Kyler Fox

You can't restore your purchases The games OK and all, but I spent a dollar on a in-game purchase by accident and I can't get my dollar back. Yes I know its only one dollar but it was spent by accident and I can't get it back.

lemoi norman

Game Sucks! You keep your upgrades, but the stages reset. I once broke a pinata with one of the less than $100 weapons, then I lost my stage progress. It literally took 500% more effort to break that same exact pinata again with a weapon that cost over $1000 . And that's not even the rooster. You will literally wack at the rooster with all the free upgraded max items in the game for atleast an hour, and if the game freezes on you like it did to me, you'll restart the game and notice all the damage is gone.


Level 5 The rooster omg I was playing for 2 hours it's inpossible to beat it was fun till that level.


Really good Amazing animations and leveling system. A nice fun game to play to kill time... and piñatas

Aidan Mcsephney

Amazing but When I went of the game for 2 seconds it made me restart the level I was on (I was on level 4)

Austin Leaf

Do not give money! If you buy an in app purchase, the ones that specifically say they remove ads, you will continue to get ads, other than that game is okay, pretty repetitive though

Stephen Scott

Need to save Good game but when you break it a bit and exit then go back its fully healed fix this and I'll give 5 stars

Will Vaughter

Meh Meh, short, doesn't always save your progress, and really I am just tired of after day 1

Nowel Lauzon

Fun but needs more stuff I played for only an hour and I hade evrything

Melinda Navara

Awsome I love to beat the crap out of the pinata sorry if that sounds wrong

Teen Wolf

Fun Fun Fun all day long The fun wii never stop :-).

Max Caley

Too easy This game is too easy to get all the weapons, gloves, bags and upgrades. I didn't buy any thing with real money and compleated it in 2 hours 55 mins, make it harder.

Sam Robinson

Good while it lasted Needs more upgraded. Bought them all within a hour of play time

Shannon Perrier

Game After a while starts to get pretty boring after you got Everything unlocked

Vincent Wong

Don't buy things I bought the exo-skeletal glove which should have removed ads but it didn't.

Joe Lara

It was a fun game. But to force someone to have to buy epic weapons in order to complete the game, downfall. Other than that, I had a blast with this game. 4/5

Diamond Smasher

Most addictive game I have had I have already got jasons axe,the vacuum cleaner

Christian Marshall

Very fun A very fun game but it needs more items. Unlocked everything in just 1 hr, so I suggest more stuff.

Justin Obenshain

Fun but... ...the final boss took over an hour.

safr khan

Its easy I got every glove and weapon and bag

Timothy Younger

Great! I think when you get all three games it becomes a nice little series. But could be a little longer.

Carter Mary

HILARIOUS! I think you should add a new skill, speed. So you can swing your weapon faster. And the next piñata should be a cat or something. I also got a little disappointed when I found out the gun didnt actually shoot.

Laura Hughes

How have I not seen this b4 now Brilliant

Gregory Valente

Very fun This is an extremely fun game, but can get boring not too long in the game

Shivani Sookhai

Shivani Good game.Would've given it 5 stars but it 4ever 2 smash open

Josemiguel Hernandez

gold nose ring This game helps me relieve stress.You should create the ex-wife pinata.This game is also generous with the google play achievments.?

matthew joynt

It ok I'd give 5 stars if it hade a more variety of things to buy

Dusty Gubser

Fun game but... If I exit the game the level will restart! Four stars. Would be five if that wouldn't happen but a really good game!

Aidas Adomaitis

Nexus 7 Game is not in full screen mode

Billie Wells

Got to level 3 could not buy anything

Nicholas Seepersad

This is crap... Its impossible to get past level 5 cuz the level resets when you leave. And I thought this game was epic...I was way wrong. DONT GET THIS GAME!!!

Lorraine Wright

Very good This game is made very well but... judging by the reviews on it it sounds like theres some changes to be made

huiuh g

How can a bag carry so many sweets? Sweets,sweets,SWEETS!!! How many sweets can you find in a pinata? Anyway,how can you put them in a bag? I saw that you can put over 1000000000 sweets! Isn't that amazing?

Destroyer577 Ewing

big glitch if i close it i cant see the pinata

Anthony Krofta

Finished in 1.5 hours This game has potential but it definitely needs ALOT of work just process like levels and a reset etc.

SnowiMani11 GT

Addictive. Played 1 minute and got addicted. I can't put this game down anymore. ?

Mason Burns

Good game! Could you make an option where the piñatas look less like real animals, and where they don't cringe? Because I am very sensitive to that stuff. (I'm crying right now just thinking of it.) Also, some people these days just do not get that 5 stars means the game is great and 1 star means it is horrible.


Stuck at level 4 Shows $400,000 full. Don't have anything else to buy. I'm obviously doing something wrong. But what?

Collins Raymond

THAT PANDA The panda on lvl4 is so tough it took me 2 hour to beat him up SOOOOOO tough man can someone tell me how do finish him of i got 6 breaks on him

Ieva Gintautaite

its fun.... but its to hard im on level four I think :-\ I take four stars not three five two or one

Jacob Smith

Resets everytime I close I almost get on pinita dead and have to leave. I close the game it resets the pinita. I will give 5 stars if this is fixed.

Karl Clinton Woo

Great troll Why did you troll me I think I will do everything again and is there ONLY 5 Pinatas i'm on the 5th one

Jethro Andrei

My only problem is ....... It wont save the progress you should add 1-10 levels its really short and plz add in weapons knife stuff

Katie Guesman

So fun But the gun should work then I'll give five stars

Tristan Sartain

If I could rate half star I would I tried to kill the rooster at the end and I literally sat there for 1 and a half hours and I pressed my home button to talk to someone and when I got back on it wasn't saved and I never even closed the app please help or call me and fix my problem please

Ethan Keeghan

LOVED IT I loved it, lvl for and already maxed everything out! GOOD JOB! KEEP ON MAKIN GAMGES LIKE THIS!!! BEST GAME EVER

Fin' Tuyokee

Awesome game, but it bugged ;C I was enjoying my game and all of sudden, after destroying the Chicken Piñata, the game bugged out. No more Piñata. I can swing my mace, hit the air, candies burst out from nowhere and no matter how long I play... No new Piñata appears. Don't want to reset my datas after 4 hours of gaming :P

Nick Rados

Has some glitches that need to be addressed, like the buying premium items just decreased frequency of ads for me. Fun game other than that

David Chen

It's fun but... I'm on the rooster and I can't kill it. I've been trying for hours and hours and it doesn't even dent. I've wasted my time trying to beat up the rooster, could you fix this big?

Adrian Morales1

Cool game It's so dumb. That makes the game funny?

crazy chicken

Great game But take the pain bar off

Ismail Haggi

Love it It is a very fun game! I recommend it but when you leave ,the next time you join you start at the first piñata. Still I think it saves the rest it you gotta play it still!

Juan Quintana

Awesome Well this game is just plain amazing like I already have everything that doesn't cost real money but that Dang rooster takes forever to kill...can't wait for another pinata hunter game ??

Chris Scherer

Dumbest game ever It's really not that fun I'm on level 5 I think it is with the chicken and I was on there for 3 hours and ten minutes trying to break it than when I got off it freaking reseted

The GamingEnderman

Coins don't work I'm on the 3rd level the snake and my coins/candy isn't collecting plz fix I tried restoring my work that didn't help but apart from that great game

Kheyah Grant

Stupid How am I going to get these sweets inside the bag so hard to do

Cory Lucas

In app purchase doesn't work In app purchase does not actually remove ads. False advertising.

luis escalante

Love. This game needs an update for more items or something. I just spent 1:19 hrs and got all the items.

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